Sean Parnell’s Evil Empire Must End, We Need Sanity, We need Justice, We Need Equality, But Most of All We Need Empathy

When the Democrats decided to back a Republican for governor I felt it was a slap in the face of those who had voted in the primary. It really pissed me off. Besides, Alaska has more than it's share of Republican politicians. There is however no way in hell I am voting for Sean Parnell and have to swallow a bitter pill to vote for Walker/Mallott, but I will. The people in control have given us no other choice.

I have no need or desire to be P. C. nor do I need to go along with the group think of the news media or cliques of bloggers. I am totally independent in all of my opinions. I care only about the truth and if it pisses people off so be it. The only way to survive living in a world of lies and corruption is to stay connected to the truth, otherwise the human predators will kill one’s soul. To do this takes courage,
Ignoring rapes since 2010, he's outie in 2014.
strength and suffering at the hands of those who target those who they feel threaten their position of power. The truth is Alaskans had enough evidence Sean Parnell should not be our governor before the disturbing story about the National Guard was exposed slowly over a long period of time. Why do situations have to become so horrible in this state before anything is ever done? Anyone ever heard of preventive actions, audits or actual leadership? Why is it people come forward and report problems and instead of getting action, they are ignored? Why are those who are only trying to help people or make changes subjected to bullying and character assassination, or even wrongful imprisonment?

It is very clear Sean Parnell and his staff knew exactly what was going on at the Alaska National Guard and chose to do nothing about rapes, thefts, severe workplace bullying and much more. This is what I have experienced with my journey of truth telling as well. The lack of action when severe problems are encountered is SOP with Sean Parnell's administration just like it was when he was chief of staff for Palin. Of course these issues did not all start with them, they have festered for decades, but the population of Alaska votes for the most vile creatures literally for decades having no sense of what a good human being even is apparently. I prefer my leaders to not be psychopaths or have those other pathologies which manifest some similar behaviors. No one is perfect, but when the evidence is so damn clear many of these politicians are just evil, why people, why?

Parnell is very similar to Palin, but has more practice and experience and so do his henchmen. He has an agenda that is not about working for the people or being a good steward of our resources. This is why reporting wrongdoing or problems are met with no action, your problems are not on his agenda. Human predators become officials to grift. Even when it appears they are doing what they do for corporations, it is really about THEM getting something THEY want. Parnell has continued the corrupt practices we saw in the Sarah Palin administration and compounded them. In fact he was the architect of much of what went on under the half-governor-grande dame of drunken brawling
being her chief of staff.

For years I have written about debauchery, corruption and incompetence here in Alaska. I was ignored, especially by the state on every level. They did not want to hear it, they hung up on me, they passed malicious gossip about me, they ignored me and even destroyed evidence. When becoming more aggressive about it after officers of the court engineered my wrongful arrest a few days after an “appeal” was filed by the Public Defender agency, which was of course a joke. In fact the public defender agency was in on the wrongful imprisonment as was demonstrated by their lack of communication or any actions to remedy the situation along with their participation in the set up beforehand. The only thing they could manage to take action for was my swearing after multiple calls being ignored, my hearing Brooke Browning Alowa in the background telling her secretary to tell me she was not there and lies that an investigator would come to interview me all while I knew my property was being stolen and my cat harmed. One would think wrongful imprisonment would be sufficient for swearing, really it should be. I also needed medication for neurological issues, pain and PTSD that was being withheld by the DOC that contributed to the swearing. Knives in the back are a normal course of events for them, but swear words cause a reaction as if someone had been murdered. This is quite similar to a Palin who after assaulting someone begins to use anything they can find to make themselves out the victim and demonize the real victim. Of course they know eventually their target will swear, make threats, etc. and they have every plan to wait for the reaction to their psychological abuse so they can use it to their advantage. This is the same manipulation of a target a workplace bully or domestic abuser uses, the same exact thing.

Why does no one mention that the Alaska National Guard practices workplace bullying on an immense scale? They keep skirting around the obvious conclusion that the AKNG uses a management style of bullying and intimidation which comes from the top of the command which starts with Parnell. Chaplain Friese said another chaplain compared the guard as being like “an abusive relationship.” Domestic violence, community bullying, state agency bullying, federal agency bullying is all the same as workplace bullying, they are just all in different settings. The Alaska National Guard Uses all of these and also has access to data files, programs for surveillance, influence on the governor’s office and the state agencies allowing them to sabotage, gather information for character assassination and stalking against targets.

