Donald Trump Went After Immigrants During His First Campaign, Now He is Going After the Homeless During This Second One, That's What Narcissistic Bullies Do

Donald Trump Can't Possibly Be The President of the United States Because A Real President Would Not Say the Things He Does, He's Just the Puppet Put Into Place. 

There will be swearing. So if you have issues with the way intelligent people use words you can fuck off. I was already pissed and while writing another post on homelessness abuse saw an article about what Donald Trump said in California about the homeless. I called Nancy Pellosi's staff, the Mayor's staff in L.A. and HUD to express my opinions and how disgusted I am to have a president of the United State gin up his Army of Weaponized Morons to attack the homeless after his administration has done nothing about homelessness but cut funding and demonize.

Is that what went on here in Boise last summer? Unlike what many think, that Trump is fighting the intelligence agencies and the Democrats have control of them the opposite is happening. The CIA is a bunch of radical right wingers imposing their distorted and twisted ideals upon this country, it has gone on for decades. Trump is their new puppet along with being the puppet of the world oligarchy. It also appears that he may have been compromised by certain countries as he supports them above his own people. America Last. The CIA and other agencies control every damn thing, target people with drugs, destroy other countries, overthrow elected leaders, have infiltrated everything including having CIA agents embedded into the FBI and run organized harassment programs against their own people to subvert the Constitution. They are imbedded in all agencies and compromise our politicians in order to control them. The Phoenix Program is being used on those who speak up to implement changes.

The brainwashed that follow Trump will never be able to understand that he uses vulnerable people who don't have power to fight back, can't hire PR firms, sue him for slander or to fight for their rights. The entities which do speak up for the homeless have had their funding cut and Trump puppets put in charge of them. Last time he ran for president he used immigrants as his scapegoats, lied his ass off about everything. Now he is using the homeless for scapegoats, like Thom Hartman said this trip to California is an experiment to see if that propaganda is going to fly. What should happen is the destruction of his candidacy, but the ill informed, phrase repeating idiots who follow him will probably start repeating the lies Trump tells constantly. They will also step up the harassment and hatred of the homeless, the whole country will become like Boise Idaho. It was really bad here all spring and summer. They create homelessness and then go after their own victims. That is beyond disturbing.

The United States is no longer a government for and by the people, it's for and by the oligarchy and psychopaths. 

What most people do not know is the federal government controls everything that goes on with the homeless. The states are controlled through their regulations and funding requirements. States that don't do what Trump wants as we have seen with California don't get more funding. Without a doubt Trump has done nothing to help the lack of affordable housing issue due to this campaign propaganda stream using the homeless he planned. It isn't just the use of the homeless for his campaign, it is a plan to use the homelessness problem to demonize the Democrats for his campaign to gin up the idiots. He uses misinformation on every level to do that.

I studied the propaganda streams in 2018. They control people on YouTube by planting information strategically. Those chosen have sociopathic qualities. Different streams are engineered to suck in different categories of people for brainwashing. 

Thom Hartman discusses the Mormons in Utah putting people into housing. They haven't really solved the homeless problem in Utah, but it got better. Utah also participates in giving homeless people bus tickets or having vans take them somewhere else to get rid of them. Where I am they will do just about anything to get rid of the homeless, I should know.

I have huge issues with Mormons because large numbers of them participate in organized stalking and harassment for the government. Among them are many FBI and CIA agents, so they suck their people up into working for contractors doing criminal activity against good people to suppress the Constitutional Rights of those who may affect a positive change and FFS they can't allow a positive change to happen. I actually have issues with any group of people that believe in nutty things to facilitate them trying to control everyone and everything around them.

Donald Trump you are a Son of a Bitch! Scapegoating the Homeless Due to the Bad Decisions of Your Fucked up constant chaos Administration it is likely you are compromised by other countries considering what has been going on.

The Narcissistic Conspiracy: Scapegoating, Smear Campaigns And Black Sheep – How Narcissistic Groups Bully Their Chosen Victims

The target fulfills the following roles:

  • As a convenient scapegoat. They take the blame for any errors or mistakes the narcissistic group or leaders don’t want to be held accountable for.
  • They become the outlet for any projections, rage, dissatisfaction that the group wants to dump on them.
  • A target for an ongoing smear campaign in which the narcissistic individuals involved spread rumors, gossip and misinformation to make you look like a “troublemaker.” This ensures that other group members also fear calling out the toxic dynamics of the group because they don’t wish to be associated with you or your “antics.”
  • To obscure the truth and further the group’s selfish agenda, whatever that might be.
  • They stroke the narcissist’s ego – they are made to feel diminished so that the narcissists in the group feel superior. It feels especially gratifying for them to take down a person who is more successful and well-liked (at least initially before scapegoating begins) than they are.
  • They are used to strengthen closer alliances among the already existing cliques in the group. Membership in the group is emphasized and seen as exclusive and coveted because there are “outsiders” who can’t get in.
These are the tactics used by narcissists and BTW that psych issue does not generally occur alone, it is often just part of a whole package of sociopathy. It can be one person or a group or even a large number organized to go after a large number of victims. These are crimes, the slander, the harassment, the violations of Constitutional Rights of the homeless, but perpetrated on a mass scale with their leader being President Donald Trump.

Narcissists use others with issues as their "flying monkeys" to help them damage the target or targets. They then begin to do harm by repeating lies, sabotaging, blocking success etc. of their victim. In most places doing this as a group is not illegal but many of the tactics for individuals are. We can't even get legislation against this in the workplace because corporations use these tactics to get rid of or destroy good employees. If Big Pharma is shoving a massive narcotic epidemic down the throats of the citizens they wouldn't want a person who has empathy, ethics and morals who works for them to say something about it now would they, in fact they would probably destroy that person's life and get away with no legal charges at all, just more profit. It's the American way. Please understand this is a great deal of the reason we have psychopathic politics and corporations in this country.

