Clarification of Past Health Status, Research Changes My Opinions

This was posted as an update on an old blog post that was getting increased traffic to clarify something I thought then I believe was incorrect, but the best conclusion with the information I had.

From time to time there is some interest in different older posts, so I want to make a statement clarifying what my journey of research has revealed. I would like to update a couple of wrong pieces of information about myself which were my understanding years ago when this was written. What I have come to understand is most healthcare professionals know nothing about many subjects and are faking it. I knew I was different when very young and tried to get answers as to why starting in the 1970s, none were found, just my being told I was normal when I knew that was not true.

Part of my story involves being a DES Daughter which caused immune system dysfunction, deformities of the reproductive system, abnormalties of the bone cells and growth of them, brain lateralization issues, partial androgenization in the female brains and much more. They only allowed the public to know about a couple of these problems, the deformities including abnormal vaginal/cervical tissue/deformed uteruses and the vaginal cancer it causes. They said almost nothing about problems the males have.

I have ME/cfs which is most likely secondary to being exposed to DES in utero. There was a massive decades long cover up of the problems DES, diethylstilbestrol caused us including lawyers being paid off and fake newspaper articles, you know just like what goes on now. We all waited almost holding our breathe for decades wondering if the next time we had a pelvic exam cancer would be revealed. Now most physicians and nurse practitioners know nothing about it causing more trauma, The Silent Trauma of DES. We also had painful procedures we had to pay for and it is now known were completely unnecessary.

The drug companies were always corrupt and so was the FDA. Then on to ME/cfs, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome, given a joke name and pooh-poohed in an attempt to psychiatrically pathologize those who have suffered from it often for decades. The FDA, CDC and NIH are all corrupt as hell and the med schools are owned by the drug companies. Recently, finally through private funding done by those who often have relatives or friends affected by the illness some research has given us some clues, our Krebb's cycles are broken. Below I have included a chart of the Krebbs cycle to which I have added a mythical enzyme, vaginase due to my decades of saying, "They think our vaginas are making us crazy." The weird sense of humor is part of another correction of a wrong thing I will address shortly.

My weird sense of humor is a clue to why I am different and have problems being targeted by scum, but keep on truth telling.
We do not transport calcium into at least some cells of the immune system normally, but most likely it is a whole body problem.

The discovery of abnormal calcium immune system cells affects people with CFS in three main areas of the body where CFS-related pain usually occurs — the brain and spinal cord, the pancreas and the stomach.
“This is incredibly important because calcium is required for a huge range of functions within the cell, in every tissue, in every organ system in the body,” Prof Staines told Seven and Nine News on the Gold Coast.

There are cognitive issues when ME/cfs flares up. I spent my childhood on an IQ roller coaster, up and down 30 points and becoming dyslexic temporarily with flare ups. I tested myself and documented this. No help from anyone, I had to figure everything out for myself.
Bad decisions made at two homeless shelters I have been forced to stay in due to the corruption and dysfunction of my country and the horrible treatment of the disabled, oh and let me mention the INJUSTICE have caused me to become very ill. Requests for accommodation secondary to the ADA were denied and it was not the first time. Pathogen insanity rules in homeless shelters while those who run them could care less those with immune system issues get very ill. After two years of being blocked when I tried to rent apartments in Boise while being gangstalked at the Interfaith Sanctuary and harassed, gangstalked by bad cops and employees of other agencies I finally found a rental. I did not believe due to the cruelty of this city that even the very day I was to get the key they were going to rent to me. I have been gangstalked on the property including noise campaigns, massive lies, strange street theater and more.

My claim that I was an alcoholic in the past was based on my becoming very intoxicated with one or two drinks and then having behavioral issues like a highly intoxicated person. Anyone who knows about ME/cfs is aware that with this illness is alcohol intolerance due to the dysfunction of the mitochondria which don't just make energy they also tag toxins with sulphur so the body can detect and dump them. That is why we often have chemical sensitivities which is a maligned disability that contributed to my being given a notice to leave an alcohol, drug and bedbug ridden hell hole. I know, who could resist living there? What I am saying is I was perfectly willing to be an alcoholic. Many alcoholics told me they did no think I was one due to recovery being so damn easy for me, they were right, instead it's alcohol intolerance. In these low income housing situations the person who does not smoke, do drugs, doesn't drink, tries to do what they can to be healthy is forced to live in the sins of others including forced cigarette smoking on properties which have federal regulations that there can be no smoking in the building or close to it. Homeless shelters force people who do not smoke to breathe large amounts of second hand smoke. One reason targets of gangstalking are forced into homelessness is to deteriorate their health.

I am addicted to narcotics which was the main treatment for the pain due to ME/cfs back in the time when we knew absolutely nothing about it. That was not fun. I watched as drug companies put out new pain meds and said they were not narcotics, then patients got addicted and I argued with doctors who would not listen to logic or apparently even read the pathophysiology. Then a neurologist got upset with me for asking questions and pointing out the overdose of the so called non-narcotic pain med I was on was treated by Narcan. I got addicted, then when forced to finally face the truth he abruptly withdrew the med from the patients he screwed over. This is when I learned to be the one who decides if I take a med or not. I often know more than they do and if I don't will shortly. I had to become my own healthcare provider anyway as most physicians willfully know nothing about ME/cfs. I take no medications and recently was in severe pain caused by the harassment and stress, noise campaigns and resulting lack of sleep. It was horrible but I used herbs for the pain and just had to live through it. If I am in charge it does not happen, it is the sins of others I am forced to deal with which cause it.

Then there was the autism claim to address. Aspergers has been replaced by a scale, a continuum of autism, it's a defunct diagnosis and we all know anything one can remove from the DSM 5 is helpful. The issue I actually have does have some cross over features that look like autism. I spent quite a bit of time and money in the past trying to understand what was going on with me, going to professionals who either did not know about these traits or perhaps did not get that I have them. The getting it part for those of us who have this issue is hard for ourselves as we never imagine we are the ones.

