UPDATE: My letter to Sarah Palin (part 5), Libelous Article in the Nome Nugget

UPDATE July 18th 2017: I will put this on the blog as a separate post as well. From time to time there is some interest in this post. I would like to update a couple of wrong pieces of information about myself which were my understanding years ago when this was written. What I have come to understand is most healthcare professionals know nothing about many subjects and are faking it. I knew I was different when very young and tried to get answers as to why starting in the 1970s, none were found, just my being told I was normal when I knew that was not true.

Part of my story involves being a DES Daughter which caused immune system dysfunction, deformities of the reproductive system, abnormalties of the bone cells and growth of them, brain lateralization issues, partial androgenization in the female brains and much more. They only allowed the public to know about a couple of these problems. I have ME/cfs which is most likely secondary to being exposed to DES in utero. There was a massive decades long cover up of the problems DES, diethylstilbestrol caused us including lawyers being paid off and fake newspaper articles, you know just like what goes on now. It also causes cancer and we all waited almost holding our breathe for decades wondering if the next time we had a pelvic exam cancer would be revealed. Now most physicians and nurse practitioners know nothing about it causing more trauma, The Silent Trauma of DES.

The drug companies were always corrupt and so was the FDA. Then on to ME/cfs, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome, given a joke name and pooh-poohed in an attempt to psychiatrically pathologize those who have suffered from it often for decades. The FDA, CDC and NIH are all corrupt as hell and the med schools are owned by the drug companies. Recently, finally through private funding done by those who often have relatives or friends affected by the illness some research has given us some clues, our Krebb's cycles are broken. Below I have included a chart of the Krebbs cycle to which I have added a mythical enzyme, vaginase due to my decades of saying, "They think our vaginas are making us crazy." The weird sense of humor is part of another correction of a wrong thing I will address shortly.

My weird sense of humor is a clue to why I am different and have problems, but keep on truth telling.
We do not transport calcium into at least some cells of the immune system normally, but most likely it is a whole body problem.

The discovery of abnormal calcium immune system cells affects people with CFS in three main areas of the body where CFS-related pain usually occurs — the brain and spinal cord, the pancreas and the stomach.
“This is incredibly important because calcium is required for a huge range of functions within the cell, in every tissue, in every organ system in the body,” Prof Staines told Seven and Nine News on the Gold Coast.

I am very ill to the point that right after I got up this morning I was confused about something as there are cognitive issues when ME/cfs flares up. I spent my childhood on an IQ roller coaster, up and down 30 points and becoming dyslexic temporarily with flare ups. I tested myself and documented this. No help from anyone, I had to figure everything out for myself.

Bad decisions made at a homeless shelter I have been forced to stay in due to the corruption and dysfunction of my country and the horrible treatment of the disabled, oh and let me mention the INJUSTICE have caused me to become very ill. Requests for accommodation secondary to the ADA were denied and it was not the first time. Pathogen insanity rules in homeless shelters while those who run them could care less those with immune system issues get very ill.

My claim that I was an alcoholic was based on my becoming very intoxicated with one or two drinks and then having behavioral issues like a highly intoxicated person. Anyone who knows about ME/cfs is aware that with this illness is alcohol intolerance due to the dysfunction of the mitochondria which don't just make energy they also tag toxins with sulphur so the body can detect and dump them. That is why we often have chemical sensitivities which is a maligned disability that contributed to my being given a notice to leave an alcohol, drug and bedbug ridden hell hole. I know, who could resist living there? What I am saying is I was perfectly willing to be an alcoholic. Many alcoholics told me they did no think I was one due to recovery being so damn easy for me, they were right, instead it's alcohol intolerance.

I am addicted to narcotics which was the main treatment for the pain due to ME/cfs back in the time when we knew absolutely nothing about it. That was not fun. I watched as drug companies put out new pain meds and said they were not narcotics, then patients got addicted and I argued with doctors who would not listen to logic or apparently even read the pathophysiology. Then a neurologist got upset with me for asking questions and pointing out the overdose of the so called non-narcotic pain med I was on was treated by Narcan. I got addicted, then when forced to finally face the truth he abruptly withdrew the med from the patients he screwed over. This is when I learned to be the one who decides if I take a med or not. I often know more than they do and if I don't will shortly. I had to become my own healthcare provider anyway as most physicians willfully know nothing about ME/cfs.

