Boise Police Corrupton, Harassment and Huge Druggies Gone Wild in Boise Idaho, I Guess That's What They Mean by "Livable."

Over a long period of time I have been harassed by multiple entities of Boise Idaho and Ada County and the federal government agencies, HUD in particular plays lots of sick games. The police, the fire department, Ada County Highway Department, Zoo Employees, library staff all the way to the top, some city road crews, oligarchic corporations who are members of Infragard and non-profits, the one connected to HUD, the Intermountain Fair Housing Council along with the Interfaith Sanctuary, a homeless shelter were the worst. This includes construction crews who have even set up fake road construction scenarios or added onto real ones to cause problems, flooded a convenience store whenever I went there no matter the time of day.

On top of this add a drug ring that is allowed to operate full bore here in Boise who has done very dangerous harassment, the cops who must be on their payroll, the apparent lack of concern from the police chief or mayor and you have a dangerous city for anyone who has any kind of intelligence and complaints about even one of these entities. I have complained about all of them to no avail due to the corruption here. Those in charge generally do not return phone calls, or my calls are diverted to either a dead end or someone LARPing the are who I was trying to call. lt's been quite an education about how corrupt a city can be.

Over a long period of time my warnings that I would make and post videos of what was going were laughed at, eyes were rolled and accusations of my lying were made. I am not lying about anything or imagining any of it and proof will be supplied.

The police often harass me by parking close by and just sitting. They use a gangstalking technique I call enter/exit, it can be exit/enter, enter/enter or exit/exit also. I arrive, at least one cop car shows up. For a while when they did this where I park at night they would leave when I put up a black curtain. Before I had the vehicle they would run two cars at a time for instance through a particular intersection or close by every time I approached it and other strange behaviors. When staying at a homeless shelter and walking all over they would park two cars on the street as I approached, get out and just stand there as I went by, show up at restaurants and other places and park outside the window where I sat, there are lots of drive bys, cross walk signals that come on when they are parked close by or drive by and much more.

Continuing problems with what seems to be meth use right next to where I park at night prompted me to drive over the the cop parked across from where I was as ge sat in his car for a discussion on the subject. Keep in mind the Boise Police prevent me from filing police reports and the last time I asked to file a complaint against a cop the dispatcher told me the watch commander would call me, he did not. This seems a lot like time to send lots of information to the DOJ to me. I parked turned off the camera on my dash and began to turn on a body camera when he got on his cell phone and then took off like a bat out of hell. It is not safe for me to talk to a cop in Boise without recording it.

I have parked there for over 7 months including in the cold last winter. The warmer weather came and the druggies set up shop. They hide crap in the bushes, the dumpster surround, etc. There are two who come through screaming, male and female, the male picks things up and throws them against a building and other places. One night they were so high their words were unintelligible, they could barely walk and I thought they were going to have sex behind a van, but they moved on after a while.

Criminals forced me out of an apartment through an organized harassment program done by people with similar issues. The BPD would not allow me to file police reports about the harassment and slandered me. I know how horrible it is to be homeless because I have been for years. The shelters are intolerable, there are people preying upon others including the staff and the conditions are inhumane. I also know a lot about trauma and that drug use is a symptom of that, so I do have some empathy for these out of control people. There are however behavioral issues which require some interventions, people should not be forced to live in an apartment building full of these unsupervised problems especially while all entities responsible don't do their jobs and also abuse the person who is a victim of massive crimes and they are given something for gangstalking themW. Rather than spend time harassing someone like myself who was not causing problems other than telling the truth (very threatening to the corrupt) it seems the BPD time would be better spend on some other things.

Now I live in a vehicle because the Boise Police, city hall, HUD, the Intermountain Fair Housing Council (non-profit of HUD), Idaho Housing Finance, two security contractors, one being Allied Security who worked to have me thrown out of the Downtown Boise library who allowed a drug ring to operate on the property in the courthouse parking garage under the building where my apartment was. Yes, they did, but hey, that's what happens when a county has a privatized courthouse. Oh yea, it is Steadfast Management who owns the courthouse the same corporation that owns the Civic Plaza Apartments where I was terrorized for a year. Another contractor was also on the property doing the organized harassment program for the government. I believe that was G4S.

Going to do laundry always results in harassment of some kind for me. At some laundromats lots of gangstalkers show up doing all kinds of blocking, harassment and disruption tactics. Two thugs with knives would show up at one laundromat at 7 AM, go plug the toilet and sink in the bathroom, obviously tweeking they kept checking to see if someone was coming to get them. The knives were very large. The police are never around for things like that, if I called they would act like I was crazy, when asked why state they did not believe my stories. This is why I have lots of cameras now and make videos to post on the series of tubes (Alaska joke). One laundromat I have gone to resulted in the police showing up to interrogate me as to if I was doing laundry or not. At the one in this video some vehicle from the city of Boise always shows up for harassment and drives by or around my vehicle, Boise City, Public Safety or the Boise Police vehicles. Thst day a cop showed up and just sat across from me, then left, but came back just as soon as I went out to my car and circled it.

At least leave me the hell alone if you can't do your damn jobs.


Update Below: Wait...I Thought Shawn Was Incomepetent...Shawn Files Motion To Compel Mandatory Production of Discovery In the Case of Mayor Holly Assaulting Him and False Charges Against Shawn.

Always remember all targets of the federal harassment programs are to be discredited, that is most easily accomplished by traumatizing them and using their normal reactions to get a paid off or compromised mental health professional to misdiagnose them. This is best accomplished in the courts, it happens in the community as well, by hiring known shady expert witnesses. The feds are passed masters at this process and have a network all over the country in many settings who do 5 minute misdiagnoses for profit. It's an underground human trafficking economy in the US, people are used as slaves for the profit of the sociopathics in place for the DOJ and other parts of the deep state to help manipulate targets.

Odd how competency works with the courts, Shawn is very competent on the level of the county courts, but in the federal system the opposite. The difference may be the level of cover up being so heavy at the top where all of Shawn's problems originate. If the defendant and his supporters are intelligent, able to connect dots, add 1+1 and get 2 their ten year operation to destroy a life is revealed. I already know about that since the same thing has and is happening to me. Asking for a competency eval stalls the whole process as well, getting the defendant into a psych facility can stall the process for years. I know after working in those kinds of units.