I have the personality characteristics of a highly intelligent or gifted adult, right down the line, every damn one of them glaring like a neon sign. Check it out here, here, here. With a flare up of the ME/cfs my IQ can drop 30 points and I knew this two decades before the research came out showing this happens to many of us. When I reported it they thought my vagina was making me crazy because they tested me and my IQ was normal, not low as I reported. I once went to an optometrist and told him my eyesight had gotten horribly bad, he tested me and said it was 20/20. I then said that made no sense and he explained that just like the pilots who come in and tell him the same thing my eyesight had been 20/15 before and then when it became more normal I thought I was going blind. The conjunctivitis I have right now and the many other episodes of it I have had while homeless have damaged my eyesight.

There are specific personality traits of those with high IQs that cause us problems, can lead us to become serial whistleblowers, to argue about things that are wrong, to try and change things courageously, to battle against injustice and we are also very sensitive people.

Here are the characteristics of people with high IQs that cause the most trouble for me.

  • Highly developed morals and ethics and early concern for moral and existential issues
  • Unusual and early insight into social and moral issues
  • A need for the world to be logical and fair
  • Argumentativeness
  • Highly idiosyncratic interpretations of events
  • An awareness of detail
  • An unusual intensity and depth of feeling
  • A high degree of emotional sensitivity
  • Weird sense of humor others don't get
What psychologists and others who are asked by clients with high IQs why they are different should tell them is there is nothing wrong with you, but the reason you are different will probably cause you some problems in your life. Some of the characteristics look like autism and other diagnoses that do not apply.

Welcome to America where the disabled, elderly and the unfortunate are treated as disposable people. I have no health care at this point and if I did they wouldn't have one damn clue so the misdiagnoses those with ME/cfs are familiar with would begin along with the attempts to give me meds or treatments that would make me sicker.

My country did this to me and then withheld the research, people should be in prison for this. There are millions of us. Here in Boise Idaho, Mayor Bieter brought in lots of immigrants and filled up the low income housing, some of us are going to die without housing. Not one damn is given. I have nothing against the immigrants themselves who are just trying to survive tragedies most likely brought on them by the United States and the corrupt CIA, NGOs, military and corporate evil we bring to the world. The mayor was kissing butt for some favor, I don't know what, yet. He has the police harassing the homeless unmercifully in Boise Idaho to run us out of the city for corporate interests, a sports arena. Similar stories play out all over the country.

As time goes on I expect to learn more, but at this point in time and at the level of research we have this is what I understand.


Boise Police Retaliatory Gangstalking Operation Due to My Statement Sports Flag Worship is Being Used to Direct Us Away From the Destruction of Democracy

This post is about what happened about twelve hours after I posted this article linked below about David Haeg being tasered and arrested after being prevented from getting justice or having corruption with the courts and state troopers in Alaska revealed for over a decade.

I am being heavily gangstalked which includes harassment, stalking, noise campaigns where I live, illegal retaliation by management staff for complaining about the outrageous things that go on in this building. This is Civic Plaza in Boise Idaho where the management style is Laissez-faire, no action, we don't know anything. It is a low income combo Section 42 and Section 8 property where people who have no idea how to behave live. They make living here difficult for the decent people. There is no other place to go.

It appears that over a period of a few days the management and maintenance staff retaliated against me which is illegal and this would be for reporting things like noise campaigns and people throwing bags of garbage or just garbage n the floor in the garbage chute room. Yes I saw the reviews before I moved in but did not think what they described could possibly be true, it is and more.

Here is that post, but the part relevant to this post is below it. I recommend at least viewing the video if you don't know what David Haeg has been through. 

Evidence Presentaton Denied By One of Alaska's Corrupt Courts, David Haeg Defiantly and Emotionally Reads It, He is Tazered, Dragged From The Courtroom. Welcome to America!

Why do you think the Department of Defense paid the sports-industrial-complex all that nationalism bribe money all these years? They wanted you to think whether or not someone makes a choice to stand for a flag, a piece of cloth is a huge deal. They create controversy to divide us over something that does not matter, what matters is the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, what matters is we have no system of justice and no Democracy, but dumbed down America doesn't get it's priorities right. What matters is this case because there are so many of us who are David Haeg, he represents those of us who have no means to fight the injustice we have suffered and our voices are cut off when we even tell the story often in very illegal and brutal ways. 

Here in Boise Idaho there are some intersections where the police, fire department, ambulances, etc. often use their vehicles to harass me. First responders are used to harass targets of JTTF/Fusion/Operation Phoenix/Cointelpro. One of these intersections is Front and Capitol in Boise Idaho. There is an odd angled cross walk at 5th very close to that intersection where the junior high kids who are employed by the city of Boise or a security contractor often show signs of their sociopathic play activities. It isn't just first responders, it can also be people doing odd things, not that people in Boise don’t do odd things, they certainly do, but targeted individuals have things happen over and over at certain places and the same things like two cop cars, a cop car and a fire truck, two ambulances, often the sirens are turned on only while they drive by you. They design the operations to appear to other people like something normal, but let the target know it is aimed at them. 
David Haeg, the subject of this post above like myself has been tortured by the state of Alaska by their corrupt courts, law enforcement agencies and others while trying to get justice. He was tasered and arrested for refusing after a decade to not read a statement about the corruption. I was wrongfully imprisoned while my cat was starved and tortured, a typical JTTF/FBI tactic and they took me from one prison to another while lying about where I was going and made sure I was tortured. These actions are done to keep the target from being able to contact people to get assistance secondary to the wrongful imprisonment and keep them in shock. I don’t believe either of our cases originate in Alaska, but instead from the federal level where the corrupt and dysfunctional agencies and law enforcement seek to harm those who tell the truth.

