Hillary Clinton's Political Bullying, Bernie's Only Choice, Fight Back With The Truth, She Whines Then Hires Trolls To Bully

In the past Bernie explained that if he is attacked with false accusations he will "respond forcefully." He said they will respond back which is what should happen. They were warned and of course Hillary Clinton has a history of attacking as we saw when she ran against President Obama, she had no idea then what anyone was talking about either. Responding to the lies and manipulations of information such as we saw with the Daily News Editorial Board interview by several news outlets is exactly what candidate Sanders should be doing. The MSM left out most of the information and those who did not either watch the whole interview or read the transcript don't actually understand the answers. In order to understand the situation you must read the material rather than one liners or in some cases two-worders written by journalists who are demonizing Sanders for Clinton and the DNC. You must also pay attention to what Hillary Clinton says, she is not direct, but instead implies things because then she can say she never said that. Telling the news media in the background and then not having the guts to say it yourself to the public is a cowardly bully technique. 

Remember this guy, Keith Olberman who told the truth? Gosh I wish he was around right now. What I wouldn't give for a good old Olberman rant right now. Guess I'll just have to do it myself.


Kevin Gosztola at ShadowProof wrote a comprehensive article on the false attacks on Bernie Sanders from the Clinton Camp. "Clinton never made any such pledge to run a “positive campaign” without attack ads. Since September, she has used a network of surrogates and rapid response super PACs to push their anti-Sanders talking points into the media. The media has obliged by constantly revisiting this notion that Sanders is now a negative campaign solely focused on slinging mud at Clinton."

With all kinds of bullying the outcomes are predictable. Hillary Clinton put out information to indicate Bernie Sanders is not qualified to be president or is unelectable for a long time. Bernie explains why we are in danger of having a right wing extremist in the White House and that his poll numbers show he is more likely to win against a right wing psychopath than Hillary Clinton, who is kind of the same as them in the next video.

"This is not the type of politics that I want to get in,” added Sanders in a typical speech in Philadelphia. “But if we are going to be attacked … if they are going to question my qualifications, I think I have a right to question hers.”

From the Guardian:

“She has made a deal with the devil and the devil wants his due,” said Weaver in a particularly blunt Sanders camp attack on her reliance on wealthy donations on Thursday. “If the Clinton campaign wants to engage in a more bare knuckle approach, we are happy to do that as well.”

Hillary Clinton is pulling a Palin, hinting, intimating, she gets staff in her campaign to say things for her, uses whispering campaigns and then she plays the victim, "I don't know why he's saying that." She is trying to turn around the psychological impact of her nasty responses and attacks with her statements about unifying the party, "I'd take Bernie over Cruz, Trump anytime." That is not going to happen, too much has gone on, it's like being married to an abusive man who wants to smooth things over, I don't think so and they wonder where "Bernie or Bust" came from. There are false articles written by some Clinton hacks editing interviews of him to make him look like he is saying things he is not with the theme of the article being party unity is starting. These are not journalists, they are propagandists. Examine everything with a critical eye and identify them for what they are.

Here is an example of Hillary Clinton and the DNC having control of the MSM.

Now where would CNN get an idea that was Hillary Clinton's plan, because she doesn't know "why he's saying that?" Does she have no control of her campaign, does she not pay attention to what the news media says, does she have memory problems or is she lying? Is she developing Alzheimer's like Ronald Reagan? Of course she knows why he is saying that, she and her people engineered the situation and her tactics are very sick. The only way to stop a bully is to expose them. This is bullying 101, spread false rumors by using other people and then when the target says something back, play the innocent victim.

Where oh where did the Washington Post get the idea for this title for an article? Clinton questions whether Sanders is qualified to be president, leaves out a direct quote from her using those words, but they did not come up with this out of the blue, she must have told them not to print what she said.

