Amazon, Whole Foods, Instacart Strike or Walk Out Over Lack of Protection From COVID 19, If They Aren't Protected Neither Are We. Special Thank You To General Electric Workers For Walking Out Demanding G.E. Produce More Ventilators

The workers at Amazon, Whole Foods and Instacart who have walked out or are on strike to protect your safety. Thank you General Electric workers for walking out in demand that G.E. produce more ventilators. I salute all of you. You come from a long history of workers who had the courage to stand up and fight back. You have learned what many before this period of time learned long ago. The corporations don't care about you and neither does your government. We all have to work together to protect our rights or we won't have any. When you protect your health you protect everyone else's. Other people's health affects us all. These songs are old, especially to the younger people but they were written for you.

Woody Gutherie

Pete Seeger

Billy Bragg

Utah Phillips


Joe Biden Stated During The Dem Debate with Bernie Sanders That He Never Said He wanted to Cut Social Security and Medicare, He's a "Lying Dog Faced Pony Soldier."

During the debate with regard to Joe Biden I said, OK Joe, I see, it's less dementia and more psychopathy. He lied his ass off in a serial way. He told lies targeting a specific audience knowing others knew he was lying, these are specific symptoms pointing to a pathology that we also see in our current president. That is very much like the propaganda streams I studied in 2018 aimed at the authoritarians on the right.

Bernie Sanders is always on the side of ordinary Americans, fighting to help us, decade after decade. Vote for yourself, vote for Bernie, vote to help someone you don't know, vote for Bernie. Don't vote for a pathological liar.


Something Everyone Needs Right Now, Corona Virus Comedy

Just came from two Different WINCOs a grocery store chain in Boise Idaho. The panic buying has begun with lines to the back of the stores and then some. We are all going to need some comedy now, especially the homeless and poor who lack resources.


Pete Buttigieg and Elizabeth Warren Both Quit the Frank and Bethine Gala the Democrats Put on, but Pramila Jayapal is Speaking as Bernie Sander's Surrogate Now and Michele Kwan is Speak for Biden

I did not want to mention Michele Kwan in the title, just Pramila Jayapal as I'm a Bernie Sanders supporter and a fan of Jayapal, but I did.

This is somewhat amusing and goes to the integrity of two of the former candidates for the Democrat Presidential primary race of 2020. BTW Frank Church is one of my personal heroes and I believe he was given cancer for trying to reign in the CIA and FBI in his service to the people of this country and the Constitution. He tried but the oligarchy has won, only we had some more people with Frank Church level of courage.

First the Idaho Democrats announced that they would sell their high priced tickets that only the well to do could afford because you wouldn't want a homeless person who has been forced to live in a vehicle because both the Democrats and Republicans did what their oligarchic overlords wanted and helped make sure there was almost no affordable housing and other problems that make life difficult for poor people. 

First they had Pete Buttigieg scheduled to speak. He dropped out of the primary and then a speaking engagement at the Frank and Bethine Gala which is an overpriced Idaho Democrat event. Frank Church would have rolled over in his grave. At the time I thought there must be a requirement that the speaker be running in the primary and that was why he resigned. That is not the case, he canceled. 


Then they announced Elizabeth Warren was going to speak in place of Buttigieg. I wrote on Facebook that she would not drop out of the race until next week due to speaking this weekend in Boise. I was wrong, she dropped out and then canceled speaking for the Dems like Buttigieg.


Update: Warren, after suspending campaign, cancels Boise trip 

It is unfortunate for those who want a president elected by the people rather than chosen by the party elites that Buttigieg and Warren were running to attempt to sabotage Bernie Sanders. Frank Church would have rolled over in his grave. Very glad neither of them came to Boise today, quitters.

But then...but then...it was announced... 

Pramila Jayapal is the one person out of their choices I would love to hear speak. 

Dr. John Campbell Continues to Teach Handwashing, How to Prevent Spread of COVID 19, Everyone Needs to Stop Reacting and Get Proactive

One of the components of gangstalking is a smear campaign. Here in Boise Idaho due to massive ignorance they targeted me for an OCD smear due to my practices being similar to what Dr. Campbell is teaching. There were gangstalkers doing street theater who would walk by me doing what is called 'directed conversation,' a type of gangstalking street theater, telling another person, "She has OCD" or just walking by me and saying, "Oh she has OCD." These were dumbasses who probably don't even know what OCD is, their handlers are telling them what to say.