Then there was the autism claim to address. Aspergers has been replaced by a scale, a continuum of autism, it's a defunct diagnosis and we all know anything one can remove from the DSM 5 is helpful. The issue I actually have does have some cross over features that look like autism. I spent quite a bit of time and money in the past trying to understand what was going on with me, going to professionals who either did not know about these traits or perhaps did not get that I have them. The getting it part for those of us who have this issue is hard for ourselves as we never imagine we are the ones.

I have the personality characteristics of a highly intelligent or gifted adult, right down the line, every damn one of them glaring like a neon sign. Check it out here, here, here. With a flare up of the ME/cfs my IQ can drop 30 points and I knew this two decades before the research came out showing this happens to many of us. When I reported it they thought my vagina was making me crazy because they tested me and my IQ was normal, not low as I reported. I once went to an optometrist and told him my eyesight had gotten horribly bad, he tested me and said it was 20/20. I then said that made no sense and he explained that just like the pilots who come in and tell him the same thing my eyesight had been 20/15 before and then when it became more normal I thought I was going blind. The conjunctivitis I have right now and the many other episodes of it I have had while homeless have damaged my eyesight.

There are specific personality traits of those with high IQs that cause us problems, can lead us to become serial whistleblowers, to argue about things that are wrong, to try and change things courageously, to battle against injustice and we are also very sensitive people.

Here are the characteristics of people with high IQs that cause the most trouble for me.

  • Highly developed morals and ethics and early concern for moral and existential issues
  • Unusual and early insight into social and moral issues
  • A need for the world to be logical and fair
  • Argumentativeness
  • Highly idiosyncratic interpretations of events
  • An awareness of detail
  • An unusual intensity and depth of feeling
  • A high degree of emotional sensitivity
  • Weird sense of humor others don't get
What psychologists and others who are asked by clients with high IQs why they are different should tell them is there is nothing wrong with you, but the reason you are different will probably cause you some problems in your life. Some of the characteristics look like autism and other diagnoses that do not apply.

Welcome to America where the disabled, elderly and the unfortunate are treated as disposable people. I have no health care at this point and if I did they wouldn't have one damn clue so the misdiagnoses those with ME/cfs are familiar with would begin along with the attempts to give me meds or treatments that would make me sicker.

My country did this to me and then withheld the research, people should be in prison for this. There are millions of us. Here in Boise Idaho, Mayor Bieter brought in lots of immigrants and filled up the low income housing, some of us are going to die without housing. Not one damn is given. I have nothing against the immigrants themselves who are just trying to survive tragedies most likely brought on them by the United States and the corrupt CIA, NGOs, military and corporate evil we bring to the world. The mayor was kissing butt for some favor, I don't know what, yet. He has the police harassing the homeless unmercifully in Boise Idaho to run us out of the city for corporate interests, a sports arena. Similar stories play out all over the country.

I wrote this on a day I have severe cognitive problems due to viral infections, probably CMV due to ME/cfs with the community acquired virus going around the homeless community on top of it.
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This is word for word part of the letter I sent to Sarah Palin and several senators. I also ---sent two copies to the ACLU. This is the libelous article written about me in the Nome Nugget. Sure it’s a horrible newspaper, but the gross lies and misrepresentation are indicative of the campaign by the powers that be in Nome to go after me with lies. This is from a couple years ago. Not knowing what Palin was this is the actual subtitle I used which is kind of funny now that I know what she is and she would be in support of  the dominionists.



Judge Esch’s wife hangs out with the editor of the newspaper. I do not know if she is also the owner. I assume she is. Here is the libelous article they wrote after my restitution hearing: (The owner is Nancy McGuire)________________________________________________________________________________


Nurse busted for stealing drugs refuses to reimburse NSHC for missing narcotics worth almost $10,000

By Diana Hacker

A nurse convicted of stealing pain medications from Norton Sound Health Corporation in 2005, last week contested that she owed NSHC $9,948 in restitution. During a restitution hearing in Nome’s Superior court, with Judge Ben Esch presiding, Celia Ann Harrison vehemently denied she stole drugs worth almost $10,000.