Offering a crap plea deal knowing the defendant's goal is the truth being exposed gets a known result, no way to the plea, then that sane response is turned into an excuse for a competency eval. That is SOP now with the federal courts, the DOJ, the FBI.

Why is it the news media will not cover this part of Shawn's story? Could it be the Fourth Estate now simply operates off the Mockingbird press releases when they report to work at their Orwellian corporate news jobs. The most interesting and relevant parts of the story are not told by news media, this means they are being controlled. Was it the promise of award presentations for repeating lies that have helped to silence you?

Shawn is truly amazing, but needs help from an outside lawyer, one with courage and intelligence. Contacting agencies and individual lawyer for assistance has resulted in mostly no responses. Guess the Constitution doesn't matter to the legal profession as a whole anymore. In Alaska when I was looking for help lawyers would tell me my case was too complicated for them. It wasn't complicated, but was connected to court corruption, federal corruption and the operations to suppress the Native people for access the oil and minerals and to silence them politically. Shawn's case has been made complex due to the years of layer upon layer of sociopathics who have joined the criminal operation against him to get something for themselves. 

Wild child Willow Palin.
Update: Levi's mother was not pushing drugs, she was hounded by a person using a phone her family had formerly let Bristol Palin use on their family plan to buy her own pain meds. She refused over a long period of time. She was about to lose her home. This was a set up, manipulating of her desperate situation. It was an Alaska FBI agent friend of the Palins who did this. Does that sound familiar to anyone? Here is a post from Jessie Griffin's old Immoral Minority blog which contains a great deal of very accurate Palin information. 

Anyone who believes the FBI, the USMS, the Department of Lawlessness (Attorney General office in Alaska) have pursued Shawn Christy and his parents for a decade because he and Willow Palin were sexting as teenagers isn't right in the head. There has to be more to this than two teenagers sexting. This was a decade ago, they have spent all this time trying to find a crime to charge Shawn Christy with, it makes no sense. But spending this time putting a network together to orchestrate set ups and a 3 month run in order to have him charged with many crimes would make sense considering what has happened. All of these people involved end up being connected to Sarah Palin, her administration as governor, friends and associates.

Was it Willow Palin sexting with with Shawn Christy or Sarah Palin? Why put so much effort into behavior of teenagers which is common from ten years ago?

Wait I thought Shawn was too incompetent to be able to file documents and such with the courts. Why is he continuing to do so considering the federal public defenders have filed to have him evaluated? Is this really about trying to declare him incompetent because it makes absolutely no sense at all? Is this instead stalling and searching for some psych issue, anything they can get a shady expert witness to manufacture to use for discrediting of Shawn Christy as is done so damn often with the courts?

Shawn is looking for any reports these people may have written on the incident where he was assaulted by former Mayor Holly in McAddo Pennsylvania. FBI agent Allen Jones, FBI agent Anne Kirkland, Deputy U.S. Marshal Rochele Liedike and PSP Trooper Andrew Watkins.

Shawn's most recent letter to his supporters. Like Craig Christy Shawn's dad said, once any lawyer got into the case and saw the corruption at the high levels they would be scared off. Who has courage anymore to fight the corrupt system? Most have joined them.

This is what Shawn says in the letter.


Chalking Tires Declared a Violation of the 4th Amendment, Unconstituional by 6th Circuit Court of Appeals, Thank you Circuit Judges KEITH, KETHLEDGE, and DONALD. A Special Thanks to ALISON TAYLOR For Her Efforts and Courage.

The case Alison Taylor brought to the Sixth Circuit will help me with my case. Thank you so much. As you will see in the video below one of the cops thinks going to court is a good idea, so let's get it on. 

I have been gangstalked in Boise Idaho for years by the powers that be, their militarized police, other employees and entities of Boise, members of Infragard, non-profits and their Army of Weaponized Morons paid or given something in exchanged to harass and terrorize me. With these operations they spread lies about the target so people not even in their nest of vipers will also bully the target. There are of course others they do this to.

They forced me out of an apartment which was like living in hell for a year. I have lived in my vehicle since October 1st 2018. I slept in that car all winter while being harassed, menaced in the cold with health issues. It is April 1st now and was very cold last night, but pretty soon it will be hotter than hell here in Boise.

After allowing others to park for weeks at a time on a street that allows for parking continuously for 72 hours, then the vehicle must be moved, they came after me, a person who parks there at night and generally leaves every day. I leave early weekdays due to the parking needed by a clinic there.

Here is the video and then the blog post about the second incident. Before they began this type of harassment I had a conversation with that very cop about parking on that very street. Then he lied of course.

This is me cleaning the chalk off my tire, vinegar and water works great.


Update: Boise Police Department Harassment of Woman Living in Minivan, The Lies, Gaslighting and BS Were A-flowing


The day after the second incident of chalking my tire I parked in a lot in the park system across from the Downtown Library. Just as I turned off the engine this same cop rides right behind my car on his jackbooted bicycle, then goes over to the rose garden and begins texting on his cell phone. That day at the library almost immediately a gangstalker showed up. This guy claims to be a target of gangstalking and had contacted me on messenger. When people contact me saying they are targets I never fully believe them because fake targets show up for various reasons. In the library I got my stuff ready to do some work and he showed up, wanted me to walk over to Jacksons with him, nope, then began to describe how he had stalked me but could not find me by looking at my videos. He was talking loudly like gangstalkers do, went on about problems with people renting rooms from him and described the sex sounds of his room mates with quite a bit of details, also loudly. No library staff, no security guards. I was just trying to be supportive at first not knowing is this guy really a target or not. Of course this was a set up to try and get me thrown out of the library, they wanted to provoke an argument, a loud reaction from me. It was very strange. One guy sitting in the corner got pissed off. I was freaked out. I believe considering the years of experiences with this that cop contacted him in the rose garden to show up as I arrived. This is part of community policing and it is connected to the fusion centers and much more.

I sent an email to Mayor Bieter, the Boise Police Department and the City Council telling them to stop putting their graffiti on my tire. There was no response other than my tires being chalked again. I knew it was a violation of my Constitutional rights, but also that Boise does constantly violate the rights of many who are not in the oligarchic class here. The homeless are especially treated horribly by the city. In the case of targets they intentionally create our homelessness so they can easily psychologically torture us and ensure we live in conditions that harm our health, while easily having access to us.