Really you are so obvious that this is Hillaryous! It is just the same as workplace bullying or junior high school mean girls, but this is political bullying and people in Alaska are quite familiar with these tactics. That's not what I said, look how he behaves, look what he said. I never said that, I'm the aggrieved party. Bullying uses the same tactics no matter the setting. Bashing in the background until the target finally gets tired of it and fights back is one of the goals so they can use the response to demonize. The thing with Hillary is we have her tactics from when she ran against President Obama to use for comparison, but those who support Hillary will not be able to see the historical data, the pages will become blank to their brains. Most people read very little so don't even know the facts, so when misinformation is spread they believe it. MSM is useless, for example, Time Warner, CNN’s parent company, is the 8th largest contributor to Hillary Clinton’s Presidential campaign.We call CNN, the Clinton News Network and these people aren't even subtle.

I have researched workplace bullying for years and know the characteristics of those who are often bullied because I am a main target on many levels all the time due to being an ethical whistleblower type along with the other characteristics of targets of bullies.

Here is a description of targets from the Workplace Bullying Institute and much of this describes Bernie Sanders, this is for the workplace but you can easily translate it to politics or any other bullying situation.

Targets are independent. They refuse to be subservient. Bullies seek to enslave targets. When targets take steps to preserve their dignity, their right to be treated with respect, bullies escalate their campaigns of hatred and intimidation to wrest control of the target's work from the target.
Targets are more technically skilled than their bullies. They are the "go-to" veteran workers to whom new employees turn for guidance. Insecure bosses and co-workers can't stand to share credit for the recognition of talent. Bully bosses steal credit from skilled targets.
Targets are better liked, they have more social skills, and quite likely possess greater emotional intelligence. They have empathy (even for their bullies). Colleagues, customers, and management (with exception to the bullies and their sponsors) appreciate the warmth that the targets bring to the workplace.
Targets are ethical and honest. Some targets are whistleblowers who expose fraudulent practices. Every whistleblower is bullied. Targets are not schemers or slimy con artists. They tend to be guileless. The most easily exploited targets are people with personalities founded on a prosocial orientation -- a desire to help, heal, teach, develop, nurture others.
Targets are non-confrontive. They do not respond to aggression with aggression. (They are thus morally superior.) But the price paid for apparent submissiveness is that the bully can act with impunity (as long as the employer also does nothing).

Getting aggressive back at Hillary Clinton was most likely not Bernie's natural reaction, his advisors probably had to work on him. He really has no choice but to verbally spar and respond because without the information to counteract the lies the public may think the slanders against him are true.

There are two other things about targets that are not mentioned above. The first is we are the kind of people who go to work to do the work to the best of our abilities, we don't mess around, we have no other agenda but our workThen, the more threatening an ethical target is and the more fear of being outed or not getting what they want the more competitive the bully is with getting into a powerful position, so they escalate their tactics.We have been seeing this. In this case there have been some unethical actions around voting and manipulating the news media. Directly telling news media something negative about Bernie Sanders, giving them information in the background to smear him without saying it herself so they act as her surrogate and then denying that action is unethical and despicable.

In this case Bernie Sanders is surrounded by lots of supportive people and is a seasoned politician, he is shielded from the same negative health effects a powerless everyday worker would suffer from the bullying. I have written before that support prevents the negative health effects of trauma and PTSD. He is also savvy about political bullying. The excerpt above from the Workplace Bullying Institute describes Bernie, the first line even says targets are independent. Notice bullies will steal the good work of others or try to fake they are like the other person to win over their friends and supporters. Hillary has been changing what she says to be more in line with Bernie's message.

From SNL:

Then Bernie Sanders decided to go Brooklyn on Hillary and say here are the reasons I think YOU aren't qualified to be president.She is only qualified to be the president of an Oligarchy not a Democracy.

Then we get the predicted result from the Clinton campaign, engineered demonizing. '“A new low,” complained Clinton spokesman Brian Fallon, after her rival responded to what he believed were personal attacks on him by questioning whether she was “qualified to be president” either."'

CNN has done everything they could to avoid reporting on Bernie Sanders until he kicked quite a bit of butt, now they are in the business of reporting misinformation about him to sabotage, but the first sabotage of the MSM was to just ignore Sanders. Sabotage is another bully tactic and then all the information CNN uses comes from the Hillary Clinton campaign.

