Boise/Ada County Homeless Non-Profit Claims of Finding Housing for Large Numbers of Homeless is Obvious BS

This is from one of my other blogs, it was published January 29, 2017.

Homeless in Boise Idaho, United States Housing Refugee

According to Continuum of Care organizers, the 2016 Point in Time Count reported that 867 people were experiencing homelessness in Ada County  Idaho.

That's 867 people in ADA County,  no mention of how many in Boise. Of course a large number of the people are in Boise.

The Rescue Mission people claim to have put more than 600 people into housing while Dan at Interfaith Sanctuary tells me they put someone in housing every day, which would be 365 more people at least. That is 965 people who according to the claims of those running the homeless shelters in Boise Idaho got stable housing in 2016. This is more people than the 2016 Point in Time Count of the homeless for all of Ada County revealed, 867. Even if the homeless population in Boise had significantly increased since that count, this makes no sense, remember the Point in Time Count of 867 is for all of Ada County.

If one adds the people the Children and Women's Alliance finds housing for or the other smaller homeless shelters why 200-300% of those 867 homeless people should be in housing. LMAO!

I did not have to look at this number to know the claims were BS. I have looked for housing for over a year with no result. I have SSDI, but have social disabilities. Most of the negative material on my record is false which is why I had civil suits and FOIA request results with me, but those were stolen and discarded by the Interfaith Sanctuary along with personal papers I needed to get housing and more. They do the opposite of help, but instead harm the homeless person seeking housing.

Another way I know it's a big sack of fecal material is I live among the homeless, when someone gets housing its a significant event because it happens so rarely. The single homeless people are the ugly step children of the homeless world, families get priority for everything. The poor elderly, the disabled and mentally ill can just die, but they will tell everyone how much housing they have found for them.

The stories in the news are propaganda. If their claims were true the shelters would be nearly empty. Of course the Point in Time Count mentioned above I estimate at probably being less than half of the actual homeless population here.


My Government Works to Destroy Whistleblowers, Has Subverted the Constitution and Has Been Waging War Against Me for Being Ethical, Caring About My Country, Fighting for Basic Rights, And Telling the Truth. That Isn't A Democracy!

Was it Nome AK whistleblowing? Raped Native women, cops not arresting the men in Nome and around 14 remote villages? Was it Deming NM, drug dealing cops and my employer running a massive Medicaid scam? Had to run for my life and my property is still in storage in Deming since 2002. Welcome to America, land of the con artist, home of the dirty cop, home of the corporate con artists figuring out ways to steal from the tax payers and take resources allocated for the have nots.

Was it my work to help tell Shawn Christy's story, the MSM leaves almost everything out, especially the fact that the whole story started when he was 17 and involves some kind of honey pot operation. How hard is it to run a honey pot on a 17 year old male, I mean really, is this what our government does? He was harassed, gangstalked, sabotaged and set up from age 17, from MKULTRA, Phoenix Program and FBI Cointelpro we know this is done to traumatize and destroy people.

Is this about Martin vs Boise, even though it all started years before I even heard about that case? I do tend to tell the truth and point out lies and some huge lies have been told in Boise about the non-profits involved with the homeless and the homeless themselves, city hall and the police abuse against the homeless here, along with the crap health care and lots of kids being raised in situations that cause trauma that lead to addiction and homelessness.

Was it just Bieter in Boise wanting to fulfill the dreams of the right wing fear brained and the oligarchics in order to get donations for campaigns and help running some shady crap to defend his fight to get the SCOTUS to review Martin vs Boise?

I have no idea just what they are waging psychological warfare against me about because crap is going on in all these areas, in fact that former employer who was running the massive Medicaid scam in Deming NM was just on my blog. Why, were they checking, to see if I was destroyed by contractors in Boise yet such as G4S? Bitchwomen abide assholes, especially former critical care nurses. You run hospitals and haven't figured that out yet? They ran a smear campaign against me in Deming NM and it continues to this day.

Interesting, why would my former employer who began a smear campaign against me after a very strange constructive discharge scenario involving suits who came from Tennessee right after I contacted government agencies to let them know they were pulling Medicaid fraud be interested in blog post about Bristol Palin spreading propaganda for the prosecution which is 100% false in Shawn Christy's case?

I was not interested in making profit off of the revelation and did not know the whole story, they were actually pulling a massive scam using corrupt politicians in the town to assist. Many years later after no agencies, senators at the state or federal level, the DA, or the governor's office did a damn thing to stop the Medicaid fraud which apparently went on in three of their hospitals an admin insider filed a whistleblower lawsuit and made millions. It isn't totally true that they all did nothing, one of them tried to get me to do something illegal which I refused and asked for a court order, never heard from the woman again. Community Health Services had to pay back $75 million for this and 98 million for another one. Here is what I got, fired, a smear campaign, ganstalking cops in Deming and afraid for my life and those kinds of things continue.

The FBI told me to talk about the cops in Deming selling drugs in front of my house at the city council meeting, I said that would result in my then being found dead in the desert. Eventually after warnings from the two good cops I left my property there in 2002 and went to another state looking behind me the whole way expecting to die.

When did all of this start? Some odd things happened in Washington state was well. 

Here is the only reason the truth is ever allowed.

Baker and his lawyers will earn $18.67 million from the settlement under the federal False Claims Act, which encourages whistleblowers to uncover corporate fraud by giving them up to 25 percent of the recovered funds. 

The above excerpt from the article doesn't make any sense, I told them about Medicaid fraud with this corporation in 2002, this article if from Feb of 2015, but the lawsuit was from 2009. They state the False Claims act is to encourage whistleblowers to come forward. Whistleblowers do come forward, they are ignored and then their lives are destroyed, so encouraging them to come forward must be so they can be identified and put on a list for destruction. They waited all those years until an opportunist came along before anything was done in this case, he made a profit but the non-predatory whistleblower had their life destroyed. 

Welcome to America. To this day the ball-less bastards running this country have not contacted me about any of the serial whistleblowing I did because I cared, wanted to do the right thing, thought they would want to know, they don't.  Our politicians and every agency is ass deep in all of these crimes, especially the ones that are pillaging the assets of our country and especially the assets in place to help the 41% of the population living in poverty.

The harassment goes on wherever I go so it is clear this is federal harassment and from what has gone on clearly my country wanted to harm me even cause my death. Cops in Boise Idaho have run cars at me. In fact my country harmed me before I was even born with DES and then refused to do adequate research on it even putting fake news articles in the papers to prevent lawsuits and sabotaging the one I was involved in during the 1970s. Then my country refused to do appropriate research on ME/cfs which in my case has to be caused from the DES exposure and have even allowed the CDC to divert funds given to them by Congress and then not replace them when it was discovered.

My country hates me because I am ethical, tell the truth and tell others the truth. That is what is going on. If we don't do something to get rid of the criminals in charge the United States is going to implode. There is an impending financial crisis and that may be when the irreversible unraveling occurs.

I was never trying to do anything but get the government to do their jobs in Deming, that money belongs to the tax payers and the people who need Medicaid. If the government listened when people tell them about problems rather than work to hurt the person who took the risk to report, things would be a lot different.

They are afraid to anger their corporate oligarchic overlords. Rather than make the US an honest country that is actually "For the people", "By The People" they use propaganda and diversion to keep most of the people so numb and dumbed down they have no idea what the truth is. At this point in time even the well informed are having a hell of a time finding the truth considering all the opposition propaganda streams.

Community Health Systems to pay $75 million in Medicaid fraud whistleblower case

Then later they got caught doing false billing, they were doing that in Deming too. I have to wonder if the guy who filed the whistleblower lawsuit to become a millionaire off the backs of the tax payers read something I had written about this, I did write about it in a TOPIX Forum years ago.