I am a retired nurse, mostly critical care, but there was ER. supervision, and psych. When one takes care of patients who have catheters going into their hearts one must understand the germ theory of disease. I wrote policies and procedures for infection control in an ICU. I do not have OCD. instead I have been educated. Of course when one has a health issue with immune system dysfunction preventing personal infection makes one more hypervigilant about it. Since I have been forced to live in a vehicle and have to use public spaces I am always at risk. I do the best possible thing when all the while I am harassed, terrorized, smeared and demonized in a city of bullies, Boise Idaho.

Remember hospitals use a general infection control system called Universal Precautions that is based on assuming everyone is carrying an infectious pathogen. Think that way, especially with COVID 19 as so many who have the potential to shed the virus have no symptoms.

Here is another excellent video from Dr. John Campbell in the UK with COVID 19 information and personal hygiene info. These videos should be used to teach people why and how to keep themselves from getting viruses in schools, workplaces, etc, but especially homeless shelters. Good news, things are getting better in China.


Homeless Shelters Are Run Like Concentration Camps With Little Concern for Infectious Diseases. Please Share DR. Campell's Video About Good Handwashing

My goal here to to circulate this excellent video about hand washing. It is important for everyone to wash their hands, but my specific target is homeless shelters because I know not one shit is given about that populations and learned this the hardest way possible. You can't believe the insane decisions made by the people who run homeless shelters and the lack of response by the government to complaints about infectious disease issues. This is one of the many reasons people will not stay in the shelters.

Streptococcus A emm type 26 Outbreak Related to Homeless and Brother Francis Shelter, Very Disturbing

I was in shelters surrounded by people who had viral infections, some intentionally coughing and sneezing on me, same with the Boise Idaho library system. Men put their hands on me while staff stood there watching and heard me tell them to stop doing nothing. Women in the dorm put their hands on my bed and hung their clothing on my bed. I even had someone walk on my bunk. Whenever I told Dan Ault the former director about these things his focus was not on stopping these dangerous behaviors but on my saying, "my bunk" quickly telling me it was not my bunk. The reason for that was the serial bullying and gangsgtalking and Boise war on the homeless. Anything and everything is done to psychologically damage the homeless person including making sure they know they are not worthy or welcome while saying constantly you are welcome. That double messaging is crazy making behavior which I was fully aware of but most would not be. My response was to explain that he had just told me I was welcome upon arrival and now the bed I am assigned is not my bed, "that's crazy making talk." The staff was utterly clueless and even when I found a source of free hand washing signs for them they refused to do a damn thing. Below is an excellent video by Dr. John Campbell. This country doesn't give a damn about the homeless including the disabled and elderly who are immune depressed. It seems to me they want the homeless to get sick and die. Perhaps now things will change just for the sake of appearances.

My question was why is it the clinic they have serving the homeless population is not telling them they need to have people wash their damn hands. Guess they are too busy trying to put the whole homeless population on health harming psych meds and misdiagnosing. 

This video demonstrates what I always do only I would already have a tissue in my hand to turn the water on and pump the soap before starting and would not touch the grocery store self service screen unless I cleaned it with an alcohol wipe first. I'm a retired nurse, worked in many specialties, mostly critical care who spent my days at work trying to keep patients from getting infections. My health issues include immune system problems which makes homeless shelters very dangerous for me and many others. What kind of a country forces the elderly and disabled into homeless shelters? The sociopathic and empathy-less politicians making decisions continue to decrease funding for very important and basic needs of people. They have broken their contract with the people of this country.

My country allowed corrupt government agencies and corporate entities to force me into homelessness for telling the truth.


China Recommends IV Vitamin C for Treatement of COVID 19 Caused by the Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 and That People Take Vitimin C to Help Prevent the Illness, Homeless are the Most Vulnerable

"We have set up a situation where a fear is created, and then we try to create the treatment for this fear. The public gets the idea that the flu is going to kill them and the vaccine will save them. Neither is true." Marc Siegel, MD, author of 'False Alarm: The Truth About the Epidemic of Fear'

Now we have SARS-CoV-2 which like influenza can cause death for some people and the hype continues.