The reaction of the governor’s office and state agencies described in the news articles about the AKNG is no different than what I have written about for years with other serious abuses. When I first read the Blaylock documents that were posted on line my reaction was the opposite of many other people who dismissed the report as being crazy, because how could such things go on, how could the governor, the Anchorage Police Department, the DOD, the DOJ and others allow such things? My experiences in this state with the Sarah Palin and Sean Parnell regimes, the court system and it’s related agencies, the Department of Corrections, law enforcement, along with the incompetence at a bush hospital, violation of CDC regulations, lack of health care, personnel not trained for critical jobs they were holding, the lack of caring about quality or procedures in so many areas and the subsequent workplace bullying of myself that lead to a nervous breakdown they used to have me charged with felonies has dumped the truth squarely in my lap.

Regarding the Blaylock report that was posted on line:
At the time I said the allegations contained in the document were exactly what I would expect to be going on here, but then nothing from news media at all for a very long time. Lt. Col. Blaylock lost his job due to his attempts to help the victims. That is another thing I expect to happen in this state. The whistleblower is always retaliated against, they are terrified of anyone with an ounce of ethics and want to immediately get rid of them. They will resort to just about anything to do that as I can personally attest to. It took a great deal of courage for Blaylock to confront people and take effort to help the rape victims get justice. I am sure he did this about the other issues as well. 

My experience with my emails being hacked and deleted from the Palin email dumps was not repeated with the AKNG due to too many people involved and their knowledge that they were exchanging information among themselves. Through a Herculean effort the news media managed to get those emails released, but they are heavily redacted. Thanks to them for taking that action. Many have mentioned the redactions as being “almost comical.” The same thing occurs when I make requests of law enforcement agencies, they redact my name, why?

Hacked email posts: Here and here.

Prosecutions are arbitrary as the prosecutors get to pick and choose. If they get reports of rape they can choose not to charge the perpetrator. This happened when I was in Nome where raped women from about twenty villages came to the hospital. Police told me they did not charge the rapist if the women did not want them to. The cops did not like me after I reacted to that piece of information and people thought my protests about this practice were odd. Here is my reaction after all these years of BS, injustice and lies, GOOD FOR ME. A huge part of the problem here is the archaic attitudes about women in this state and the lack of response to sexual violence by law enforcement, including prostitution rings. The history of not testing rape kits, Sarah Palin wanting women to pay for their own rape kits and law enforcement not taking crimes against women seriously has resulted in the highest rate of rapes in the country. All we got from Parnell was the word, `Respect`.

They manipulate the law to go after those who are at odds with those who have power or when those powerful people want to retaliate. For those special people no prosecutions happen as we have all witnessed recently with the lack of any charges against Bristol Palin for a serious drunken assault (Thongazi, about Bristol, her thong-camo-dress, nothing but beer and makeup on her face, and a shitload of lies, oh the drama). There are many Palin crimes that have gone unpunished, yet they make sure others are punished harshly (here and here). As we witnessed in the Palin Drunken Brawl coverage (The soothing sounds ofTrack Palin), they try to portray themselves as victims as a cover for their own crimes and then try to turn the tables on the actual victims. They lie as a group and I have witnessed several families in Alaska that do this, they are dangerous to others which is why I call them crime families. There are large numbers of people like the Palins in Alaska and I am still stunned when I see them lie and manipulate to hurt others and get assistance to do so. 

Large numbers of people in Alaska believe lies over the truth which is why we have so many human predators elected to political office here. Sometimes the things that go on here are very hard to believe. I love the PBS show, Call The Midwife, because those were the kind of people I was mainly use to being around before I came here, but with more technology. I was stunned beyond belief and began calling state and federal agencies about egregious problems, but they do nothing. Most of the others who showed up and agreed with my concerns left shortly after arriving.

The Alaska state agencies tell the feds lies when they make inquiries. I am an ethical whistleblower type, the most hated enemy of the Alaska State Government. They spread rumors about people like us to influence the thinking of others and encourage bullying, sabotage and other actions are taken against us. Most of the time this is done to cover up wrong doing. After all I have been through I know this absolutely. The question of why those who have lived here for decades or have spent their whole lives here don’t understand this remains.