A man who parks in the area I do at night for two nights harassed me. I was sick and needed to rest both days, due to the stress from the City of Boise and their Army of Weaponized Morons the ME/cfs is flared up. I was in a lot of pain, having the usual flu type symptoms from it along with being very fatigued, this has continued since then with the pain recently being worse. Making me sick and causing suffering is probably what their goal was. I got the end of his abusive rant and laughed because he was dumb enough to call me a bitch after my phone camera was turned on. He sprayed spit while he was ranting all over my window. I had men going by my vehicle at night yelling, "She's a bitch" for several nights in a row a while back. They act like little bitches, then when I don't put up with it call me a bitch. That's what I call "Boise Nice." LMAO. 

This happened right at midnight, four days after the Sixth Circuit Opinion was issued. Around the 28th as I went to my storage unit a cop was parked by the side of the road and as I was driving towards him he pulled out in front of me, this is an enter/exit tactic often used for harassment by police. They also parked in a parking lot across from where I park at night several times, including last night.

From last evening, April 30th 2019. He showed up right after the post below was added to FB. Then left right as I posted this video.

Day before yesterday when this NYT article popped up I began to laugh.  That article explained the increase in organized harassment recently, especially the harassment about parking.

Lose the Chalk, Officer: Court Finds Marking Tires of Parked Cars Unconstitutional

Before I even knew about the 6th circuit opinion and this case many phone calls to people in positions of power in Boise were made about the harassment and especially parking harassment So far only one person has returned my phone calls, Mr. T. Johnson in charge of the parking enforcement. I contacted him after harassment from a Zoo employee. There had been other harassment before that in the form of directed conversation from construction workers as I walked by. The director of the Zoo, Mr. Peacock, apparently that really is his name and the director of the library system, Mr. Boose did not return my phone calls. Mr. Boose  and one of his managers had me thrown out of the library, me, the biggest nerd in Boise for complaining about the behavioral issues, especially the targeting directed at me and the lack of employee intervention including the security guards. Yesterday I made several phone calls attempting to find out what Boise intends to do now that tire chalking for parking enforcement has been ruled unconstitutional by the sixth circuit and could not get through to anyone who could answer that question.

Throwing me out of the library is likely related to this, but could also be about Shawn Christy's federal case. They kept waiting until they could say something that would piss me off enough (provoke me) so they could twist my verbal response, "You just gaslighted me and you are going to pay for that." By history anyone knows that means I would write about it. It took them 2.5 hours to respond and call the police clearly demonstrating they did not believe I was a threat and they had to have a little meeting to decide if they could misconstrue what I said enough to use it. I was told they were trespassing me, haven't seen a bit of paperwork from a court yet. The guy the cop sent the day after chalking my tires for the second time was an attempted set up which did not work out for them. I know why they did that, trying to disrupt my writing and video making along with other things. The evil here in Boise is so transparent.


Sixth Circuit Opinion, Chalking Tires for Parking Control is Unconstitutional, A Violation of the Fourth Amendment. 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals Judges KEITH, KETHLEDGE, and DONALD are Added to My List of Heroes of the Fourth Amendment.

This has direct effect on my own situation and actions I plan to take. I have been harassed in Boise Idaho by the police department about parking. Others were allowed to park in one spot for weeks at times, while I left my overnight parking spot daily except for two days due to having influenza twice last winter secondary to health issues and living in a car during the cold of winter. That street has 72 hour parking, the two times they harassed me I was in the back of the car and had been there less than 24 hours. One the others parked on that street had vehicles unmarked while they had been there more than 24 hours to several days. The behavior of the cop was such that it is very obvious I was targeted. There was harassment from others as there is a network of evil organized stalking/harassment in Boise. More on that later and my actions to inform the city they needed to stop defacing my vehicle with their grafitti.

But first let me say I already had a hero of the Fourth Amendment, former 9th U.S Circuit Court of Appeals Chief Judge Alex Kozinski aka the Big Koz.


This case is going to make my fight against the harassment from the city of Boise easier. 




Several phone calls have been made by myself to city of Boise departments with no answering, except the mayor's office from which came a suggestion to call the same places I already had and leave a message. Since all but one person recently do not call me back what would be the point of leaving them a message. I even tried the city attorney's office. The questions I have are simply what if any changes will you make secondary to the 6th circuit opinion on chalking tires for parking enforcement being unconstitutional? 

Boise decided to ignore the Ninth Circuit opinion that they should stop giving tickets to and arresting homeless people who slept outside when the shelters had no room. I also happen to know they will throw people out, even very severely mentally ill vulnerable people in the middle of the night due to lack of their own skills or empathy. They appealed the Ninth Circuit's opinion that what they were doing was unconstitutional and lost. It's clearly immoral and assholey too. Then they stated it wasn't any different than what they were already doing, LOL.  I have been shocked by Boise so many times, who would do something so heinous? After what I have been through here I believe there is nothing they could ever find too abusive to inflict upon their targets.

With this opinion from the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals I assume, especially considering it wasn't their specific U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, the 9th, Boise will state they are going to continue to do the same chalking of tires as before, "until we hear from a higher court." If the city of Saginaw files an appeal which they will lose Boise can say, oh the changes are what we were doing already.  Since I can't get a statement of what if any effect this opinion has on their parking enforcement codes all I can do is speculate based on past decisions. 


There was no question in the opinion if chalking tires is a search, the only question was is this a reasonable search. They said no due to police causing an object to come into contact with our cars meeting the definition of trespassing. 

In accordance with Jones, the threshold question is whether chalking constitutes common-law trespass upon a constitutionally protected area.Though Jonesdoes not provide clear boundaries for the meaning of common-law trespass, the Restatement offers some assistance. As defined by the Restatement, common-law trespass is “an act which brings [about] intended physical contact with a chattel inthe possession of another.” Restatement (Second) of Torts § 217 cmt. e (1965). Moreover, “[a]n actor may . . . commit a trespass by so acting upon a chattel as intentionally to cause it to come in contact with some other object.” Id.Adopting this definition, there has been a trespass in this case because the City made intentional physical contact with Taylor’s vehicle. As the district court properly found, this physical intrusion, regardless of how slight, constitutes common-law trespass. This is so,even though “no damage [is done] at all.” Jones, 565 U.S. at 405 (quoting Entickv. Carrington,95 Eng. Rep. 807, 817 (C.P.1765)).

