Ten Year Anniversary Date of Wrongful Imprisonment, No Justice, Still Homeless

I never got justice and it feels like all of this recently happened. When I left Alaska three civil cases were brought with me and actually it would have been about five cases. The homeless shelter where I am staying threw my suitcase contents, the files and personal property away after donating  some of it, my clothing and other property. They had no right to do that and how can these people who did this to many claim to care about the homeless. I got no justice with that either. I was being harassed in Alaska and hoped to find peace to work on my cases. Instead all I have gotten in Boise Idaho is abuse and lies from the city to the public about the homeless. There is no housing here, but they make the public think there is. The mayor here filled up the low income housing with immigrants, they get money for having them here. That is Mayor Bieter in Boise Idaho. He hates the homeless. 
August 4th 2007 I was wrongfully arrested and wrongfully imprisoned. I have written about this at some length along with the unjust case out of Nome. Below are some of the articles I wrote about just this part, there is much more about what happened in Nome. 

Here is an email I sent back then to a group I belonged to describing a bit about the story.

Some months ago I testified on the phone at four hearings due to two of the malfeasants in the case being in the running to be judges. These two are still alive, the judge, the owner/editor of the newspaper in Nome who published libel about me and even though they put every hearing at the court in the paper held back anything about me which showed I was telling the truth and one of the public defenders have all died. That PD was young and died on April fools day, I suspect a suicide. When I found out all of this I said, it looks like the CIA is trying to help me get some justice. That leaves two public defenders with issues, they all had them and a very corrupt prosecutor who are still alive. The one I expected to be dead by now, psychopath Robin Hume is still alive harming people.

Brooke Browning Alowa and John Earthman Are Applying to be Judges, Oh Hell No! Featuring a Picture of My "Frickin' Cat"

They had me wrongfully imprisoned resulting in my cat being starved and tortured and my property being stolen and myself, the victim being sent back to Homer Alaska with a court order that I could not even go to the lodge to get my stolen property like I was the perp. When I finally got the order to go to the lodge and get my things the Alaska State Troopers who had already demonstrated their corruption over and over would not allow it and threatened to arrest me when I got pissed. That was Officer Pellapeare. There were many other troopers involved in ignoring a long string of crimes which I reported at that lodge including Derek Loop. I made phone calls all the way to the DPS, was called a liar and hung up on. I got the same thing from Richard Svobodney at the DOJ. They are as corrupt as hell.
I periodically get an email from someone claiming to have been screwed over by Robin Hume the main player in the scenario at the lodge designed to set me up. I never know if it is him or his brother Steve Hume or someone associated with them or if their story is real. This year I got an email from someone claiming to have been scammed by Robin through a trade for a stay at his lodge, his most common scam. They arrive and find out he lied about the place. I do not know if he is real or not, certainly the date he chose to contact me is suspect. 

Below is my response to his story of the scam and what he found at the lodge even if the guy is not real. 

I'm sorry to hear another person had Robin Hume con them. Law enforcement knows what he did and what he does. I have to assume they have some nefarious reason to protect him.