Harrison worked for NSHC from February 2004 until November 12, 2005. A confessing drug addict and recovering alcoholic, Harrison was caught walking out of NSHC on November 12, 2005 with 39 narcotic items, including morphine and Demerol syringes, and Benadryl pills, hidden in a hole inside of her coat.

Harrison was tried, convicted and sentenced to 15 months in jail with 13.5 months suspended.

In last week’s restitution hearing Harrison denied that she relieved the hospital of more narcotics than the amount that she was caught with red-handed that November day two years ago.

Kara Homelvig, compliance officer with NSHC, testified that her internal investigation revealed that a substantial amount of pain medication disappeared. Homelvig said in court that she compared orders placed by nurses for the ER and inpatient medicine cabinet with patient billings and determined that meds worth $9,948 were never billed for hence they were never administered to patients. Also taken as evidence were torn up inventory sheets that police found in the trash.

Harrison was telephonically present at the hearing as she is living in Homer now. She denied that she took more medication over the course of her employment with NSHC than she walked out with that day. "The only drugs I ever took were the ones in my coat when I was arrested," said Harrison. Harrison revealed that she took the narcotics because she had a suicide plan and wanted to make sure that she had enough to kill herself.

In another complaint pending against Harrison, dated August 7 2007, a Homer Bed & Breakfast owner alleged that she stole $750 from him when she stayed in his B&B.

Harrison’s drug stealing case is currently on appeal.

By Diana Haecker

Here is the response I emailed them which she refused to print. I emailed it to several people and told them to pass it around:

Here is my letter. I only want it published as a whole. You do not have permission to publish a part or parts of it. I do not believe you will actually put it in your paper. It contains too much truth. Since you require a phone number her is mine, 907-399-xxxx.


I am Celia Harrison. I am aware there is probably no chance you will have the courage to print this letter. This is a response to the libelous article printed about me on November 15th. I am requesting a full retraction. Was the reporter in the courtroom? There are some elements of truth in the article, but she fails to get many of the basic facts correct. In an obvious attempt to smear and damage me she makes many fallacious statements. The article is written in such a way that it is obvious one of her sources is District Attorney Earthman. He used the phrase, "drug stealing nurse" during the hearing. After a hearing in which he made feeble attempts to prove his false charges against me and failing to produce any evidence he began to use that phrase. I am sure whatever he did will not matter as there was an air of going through the motions. Judge Esch probably already knew what he would do. He clearly was not interested in hearing much evidence. I imagine he will give them whatever they ask. I will then appeal his decision.

The statement at the beginning of the article which states I refused to reimburse $9,948 which the hospital claims I owe them makes no sense at all. This was a restitution hearing. The judge listens to the evidence and then decides on the amount. There was no decision made at that time as to the amount of restitution. The tenor of the article was such that the author assumed this decision was already made. Interesting. The author has never seen nor heard any compelling evidence. I know this because I have never seen it. All we have gotten are verbal claims and accusations which have never been backed up. Just because a DA says something does not make it true. Remember in Nome the judge and DA are influenced by the powers that be. I believe you wrote this article to influence Judge Esch’s decision. It is obvious.

Most of the people in Nome know there is a problem at Norton Sound Health Corporation. The two serial bullies who caused my PTSD inflicted a psychiatric injury on me which caused me to have a break down. They then perjured themselves at the grand jury. They just never produced the evidence to back up most of their claims. The DA has accused me of unbelievable things such as selling drugs in Nome. That is ludicrous! If I saw someone selling drugs I would be the first to call the police and have on many occasions. They tried to set me up by having three girls attempt to sell me some prescription drugs. I told them they could get into a lot of trouble and they should flush them down the toilet. It was a little later when I realized it must have been a set up. It did not work because I am not what they have tried to make me out to be. I am the opposite of all they have said. It has been a smear campaign. That is what serial bullies do. I was the toughest target they ever had and I have not run away to hide like so many of their targets have. Instead I have stood tough and never stopped telling the truth. I have had several people ask me why I stayed in Alaska. I stayed because I believed I should do the right thing.