Our search analysis under Jonesdoes not end there. Rather, once we determine the government has trespassed upon a constitutionally protected area, we must then determine whether the trespass was “conjoined with . . . an attempt to find something or to obtain information.Id.at 408 n.5. Here, it was. Neither party disputes that the City uses the chalk marks for the purpose of identifying vehicles that have been parked in the same location for a certain period of time. That information is then used by the City to issue citations.As the district court aptly noted, “[d]espite the low-tech nature of the investigative technique . . . , the chalk marks clearly provided information to Hoskins.3This practice amounts to an attempt to obtain information under Jones.4

The next question is was the search reasonable. They say no.

Taylor argues that the search was unreasonable because the City fails to establish an exception to the warrant requirement. Specifically, Taylor argues that the search at issue is not covered by the community caretakerexception and that the City fails to establish that any other exception applies to their warrantless search. The City responds that, even if chalking is a search under Jones, the search was reasonable because there is a reduced expectation of privacy in an automobile. The City further contends that the search was subject to the community caretaker exception. We disagree with the City. 

The Fourth Amendment does not proscribeall searches, “but only those that are unreasonable.” Skinner v. Ry. Labor ExecutivesAssn, 489 U.S. 602, 619 (1989). “[W]e must begin with the basic rule that searches conducted outside the judicial process, without prior approval by [a] judge or magistrate, are per se unreasonable under the Fourth Amendmentsubject only to a few specifically established and well-delineated exceptions.” United States v. Hockenberry, 730 F.3d 645, 658 (6th Cir. 2013) (quotation marks omitted). The government bears the burden of demonstrating an exception to the warrant requirement. United States v.Jeffers, 342 U.S. 48, 51 (1951).

Being my home the vehicle brings up many other issues of privacy.  

This is of strong interest to me due to the harassment I have endured and the vehicle being my home which brings up many more questions with the chalking of tires than with a simple parked car. In my case the chalking was done when I was home, in the back of the minivan, windows covered, in pajamas on a weekend morning or early afternoon. As demonstrated by video evidence I have the particular police officer who did the chalking which was quite vigorous and made me wonder if the shaking of my vehicle was an earthquake knew full well I lived in my vehicle and was concerned about the police giving tickets and marking tires on the same street. 

The city of Boise through their lack of caring that lower income individuals would not be able to afford rents as they made decisions that facilitated rapid growth of Boise and did not take action to see that more affordable housing was built caused homelessness, suffering of people and many social problems. There are other cities which also could care less about the homeless but Boise is one of the fastest growing causing rents to rapidly rise.

I was gangstalked in subsidized housing, most of the units were section 8, mine was section 42 (tax credits lowering the rent below the market rate). It was a nightmare and no one listened to me because the city was involved in it and a component of the organized harassment is the spreading of false rumors about the target, often horrible untrue things. 

The Boise Police Department would not allow me to file police reports about the harassment. When asked why one officer told me, "Because we don't believe those stories you tell." At that point I said, OK, I can post the videos on the internet publicly then. This really pisses me off because I do not lie, make things up nor am I psychotic. 

Now while living in the vehicle there has been sadistic harassment on many levels including by police. They used the city codes to have access to me by marking my tires when they clearly knew I never exceeded the restriction of 72 hours. They also had bicycle cops come by and look directly, obviously into my vehicle, cops in cars would ride by me often or park close by, they did the same before I had the vehicle and was walking or riding a bicycle. I have to park in the park system during the daytime often, Parks and Recreation vehicles along with Boise City vehicles would drive by me frequently, some circled around me over and over. Community policing components would also show up often. I have had City of Boise vehicles show up and drive by me in out of the way places where I park. I am never doing anything illegal, but they seem to consider writing or telling the truth to be a terrorist act.  Apparently their main weapon against the truth is to slander the truth teller.

For the homeless population the Constitution and Bill of Rights has been completely thrown out. The homeless, powerless, vulnerable subset of the population keeps growing and cities all over the country have worked often together to subject people who are just trying to survive and are brutalized, psychologically tortured as Professor Sara Rankin writes for "survival crimes." Everyone has to be somewhere, the concentration camp homeless shelters are not health physically or psychologically, so to protect ourselves the homeless lives outside or in a vehicle. Whatever the homeless do to try and protect ourselves from abuse and psychological torture they come after us and blame us for the situation we did not create. The massive homelessness in the United States was created intentionally over several decades. The opioid epidemic was intentionally created to sedate, disrupt and make slaves of a percentage of the population by intelligence agencies and Big Pharma. The prison industrial complex generates homelessness and was created to enslave part of the population, remove a particular category of voters, create an underclass removed from the workforce and so corporations could make huge profits. Young people have a hell of a time affording college if they are not from a wealthy family, they have to either carry huge debt their whole lives or stop their education at high school. The lack of hope creates homelessness. That was also intentionally created. The more homeless people they can create the larger the segment of the population that has no rights.

I am not responsible for living in a country where I have been a serial whistleblower due to the corruption and dysfunction because of my morals, empathy, conscience or belief in the Constitution and Bill of Rights, I am however responsible for working to fix those problems. In trying to do so my career was destroyed, they nearly destroyed me and a war against me has been waged on a massive scale that makes no sense at all. I am not responsible for Big Pharma lying to my mother and giving her DES to take which damaged my body, I am not responsible for NIH and CDC not doing the research needed for treatment of ME/cfs and their demonization of it and those who suffer from it. What are they trying to cover up? There is so much good I could have done, but good is not what the psychopaths running this country are looking for. 


18 Code 4241. Determination of Mental Competency to Stand Trial, Federal Competency Evaluation. Heidi Freese and Judge Mariani What The Hell Are You Doing?

Link to Cornell Law:

18 U.S. Code § 4241. Determination of mental competency to stand trial.

(a)Motion To Determine Competency of Defendant.—
At any time after the commencement of a prosecution for an offense and prior to the sentencing of the defendant, or at any time after the commencement of probation or supervised release and prior to the completion of the sentence, the defendant or the attorney for the Government may file a motion for a hearing to determine the mental competency of the defendant. The court shall grant the motion, or shall order such a hearing on its own motion, if there is reasonable cause to believe that the defendant may presently be suffering from a mental disease or defect rendering him mentally incompetent to the extent that he is unable to understand the nature and consequences of the proceedings against him or to assist properly in his defense.