I was already pissed off about what has gone on for over a decade in my life and the organized harassment which is set up in the United States and the Five Eyes countries to sabotage activists, whistleblowers, real journalists, those who have pissed off particular corporations, etc. Last summer in Boise the harassment and abuse was constant, they even went so far as to organize a situation where a car stopped at a cross walk, then started up when I started walking, causing me to fall when I pulled back so the car could not hit me. I spent lots of time being exhausted and sick last summer. Some asshole even called me a pedophile in a park, that is the kind of slander spread about targets. lots of cars have run at me in Boise. Right after comong here, having to leave where I was renting to become homeless a car at a high speed was coming right at me as I crossed the street, I had the light in my favor. Jumping backwards to avoid the car hitting me with a heavy backpack on caused falling backwards. The car continued to come at me as I lay on the ground and barely stopped before running over me. Cops have run cars at me several times and were sitting close by when others have, did nothing about it because they are involved.  Last summer when I fell it caused several injuries. My ankle was really bad. This happened right after heavy gangstalking, lots of it from cops around the 4th of July.

I'm going on the warpath against this hate and abuse of vulnerable people, locally and nationally. Your lies will not win.

The Republicans are corporate, intelligence controlled bullies blaming the victims of their heinous policies and blocking as much help for the homeless as they can. Clear cut truth. The CIA is controlling everything in this country and has been for decades and it includes Donald Trump. Trump is not taking the CIA down like so many think, he's using them to benefit the oligarchy which has been SOP for decades. The CIA is the army of the oligarchy, first mainly in other countries but for decades harming their own people, their attack against the people of the United States is now about to go full scale, they have been attacking a subset in an experiment. Wake up from your reality shows people and do some reality research!  I don't like the Democrats either, both parties are corrupt as hell and most certainly not working for the people of this country, both sides lie and use propaganda, but the Republicans will use propaganda and convince the public it is spread by the Democrats.

Maybe you could fire or run off some more of the sociopathics you surround yourself with Donald Trump. California is being used as a punching bag by you constantly. You use California like a school yard bully uses a kid who wears glasses. You sound like an ignorant punk, the leader of a gang sending your underlings out to harm the vulnerable so you can feel like you are something. You do not represent my country, you do not represent who the people of the United States are, except for a subset of hating angry bullies.

As I wrote about homelessness and abuse in Boise Idaho last night before last I checked the weather and an article popped up on my phone that made me even more angry about the comments Donald Trump made about the homeless in California. Fro two days I was on the verge of tears or crying or ranting.

We have people living in our... best highways, our best streets, our best entrances to buildings... where people in those buildings pay tremendous taxes, where they went to those locations because of the prestige.

Is the president appalled that people in the United States are forced to live like this due to the lack of caring about people for decades in this country? No.

Donald Trump was a developer, he is one of the bastards who helped gentrify, tear down buildings that the low income people lived in which contributed to a large amount of the homelessness. Does he understand that he is not acting as a damn developer, but as a president of a country where he is responsible for the welfare of everyone, especially the poor? No. He is speaking for wealthy property owners, investors from other countries and himself. He helped create the homelessness problem and now is trying to harm the homeless.

First he hates immigrants and wants to run them out of the country unless it's the one he is married to. Now he wants to demonize his own people to benefit other immigrants or property owners. What is the difference between the immigrants Donald Trump hates and the ones he loves? Money, Donald Trump works for the oligarchy all over the world and is clearly compromised and being controlled by other countries.

The CIA is composed of mostly radical right wingers having worked as the army of the oligarchy for decades, well even the precursor the OSS did that. First it was for U.S. corporate interests and now it's worldwide oligarchic interests.   

Our president as I have known for quite some time is pathological as others have been, that is why they are chosen. He is a bully, but that is a symptom of a bigger issue and I do not agree that he is a narcissist, oh he is one, but the narcissism along with the bullying are part of the symptoms of a worse issue. Most of those who are labeled narcissists actually have this issue secondary to something else. Ask yourself this, why is president Trump surrounded by a group of people I call the sociopathics (narcissists, sociopaths, psychopaths). They recognize each other and work together. They have among them con artists manipulating for money, sex and power.

Jeffrey Epstein was not just a pedophile, he was connected to the intelligence community helping with gun/drug operations, the pedophilia was used for compromise. Jeffrey Epstein was a pedophile, but he was many things. The pedophilia has been used as a diversion from the rest of the story.

There is a huge propaganda stream right now trying to paint the Democrats as the only party which has these kinds of people. The Republicans got a head start on allowing corruption to rule this country, so what is the reason for the recent massive propaganda. It’s all about getting President Trump elected by people who want to use his presidency to change things for themselves within this country and in other countries. We can't let him get elected again, but then what kind of creature would replace him. The powers that be will not allow a good person on the side of the people to be elected.

To sociopathics lies are tools, they use lies to target audiences. In 2017 when I studied the propaganda streams it was clear to me that the reason it had gotten worse is Trump is using our intelligence agencies to manipulate the population for the heinous corporate class and to help himself get elected again in 2020.

