I Am So Proud of Bernie Sanders For The Diverse, Justice loving, Social Justice Loving, Everyone is Equal People He Picked to Help Develop the Democratic Platform. Part 1: Keith Ellison

The Jewish candidate picked a Muslim lawyer who was elected to congress to help shape the Democratic Party platform. My heart swells.  

Keith Ellison is the first Muslim in the United States to be elected to congress and to add to his diversity is an African American. 

"Americans can speak hatefully about Muslims in ways that would never be tolerated if they were speaking about blacks, Rep. Keith Ellison of Minnesota, told reporters Tuesday.
At a news conference to discuss Islamophobia in the U.S., Ellison, the first Muslim elected to Congress, said the ability to promote bigotry and discrimination against Muslims with impunity will not end until Muslims "build up political cachet."

Groups who are being discriminated against need to become part of the system, vote in large numbers and be given powerful positions. In order for that to happen adults who believe in equality and democracy have to be in charge of the country. This is the only way we can achieve any kind of equality. When those with differences from the majority are in the view of the public people can see that those who are from another race or religion are just like the rest of us, we are all Americans with similarities. In politics, regulations, policies and justice religion is not supposed to be a deciding factor, but each individual has their own personal beliefs to help them with their own lives. Ellison believes in separation of church and state which some people do not know is prohibited by our Constitution.

This is a Muslim man who talks about equality for women, the world needs him to be in full view.
From his Bio on his website: Rep. Ellison’s guiding philosophy is based on “generosity and inclusion” and his priorities in Congress are building prosperity for working families, promoting peace, pursuing environmental sustainability, and advancing civil and human rights. 
On July 26th, 2015, Keith Ellison predicted on ABC Trump would be the Republican presidential candidate and they laughed at him. Who's laughing now?


Keith Ellison is very politically conscious. In this next video he calls Hannity out and then chews on him a while for his "yellow journalism." "Quite frankly you are the worst excuse for a journalist I have ever seen." "Wait a minute you said I could rant and I am." Then later he tells Hannity he is immoral for the lies he tells. I love you Keith Ellison. He has the courage to speak the truth and stands his ground.

Rep. Ellison starts at 3:10 on the video but you might want to watch from the beginning to see what got him ranting.

The last video from Al Jazeera is about Ellison's personal history, being sworn in with the Quran, that his brother is a Baptist minister and other family members have other faiths and some of his views. His dad is a retired psychiatrist and his mother is a social worker. This video is showing the United States has a congressman who is Muslim (there are actually two now) so they can see the majority of us are not hateful morons, the problem being morons are very loud and talk over everyone.

The DNC is scared or this would not have happened. The only reason they allowed Bernie Sanders to pick people to help form the platform is to try to get the Bernie or Bust people to vote for Hillary Clinton and stop the migration we are forming in the direction of Philadelphia. Ah-ha-ha-ha. It is not going to work.

This is not an update, it's just the usual disappearing video blogger scenario.



Hillary Clinton’s Current Negative Ratings Will Cause Her to Crash and Bern When Trump Starts His Onslaught of Information Slinging

Abbey Martin's video has much detail about Hillary Clinton, but there is a massive amount of data about both Bill and Hillary Clinton.

"And as a woman I completely reject Hillary’s brand of bourgeoisie feminism because it leaves out millions of immigrant women, poor women and the women under her bombs around the world." Abbey Martin from The Ring of Fire.

Thomas Frank is the author of Listen Liberal: Or, What Ever Happened to the Party of the People?
I read the book, not a long read and watched videos of him speaking. There is an intro speaker you can just pass by before Frank speaks.

These were the liberals exposing the Clintons. Keep in mind among some other things I care about truth, justice, democracy, peace and social justice not just for the downtrodden people of the United States, but the whole world.

The next video is based on a book written by a man who seems to be a conservative which I just started reading called, Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich by Peter Schweizer. Multiple reviews say it is well researched, the documentation is provided and only a few errors were found. There is a movie based on the book that is coming out soon which some have said contains exaggerations, but since I have just started the book and have not seen the movie I have no opinion yet. What I am looking for is information and truth. 

A well informed electorate results in a strong democracy and we have seen what happens when a huge part of the population has been turned into TV watching zombies and fed propaganda from non-news networks. The point I am making here is Trump will use this information and the other mountains of it to eviscerate Hillary. She already has a very negative rating and is considered by a large percentage of the population to be dishonest. Bernie doesn't have this kind of corruption or dishonesty to be used against him. Bernie is as steady as a rock, saying the same things over and over for decades indicating empathy, honesty and the strength of his convictions.


A quote from the book in an article by

"And, for good measure, there are jabs at the Clintons’ perceived arrogance, including shots that Hillary Clinton delayed relief supplies after the Haitian earthquake because the plane occupied the tarmac before she “was whisked away.”

Interesting because I found the whole operation after that earthquake questionable. Here, here, here,   and here.


Update X2: Nevada Convention, No Fights, No Stage Rushing, No Chairs Thrown, It Was A Coup By the Hillary People, Step Away From the MSM

Update 1: Timeline of what went on at the Nevada Democrat Convention on Saturday from Reddit's Sanders for President.
The DNC called cops on the Bernie Sanders supporters, then lied about what happened. The cops were already waiting around, the DNC was hoping something they could use would come up, when it did not they lied. The news media which operates for the oligarchy just like the DNC is using the lies. The 1% can't have Bernie Sanders become president. Bullying 101, take actions to make the target angry so their reaction can be used against them. We knew it was going to get really ugly, but even with the obviousness people are blind. They only see what they want. I am so thankful not be like that.