The young people have you all figured out, Clinton and they know how corrupt the news media is.  Unlike what Hillary Clinton would like the public to believe the young people are indeed doing research. They learned during the Occupy movement, from Wikileaks, from living in a world where they have little opportunity, from learning who caused the massive economic disparity in the United States and they read books written by left wing intellectuals. They learned how to think for themselves about corporate media, how Wall Street took control of this country, they learned where the inequality came from, they know why they struggle, they watched dishonest politicians, they learned how to organize and go after changes for the betterment of their country. Trying to turn back time and uneducate them isn't going to work for Hillary or anyone else, so why insult the young people of our country who have had a hard time finding opportunities by saying this, "I feel sorry sometimes for the young people who believe this, they don't do their own research.."Isn't it the lack of research that you count on Hillary Clinton, so the public who get their information from the MSM don't read reliable journalists or watch the honest ones on the internet like the young people do?

I wrote most of the above post about two weeks ago and never posted it. The contents are more important now that more political bullying has been revealed and I will certainly have more to say about this. Today I saw that Rosario Dawson had discussed Hillary Clinton's tactics as bullying and discussed Monika Lewinski's anti-bullying work. Thank you Rosario Dawson.


Black Men For Bernie, They Went Out Into America to Educate People About Bernie Sanders

Black Men For Bernie

They got on the road with Bernie to go explain his values, beliefs, policies and vision for the people of this country because the main stream media is just going to ignore Bernie and help spread lies. Bernie supporters had to suit up and show up to get the message out because it was blocked at every angle. You know just like with voting.

Black Men for Bernie Sanders, they take their message on the road.

Women for Bernie: The Berning Vagina Monologues

Women for Bernie Sanders.

I can't even begin to describe how awesome this is. So it's not that my Interstitial Cystitis is flaring up, I have a Berning Vagina. Those doctors at the homeless people clinic would have misdiagnosed that too something that happens a lot when there are vaginas involved.

Bernie Sanders and Homelessness, Some Homeless Vermonters on Bernie, Bernie Visits Public Housing!

I was homeless for a year on March 2nd after leaving Laurawood Arms, a USDA/HUD apartment complex in Soldotna, Alaska for senior and disabled people where I had been mobbed for several years by a retired cop who is associated with the DPS, along with his wife. Then they went after the new staff when they left and manipulated the son into place who had a burglary conviction and massive issues so he was not able to function in his job. It was psycho-city and they organized elderly women, many with dementia to participate in their bullying. There were other issues like smoking in the apartments. The place was just nuts. I stayed for years trying to get the problems fixed, a governor's staff and several agencies allowed the problems but one agency was manipulated by the cop and his sick family. So my homelessness for over a year now was forced by them, the management company and the owners of the property. Just like all agencies the USDA is corrupt as hell no matter what division you are dealing with and the laws have been written so the corporations are in charge, so they claimed helplessness while offices in other states said they were supposed to be giving the bastards fines. 

I was at Brother Francis Shelter in Anchorage Alaska since the first part of March until last fall when I was run out of Anchorage and will tell that story soon. I worked to facilitate changes, wrote probably over 200 grievances, reported the problems to agencies and people who worked with the homeless in Anchorage, spoke to a reporter, went to the mayor's office and spoke to his staff often, was harassed by housekeeping and just one of the security guards for the evil crime of brushing my teeth in the ground floor bathroom of city hall after being told I was welcome there (the mayor's staff did say I could use their bathroom on the 8th floor, but I was pissed by then), spoke at the Anchorage Assembly about bullying staff at BFS (only allowed three minutes), wrote blog posts about the problems, left often hysterical messages for the administrative staff at Catholic Social Services and was pretty much just ignored by the two Lisas in charge, tried to see the Archbishop about the problems, his secretary prevented it, confronted any priest I saw in Anchorage about the problems and got pooh-pooh-ed from all but one of them. 