This country is in a huge crisis, our Constitution is nearly dead, our courts are corrupt, those who tell the truth and try to fix the problems are being targeted for destruction. Money has been accumulated in massive amounts in the bank accounts of psychopaths who want to rule over others. Those without conscience who only care about money and power are destroying the world. Donald Trump was put into place for their protection, he is one of them, he is their president. As a homeless person it has been made clear to me he is not my president, he is instead at war with me.
Donald Trump is also the president of those who don’t have a lot of money, but would also like to harm “others’ they are being directed to blame. They are the bullies in our communities. I am very familiar with those bullies, here in Boise Idaho there is a very large subset of them in the population and no police regulation of them because the Boise Police are with them. This subset of the population in the United States has been given license to go after those Donald Trump’s overlords want out of their way. They created homelessness and now they are going to use the homeless as scapgoats.
They gentrified the cities destroying the lower cost housing for the haves, the have nots were run off, many became homeless. There was little housing created to replace what was removed from the pool for those living on Social Security or working low paying jobs. Remember in NAZI Germany they went after the disabled first, before the Jews. Bullies always go after the vulnerable who have no power that they see as a burden or people who are just in their way.
At this point in time we have had cuts to Section 8 housing no matter how many lies HUD staff spiel that has not happened. Worker's pay is not enough to pay the rents. Predatory landlords are unregulated so the cost of rent keeps soaring. That leads to homelessness. I was told by a senate staffer that Ben Carson who recently came to this area supposedly to help with the housing crisis told them he was trying to find more money for Section 8 housing. I immediately said, what the hell, they have cut Section 8 voucher funding and plan to do more of that.
I guess Ben Carson’s tour of bullshit was the precursor to Donald Trump’s trip to California where he would use the homeless problem to demonize them like he does all the time. What an asshole. California has a huge population so of course they are going to have more homeless people to begin with. They have good weather so people who have to live outside go there. A homeless woman who was looking for a job in Alaska, having just come from California was of course traumatized at the shelter, then realized she was the victim of the political lies that Alaska had lots of jobs and said she was going back to California or to Hawaii for the winter due to having to live outside. Lots of homeless people have said to me they were going to a warmer place for the winter.

Big cities such as Los Angeles are built up with no new places to build housing, they are stuck with what they have. Certainly if housing was built in areas with more open spaces outside the big cities many homeless people would be glad to relocate to have housing. This of course could create communities of outcasts who are not mainstreamed into society and make getting jobs harder. The homeless who are elderly or disabled may actually be very happy to get out of a big city and go somewhere they can enjoy life after being traumatized for years.

The federal government never factors into their homelessness propaganda the fact that they cut funding for affordable housing or never gave the cities enough money to put in the shelters they needed. The general population does not know the federal government controls everything that has to do with the homeless. The shelters are designed by FEMA, there is surveillance of the homeless required, etc. They use non-profits for homeless shelters to decrease control with regulations to cover up problems. HUD uses non-profits to supposedly regulate fair housing, in Boise they don’t actually do that, they block those complaining about unfair housing practices, my phone calls were diverted and many corrupt things have happpened. It is difficult to communicate with HUD and if one does, nothing happens. Promises of finding out info and calling back are lies.
Trump likes to say the cities with lots of homelessness are run by Democrats, but the federal government is in control of homelessness and has intentionally helped create it. They allowed for decades people to be displaced from housing so people like Donald Trump could make a profit as a developer. He screwed people in many ways like so many others. Now that there is a crisis because so many don’t have housing the victims of neoliberal capitalism are of course being made into scapegoats.

TRUMP: Although some of them have mental problems where they don’t even know they’re living that way. In fact, perhaps they like living that way. They can’t do that.
Homeless advocates generally regard the idea that people choose to be homeless as a dangerous myth, though there is some evidence that people choose to be on the streets rather than turn to shelters.
TRUMP: We cannot ruin our cities. And you have people that work in those cities. They work in office buildings and to get into the building, they have to walk through a scene that nobody would have believed possible three years ago.
And this is the liberal establishment. This is what I’m fighting. They — I don’t know if they’re afraid of votes. I don’t know if they really believe that this should be taking place. But it’s a terrible thing that’s taking place. And we may be —

 “TRUMP: It’s a phenomena that started two years ago.

He’s an uninformed idiot.
Trump then proceeds to put on his psychiatrist hat and suggest that maybe some homeless people prefer to be homeless because of “mental problems”:

TRUMP: Although some of them have mental problems where they don’t even know they’re living that way. In fact, perhaps they like living that way. They can’t do that.

Mayor Berkowitz in Anchorage Alaska went to Beans Cafe and asked the homeless if they preferred to be homeless or have housing. All but one guy said they wanted housing. I was there. Many prefer not to be in the shelters because they are horrible and not safe on many levels and most certainly were designed to be that way by evil intent.

These are very old disproved myths about the homeless being used by Trump to get his followers who are as ignorant as him to go after the homeless. The main reasons for homelessness are lack of housing, more specific is lack of affordable housing, poor pay, predatory landlords, dysfunction of our government, destruction of affordable housing and immoral people in charge of the country, like Trump.

TRUMP: We cannot ruin our cities. And you have people that work in those cities. They work in office buildings and to get into the building, they have to walk through a scene that nobody would have believed possible three years ago.

Now Trump who doesn't give one shit about the environment and has been cutting EPA regulations is having the EPA target San Francisco for political reasons. He uses the agencies of the United States government as weapons.

Trump says San Francisco is in 'total violation' of environmental codes over homeless population

"They have to clean it up. We can’t have our cities going to hell," Trump said. 

As it turns out San Francisco has a system that filters out all solids before water goes into the bay, including needles. Once again Donald Trump fails, is a bully and doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground. I for one am sick of him. We need to turn this country around and do something about homelessness and the massive bullying encouraged by putrid role models like him.