These people have been harming employees at the hospital for years. Most of the people the two serial bullies target last just a few months. I am very strong and I was very physically and mentally healthy when I arrived in Nome. I lasted 20 months. I wanted to complete my two-year contractual obligation. I loved Nome. There are some wonderful people there. Just being targeted by a serial bully says something about you. It says you have a lot of good qualities. I am intelligent, hard working, knowledgeable, experienced, competent, highly skilled, ethical, have a sense of humor, I go to work to do the work, and take excellent care of patients. These are the qualities they do not have and they seek to destroy those who have them. They are very sick people whose agenda is not about the work of the hospital. I am sure there is someone who is a target right now. The people they work with have been told false rumors about them. They then start to have negative feelings toward the person. They watch as the person is emotionally abused. They feel helpless to do anything, they want to help but, they are confused. They are afraid they will be targeted. In the end when the person breaks down they will say, "She was crazy. I am glad she is gone." I use to say, "She wasn’t crazy when she got here, something happened to her while she was here to cause it." Then they would glare at me. For information about workplace bullying go to www.bullyonline.org/ , and www.workplacebullyinglaw.org/ .

In your article Diane Haecker writes I was "convicted of stealing pain medications." First, there is no such statute. The charge was, misconduct with a controlled substance in the 4th degree. Later in the article she writes, "Harrison was tried, convicted and sentenced." Well, if there was a trial I did not know about it. Did they have another hearing I was not informed of? This happens a lot with the Nome court. It was a plea deal plain and simple. There was no trial. There was no jury, so there was no conviction. I was found guilty because I took a plea deal. It was a plea deal that was not a deal. I took it to stop the endless marathon of hearings which were simply continued one after another for seventeen months. The DA lied at the restitution hearing and stated that when I agreed to the plea deal I said I would pay all of the restitution. That is crazy. He refused to have any kind of deal. I certainly would not have agreed to that.

All but 10 states do not consider what I did a crime. In my case it was clear I was mentally disturbed at the time it occurred. The torn up sheets which were brought into the court room like some kind of grand evidence are simply some tore up pieces of paper. I guess in their world throwing something in the garbage can in plain view, where everyone can see them is the act of a clever and devious criminal mind. It was essentially a waste of time and the tax payer’s money for him to have a police officer carry a bag of garbage to the courtroom when I did not disagree that I had thrown the papers in it. I do not remember placing the papers in the garbage can nor most of the incident. I do agree that it was I. This has never been a contention. The pharmacist who was called in that night said he did not think a sane person had taken the drugs. He was ignored. I was clearly disturbed. Colleen Myer would not allow me to be admitted to the hospital. It is in the police report. Although I did not want to stay, I should have been sent to a psychiatric hospital. I am autistic. The police were constantly badgering me. I told them I am autistic, but they did not know it meant they should interrogate me in a different way. I doubt they would have cared had they known. I just had to get away from them. I was not able to make a good decision then. I was home pretty much alone for a month, suicidal before even one of my former coworkers in the inpatient unit called to see if I was all right. Nice Huh.

Ms. Homelvig was the only serial bully to testify at the hearing where was Colleen Meyer? They presented paperwork which I had filled out at NSHC because it was my job to fill it out. How desperate can they get? She accused me of taking Tylenol with codeine which I am very allergic to. She accused me of taking a medication used for alcohol with drawl. I have not drunk alcohol in years. If someone took it, they were probably in alcohol with

drawl. One in every ten nurses is chemically dependent. This means if there are twenty nurses working in a unit two of them are addicted to something. I told Colleen Meyer at least two times I thought drugs were being taken. I was ignored. When nurses take drugs from the hospital it is usually because they are addicted. They take a couple doses at a time so they will not get caught. What I did was take a very large amount and shove them in my pockets. I was sure to be caught. I was very disturbed and suicidal. If I had been anywhere else I would have immediately gotten help. Because the goal of serial bullies is to harm their target anyway they can they were delighted to call the police. When I went to the hospital for help all I ever received was abuse.

Is the community aware that they first said I owed them $75,000? Yes, they claimed they charge each patient $500 a dose at the grand jury. I checked with ANMC the cost to them for the injectable meds is 79 cents to about $1.25 for each dose. It would cost a bit more to ship them to Nome, but not much. This is just one of the ridiculous claims they made at the grand jury. It was designed to get the jury to indict me on as many charges as possible. It worked because in Alaska only the DA presents evidence. It is truly a Kangaroo Court. The defendant is not even allowed to attend. Who knows what method they used to arrive at $9,948. This information was not discussed at the restitution hearing. By the way I never left the hospital with them. They were recovered that night. So, why do they need restitution?