The Chinese have released statements that IV Vitamin C is helping those who have COVID 19 ARDS. It is also recommended that people keep their Vitamin C levels up at this time to help your body fight of SARS-CoV-2 the virus that is causing COVID 19. Good nutrition is a good idea all the time but some of use have to live in conditions that make this very difficult. Consuming citrus fruit will provide more nutrition than the supplements, but during cold and flu season for people like me the supplements are important.

There was some information published a few years ago showing Vitamin C was not all that helpful for viruses and then the info that Vitamin D was super helpful. China is recommending IV Vitamin C for COVID 19. Vitamin C is an antiviral. The IV route is very effective while oral is less helpful.

IV Vitamin C can shorten the stay in the ICU which will help save health care dollars and resources and make more room for the 20% that are getting very ill from SARS-2. Most people get very mild symptoms and some have none. Those with no symptoms are one of the reasons the virus spreads so easily.

Vitamin C Can Shorten the Length of Stay in the ICU: A Meta-Analysis

The first time I saw just IV Vitamin C in high doses used was in the 1990s by Dr. John Kennedy, a nephrologist in Tacoma Washington. Lots of banana bags or IVs filled with vitamins were beginning to be used back then.

Vitamin C does not work as well taken by oral route but by IV is much more effective. I take both Vitamin C and vitamin D3 daily due to my immune system problems.

"On the afternoon of February 20, 2020, another 4 patients with severe new coronaviral pneumonia recovered from the C10 West Ward of Tongji Hospital. In the past 8 patients have been discharged from hospital. . . [H]igh-dose vitamin C achieved good results in clinical applications. We believe that for patients with severe neonatal pneumonia and critically ill patients, vitamin C treatment should be initiated as soon as possible after admission. . .[E]arly application of large doses of vitamin C can have a strong antioxidant effect, reduce inflammatory responses, and improve endothelial function. . . Numerous studies have shown that the dose of vitamin C has a lot to do with the effect of treatment. . . [H]gh-dose vitamin C can not only improve antiviral levels, but more importantly, can prevent and treat acute lung injury (ALI) and acute respiratory distress (ARDS)."

Vitamin C and Immune Function


The most vulnerable people in our country to viruses are those staying in homeless shelters with the crowding, the poor hygiene of some, the filth and the places people go during the day such as libraries where viruses are exchanged in many ways. The homeless are also compromised by lack of sleep, poor nutrition, constant trauma including by police, predatory sociopaths in the shelters and shelter staff.  I highly recommend using resources to supply each homeless person with vitamin C and Vitamin D3 previous to and during this possible COVID 19 pandemic. Anything that can be done to increase nutrition and sleep for the homeless population will be very beneficial. Both of these supplements are relatively cheap and could be ordered in bulk to help lower costs. I also recommend this for nursing homes and others who have a high risk of exposure due to crowding or depressed immune systems. Children are not as a whole getting very ill with this virus but will certainly bring it home and give it to adults who could become very ill from it...or not. 

A subset of the homeless population are disabled, some take medications that depress their immune systems or have illnesses that cause this, then due to a country that apparently wants large numbers of disabled, elderly and mentally ill people to die they are placed in horrific conditions and psychologically tortured which further depresses their immune systems. Rather than using gas to kill people in the homeless concentration camps horrible conditions are employed. The deaths are slower but generally 20 years are taken off the life of a person who is homeless for a long period of time.   

I tried to get the Interfaith Sanctuary to increase hand washing years ago and as per usual was bullied and gangstalked. I even found a free source of hand washing signs. Nothing happened which is SOP. But the city of Boise, the state and Ada County had plenty of resources for gangstalking me while traveling to and from Continuum of Care meetings. 

The day shelter, Corpus Christi which is known as the non-profit that does care deeply about the homeless has a huge problem, if they use paper towels people will flush them and their pipes will be plugged, it will also increase their operating expenses even without the pipe problems. They use Dyson hand blowers unless something has recently changed which spread germs on anyone and anything in the bathroom. All blowers do but Dyson blowers are the worst. They are not allowed in health care facilities. I don't know what the solution is for the day shelter as they can't use paper towels. Maybe something has changed I do not know about. All public bathrooms are high risk for transmission of viruses.