The JTTF is said to be run out of the state police which are called different things depending on the state. In Alaska this would be the state troopers. There is a connection to them clearly in David Haeg's case and with mine in Homer. I had no contact with them in Nome, but that does not mean they did not assist the powers in Nome to come after me for destruction. The Nome police did not like how I was angry they would not arrest men who raped the Native women in the remote villages or how they picked up the drunks and dumped them on me in the two cart ER where I was assaulted by them while working by myself. I know who could be mad at such heroes? 
Here in Boise the police department pretends the JTTF does not exist and have said inappropriate things to me about that. Wait for the next post.

Anyone familiar with William Cooper is familiar with his statement about why sports have been glorified beyond belief in the United States, it is about control, propaganda, “It’s the Roman circus, what does the emperor do when the people become restive, when the people are asking questions and when the people don’t like the policies of the emperor, he sends ‘em to the circus, he creates a circus, he fills a giant coliseum. Then he begins to throw the Christians to the lions and he has great chariot races and football games and basketball games all to keep the idiots preoccupied with things that don’t mean anything in the scheme of the entire world. So that they don’t have time to learn what the truth is so that they don’t ever get smart enough to learn how they are being manipulated, so they don’t ever question the emperor. That’s why they pay a player on a football or baseball team a million or two million dollars a year. It is the Roman circus. I know men who don’t know anything in the world except who plays third base for the Mets and they think that’s a great accomplishment and they meet and pat each other on the back and go and bond and go have cocktails and talk about what this guy who plays third base for the mets did in last night’s game. Sad, it’s really sad.” 
Now add the money the DOD has paid from the hard earned paychecks of tax payers to colleges and professional sports teams to put on a military propaganda show. They don’t want people to think about the Constitution being made defunct, they don’t want people thinking about our rights being taken, or the police state, the inverted totalitarian government we live in, that the FBI/CIA/NSA sets people up to be shooters, that the JTTF/FBI/DOD gives about 10,000 contractors a huge amount of money to torture people who are whistleblowers, journalists, activists, intelligent, know things they want kept from the public, or someone with power doesn’t like their opinion or something they wrote about them, or two people got together and made a false report that they are terrorists so now they are gangstalked by the government and their contractors. Don't even worry that those contractors have recently been told to hire more people and get ready for martial law. No, don’t think about those things or the prison state or the corrupt courts or the corrupt agencies or the dysfunctional, corrupt legislators, yea and some are crazy. Instead focus all of your thinking on this flag made of cloth, a symbol and nothing else and they create a news media frenzy about it. Football is a game, not more important than our failing country, not a substitute for freedom and democracy, WAKE UP.  Anytime they want you to look at something it means they want your attention taken from something much more important.  

William Cooper was not allowed to live too much longer. He's right about this and many other things, but the alien stories I don't believe. He said intelligence agencies told him about the aliens and it may be BS diversion.

The very next day after writing the above blog post as I walked towards that intersection where they often pull some junior high school bully operation what I recorded in the below video happened. I have things like this happen constantly, I have had a neighbor who would run into the kitchen or bathroom when I did and start slamming things around, people show up with things I went to buy just as I got in the elevator, people who do LARPs about things I viewed on line, videos I watched on YouTube and much more. Generally they use police cars at that intersection for harassment or some asshat doing some odd thing or someone(s) obviously following me. They practice overt stalking, they want the target to know. The point is psychological torture to destroy the person. Often when I went by there I was on my way to the Valley Regional Transit downtown bus station. Right now as I write this a noise campaign is going on from the apartment below me and in violation of their lease they are smoking in the apartment. Management doesn't give a rat's ass. 

As I would leave two cops would be standing outside the door glaring at me and two police cars would be parked right there, they did this in other places as well. Most of the time ignoring them was my tactic or some comment would be made such as, "There you are protecting and serving again' or "Boise Police never seem to be very busy, they could cut some staff and save the tax payers some money." I am not a person who causes problems, but since the gangstalkers spread false rumors about targets and I have had them go in stores and tell the staff I'm shoplifting there is no telling what they may have thought. One day some cops other than these usual Boise Police Department cops were at that station. I believe they were the ADA County Sheriff's Department. They were giving away flowers and said someone told them to go down there and do that which is odd. I said thanks, but I was going shopping and had no way to keep a flower doing that and this did not make up for the gangstalking the Boise Police Department does. I have been gangstalked by the ADA County Sherriff's over in Meridian Idaho too and this could have been part of that or maybe they are becoming flower children. They have followed me, driven around the block, parked in the path I was walking and left screws on the sidewalk. The screws are often left in your home on the floor when the gangstalkers come in to do strange things. That happened to me in Soldotna Alaska and I would think, hmm, wonder what that odd screw fell off. Then after several times it is clear someone is putting them there just like the other junior high things they did. This time I was walking to the Continuum of Care meeting for Ada County, the homelessness meeting, at the Meridian Idaho city hall. Other things have been done to attempt to deter me from that meeting. My apartment here in Boise has been entered several times and small objects were taken, just like in Soldotna Alaska. They take a small object they know you will notice because it is used a lot or because you sat it in the open or other odd things such as move a lamp to the other side of the room. The reason is you can't really call the police for a break in as they would assume you are crazy and at least part of the police are involved in it anyway, or in the case of Greg Russell in Soldotna, a retired cop with an LLC, so that means a negative outcome for calling them about anything. I just relearned that again very recently. The police here in Boise, in my case commit crimes rather than preventing them or investigating the perpetrators. When called about a problem they begin interrogating me and are very inappropriate. This is going on all over this dying empire and also the world. They have been told to smear the target and try to set them up to appear mentally ill. I have evidence of some of the crimes I discuss which have been committed against me all over Boise including at the Interfaith Sanctuary, a homeless shelter and a horror story.