In your article Ms. Heacker writes I am a "confessing drug addict and a recovering alcoholic." Why in a community which has so many people who are struggling with alcohol would the newspaper endeavor to put a negative connotation on the concept of recovery. Her tone was designed to do harm to me, but it also harms anyone who reads it who is struggling to stay sober. Why would you do that? Because of influence? That is so sad. You are perpetuating the false belief that people with addictions are less than those who are addiction free. Being in recovery is something to be proud of. It takes courage and strength to stay sober. Much more courage than it takes to bully someone. I have not drunk alcohol for many years. I got addicted to prescription drugs when I was very ill. I have some very painful conditions. I got the drugs from doctors. Patients get addicted to prescription drugs all the time. When I realized, I had a problem I took myself to treatment. This is not something to be ashamed of. It is a disease that is very treatable. It is shameful the chemically dependent people in Nome cannot get the help they need. It is a shame people who are in recovery are put in a position to be afraid to come forward and talk about their addictions. This is how recovery works, one person talks about their recovery from an addiction and then talks about the solution to the problem. It works like a chain reaction. In Nome the chain is broken.

Another fallacy in your article is that I was caught walking out of the hospital. If Ms Hacker wanted to write fiction she is in the wrong business. Or, is that what the editor likes to print? The drugs were found in my jacket which was in my locker. I never left the hospital with them, nor did I try. Did she make this up or did someone tell her this lie?

I did not want to appear telephonically. I had actually requested to have the hearing continued so I could be there. I like to look into people’s faces when they lie. I had to spend all of my money on veterinarian bills and could not get there. I told my attorney I wanted to speak during the hearing. I was not allowed to speak other than short answers to questions. I do not feel the judge has enough information to make a decision. They were supposed to address the other charge during this hearing. Suddenly the judge announced they had to end the hearing and nothing was said. I called the clerk who said the paperwork had been filed to dismiss it. The cowardly DA strikes again.

Yes, that case you refer to in your article on November 15th had been dismissed on November 8th. Of course you knew this. You failed to put it in your court section on the 15th or 22nd. This is not the first time you have failed to print information about my hearings in your paper. That charge was totally false. I believe the DA was waiting for something, anything he could use to charge me.

I rented a room in a B&B. The owners are con men. They were pulling an insurance scam to the tune of more than $15,000. The insurance agent wanted to talk to me and they would not give him my phone number. They knew I would tell the truth and they would be found out. A friend of theirs said they wanted my bathroom to be used by their guests. Several men also told me Robin Hume usually has a lot of prostitutes and sex parties at the lodge. I did not believe them at first, but now I have evidence of all of this and more. He knew I would never allow that type of activity to go on. I was talking to them about getting reimbursed for the money one of them had conned out of me, some things he had stolen from me, utility bills I had to pay, food he stole from me to feed his B&B guests and more. My wallet had been missing for several weeks. I was quite sure one of the owners Robin Hume had taken it. I called a state trooper but I had no evidence. Silly me, I thought evidence was needed to charge someone with a crime. When Steve Hume came to visit, he found it in Robin’s Van. I had searched that van five times about a month earlier. It was clearly not in it then. The money was gone and so was the calling card. Right after it disappeared, Robin wanted to know if I had my bank card canceled. He looked very disappointed when I said, yes. I only got the wallet back because Steve found it in the wheel well. I told Robin and then Steve I knew Robin had stolen it. Then I gave them a written notice that I was leaving in 30 days and I was withholding my rent pursuant to the landlord tenant act and would be taking them to small claims court for the rest. Steve Hume one day claimed he was missing $700, not $750 as your article declared. He first accused someone else. I was sure of who had taken the money, his brother Robin. His stories never made sense and changed several times. Some people think the whole thing is a lie. I have a witness that says Robin Hume the other brother has taken money out of his wallet and stolen 2/3 of his things out of his storage unit. Robin makes his living as a con man and has several aliases, my favorite being Christopher Maximilian. He is involved in a lot of other shady activities also. I have become quite the detective. After a time Steve Hume became very verbally abusive to me, blocked me from going into my room and threatened me. He started to say, "You are a known felon I can get you in a lot of trouble," "I’ll tell them you stole the money," over and over. There were witnesses. I told him that was nuts because there was no evidence as I did not take it. I also told him his brother took his money. I had no fear of anything happening. It made no sense that it would. After all I live in the United States of America. They can only arrest people if they have evidence. Hah.