Fact check: Here's what actually happens to SF's sewage


Cities Want to Force Homeless People into Horrible Conditions By Arresting Them For Not Being Incarcerated in Homeless Shelters aka Concentration Camps at Night, Sacramento CA Joins Boise's Heinous Request for SCOTUS to Review the 9th Circuit Decison on Martin vs Boise

I wrote this yesterday, then last night read about what our so called president, Donald Trump said in California and about California yesterday. This is just part 1. Shit is about to get real. 

The 9th Circuit ruling on Martin vs Boise did not prohibit cities from having regulations that people can't sleep outside, it only prohibits arresting people for sleeping outside if there is no shelter available to them for whatever reason. So, why are they fighting this since the Boise Police and others keep saying in Boise they don't give people citations for outside sleeping if there is no shelter room? Interesting there was a law suit about it, there must have been some evidence. If indeed as they say no homeless people are being arrested due to sleeping outside while the shelters are full it is rather illogical to fight the 9th circuit ruling?

The reason they are fighting it is clear to me as a bit of an insider who has observed what goes on for years I know there is never enough shelter room anywhere for all the homeless if they are required to pack themselves into the shelters. There will always be people sleeping outside because the United States as a whole is taking action to increase homelessness, not fix it, not help people, not make rents affordable, not build affordable housing or do anything else that will help, not even make enough shelter room for people or even make the shelters tenable. It is also true the cities, counties, states and federal government have no intention of supplying enough shelter beds for all the homeless people even as they take actions that expand the numbers of homeless in communities. There is never enough room for all of the homeless anywhere by design and they do not intend to spend resources to build more shelters or housing unless corporations can figure out how to profit from it. This is the plan from the federal government down. We have been abandoned by our government and the haves are being told lies that the have nots are responsible for their plight facilitating blame and abuse.

The goal instead of housing clearly is trauma, enough trauma so the homeless person leaves Boise or whatever city they are in. This is part of the Phoenix Program in America, trauma for control. They learned all about how to control people with trauma through various programs over several decades.  Here in Boise they sure can dish out the bullying, abuse, slander, lies and false accusations considering the number of Trump mimicking bullies. I have also never seen people so manipulative or nasty in my life. It is apparently legal in Boise to stalk and harass people. I don't just mean the government's organized harassment, but in general there are some crazy motherfuckers here and many are in positions of power acting as role models.  Lots of these people must be going to costume parties. LMAO.

They also aim to use any law they can in their targeting operations against certain individuals for incarceration, harassment and discrediting. The facts are manipulated to make the target fit into a scenario allowing them to effect an arrest and it works sometimes on those who have no idea what they are doing or to expect it.

Boise uses community policing which is really community mobbing and uses people to harass and bully those they want driven out of certain areas in order to compartmentalize the homeless. Volunteers do strange things, walk by often or people ride by in carts often, I call them, old farts in carts. The community is allowed to decide what they want to happen and then it is effected. They then discriminate, pile hatred upon certain people and drive them from the community. Some are paid to harass targets. There are whole cities in Idaho that do not allow homeless people, such as Meridian. I have stories about going to the Continuum of Care meetings about homelessness oddly scheduled at Meridian City Hall rather than Boise City Hall using a construction BS excuse.

Land of the free, home of the brave, not so much. The rights of the outsider, unwanted "other" are suspended except for immigrants who were brought here to fill up the afffordable housing. The city either got lots of money for that are were intentionally trying to displace the homeless out of the city, perhaps both. People running a city would know if there were homeless people who needed housing already filling up the housing would cause more homelessness, wouldn't they. Guess they just thought they would then have reason to arrest people for sleeping outside and harass the homeless out of Boise.

I have been harassed by community policing, Boise Police and little pukes who work for the city of Boise on a massive scale. I can't go anywhere they don't show up. I am never doing illegal activity or causing problems, but hordes of others are. On top of that my complaints and requests are ignored, they even divert my phone calls. The operation against me did not originate here, but the contracts are re-sold wherever targets go, even to other countries. I know G4S/Wackenhut and CH2MHill's VECO (Alaska political and pedophilia corruption) connection were involved but an outfit out of Kentucky is likely to be also. There is absolutely no doubt about G4S/Wackenhut...none and they hire some very scummy people.

There is a lot of trauma to go around, they make sure by intentionally creating it. If the homeless person has a severe mental illness or an addiction problem they can destroy that person psychologically which will lead to an early death, in fact they can destroy a person who is mentally very healthy with trauma.  Then when they are found dead on the street or in a canal the coroner will declare they died of natural causes. No they died from slow murder. What do you think they were doing at Abu Ghraib? Psychopaths were having fun torturing people, one of the leaders got his experience in an American prison, but they were trying to destroy the prisoners and experimenting on them in many different ways.

They take what they learned from torture over the decades, physical and psychological and use it on others including U.S. citizens, the good people, the best of us, the truthful, those who care about others, whistleblowers, the ethical, the highly educated, those who actually do the important work, activists trying to effect change through legal means. All of us are harmed by the trauma no matter our original mental health status, they know that. They also know traumatized people who are kept in horrible conditions, eat a poor diet and denied sleep will die much younger than they should. That's all part of the plan, if it wasn't things would be done quite differently.

