Alaska After All These Years is Finally Counting and Testing the Stockpiled Rape Kits, You Know Like They Just Noticed Them, SOP

Well after all these years finally some action on this, thank you Senator Gardener and Governor Walker. Before no notice was taken, the system of allowing the rapes was even blamed on the victims. A former female governor, Sarah Palin while mayor of Wasilla charged rape victims for their rape kits. But the cops, the prosecutors, the legislators, the governors...for years, it's so disgusting. And I saw some of the victims, but no response from those in charge of the state. I can't embed any videos from the news media on blogger so here is the KTVA link.

For a very long time I have been shocked that no action was taken in Alaska to protect the women from rapists, especially Native women in the rural areas. I worked at a psychiatric facility which had an experimental program for men who raped serially in my twenties. Just like many other crimes it is a small number who commit most of the rapes. It isn't just their future victims who are protected by identifying the perps, most sex offenders will only commit one crime with appropriate counseling and supervision if caught early, so the lives of the rapists are changed for the better too.

Alaska did many things to promote rapes such as not requiring those convicted of sex crimes who came to Alaska from other states to register until a few years ago, not having law enforcement in the remote villages, not testing rape kits and unbelievably I watched as raped women came to the ER where I worked and the Nome Police did not arrest the perpetrators who were known to them. People in Nome were just OK with that, I was not. The cops were OK with it. It was like being on another planet and people did not like my opinions. I was right. Politically motivated charging and convicting of crimes were not a problem for the police or court in Nome. Cruel and vicious bastards.

“There is no justice in America, but it is the fight for justice that sustains you.” Amiri Baraka
All one can do in the face of evil is fight to stop it and make changes otherwise your own humanity will be lost to those who have no conscience or ethics. You will be damaged, but find out who you are and know you did the best you could. Believe me that is very important. 
It is evident that there is no justice in Alaska. The myth of the justice system in the United States being of high standard has been broken, but Alaska surpasses the oppression of that two tier system of injustice down to a level of heinous indifference that stuns humanity in a country that calls itself civilized.

In 2009, about seven years ago I wrote this.



We're number two second only to Louisiana. I can only imagine the jealousy in the leadership of law enforcement and  the leadership at the department of law in Alaska over Louisiana flaunting their  incompetence and corruption skills so shamelessly. Maybe if we check how long it takes to test the kits in the rural areas we could beat them? 

Now that more of the truth is being told I have to wonder if Alaska will not beat Louisiana for untested rape kits. 

Then in 2013 shocked at the below statement from Dave Parker I wrote this. 

Hollywood Dave Parker Has Been Appointed To the Alaska Judicial Council


Hollywood Dave said this about the high rape stats in Alaska:

We’re fighting an uphill battle with attitudes from Hollywood, the entertainment industry, they seem to put out the idea that this kind of thing is somehow acceptable,” said Anchorage police spokesperson Lt. Dave Parker.” 

Those in power in Alaska were so impressed with his intellect they put him on the Judicial Council.  

Now we find out that most of the rape kits were not at the crime lab, the law enforcement agencies did not even bother to even send them in. There are no words to describe the disgust I have had for so long about the corrupt law agencies of Alaska and now we have Walt Monegan part 2. He was in charge through LEAs not sending rape kits to the lab for testing. 

We know that  Senator Berta Gardner has been working on this issue.

Some issues are hard to think about. Rape is one of them. But what's even harder to think about is the fact that those who suffered the trauma of sexual assault and all its physical and emotional ramifications, have had to suffer yet again due to the negligence of the state. 

I have been thinking about it all these years, was anyone else in charge of law enforcement and law making in Alaska doing the same? Imagine how much the victims have thought about it.  

Senator Gardner states she took action after getting calls from current and former employees of the crime lab about mismanagement. It was known before those phone calls the rape kits were not being processed and that other crazy was happening to promote rapes in Alaska. Why was the problem not addressed until now? Did the visit of Loretta Lynch have something to do with finally prodding the governor to final action? He started asking for information almost a year ago and this has been an emergency situation for a long time. We now know that the majority of the rape kits were never even sent to the crime lab from the law enforcement agencies. Why until recently was action not taken to determine the number of untested rape kits and to get them tested? 