As these crazy things the gangstalkers do happen I sometimes come to the wrong conclusion right then and shortly after realize some things. I called the Boise Police to ask if a politician had been visiting after the below incident and they said no, but they often do this sort of thing for football which people have told me, yes they do. My response was, you have got to be joking, that is insane. I checked and there was no game scheduled that day, December 19th 2017 or the day before. Even if there had been a game it is odd they just happened to go by there as I was getting close to that intersection where they almost always harass me and that they turned their lights on just as they got where I was. 

I can't find the official schedule on line now, but here one from news media. I found the official one in December and remember there was no game that day. 

The last game appears to have been played in Las Vegas on December 16th, that is three days before the below incident. They played the Oregon Ducks according to this schedule which are from Eugene Oregon. These buses were coming through Boise, that makes no sense considering where they played the game. It would make more sense to take the highway through Nevada and California to Eugene. If they were flying they would have done so from Las Vegas.

I checked the basketball schedule. A game was scheduled at SMU for December 18th. These buses could not be the BSU Broncos coming back from the airport as the university is in the opposite direction.

When I took the video below I could not have imagined that in a city that builds very little low income housing they would be wasting this many resources on a game. Even if it was legit and I could not find a football game having been played for three days and the basketball game the day before was played elsewhere so neither team was in Boise,  it is clear they timed it for right then because I was walking by. They usually do some kind of strange indicator they are going to pull some stunt before it happens as described below, so I knew something would happen, but not what.

Here is the publish data on the post done the day before from blogger. This was the same day as the convoy in the video that happened at 4:37 PM.

After leaving my apartment to walk to the bus station I noticed next to the building by mine there were several men dressed in what reminded me of old school FBI style garb. I don't know who they were, Masons, FBI, Mormons, fake Masonic cops or just a bunch of men who like to dress the same as their boyfriends, it was so sweet how they coordinated their outfits, let's all wear our black overcoats, hooray. I saw them again later.

Maybe they were a religious cult getting ready to knock on doors and annoy people like this psycho preacher from Poltergeist 2 wearing black. He really does seem like a gangstalker doing street theater. BTW Jehovah's witnesses LDS Mormons and especially FLDS Mormons work for security contractors as well as do other cultish religions. I have experienced this, they are creepy. The first day I moved into this apartment women claiming to be Jehovah's Witnesses knocked on my door and asked if I speak Swahili, there were no pamphlets to be seen. Afterwards just like with everything else I was like, that was very odd and interesting it happened the first night I was here. There was also a man I recognized as being a gangstalker who knocked on my door around that time too LARPing he was trying to make a delivery to the unfortunate woman who lived here before me, he had nothing with him. These are the people of Boise.

As I walked down the street toward the intersection where the first responders do street theater after the black outfitted men in a semicircle school play a bunch of black men went by me, a large number of them. That had been the most recent gangstaking theme, they change them often. Black men who live here and others who tried to pull a gangstalking LARP on me at WINCO participated. Some of the employees at WINCO participate in the stalking. I sang them one of my gangstalking songs called, 'LARPing LARPers' and all of them disapeared. Was it my voice? Sometimes babies cry when I sing.

People use their children in stores to gangstalk and they brought a little boy with them who tried to do this stunt they pull where children walk in front of me like they don't see me. I saw him hiding behind a display and knew what was going to happen. I picked up my speed to throw him off and he jumped as I suddenly appeared. They failed. While walking by I said, "People who use children to gangstalk are criminals." It was very late on a school night, he should have been in bed. People who use children to do criminal activities should have their children removed. It's been one of the most disgusting things I've witnessed this criminal cabal doing. I assume they were trying to scare me with black men, but I've had lots of black friends and dated black men. My best friend in my early 20s was black. It was just another type of madness thought up by one of the weaponized morons running this cabal of losers. They would show up and my comments would be, "Am I supposed to be afraid of you, because I'm not afraid of black men or LARPers."

Finally after discussing it, here is the video. I felt it was important to explain why this is not a coincidence and the story that it was a football team is a lie. 

Below is the data from the video indicating the time and date it was made. The difference in the time of the blog post and the gangstalking operation carried out by dirty cops in Boise Idaho was close to to twelve hours. It was not a coincidence. Not all of the police department is involved here or anywhere else, they chose the ones with sociopathic characteristics and compartmentalize the activities done to harm innocent citizens, violate the constitution, commit crimes against humanity and violate rights of many kinds. Stalking and harassment is a crime, certainly the police know this and so does the mayor. Anyone who participates in gangstalking should be in prison I don't care what lies they have been told, they are irrelevant.


WMD CST, Idaho National Guard Had An Odd MMS Group Text on My Phone. George Webb Depleted Uranium/Cargo Ships. Co-inky-dinks Aplenty

I wrote this the first part of July and never posted it. I was gangstalked at the Interfaith Sanctuary and then trapped in my storage place which I now believe was not a happy acicdent, but an engineered event to attempt to set me up. Below is a video of just part of the conversation. The complaint about this incident was filed by myself last summer at the Boise Police Oversight office, then crickets. Recently I requested the report which of course will exonerate the cop. He may have been set up by being told lies etc. or he may be part of the whole thing. One way of knowing this was a set up is there were other odd things going on at the storage place and that they promised to post an emergency number. Recently I had to walk by the place and there is no emergency number posted anywhere.
This begins the part I wrote last summer. I was homeless and spent lots of time at the library. Right after I would arrive an older man would get up and walk away with his cell phone, then in a few minutes, often less than five a gang of mormon males dressed in masonic colors would show up.