On August 3rd I was arrested so how could the complaint be from August 7th as was stated in your article. The state troopers in this area investigated and could find no evidence to arrest me. There was a wallet that was sent for finger prints. They had been obliterated somehow. Now who would have had access to that wallet. Hmmm. There had been a hearing in Nome. I was not informed of it. (This was the fourth time I had not been informed of a hearing in the Nome Court). I checked the court schedule often and found them before. This time I did not know I had a reason to check. My public defender did not know about it as she was out of town. No one in the Kotzebue office notified me nor did anything about it. I was arrested for failure to appear. Judge Esch knew I did not know about the hearing, but he issued the warrant anyway. I have worked in prisons in another state. The ones here are like a 3rd world country’s prisons. They abruptly withdrew me from a high dose of an antidepressant and a seizure medication. I was not given my medication for more than 20 days. Oh, they do not give anyone their medications. The story about the DOC is being addressed in another venue. There are many horrors that happen in the prisons in this state. The conditions in the prisons are dangerous. There is also the problem of the phone system that does not go to some places in the state. I feel my creator sent me there because he knew I would be able to communicate the horrible conditions and help change it.

Everyone who knew me in Homer knew two things. I was desperate to find a new place to live and I stayed at the lodge most of the time to keep Robin Hume from stealing my things. When the state trooper came to arrest me on the warrant judge Esch issued, he already knew this. I was allowed to take some things in my back pack. He took panoramic pictures of my room as it was. I thought I would only be gone a day or two as this was an obvious mistake. I gave my precious cat food and water and hoped Robin would leave my things alone and not harm her. I was told the next day I was going to Nome for a hearing. I was promised this several times and it never happened. I never waived my right to appear. I never got to Nome.

I was arrested for not going to a hearing I did not know about. If we had been able to give evidence it would have been clear someone else was the most probable suspect. There are witnesses who were told different stories than Steve Hume told the state troopers. There is a lot more I have not told you. I believe this was done on purpose and it was done with malice. There was no credible evidence. Judge Esch also tried to prevent me from going to the restitution hearing. They do not want me telling this story. If you do not print this, I will find another way to tell it.

While incarcerated I could not get the phones to go anywhere except the public defender agency offices. I called Nome, Kotzebue, Kenai, Anchorage, and the director Quinlan Steiner. Each time giving the message that my cat needed to be rescued by the animal shelter, that Robin Hume would starve my cat, steal my things, that I was not getting my medication and I was innocent of the charge. Not one of them even picked up the phone to call the animal shelter. One of them called Robin Hume and believed his lies(Kirsten Bey). I told her he was lying and I told her he is a sociopath. While I was there not one public defender came to see me. They told me an investigator was coming to see me also. This never happened. Finally a friend found out about my incarceration and immediately bailed me out. This took 26 days. The phones in the jails would not go anywhere. The public defender agency took this long to finally call her. I was in bad shape I had been psychologically tortured. I had not had my medication. I was sick. I came back to Homer homeless. I had the clothes on my back and my backpack. Robin Hume had stolen anything he thought he could sell or use. He put the rest out in the rain. It was full of mold. He then put it in a storage unit so he could say he stored my things. He told the woman at the storage place he did not know where I was. Robin Hume did the actual deeds, but I hold the people who had me falsely charged, wrongfully imprisoned, and then allowed all of it to happen by acts of omission more responsible. I consider my cat’s death a murder. All they had to do was make a phone call. It would have taken just a couple minutes.

I lost everything I had from my mother, except one item. He poured bleach over the top of my important papers. Most of my clothes were gone or ruined. He took all of my kitchen things. It is unbelievable. He should be charged with a crime. There was a court order to go to the lodge out of the Nome Court so I could go and get my things. The state troopers did not honor it. They said I would have to have a different kind of order. That should have happened, but never did. Robin Hume even stole my cat’s things. He knew he could get away with it as he has done this before. The state troopers in the Kenai Borough would not even do anything when I called them because people were stealing things from the lodge and vandalizing it and then there was the evidence I found of a meth lab. Judge Esch surely would have known which kind of court order would have allowed me to get my things back. This was clearly done to harm me.