Brooke Browning Alowa and John Earthman Are Applying to be Judges, Oh Hell No! Featuring a Picture of My "Frickin' Cat"

Brooke Browning Alowa and John Earthman are both applying to be judges. I knew about Alowa yesterday but today saw John Earthman again running for judge in Nome. Tim Dooley was probably mobbed/group bullied in Nome and Earthman was behind it. I am very familiar with his work. I just told the judicial council staff it's best to leave Nome before they give you PTSD. I posted this in the Peninsula Clarion yesterday about Alowa. The judicial council had already printed it before I called. ******

Brooke Browning Alowa, Oh H*** no!

 She is a manipulative pathological liar who harmed me egregiously when she was my so called public defender. She kept me from having a defense and so did the drunk PD before her and the pot head one after her. I am not making this up. Yes, the man who was the director of the PD agency Quinlan Steiner has remained so since this Charley Foxtrot. She ran the Kotzebue PD office, defendants were not notified of hearings intentionally out of Kotz and Nome so they could railroad Native people into the prison. She lied to get me to take a plea when I had asked for a trial. Then did not return phone calls until just a few days before a hearing informing me the expert witnesses she promised me to get me to take the plea would not be happening, nothing would, I was screwed. She told me I would be my own expert witness but never called me to do so, they pulled that twice. I am not making any of this up. She participated in a conspiracy to have me wrongfully arrested and imprisoned with John Earthman the DA in Nome (he also wants to be a judge BTW) and Judge Ben Esch, by disappearing while they scheduled a hearing so that an excuse for not notifying me could be used. Her behavior after I was wrongfully arrested told the true story, that she was an active participant. It happened three days after I filed an appeal in a case where they all committed egregious malfeasance that should have resulted in the loss of their licenses and certain they should have been fired instead of given promotions and appointments. That was why they did what they did. But later the PD agency did the appeal and made sure it was crap so I would lose. The PD agency and lack of due process was the issue but they were doing the appeal. They used two con men in Homer Alaska to assist them who wrongfully accused me. There was an accusation of someone before me, then suddenly it was me when I explained why he could not have done it. One of the two con men filed a false police report, but interestingly it was never filled out until the warrant was issued to have me arrested. The whole scenario was orchestrated to help keep people from getting arrested, except me their victim they facilitated that. He also perjured himself during a hearing of the Nome Court. Then his brother who probably committed the crime they accused me of was allowed by the state of AK to steal my property, vandalize the rest and harmed my cat. They sent me to four jails and prisons telling me each time I was going to Nome for a hearing, this is done to prevent the defendant from communicating with the outside and getting bailed out. They did nothing to communicate with me and treated me horribly. When I was finally released 26 days later I was sent back to Homer homeless, I was the victim of those two con men and the employees of the so called justice system in Alaska. Later the day before a hearing I had to have my cat put to sleep after desperately trying to save her. I was refused a continuance by Judge Exparte Esch for being upset when they did that to me and the prosecutor had gotten a continuance for some vacation without any flack. Brooke Browning Alowa sent me an email telling me she was tired of hearing about my "frickin cat". There is much more to this story, she keeps trying to become a judge as she is a climber, you do not want that she is evil. The rest of the story involves abuse and medical malpractice in the prison system which I have written about for years and was totally ignored while the state continued to kill people, Alaska State Troopers not doing their jobs, AST destroying evidence, higher ups all the way to Walt Monegan part 1 calling me a liar and saying crazy to me just before slamming the phone down. Rick Svobodney when he worked for the DOJ told me no one would ever do anything about a malfeasant prosecutor in Alaska, then he called me a liar and hung up the phone. After that he was in a high position at the DOL. I could go on for days and have written much about this. I have been harmed by the corrupt people who work in the so called justice system in Alaska someone has to take a stand. The government of Alaska is immune to the truth. How many have been destroyed by these kinds of soul stalkers?
There was much harm done to me that will never go away by their actions, the worst was the starving and torture of my cat by one of their accomplices Robin Hume. He was not charged for this crime or any of the others he committed against me because then he would have probably spilled his guts on them as he is a weasel. 