One part of gangstalking, is street theater where people organize strange things, use directed conversation which repeats what you say or someone says to you, or mentions things you are interested in. All over the homeless people being paid or promised favors to gangstalk me would be discussing George Webb who I was following. Then this strange group text happened the end of June just before the Fourth of July Holiday.  There have been several different ones and multiple calls for hispanic people, always hispanic, never any other ethnicity.
I have been following George Webb for a while watching every video unless he deletes it which makes me cranky. It's been a fascinating and complex ride. His method of journalism is more than investigative, he is on the streets and goes wherever the story is, boots on the ground. His videos are like the scientific process and include theories to be tested by calling on the followers to help him do the research and provide the leads to prove or disprove his conjectures. Anyone who understands how science works knows the process is about research and experimentation to prove or disprove the theory. He gets lots of flak for this, but what does one expect in a country where journalists just print whatever is in a press release and call it journalism. Not only does George Webb allow his viewers to actually walk through the investigative journalism process with him, but we also get to watch his life and can see he is a man of ethics and honor who has some issues just like all of us. 

JTTF/FUSION/FBI/CG set George Webb up to have him arrested on false charges. I have experienced this, but the difference is he knows something about the agencies, the surveillance state and the massive corruption, I did not know about all of this then, now I do. In landlocked areas it is the National Guard/WMD CST that work with the JTTF/FUSION/FBI/. I am what some call a targeted individual, but I also like Suzie Dawson's 'person of interest'. I have been one for over a decade at least and not sure exactly which of my series of whistleblowing events or pissing off of the overlords caused it to be initiated. More on that later.

One component of the adventure into the wilds of the truth about what goes on in this country is about depleted uranium being used to make munitions and shipped out of Pakistan on Maersk cargo ships, an Awan Brother diplomatic exemption connection, along with contaminated cargo ships being dismantled by unprotected workers. There are people who have no conscience who will do anything to make money.

The story is complex, but essentially they told the story publicly that sources had given them intelligence about exposed uranium being transported on Maersk cargo ships under diplomatic protection. Lies were then told that a bomb threat was reported and the usual conspiracy theory accusations were spewed. Afterward some interesting things happened with the cargo shipping company.

George Webb was set up so they could arrest him for being in his truck with alcohol in his system, he did not drive as he was just waiting for a contact aka a set up. Then many including the craptastic New York Times accused him of untrue things. The story is in this video below.

The case against George Webb in Ohio was dropped. It is clear JTTF/Fusion/FBI were involved. They set people up. If George had been someone not in the public eye with so many contacts to help him they would have railroaded him, ignored the truth and used the conviction to attempt to destroy him.

The shows about the depleted uranium happened on June 14th. 

On Thursday I posted something about Sarah Palin threatening to sue the NYT, how she often threatens to sue and how she actually has three of her own death panels. The Palins have a history of being involved in, let's call it, a conspiracy to report false accusations and their not telling the truth about their own actions to harm others was very public during the Palin Crime Family Brawl.

 OK, I Guess I Counted Wrong, There Are Three Death Panels of Sarah Palin

On Thursday, June 29th  this MMS group texting episode appeared on my cell phone, but I did not see it until the next day. I had nothing to do with this at all. Zehr interesant. Is there a relationship between the above blog post and this odd group texting event? Is this the retaliation? Or is it completely originating from some local miscreants? Does this have something to do with my following the depleted uranium Maersk diplomatic shipping Awan Brothers story? Is it due to my local reporting about what goes on with the non-profit industrial complex which "serves" the homeless population? From my research it could be any or a combination or perhaps due to my writing about some assholery with the Alaska National Guard. Who knows.

This was received on June 29th and I noticed it the next day. 

If you call the number that originates the group text it sounds like..."This is Tech Sargent Steven Jackson with the 101st CSP..." I thought at first it was Fort Campbell's CSP program which made no sense due to the area code being Idaho. Further research revealed it was the WMD CST in Idaho, the Weapons of Mass Destruction Civil Support Team. It's one of those co-inky-dinks again.

The person at the 774 number said this was relatives and laughed. His number originates from Walpole Mass which is very close to Natick where the National Guard sits, oh and also not too far from Acton, LOL. The second 208 number originates in Boise. Dave Acton is George Webb's, absuive narcissistic brother.

Then more research revealed the number 208-573-1456 belongs to a Kevin Mullin, not someone named Alex/Al/Agis, he has ties to National Guard WMD CST and a surveillance/security agency, Insignia Federal Group. Is someone playing games, has he forwarded his phone to another number or is there some reason he wanted me to call that number? Steven doesn't answer either as anyone who calls and gets the voice mail will find out. I did leave him this message, "Hey scrunchie." This is what George Webb calls people sometimes due to a DNC email. What if there was a WMD alert, my oh my what would we do? What if someone got some intel about say depleted uranium, how in the hell would they report it in Boise Idaho since the WMD CST in Boise Idaho never answers the phone.

The National Guard didn't answer their phone on July 3rd, but what would we do if we were invaded by Russians, there is no telling how many DNC emails they could hack over the 4th of July weekend. Yes, that was sarcasm for those who believe the Russians hacked the DNC. Or is this just some asshats trying to be cute. Nothing after all I have been through and all I know would surprise me any more.

Is the Agis in the screen shot the corporation Agis, Aegis? If so they don't seem to be using the Agis software for communications.

I waited until the next Wednesday due to the holiday and called the number again, still only a voice mail message. I left a voice mail requesting the commander call me. I had already left this message, "Hey Scrunchie, I wanna Party wid you." But I really think Scrunchie wants to party wid me.I assumed this was 'directed conversation' and in this form illegal harassment being used due to my watching George Webb. I now am very sure considering other things which have happened that this is 100% true.

There is easily found info on Kevin Mullin. Check it out. He is associated with the WMD CST. What is even more interesting is he volunteered at Life's Kitchen. They are the food preparation/cooking training program for youth which supplies the evening food at the Interfaith Sanctuary, the homeless shelter I have to stay at in Boise Idaho where being homeless is illegal and actions were taken to make sure there was no low income housing available, but I digress. Another amazing co-inky-dink. He probably used his FEMA training considering homeless shelters in the United States are essentially concentration camps and were designed by FEMA.