The most tragic of all is my cat was starved. I knew he would starve her as he had a cat he never fed. I fed it. After a while he finally took her to the animal shelter. He told them I was going to be in jail in Nome for six months. She was very thin and sick. He must have been abusive to her also. She was never the same. He is truly one of the most disgusting pieces of garbage on this planet. She had been very sweet before as she had never known anything but kindness. She would not even let the people at the animal shelter clean her cage. I had to live at the women’s shelter and I visited her every day. I then took a really horrible apartment as I had to hurry and get her with me to try and save her life(The Dolphine Villas). I tried for two months and in the end had to put her to sleep. I am autistic, and she was my therapeutic animal. We were together for 10 years. I loved her very much. I will never forgive those who are responsible. People keep trying to give me cats, but I tell them I would be afraid to have a pet as they may arrest me for something else I did not do. The vet bills and bills for special food were the reason I "appeared telephonically" as you stated in your article. I was also very upset about her death at that time. I can only imagine the hell she went through. This all happened due to obvious corruption. Judge Esch and DA Earthman are supposed to be trusted servants of the people. There is a statute against a public official using his position of power to retaliate against and harm someone.

I was charged with Violation of Conditions of Release based on this missing money. I indeed had my wallet stolen by one of them. They are obvious con men. Any idiot could see this. I believe the accusation from Steve Hume was used as an excuse to have me incarcerated. The accusation was an obvious fabrication. I believe it was malevolence. I never violated a condition of my release. The charge was unconstitutional. His evidence was that Steve Hume said he saw me in his room. Did he come up with those words or did the DA suggest it? He had already changed his story around a few times. It was clearly fictional. Anyone who had done even some minutiae of an investigation would have known that. He also used an email I sent to Officer Loop to let him know I was withholding the rent in case there was trouble. Which by the way was not an unusual occurrence. I had sent him several emails. I am still trying to figure out how the email is evidence I stole money. Oh I see. If you try to recover something using legal means such as the landlord tenant act and small claims court, you will be punished. I do not normally do anything to break the law. In fact, one reason I was targeted by the Humes is my honesty. DA Earthman used his position of power to retaliate against me for having my case reviewed. Which, by the way I have every right to do as there were a lot of irregularities. Steve Hume needs to be charged with giving false information to the police. The state troopers refuse to file a report about it.

At the end of your article you write, "Harrison’s drug stealing case is currently on appeal." That sounds soooo professional. I never made the statement you quoted either. The DA said something similar in the form of a question and I said, "yes". Also, in a sentence of less than two years an appeal is not allowed. It is being reviewed. In an article written in this paper a long time ago you wrote that I did not give a urine specimen that night. I gave two specimens. I have a small bladder as I have Interstitial Cystitis. It is an autoimmune disease in which the lining of the bladder is destroyed. Then the acidic urine burns my bladder. At times it is excruciatingly painful. We urinate frequently which causes small bladders. I was also very dehydrated that day. The two samples I gave were not enough to send away to the lab they wanted to use. I suggested they use a dip stick test. I do not know if they did or not. There was a lab technician there who can verify that I gave the specimens. He is an honest man.

Stating that I live in Homer is perhaps an attempt to have the people there find out about this case. I have informed anyone who knows me and I spoke about it at the Kenai Borough Assembly, including the false charge out of Nome. I even went to the police in Homer and told them the story. I love Homer. Many people have been kind to me here. It is a place where democracy is still practiced. We have a protest in the park every Saturday against the war in Iraq. The Women In Black stand silent every Tuesday. Anyone who wants to can speak at the city counsel or borough meetings. There was a documentary film festival with controversial, thought provoking films. We have world renowned artists and authors. It is a community with a lot of intelligent and creative people. The first amendment is still allowed here.

I am telling my story from the beginning on my blog, WWW.frozenjustice.blogspot.com. I still have a lot to write to get it caught up to present time. I will be using this document for that purpose. The only way a democracy can survive is for citizens to tell the stories about the oppressive and evil government.