Using a Dyson hand dryer is like setting off a viral bomb in a bathroom


I'm homeless but live in a car which provides social isolation for my immune system problems. I nearly died the first year I was staying at the Interfaith Sanctuary as men would just come up and put their hands on me, they allow women in the dorm to hang their clothing on my bunk, many did not bathe or wash their hands, women intentionally kept coming and putting their hands on the bunk assigned to me, some intentionally coughed and sneezed on me (people do this at libraries as well.)
 There was almost no supervision but plenty of time to harass me, you know kind of like a lot of other things in Boise.

When I went for health care I was medically bullied. They try to force all homeless into the Terry Reilly system. I went there and things were odd, then I was misdiagnosed within 5 minutes with totally false DXs, Twice I've tried to have them removed from my record and gotten no response. I was very ill and went to an ER. What I needed was an Albuterol inhaler to survive. They refused to write a prescription because I was to be funneled to Terry Reilly. I had Medicare insurance at the time. This abuse began at the front desk so it was likely gangstalking and that particular health care system has participated in other gangstalking activities. Fortunately the other system does is not abusive to targets and provides high quality health care and their providers are professional.

Imagine being very ill and rather than health care you get abuse which of course will further depress your immune system. When I worked as a nurse I could never have imagined anyone would be allowed to do this to a person seeking health care. All health care workers can make mistakes but to intentionally seek to harm a patient should result in consequences.

I wrote this in 2016 after leaving Alaska about my fight to try and prevent an outbreak like this one which was as far as I am concerned intentionally caused because who the hell would allow these kinds of conditions. This is what goes on in homeless shelters all over the country.

Streptococcus A emm type 26 Outbreak Related to Homeless and Brother Francis Shelter, Very Disturbing


Flow Charts Describing the Government/Contractor Gangstalking Structure from Targeted Justice

I am not just homeless but also a targeted individual. One of their goals for disruption, discrediting and to kill of off early is to make us homeless, that gives them access to do their psychological torture operations, in homeless shelters, when we sleep in a car on the street, in libraries, while we are walking, if we stay in a hotel and while making purchases in Infraguard member stores.

The federal government has a data base for tracking the homeless to help them gather information on targets for their street theater, vehicle harassment, etc. The police have direct access to the homeless so psychological torture from the police is used, they show up at soup kitchens, parks, homeless shelters, the police just park wherever I do and menace me, harass me at laundromats, then don't do their jobs when crimes are reported against a target. They block housing which at this point in time is easy due to the intentional creation of high rents and little to no affordable housing, unless they want to place us in a particular apartment already set up for gangstalking and directed energy torture.

They also block health care, have the target misdiagnosed, use low income clinic staff to do this. They select those who misdiagnose or practice medical bullying on targets just like street gangstalkers, those with sociopathic characteristics, opportunists, those who enjoy hurting others, those who believe the lies they spread in the communities about targets. Having a low IQ is another selection criteria as high IQs are tied to a bigger sense of justice. They harass and set up the target allowing all kinds of crimes against them hoping there will be a reaction they can use to incarcerate or place the person in a psych ward. This is part of the discrediting and other tactics.

It is very probable that a FISA warran has been issued against me based on lies. The FISA Courts were to be used for terrorists. They have not caught one terrorist, they are actually a part of a terrorist network for the oligarchy. They go after real journalists, whistleblowers, activists, dissidents, potential politicians, those who prefer a different economic system than unfettered capitalism, those who they would be unable to stop from being on the side of the people instead of the oligarchy and people who know things they are afraid might be revealed to the public which includes soldiers who were present when horrors were happening.
These two flow charts are from Targeted Justice. I don't agree with them on some things, but they have lots of brilliant people working together who have figured out much of the system used to destroy the lives of targeted individuals for some powerful person including mayors and other politicians), corporations, government agencies, CIA, FBI etc.

They still believe Donald Trump is going to help them like so many others in this country, but he's going to say he will and then do the opposite. He cares about himself. Has he publicly spoken up about the FISA Court being used to falsely put innocent people on some watch list for psychological torture or the military and agencies being involved? No, he doesn't care about us. None of them do, except Bernie. I support Bernie Sanders, but due to the lies and compartmentalization I doubt he would believe us either despite massive evidence. I support him for all the other issues. Eventually some whistleblower will blow the lid off the story. We already have the training manual, but the public in general don't do research and the main stream media is too Mockingbird controlled to write this story. 