Robin has other aliases, Ray Hume, Christopher Maximillion, Chris Max and there must be many more. In the winter he takes his cons on the road, goes to Texas, Washington, California, Oklahoma, Florida and other places. He sets up photography scams. He meets up with other scumbags and is involved in prostitution. He uses sex to run scams as well. Robin is not the only owner of that property, there is his brother Steve Hume in Corpus Christi Texas who is also a sociopath and the sister who lives in Homer.
 Steve perjured himself in the Nome court lying about me for a set up and filed a false police report against me. Then I was wrongfully arrested and imprisoned while Robin Hume stole my property and starved/tortured my cat. Law enforcement did nothing, no charges against them. For years I have tried o get justice. When I reported this to the Homer police they left what I said out of the police report and tried to make me sound crazy, typical police action. Robin was going to Anchorage to see teenage prostitutes and was advertising prostitution on Craigslist, obviously the police must have been involved considering their reaction when told about this. That may be why no charges were filed against the Hume brothers. There had been meth cooking, under-age girls partying at the lodge with grown men, a missing woman the troopers would not look for, and multiple thefts from myself along with lots more. The troopers were informed and did nothing. One of the meth cooks had a four year old, it took the state five weeks to respond to my complaint and they had left by then. The troopers would do diddly squat when I called them and if only I had know something about meth labs I could have called another agency, but was clueless back then. I could go on for days, Alaska has very corrupt law enforcement and courts. The troopers blocked me from looking for my property even though I had a court order after being released from wrongful imprisonment.
Robin had a criminal friend who was in prison, Anthony Cooper, and all the while Robin stole his property from storage, he had also gone to the guy’s house and stolen money from his wallet. Tony who I believe was on Heroin would come to the lodge with his meth-ed up brother in law looking for his property. These were dangerous guys, charged with everything including sexual assault. Steve, the brother threatened to hire someone to beat me. Oh, and they pulled an insurance scam which I informed law enforcement, the insurance commission and the insurance company about. The insurance company said they knew something was wrong and asked to talk to me, the only witness, the Hume brothers prevented that. That was probably the main reasons they helped the corrupt officers of the court in Nome have me wrongfully arrested three days after I filed an appeal in a very unjust case. Nothing ever happened to them other than Robin getting pulled over for no car insurance over and over. Robin also drove with a thermos filled with coffee that had liquor in it.
I talked to Robin over a five month period, asked lots of questions before going there to be careful. I had very little resources and no car, he said there was a van that could be used to go into the village for groceries, there was not. It cost me over $300 [$30]round trip to go get groceries. When Robin returned I told the state troopers I quietly went out early in the morning to get groceries and had him thinking I slept all day to prevent him from going in my room to steal my things. Robin told me if I did some chores my rent would be reduced, I had to buy cleaning stuff, even a broom and mop. He never reduced my rent. He stole my wallet, he scammed me several times, I had to pay for utilities that were included in the rent. I had no heat for three months or any way to cook and no other place to go, then there was no water and then the electricity would be off. The guys who were there said Robin would leave and just let the electricity be turned off on the tenants every winter. Then he would come back in the spring and con Steve into paying the bill. Robin also apparently screwed Steve out of much of the profits.
The property with the lodge is only a couple acres I believe, the land around belongs to the Nature Center right there. They charge a membership fee, but Robin tells his so called guests that they can use all that land or that it is his. When Robin would have a guest show up that he was scamming suddenly he disappeared and I was left there alone. The people would be pissed off and come banging on my door like I was the problem, no just on SSDI and could not afford another place in an expensive Alaska village. He is a psychopath.
When I first arrived Robin was in Texas and the meth cooks were stealing his property and vandalizing it. They even smashed windows out of a car. I reported it with phone calls and sent emails with pictures to Robin and Steve. They said they never received them, but then used my pictures in their falsified insurance claim. I also sent emails with pictures to the corrupt state troopers out of Anchor Point who would not let me file police reports against these bastards.  
Your description of the property is how it has been for many years. Periodically someone files a lawsuit against him. I went back to Homer to file against him and another scumbag who filed a false eviction against me, they shut down the court house for renovation right after I arrived. I rented a room in a brand new place thinking the owners would not want druggies or drunks tearing the place up. I was wrong.
There are three siblings who own that lodge which was owned by their parents. Being a psychopath Robin got the parents to allow him to live there as long as he wanted and he will decide when they can sell  the property. He always has it advertised for some outrageous price. Steve is scum like Robin, but the sister lives in Homer and is not like them. They only issue I have with them is they came up to the lodge and did not warn me about the danger nor did they try to help when Robin and Steve had me wrongfully imprisoned. Robin even got all the property the parents left and sold or traded it rather than share it.
Robin would rent rooms to people who had issues so he could commit crimes and scam people, then when they complained he used their history to make the authorities believe him. Oh and get this, he did not even have a license to run the lodge. He got the food to feed his guests by stealing mine and going to the food bank.
He has posted pictures on line that he is a co-owner of a sail boat and supposedly they were sailing around the world, this may be a total lie.
When people file lawsuits against him he disappears until the case is closed. Robin and Steve Hume are disgusting, but the state of Alaska is worse for allowing them to do what they have done to myself and others and go completely unpunished.
I’m sorry he harmed you, one reason I wrote about my experience was to try and protect others. Good luck to you.
Celia Harrison

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The police 302'd me.

