Sean Parnell’s Evil Empire Must End, We Need Sanity, We need Justice, We Need Equality, But Most of All We Need Empathy

When the Democrats decided to back a Republican for governor I felt it was a slap in the face of those who had voted in the primary. It really pissed me off. Besides, Alaska has more than it's share of Republican politicians. There is however no way in hell I am voting for Sean Parnell and have to swallow a bitter pill to vote for Walker/Mallott, but I will. The people in control have given us no other choice.

I have no need or desire to be P. C. nor do I need to go along with the group think of the news media or cliques of bloggers. I am totally independent in all of my opinions. I care only about the truth and if it pisses people off so be it. The only way to survive living in a world of lies and corruption is to stay connected to the truth, otherwise the human predators will kill one’s soul. To do this takes courage,
Ignoring rapes since 2010, he's outie in 2014.
strength and suffering at the hands of those who target those who they feel threaten their position of power. The truth is Alaskans had enough evidence Sean Parnell should not be our governor before the disturbing story about the National Guard was exposed slowly over a long period of time. Why do situations have to become so horrible in this state before anything is ever done? Anyone ever heard of preventive actions, audits or actual leadership? Why is it people come forward and report problems and instead of getting action, they are ignored? Why are those who are only trying to help people or make changes subjected to bullying and character assassination, or even wrongful imprisonment?

It is very clear Sean Parnell and his staff knew exactly what was going on at the Alaska National Guard and chose to do nothing about rapes, thefts, severe workplace bullying and much more. This is what I have experienced with my journey of truth telling as well. The lack of action when severe problems are encountered is SOP with Sean Parnell's administration just like it was when he was chief of staff for Palin. Of course these issues did not all start with them, they have festered for decades, but the population of Alaska votes for the most vile creatures literally for decades having no sense of what a good human being even is apparently. I prefer my leaders to not be psychopaths or have those other pathologies which manifest some similar behaviors. No one is perfect, but when the evidence is so damn clear many of these politicians are just evil, why people, why?

Parnell is very similar to Palin, but has more practice and experience and so do his henchmen. He has an agenda that is not about working for the people or being a good steward of our resources. This is why reporting wrongdoing or problems are met with no action, your problems are not on his agenda. Human predators become officials to grift. Even when it appears they are doing what they do for corporations, it is really about THEM getting something THEY want. Parnell has continued the corrupt practices we saw in the Sarah Palin administration and compounded them. In fact he was the architect of much of what went on under the half-governor-grande dame of drunken brawling
being her chief of staff.

For years I have written about debauchery, corruption and incompetence here in Alaska. I was ignored, especially by the state on every level. They did not want to hear it, they hung up on me, they passed malicious gossip about me, they ignored me and even destroyed evidence. When becoming more aggressive about it after officers of the court engineered my wrongful arrest a few days after an “appeal” was filed by the Public Defender agency, which was of course a joke. In fact the public defender agency was in on the wrongful imprisonment as was demonstrated by their lack of communication or any actions to remedy the situation along with their participation in the set up beforehand. The only thing they could manage to take action for was my swearing after multiple calls being ignored, my hearing Brooke Browning Alowa in the background telling her secretary to tell me she was not there and lies that an investigator would come to interview me all while I knew my property was being stolen and my cat harmed. One would think wrongful imprisonment would be sufficient for swearing, really it should be. I also needed medication for neurological issues, pain and PTSD that was being withheld by the DOC that contributed to the swearing. Knives in the back are a normal course of events for them, but swear words cause a reaction as if someone had been murdered. This is quite similar to a Palin who after assaulting someone begins to use anything they can find to make themselves out the victim and demonize the real victim. Of course they know eventually their target will swear, make threats, etc. and they have every plan to wait for the reaction to their psychological abuse so they can use it to their advantage. This is the same manipulation of a target a workplace bully or domestic abuser uses, the same exact thing.

Why does no one mention that the Alaska National Guard practices workplace bullying on an immense scale? They keep skirting around the obvious conclusion that the AKNG uses a management style of bullying and intimidation which comes from the top of the command which starts with Parnell. Chaplain Friese said another chaplain compared the guard as being like “an abusive relationship.” Domestic violence, community bullying, state agency bullying, federal agency bullying is all the same as workplace bullying, they are just all in different settings. The Alaska National Guard Uses all of these and also has access to data files, programs for surveillance, influence on the governor’s office and the state agencies allowing them to sabotage, gather information for character assassination and stalking against targets.

The reaction of the governor’s office and state agencies described in the news articles about the AKNG is no different than what I have written about for years with other serious abuses. When I first read the Blaylock documents that were posted on line my reaction was the opposite of many other people who dismissed the report as being crazy, because how could such things go on, how could the governor, the Anchorage Police Department, the DOD, the DOJ and others allow such things? My experiences in this state with the Sarah Palin and Sean Parnell regimes, the court system and it’s related agencies, the Department of Corrections, law enforcement, along with the incompetence at a bush hospital, violation of CDC regulations, lack of health care, personnel not trained for critical jobs they were holding, the lack of caring about quality or procedures in so many areas and the subsequent workplace bullying of myself that lead to a nervous breakdown they used to have me charged with felonies has dumped the truth squarely in my lap.

Regarding the Blaylock report that was posted on line:
At the time I said the allegations contained in the document were exactly what I would expect to be going on here, but then nothing from news media at all for a very long time. Lt. Col. Blaylock lost his job due to his attempts to help the victims. That is another thing I expect to happen in this state. The whistleblower is always retaliated against, they are terrified of anyone with an ounce of ethics and want to immediately get rid of them. They will resort to just about anything to do that as I can personally attest to. It took a great deal of courage for Blaylock to confront people and take effort to help the rape victims get justice. I am sure he did this about the other issues as well. 