(b)Psychiatric or Psychological Examination and Report.—
Prior to the date of the hearing, the court may order that a psychiatric or psychological examination of the defendant be conducted, and that a psychiatric or psychological report be filed with the court, pursuant to the provisions of section 4247(b) and (c).
The hearing shall be conducted pursuant to the provisions of section 4247(d).
(d)Determination and Disposition.—If, after the hearing, the court finds by a preponderance of the evidence that the defendant is presently suffering from a mental disease or defect rendering him mentally incompetent to the extent that he is unable to understand the nature and consequences of the proceedings against him or to assist properly in his defense, the court shall commit the defendant to the custody of the Attorney General.
The Attorney General shall hospitalize the defendant for treatment in a suitable facility
for such a reasonable period of time, not to exceed four months, as is necessary to determine whether there is a substantial probability that in the foreseeable future he will attain the capacity to permit the proceedings to go forward; and
(2) for an additional reasonable period of time until—
his mental condition is so improved that trial may proceed, if the court finds that there is a substantial probability that within such additional period of time he will attain the capacity to permit the proceedings to go forward; or
the pending charges against him are disposed of according to law;whichever is earlier.
If, at the end of the time period specified, it is determined that the defendant’s mental condition has not so improved as to permit the proceedings to go forward, the defendant is subject to the provisions of sections 4246 and 4248.
(e)Discharge.— When the director of the facility in which a defendant is hospitalized pursuant to subsection (d) determines that the defendant has recovered to such an extent that he is able to understand the nature and consequences of the proceedings against him and to assist properly in his defense, he shall promptly file a certificate to that effect with the clerk of the court that ordered the commitment. The clerk shall send a copy of the certificate to the defendant’s counsel and to the attorney for the Government. The court shall hold a hearing, conducted pursuant to the provisions of section 4247(d), to determine the competency of the defendant. If, after the hearing, the court finds by a preponderance of the evidence that the
defendant has recovered to such an extent that he is able to understand the nature and consequences of the proceedings against him and to assist properly in his defense, the court shall order his immediate discharge from the facility in which he is hospitalized and shall set the date for trial or other proceedings. Upon discharge, the defendant is subject to the provisions of chapters 207 and 227.
(f)Admissibility of Finding of Competency.—
A finding by the court that the defendant is mentally competent to stand trial shall not prejudice the defendant in raising the issue of his insanity as a defense to the offense charged, and shall not be admissible as evidence in a trial for the offense charged.

There was another fugitive run in Pennsylvania, Eric Frein. Here is what happened when his public defenders wanted a psych eval for competency...denied due to clear evidence of competency, just like with Shawn Chrsity. Interesting.

Frein Penalty Proceeding Delayed

Weinstein asked the judge to send Frein for a psychiatric evaluation, stating," if he is having a psychotic episode and we called on him, he couldn't help us."
Prosecutors then objected to the request, playing a phone conversation that was recorded between Frein and his mother on Saturday.
Frein told his mother he hadn't slept, that no one knows why he was put on psychiatric watch.
He talked to his mother about the case, stating he was unhappy that Weinstein was not asking any questions, saying, "Mike didn't question anything. I hate to say it, but I wish Tonkin was the defense lawyer. But they kept saying, 'no question, no question,' when there are so many questions."
The judge denied the motion after the phone recording played.
"We believe the phone call demonstrated that Eric was talking about his appeal.  He understands the prosecutor. He understood the role of his lawyer, the judge, and understood the role of the jury, and we are of the opinion that this is all Eric Frein trying to delay the proceedings," said Pike County District Attorney Ray Tonkin.

Were the public defenders a part of it because almost anyone would suspect he was faking it? 

Frein may have been faking a mental illness, but in the case of Shawn Christy that is clearly not happening, instead the federal public defenders are trying to fake that Shawn has a mental illness. This is a blocking, disruption, stalling tactic. A recording of a conversation of Frein talking to his mother demonstrated his understanding of court proceedings, so the judge ruled no psych eval. Since Shawn Chrsity is most certainly able to not only understand court proceedings and also able to represent himself pro se as he has done for seven months in 3 counties what the hell is Heidi Freese up to and what the hell is wrong with Judge Mariani?

Covering up wrongdoing of a politician who is a friend of the president could get them appointments and promotions. I had a large number of these happen with those who set me up for wrongful imprisonment and more. Yesterday I found out about another one who was here in Idaho. Some of them could be compromised to get them to commit malfeasance.

What went on for a decade since Shawn Christy was 17 years old needs to be told, the lies the Palins are continuing to tell about Shawn and the engineering of events during the 3 month run together need to be looked at in a court room. Courts are not just about justice for an individual, cases also change things in a positive way for others. Legal cases are how our society helps regulate and right wrongs.

There are huge issues that need to be looked at. Where did that USPS vehicle in Kentucky come from? Why was it sitting in the driveway of Timothy Gilliam brother of Dakota Meyer with the keys easy to find? Why even though Craig Christy notified LEOs Shawn likely was heading there and I posted IP hits from this blog on Shawn Christy Political Prisoner to help them why were not LEOs at the house and why was Dakota Meyer not there after all his taunting of Shawn? Who got Duane Chapman involved in the case, his producer or was it his own idea, or Beth's? Have I mentioned Gilliam is a rep for Mitch McConnell? Oh yea, I guess so. Interesting and just one of the oddities of the fugitive run they triggered intentionally by violating the Brady Rule...twice as there were two runs, the first one was pretty much ignored as Shawn was not in the right situation for their plans.

Two individuals involved in reality shows are tacked onto Shawns 3 month run, why is that? They don't want evidence Shawn would present in court to be seen. It needs to be seen and preventing that is obstruction of justice just like altering video evidence and disappearing one.

Let's look at this situation closely and figure out who meets the DSM 5 criteria and who is the victim of their pathological diseasedness.


Shawn Christy Was Competent to Represent Himself for Several Charges in 3 Counties, Declared Competent by BOP in 2012, Refused a plea Recently, PD Petitions for Competency Eval, Judge Mariani Orders Eval. Un-Fing-Believably Obvious Attempt to Prevent Trial Which Would Expose Corruption

I am so disgusted and livid with the justice system in the United States. These are the people the public thinks help defendants.

From July 5th 2014: 

Shawn Christy’s Psych Eval Was Done on July 3rd 2009, the Day Sarah Palin Resigned. HELLO ! Sexting With a 17 Year Old !