Then they kept on with their corruption, this is a completely different issue. From the DOJ:

I spend my life when some things come out in the news saying, they knew about that years ago, I told them. These crimes are only revealed when someone figures out a way to profit themselves. If the government listened when people who were not looking for profit just want to protect programs such as Medicaid from preditors that would have helped prevent much of the mess we are in now. At this point it appears to me the problems are so bad they can't be repaired. For one thing on order to allow these corporations to run these scams unethical, compromised sociopathic types would have to be in charge and they are. That is why everything is so corrupt.

The government considers whistleblowers to be the enemies of the state, terrorists because they are controlled by the oligarchy who seek to protect their crimes. They are using a program similar to the Phoenix Program used in Vietnam and tactics the STASI used in East Germany. They claimed the MKULTRA program was useless and it was for the stated reason for it, but they learned how to destroy people and use that knowledge now. They hire contractors so they can use plausible deniability. These contractors are sociopathics who make money hurting people. One of their main targets is the First Amendment, anyone who uses it is fair game to these thugs.

Here is a clue how to find truth, listen to those the government and their contractors are attacking. In the case of Julian Assange they are clearly trying to kill him. The reason for the prisons that are essentially all solitary confinement is to keep the truth from the public. Why do you think we have so many in prison. These are totalitarian tactics. The United States now has as a form of government inverted totalitarianism. Anyone who can't see that is a lost cause.

We were warned a long time ago. This article is from 2003, by Sheldon Wolin.

Inverted Totalitarianism



Mayor Bieter's Desperate Homeless Forum of BS. His Goals Were to Attempt Discrediting His Opponent And Block People From Asking Questions, We Were Invited There To Ask Them. Lies, Lies, Lies.

Just now posted this on FB. What a bunch of cowards the oligarchs are, that especially includes the ones here in Boise Idaho. Cowards and liars.

Today there is also news that is related to the organized harassment that has been used to torture me in Boise Idaho to disrupt, discredit and destroy my life.  I spent time researching that issue. I believe a lot is about to be exposed and know many are getting ready to file lawsuits against the government for the organized harassment.

NSA Phone Surveillance Program Faces an End as Parties Come Together

I dedicate this post to the Army of Weaponized Morons, it's been one crazy scenario after another in Boise. Crazy, drugged up people making noise and causing problems because they are sent to harass me.

What I have been through and observed here has traumatized me on many levels. As a retired RN of many specialties, but the majority was critical care, pretty much all specialties for adults, as a supervisor of an adult acute psych unit, having worked with the homeless decades ago, having worked ER and as a house supervisor of a whole acute hospital I tried to communicate the dire need to do something about the health harming conditions at the Interfaith Sanctuary and was not responded to by the health department. So you have triggered me with your bullshit. Hang on to your asses.

"We are all stained by what I call the influence of exile - deeply ingrained class and status distinctions that guide us, even subconsciously, to act and enforce laws that restrict the visibility of poverty, of poor people, in public space."
– Professor Sara Rankin

"Criminalization makes people more resistant to recovery, more likely to become sick, more likely to self-medicate, more likely to become incarcerated, and even more likely to die."
– Professor Sara Rankin

Thank you Professor Rankin.

For a very long time I have been under attack from the city of Boise, it began upon my arrival in low volume, but at the Interfaith Sanctuary began to go off the scales. They have had police, firemen and others harassing me, cops have even run cars at me, along with others. City departments have joined in often not returning phone calls when I call to complain about their employees harassing me. Police Oversight is not there to do oversight on the police, they are there to sabotage complaints. I guess the recent revelations about the Boise Police Department make it pretty clear they are corrupt as hell and with that comes massive workplace bullying. You can extrapolate that to the other departments of the city of Boise. I do know about the organized harassment from the federal level, but these people here are bullies, the city of Boise is vicious, using organized networks of sociopathics to harass good people. The haves want to stomp the have nots. There are self satisfied narcissistic nasty creatures everywhere making false judgements based on pure ignorance, then taking action to harm, sabotage, and smear those they consider enemies, those people, those 'others' that they fear. Last summer they acted like cornered prey animals scratching for their lives. I was injured when a car was run at me, that was not the first time I fell when they ran a car at me and there were other damages.

The most bizarre stalker out of a constant parade from the Army of Weaponized Morons they sent after me was a transvestite who disappeared after I took a picture of him and walked by yesterday looking all male. I am not homophobic so why send that guy who actually seems to be a man play acting he is trans. The first time I saw him he was doing street theater by WINCO which is one of the places where he stalked me, oh the drama, oh the anguish, no he isn't a good actor. I worked in the tenderloin in San Francisco in the 1970s, so please dude. Called BPD and told them some red neck was going to come along and kick his ass. He was one of the very large number of people who harassed me at the Boise Downtown Library, he then began waiting for me and following me into the bathroom. Often I he came in after I was in the stall, but I knew he was there because it makes a lot more noise when men stand to pee than women sitting. I have no problem with a real male to female trans in the bathroom, but do not believe he is. He was there to harass me and was trying to disguise himself. All of them are cowards. 

I figured this forum was going to be bullying, lying and repeating the same crap Bieter always says, but it was so bad I was shocked. It was really ugly. Why have the decent people of Boise been putting up with this crap all these years?

Only Mayor Bieter would have a homeless forum at a place promoting business.

42% of panelists were first responders, 3 out of 7. The 8th spot was for McLean who made it clear she was done with debates, etc. Bieter knew she was not going to show up so he used the opportunity for some discrediting tactics against her. That's pretty desperate and obvious.

First responders are used all over the country, well actually all over the FEVEY countries and NATO countries. In Boise they have been directed to go after political enemies of the power structure in this city. They are paid or promised something in exchange for using psychological warfare against them, but police departments etc get equipment in exchange also.  The first responders are used by different levels of government to do organized harassment against people who whistleblow, are activists or journalists who actually tell the truth or are targets of corporations or powerful politicians. Mayors are known to hire contractors to gangstalk political enemies, you know the kind of mayors who would also do things like try to put in facial recognition in city hall with any input from the city council or the public. They might also have cops show up every time a target goes to the mayor's office, or when a homeless activist shows up at the Continuum of Care meetings (mandated federal mtgs about homelessness) hint, hint. They would also organize massive smear campaigns against targets.

I was set up to be locked in a storage facility after being gangstalked by an employee. Watch what he says to the cop I called trying to get out of there. The cop discusses my attitude, I was pissed when he accused me of breaking in to steal things and either lied or was lied to by the dispatcher. 911 call centers are infiltrated by the Fusion Centers, in this are that connection is the intelligence unit at the State Police. Big mistake if homeless calling the Boise Police for assistance and this guy was trying to provoke me.

The employee is working the smear campaign part of the program, he shouldn't know a thing about me. At this point in time I had never been in the presence of the mayor except a bus drove by him that I was on. The employee who claimed to be in the miliatry appears to be saying he was a cop at some point in time. He is from PA which is significant for the Shawn Christy organized harassment and decade of set ups starting with a Sarah Palin honey pot. This is what they do all over the city or town the target is in. Sickening sycophants surround this scumbag.

I don't know about the finance sources of this year's campaign fund for Bieter, but last time the firemen donated about 10% and it wasn't just firemen from Boise, money was sent in by firemen from several other states.

Guess who had the runoff soiree for Bieter, yep, at their union headquarters. Kind of reminds me of the movie I just watched about my friend from Alaska's uncle, Frank Sheeran.

This ad is pretty inappropriate, but represents the reality of the corruption in Boise, the firemen are used by city hall to harass political enemies. I am very proud to be a political enemy of Mayor Bieter considering the corruption here, it only says something good about me.

First responders for those who don't know are used by different levels of government to do organized harassment against people who whistleblow, are activists or journalists who actually tell the truth or are targets of corporations or powerful politicians. Mayors are known to hire contractors to gangstalk political enemies, they would also do things like try to put in facial recognition in city hall or have cops show up every time a target goes to the mayor's office, hint, hint. They would also organize massive smear campaigns against targets.