The WMD CST is a part of the National Guard and we are of course in Idaho. Remember the whole Alaska National Guard unbelievable story of theft of munitions, abuse, bullying, rape, drugs and even murder. Then remember how Captain Zero aka Governor Parnell ignored the reports of rape and so did those in charge of the Alaska National Guard and also the Anchorage Police Department?  I wrote something about that, you'll find below. Apparently co-inky-dinks are on sale in July. If rather than just random coincidences this was harassment that would make these actions illegal in Idaho. Just saying hypothetically.

I wrote this after American hero, Lieutenant Colonel (RET), Kenneth Blaylock, AKARNG, courageously tried to get something done about the rapes, thefts, drug trafficking and other problems, then someone leaked a document he had written about the corruption at the Alaska National Guard. He also testified at a hearing about Michelle LaRose Clark's murder the day after she asked him for help and said they were going to kill her. 

Alaska National Guard Gangsters, Thugs, Ravagers, Plunderers Are Due to Organized Protection and Connections

I just spoke to a JAG dude who at first tried to pooh-pooh me, but I do not pooh-pooh easily in this kind of situation where the evidence shows something is amiss. "I'm not sure why you are calling the Idaho National Guard." I explained that the WMD CST is a part of the National Guard. He tried to tell me this kind of thing happens all the time. If they knew me and had my phone number perhaps, but when one looks further it is clearly odd. The originator of the texting mentions Agis, writing he is Alex/Al/Agis, but the trace on the number reveals a Kevin Mullins. It would be possible that number could have recently been recycled, but what are the odds this Mullins just happened to be associated with WMD CST and the Idaho National Guard? Slim to nothing. The JAG dude advised me if I think I am being harassed to call the police and I will send a link to the BPD and the city attorney's office, but since I can't get anyone to investigate am unsure what the deal is, other than very strange.  He told me there is nothing he can do and to call if it happens again. I offered to email my documentation and he refused it and balked at my use of the word 'intel'. That is when I said, yep, that is one reason I wrote about the National Guard in another state no one is in charge.

I'm sure the APD will jump right on it just like the processing of the complaint I filed against this asshat. This happened in the middle of June, I filed a complaint a couple days later and haven't heard a peep from them. Of course if Officer Asshole had shot me in the head he would be exonerated. While homeless the police would come in a laundromat and ask me if I was doing laundry. I made that into a comedy routine I used whenever I ran into one of them, doing laundry while homeless and felonious folding It was very odd, but I did not know they were gangstalking me yet.

But I digress. 

I wrote this on the 3rd and 4th of July, then waited. There is a new story that adds to the craziness of the whole story. There was a long fought battle in the court house in Anchorage Alaska between two former police officers named Kennedy and Feliciano and the Anchorage Police Department/City of Anchorage.

Judge cites city ‘dirty tricks’ in APD discrimination case. Citizens should take notice. 

And he wrote that former Police Chief Mark Mew decided not to investigate a police lieutenant for serious misconduct in a sexual assault and drug case involving the Alaska National Guard to keep him as a witness against the officers.

In an email, Mew defended his motivations, saying he did not try to get the officers indicted to silence them. He would not comment on the National Guard issue because it is involved in another lawsuit.

The APD Lieutenant they mention was with the National Guard and helped the Anchorage Police Department cover up the murder of a young and pregnant soldier who was attempting to blow the whistle on the sexual misconduct and illegal drug activities in the National Guard.

No wonder the Muni is working overtime to keep this on the down low.
That is the part I wrote last summer. I have been subjected to gangstalking for years. Right now a very severe noise campaign is going on next to me, above me and loud music below me at night. As usual no one does a thing about it. Today an officer from Boise Police Department told me I am imagining the whole thing, because those things I discussed just don't happen. That's it, publishing of documentation begins. Wait for it bitches. 

Clearly the Boise Police Department has been instructed to discredit me, ignore me and leave me with no protection. I have been harassed by cops for a very long time including BPD running cars at me and cutting me off when I was walking across intersections in cross walks.Committing crimes is the opposite of doing their jobs, just thought I would clarify that.


David Kernell the Young Man Who Guessed Sarah Palin's Email Security Questions Died at the Age of 30

I was very devastated to hear David Kernell the young man who guessed Sarah Palin's email security questions died at the age of 30 last week. They claim it was due to multiple sclerosis. The massive stress of having to go through a trial with the Palin family lying, exaggerating, playing the victim and demonizing him would clearly have contributed to his health issues. Their goal was publicity and revenge. Many illnesses appear or get much worse or would have never happened at all without massive stress that affects the brain and immune system. Believe me I know about this.

The case earned the younger Kernell searing criticism from Palin and her fans, with Palin comparing the hacking to Watergate, the 1972 break-in at the Democratic National Committee that gradually led to President Richard Nixon's resignation. At the trial, Palin described the hacking as "the most disruptive and discouraging" moment of the campaign.

Really Sarah? It seems like the most disruptive thing was when John McCain picked you as his running mate. BTW, where did those blackberries come from? Did Anthony Weiner's trusted staff supply them?

Yes, that is how badly they hyperbolize and play the injured party while injuring others. Just like showing up at someone's birthday party and starting a brawl is everyone else's fault.   

Sarah Palin took so little precaution with her email account she left it so someone who did not know her could guess the answers.

Kernell was not the only young man who Sarah Palin and family harmed, in fact it was clear in both cases she was out to destroy them. Their crimes were minuscule compared to her own son's and her sister-in-law and those were just the ones we knew about.

The Palinistas will probably have this comment removed from the Anchorage Daily News which would be wrong, but that is how bad the censorship is in Alaska.





Public Records Request Shows Palin/Parnell Crimes, Hacking My Email and Deleting Them From the Governor's Account


I'm sorry for the family's devastating loss and all they went through. 