They even helped facilitate my being run out of an apartment. and a lot of money was spent doing that. The Boise Police, the county agencies, HUD etc. did nothing about the problems except to slander and gaslight me. I will have been living in a vehicle for a year on October 1st in one of the meanest cities in the country, Boise Idaho. The apartment was next door to CH2MHill, I know, I know, you're just an engineering company, yep.
The Ninth Circuit Ruled in Martin vs Boise that cities can't arrest people for sleeping outside if there was no option to stay in a shelter. As in most cities there are never enough beds for all of the homeless, the shelters are generally not healthy and are a huge danger to many who have particular health issues ranging from immune system issues to mental health issues. It is also torture for people who are introverts and especially those who have social anxiety or PTSD to be packed like sardines in a building too small for the large number of people, just the constant loud talking can drive people with certain personality types to leave the shelter. Add people on meth and drunks to the mix and a good time is not had by all. It's a damn nightmare pretty much every night. The word is the Interfaith Sanctuary is way worse now that it was when they were torturing me there. 

They do not give a damn about the homeless, they would prefer we all died, that is the plan, die ASAP. I say fuck them, I'm going to live and tell the truth about what has gone on in Boise, the heinous decisions and lies from city hall, the Boise Police abuse, the discrediting, the slander, the callousness of these bastards and my being run out of an apartment through criminal activity by contractors, the management company, ADA County, HUD and the City of Boise. We don't want you outside or in an apartment, we prefer you just die. I have been targeted on a massive scale while living in my vehicle. I would not live in an apartment in this city for free at this point because it would just be used as a base to harass me. Yes, it is that bad.

I'm also going to tell the Alaska story of corruption and injustice responding to David Haeg's request for our stories to be told to present to a grand jury investigation. Started writing it and the wounds opened up, feel like I may exsanguinate, but will continue on.  I have the courage. 

In my case there are immune system problems, my personality type is INFJ (included being an introvert), my IQ is high so listening to people jabber on and on about BS drives me up a wall along with watching the idiotic way things are done. I have health issues affected by many factors in the shelter and not one fuck is given by anyone about those who have that kind of disability, nope instead abuse is given, but in the case of ME/cfs the government has done their best to prevent research and tell the medical communities lies about it, so why would anyone else know anything about it. The exposure to the massive vaccines given to the homeless is a danger to those who have immune system problems as they are contagious, live viruses are used.

Boise's large subset of sociopaths were set upon me even within the shelter and the staff participated in the harassment, allowed harassment and were abusive. They also helped criminals steal my property including files with documents demonstrating crimes and organized stalking/harassment in Soldotna Alaska and I know who the handler was, he has now been promoted to the highest position in Soldotna's branch of the Masons, he's their grand poobah. How much did they get paid to do that to me? Then they lied about it to the police who of course did nothing, in fact Dan Ault immediately ran right over to them and began lying when they arrived. He was also lying to me about it. Apparently for years they had all these minions who were allowed to steal from other homeless people anyway because of course those kind of people are chosen.

I also have PTSD from constant trauma since 2004. The city of Boise did everything they could to make that worse and the Interfaith Sanctuary was set up to cause trauma. That is attempted murder because they know the end point of such trauma. Why is that allowed and embedded as part of the FEMA designed program? They post on websites and talk about being 'Trauma Aware' and it is true they are aware of trauma, but in the way that they use it to intentionally harm people. Trauma is the tool they use to cause people to commit suicide, drink, use drugs etc. facilitating their goal of death to as many homeless people as possible.

Other parts of killing the homeless off are lack of sleep, the shelters are noisy and filled with problems, then there is little access to healthy food. The population has been targeted with narcotics and other drugs for decades, at this point in time it is horrible. Police allow the drug rings, especially in certain areas. Who doesn't know about the CIA targeting black communities with crack cocaine and then laws were passed to dole out harsh sentences while powder cocaine had much milder sentences. That was targeting to destroy people, their families, the whole community. It was the experimental stage, now they are going after the whole country with generational targeting. Boise Police knew about a shake-n-bake meth operation, ignoring me, not returning phone calls, even taking off if I drove up next to them to ask, WTH. It was being done on property the city owns for a new police station too.

In shelters the women are often placed in the worst possible place for sleep, such as across from the laundry room or by the desk with increased noise and lots of light, men generally get the preferred areas. Of course in Idaho women are still second class citizens, stalked, harassed and abused. The laundry room has a large amount of bleach fumes that constantly inundate the women's sleeping areas. There was torture with fans aimed at my bunk due to little supervision of the gangstalkers in the women's shelter, or perhaps they were being directed to do this. The men's Mission has a soup kitchen that has good tasting food and is run very well, but the main missing ingredient for the homeless is always vegetables and they have to use fillers of course to feed everyone which are carbohydrates. Lots of homeless people end up with Diabetes and diabetics end up in comas. Have I got stories about that. 

At this point I have had it with the lies in a city designed for class lines allowing the haves to stomp on the have nots. The malevolent policies in Boise are based on egocentricity for the haves and corporate overlords. I have HAD it with the stalking, harassment crimes, shitty little things the city employees and their Army of Weaponized Morons associated with community policing do constantly. I was stalked three mornings in a row by the same woman, she took a couple days off and was back yesterday and today, that is how bold they are.

Most of the people who are homeless are not homeless because of drugs, alcohol and mental illness, they are homeless due to harsh laws criminalizing them into prisons for piddly crimes, poor pay, high rents due to predatory landlords, the destruction of low income housing due to gentrification and every damn level of government not facilitating the building of affordable housing. The ones on drugs and alcohol were often raised in bad conditions, nothing is done to help them as children, but child protection all over is taking kids they shouldn't and leaving ones who need rescued to be traumatized. Helping kids avoid trauma prevents chemical dependency later in life. Not providing young people with treatment and counseling keeps them from healing and facilitates their continuing to cause problems in communities and lack of success in life. Chemically dependent people are used in organized harassment, easy pay, just give them drugs or booze, no record will exist of them being hired, yea community policing and contractors use them.