This video is from 2015, it's much worse now. There was a smear campaign against me from firefighters in Pennsylvania. TOPIX had to shut down their forums as I threatened to sue them and someone else did sue them. It's pretty disgusting. They then moved these posts to various websites. This is done by NSA contractors.


Apparently in Boise Idaho Mayor Bieter and his oligarchic cronies have run a coup on the First Amendment. Is this little totalitarian forum why they have worked so hard to harm me over the last few days before they had it? The stalking, harassment, sabotage and smear campaign has gone on for years, but was stepped up just before the forum like they do before other events they want me to not attend. Cowards, afraid of the truth, bullies who believe they have the right to dictate to others what their opinions are using lies while blocking other opinions.

Targeting gets less and more, like living on a roller coaster. They have harmed me for years actually. That commish on the panel who says she has a degree in psychology should know the effects of trauma and abuse on people. But, of course there were psychologists involved in the torture at Abu Ghraib and the MKULTRA program as we all know, so not surprised she thinks what goes on in Boise with the homeless is A-OK. It's torture too. Anyone in Boise ever heard of the Trauma-Aware approach? Way back I called around asking about that, everyone acted confused. Really though, do people need to be told that traumatizing vulnerable people is cruel, immoral behavior that causes permanent damage? They only seek to get their way to please the business class and home owners of Boise. After doing diddly squat to create affordable housing the wishes of those who are housed are being facilitated by an attempt to criminalize the homeless. 

From the Snowden documents, the JTRIG strategies for gangstalking were released. Our NSA is the same as JTRIG in the UK. We have the training manual from another country as well. All FEVEY countries are doing the same things.It is psychological warefare, a type of human trafficking facilitated by the DOD and black budgets. The missing money from DOD? Most of it being used to torture good people for the powerful and wealthy, corporations, mayors and government agencies.

Screen shot of the cast of characters from the BS Bieter Homeless Forum. This pissed me off no end.

This was a very interesting panel for me, like a homecoming of past gangstalking roll players. First of all we have Tim Flaherty one of the two serial bullies who worked together at the Interfaith Sanctuary who felt he had the right to try to belittle me and raged at me the night before Law Professor Sara Rankin was coming to Boise to speak at the entrance holding up check in and freaking two people out so much they left and I never saw them again. I stood toe to toe with his narcissistic rage. My goal was for the behavior of Tim and Dan Ault to be exposed, so was very happy for so many to see the bullying on display. He wasn't as clever as Dan Ault who followed me down the hallway where no one could hear to say insane things to me or to put on a school play every day about helping me get housing for the volunteers when no help ever happened. He would also do that about counseling for PTSD insinuating I was crazy, another narcissistic tactic. He finally did it so many times, the same skit over and over the volunteers were getting freaked out. Targets are only allowed into situations where they have sociopathics to do the gangstalking and that is what happens with me over and over. It wasn't until the next day when I went to listen to Professor Rankin speak that I realized she was the Seattle IP that kept reading my blog about being homeless in Boise.

Another panel member is a doctor who runs a clinic for poor people which is a physician residency program where I was medically bullied starting at the front desk, Dr, Ted Epperly. When I asked for a note from a physician it was idiotic. I'm a DES Daughter, of course they knew nothing about it by design of the drug companies who have financial control of medical schools. During the pelvic a male resident used the speculum like the gear shift of a sports car in me. Yes it was quite painful, but also very bizarre. I got the hell out of there and found a gyn. Perhaps some supervision of those residents is in order. You need some RNs to straighten their tail feathers. Then having a G.I. bleed I stupidly went back to that clinic only to have a woman with a vaginal infection taken into a room before me. She was in the room next to me and I could hear every word that was said in her room for 45 minutes. It was the longest visit for a yeast infection in the history of medicine. It may well have been a LARP because the low income type clinics do participate in the organized harassment for the government helping to suppress ethical, truthful people. They also make wrong diagnoses to discredit targets. Finally I just left, having been a critical care and ER nurse knowing my chances of surviving were high from a lower G.I. bleed. And here I am, still alive and writing the truth and pissing people off. I survive the crap medical care. Some of the so called health care here in Boise is so bad one might rather bleed out than have to go back to them. I have other stories and some have Bieter connections.

I finally saw a very good gynecologist at St. Alphonsus' clinic this year. I had asked for the oldest doctor they had hoping for someone who knew about DES Daughters. They asked me if it was OK the doctor was male. I replied that the skill and knowledge of the physician were where my interest lay not the type of genitals they have. He was fabulous and finally solved a mystery for me. The reason no doctor could ever find my cervix is because I don't have one. They had all been sent on a wild goose chase in my vagina all these decades. Doctors have thrown fits, screaming and throwing speculums across the exam room going psycho upon viewing my DES va-jay-jay. Then this fabulous doctor promptly retired and there are few left who know about DES.

Dr. Epperly is also affiliated with the health department. One of the pieces of propaganda about the tent city around the Interfaith Shelter is there were mice and how it was such a terrible health hazard for disease etc. After they moved the people into the shelter system allowing the sociopaths to have free run and practice their predation upon good people and those who were vulnerable there was a plague of mice and it continued into the next year. OH, BUT THAT WAS A-OK, NO PROBLEM.

I contacted the health department that Dr. Epperly is affiliated with and informed them of the massive mice in the property rooms and containers pooping and peeing on the personal property of the homeless and sometimes dying in the plastic bins. There was no concern about a health hazard at all, but OMG there has been so much drama from those who support criminalizing the homeless about the mice which were in the tent city, FFS. Such propaganda is nauseating. This is your "thoughtful compassion." Lack of empathy and compassion is actually the problem here, but bullshit prevails.

I believe it was commissioner Lachiando who wrote a post supporting Dave Bieter for mayor in which she discussed the horrors and health hazards of the mice in the tent city, it seems to have been removed by both her and Bieter. Funny how those mice are dangerous in a tent city, but perfectly safe in a homeless shelter pooping and peeing all over the property of of the discarded people of Boise. Also interesting how there is little reaction from the shelter staff or health department. Why? They don't actually care what happens to the homeless.

They finally put lockers in conex boxes, you can see part of one in this picture. These plastic bins were what was used for personal property. They put holes in them at some point in time for bed bug treatment so the heat would go into the bins. Bed bugs are constant at homeless shelters and one reason people won't go into them.

The mice went into the bins through the holes peeing, pooping and shredding. I got a roll of duct tape and covered the holes on mine and taped where the lid met the bin to keep them out. It worked. I was accused by one of the shelter minions of stealing the duct tape, nope but the shelter stole property from me, a large amount and files that were very important. These bins were put into the storage shed during the day and then put outside. They got rained and snowed on in the evenings and people had to sort through them in all kinds of weather trying to find clean clothes and toiletry items. This system had apparently been used for a long time there. The property of the homeless was often thrown away because their system of keeping track of days if someone left was dicey. People would lose their important papers, ID, what little they owned and the shelter and police were like, oh well, whatever.

From a letter I emailed to Dan Ault June of 2016:

There was a dead mouse in someone’s plastic bin in the women’s storage area, the smell of death was in there for days and recently there was a dead mouse found in the electronics cupboard. The epidemiologist for Ada County says the only way the Plague in the area would be on city mice is if someone took a dog into the desert and it rolled on a dead ground hog or made contact some other way as the fleas are species specific and would change to another species only if their usual one was not available. So it is unlikely we would have that problem. It does however seem strange that fleas would not have adapted to take opportunities when they often carry diseases that kill their host. 