They did much that was wrong in a court case which should have gotten them disbarred and Judge Esch should have been removed from the bench. They had me wrongfully arrested and imprisoned three days after an appeal was filed. Look at the top of the page to understand why they had me wrongfully arrested.

I posted this on FaceBook today with the same cat picture.

Misbehavin the cat killed by Brooke Liar Browning Alowa, DA John (I'll dismiss the charge if you drop the appeal) Earthman and Judge Ben Exparte Esch all out of Nome with the help of Judge Margaret Bullshit Murphy in Homer who is unable to know the difference between truth and BS. Then their accomplices who should have been charged with several crimes were Robin Psychopath Hume and Steve Scumbag Hume. Brooke Liar Browning Alowa after having me wrongfully imprisoned, then ignoring me claiming to have been camping said this to me while I had been severely traumatized,"I'm tired of hearing about your frickin' cat." They forced me to have a hearing on the phone the day after I had to have her put to sleep secondary to their heinous actions against me. The DA had gotten the hearing continued due to a vacation but both he and the public pretenders had it continued several times. Exparte Esch treated ME like crap for wanting a continuance due to being upset. They did this on purpose but probably have some story as cover. Anyone who examines the evidence can figure this out. These people, none of them should have ever been practicing law. This is what they did to the Alaska Natives over and over. Some of them were so traumatized they refused to go on probation and served the whole sentences to prevent them from constantly harassing them. Others carried large sums of money with them at all times due to such frequent arrests, they take you wallet and check book so you can't bail yourself out and they can keep you in the prison longer.

Alowa just applies everywhere.    

Misbehavin, I loved her very much. Brooke Browning after setting me up told me she was tired of hearing about my "frickin' cat." Well Alowa I am tired of thinking about what she must have gone through and remembering what I went through trying to find just one person at the public defender agency who had enough empathy to even call the animal shelter to go and get her. 

Thank you DOJ for at least reading about what happened. It's been a very long time and no one in Alaska even listened. I wrote a fifty page letter about the whole story and sent it to Sarah Palin, agencies and legilators, I got crickets except the state Ombudsman was pissed about it. The staff of Palin told me she read that fifty page letter, yea that's hilarious. 

I was run out of Anchorage, Alaska last fall and the federal government was involved. Right now I am in pain and not feeling very well due to being homeless and having to sleep in a dorm with egocentrics who do all kinds of crazy things that keep people awake and of course no supervision from the non-profit industrial complex. That does not go well with PTSD and ME/cfs. Soon I will write more. Yes, I will be testifying at the hearings.



Shane Barbera's Part Two of Bernie Sand Wars: Episode V - THE DNC STRIKES BACK is Published, It's Awesome!!!

I re-posted the first episode again for those who did not see it or want to watch it again. The first episode was excellent, but this second one is so awesome I was laughing loudly at the library and I'm one of those annoying shhhhhssshhh people. I almost lost it when Dronebama showed up and started talking about TPP. Danny Devito was used to destroy it. Then there is the part about the traitor Elizabeth Warren, this is so fabulous.

Part 1

Part 2

This is, Killing In the Name, from the group Rage Against the Machine, they were in Philly. Part of this same song is in this video. I was listening to this song on a bus and some kid began looking around trying to find who is was. I finally had to let him know it was me. Hilarity ensued, you know because I'm 61 and he never thought an older person would be listening to it.

No one can convince me to vote for Darth Hillary. It doesn't matter what anyone else says. Bernie can't do it either. I know what I know along with having ethics and a conscience. This country, this world, and especially the people all over the world who are being harmed by the empire are what matters. Fuck the oligarchy and their puppets.