I posted some videos yesterday documenting what happened at the Nevada Democrat Convention on Saturday including the one in this tweet that demonstrates why the Bernie people were pissed off . In order to really understand what happened you have to watch a lot of them. If you only have time to watch one this is it. I am convinced that without videos of the convention the truth would have never been told.

Three people who were at the convention the whole day, hours upon hours are in this video. Adryenn Ashley is clearly very intelligent, open minded politically with her main focus being democracy. She supported Ron Paul in the past but now supports Bernie Sanders. Shelby Hagensmith is not a Bernie Sanders supporter, but does not say who she supports. Rick Shepard is running for congress in Nevada and it seems is a Bernie Supporter. What these three people are about is telling the truth, exposing the corruption of the Nevada Democratic Party and fighting for democracy.
This quote was in one of the many videos I viewed over the last two days, but can’t remember the name of the daughter and there are so many videos I can’t find the right one, "Attorney and former Congressman James Bilbray was so disgusted with how Bernie supporters were being treated at the NV caucus that he ripped up his ballot and left. HE WAS A HILLARY SUPPORTER." There is a video of his daughter talking about this, I watched it. 

The Hillary people follow like sheep, so that is what the Dems expected from the Bernie people. I guess they haven’t figured us out yet. We are the smart people, so kiss it baby. One plus one does equal two unless you're using Boolean Algebra.

These three people were there and tell the story very late at night after the clustered convention as witnesses. 

New expressions from the video:

Envy Dems, Roberta’s rules instead of Robert’s rules and Socialist pizza.

The time off for the hotel workers she talks about that helped Hillary win in one area were engineered by Harry Reid who is pro-Hillary and corrupt as hell himself. The rules were designed to help Hillary win. This is important because this crap is going on all over the country. In more rural areas or areas where people know less about their state Democrat Party it is hard for them to understand the manipulations and corrupt practices. These are savvy people who are engaged in the political process so detect problems and begin asking questions. Why was Harry Reid not there? Probably because he helped engineer obvious Dem theft of delegates and did not want to have people see his face there.

I posted this on Facebook earlier today:

"I liked Harry Reid in the past, but the paths I have gone down in life keep me conscious. This article is from last February about Harry Reid’s manipulations along the casino strip in Las Vagas. Those of us in the ME/cfs community know all about Harry Reid, his con artistry and his sociopathic friends. There is a so called ME/cfs research org there in Las Vegas that claimed to be associated with the university but was not. They solicited funds, got grants, lied, manipulated and then ruined the career of a fabulous female scientist. This place is owned by a crooked lawyer whose name is Harvey Whittemore and his family, he is also a lobbyist and has run some real estate cons. He was in prison, but in February went to a halfway house in San Francisco. Harry Reid is his bestest buddy.
Here is why he was in prison: “A grand jury convened in late February 2012 to investigate alleged illegal campaign contributions by Whittemore to Harry Reid's re-election campaign in 2007. Whittemore, his wife, and company contributed tens of thousands of dollars to Reid's election campaigns and to Reid's leadership fund, which was used to aid Reid's allies and is said to have helped Reid attain his leadership position. Federal prosecutors alleged that Whittemore had promised money to Reid, and in order to conceal his involvement wrote checks to family members and 29 of his employees or their family members, who then contributed the maximum allowable amount to Reid. Whittemore was reportedly one of Reid's closest friends, and both men have characterized their relationship as close and decades long. Reid stated that he was unaware of the illegalities, noting that Whittemore's contributions were only a small portion of his war chest.”

Does this kind of laundering scheme seem familiar to anyone? Why did Whittemore get indicted but Hillary and the DNC aren’t. There are so many other corrupt practices going on with political contributions and not even an investigation, who did Whittemore piss off?"

Barbara Boxer: “If you’re booing  me you’re booing Bernie.” That predictably pissed everyone off causing more booing. Bullying 101, take actions to make people angry, then use their reaction to demonize them. I have written that so many times.

Nina Turner: They loved her and were booing the committee not her, but the news media lied and the dolts believed them.

This video demonstrates why it is so important to watch videos, read ethical journalists and figure things out for yourself. This video and all of the videos about this political corruption are an important message for everyone about the  propaganda from the MSM, the corruption in our politics and the importance of doing your own research and using logic. We do not live in a democracy, our politicians for the most part are owned by the 1% and both the Republican Party and Democratic Party have lost their souls.

The above and below quotes are from this article published in February in the Observer:

Harry Reid Rushed Home to Nevada to Help Rig Caucus Results for Clinton

Here is more:

"By the same token, if Ms. Clinton had lost in Nevada, it would have been a major blow to Mr. Reid’s Democratic machine (and his reign as its overseer), which has already been under threat from the Republicans."

"Mr. Reid’s influence wasn’t the only disconcerting and undemocratic aspect of the Nevada caucuses this year. Supporters from Ms. Clinton’s campaign were caught by the union’s executive director, RoseAnn DeMoro, impersonating members of the National Nurses United Union, which has endorsed Mr. Sanders. Ms. DeMoro took photos of Ms. Clinton’s supporters changing into red shirts identical to the ones worn by members of the union while campaigning for Mr. Sanders."

I am guessing the hotel security guards are in a union that Harry Reid got to support Hillary because that was a preplanned organized action. The convention was a disorganized mess, but the corruption was well coordinated. I know how it works because of the continuous stream of crap I have been through since 2004 and even before that in 2002.  

Update 2: From Dan Rolle, a congressional candidate in Nevada.