The Release of the Memo Helps Targets of Government, Corporate CIA/FBI/Fusion/Local Gov/Local Police/Black Budget Funded Stalking, Harassment, Suicide, Slander, Disruption Program

I couldn’t have imagined the level of evil, the level of criminality embedded in our government, not just the politicians, the DOJ, the courts, but the agencies, pretty much all of them at this point even while I was being intentionally targeted for destruction. I understand things now through research and exposure by others that very few among the people of the United States can even comprehend because it is so horrific. The black budget money that is supposed to be used to fight terrorism is being used to fund terrorism against innocent citizens.

We all understand that we live in an oligarchy, but what has become clear is we also live in a psychopathocracy. Only psychopaths accumulate large amounts of money while forcing their workers to live on a pittance while rents are intentionally raised, cities are gentrified removing affordable housing and none is built to replace it for decades. Only psychopaths create a huge amount of homeless people and those living in poverty and then cut programs that help them, only psychopaths cut funding for programs the elderly were promised and payed into during their decades of working. The Republicans and the Democrats are guilty of all of this. Only psychopaths then blame the victims of this when they intentionally caused it. Only psychopaths destroy education and raise college tuition so high it's nearly impossible to get an education and when a young person manage to they have a huge debt, can't find a job that will pay it off. An uneducated population is easier to propagandize and control. 

Psychopaths work together because they recognize those who think like they do. They work to get to the top of whatever organizations they are in for power, control, money. They are well suited to politics because many use communications with large numbers of people for manipulation and control, tell lies directed at specific audiences, intentionally harm people to get what they want.They are winning because Americans think psychopathic traits are positive, this is especially true of the right wing. 

For four months I have studied the propaganda being spewed and it was clear chaos and war were coming. There are several streams targeted at different subsets of the population. The Democrats think the Russians are responsible for pretty much every corrupt thing being done by sociopathic Americans and the far right has Q Anon who I call QLARP who clearly states some of the Q propaganda is not true, but it's necessary, LOL. The far right is mesmerized by the questions used to make them think things that are not true. For a while QLARP had them thinking Obama, HRC, the Podestas, Huma Abedin were all incarcerated at GITMO, not by saying it outright, but instead by riddling it, LMAO. 

Recently the propaganda war has gotten violent. Republican legislators and family were involved in an accident while on a train which is very unlikely to not be engineered. What are they going to discuss at that conference, who sent the warning? There are three enemies, deep state elements, Trump’s White House and the Democrats along with controlling players outside the country. There are threads of black running through everything and it’s hard to separate the good and evil at this point. 

Before I get any further let me state I am not a fan of Republicans or Democrats. I am opposed to many of Donald Trump’s policies. I believe both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are pathological individuals. The Democrats are right of center even though the right wing likes to use ‘liberal’ or ‘left wing’ when referring to them as a slur. I can work with right wing people who are based in reality and facts, have empathy, a sense of justice and are ethical. That makes our differences policies and problem solutions. Back when I was young we worked together and compromised, now it’s all or nothing so we can’t move forward. This was all done intentionally. 

I believe the Democrats did work to set up Donald Trump just like they used Bernie Sanders to herd the real left and try to force us to vote for Hillary Clinton. But I don’t like Donald Trump either because I am on the side of the downtrodden, the poor, the homeless, the young people who can't get an education, those who need justice and those who need health care. Yes, jobs will help part of the problems, but the crappy wages don't pay the high rents and there is now little affordable housing by oligarchic intention. I did have some hope Trump would expose the organized government stalking and take down program and the deep state, if he does he'll go down in history as one of our greatest presidents. But it seems everything is about him, the oligarchy and funding for the military, the opposite of what would cause those things to happen.

The story is much bigger than the abuse of the FISA Court for surveillance and attempt to set up Donald Trump.  Citizens are being targeted by the deep state, corporations, powerful people and local governments, we do not have an accurate count of the number, some say at least 500,000, I believe in this country it is well over a million and then there are the targets in other countries. They use security contractors of which there are probably 10,000 now to help them destroy lives, stalking, street theater, poisoning, drugging, directed energy weapons, noise campaigns, sabotage, slandering, careers destroyed, suicides, murders, PTSD, misdiagnoses, hacking, tracking, preventing sleep, intentional exposure to infectious agents, breaking into homes, forced homelessness and more. These contractors will do anything to find someone to harm in the government organized stalking harassment program because they make huge amounts of money and essentially all these contractors are a part of the deep state. This is another form of human trafficking. 

Every time I start to write sirens go by, that happened just now. I am speaking up because just like when I was in Alaska and had no idea what was going on and became suicidal in Nome many may successfully kill themselves. It doesn't matter if you think I am crazy, this is being written for them.

Anyone being targeted listen to me, you are not the problem, they are. You are probably a whistleblower, a journalist, a truth teller, the person who does the right thing and reports problems, you don’t go along to get along when people are being put in danger, you know something they don’t want the public to find out, you are threatening to an incompetent employee or corrupt corporation or government agency, you have pissed off some powerful person, you have a group of people who got together in a conspiracy and lied to get you on the terrorist watch list, you had a conflict with a corporation with executives in Infragard and other reasons that indicate you are the one who does the right thing. Bad players, con artists, psychopaths and other Cluster B personality disorders will be threatened by you. Some people who have found out what happened in their case report relatives were involved. 

Infragard is a partnership with corporations, non-profits and other entities supposedly to prevent terrorism. Instead they are using the funding to target individuals they don’t like for some reason such as they tell the truth. When the FBI/Fusion people went around to meet with corporations they told them, the city governments and local police the program could be used to go after people they do not like for any reason. Infragard, corporate contractors, city governments, police departments and other entities are being used to wage war on innocent citizens. They are paying out of the black budget trillions to fund a large army of  'weaponized morons’ creating an underground economy much like a drug ratline. 