The most courageous thing I did was stand up to the staff at the shelter because a couple of them were absolutely brutal. There was a supervisor who is probably a psychopath left to torture people and I became his main target. He made me stand in the entryway every day for a while. He began to verbally bully me every day when I came in and then did not like what I had to say to him, so torture was employed. I have ME/cfs with POTS and became ill and fell. Then he told the staff at Providence Hospital lies that affected my health care. The worst part is the staff at that hospital believed this lying uneducated ass of a bully and joined in with medical bullying (along with ignorance about ME/cfs of course). There is much more to the Providence Hospital story and one about Regional Hospital too, homeless people are treated horribly in emergency rooms and it is no different where I am right now. The staff stupidly documented what this monster who I shall call Little Horsey said in my medical records, LOL for those who know his real name. He engineered all kinds of crap, had a co-bully that he trained to harm people, did things to mentally ill people to get an excuse to throw homeless people out at night for behavior problems, practiced massive favoritism and they both treated women horribly. The system was set up to treat women as second class citizens and probably still is. Women are second class citizens at a large number of co-ed shelters. 

Now I am in another city where the conditions are not good, property is stolen by both staff and other homeless people, they bully as well, but it got better. Someone may have launched some rants here and there. I wonder who that could be? There are cliques of bullies here who have been let run wild, the food is unhealthy, the healthcare is horrible and on and on. 

The incompetent clinic that misdiagnosed me twice within ten minutes of my seeing their goofy little doctor has just given me a letter firing me as a patient, that was after I went in and ranted about a mentally ill woman who was covered in dirt wandering about the city and told them I had given up after several months of trying to get health care from them. It is like someone saying, I quit and the boss saying, no you can't quit, you're fired. They told me to go to an emergency room for health care, yes they did do that. I had already gone to an ER and told them I could not get health care from that clinic, the ER staff refused me health care and then as if I had never told them about the problems with the clinic told me they would help me find primary care giving me an instruction sheet to go to that clinic. Just die homeless person, just die, we don’t care, go to the clinic of incompetence and just die. Oh but the clinic of incompetence does not like the patient who knows what is going on or advocates for the mentally ill, no they don’t. They have one real nurse who is being paid by a separate agency that I love though, he's a real nurse and as altruistic as all get out. I was so sick last winter I'm pretty sure from some of the symptoms I had a viral sepsis and after all ME/cfs is probably post-sepsis syndrome. I have had influenza twice due to the conditions I live in and the poor hygiene and manners of many of the homeless people. 

Being Homeless Causes Massive Trauma and Many of Us Already Had PTSD and Other Trauma Illnesses

SAMHSA is trying to teach services and agencies to design their systems in a way that helps prevent more trauma and so staff is Trauma Informed.  Most people would be surprised to find out how hard it is to get counseling for trauma/PTSD, but even more surprised to know that much of the behavioral health services rather than help traumatized people cause more trauma. The services for low income people, Native people and the homeless are substandard and cause massive trauma. A person is traumatized, seeks counseling, is traumatized by the staff and the system, they try again and again, more trauma, then they become suicidal. Often the person is blamed for not being compliant or not trying hard enough, but they have PTSD (fight or flight) and are using flight to avoid the abuse of the staff and system. This is one reason for the increased suicide, I know from experience both personally and from patients at a bush hospital with incompetent behavioral health and massive bullying of many types. 

They don't torture me at the shelter anymore, but certainly did when I first got there, the first night I was left outside in the freezing cold and my property was in danger like I have no rights and I don’t matter. Many things have changed, someone actually did listen, the executive director is gone and so is the president of the board, but no one actually tells me about anything due to lack of respect.
It's still a very unpleasant situation and there is ongoing bullying from people who are emotionally juveniles and not supervised. Everyday someone puts stuff on my plastic bins or around them, yesterday they stuffed a bunch of plastic bags next to it. I got frost bite last winter because there are only three overflow beds for the floor for women (two rooms for men, see what I mean) and if you aren't one of the three on the list you stay outside all night or go on over to the mission's shelter for women which is nick-named Jesus Jail. That means being first at the gate to get in where we never know the exact time they will open. I waited as long as two hours in the freezing cold and had hypothermia several times. They don't care and did not open early, but they did open early for a Super Bowl Party which of course I expressed my opinion about and asked if there was going to be an Iditarod Party, the operations manager said, "What's that?' Hehe.