Scramble excuses around to prevent anyone from the real truth Sarah. It's easy because there was a clique making the decisions on the Democrat side back then in Alaska about what everyone should think and they pooh-poohed what others said that did not go along with their agenda. Sarah Palin must be in quite the panic now, the set up is backfiring.  


From December of 2018: 

Shawn is Getting the Standard Treatment Used to Force Pleas, Truama, Isolation, Lies in Court, Not Allowing Grooming or Health Care, Dog Chapman Sucks, Hey MSM When You Gona Show Video of Mayor Holly Assaulting Shawn


They have planned everything, including the 3 month run.  The cover up continues.

Shawn has several cases and has been representing himself pro se in all but the federal cases. He was just offered a plea deal to pick three charges out of I think 12, 1 from three categories.  He refused that crazy "plea deal," Apparently a psychiatrist the federal public defenders hired threatened Shawn with 30 years. The public defenders approached him with this deal to stop a trial from happening because then certain evidence can be used by the defense, they don't want Shawn pro se, oh heavens no. They had the psychiatrist step in and act like a PD to threaten him, unbelievable. 

Shawn was apparently competent enough to represent himself in 3 counties and to agree to their plea offer, but saying no to it caused them to flip him to being incompetent. Ride the injustice railroad or we'll then railroad you into the psych hospital. The federal government actually has a very long history of doing this with government employees who work with classified material when they become disgusted with things they discover or will not do something they believe is wrong, oh yes, and of course, whistleblowers. They also go after dissidents and through organized harassment give people PTSD to cause symptoms they can use to commit them. In the United States whistleblowers, real journalists and activists are now considered terrorists because democracy has been banned.

Even if they can't get him declared incompetent by filling him full of toxic medications they use the evaluation time which they keep getting extended to slow down the process, get the public to lose interest and wear the defendant down so they agree to a plea just to get out of the hospital or prison. In this case I'm guessing they need Shawn to disappear for 1.5 years until the Trump election so Palin can help herd the right wing Christianists and then get an appointment to something. 

Set ups, organized harassment, made crime, that is what the tax payers are funding now.

Lots of the people involved with the FBI, judges, prosecutors have connections to Sarah Palin. It's a cabal of corruption.

There were two FBI agents in Alaska who worked under Sarah Palin to help with the cover up and set up, both female. The first one came to McAdoo when Shawn was 17, to the library, sat next to him and his emails would disappear. If he was sending emails that could be related to illegal activity, why not use them for evidence rather than disappear them? Or were they related to a teenager who had been sexted by an adult? She came from Alaska to Pennsylvania to do this. Shawn reported this odd activity to his parents. Craig went to the library with Shawn to watch and sure enough, that same woman Shawn discussed came and sat next to him. That agent was "reassigned."  The second FBI agent, Ann Kirkland has been working on Shawn's case all this time, since 2009. They have tried anything and everything they thought possibly might work for them to shut Shawn and his parents up, even tried to charge Shawn with a sex crime due to the claim he was sexting with Willow Palin. Shawn and Willow were both minors, it was not illegal. Why so much fury over two teenagers texting a decade ago? Because that is not what really happened.

Both Shawn and Craig were ruled competent in 2012. Competency seems to be related to which way the manipulations from the justice system are flowing.

This video shows Shawn's competence before the plea offer, they are trying to gaslight him into being incompetent to cover up evidence that would come out in a trial. What is the government afraid of?  

Today April 25th this has happened.

Shawn Christy goes from competent to represent himself pro se to incompetent to even stand trial. I don't think so. 

Most people do not know that so called expert witnesses are often con artists, shady characters looking to make some money. Some have been used for decades and later were shown to have just made up fake science to railroad people or falsely defend them. Which flimflam man will they chose?

Below is an example from my story posed September of 2013. I was supposed to have several expert witnesses. The public defender agency in Alaska lied to me over and over saying I would have all these expert witnesses, then cut off communications with me, then tell me I would be my own expert witness twice and never called me forward to testify. I had done lots of research, but they blocked the truth from being told. Then those involved in this malfeasance and crimes to set me up got promotions and appointments.

Example of typical expert witness, remember the public defenders in Shawn's case work for the federal government. If they do as told they get promotions and appointments or a promise to overlook some issue they have.

The Psychopathic Psychiatrist/Expert Witness, I Was Not Just Joking


Considering the manipulative plea was offered, then the sudden declaration Shawn is incompetent coming from the federal public defenders it is clear the orders to get Shawn out of the way for Sarah Palin are coming from the DOJ. The Department of Justice is over the FBI and the USMS. 

Sarah Palin is friends with Donald Trump. Palin campaigned for him last go round and sucked in the far right Christianists. She had to quit, you know like she does due to her husband getting banged up, probably not what was reported being the reason and her son Track going drunken psycho again. Sarah wanted an appointment from Trump but she just doesn't look good with all the family issues. They just tried to remake Bristol Palin using an idiotic reality show and had her repeat the same lies Sarah used to propagandize against Shawn, that he was stalking them, not true. 

I worked in a Competency Evaluation and Treatment Program a long time ago. The legal definition of competence to stand trial means the defendant understands the court proceedings and is able to cooperate with his defense. Shawn is very clearly able to understand the court proceedings, that is not in question. This is about not cooperating with the defense team, they made the crazy offer and he said no, so they will claim he is not cooperating, especially since he fired them. He has a right to turn down the plea offer and a right to trial. They are trying to hold onto control of him for the cover up and I can smell the panic. 

6th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States:

In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the State and district wherein the crime shall have been committed, which district shall have been previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses against him; to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and to have the Assistance of Counsel for his defence.

The corrupt federal government is taking over to take Shawn's rights. 

Just yesterday I found out by reviewing records that took a great deal of effort to get and then a lie that they were just sitting on a desk, Riiiight, someone wrote fiction in my records about many things. But one part taken from a story about an unlicensed con artist who misdiagnosed me from a five minute phone call when he was not trained, experienced or licensed to do so. WA state clarified these things for me. There was a drunken public defender in Nome Alaska involved and lots of other miscreants. The woman who did this is now working for the DOD, the National Guard. I wrote an article they don't like about their debauchery in Alaska which has resulted in my being terrorized, discredited and disrupted. It's still up. This is what the government does.  