Assange Describes Why Hillary's Moves Are Limitied and Already Scripted, Fabulous Video Describes How DNC Rigged the Convention Too

This is not what democracy looks like. While watching the video and reading always remember this scenario that played out with the Democrats was pre-planned with all the major players involved. This is why President Obama and many others allowed a rigged election and said nothing.


Hillary and other Democrats along with the oligarchy made the choices she did that defied unity, yes it was Hillary and her henchmen/women who caused the disunity because she has to pay people back for screwing the country over to force her coronation on us. Discussing 2008: “…Hillary loses the election, ah loses the primary process against Obama. At that point Tim Kaine was the head of the DNC, the Democratic National Committee. Debbie Wasserman Schultz was ah, Hillary Clintons campaign manager. So then some kind of deal is done whereby Debbie Wasserman Schultz becomes the head of the DNC and Tim Kaine steps down. Ah, now if you are Hillary and you are thinking strategically you are going to run again in four years or eight years to have your campaign manager as head of the DNC, controller of if you like the regulator, is regulating the nomination competition, ah is a huge strategic advantage.”

Assange is saying that Hillary Clinton is operating in much the same way as Sarah Palin did in Alaska, cronyism, keeping those who know something about her close, picking those who will do unethical things for her but are not educated or experienced to actually do the job well.

He discusses when DWS had to resign due to the leaked documents showing her corruption and how Hillary rather than create unity with the Bernie Sanders supporters immediately appointed DWS to her campaign (remember it was the same damn day). Then Hillary went on to pick Tim Kaine as VP rather than someone from the Bernie camp which would have created unity. The process of creating the DNC platform could have also created unity, but they screwed us on that too. Why? Assange believes the kingdom of Clinton is built on friendships and alliances and she can’t let the message get out that she does not respect those alliances so she immediately put the corrupt DWS into another important position. The deals of who is picked and what goes on were made years ago so this may be why Tim Kaine was picked as VP. Kaine gave up being head of DNC mostly likely so DWS, Hillary’s campaign manager would be in place at the DNC which was supposed to be impartial, but instead was a Hillary election machine. It looks like the leverage to manipulate Kaine to step down was he would be given the spot of VP running mate. Even if you did not figure out from Obama’s previous behavior that this means DNC corruption goes all the way to the White House and DWS was just the errand girl of the powerful. The oligarchic overlords will have the candidate they want despite the people finding her distasteful and overwhelmingly wanting someone else.

Why did Hillary pick DWS when she was forced to resign as head of the DNC? “Hillary has to keep her close.” The reason is DWS knows a lot about the Clintons. Then there is this, “Don’t worry if you take a fall…for doing a corrupt act for me…then you will be taken care of.” You scratch my back, I scratch your back, you rig an election I protect you when you are outed. 

Then he goes on to claim this all creates a limit on the moves Hillary can make. In other words her choices are limited to her unethical cronies who were all promised positions, appointments and favors for helping her get elected, they also have to be careful to not anger those who have information which can be used against them. She could not choose a person for the VP candidate that would have made the Bernie Sanders people feel more comfortable with her because that spot was already filled. Picking a Bernie or actual liberal for the VP spot would not have worked with me, but it would have with a very large percentage of Bernie supporters.

This is how we ended up with a government corrupt to the core and dysfunctional as hell. We watched this in Alaska with Sarah Palin and Parnell. So many times I wrote that Palin chose people based on if they were in her high school class, would protect her or that they were in place to do unethical things for her. This is at the federal level however and has affected all the agencies.
“There wasn’t a move available to her to unite with the Bernie Sanders supporters…because those squares were already occupied”
This next video is a work of art describing the events that went on at the Democratic National Committee to prevent the Bernie Sanders supporters from having a voice. Most of this the public did not know about because only the alternative media reported the truth. The revolution may not be on TV but it will be on the internet. It was not just the election that was rigged, so was the Democratic National Convention.

This is Melissa Melton who is the editor and writer at the Daily Sheeple is the woman in this video. Love the title. Truthstream Media.