Those who are seen by the targets are called ‘perps’ and are paid to stalk and harass people, do noise campaigns, perform strange LARPs, harass people with vehicles, break into their homes, and more. The whole damn bunch are in a criminal cabal. Some are paid full time, others are part time and paid with gift cards to prevent tracking of the money. Some are in subsidized housing and not required to report that income which is illegal just like stalking and harassment. They help those with criminal charges get lighter sentences, help with home loans and vehicle loans and other favors to get cooperation, those who will agree to harming people to get something they want are dangerous to society but this is who the government uses. Police, fire departments, USPS vehicles, highway departments, stores, drug dealers, addicts, homeless people, staff at homeless shelters, losers of all kinds, security guards at government buildings and others are used as an army against one person. They compromise the staff where the target lives, there are lots of fire alarms, stalkers in the building, landscape contractors, utility companies and non-profits involved.

I am surprised that there are so many who are immoral criminals who lack an understanding of the Constitution. Instead they are brainwashed to just keep waving the flag without any morals or knowledge of the principles this country was founded on. They are just fine with taking the rights of others. I have been followed around by idiots with flags on trucks, odd flags, and some crazy nut walking up and down the street where I was walking yelling incomprehensible words. These people are not very intelligent and large numbers of them are very uneducated. They have never been anything in their lives, so they feel important acting with a group of bullies and getting paid for it.  

The money the FBI/Fusion groups funnel to local law enforcement, city governments and corporate contractors which the public is told is for prevention of terrorism is being used to terrorize the public. I believe the amount of dollars is astronomical. The FBI also uses resources to set targets up including using parallel construction, prosecutorial trickery and corrupt/compromised judges. They control the players in the court system through manipulation, compromising individuals and destroying the careers of those who do not cooperate with them.

Cops are easy for them to use now. Police departments of all types have been changing who they hire, lower IQs, more sociopathic traits. Those with high IQs have certain personality characteristics such as a huge sense of justice and social justice. You can’t get a cop to set up a target and do a “justified” shooting if they have a higher IQ and lack sociopathic traits. The other thing about these types is they have more of a tendancy to stick together for protection, form organizations that go after people who tell the truth work to set people up. I know how the process of changing the personalities in a profession works because I watched the predatory health care corporations get rid of the critical care nurses with higher IQs and huge senses of justice for years, they hired corporations to help them do this and executive staff to facilitate it. When you are doing things that decrease the outcomes for patients you don’t want someone like me in the unit saying, no way and then showing research. All of us where I watched the worst of it were like me and the patient care was awesome. There is a reason the care has deteriorated, it was done on purpose for profit. 

What I am writing about is commonly known as ‘gangstalking.’ Probably much like “conspiracy theory” this word was probably introduced by the CIA to discredit those discussing it. The program is similar to Operation Phoenix and it is also obviously part MKULTRA. They used this in other countries, especially Vietnam, now they are at war with the American people. The Stasi, NAZIs, KGB and others have used the same techniques but now there are electronics, electronic weapons and satellites. PDD 62 signed by Bill Clinton in 1998 got the ball rolling, then the Patriot Act after 9/11 was used to form the surveillance state. Now many are living in a Hunger Games world.

There are videos about ‘gangstalking’ which are on YouTube obviously done to discredit targeted individuals, they start out discussing parts of the operations and then go off into aliens, satanic crap etc. Some of this is propaganda and some is people who due to the strange behavior of those at the bottom of the government organized stalking program pyramid assume wrong things. There are some excellent videos on the subject done by very intelligent people however. The behavior of the gangstalkers the targets encounter at what we call the street level is very odd and targets are freaked out that they know where they go, they use the smart phones in our pockets or put materials on us to use for tracking, they put tracking devices on vehicles, it is not supernatural. Those cameras put up at intersections and other WIFI cameras anywhere are used for the purpose of tracking targets. Orwell was right. 

This program is done by the government, corporations, local hate groups, they hire cultish religious groups, etc. no aliens or demons are involved, and it is not as many think a spiritual war, those who designed the program have no spirituality other than faking Christianity.  Anyone involved is either sociopathic, an idiot, or both or very compromised. They tell these morons lies about the targets to get them to think they are doing the right thing. They are not intelligent enough to then say, then investigate them, collect evidence, arrest them, indict them, have a trial, I’m not going to engage in illegal activity or harass people. Police tell them they haven’t got enough evidence on the target yet, they lie, there is no evidence to gather. They get maintenance staff at apartments to let them in the target’s home, so they can place illegal cameras or do strange things to freak the target out, take small objects, cause leaks, move lamps so the target knows they were in their home but if they call the police they will think they are crazy. No point to call the police they are involved.  It’s all psychological warfare. 

It is my hope that this memo which may be released today will provide some insight into this government organized stalking program used to destroy and disrupt the live of the best of us, so psychopaths can retain power. Many T. I.s are highly intelligent, lots have PhDs. Many believe they are going after the highly intelligent due to the ability to connect dots, see patterns and use intuitive thinking which will potentially expose corruption and evil. I think there is more to it, highly intelligent people tend to be loners due to reading, processing information, thinking, working on projects, not liking to listen to small talk, it’s easier to target loners. This is also the group which tends to have a huge sense of justice which is threatening to the psychopathocracy. 

When I wrote about the abuses and harassment at Laurawood Arms in Soldotna Alaska involving the USDA RD, the Alaska state agency AHFC, Quantum Managemnt and VITUS Corporation things that happened in Nome and Homer, this is what was going on. The handler was a psychopathic cop named Greg Russell and his family were some of the perps, which is quite common. They trained elderly women who lived at this senior and disabled apartment complex to stalk and harass me and others, really disturbing stuff. Many of these security agencies are started by these corrupt law enforcement types to suck on the teat of the federal government black operations budget and get off on sadistically torturing people. More on that to come. Their operations are done in a way to be invisible to others, they repeat operations, so the target knows it’s the perps, but what they use are normal everyday things, vehicles, colors, behaviors, hand signals, car alarms, police cars or fire trucks that end up at the same intersection when you are there, lights and sirens on only as they go by the target.

No Russians were involved in this truth telling post, just in case a Democrat reads it.