 I'm going to have a lot more to say about this flow chart.

The training manual for NATO Gangstalking was included in the Book, 'Bright Light on Black Shadows' written by Dr. Rani Kilde. It was obviously written by people from the UK. In the past I figured it was JTRIG which is like our NSA, but people have figured out it is for NATO. That explains a lot about the countries where it occurs. Dr. Kilde died not long after this book was published.  She was the the Chief Medical Officer for Northern Finland. I don't agree with her on some things, but she was way ahead of her time. In this book she is reprinting the training manual and discussing it. 


Shawn's Latest Call to American Political Prisoner, Informant, Another Lost Video, Health Care Issues, Discovery Issues, Sentencing Date April 22nd.

This discussion is related to the video at the bottom of this post. It is a short one and easier to hear than most. 

The Lackawanna Prison is continuing to do a BOP ordered MRI and refusing to provide other medical care to Shawn Christy. This has gone on since he was arrested in September of 2018. Shawn states he just sent a letter home explaining the FBI knows what is going on but are doing nothing. That is SOP in the United States, they allow medical care to be denied to prisoners. If we had Medicare for All they would not be able to use budget constraints or allow contractors to continue to torture inmates with health problems. Shawn is a targeted individual. Our rights are denied us and they block medical care. This is one of the reasons they want targets in prisons, it is easy to deny rights and tell lies when there are no witnesses. Everything should be done to remove the ability for these crimes against humanity to continue. Shawn's sentencing date for the federal charges is April 22nd.

He can't get transcripts of a hearing, why do inmates who are going through court cases even have to ask, those should be easily available to them as should a good law library with the ability for them to search cases.

Shawn reports an employee of the prison is undercover FBI, Mary Stein. I can find her mentioned as having crochet classes at the prison and being a Prison Administrative Officer, but nothing else. I have no proof of this but Shawn is generally right.

Shawn describes getting a letter that he believes was a set up related sovereign/militia language I have recently been signed up to some militia website and multiple times unsubscribed only to receive more emails from them. Some government contractor is playing games. I am not involved with militias at all, my politics lean the other direction, but some which are organizing to protect their communities in case of an emergency situation I am not opposed to. In emergencies gangs of sociopaths form, then go around stealing, raping and causing problems. People in communities may need help during a massive earthquake etc. Some groups form in rural areas because they know it will be a long time before any help arrives. Considering the state of this country and my memories of the Katrina aftermath in Louisiana help may never come. Recently they couldn't even manage basic quarantine of a virus.

A sociopath named Shawn Bensley showed up saying he was going to help Shawn, bring lots of people to his hearings, get him a good lawyer, etc. There has been one asshole after another sent in to sabotage and set up Shawn and his family. That has happened on my end as well thousands of miles away. This Shawn Bensley has a history of problems and is likely compromised and coerced into helping to get info from Shawn to help his son who has problems. But who knows what the payoff is for him. Shawn requested the video of visits from Shawn Bensley, but they claim to not have the video, you know just with like so many other scenarios where they were working to set Shawn up or FBI/USMS or informants would look bad if their actions were shown to the public in video format. 

Here are some screen shots of past posts about Shawn Bensley from Shawn Christy Political Prisoner on FB.

He was trying to make contact with Craig Christy but Craig knew better. So many sociopathics are used by the FBI and USMS to set people up. There have been so many in Shawn Christy's case they demonstrate how desperate they are. These are the same kind of people used to gangstalk people, opportunistics with no morals.

This one has most of the information.

As a targeted person I know they send in the clowns when anything is going on, assclowns. They generally aren't too bright and have sociopathic characteristics. Law enforcement can compromise them or give them something they want due to them being opportunists. They don't mind hurting someone to get money or something they want. I am not engaged in any criminal activity and yet. these scumbags show up to harass, disrupt, discredit and traumatize me. If I was engaged in criminal activity that would not be an investigation, it's psychological torture. My world isn't a very big place due to their tactics, but certainly Shawn being in a prison makes him easy to get to for harassment, threats and gathering information in a way that subverts due process and his rights to confidentiality related to his court cases. They treat pro se defendants like they have no rights.