Shawn Lucas Served Notice of a Lawsuit to DNC/DWS in July and Died in August, Another Clinton Death Coincidence

Shawn Lucas, process server to the DNC/DWS is dead.
There have been several coincidences associated with the Clintons for a very long time with regards to people dying...decades of deaths. In fact when I heard the story of how my uncle died decades ago in Arkansas and what went on before his death I questioned if he might be one of the people. I was met with anger, but sorry it was a weird and illogical story. Bill Clinton dedicated a room to my uncle after his death.

Back when Bill Clinton was running the first time, people came to my house in Washington state to have a meeting organizing support for Jerry Brown who ran against him in the primary. We discussed the people associated with the Clintons who had died so far. That must have been around 1992ish. Those mysterious Clinton associated deaths are continuing and interesting how they have increased dramatically now that Hillary is running for president. I waited a few days for more information before posting about this but there wasn't any.

The video of Shawn Lucas serving staff at the Democratic National Headquarters regarding the lawsuit out of Florida addressing corruption involved with donations to the DNC is in a post from July 1st of this year on this blog. The claims that he was a lead attorney are false, he was a process
server. Of course the death will be declared natural causes or an overdose, at this point even if that were true with all the deaths over the last few weeks who could believe it? Well Hillary supporters will.
Class Action Lawsuit Against the DNC and Debbie Wasserman Schultz Filed in Florida To Defend the USA From the Corrupt DNC

Here is the video.


Bernie Sanders Op-Ed-ed Us the Bern of Betrayal, the LA Times Deleted the Pissed Off Comments Twice So Far

I don't know what the deal is, if Bernie Sanders was hypnotized, is a pod person, is drugged, has a relative being held hostage by the oligarychy/DNC, was in on the scam all along or is completely not grasping the DNC corruption and election rigging concept. It is really fucking weird to read what he writes and says now. I was pissed at Bernie and already feeling like a knife was stuck in my back and beginning the process of forgiveness because he did some good with his campaign. That has completely changed now.

Bernie Sanders wrote an op-ed that was in the LA Times and probably other papers today. He is essentially saying that Queen Hillary must be crowned or the evil man will embarrass us and look she said she would do all these progressive things, she would never lie to us don't ya know. Hillary lies, Hillary has done very evil things, Donald Trump has said evil things. I am not a Trump supporter and think he is a psychopath, just like Hillary and Bill, but really the hypocrisy is stunning.

People who had little money did without to send Bernie Sanders money because they believed in him. Some people did without essential things and were proud they got $20 together through sacrificing. He said little about the election fraud, little about the news media ignoring him and now has betrayed us. He can now kiss my ass.

He wrote this, "In these difficult times, we need a president who will bring our nation together..." Does Bernie know a large number of Republicans hate Hillary Clinton and so do most of the actual left wing? The Democrats are not left wing, they think they are, but hell no. Many think Hillary belongs in prison so what makes Bernie think they will vote for her to become president. The DNC picked a poison candidate and now Bernie who obviously never wanted to win the election wants us to vote for her. He discusses promises Hillary Clinton has made, she will go back on much of that, it's the Clinton way. Bernie was in place as a sheep herder to get new members of the Democratic party in an attempt to get more voters to try and win against Trump, it backfired on them.

Been sick and feeling crappy and that won't be changing because I am homeless with health problems as are many and have been for almost 1.5 years, there is almost no low income housing, the shelter I am in a part of the non-profit industrial complex created by the neoliberal Clinton destruction of welfare threw away my three civil cases I was working on, the health clinics of incompetence for the homeless have nearly killed me, the shelters have traumatized me over and over, their cruelty is off the scale. Mayors all over the country are doing horrible things to the homeless but lie about it to the public, I can't even do self care or eat healthy food. The shelters are generally filthy and filled with people with poor hygiene and then I have a defective immune system which results in my frequently catching something, but there are also toxins that affect health.