During a housing crisis we get cuts of the Section 8 program and more with an icing of constant lies and blaming from the criminal cabal running the country. Instead we get lies from senators that Ben Carson came here to the Boise area and said he is looking for more money for Section 8, they have been cutting the money and have plans for large cuts in the future, what fucking planet do these people live on? They are delusional. If Ben Carson said that he is lying, are they not able to figure that out? Psychopath is as psychopath does.Yes I am pissed off just in case you haven't picked up on that yet.

What went on at the apartment I left, the Civic Plaza should have resulted in multiple firings and some being charged with crimes due to the constant noise campaigns, massive sudden construction, bed bugs, garbage all over the place, people coming into the building for stalking/harassment, criminal activity which included a murder, weaponized fire alarms, men menacing me in the hallway, engineered leaks all over the place, harrassment of many kinds, a drug ring, mismanagement by every entity associated with it, especially the owners, HUD and Idaho Housing Finance and huge lack of the Boise Police to do anything about the harassment other than discredit, slander and gaslight me. Most of these miscreants probably got promotions and political appointments because that is how things are done in the United States now.

People on Section 8 are supposed to live in the apartment they rent, not have another apt, spend most of their time "on the water in Florida" and stay with friends somewhere else all summer. I was Section 42 and believe the same rules would apply. There were apartments around me being used to stage gangstalking, every entity involved in running, regulating or who was supposed to be about safety around this apartment complex was told this. I was gaslighted and started wearing body cameras. The Boise Police did not do their jobs. I also had people menacing me and coming out of apartments at the same time I came out of mine, often they did not even live in the building. I showed video and pictures of them to staff and they were unconcerned. That means Steadfast Management was in on it. I even showed them a picture of a woman who had a key to get into the little gym area to harass me who the staffer said she had never seen before, got a shoulder shrug. No one gives a shit.

Not one entity has contacted me about this or any of the other crimes committed there. Ben Carson came to get excited about shipping container housing like he'd never heard of it before and it was reported by a senate staffer he told a lie which the staffer believed. You know Republicans want everything cut for everyone, except raises and benefits for themselves.

There is a large percentage of people from prison who are homeless because they get dumped into the homeless system due to lack of any kind of transition program. That goes on all over the U.S. It doesn't profit a company looking to sell expensive phone services or commissary items or to use cheap labor in the prisons if the feds or states have programs to help them transition back into society so they can be successful in life, nope toss them into the drug and alcohol inundated homeless shelter. I've even seen drug deals go down at the coffee pot in the morning while shelter staff stood there oblivious. Hell, the BPD and staff even allowed drug dealers to just pull up, honk their horns and start selling drugs where the homeless lined up to try and get a bed for the night.

Of course a small number of those from prisons are sociopathics, in Idaho there seems to be a larger number than usual, it is fueled by a radical right wing egocentric attitude to screw others over and blame people for problems they have no control over to make themselves feel better about their own crappy lives. When I was at the Interfaith Sanctuary a large subset of sociopaths was preying on other people in many different ways, including some staff.

People are homeless due to the intentional creation of large numbers of unsheltered people. This is about neoliberalism, the homeless are made into "economically and socially productive matter" (protoplasm) for the benefit of the haves, the oligarchy.

This is very much like having a private prison system and most certainly when there is a shelter system in a city that requires the homeless to be inside them, then arresting those who stay outside, it is indeed a night prison system. Homeless shelters are night prisons, homeless people are placed into these prisons with no due process, no judge, no jury, not even charges for a crime. People are put out of them early in the morning, but required to be in them at night. They like to say it isn't safe to stay outside at night and it is not, but the shelters are not safe either for many reasons.

Elderly people on Social Security are priced out of their homes due to the predatory landlords. They show up at the shelters with their walkers, wheel chairs and medications. Many are escaping from assisted living where they feel they are also living in a prison.

The recent action taken to stop the predatory landlords from charging large application fees is YEARS too late. The policy of Boise is to wait until many people have been harmed by predatory bastards before taking any action. Must have been someone who wasn't homeless that got screwed by them to warrant action finally being taken, was it a BSU student perhaps? People desperate for a place to live have paid application fees for apartments until all of their Social Security or pay checks are gone. The thing is the landlords probably never intended to rent to them to begin with, that is how sick Boise is. I would apply, be told everything was going great, nothing is hidden with me, I tell the truth about any potential issue such as lots of medical bills and being homeless. Then suddenly the apt is rented, but when I call then using a different phone number it's still available and they can't explain why they lied to me. I believe that is part of the organized harassment designed to run me out of Boise. The only place I could find to rent from was conveniently set up for gangstalking, isn't that surprising.

HUD's non-profit the Intermountain Fair Housing Council  as I have found out the hard way is quite corrupt as is HUD. HUD is so corrupt I have no idea how they continue to even exist.

The homeless shelter system is designed to control the homeless, compartmentalize us, the criminalization of the homeless, the harassment by police, businesses (Infraguard) and community policing are allowed based on a class system in which there are two different sets of laws. Those who are sheltered would never allow themselves to be treated the way the city and Boise Police treat the homeless, but allow it for the homeless due to having been filled with fear of the homeless, told they are the "others" who are all mentally ill, on drugs, are criminals, etc. all BS. The inevitable human waste from people who have no services such as running water, places to throw garbage away or bathrooms that ends up close to their homes is disturbing, but is due to the irresponsibility and inhumanity of those running the country, states and cities. The more homeless that are created the more compartmentalization and horrible conditions there will be and lots of people are going to die from the horrible conditions.

