My letter to Sarah Palin, all traces of it, except the titles were deleted from my email. Not only do I have it somewhere else there are two senators, a government agency, a representative, psych rights, the ACLU and others that have had copies sent to them. I am assuming the one I sent to Sarah Palin never saw the light of day. The most hilarious thing about sending it to her was having her staff tell me she read it. The only way that could have happened is if it was written on her hand.

There are other missing emails to and from: senators, Sarah Palin when she was governor, the public defender agency, the innocence project, the ombudsman(whose only response was a growling, “What am I supposed to do with this?”), the department of licensing for nursing, some emails to or from the state troopers, and other agencies, even an email to Catherine Lemann about the law libraries had the body of the email removed. One of the emails was encoded. They also removed the lists of my damaged and stolen property from the theft by Robin Hume in the Homer area. I am sure a lot more is missing I just have not had time to search. This is no surprise to me after having my mail opened in Nome over a long period of time. Someone went through my emails and removed very specific ones that apply to Alaska government. It was clearly done to remove information that could be used to expose corruption and abuse.

Those who might think they could benefit from destroying this information:

Sarah Palin, Alaska State Troopers, the Department of Law, Talis Colberg, John Earthman, Judge Esch, the public defender agency, Governor Parnel, Norton Sound Health Corporation (or serial bullies employed by them), The Nome Nugget, conman Robin Hume, Rick Svobodney at the DOJ, Steve Hume(who told the lie to have me wrongfully arrested), Nancy Sanders(Board of Nursing), the Homer Police Department, the Nome Police Department, the crazy woman who owns the Dolphine Apartments in Homer, Permanent Fund Dividend staff(blocked me from getting my PFD in 2007), the Department of Corrections and Health and Human Services(prison health care and mental health).

I think if it was the Humes they would have removed some other emails even though the removal of the stolen and damaged property lists could possibly point to them. The Humes would have had no reason to remove emails about government departments or agencies. Besides the very obvious choice of Sarah Palin and her henchmen the highest on my list are those who would be protected from their malfeasance by the department of law(including Colberg and Svobodney), the state troopers, the public defender agency and the Department of Corrections. Governor Parnel could be involved at this point also. The emails removed all pertained to the violations of my civil rights or malfeasant actions by state agencies, departments, and employees. Even the lists of my stolen/damaged property applied due to the state of Alaska allowing Robin and Steve Hume to perpetrate crimes which BTW they were never charged with. Interesting…no? This was a deliberate act of destroying evidence and I have already had the Anchorpoint state troopers destroy evidence for my case against the Humes.

The letter makes it clear there is overwhelming evidence that the multitude of things that happened to me over several years in Alaska were not just random accidents. It was all planned and directed. Certainly the letter makes it very clear that Sarah Palin was running a state that was in chaos and corrupt to the very core. Every department I came in contact with was operating in a corrupt manner with incompetent management. When I wrote the letter I had no idea what Sarah Palin was at all. I assumed she was functioning as an actual governor and cared about the state of Alaska and it’s people. It is now clear that she appointed people to run the government agencies who would do her bidding with loyalty being her foremost concern. She uses those people to retaliate against anyone who would be a whistleblower. Many of these people are even those who have sworn to uphold the constitution and are/were trusted servants. Of course many on the far right interpret the constitution like they interpret the Bible, warped. There was a concerted effort in Nome to prevent me from getting due process that involved the judge, the public defender agency and the department of law. I was even wrongfully imprisoned and wrongfully arrested later when clearly there was no evidence. These are all very clear civil rights violations.

The overwhelming number of incidents that happened to me mean clearly that it was directed from above. The considerable effort it must have taken to orchestrate it is amazing. That means that the most likely perpetrators of the crime of removing material from my emails should be narrowed down to the Department of Law(possibly with Governor Parnel) to decrease evidence of malfeasance, civil rights violations and many other crimes, or Sarah Palin trying to squelch the truth about her half-assed-corruption-filled-half-governorship. The Department of Law could be protecting current state employees as well as Palin.

This could have happened a long time ago as I have not accessed any of this information in my emails for quite a while. I called this document a letter, but it is fifty pages long with about twenty pages of evidence I brought with me when I left the prison(those twenty pages were not in the email). Someone or perhaps a lot or some ones are running scared. I have contacted my email service provider and the FBI. I want them prosecuted as aggressively as David Kernell was.

This means of course that it is time to review the posts I have written about that letter.


Here is an email I sent to Palin that was removed:



Anonymous said...

If you use Outlook you should have a backup of all of it.

Anonymous said...

Gmail allows you to make copies of all sent mail and it also allows you to archive your sent and received mail. Good luck!

I suggest you also contact your Representatives and Senators because if their mail has been hacked, the repercussions against the hacker will be substantially more serious than just a normal citizen.

Consider contacting major national progressive blogs as well. Their IT people may be willing to help you avoid a repeat of this in the future.

ferob said...

We lived in Nome from 80-85. Have seen pictures and doesn't look like the same town. When did you live there?

Celia Harrison said...

ferob, I lived in Nome from feb 2004 to oct 2006.Nome has apparently been on an economic decline for a long time.

Celia Harrison said...

Anonymous 3:39, Thanks for the advice. The important stuff was somewhere else and there are many sources of documentation. The weird thing is that rather than delete the all the emails many just have the body removed with the addresses and titles still there. I suspect a program was used to detect certain key words or government email addresses.

Anonymous said...

We all have to ALERT RM and KO! Pronto!!
This is right up Maddow's alley. She grabs hold of this, everything could come down on Palin!!
Damn...off to email them!

ManxMamma said...

I am so sorry to hear how despicably you've been treated. I've always enjoyed your comments but had not connected you with this blog. I wish you justice.

Shondi99 said...

Thank you for your courage in coming forward. We are all retweeting this - to get your info out.

Pls let us on PalinGates know if we can do anything 4 you.

Daisydem said...

Celia, I am sure current employees of the State of Alaska are being protected: some of the "governor's" assistants who made up bogus reasons to charge the state for travel by the Palin clan, etc.

Daisydem said...

Celia, I am sure that some of the "governor's" assistants who created bogus travel charges for the whole family are still being protected.

ella said...

Peeps on palingates are forwarding your post to major media contacts.
Celia, you should write a book - I follow your blog, and your voice is very important.

Celia Harrison said...

Ella, thanks for the encouragement. One of my many projects this winter is to get that book written.