Since someone tried to make this letter disappear I decided I should post some more of it. Thanks for bringing it back into focus for me email hacker.

In all but the ten most backwards states nurses who divert drugs from the hospital are not charged with crimes. The reasons are complex and some of them I discuss below. Nurses have addiction, mental health including suicide issues just like the rest of the population. In fact it is most likely worse due to the high rates of workplace bullying in health care. I have been addicted to narcotics for many years due to my health problems. I was so ill and in so much pain and there was so much misunderstanding about my health problems that there were not really any other options for me at the time. I self reported this to the board of nursing in another state and entered their program for three years. When addiction or mental health issues are treated with punishment people will not self report or seek help, they will cover it up and it will go on for a long time. Their coworkers will also be reluctant to report them if they know they will be arrested. States will punitive policies for nurse diversion have a lot of chemically impaired nurses working. They also have nurses with other problems working. In Alaska the government spent years cutting back on chemical dependency and mental health programs while diverting people with these problems into the prisons. Health problems were turned into crimes. We know how the right likes to blame and stigmatize. I spoke about all of this openly because I am used to people understanding it as a health issue. They used it against me, even the public defenders when this incident was about something else. At the time I wrote this letter to Palin I was just beginning to research workplace bullying and PTSD.  I did not really understand that I indeed had a psychotic break due to the PTSD I was suffering from as a result of workplace bullying that day. I have no memory of the part of the day when I took the drugs from the lock up, but I did know I had a suicide plan that included taking lots of drugs.

Other professionals are allowed to go to treatment and go back to work. Nurses have access to the medications so they are the ones who divert. It used to be doctors who had the diversion problem, then nurses were put in charge of giving medications to patients. This is why there are measures taken to track the medications which can be abused, so problems are found right away and people can get help. Has anyone heard of a case where a nurse was arrested and sent to jail in Alaska for this other than myself and the nurse in Juneau? She was from the outside and when I read about the case it was clear something was not right with her sentence. If about ten percent of the nurses have diverted drugs for addiction reasons or suicide reasons we should actually hear about them fairly frequently, but where are they? Either they are not prosecuting them or they are not finding them. They are there, nurses have the same problems as everyone else.

Here is the part of the fifty page letter I sent to Sarah Palin that applies:
The Board of Licensing for Nursing
The executive director of the nursing division of the board of licensing at the time of the incident at the hospital, Dorothy Fulton, called me the day after I had taken the drugs at the hospital. She told me not to worry as they would not take my license. She said she had never known of a nurse who went to jail for this type of incident in all of the years she had been in her job. She said what always happens is the nurse signs a memorandum of agreement to be monitored by the board of licensing. She further told me the sentence is always two years of SIS probation. This is the type of probation which comes off your record at the end of probation. She also said she would testify on my behalf and explain some things to the judge at the sentencing hearing. None of this ever happened. Maybe someone should discuss what actually happened with my case. Dorothy trained someone to take her position so she could retire. The new executive director was contacted by myself before the sentencing hearing. Naturally the public defender agency had no plans for putting any kind of defense together, I am told they never do. She told me that I could not have a memorandum of agreement until after I had served my sentence. I told her Dorothy Fulton had told me something very different. She did not even investigate. I told her I had spoken to one of their investigators and he also told me the practice was to have a memorandum of agreement. The memorandum lasts two years and runs concurrently with the two year probation. Dorothy Fulton told me the judges like it because they monitor the nurses closer than the probation department does. After the hearing did not result in what I had been told I contacted an investigator who told me the new executive director does not know what she is doing. This is quite clear. She is another example of Alaskan incompetence. When I try to discuss going back to work she makes comments which let me know she is prejudiced against nurse addicts. She has said some rather nasty things to me. It is clear she has been influenced by the serial bullies at the hospital. She did not give me the same rights as the other nurses in the same situation as me. She blocked me and she did it on purpose with malice. She told me she thought no one would ever hire me. It is common for nurses in my position to go right back to work. Did she get paid off or is she just that incompetent? Since I could not do the memorandum I thought I could not have a license. I let my license lapse. Later on she tells me in order to get my license back I have to go to the lower 48 and take a refresher course. It costs about $2500 and I would have to pay for a place to stay for about two weeks on top of it as well as transportation expenses. I would have to stay a while to do a clinical rotation. This means it is impossible as I could not afford it on my income. There are some other things I would have to do to qualify which will cost something. I have to do all of this before I go to the board to ask if I can have my license again. They could turn me down. This may have been planned so I could not have a license. I believe it was all facilitated by the serial bullies spreading false information. If you read the literature about it you will find it is their main tactic. They are very skilled at it. It is entirely possible and quite likely that one reason for the multiple delays in my case was to wait until Dorothy Fulton retired to harm my case with the new incompetent director.