Isn't it also strange how dangerous mice are considered by officials in Boise and Ada County when they are in tents, but A-OK when the property of the homeless in the shelter is inundated with them? According to the health department when I contacted them they are benign. But then at this forum Dr. Epperly who is affiliated with the health department mentions the "rodent infestations" in homeless camps. OMG, we can't have a rodent infestation unless it's in the shelter. LMAO! They use whatever they can to cause fear and loathing while ignoring the actual issues which are harming the homeless.

Note I did not document any mention of Typhus from the health department as Dr. Epperly suggested was lurking in the homeless camps.

Treating people like animals who are homeless is immoral and should be illegal. You cover these crimes against humanity with a blanket of lies. I began writing about what went on at that shelter and filed a complaint with the US Attorney.

When they finally had us move our property to lockers in conex boxes the electronics cupboard had mouse corpses stuck to backpacks and other property. That is what we were forced to put our electronics into every night. I put mine inside of a plastic bag every day. There was also of course the very high possibility of electronic devices being stolen. Sometimes very drunk people were assigned to manage the locking and unlocking of the electronics cupboard and there was no system of identifying what belonged to who. No amount of my trying to have a meeting with the board of directors or talking to staff caused changes so I had to step things up.

Imagine having your clothing and toiletry items in a plastic bin and finding a dead mouse in it. The mouse turds were bad enough. People lost lots of clothing and even jackets due to mice shredding them.

For a while I put my whole bins in large leaf size garbage bags. I also cleaned the bins down daily with disinfecting wipes. I was bullied for all of that. Sociopathics put garbage on my bins and poured cups of coffee onto them. Staff did nothing as per usual.

During the forum Mayor Bieter directed someone from the Mission shelters to make a statement about the claims they have forced religion. He said those claims are not true. Unless they have recently made changes it is true at the women's mission shelter called City Light. We were locked in a building for two hours every night, a combo dining hall and religious propaganda building. If one complained about the the forced religion they responded by first saying they are a religious organization and that people who don't want to hear the religious stuff could sit on the other end of the building. It was impossible not to hear it even though I brought ear plugs and ear phones, often wearing them both at the same time. I saw a Muslim woman and her children sitting on the far side of the room nearly every day I was there. There would be announcements in that room with the staff saying things like we're women, we stink. I stated that as a retired nurse who was involved in a huge amount of personal hygiene of patients that men also can smell.

At the mission's City Light women's shelter I asked to speak to someone about help finding housing immediately upon arriving, stating housing was all I needed. During a meeting with a social worker she said, "We don't do that." I explained to her that was not acceptable as it is mandated for shelters to help people find housing. She explained that lack of assistance was mandated from the top of their organization. There was no help with housing but I was threatened with being thrown out if I did not attend a class on finding a job. I'm on SSDI and have been since 2006. The class was insane, they wanted us to fill out some paper to find out what kind of dogs we are. When confronted with questions about why such an idiotic class was required I was told they just wanted to keep us busy. Does it look like I need help keeping busy?

I was threatened to be thrown out about many things, none of them were behavioral issues on my part, it was their craziness and bullying. They have lot of random chores. If I volunteered in the kitchen the woman in charge would tell me to do something and then when I did what she said which often made no sense at all she yelled at me for doing it. This is the behavior of a disturbed person and I will not tolerate such abuse. I was threatened about a TB test which I had actually done. Then Al-ADA came to do testing and teach about STDs etc. They asked why women were getting more STDs. There were several answers, my favorite being, because we're all whores, LMAO. Then I said, the schools were not teaching young people about prevention of pregnancy and STDs and it was mostly due to religious organizations. In two hours I received a letter to exit the facility.

At one point I asked why a night shift person who could barely walk and function was in charge of the shelter by herself, if there was an emergency she would not be able to respond. They told me she was there because they don't throw anyone away. That is not true they throw lots of women away at that shelter, they issue those exit letters left and right. I guess in the winter they are not allowed to throw women out. I was there in the spring.

But why put out a lot of energy helping people find housing in a place where there is little affordable housing to begin with. People get section 8 vouchers and then run all over trying to find housing until the voucher expires, then go through that again...no housing. Why not make the shelters more tenable, take the religion out of one of them, set them up for healthy not health harming? Why not have shelters where people are protected from the predators rather than handed over to them, staff or so called "guests?" Because the purpose of the shelters is to compartmentalize the homeless, control of the unsheltered so that while no effort is put into affordable housing the public doesn't see the unsightly homeless.

In my case there has been a concerted effort to run me out of Boise since the day I arrived and lots of people have profited from taking actions to harm me. This is very sick. But then I have been told by someone with intel connections that lots of former FBI and CIA retire in Boise. I already knew they often became contractors for the security state. It's a form of human trafficking where they run scams on the government, get to practice their psychopathic tendencies legally and make lots of money from the DOD by padding the fake terrorist lists, which includes journalists and media influencers. From leaked documents we know investigative journalists are rated as worse than hackers and just below terrorists. The truth is the enemy of the darkness in the government on every level.

I don't like the behavior of people on drugs. Having to live in a minivan parked on the street at night where they harass me, park behind me with their engines revving, jump on my car at midnight and shake it, park right next to me to stage fake arguments, have people stopping by their vehicle all night to buy or sell drugs has caused me to no longer tolerate their BS. I have videos of me yelling to them if they are doing drugs get the hell out. The Boise Police are useless as the tits on a boar unless it comes to stalking and harassing good people.

Why did it take so long before significant action was taken to help those with addiction issues who are homeless? What caused the deaths of those 4 people in one week last summer? There was a shake-n-bake meth operation on city owned property and the BPD would not allow contact with me so I could talk to them about it, they most likely knew. Why was that never in the news? The news media in Boise is a huge part of the corruption, they have helped facilitate it with their crap reporting. A coffee shop I went to often in the past had two local reporters who would show up, both male. They would not sit by me, whispered and would go into the single used bathroom to talk. When they came out of the bathroom I would say things like, did you girls get your makeup and hair straightened out or was there something else going on in there? They worked for FOX, LMAO.

The people who are sent to do the boots on the ground harassment come from a general pool of people who have a hard time telling the difference between right and wrong, who will believe anything they are told by authoritarian figures.  The intel agencies call them, "opportunists,' but I call them Sociopathics and believe about 1/3 of the population is made up of them. They are who the government and their contractors chose, those willing to do something to hurt others to get what they want.

Not all who are addicted are like this, they chose the "opportunists" in the drug community, just like they chose 'Opportunists' in other subsets of the population in their harassment programs. Unlike popular belief there is more than one reason for use of drugs. Psychopaths for instance use drugs just for the thrill, not to kill pain like most people and may or may not be addicted. A drug network over a long period of time was allowed to develop in Boise unhindered. I have seen drug dealers at the gate where homeless people go into the Interfaith Sanctuary and at the coffee pot in the morning inside the shelter. They would drive their cars into the alley and park by the gate honking their horns to alert their customers. When I asked staff WTH, they said they were not responsible for that area, the alley, BPD is. When asked why they did not call BPD then with a subset of the homeless actively addicted and some struggling in early recovery there was silence. I threw a rant at the BPD on the phone which was of course considered a good reason for cops to then show up everywhere I went for days, do strange things in an attempt to terrorize me, park where I walked standing by cars, run two cars by me when I walked to the shelter in the evening. Whose orders were they operating on? Where is the courage of the people in this city?