It is the anniversary of my wrongful arrest and imprisonment, I called several agencies involved in that corruption and found it quite difficult to even find their phone numbers. The governor's staff was rude to me, many agencies have played games with me for over a decade which is SOP. One said someone would call me, that has not happened, but I did not expect it to. Governor Walker's administration is no better than the others when it comes to ethics and how citizens are treated. Those who harmed me were rewarded and without legal action those in charge of Alaska will never do anything to right the wrongs. They are all cowards and many are liars. I hoped if we got an ethical president something would be done about these corrupt states, the oligarchy will not allow that whatever horror story is elected Clinton or Trump.

This nearly made me vomit, thanks Bernie.
During the primaries, my supporters and I began a political revolution to transform America. That revolution continues as Hillary Clinton seeks the White House.

Wow Bernie, wow, you have now damaged the word 'revolution'. You hurt a lot of people, we are no longer feeling the Bern, instead we are feeling betrayal, you used us and so did the DNC. You also hurt the country. There is no revolution, if we could have had a peaceful revolution we may have been able to avoid the now inevitable bloody revolution. THERE IS NO REVOLUTION WITH HILLARY CLINTON! You could've been a contender but you chose to be a chump.

I waited and gave Bernie the benefit of doubt, I tried to forgive him, but as usual my first instincts were correct. When he began looking like he was going to endorse Hillary it seemed we would be screwed and we have been. But here is the mind fuck problem, Bernie seems like a good man with good intentions, so it makes people hesitate to be pissed at him. I weighed the good and bad, but the scales are now tipped over.

Pay attention people, this was a very obvious PSYOP and it worked until it didn't work. The reason it stopped working is people are becoming more conscious. Some will fall for the manipulations, but most of us are standing tough. The people including me were hungry for an ethical person with empathy to change this country, now I do not trust Bernie Sanders and don't know what to think about him anymore.

Bernie's op-ed in the LA Times earlier today deleted a large number of the comments to the op-ed Bernie wrote. Then this notice appeared in the comments because they think people are stupid.

A couple hours later they deleted comments again and put this in the comments.
The LA Times thinks deleting is a technical difficulty. This is the LA Times, the southern California branch of the fucked up fourth estate who demonstrated what they were when they fired Ted Rall over bullshit.

Bernie is now actively telling us who to vote for, was he lying then or is he lying now. Mind fuck.

But here is what really pissed me off.

I understand that many of my supporters are disappointed by the final results of the nominating process, but being despondent and inactive is not going to improve anything. Going forward and continuing the struggle is what matters. And, in that struggle, the most immediate task we face is to defeat Donald Trump.

First of all there was no nominating process, there was a rigged election, there was the DNC working towards the coronation of Hillary. As Bernie knows this is very well documented due to massive evidence and the DNC emails. I said long ago before the news media quoted an inside NSA source it is probably expat CIA or someone from a similar agency on the inside who is disgusted by what is happening in this country. The source is probably not Russia, that runs the high probability of being a group lie. Good for whoever released the emails for wanting to live in a Democracy.

Bernie, Bernie Bernie we will go forward at this point and make our own decisions about what we will do without your input. This was it, you know how when men piss women off and just have to say that one last stupid thing?

...but being despondent and inactive is not going to improve anything. 

Really? You screwed us over, you got everyone believing you really wanted to win the election, you got us to fall for the hopey changey thing again, you lead us to the DNC soul crushing slaughter, then have the balls to make a comment invalidating our feelings. Fuck you. 

If I was in a relationship with Bernie I would be packing my shit right now and mumbling to myself using lots of swear words, "I must be some kind of god damn fucking codependent idiot, what the hell was that." I am packing my psychological shit right now and moving far away from Bernie.

I would be singing this song and dancing just like this guy as I went out the door and then yell, don't bother me anymore or I'll get a restraining order because I can't deal with your crap anymore.


Portia Boulger Ranting Delegate Interview! Bernie or Bust Rally! Changes are Coming!

No idea why this came out double spaced, it is not how them template looks?

Portia Boulger Whose Rant Went Viral Yesterday Is Even Cooler Than She Seemed!

She is the delegate whose rant I posted yesterday.