Boise allowed vendors for an Arts (Craft) Fair to park vans, motorhomes, trailers in the park, but homeless people are never allowed to do so. In fact they have just changed the rules extending the 2 hour limit for parking M-F an hour longer and only allowing people to park one time per day. The homeless who live in cars need to get to the bathrooms. I need to go to a library. They could designate a parking lot for vehicles, have rules, have a security guard, with dumpsters and the bathrooms opened, but their plan is to run people off. Then people will bitch about the garbage waste and "those people' in their communities giving the city an excuse to go after the homeless they helped to create.

In the Seattle area they have a program where homeless who live in vehicles are parking in church parking lots. A church in Boise told me the city wants them to send anyone who asks to park in their parking lot to a shelter. I will not park in a lot filled with druggies, noise makers, drunks, etc, but the people could be vetted for behavior and have a safer situation and a place they are welcome to be. In Boise the homeless are not welcome, that is the issue and most certainly I have never been welcome here. They like to say everyone is welcome in Boise, that is a huge lie, along with their Boise Kind propaganda.

Streptococcus A emm type 26 Outbreak Related to Homeless and Brother Francis Shelter, Very Disturbing

Homeless people have to be somewhere, need to go to the bathroom, need to eat, need to sleep. Shelters do not allow for sleep and many times I was not able to shower at the Interfaith Sanctuary due to abuse from the sociopaths and lack of supervision from staff. In the mornings at Brother Francis in Anchorage Alaska the Native people who slept outside would beg us for water to drink. We tried to get the city to provide water which they finally did, but they cut the available bathrooms back and the Anchorage Police which were quite corrupt did not even investigate who was selling the Spice that was killing people. Cutting the bathrooms causes people in the community to be angry people are using the bushes for bathrooms, but what choice do people have, they can't stop their bodily functions from happening.Of course now with the heinous Governor Dunleavy the funding for the shelter was cut and many people will have to sleep in the freezing cold this winter. I slept in my car in Boise Idaho all last winter, thankfully it was a mild season.

Staff do not intervene at many shelters even if what was going on was reported. Hell, they did not even come into the dorms to check for problems. The horrible conditions are not a concern of those in power, they only care that the homeless are compartmentalized from the neighborhoods and businesses. One of the shelters in Boise even has insane requirements for so called classes that are not only useless but taught by incredibly clueless people. When asked why they did something so inane it was explained that they wanted to keep us busy. Believe me I do not need someone to help me stay busy. They actually prevented me from looking for housing. When I first arrived I told them I just need help finding housing and was told they did not do that. My reaction was, WTH!? This is the crap one has to deal with when homeless, totally illogical core policies.

They do nothing to create housing, all we get is lip service on every level.

In cities low income housing was destroyed by the haves while no new more affordable housing was built. This country has become an oligarchy and a psychopathocracy. The federal government stopped taking care of existing HUD/subsidized housing intentionally so it would have to be destroyed while no replacement housing was built. While red states such as Idaho have politicians who constantly talk about not increasing the deficit, blah, blah, blah, no new taxes etc. but any money from the federal government is gladly taken. The red states which bitched about states rights are never going to take the right to have emapthy, humanity or even responsibility towards their fellow humans. NEVER!

We also have many mayors who are Democrats who go right along with stomping the homeless and working poor while they wear the mask of caring about people. All over the country so many have built 40-60 apartments for people who can't live unassisted, talking endlessly about that one project as if it is hundreds upon hundreds of apartments for low income people. NO! The only reason any of them built those apartments with embedded social workers was to control their biggest problems that cost the city lots of money. True story. Where is the new housing for people who just need an apartment they can afford and do not want to live in a drug, bedbug, sociopath infested building?

Boise and other cities do whatever they can to harass and run off the homeless people they have created. Boise did what they could and still do to increase the population of the city, but took no action to help create housing for people who needed lower rents. Hell, they brought immigrants and put them in what little affordable housing there was. I have nothing against immigrants, but do have something against those who made that decision. I also am tired of being harassed by immigrants who are allowed to stalk the homeless like others.

This particular park has had a lot of drug dealing activity and now they are doing construction on the park and there are problems with the contractors and park staff. They limit the time during M-F one can park in the downtown park, Julia Davis to two hours a day, then there is construction in another that has a convenient bathroom and shade in the evening. Many actions are taken to squeeze the homeless out under the guise of normal activity. Last spring there was construction in Julia Davis which limited parking and I was harassed by city employees and others. Hell this summer some guy accused me of being a pedophile. These people are just unbelievable here in Boise.  

They close bathrooms in the parks, throw people out of libraries for doing nothing wrong. Oh look, more people are outside and more people are peeing in the bushes, wonder why? People would come into the library and harass me, some of them were Mormons, some were homeless people, they used both of those categories and then the security contractor from the parking garage at the apts I left were in charge of the library and continued the same process of facilitating harassment, not doing their jobs and disappearing at just the right times to not witness anything. Many crimes were committed against me at the Downtown Library but the city of Boise is just OK with this, but complaining about that and their gaslighting results throwing the victim of the crimes out of the library. That is one of the ways one can understand the City of Boise is behind much of it, if not all. I call this Boise Kind due to their little propaganda program.