My experience with my emails being hacked and deleted from the Palin email dumps was not repeated with the AKNG due to too many people involved and their knowledge that they were exchanging information among themselves. Through a Herculean effort the news media managed to get those emails released, but they are heavily redacted. Thanks to them for taking that action. Many have mentioned the redactions as being “almost comical.” The same thing occurs when I make requests of law enforcement agencies, they redact my name, why?

Hacked email posts: Here and here.

Prosecutions are arbitrary as the prosecutors get to pick and choose. If they get reports of rape they can choose not to charge the perpetrator. This happened when I was in Nome where raped women from about twenty villages came to the hospital. Police told me they did not charge the rapist if the women did not want them to. The cops did not like me after I reacted to that piece of information and people thought my protests about this practice were odd. Here is my reaction after all these years of BS, injustice and lies, GOOD FOR ME. A huge part of the problem here is the archaic attitudes about women in this state and the lack of response to sexual violence by law enforcement, including prostitution rings. The history of not testing rape kits, Sarah Palin wanting women to pay for their own rape kits and law enforcement not taking crimes against women seriously has resulted in the highest rate of rapes in the country. All we got from Parnell was the word, `Respect`.

They manipulate the law to go after those who are at odds with those who have power or when those powerful people want to retaliate. For those special people no prosecutions happen as we have all witnessed recently with the lack of any charges against Bristol Palin for a serious drunken assault (Thongazi, about Bristol, her thong-camo-dress, nothing but beer and makeup on her face, and a shitload of lies, oh the drama). There are many Palin crimes that have gone unpunished, yet they make sure others are punished harshly (here and here). As we witnessed in the Palin Drunken Brawl coverage (The soothing sounds ofTrack Palin), they try to portray themselves as victims as a cover for their own crimes and then try to turn the tables on the actual victims. They lie as a group and I have witnessed several families in Alaska that do this, they are dangerous to others which is why I call them crime families. There are large numbers of people like the Palins in Alaska and I am still stunned when I see them lie and manipulate to hurt others and get assistance to do so. 

Large numbers of people in Alaska believe lies over the truth which is why we have so many human predators elected to political office here. Sometimes the things that go on here are very hard to believe. I love the PBS show, Call The Midwife, because those were the kind of people I was mainly use to being around before I came here, but with more technology. I was stunned beyond belief and began calling state and federal agencies about egregious problems, but they do nothing. Most of the others who showed up and agreed with my concerns left shortly after arriving.

The Alaska state agencies tell the feds lies when they make inquiries. I am an ethical whistleblower type, the most hated enemy of the Alaska State Government. They spread rumors about people like us to influence the thinking of others and encourage bullying, sabotage and other actions are taken against us. Most of the time this is done to cover up wrong doing. After all I have been through I know this absolutely. The question of why those who have lived here for decades or have spent their whole lives here don’t understand this remains.

This journey has taught me I am a very courageous person, but with my health problems I can only do so much. I simply, diligently do the best I can.

Department of Corrections/Department of Probation, Palin and Parnell regimes were informed of the abuses at the Department of Corrections and told people were dying in the prisons due to incompetence and neglect of health issues. Lies were told about me, of course they completely ignored me and so did everyone else. Read about it ( here, here, here, here and here). There is more on thia subject in some of the links below.

The report done by ACLU on the DOC was pooh-poohed by the news media and the public ignored it. Instead of changes we got more religious based chemical dependency treatment in violation of separation of state and religion. Clearly no changes were made in the health care delivery as many young people have died since then.

The Department of Probation: (Here, here, here and here).

Wrongful imprisonment: (Here, here, here and here).

Read about issues with law enforcement (Here, here, here, and here).

Read about the trauma they cause: (Here).

These posts are about my letter to Sarah Palin while Sean Parnell was her chief of staff and Mike Nizich was also on her staff. It was ignored and the ombudsman was quite put out with me for sending her a copy, no response from state legislators either. (Here, here, here, here, here and here).

Sean Parnell attempts to manipulate judges. (Here and here). The judicial counsel already has issues (Here). This is why I don't really take their recommendation to remove District Court Judge Bill Estelle seriously and after what I know about what goes on with judges in this state, why is paperwork the big issue? I don't really know much about him, but he is probably conservative and I would disagree with him on many issues. I do know that there are people on the Judicial Council who are unethical, have nutty religious beliefs and a radical agenda, so nope, don't trust a word they say. Dave Parker's piece in the ADN as far as I am concerned was unethical. I called to ask some questions and found out the council approved his writing it 100%, very alarming.

They use character assassination and lies against whistleblowers. (Here).

I contacted Sean Parnell's office a couple years ago due to abuse where I live now. He had an aid that dealt with low income housing issues. He was beginning to do something about the problems until the onsite managers used character assassination against me, then he got very ugly with me. They are always on the side of whoever has power and one of the onsite managers has law enforcement connections which is like being in the mafia in Alaska. (Here, here, here and here).  There is much more to this story.

Those who do wrong things, cover for corrupt politicians and help harm people get promoted or are granted political appointments, that is why Katkus was running the AKNG and all those others with huge ethical issues were working under him. (Here, is an example, she went to Nome after Kotzebue and now works for the Human Rights Commission because there aren't any human rights in Alaska anyway).


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When Sarah Palin's chosen candidate is better, things don't look good for Capt Zero. ALL Sarah's friends support Walker.

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