My files for my cases with FOIA request results that took years to get, lots of work over the same period of time and evidence, all of it for one case were stolen and thrown away by the staff. My personal papers and personal property were also inside my almost new suitcase. I also had two cameras stolen from a locked cupboard, not my expensive one thankfully, it's safe in Alaska. They then gave the police who I called to report their theft a load of BS and tried to blame me for it. It was locked in storage where I had no access. Surprise just like some crimes committed against me in Alaska the police here declare the crime a "civil matter" because crimes against the homeless are not considered real crimes. 

I worked with the homeless on the streets years ago, along with prostitutes and elderly people living in horrible conditions in old crappy buildings, so just like my experience with the corrupt and dangerous prisons in Alaska being wrongfully imprisoned after having worked in them my perspective is from both sides. My research tells me the problems are the same almost everywhere and the systems are derived from the federal government. The whole system needs to be gutted and redone. Simply putting people in an appropriate type of housing for their situation would stop much of the re-traumatization so people can begin to heal and have some kind of a life.

What kind of a country treats people this way? We need Bernie Sanders to make humane changes by organizing the people to march and stand up for those who are being abused which will force the law makers to do their jobs. There has been almost no affordable housing built in the last three decades.

Homeless people on Bernie Sanders.

Bernie Sanders on use of empty houses for the Homeless.

Bernie on increase in homelessness and his work to increasing the political voice for the working class and poor.

Lauren Steiner from Los Angeles for Bernie discusses Bernie and homelessness.

Bernie Sanders video about the poverty, the working poor, universal health care and homelessness due to the oligarchy in the United States. Bernie Sanders visited people living in bad conditions in public housing in New York. He prefers to help people with the wealth of this country rather than start false wars and destroy another country along with killing and maiming their people. So do I.

Hispanic People For Bernie Sanders Because He's "Fighting for the Rights of the People"

El Quemazon (The Bern)

He’s the man with a vision
to better this country.
Running for president
but the rich don’t want him.
Bernie Sanders is his name.
Now you're going to feel his burn.

New York is the state where he was born.
Brooklyn where he grew up.
As kid he started noticing
the rich getting richer
and the poor working longer hours.
Still many don't make enough to survive.

He's the son of Immigrants
who came in search of better lives.
Working to succeed
like we all do every day.
We come here with the same dream:
Provide our families a better chance at life.

The rich and the media don't like him
and they’re scared that he can win.
He wants college to be free
so our children can progress.
He believes health care is for all.
Not a business, but a human right.

Years ago, in Chicago, he was arrested
for protesting against segregation.
He doesn’t care about the color of your skin
to him we are all children of God.
Many call him Robin Hood
others call him The Bern.

Fighting for the rights of the people
even law enforcement could not stop him.
He'll keep battling until he becomes
president of this nation.
Bernie Sanders is his name.
This is his corrido The Bern!


Of Course Bernie Sanders Was Invited to the Vatican, it Was a Conference on Pope John Paul II’s Writings. He Wanted to Meet the Pope. Who Wouldn’t have? Update: Faith and Social Justice Roundtable, Brooklyn

Update: In Brooklyn, NY Christians, Muslims and others with Bernie Sanders at the  "Faith and Social Justice Roundtable.” This is truly beyond anything I thought could happen in this country, it makes me proud. Gathering up everyone to work together for the same goals. Bernie Sanders is our best hope to get the people to force legislators to begin doing their jobs for us. 