The whole time I read your article I could smell fear. Look at who your sources are, you will smell fear there also. As a community you have seen many people harmed at NSHC. Maybe you should ask yourself how I could show up the happiest and healthiest I had ever been in my life and end up wanting to kill myself rather than continue to work there. The day after it happened Dorothy Fulton at the board of nursing called me and said she thought I did what I did "to get out of there." Yes, I did.

Celia Harrison

"I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity" Edgar Allan Poe

Fortunately the plan I was using to get out of there did not work or I would be dead. Aspergers Syndrome has a high suicide rate and CFIDS/ME is even higher. I had PTSD from the workplace bullying which is even higher than the others. I tried to see the psychiatrist five times and he refused me. The doctors at the hospital refused to give me one of my medications, Neurontin. When you add all this up it would be very predictable that I would be suicidal. A competent psychiatrist would have instantly looked at the picture and known I was in big trouble from psychological trauma, the problem is he was not competent and refused patients too. Under that kind of stress the CFIDS/ME was reactivated and I got as sick as I was years before when the illness first started. When it gets really bad it causes a brain fog which makes decison making hard. This triggers so much pain and exhaustion I could not function, otherwise I would have left Nome. I was very ill and trapped in Nome begging to have permission to go somewhere for medical and psychiatric help. I never got to go. The doctors did not believe CFIDS was a real illness. I would not have gone there if I had an idea of how backwards the doctors would be. I really thought that would never be allowed in this country, so I could not have imagined what it is like in rural Alaska.  There was one doctor who was good but he got the heck out of there.

The most obvious piece of evidence should have been invoices to prove what the hospital paid for the medication. The Public defenders told me none of that was needed. Why? How in the world could the judge make a decision? By simply granting the two serial bullies whatever they wanted, that's how. I told them they needed to contact the other hospitals as I knew the serial bullies would lie about the cost. In fact in England their testimony is often not allowed because they are considered sociopaths. When they claimed the drugs were worth $500 a dose I called Medicaid and told them about their claim. Then they changed the amount. It has to make me wonder where the money would end up. The lack of investigation into the true cost is an indication that from past experience they thought they could get away with their claims, because the PDs do nothing. I contacted the other hospitals and got their prices. At this point my PD was a former prosecutor from Texas, just to give you an idea. He never called on me to give this information and the judge would not allow me to voluntarily give testimony. Really the whole case was like this. I actually called the DEA and asked them to investigate due to the suggestion of a pharmacist familiar with the story and their false claims. They would not tell me anything about the investigation.

Judge Esch gave them the whole amount they asked for, $9,948. At the time of this article and my letter he had not ruled on it, but I knew for sure he would give them all of it due to the previous corrupt behavior. The strange thing about this article is they try and make it sound like he did rule and I was refusing to pay. Well, he hadn't and you don't get to refuse in Alaska the just take your PFD. I will file a Post Conviction Relief and hope a real judge reads it. I really should win, but I have a feeling the whole court system is like this. I hope not. The fact that they thought the decison had already been made by the judge makes me think as I had already he was just going through the motions.

The medications as reported by the other hospitals were worth: .79 to $1.29 a dose. I took 39 doses. Using the highest number of $1.29*39=$50. Add $100 for shipping which is way more than they need and $60 for a pharmacist which is also way more than they need and it is $210. My public defender claimed they used a $25 a dose calculation, that should equal $975. So, even at $25 which is not an accurate cost they are way over. It seems Judge Esch has allowed them to claim payment for the drugs they claimed I took which never happened. I was charged for that and when I took the plea the public defenders told me the restitution would only be for what I actually did. How can each medication be exactly $25 anyway? They just pulled that number out of the air. I had previously asked the director of the pharmacy how much the medications would cost to replace. (He was also severely workplace bullied) He told me $10 to $12 a dose which is huge compared to what the other hospitals said. I have a feeling something is not right and they did not want that information to get out. This means there is probably a deal with a drug company for a kick back to someone. When I told pharmacists at other hosptials that amount they said it was crazy. At $12 a dose it would equal $628.  Are you getting the picture of how justice works in Alaska?

The editor of the Nome Nugget never printed my letter. She claimed it was too long. She frequently prints long letters and columns, so that is a load of manure. She would have come up with an excuse not to print it no matter what.

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