Addicts were intentionally created by the CIA, they worked to get a segment of the population addicted to opiates. They have used many non-pharmaceutical drugs, consumerism, TV, the internet, gaming as well. My parent's generation were prescribed opiates that were not as potent as the current ones, but very addicting. The addiction process on the brain changes the focus of thinking and slows people down. Their drugs were Darvon, Darvocet and then Valium, very addicting. There was also a lot of alcohol after WWII due to PTSD. That generation could buy amphetamines at the drug store. Behaviors were not as bad back then, but it seems drugs like Meth and Spice create worse behaviors than opiates. My generation had Meth, but it was called Crank then. It destroyed someone in my family. I didn't like her behaviors either. I was told lies about a drug by a doctor who was propagandized by a drug company and ended up addicted to it. That prompted me to begin researching Big Pharma and to ask why are doctors so damn dumb about narcotics. I had told the doctor who wanted me to take that drug he claimed was not addicting or a narcotic that I believed it was a narcotic and probably very addicting. I was in severe pain at the time so kept taking it. I did not know what I needed to know back then, I do now. No doctor ever decides what goes in my body, I do. He may know something I don't but also may have been propagandized into assisting Big Pharma in their collection of addicted slaves for profit. Research saves my ass.

The key to addiction is to understand on a local level that the drugs are not just a local issue, the problem was intentionally created for profit by some and for others to control the population. This is called drug targeting. Why do you think there are so many propaganda streams right now, they are desperate to keep people at odds with even the truth. Here is a piece of the truth for your side to cover the lies and here is a piece of truth for the other side covering lies, that way people believe opposite things and are at odds with each other. They can't have us all organizing to cause changes. They can't have us voicing our opinions. They can't have us stopping the corporations from making massive profits while destroying lives and killing people. Organizing will facilitate change and stop them from controlling everything.

I wrote the article below in 2009 and was completely ignored by the government. Google has suppressed it even though there were thousands of views. On my blog dashboard if I search for this post even with the exact name it is listed as not existing. But in searching through the year it was published it is there.


Below is video evidence of Boise Police harassment just before this so called forum. The reason they were there obviously was to harass me. As usual the BPD was involved and I know how they love their druggie perps for gangstalking, but they need to watch their Ps and Qs because what they have done are crimes. Yes I WILL SWEAR! You are committing crimes against me and there is no justice. You seek to take my First Amendment rights. I will swear. Before coming to Boise I did not swear like this. Swearing is something people with high IQs do more because they generally use lots of words. The reason people swear when angry is swear words are stored in the emotion center of the brain, not where the other words are. This is why people who have strokes and can't access most words stored in their brains but can still swear.

Here are some of the activities that I was subjected to on November 17th 2019.  Where is the DOJ? Busy acting as the head of the octopus in the cabal working to take our rights.

Later in the day.

Below is the forum on homelessness presented to present only Bieter's oligarchic side. We wrote questions on pieces of paper, he then picked through them and answered one or two of them. Then directed the panelists to start speaking. My question about how much money the city spent on Martin vs Boise, locally, for the 9th circuit and to send the case to the SCOTUS was not answered. I had already asked that question of the mayor's office, the city council and the city attorney's office directed me to some other office that also did not answer my questions. How much was spent on lobbying other cities to write amicus briefs and support the criminalization of the homeless?

That is me sitting in the second row taking my jacket off in the beginning of the video and yelling, "Shame on all of you" at the very end. Apparently I got the last word in. I also spoke up when Bieter directed someone from the Mission to say they don't have forced religion. They do at the facility for women and I said so.

Dr. Epperly says homelessness is complicated, it is not, it was made complicated by the intentional actions of our government. The solution to homelessness is housing. There are other issues that make people dysfunctional, but those dysfunctional people with homes are not homeless. People who are safe and able to meet their needs can begin to heal. The sociopathics will continue causing problems wherever they are, I certainly do not want those people who gangstalked me at the shelter and in the community next door to me or parked by me on the street at night as I sleep in my minivan.

Dr. Epperly says the camp "lacked good sanitation," "there were problems with food storage," "Murine Typhus is a problem everywhere. Especially in Texas where there are lots of oppossums.

Between the entitled bullies in Boise and Meridian and the drug network bullies I would say about 1/3 of the population here are what I call sociopathics (PD-sociopath-psychopath, those DX'd with a narcissism component). Epperly discusses not putting people in harms way by having encampments. That is one of the reasons I have decided to publish the majority of my writings from when I was at the Interfaith Sanctuary and Jesus's Concentration Camp for Unsheltered Women. A former professor and then a lawyer who worked for Ralph Nader tried over a long time to get me to find an editor telling me to go to BSU to ask about that and have my writings about being homeless in Boise published. I would not trust anyone in this area at all for anything after what has gone on here.

What I have been through and observed here has traumatized me on many levels. As a retired RN of many specialties, but the majority was critical care, pretty much all specialties for adults, as a supervisor of an adult acute psych unit, having worked with the homeless decades ago, having worked ER and as a house supervisor of a whole acute hospital I tried to communicate the dire need to do something about the health harming conditions at the Interfaith Sanctuary and was not responded to by the health department. So you have triggered me with your bullshit. Hang on to your asses.

I didn't want to go to this forum, but figured I had to. 

Well now that forum was not exactly as advertised now was it. Nope. He made it sound like homeless people would be on the panel, not just his sycophants. Why is it people in Boise act as if they will be murdered if they go against Mayor Bieter? Have they had cops run cars at them like I have, or other people running cars at them. I have been injured twice, both times intentionally. Have they had people trying to cause them to be in an accident? Are they doing strange things to them if they don't comply with the dictator's wishes? I was run out of housing with organized harassment, including by the BPD, but it was quite extensive using empty apartments to stage the harassers, noise campaigns, chemical campaigns, construction campaigns, massive cigarette and marijuana smoke. It isn't just that but harassment from other depts such as the library system and Ada County Highway dept even using street sweepers for harassment. What kind of people allow their city to do these things? A large number of people have participated at stores, on the streets while driving. Sick, sick, sick. I wore a body camera to document what went on.

I don't think Socrates actually said this.

Many other unethical tactics were used by the Bieter campaign, not surprised after all the crimes committed against me in this city, by the city.

At this forum the new director of the Interfaith Sanctuary asked me if I needed anything, if I was OK. I was not asked that at city hall when I went to complain about conditions, I have not been asked that by the Boise Police who have been propagandizing they are there to help the homeless while they did every thing they could to harm me, traumatize me.  That was the first time anyone has said even one kind thing. I hope that means there is some change at the shelter, but I have been told by people staying there things are "100 times worse." Recently someone told me there is no room at the shelters. I have no secondary verification but that would make sense. I would imagine even with the shelters full city hall and the BPD will continue to tell the public there is room.


Just One of My FB Posts From One Crazy Day Homeless in Boise Idaho, Abuse of the Homeless is SOP here.

Crazy at the Interfaith Sanctuary, I've been told things are worse. The new operations director is a nice person, but the systems set up by FEMA's design facilitate abuse of the homeless. The right wing talks about FEMA camps. the homeless shelters are the FEMA camps. They are night prisons for the unsheltered. Stark warehouses, bed bugs, filth, abuse, crowded conditions causing contagious illness to spread, theft of property, bullying, gangstalking, narcissistic abuse from staff and sociopathics often used in positions over the property of the vulnerable. I was traumatized before arriving, it's been constant trauma in Boise, the city of bullies, sociopaths and lies.

This is one post from just one day of being tortured in the homeless system in Boise Idaho.

The Grounds of the Homeless Shelter in Boise Idaho Was Covered in Slick Ice, Same With the Alley Around It and Sidewalks to the Soup Kitchen and Day Shelter

The photo below is from just the day after I fell on the ice inside the gates of the shelter right about where I stood to take the picture. That is a BPD vehicle. There was no real bomb scare just a jury rigged Christmas decoration, but they got called to investigate it at Corpus Christy day shelter. The grounds were all like this all winter. If confronted about it Dan Ault would insinuate the person was lazy. He would state they had no salt to put down and make statements that maybe the person complaining about it should pay for it. Yes, this is what went on constantly.