In my case after years of organized harassment at the downtown library which included menacing me in the parking lot, backing cars towards me to try and cause an accident and putting scratches on my car while Allied Security worked with the miscreants and the drug dealers just like at the Civic Plaza Apartments I was thrown out. I announced after several complaints about it that I was going to step up my complaining. I went into the administration office at the Downtown Library, but it isn't really a library, it's 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.' Just as every Boise City Employee does I was gaslighted. I told the woman, "You gaslighted me and you are going to pay for that." Anyone would know I would then make a video or write about it or both. Little did I know they would create a situation that resulted in a great video I could post on YouTube. Thanks for that. She waited 2.5 hours and then had the Boise Police who do nothing about the large number of crimes committed against me and their inept security guards from Allied tell me I threatened her. Yes, I did, with writing, you know words, things that should be the focus of a library and not your heinous bullshit. Waiting 2.5 hours and then calling the police which would not have been necessary unless they wanted to create the appearance that I had done something which I had not, means the accusation is total BS.

Then at the mayor's office right afterwards.

I have even been harassed by police while doing laundry, I call it doing laundry while homeless and felonious folding. I always have to fold my clothing in my vehicle due to the harassment and filth in the laundromats. Was not just harassed, but also menaced by Boise's jack booted thugs.

So here, have some more words and some videos. Those organizing the gangstalking for the city use children and often targets are selected because they know we are no danger to people even after years of being tortured and attempts to provoke us into doing something they can use to demonize us. While writing a woman is spraying Afrin and cologne at me, this crap goes on endlessly.

The Boise Police are brutal to homeless people, it continues and in my case they have harassed, run cars at me, menaced me, not called back when I call about problems, gaslighted me and not allowed police reports, slandered me, participated in organized harassment often through the use of vehicles. They are not the only first responders who do this.

You want to have the SCOTUS evaluate your request to overturn a ruling from the 9th circuit that it is unconstitutional to arrest and jail people for sleeping outside when the shelters are full or people have been thrown out of them. You criminalize people for being in a situation you intentionally created for having the nerve to be in your city of bullies while homeless.

In Boise the homeless are hidden through compartmentalization, bullying, organized harassment, police harassment, bullshit arrests and a long series of constant lies, but if there is a real problem such as a Shake-N-Bake meth operation next to where I parked or drug dealers by the shelter you allow it.

I do not have a subscription to the mockingbird newspaper, the Idaho Statesman which mostly operates off of press releases, so didn't know at first which city in California was joining the attempt to go after the homeless. My guess was some city in Orange County where the same kind of shitty little, snooty, egocentric, we hate others people reside as in Boise. As much as the people of Idaho hate California isn't it interesting how they are joining with them to do evil?

As it turned out it's Sacramento. which I call Sack-of-Tomatoes or SACTO. That is a surprise. I sent a scathing email to supervisor Sue Frost, on the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors who did an opinion piece in the Sacramento BEE.

Fortunately there are some people with empathy in Sacramento unlike others.

Does Sacramento want to house, or arrest, the homeless? 


Janet Bell is featured in the VICE video below, she lost her arm due to infection, I know as a retired nurse considering most of my career was critical care that she was most likely septic. Homeless people get septic often due to the conditions they have to live in. The shelters are actually more dangerous for infections, especially viruses than living outside. The problems with infections are lack of ability to do self care, lack of transportation to get meds, lack of money for antibiotic ointment, bandaids and ability to use running water. Even in the shelters basic hygiene can be limited due to the hordes using the bathrooms. Other health care even with access is difficult. I need a colonoscopy, how do I complete a bowel prep where I need to sit on a toilet for hours while living in a vehicle?

A man in this video was lied about by the Continuum of Care director and others. I believe that lie was told as cover as to why the police arrived for harassment of myself in Meridian where the Continuum of Care meetings were held to prevent the homeless from getting there because of lack of bus service. I took a bus that just ran through Meridian, then had to walk a long ways in the rain or heat with State Police menacing me or gangstalkers harassing me. Welcome to Idaho!

This so called consultant in the video is disgusting. Recently I had a staffer for one of the senators for Idaho try to talk me into doing what I could to go back to work as a nurse, I was put on disability in 2006 after already working for years very ill. The PTSD that was allowed due to the dysfunction and abuse from every damn entity in this country was the last straw, but a know nothing aid of a Republican senator treats me like my problem is I just need to go to work. He has no fucking idea how hard it was for me to work sick all those decades or what I went through. I did help cause some changes, helped get some help for the high number of rapes in Alaska and helped change the hospital in Nome, but I'm treated as invisible by the scum in charge of the country. I also worked my way through college with no help while dealing with health problems, something none of those blamers riding the winds of bullshit could do. That mentality is really difficult to fathom, the cluelessness and lack of empathy is dangerous. He knew nothing about my story, my health issues, that people worked to destroy my career and me in general due to my whistleblowing about the conditions at a Native hospital in Nome Alaska and also about the large number of rapes of the Native women in that region and the cops who would not arrest the men. My story about what went on in Nome is about to be told again for some Alaska legislators and possibly a grand jury.

Now the bastards are finally doing something about what went on in Alaska. Not one damn responsible person for Alaska or the feds has ever contacted me. I began whistleblowing and was at odds with the police in Nome who harassed me. Between this and the workplace bullying at the hospital in Nome where they didn't even do universal precautions and the flight nurses were not trained or certified I had a nervous breakdown and was demonized, still am. My reaction was normal for the situation, what was abnormal was the accumulation of people there who allowed what was happening while making excuses for it.

Justice Department will fund more prosecutors, cops in rural Alaska 


Native women in Nome say police ignored rapes or failed to thoroughly investigate them 


All kinds of horrible things have been done to destroy me. Fuck all of you! Cowards, every one of you. 

It costs less money to house the homeless, but that doesn't cause any affordable housing to be built. Ask yourself why.