Perhaps people need to see a psychiatrist like Pope Francis recommends or maybe do some reading. Bernie Sanders was invited to the Vatican to speak at a conference they had on the Centesimus Annus. Pope John Paul II wrote during the cold war about political and economic issues, discussing  social and economic justice. He hit on many topics including the rights of the poor, working people, how stronger nations should treat weaker ones, freedom, prevention of monopolies, responsibility to future generations, the role social structures play in causing our social problems, how supporting good for others is also good for ourselves and on and on and on. So of course Bernie Sanders was invited as he would work to make moral changes for the people, the opposite of Hillary Clinton who will give us more of what we are already getting.

The reason for the invitation is very obvious, on a daily basis Bernie Sanders speaks to the agenda of that conference and much of what Pope John Paul II wrote about, changing the world so we have equality and fair economics. At the core of every social issue, political issue and economic issue in the United States and the world is immoral economics that has allowed the ultra rich to take over our politics and every government agency, they have control of the news media and have swayed the public to believe things that are false. There were Democrats who were able to understand this until recently who have had some kind of amnesia set in...psychiatrists can help with that too. 

There was no scheduled meeting with the Pope but Bernie said he hoped it would happen, of course he did and so would have I. Bernie and Jane Sanders had a room close to where Pope Francis stays and Bishop Sánchez Sorondo as a host who it seems facilitated the meeting. Of course those who are working to help bring social and economic justice to the world would like a president in the United States who wants peace and has a desire to bring the miliary industrial complex "to heel" instead of another hawkish president. People all over the world are hoping and praying Bernie Sanders wins the Democratic nomination and then the general election. 

From the NYT:

'"Mr. Sanders continued to hold out hope. “I certainly would be delighted and proud if I had the opportunity to meet with him,” he said before leaving New York."'

'"But the most important words occurred in the middle of dinner, when a personal secretary for Francis arrived with the news Mr. Sanders had been hoping for, Mr. Sachs said.
If Mr. Sanders were in the foyer of the Casa Santa Marta at 6 a.m. the next day, he would be able to speak briefly with Francis as the pope headed to the airport for his Saturday trip to Greece, where the pope would be addressing the migrant crisis.
So early Saturday morning, Mr. Sanders stood in the marble foyer, which looks out onto a large cobblestone drive just inside the Vatican walls. Joining him were his wife, Mr. Sachs and his wife and Bishop Sánchez Sorondo, the senator’s de facto Vatican fixer.
The pope, speaking to reporters on his plane later in the day, described the meeting. “This morning when I was leaving, Senator Sanders was there,” he said, adding, “He knew I was leaving at that time, and he had the courtesy to greet me.”'
"No, never again war, which destroys the lives of innocent people, teaches how to kill, throws into upheaval even the lives of those who do the killing and leaves behind a trail of resentment and hatred, thus making it all the more difficult to find a just solution of the very problems which provoked the war." Pope John Paul II on the Iraq war.

Pope John Paul II began what the Catholic Church calls, "social mortgage", a way of thinking about property very similar to Native American cultures, that everything belongs to all of us. This is especially true of the planet and economics. He taught that people have the right to own property, but accumulating large amounts is wrong. They condemn accumulating large amounts while others have very little, that would include hogging up all the money, not even paying taxes on it and destroying the economy. 

Many stories about this visit are filled with people saying Bernie invited himself to visit the Pope. They also say he was stalking the Pope and that is why he met him. These people sound like jealous bullies. He was invited to a conference at the Vatican, you know where Pope Francis lives. Do they really think the Pope did not shake the hand of others who came for that conference? If I was at the Vatican at the top of my agenda would be meeting this Pope, I did not care about meeting any other Pope in my life but Pope Francis is an amazing man who cares about the poor and abused people of the world. I love the man and I say this as an atheist. There is much I disagree with the Pope about such as, women's rights and L/G/B/T rights, but on economic justice, taking care of those who need help, reforms of human evils such as over-incarceration in the United States, the refugee crisis created by our own imperialist country, the masses of people who are refugees within their own country (homeless) due to lack of affordable housing such as myself and identifying the causes we are aligned. Finding people from different backgrounds who can work together on something they can agree on is beautiful magic, great things happen. In politics in the United States there is little beautiful magic, except for Bernie Sanders and a few other politicians who have the courage to speak up and now we have new people coming forward as candidates.