There were elderly women who would cry in the morning when they came out of the shelter terrified they might fall and fracture a bone making statements like, I'll never make it. Some of us helped them get to Corpus Christi the day shelter next door. There was no way they could get to the soup kitchen at the men's mission down the street as the sidewalks were in the same condition. Often I would leave early before most of the others almost like I was running for my life, because I was, walking in the dark on the slick ice to find a warm place to have a cup of coffee. On some days I was looking for two people with mental health problems that were thrown out of the shelter for behavior issues, both very vulnerable, sometimes they were freezing having been outside all night and in bad shape. They often would be at Albertsons trying to warm up and having been awake all night falling asleep. While they dozed off I would buy a coffee and put it in front of them to prevent  them knowing where it came from, trying to prevent staff from throwing them out. I'm traumatized again just writing about this.Triggering PTSD is just one of the reasons I have not posted more about the torture and horrors of being homeless in Boise Idaho sooner.

In the photo above and the video below which are both years old the people are unidentifiable. The families were let in 1/2 hour before the single people. The single people which include the elderly and disabled are always last, including from the city in getting housing. Standing on the ice in the freezing cold caused me to get frost bite. The main toe affected is still recovering from it years later. I am quite aware of what frost bite looks like having been an ER nurse in Nome Alaska.

In this video people are impossible to identify, I was there and don't recognize anyone. There is a child in the cart that can't be seen and one behind some adults where only the clothing on the back of the child can be seen. No child can be identified. This was from December of 2015. I had been at the shelter about a month at this point.

Throughout the winter many falls happened with me several times on the shelter property and on the city sidewalks. The city had so little compassion and cared so little for the well being of the homeless they allowed property owners to go without clearing slick ice from the sidewalks. The soup kitchen down the street was not accessible to many people. The shelter housed many frail elderly people who if they fell would certainly have a fracture. I fell several times which included a head injury leaving blood on the sidewalk. When city hall was called the reaction was, "We'll send them a letter." There is apparently no enforcement of any regulations for property owners or any caring about safety.

This post is about a month after I arrived at the shelter, was already very ill and disgusted by the abuse and conditions.

Library staff would follow me into the bathroom. It was one staff on the third floor. Considering her reaction to the Mormon gangstalkers I would say she is Mormon and a twisted sister.

The IV KCL is my odd sense of humor and related to having been a critical care nurse.

The chief of police who never returned any phone calls and neither did the shift commanders of a police department that refused to allow me to file police reports about harassment, threats of assault and more has resigned recently stating he is retiring. Several police officers in Boise should be charged with crimes for what they did to just me, not allowing police reports, refusing to do anything about harassment, running cars at me, stalking me, menacing me and most likely compelling the huge Army of Weaponized Morons in Boise to constantly harass, sabotage and disrupt me. They did nothing about the drug ring, they cover things up, the public is never told details about crimes or those who commit them. All sensational crime defendants are sent for psych evals for competency for years. I worked in a unit that did that, almost none of our legal offenders stayed so long and that was decades ago, there should be advancements in treatment. It seems this is done to remove the story from the public eye. Are these school plays? Is this related to the drug ring cover up? Is it an attempt to make Boise look less crime ridden? 

This day I wrote about abive it was very icy and very cold. Once again I called the administrative offices of the Interfaith Sanctuary about conditions and abuse which never got me anywhere so I had to go public and start whistleblowing.While talking to the secretary who was being quite snotty I fell on very slick ice. I swore as I fell. The secretary of course being from Boise Idaho and subject to the standard abusing of people and then gaslighting their concerns got the vapors because I said fuck.

In 2016 a massive amount of snow fell. Ada County Highway Department when clearing the streets pushed the snow onto the sidewalks. I lived in Alaska, that is what happens, then later as soon as the streets were cleared they came and cleared the sidewalks. They don't come back and clear the sidewalks here. Mostly it was rural so walking in the cleared streets to get around was fairly safe, but in Boise it is not. Walking on the sidewalks piled with snow partially melted or re-thawed was dangerous also. It was left like that unless the property owner cleared the sidewalks. I kept calling the mayor's office over and over. Finally, one time someone came and cleared the sidewalks around the shelters so people could use the sidewalks. In the spring when the snow melted there was flooding all around the shelter and everyone had soaking wet shoes and many had no dry socks to put on walking around the shelter in their bare feet. The city could have put down some boards or something so people could get to the property, but instead it was sink or swim.

The Alaska-centric part of this was not included. I was not able to write much after getting housing because I was manipulated into an apartment that was set up for gangstalking. That included the St. Luke's trailer park being next door for outside noise campaigns and placement of equipment on the electrical line and in a motorhome by G4S. The equipment on the electric line was removed 2 days before I moved out of the Civic Plaza nighmare, I have video. It's a strange story, but very true. I received shocks in that apartment, hundreds a day and a hell of a lot more went on.

For years I have been in shock about how the homeless are treated in Boise, but I was targeted for harassment, abuse, to harm my health, to psychologically torture me, sabotage everything I do. There are a lot of evil people in Boise Idaho. There are also a lot of liars here.

I have not been at a shelter in Boise since early AM October 1st 2017. Others who are staying at the Interfaith Sanctuary have told me things got 100 times worse. I live in a vehicle to protect myself from abuse and the conditions. There is massive abuse in that situation as well. 


One of The Many Letters I wrote to Dan Ault at the Interfaith Sanctuary About Abuse and Conditions, the Response Was to Abuse Me More and Have the City of Boise Gangstalk Me

Dan Ault received several letters from me about about what went on at the Interfaith Sanctuary, there was no response other than more abuse with this and all communications with the administrative staff at the Interfaith Sanctuary. I held back on much of what I wrote in the past and other info thinking the city of Boise might wise up, that obviously never happened and Lauren McClean states she will not withdraw Martin vs Boise at the SCOTUS if she wins the election. This case could traumatize, harm the health of and cause the deaths of homeless people all over the country. If she believes there is another solution why not take the moral step of withdrawing Martin vs Boise, this helps us understand who she is.  A large number of lies told by those who provided no affordable housing over a long period of time and then treated homeless people like objects to be discarded tells a story of compartmentalized homeless people whose voice has been taken not allowing the truth to be told. I should have done this sooner, but with the constant harassment, sabotage, even being injured by a car run at me last summer, noise campaigns, people spraying things at me and another project I was working on am behind.

June of 2016:

Hey Dan why don’t you ask me how I am today? I’m in severe pain due to a rather nasty oral infection and quite testy today just as I was last night. This is due to not being able to sleep and being exposed to situations where people are all crammed together waiting to check into the shelter and thus exposed to bacteria. Thanks.  Cue the Jesus Jail threats. Cue to illogical statements.
Because of the illogical decisions around chores I was kept from a doctor appointment that took me weeks to get a couple weeks ago. Thanks. I am told chores can’t be started until 7 AM but then on other days they are started early and when I ask WTH the response is, “You guys want to get out of here don’t you?” I mean what the hell is wrong with me for not understanding everything we are told about rules is flexian? You see I was sweeping the storage building and then picking up garbage for a long time on chore days. I was there a long time, way past almost everyone else every chore day. But wait, idiocy comes into play as per usual. I was told I could not sweep the storage building until 7 AM. So being logical and everything I say, look they put the plastic bins in the buildings then so I go out early before there are lots of people, sweep and then start picking up garbage. The concept was not grasped after several explanations because the stupid is strong. So I’m like well then OK geniuses I’ll just do a regular chore at 7 AM. Then later I was asked by staff why I was not sweeping the storage building. I said because of illogicality and being intercoursed without lubricant, there is no trying to do any extra work for you people your charley foxtrot system ruins everything.

The day I had the doctor appointment I told them I needed to just do my chore and leave as I had to be somewhere, I was not concerned as there was plenty of time, so I was given one of the longer chores, along with bleach at a higher concentration than 10% which made me ill. Not being able to finally see a doctor and then being exposed to toxins that made me sicker must be priceless for you.