Shawn has tried to locate his car which was left in I think Montana when he went on his first run. Yes there were two runs and they knew where he was the whole time with both of them. I recently found out that during the first run they left him food and other things. For some reason they wanted him to stay where he was. Why else would they assist him with supplies.

The author of the book they mention I don't agree with because he promotes a theocracy. Everyone has a right to be free of religion and to believe in the religion of their choice or none at all. Separation of church and state,  "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof..." The founders felt this was important enough it was included in the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.


Judge Judy Wants to Fight to the Death to Stop Bernie Sanders, Come at Me Bitchwoman.

Let me point out that my opinions are my own and do not represent the Bernie Sanders campaign. I fully support that campaign however. I have been through hell due to small minded people like Judy Sheindlin and will say whatever I want. 

Apparently a former reality show fake judge running fake cases said this. The people participating in the cases had their fines etc. paid by the producers of the show and the cases were picked on the basis of entertainment, it was fakery.

"America doesn’t need a revolution. … It’s the most perfect country in the world and those people that are trying to change it and revolutionize it, don’t have a chance, because I’ll fight them to the death.” Judge Judy

Come at me bitchwoman. 

America has needed a revolution for a long time. We prefer to implement the revolution before people have to rise up and use violence. We prefer a revolution of voting for the interests of ourselves, our families, especially for those who are in horrible situations due to the heinous policies of this country. We also prefer a revolution to keep the United States "by the people and for the people." Those lies in the pledge of allegiance? We prefer that they were actually truths that there is "liberty and justice for all." Unfortunately there is massive injustice for those who have no money or power. We prefer people have health care while they work, if they become disabled and when they retire. If someone becomes ill that is a big enough burden to carry, they should not lose their home, become bankrupt, have their credit ruined or become homeless. Oh and let's stop the racism and hatred of immigrants while we are at it.

Then there is the organized harassment, the Phoenix Program in America, Gangstalking, organized harassment, community policing and militarized police departments such as the Boise Police who are militarized and acting as homeland terrorists against poor people, especially the homeless. In my case, being a targeted individual they have been allowed to terrorize me for years, including while I am doing laundry. That needs to stop and people need to go to prison for crimes against humanity.

Stop peeing on my leg and telling me it's raining with this support of Bloomberg Juuuudee, no way in hell that representative of the oligarchy is going to win the 2020 presidential election. Did you not figure that out during the last debate? We will however be able to identify some sociopaths by locating who Bloomberg pays off for favors.

"It’s the most perfect country in the world..."

Well aren't things just perfect when you have millions of dollars, but not so perfect if you are poor, getting paid low wages, have been wrongfully or harshly incarcerated,  can't pay for college, your kids are going to crappy public schools, can't find a place to live due to high rents, can't afford healthy food, don't have health care, are being harassed by the domestic terrorists they call police, have been drug targeted by drug dealers, the CIA, doctors, Big Pharma, the FDA, have to work 3 jobs, are a victim of racism, were born with health issues due to a harmful drug being promoted for pregnant women for profit, are being gangstalked, living on the streets, living in one of the deplorable homeless shelters in this country or living in a car like me. Things aren't so great if you had your career and health destroyed by people who didn't like you telling the truth about some things.

It's all egocentric. These people don't think about the hordes of suffering people. They just want the status quo so they can rake in more money while the 99% keep doing worse and worse. Guess it makes them feel special but bullies abound.  Blaming others for the assbackwards economy of the United States is one of the things Judith Sheindlin does often.

She is not a "truth machine" and it is not like "when Oprah endorsed Obama.” No, it's more like when two oligarchs were afraid they might have to pay taxes so they teamed up to try and keep Bernie Sanders from becoming president. That's so selfish. 

Judge Judith Sheindlin was 54 years old when her namesake TV show premiered on September 16, 1996. Two years later the diminutive (5’1”) adjudicator was trouncing the powerhouse Oprah Winfrey Show in the Nielsen ratings. Today, she is one of the highest paid TV celebrities, earning $47 million per year—which she will continue to do through 2020, thanks to a new extended contract.

This woman who likes to insult poor people by talking about the "welfare state", accountability and has no psychological or sociological understanding of the effects of poverty or trauma makes $47 million per year, but doesn't think others deserve a piece of the pie. Disgusting. 

Before that she had made $45 million since 2012.