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My Letter to Sarah Palin (part 1)




The emails I sent to Governor Quitter, Sarah Palin were deleted from the Sarah Palin email dumps after they took two years to purge anything they could get into trouble for or did not want the news media to find out about. The news media never cared about the people that were harmed under the Palin administration anyway.  They then hacked my personal email account and removed the reciprocals. I had glorified some of the emails in blog posts and also got a couple screen shots as the emails were being deleted. At the time we did not know about the massive surveillance state or the tools the NSA and others have to collect data and manipulate our electronic records. Now we know. I lived it and watched as my documents would disappear and what I typed was deleted. People thought those of us who talked about these things were nuts, no and there were a lot of us having the same experiences. 



Public Records Request Shows Palin/Parnell Crimes, Hacking My Email and Deleting Them From the Governor's Account



Heather Nauert Spokesmodel for the State Department vs Awesome Truthseeking Reporter Caleb Maupin

Here is the whole thing, a short version of the best part follows below.

I wrote this before I found out Heather Nauert had been a spokesmodel for Fox News, hilarious.

Heather Nauert, the spokesmodel for the State Department was unable to give “specifics” on many subjects reporters questioned her about. Reporter, Caleb Maupin from RT asked a Syria question around 30 minutes. He was wondering if Naubert was concerned that the announcement from the White House “could create an opening for terrorist groups to carry out a chemical attack.” She looked like she smelled some poop, made a face unbecoming a spokesmodel and said “Naow…no.” Caleb explained how the terrorists could do a chemical attack or hey just bomb someplace where there are chemicals so the US could then claim a chemical attack was done by Assad.”  Who could imagine such a thing? Naubert then got all explain-y about how Assad has carried out chemical attacks on his people, ”…and we have all seen the video.”  Not only that but Caleb Maupin who is as handsome as he is an awesome reporter according to Nauert had "a lot of cameras" on him  and spokesmodels know from cameras.

Well then that is the final word on Syria...wait a minute, she then took a paranoid question about stopping Assad from taking over and was able to give a lengthy answer. Then another question, “Are you saying Al-Qaida has not used chemical weapons in this area?. Then Nauert claims she will not have a debate about a hypothetical. There is evidence woman, you know that thing which was covered up and that you will not discuss. Then later the subject is brought up again and she repeats that Assad is responsible for chemical attacks and always mentions women and children for dramatic effect. But wait, she says the reason the United States is in Syria is to take out Isis, if so then why are you so huffy about Isis questions mam?

This is how she was before the question from RT's Caleb Maupin
This is after Caleb's question

I've caught Caleb with a screenshot in the act of asking a valid question which needs an answer. Look at this guy behind Caleb, he seems happy.moo

Thank you Caleb Maupin for your courage.

She started off the no answer session with Venezuela's imprisonment of an American, claiming he is a political prisoner while the United States imprisons it's own citizens for political reasons. Interestingly they are upset with the Vietnamese government for imprisoning an outspoken woman while the same exact thing happens here. Hypocrisy flows like wine at the State Department. Yes, imprisoning dissidents is wrong, so is harassing them, hacking them, following them around, monitoring their communications, creating disruption in their lives, imprisoning them in solitary confinement, having secret courts that don’t even allow them a defense, causing them to be homeless and destroying their careers. It is also wrong to have the Weapons of Mass Destruction Civil Support Team Idaho put group text messages on the phone of a civilian to harass them, just saying. The only weapons of mass destruction I have are my brain and mouth. Shall I go on? What kind of a country would do such things and who could ever imagine this?
With the new court ruling releasing the dogs of immigration there were those questions and I have some questions of my own about that. Refugees are very vetted to come and get housing, education and health care, but homeless people who are internal refugees can’t get housing. Please explain this policy designed to harm your own people. You say your goal is to keep your own people safe, but how is no housing, being on the streets, being fed diabetes causing food and having to stay in shelters of filth, bullying, no sleep, frequent viruses, toxic chemicals and constant trauma coming from staff and the sociopaths we are forced to be housed with…keeping us safe? What is being done to provide housing other than meetings of BS aka Continuum of Care and the Homeless Coalition along with the use of little phrases such as “Rapid Re-Housing” and “Housing First.” Could someone please explain that? Could you also tell me why any low income housing that remains is always run by predatory management companies or landlords? Are immigrants also preyed upon by them? Can you also explain why the USDA RD is unable to do anything about the non-profits of predation who harm seniors and the disabled? Just curious..oh yea, and pissed off.
I have no issues with the immigrants themselves who are just trying to survive the destruction of their countries mainly by us and do personally believe everyone should be welcome in the United States unless they are dangerous to others. Generally, the refuges were harmed by actions of this country. I am upset by the governments both federal and state, they have treated the homeless like garbage and President Trump’s administration is pushing policies that will create more homeless people. What happened to President Trump’s statement that if he was president there would not be homeless people on the streets. We still have the BS programs created at the end of President Obama’s administration when the Democrats went, whoops we forgot to pretend we cared about people. A large number of the homeless are elderly poor, disabled which can be physical illness or mental illness, people with intellectual disabilities and people who have social disabilities from criminal charges, many of which should have never even been charged. The homeless are pathologized to excusify the continuing torturing of the population. Half of the mental illnesses among the homeless are caused by being homeless, the trauma, the horrible diet, the lack of sleep, being beaten down until they have no hope and the harassment by police for activities such as breathing or doing laundry. I was locked in my storage place, called the police who sent Officer Asshole to come and accuse me of breaking in to steal things.