Last evening when I came in the number of people waiting to check in got to the point that men were putting their hands on me and so were some rather filthy children. ME/cfs goes by many names due to the complex nature of it. Scientists who do research on it call it by something related to what they are working on. But mostly the government prevents the research because despite thousands upon thousands of research articles that show it is a very complex illness that effects multiple systems even causing brain damage they decided our vaginas were just making us crazy. They did the same thing to women who had lupus for decades as they died of renal disease. One of the research scientists calls it non-HIV AIDS. Our immune systems are broken in the area of viruses, particularly Herpes family, CMV, EBV, HHV-6, etc. We get viruses in particular stages of ME/cfs often and in others stages can’t catch them because our immune systems are on hyperdrive. We can also have chronic bacterial infections, especially sinus infections which I went through, now I get dental infections.

I am in late stage ME/cfs and catch everything, but live in filth, with people who don’t wash their hands, hang filthy clothes on the bed next to my head or put their hands on me due to crowded situations. There are other people with immune issues due to health problems and medications at the shelter who don’t really even understand this. There are other health harming issues. The toxic chemicals, the activity I have to do, the constant trauma from an org. that should be Trauma-Aware but instead is trauma causing by obvious intention lack of sleep, intentional triggering of PTSD and the inability to eat the diet I need all cause me to be ill with cycles of flare ups of herpes family viruses and whatever is going around on top of it. People who are traumatized have permanent brain changes, so why continuously traumatize people who have already been through more than one person can bear? What is your agenda? Certainly not the welfare of the homeless.

As we all waited to get in Michele flitted about at the food table getting something which she then showed to Tim in the office and put it in the fridge. OK, then she did other things. So I go to the office to explain this is a problem and Tim slammed the door in my face, you know like you did to me Dan. So that is it, publishing will begin. I would throw down the gauntlet, but if I had gauntlets some bastard would probably steal them.

There was a dead mouse in someone’s plastic bin in the women’s storage area, the smell of death was in there for days and recently there was a dead mouse found in the electronics cupboard. The epidemiologist for Ada County says the only way the Plague in the area would be on city mice is if someone took a dog into the desert and it rolled on a dead ground hog or made contact some other way as the fleas are species specific and would change to another species only if their usual one was not available. So it is unlikely we would have that problem. It does however seem strange that fleas would not have adapted to take opportunities when they often carry diseases that kill their host.

Last night the psychotic woman in the bed next to me talked and waved her arms/legs around for hours. Multiple times I shushed, said hey people are trying to sleep, etc. She just made odd sounds back at me. I have no idea when she stopped as I finally fell asleep from exhaustion and pain around 1 AM. She was asleep in the AM. I got up and say to the supervisor that this is going on, that I have ear plugs that work when she mumbles but she often periodically yells. She was in the top bunk next to mine and the waving arms and legs were kind of disturbing, but I could have turned over and ignored it. I further said that she was obviously manic and that when she came in just before lights out she suddenly stopped the constant talking and waving behavior so maybe if she spoke to her she would cease and desist. It is not true that she can’t control the talking and she is done no favors by not being taught where it is inappropriate to talk to internal stimuli. The supervisor did come in and said something to her which stopped the behavior around 5 minutes. Then it went on for more hours. In the morning someone told me she had also complained and got and the supervisor told her to just use ear plugs. You know because we would have never thought of that. Oh and this was all going on while the smell of old piss and BO wafted up from the bunk below me as she constantly sniffed snot back into her head instead of blowing her nose. The ear plugs blocked the snot sniffing.

Then this morning I was of course assigned sweeping and mopping the women’s dorm. This same woman who prevented me from sleeping was given linens so she could change her whole bed while I was sweeping and mopping. I told her she was supposed to be gone from the dorm, she paid no attention. On top of this there has been a recent uptick in problems with psychotic or dementia issues. Moving property of others, telling me fuck off when I tell them don’t touch other people’s property, you can’t leave that crap on the floor etc. There is no supervision which is SOP. The male staff say to me, but when so and so is on since they are female they go in there and deal with the issues. Then I say, no they don’t, no one does.

Whenever I finish my chore I take a picture of the assignment sheet due to the day I came in very ill, dizzy and uncoordinated and had Michele tell me I lost my bed due to not doing my chore after I had done extra. I was very dizzy at the time and dropped my pajamas in the garbage, then had to wear them because I had nothing else. Thanks. She decided to make me stand around for a while telling me not to put my stuff on the bed making it even harder for me so I came out where you were barbecuing hot dogs. I do not trust any of your staff now because there had been several people not documented, but she believed them and did that to me and I don’t lie. I especially don’t trust her and neither do many people. She would have taken my bed but someone advocated for me as a witness, there were several other witnesses who could have been asked. I am ethical and truthful which is why I have been a whistleblower at great expense to me personally many times, so never try to accuse me of being untruthful.  

When we come to the shelter we never know what in the hell will go on next, it is a crazy charley foxtrot of abuse and unsupervised craziness.

Wendesday morning when I did my chore I mentioned what went on last night and got BS, “You know what to do about it’, then I say, “Give her some Haldol?” No he says, use ear plugs, really? Gee wish I would have thought of that. He tells me that this is how things will be as it is a temporary shelter. Then tries to shame me by saying they can’t throw her out due to a mental illness, (but I’ve seen you do that and the consequences many times which caused me to make multiple calls to agencies advocating for the person and asking WTF so I call bullshit on that) which is of course not what I wanted. My comment was about lack of interventions with multiple people over the past week. I’m feeling very sick when I come in, just want to shower and lay down, I don’t even want to interact with the staff, so will not get up for piddly reasons, it has to be pretty bad. Sometimes it is the damn staff in the laundry room yucking it up and having a gay old time not giving a damn that all those women are trying to sleep.

I was the supervisor of psych units, mostly an acute adult psychiatric unit on a periodic basis because the state would send me in as a whistleblower to tell them what was going on, years before that I was a corrections psych tech (whistleblowing then too), telling psych patients to knock off their behavior or that it is now time to sleep you can’t be talking does work on many patients.

Country wide the excuse for the lack of supervision, cleanliness and the intentional trauma causing behavior of staff is explained by short phrases such as, “It’s just an emergency shelter” or “It’s a temporary shelter” and that is what one of your staff said to me. There are people who have been at the temporary, emergency shelter for years. So please give me a break. So then I start saying, “We have a filthy shelter because it’s just a temporary shelter”, “We traumatize people because it’s just a temporary shelter”, “We have food safety violations because it’s just a temporary shelter”, “We have never heard of the germ theory of disease because it’s just a temporary shelter”, “We have no supervision because it’s just a temporary shelter”, “We pretend to have social services because it’s just a temporary shelter”, “We steal personal property and throw it away because it’s just a temporary shelter”, “We can’t fix the toilets because it’s just a temporary shelter”, “We have dead mice in the plastic bins because it’s just a temporary shelter…”, “We have bullying and mobbing from staff and “guests” because it’s just a temporary shelter…”

What happens when I lose sleep is a flare up which causes flu-like symptoms, including a vascular headache and other pain, fatigue, brain fog, tinnitus, flare of interstitial cystitis, cognitive problems, s/s of neuropathy, irritability and then difficulty sleeping due to the flare up. I have a flare on all chore days, today little sleep and the chore on top of the heat, so not doing well. And of course all attempts to get health care were thwarted. So sleep deprived, flare up, more problems sleeping, exposed to massive germs and catch that too. Then toxins due to mitochondrial dysfunction make me sicker. I essentially had viral sepsis last winter and could get no health care, I have no idea why I am still alive. I have massive beaus lines in my toes to demonstrate the history of what happened and peripheral neuropathy with pain from the frost bite last winter.