The American Nurses Association has issued a statement about nurses with addiction problems. They state nurses with an addiction problem should be treated as any other professional with the same problem. The besotted public defender I was forced to have for over a year went to rehab and then she went right back to work. One of the risk factors for addiction is availability. Another risk factor is pain. Also nurses are taught drugs fix problems, it is a part of the culture we work in. The ANA says nurses should get back to work the same as anyone else. This particular incident was about suicidal due to psychological and physical pain. Of course monitoring by the board is important. Instead of this I was arrested and charged with felonies. I was driven to suicide by the psychological injuries I incurred at the hands of the workplace sociopaths. I was then accused of things I did not do based on their testimony. Please see the section about the documentation which was never produced. All they used were documents I had to fill out to do my job. The DA’s case was actually quite pitiful, but in a corrupt system where the outcome is known before the start evidence does not matter. John Earthman is the stooge of the ruling class in Nome.
Mr. Earthman said a lot of things which were not true during this hearing. One blatant lie was that I had lost my nursing license in Washington and here in Alaska. Both of them are expired which means I just did not pay the renewal fee. Maybe he should learn how to do research. Or did he get his information from the current director of the board of licensing? No, that never ever happened. He said I used narcotics while I was working, not true and he has no evidence of this. He confabulated that, I said I had been taking pain medicine since I arrived in Nome. What is he talking about? I never said this and it is certainly not true. He used as evidence forms that I had to fill out because it was my job to do it. They accused me of taking drugs I am allergic to. They accused me of taking drugs which made no sense. They accused me of taking drugs that were mine and had been prescribed by a doctor. They did not even get the basic information about the case right. Almost everything he said was untrue and it can be proved. There was no evidence I did anything except take the drugs on that one day. There is a reason for that. There is a lot more information I can provide you about Earthman’s lies and fabricated evidence. If Ada Oklahoma ever needs a DA he can fit the bill. Where the hell was the defense? There is not defense. The native people in Nome call the public defenders, public pretenders. This is a true description. The constitution says I have a right to a defense.
They accused me of taking Codeine which I am very allergic to so if I had many choices why would I take that medication, it makes no sense. They also accused me of taking a medication commonly given to alcoholics in withdrawal from alcohol, Librium. I don't drink at all, but lots of others in Nome do and there were nurses working there with alcohol problems including one that I reported myself for coming to work reeking of alcohol (nothing happened BTW). Librium is a sedative and I don't like being sedated. However if I had my choice of sedatives why would I pick Libruim over Xanax or Valium, this makes no sense either. The only reason a person would pick Librium would be because they were in withdrawal from alcohol. They also used some medications which had been prescribed to me by a doctor in Nome as evidence. Through all of this the public defenders and objected to none of the lies, even the sober ones. They lied to me about expert witnesses to get me to take a plea because I wanted a trial due to all the lies from the prosecutor and serial bullies.

Don't worry this has not triggered my PTSD. The first thing I did was laugh when I discovered my emails containing the letter to Sarah Palin had been hacked. It is really creepy to know they can get in my email though. I have a lot of projects I am working on so it will take a little while to check through everything. It appears to be a removal of evidence for litigation and cover up. Almost all of the Sarah Palin emails are completely gone as well as emails from agencies and departments. There was a file clearly marked "The Hume File" that was not touched and there are many other emails they would have wanted to destroy so I don't think it was either of the Humes. If it was them they did a crappy job. There were just bodies of emails removed. This is something that can't be done normally with a received or sent email, normally all one can do is delete the whole thing. That suggests a high level of sophistication. If someone was searching through the emails they would just delete them and while some are gone I believe there was a program that removed most of the material. My security systems do not detect any problems, but there are some programs which are not detectible, the government has some. The government can also access our email.

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