Shawn Christy Political Prisoner


Karen and Craig Christy Discuss Recent Developments With Their Son Shawn Christy's Federal Charges, Very Strange Plea Offer, FBI Corruption, Sarah Palin and More.

As I was almost done with this post I notice a comment from Craig Christy. Interesting, what else have they put into evidence?

 Below is a screenshot from FB, pictures of people involved in past and current issues with his son's federal charges, set ups, propaganda, etc. It's been a decade of this. Why were two FBI agents from Alaska working in Pennsylvania? One of them began working on a case involving Shawn Christy that made no sense, a bogus sex crime, two teenagers sexting, but it is more like that one teenager and one adult were sexting.  She has since then moved to Pennsylvania and continues after all these years to work on the continuing set ups and manipulations of Shawn's life. Why would they do that? Who really sexted with him? Who has a history of retaliation, threats and destroying the lives of young men?

Part 1:

Below is what I thought of when Craig Christy described the "plea deal" offered to him by the prosecution. One from Column A, one from column B, one from column C. It took me a while to find this old comedy routine which is probably buried due to the racist implications, but the routine is actually saying something about white people or whoever the waiter is talking to, One from column A, two from column B. Buddy Hackett has passed away.

Part 2:


Update: Boise Police Department Harassment of Woman Living in Minivan, The Lies, Gaslighting and BS Were A-flowing

I live in a car because those who have control of Boise Idaho hate the homeless, harass us, abuse us and participated in not creating affordable housing while destroying it. Recently the city gave subsidies meant for affordable housing to builders of regular apartments and even one builder who has rooms to be used in a hotel situation. Eventually when this was revealed they made donations to offset the subsidies which were fees they did not have to pay according to a city council member.

They use some homeless people to attack others for using their First Amendment rights.It's very ugly.

The Boise oligarchy has control of every agency, politician and appointed position here. The police in Boise Idaho were giving homeless who slept outside tickets even when there was no room in the shelters. I was in a shelter when Police Chief Bones and Mayor Bieter both publicly said that there was room for all the people run out of tents from what they call Cooper Court, there was not, except for the first night when the fire regs were suspended. Cooper Court is essentially an alleyway that runs around the building the shelter uses. Some of those people who then flooded the shelter were sociopathics who harassed and preyed upon others at the shelter making hell even more hellish. The staff and Boise Police do nothing about that. They then arrest and incarcerate homeless people who sleep outside trying to protect themselves from the conditions and abuse or the theft of their property.

Yes, there are people drinking and causing problems or doing drugs, often this is a secondary symptom of trauma. They annoy the hell out of me too. Traumatizing them more will only make their behavior worse. I am not saying they aren't causing problems, I am saying the conditions the homeless are forced into contribute to the problems.

I had an apartment but was gangstalked until I did not renew the lease. The Boise Police gaslighted me and refused to allow me to file police reports, yes I know they were told lies about me and all about the Fusion Center/911 Call Center/State Police Intelligence Unit controlling much of what goes on. I also know they have FBI/Cops embedded who move about to different places, my friends call them gypsy cops.

My health issues are that I am a DES Daughter, have ME/cfs and PTSD. The last two are very hard to manage, especially together and especially while being psychologically tortured, not too hard to understand that. This means their goal is to destroy me. I am living in a minivan to have control of my health issues, more control of my environment and to put a barrier between myself and the abusive, sociopathic bullies of Boise Idaho. Now they use many types of employees of the city of Boise for the torture.

Sunday February 17th this incident in this ↓ blog post happened, then I posted about it on the 18th. I am a 63 year old female who has been through hell in her life for telling the truth and fighting corruption. I have health problems facilitated by a drug called DES that was given to my mother while I was in her womb. It caused DES Daughters and Sons many problems including with our immune systems. This information like so much the corporate world wants suppressed is hardly known to newer physicians. The illness ME/cfs which I believe was facilitated by the DES I was exposed to in utero is hard to manage when one has a place to live, forcing me into homelessness would be known to make me very ill.

Boise Police Department Continues Their Harassment, It Was Not an Earthquake, it was the Boise Police Department Harassing me

Recently I was thrown out of the Boise library system after complaining for years of being stalked and harassed there. It was worse at the libraries due to my not being allowed to wear a camera. I was falsely accused of making a threat to an admin staff. I did tell her she had gaslighted me like all boise city employees are apparently taught to do and like all government agencies do to me and told her she was going to pay for that. I went to work on the payback, writing about it. Guess they are terrified of the truth. Anything and everything is done to make my life more difficult, financially drain me, cause my health to get worse, frustrate and anger me. Nothing is done to protect me from the criminal element in Boise Idaho which includes the Boise Police Department and other agencies.

I was just writing about it, the crazy actions they took then resulted in a video. 

Thrown Out of Boise Idaho Downtown Library, All Branches, Clear Retaliation and Based on a False Accusation

I emailed a link of the video about my tires being marked when they know I generally leave every day to Mayor Bieter's office, the city council and the Boise Police Department asking them to cease and desist. No response from these people ever. Run silent, run deep.

Around 10:40ish the morning the 24th of March two cops on bicycles were outside my car. I felt my car move just like last weekend, saw a shadow and then heard a voice. I put the window down to ask what the hell they were doing. Then I got lies as per usual. I thought it was probably two guys just walking by, there are a lot of out of control gangstalkers and hooligans in Boise Idaho. It was Boise Police Department, some of the worst abusers of homeless people in the country next to my car. They wrote on my tire again. I sent my blog post linked above to Mayor Bieter, the city council and the Boise Police Department telling them to not vandalize my vehicle by writing on my car before this incident. This cop in the video lied, he has talked to me and most certainly has seen me many times. I have been parking on this street for months in the same damn spot and there are many, many witnesses of this, including people from businesses who do street theater and intoxicants who hang out here.

When he said a man has been parking in the area in a car like mine he is full of shit, cops are allowed to lie to the public and he certainly did. There was a series of men sent to harass me, several from the homeless shelter parked their cars end to end then left them where I was parking for at least two weeks last fall. Then there are the motorhomes which suddenly show up, some park partially on the sidewalk, they run their generators, shoot off guns, yell things, not all of them, some. But, why tell a lie to a woman who knows what the truth is and the actual reality of what has gone on? That's something psychopaths do, but the government here in Boise does it as a whole. Gangstalking police, I guess Police Chief Bones, the State Police Intelligence Unit and the Fusion Center FBI/cops want me to post my documentation on line. OK, I will.