Press conference at the Vatican.

The people at the Vatican loved Bernie.

Bernie Sanders speaking about Pope Francis in 2015, of course he wanted to meet the Pope. 

The Pope on meeting Bernie.


The Pope is recommending a psychiatrist for those who think he is being political rather than having good manners, he would also be aware that those who admire him have a yuge desire to meet him.

Of course the Pope wants to keep a meeting with any candidate for president non-political, he has to be neutral, but he has to work with countries to do his work for the people, so he does do political things.

From The Sentinal:

The Pope also shakes hands with homeless people and he made a point of hanging out with the homeless when he came to speak in the United States. '“When I shook his hand, I felt a power like I could overcome anything,” Odom said. “(Pope Francis’ handshake) shows you just because you’re less fortunate [and] there ain’t nobody acknowledge you, you’re not going alone without nobody noticing your pain and suffering through all that you’re going through. “He noticed us.”'

Pope Francis: Why are Deaths of the Homeless not a Headline but a 2-point Dow Jones rise is?

I know why. It is planned, they want the homeless to die young and we do at half the age of the sheltered. The oligarchy controlled politicians prevented low income housing for decades and what we have now is privatized for the most part, corporate owned and designed for abuse of the poor. The Clinton administration implemented welfare changes that kept the masses of people who had been over-incarcerated from getting housing, food stamps and more including jobs due to the stigma of a criminal record. Huge numbers should have never been arrested to begin with and many of them needed some help they never got that lead to their contact with police. OK, rant over, at least it was short for me.

"Just as the commandment “Thou shalt not kill” sets a clear limit in order to safeguard the value of human life, today we also have to say “thou shalt not” to an economy of exclusion and inequality. Such an economy kills. How can it be that it is not a news item when an elderly homeless person dies of exposure, but it is news when the stock market loses two points? This is a case of exclusion. Can we continue to stand by when food is thrown away while people are starving? This is a case of inequality. Today everything comes under the laws of competition and the survival of the fittest, where the powerful feed upon the powerless. As a consequence, masses of people find themselves excluded and marginalized: without work, without possibilities, without any means of escape."
"When a society – whether local, national or global – is willing to leave a part of itself on the fringes, no political programmes or resources spent on law enforcement or surveillance systems can indefinitely guarantee tranquility. This is not the case simply because inequality provokes a violent reaction from those excluded from the system, but because the socioeconomic system is unjust at its root.
Inequality eventually engenders a violence which recourse to arms cannot and never will be able to resolve. This serves only to offer false hopes to those clamouring for heightened security, even though nowadays we know that weapons and violence, rather than providing solutions, create new and more serious conflicts."

The Pope shakes hands with lots of people including the homeless and inmates or the likes of Kim Davis. He seeks out the marginalized and poor of the world so why would he not want to do a quick hand shake and greeting meeting with Bernie Sanders, in the most important way they are two peas in a pod, men with empathy for people who are struggling to survive, from the homeless to refugees to the working poor.

From the Huffington Post:

"When Pope Francis was Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio, he was known to sneak out at night to break bread with the homeless, sitting with them on the street and eating with them to show that they were loved."

The Pope is right up against homeless people here.

The Pope touching a homeless man's head.

The Pope greets those around him and treats them equally with a special place in his heart for the poor, marginalized and homeless. He did not attend the conference due to a trip to help the Syrian refugees,  recently he brought 12 back with him to live at the Vatican. Why would he not greet Bernie Sanders a man who agrees with him about economic injustice who came to a conference at the Vatican?

Part of the Catholic Mass, just before communion is a ritual called the sign of peace. It is to be tailored to the culture of the people, some kiss, some hug, some do the peace sign, but the most popular expression of peace is hand shaking. They are to do this with just the people closest to them. They say, "The peace of the Lord be with you always." So when the Pope shakes someone’s hand it is more than a greeting, he is sending a message of peace.
The exchange of the sign of peace before communion during a mass given by Pope Francis.