 Last evening I went back late because what is the point of being on a bunk listing to someone say, “Fucking bitch” over and over, not that I mind swearing but if it is constant like that is disturbing and concentration in there is hard enough anyway. When I come in Sarah was there and they had already checked me in, but then I mention that I was kept awake until 1 AM and given the BS line that indicated nothing will be done.
I tried to talk to you about the showering system. I was told we sign up for times and other crazy things. You got angry and closed the door on me. So last night as happens almost every night I signed up for a time which had no one else on the list and only one person for the time before. So I go into the shower room and as per usual all three stalls are full so I have to stand there with Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome waiting while people who did not sign up for the time I signed up for shower. I did go out to tell the supervisor this was the situation as I have done many times. I was pooh-poohed. The rules only apply to me, I have to sign up to shower, but others, not so much. Charley foxtrot.

Then after the shower in which I had to listen to the constant talking from the same woman, “fucking bitch” I went by the desk and said, “The needs of the one supersede the needs of the many, Mr. Spock would be appauled and Worf would come in and remove all he PetaQs.” I got a puzzled look and a “what” so I repeated the statement with better Clingon pronunciation of petaQ. The volunteer and Sarah were cracking up. Then due to a comedy protest I did in Alaska I said, “There is an angry homeless person in the lobby, tomorrow publishing begins.” Michele goes, “I don’t know what that means.” It was hilarious and don’t we all need some entertainment.

I decided to use my nursing skills last night and started talking to the constant talker, occasional yeller very sternly, but calmly. What worked on her was a very stern, “No one wants to listen to that constant swearing. Swearing is fine by me, but what is the point if it is all you are going to say.” She stopped the talking for a while, looked like she was thinking about what I said, then started again quietly. After a few minutes of my giving her my look when she got louder she laid down to go to sleep. She was probably tired from the night before. I know I was but with ME/cfs when we are sleep deprived we get a sleep disorder called ‘tired but wired’ so have problems getting to sleep.

You people have been given every chance and did not take that opportunity. 

The first day I came to the Interfaith Sanctuary I had been at the day shelter, Corpus Christi all day with my suitcase and a plastic bin. I was upset already that day, traumatized already.

I think someone may have helped me carry the plastic bin, but I don’t remember as it has been about seven months ago and I was so traumatized by that evening I could not even write about it until now and I write all the time including about personal experiences. I don’t remember all the details now of course. I have complex PTSD, rather severe after a decade of trauma, layer upon layer. So just thinking about this traumatized me. Homeless shelters traumatize people intentionally. They take people who were already traumatized and put them in a system of trauma. They hurt people who can bear no more pain and then wonder why they are on drugs and alcohol or sleeping in a tent. The system damages the health of the homeless who die at half the age of the sheltered. The solution is housing, but there is no affordable housing except for a rare individual and those with social disabilities are not rented to.

I was told at the day shelter they would want to put my clothes in the drier and would ask me to put on some clothes they had and take a shower. I knew that was about bed bugs, no problem. What I did not know is they treated people horribly and had no respect at all for the personal property of the homeless. They did not even care about my health intentionally leaving me outside in the freezing cold for what I think was three hours.

They wanted my things brought to the laundry room so I brought them in and was yelled at for being in the laundry room. I was saying to him they told me to bring you this stuff, no one said I was not to go in the laundry room. I was trying to do what they said, but as I know very well now they are so inconsistent you can’t ever figure out the right thing to do. The place is run by two co-serial bullies, so this makes sense. I stood outside the door to the laundry room freezing for about an hour waiting to give the laundry room dude my stuff for the drier. Some guy came up to do the same thing, waited a while and got angry pounding on the door. The guy in the laundry room angrily swung the door open almost slamming me with it and thinking it was me banging, no it was not. I was hypothermic, stressed and due to ME/cfs which often has POTS, Postural Tachycardia Syndrome associated with it was very ill at this point from standing. People with ME/cfs have low blood volume, we are orthostatic, so dizzy and our hearts pound due to pooling of blood in an already volume depleted person from standing. I got so I could not even think between being hypothermic and with the POTS secondary to lack of blood flow to my brain. I was also having an ME/cfs flare with a fever. It was a horror story and they did this to people all the time. It made me very ill for a long time and recovery was not possible due to lack of sleep, the stress of staying there at night, the bullying and the exposure to massive pathogens so I had viruses all winter. I have no idea how I survived.  

They never gave me the clothes to change into, never had me change into their clothing to put the clothes I had on or my jacket in the drier because they don’t follow their own rules. Their rules are fluid, may only be stated, but not implemented and often only apply to some people and not others. I did not understand that then, but I do now. They wanted to put my backpack in the drier and by then I was so sick and hypothermic I could barely move and certainly was unable to form a thought. In ME/cfs it takes a large part of the brain than normal to form a thought, then we have mitochondrial dysfunction and blood flow issues so our brains end up starving and don’t function in the kind of situation I was in. I told them this and not one fuck was given.

They wanted me to put my things which included electronics in a garbage bag and just leave them on the ground, then go inside to do intake paperwork. After telling them this was crazy I refused while shivering from hypothermia. None of them have empathy. All I got was bullying and right wing talking points to try and shame me or make me feel small. They especially love the blaming for things out of the homeless person’s control which is of course a part of the non-profit-industrial-complex neo-liberal thinking. And I wasn’t grateful for being abused and having my property in danger, I know how odd of me. If only they had known me they could have saved their breath. I am very well educated and well read, bullshit does nothing but piss me off.

Since I refused to leave my possessions on the ground in a clear garbage bag for people to steal, imagine that, they decided to give me my plastic bins. SOP is to leave one’s property lying on the ground while doing chores in the morning to be stolen, it sounds insane and it is but that is what they do. I already had one plastic bin with me so they gave me one of their’s to make two. Mine had yarn, pots and pans, along with other things in it. The suitcase which had personal property, some clothing and the files for three civil cases I desperately needed to get filed. I had left Alaska due to harassment so the work could get done, lawsuits and other civil cases could be filed, my book could get written and I could get back to gardening, making quilts, cooking, writing, activism, my art and being able to manage my ME/cfs was put in what they called long term storage then. It was a block building with doors in front of four sections, the long term storage for “guests” was the last one. I thought that was safer than the plastic bins, but that was very wrong. These people were not to be trusted as they have absolutely no respect for their homeless clients. More on that story later.

Those storage bins are filthy and so are the storage areas they keep them in. My name was supposed to be put on them but I did not know this, it was supposed to be on my suitcase too but it was not. I had no way of knowing their procedures at all and was very ill that night before I got there. It was all I could do to even stay conscious. Then they tortured me with psychological abuse and the freezing cold. A few days later when finding out my bins should be labeled with my name I asked to have this done and the guy was abusive. I asked about the suitcase and was growled at. I thought oh well at least it is locked up,  it is safe. It was not.

The intake interviewer was a very abusive man, he is still there and still a serial bully. I did not write about what happened or what was said that night as I was so traumatized and shocked that people would treat the homeless this way even after having been in a very abusive shelter in Alaska. I now know from extensive research this is common practice in many states. What a country.

Finally, I got to take a shower which helped the hypothermia but was not good for POTS. I did not get a bunk that night, but instead got one of three spots on the floor for women. They do not have shelter mats for the floors, but instead use those interlocking mats people put down to protect their floors. When asked about mats claims of lack of resources are made. I never believe a word. They are not very wide so the blankets are on the floor and there is not enough room to keep your body from touching the floor. Those with arthritis etc. are miserable because the mats are on a cement floor.

ME/cfs is many things, very complex, one problem is immune system dysfunction. There are many people with immune system problems in the shelters at high risk of infections and being on the floor is high risk. There are only three spots for women and one of them was right at the front of the desk where people walked by kicking the woman there, walking on their bedding and spilling coffee on them. That is how they treat people.