The Boise Police Department would not investigate harassment at the Civic Plaza Apartments here in Boise Idaho. I had told them there was a lot of criminal activity in the building along with the gangstalking harassment of myself. They gaslighted and did nothing, then there was a murder, the drug dealing continued along with the gangstalking of myself. There were many crimes committed which HUD, Steadfast Management, Idaho Housing Finance, BPD and others should have done something about, none of them would even listen and the harassment and lying continues. Never lie to an INFJ, bad fucking mistake.

This cop lied his ass off. I have had more than one conversation with him and there has been no man on this street with a car like mine who stayed over night. There was a car similar to mine at the library being used in a gangstalking mimic LARP and like many cars used to harass me it was there a couple times, but not all night, he just came to harass me like so many other putrid types. What they did at the library was park the car close to mine for days to weeks or at the entrance to be sure I will see it. Vehicle harassment is done in many ways in organized harassment, specific colors are used, swerving cars at mine, one headlight off, riding my ass, backing out of a parking spot intentionally as I drive by nearly causing an accident (had that happen twice today, Easter Sunday 2019 and they are probably all Christians) parking behind me when I try to sleep with a damaged sounding engine or a wet fan belt squealing, blocking me, doing FBI boxes around me, playing loud bass music, harassing me about parking, doing strange little plays to try and freak me out and on and on. 

The cop must be referring to one of their community policing gangstalking thugs that he assumed was assigned to harass me where I park at night. I have had BPD run cars at me when I was walking, participate in a set up scenario, use vehicles for harassment drive bys, park two cars on the street I was walking down, get out of and stand by the vehicles doing nothing as I walk by, drive by every time I go through a particular intersection, often two police vehicles at at time, drive by or park by a crossing light type crosswalk triggering the flashing red lights, but no one is crossing and park in the parking lot across from where I park at night arriving right after I do and leaving when I put my black curtain up. They have gone into places where I was eating in large numbers, parking their vehicles next to the booth where I was sitting and much more.

The worst of it was gaslighting me and not doing anything about criminal harassment or a crime ridden apt complex. Sick, sick, sick. That lead to my being homeless and now they harassed me while I live in a car in the winter with snowing, cold and harassment from Boise's large subset of bullies, criminals and community policing's Army of Weaponized Morons. 

Screen shot from video of cop from February 24th who said he had never seen me before and certainly had never talked to me.

Screen Shot of video from January 17th of this year. I stopped because it looked like he was giving a person who parked on the same street I do a ticket, was taking photos etc. During that conversation he asked if that was my vehicle, then he goes oh, it's the one you were driving. You can't make this kind of crazy crap up. It was not that he had talked to me before, but it was fairly recent, on the same street and about parking cars on it, ticketing, regs etc. Gaslighting, gangstalking Boise Cops, they're a dime a dozen. Apparently the administration staff at the library also have been trained on gaslighting techniques, a very narcissistic government.

Here is the documentary with video of me talking to him before he came to harass me on the 17th and then the second time on the 24th.


Sooooo, the BPD wants me to take them to court, let's get it on mother fuckers, I have much more police abuse to add and now the problems at the library including defamation of character by an admin staffer. Maybe we can get to the ninth circuit and the SCOTUS to perhaps make changes to help the massive number of homeless people in the United States, you know like what has already happened with your ticketing of the homeless. Thanks for the suggestion. 

Since this incident I have now been thrown out of the Boise Library system by an admin staffer based on something that makes no sense, especially considering what goes on at that library. Then I was harassed by a city employee of the Zoo for parking in a Julia Davis parking spot. Just like the director of the library system would not return calls about problems at the library, the director of the Zoo doesn't either. Then the employees arrange assholery. This goes on while Mayor Bieter's staff claim people always call back right away, horse crap. Still waiting. 

Some events are happening that indicate the reason for the upswing in the Boise city harassment is based on a case in Pennsylvania I write about. How pathetic to do such immoral and criminal actions against the person with the courage to tell the truth. They get told lies from the feds because at this point in time the US is almost completely made of lies, so any time the truth is coming out of someone they freak out and begin their cointelpro disrupt and discredit ops.

As I drove my car away from that spot in early afternoon I got two video segments of three other cars, 2 parked on this street and one parked on a connected street. They are all three parked on both streets by homeless people. Some leave their vehicles in the same spot for two to three days, then move them to another spot and leave them there over and over. I decided to just stay late where I was on a Sunday, no one needed the parking during the daytime. They marked my tire just seeing me there during the day that one time. Then Sunday February 24th they did that again, then the cop lied. The tires of those three vehicles which are left parked all day, every day were not marked. Two had some old yellow stuff on a tire which could have been old markings, but certainly they were not marked that day.

These are screen shots of the tires of other vehicles. BPD marks the front tire on the drivers side. I did not want to show the videos and dox their vehicles, no one can tell which ones they are by tires. But, I have the videos for evidence. Now I would dox their vehicles after some of the assholery these people have put me through.

Not long after this incident a motorhome parked behind me one day, ran their generator and caused other problems so I was run out of my spot. That happened last fall also. The first vehicle was allowed to park there, not a car, a motorhome for twenty days. Then a second motorhome showed up. Just like last fall gunshots occurred and lots of angry yelling at all hours, especially as people walked by my vehicle. Finally BPD noticed them. Riiiighhht. I documented every day that their tires were not marked and they stayed in the same spots. During the time they were parked, blocking others I moved down the street and had a man who wanted me to move after I parked so he could have my spot harass me two evenings in a row, then called me a bitch even after I turned on my cell phone to record him. I have been harassed by putrid abusive men in Boise who even come up and put their hands on me, apparently lots of me in this city feel entitled to harass and stalk women. Those assaults happened at the Interfaith Sanctuary and the Downtown library, staff at both places would do nothing as per usual.

Welcome to Boise Idaho.

Update: Yesterday as so often happens several times a police vehicle with a picture of a bicycle on it either drove where I was driving or was sitting somewhere as I drove by. The first one happened before I published this post. After I parked for the night they drove by again, then there was another car. Often the harassment involves two cop cars. It was a holiday, many of the gangstalkers were with family etc. so they had less people from the Army of Weaponized Morons, so they were probably just substituting for them. There were a couple gangstalkers who showed up however.