Portia Boulger worked as a union carpenter. She is about my age, that means she has courage to stand up for herself and do what she thinks is right because women carpenters when we were young were few and far between. I was an apprentice carpenter only for a short time because the work caused my health issues to go off the scale, but the discrimination was massive in just that short time. She would have endured all kinds of abuse for a long period of time. This means she has courage and strength.

She says, "Sadness from the truth is better than happiness from lies." Yes! Absolutely! I would rather know all things learned from my decade of abuse in Alaska and have PTSD than have happy oblivion. 

I agree with her that all the leaders of the Democratic Party who were involved in the "blaming culture" and the corruption should not have their jobs any more. The only way the Democratic Party can be saved is to clean house, but I have serious doubts that will work. Third parties may have to just work around the Democrats and Republicans. Since most of the members seem to think corruption is a normal and acceptable practice selecting leaders who can be proper role models is very important. No what has gone on is not normal and acceptable, they stole an election. Thieves run the Democrats just like they do the Republicans because the oligarchy thinks everything is for them. The Dems lack the crazy dominionist evangelical fringe, but they have gone right wing and have the majority of the Democrats thinking they are liberals. Almost none of these people are even in the ball park of liberalism. Their party should be called 'Republican Light'. They were apparently not taught about sharing and have a complete lack of empathy. 

Bernie or Bust Rally

These next two videos are from the Sane Progressive. The first one features, Lee Camp telling it like it is, a short announcement from the Sane Progressive, Debbie Lusignan and Tim Black throws an amazingly awesome speech.

The guy at the beginning of the video is wonderful, but I don't know who he is. 

Tim Black starts at 46:00  

The Sane Progressive, Debbie Lusignan starts at 44:10

Lee Camp starts at 12:50.

Lee Camp: We have so much fucking potential…if we just thought outside of this two party paradigm that they forced us into. It’s bullshit alright…and this unfettered, unregulated capitalist domination of the mental fear, the natural here and now. It’s an extraction, it’s a defamation, it’s a defecation on anything and everything that matters to your average human being…the question is really now whether we’ll take our differences and put them aside for three seconds in order to tell the assholier than thou titans of dickery at the top to go fuck themselves with a rusty fracking pipe.
We can do this and it’s on us now…keep fighting!

The next video is a continuation of the Bernie Or Bust event. 

Ultimate Rage is on first.

Then Jill Stein's entro is on at 9:48."We are the ones we've been waiting for an we are not going away."

People have been educated that they have power. I learned over about the last decade that I have a lot of power all by myself, no movement, just me. I had to operate alone due to massive corruption, people demonizing me, saying I was lying and crazy, this included people on the left, this is bullying. I operated with no support at all from anyone, blocked by every government agency responsible for the problems, was lied to and hung up on by commissioners, politicians and reporters. The more they blocked me, the more I had to say. They are still lying, but changes happened. They can all kiss my ass. 

Those politicians who did not support us in making ethical changes for the people of the country and are telling us to vote for Hillary Clinton a dangerous candidate owned by the oligarchy by using a candidate selected by the DNC/Hillary to run as a Republican and be their Snidely Whiplash need to start looking for a new career. There are people who will be running against them or are running against them now, there are changes coming. Remember when someone speaks up others join in, that is what Bernie caused, he spoke the truth, said how it aught to be and people who had the same thinking in their heads and hearts became alert. Bernie gave people the knowledge of their power and the courage to stand up and work for changes for their fellow man, their country, the earth and people in other countries. I disagree with him supporting Hillary Clinton, but don't know the threats or pressures in the background.


When you are the lone wolf whistleblower you pay a huge price because you are scarred in a war, but there are positives. I get to like myself, I get to know I have courage, I get to know I do the right thing when everyone else does the wrong thing, I get to know I am strong, ethical and intelligent. There is nothing in this world, no amount of money as valuable as this. 

Claudia Stauber of Cabin Talk interviews Bernie's Videographer below. He describes what we are doing. Even if we lose, we win because this is a process of purging the evil, the corrupt, the dinosaurs. It is an evolution of change.What we have accomplished is amazing.