The clinics put in place to provide medical treatment for the homeless hand out huge amounts of psychotropic medications to sedate the population so the homeless are easier to herd around and are more tranquil in the night prisons, the shelters. Everyone is together and this includes the sociopaths and other personality disorders who prey upon others causing emotional trauma. The staff often do not supervise this until they turn on them which often results in a severe reaction such as calling police or throwing them out.

Here is an oddity, Henry Kissenger, neoliberal neocon mastermind met with President Putin yesterday.  Naubert was unable to say if he was acting in a diplomatic role or not. We can all guess who he was speaking for during the meeting.


OK, I Guess I Counted Wrong, There Are Three Death Panels of Sarah Palin

While writing this post I ran into some trouble and had to go off line to finish it. That is not unusual.  Then something I wanted to include was missing, also not unusual. It is a screenshot from my IP service of Sarah Palins's lawyer's office on my blog.  

In February of 2016 I wrote about Sarah Palin’s death panels. I described how she and the incompetent sycophants she appointed ran such a dysfunctional Senior and Disabled division of the Department of Health and Human Services in Alaska that hundreds died and thousands must have suffered. Then I discussed the inmates in the prison system which was run by her former high school classmate and ex-boyfriend dying due to abuse and incompetence. Eventually the state of Alaska did an investigation into the DOC reading my blog posts about the DOC throughout the whole thing while claiming to have no idea who I was.

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The Death Panels of Sarah Palin


Then I wrote about my disappointment at President Trump not appointing her to run the VA as I had a blog waiting with a hilarious title. It would have been so much fun, but President Trump ruined my fun due to being BFF with the matriarch of a family of drunken donneybrookers. 

SarahPac is Deep Sixed, I Had a Blog Waiting for an Appointment but Donald Trump Ruined it For Me, Thanks Trump


"Don't cuss Swillow." 



The man interviewed in the video lost his job for doing so. That is what happens to truth tellers in Alaska, especially if the Palins are involved. The testimony of the Palins was disputed by all the witnesses. No cell phone video ever turned up, people must have been paid off or threatened.

Now Sarah Palin is suing the New York Times for an opinion piece discussing the SARAHPAC targeted map, Gabby Giffords shooting. I can't make myself go to the NYT for the original article and even though they are very Democrat-ish I must go to Wonkette for the story. There is a bit of history in their article. Apparently the NYT has issued some kind of retraction.

'"We’re on Sarah Palin’s Targeted list,” Giffords told MSNBC in March, after the door of her Tucson office was smashed after her vote in favor of the health care bill. “But the thing is the way she has it depicted, it has the crosshairs of a gun sight over our district and when people do that, they’ve got to realize there are consequences to that action.” Giffords, however, demurred when the interviewer noted that such imagery has long been a staple of politics and asked whether Palin really meant it. “I can’t say, I’m not Sarah Palin,” Giffords replied."

It is clear I made an error there were actually three death panels of Sarah Palin. 



Those who claim the targets were over the districts and not the representatives of the districts have a comprehension problem. This is the map of the now defunct SARAHPAC in question.

Sarah Palin and her ever present team of lawyers are suing someone. Gee, where have we seen that before. They issue threat letters like mad with lawsuit threats aplenty, but nothing really happens because they never have a leg to stand on.

The lawyer named Van Flynn we referred to as Van Flea. There was a shitload of rumors about why she resigned. The only thing for sure was her stated reasons were BS.