This journey has taught me I am a very courageous person, but with my health problems I can only do so much. I simply, diligently do the best I can.

Department of Corrections/Department of Probation, Palin and Parnell regimes were informed of the abuses at the Department of Corrections and told people were dying in the prisons due to incompetence and neglect of health issues. Lies were told about me, of course they completely ignored me and so did everyone else. Read about it ( here, here, here, here and here). There is more on thia subject in some of the links below.

The report done by ACLU on the DOC was pooh-poohed by the news media and the public ignored it. Instead of changes we got more religious based chemical dependency treatment in violation of separation of state and religion. Clearly no changes were made in the health care delivery as many young people have died since then.

The Department of Probation: (Here, here, here and here).

Wrongful imprisonment: (Here, here, here and here).

Read about issues with law enforcement (Here, here, here, and here).

Read about the trauma they cause: (Here).

These posts are about my letter to Sarah Palin while Sean Parnell was her chief of staff and Mike Nizich was also on her staff. It was ignored and the ombudsman was quite put out with me for sending her a copy, no response from state legislators either. (Here, here, here, here, here and here).

Sean Parnell attempts to manipulate judges. (Here and here). The judicial counsel already has issues (Here). This is why I don't really take their recommendation to remove District Court Judge Bill Estelle seriously and after what I know about what goes on with judges in this state, why is paperwork the big issue? I don't really know much about him, but he is probably conservative and I would disagree with him on many issues. I do know that there are people on the Judicial Council who are unethical, have nutty religious beliefs and a radical agenda, so nope, don't trust a word they say. Dave Parker's piece in the ADN as far as I am concerned was unethical. I called to ask some questions and found out the council approved his writing it 100%, very alarming.

They use character assassination and lies against whistleblowers. (Here).

I contacted Sean Parnell's office a couple years ago due to abuse where I live now. He had an aid that dealt with low income housing issues. He was beginning to do something about the problems until the onsite managers used character assassination against me, then he got very ugly with me. They are always on the side of whoever has power and one of the onsite managers has law enforcement connections which is like being in the mafia in Alaska. (Here, here, here and here).  There is much more to this story.

Those who do wrong things, cover for corrupt politicians and help harm people get promoted or are granted political appointments, that is why Katkus was running the AKNG and all those others with huge ethical issues were working under him. (Here, is an example, she went to Nome after Kotzebue and now works for the Human Rights Commission because there aren't any human rights in Alaska anyway).


Palin Drunken Brawl: Everybody Was C*nt Fu Fighting

Thank You Palins for the laughs, been in lots of pain this week and laughter is the best medicine, I can’t stop laughing. Thank you to those who have written about this story and a special thanks to those who have the courage to come forward with information. Here is Amanda Coyne who broke the story on her blog on CNN. Two of Jessie Griffin's Immoral Minority posts on the drunken brawl that clearly was caused by the Palins are here and here.

Perhaps I am out of my mind from pain, I don’t take narcotics except for rare extraordinarily horrendous pain that only happens every few years and use alternative healthier treatments which include suffering. I dedicate the video below to the Palins, but it‘s out of synch just like they are. Please note they often say ‘Oh, ho-ho-ho” in the song which is quite appropriate for more than one reason. “Those cats were fast as lightening. In fact it was a little bit frightening, but they fought with expert timing.“ AHHHHHAHAHA!

In the 1970s when I was a teenager Kung Fu was all the rage. This song always reminds me of my mother who whenever someone was joking around about Kung Fu or were fake Kung Fu-ing called it Cunt Fu. Considering Todd Palin called someone a Cunt using his super-masculine voice (no I don’t know if it was before or after he started choking someone) let’s temporarily call this song Cunt Fu Fighting which is what I always called it due to my mother‘s humor. My best friend back then was  black and a beauty queen, we would often to go to the discos in Marin County California from Sonoma County where we lived in my powder blue VW bug wearing platform shoes and polyester to fight off the men. They called us salt and pepper. We just wanted to dance our asses off. When this song came on we sang very loudly the Cunt Fu Fighting version. DAMN THAT WAS FUN! So glad I was young in the wild and free 1970s.

I haven’t been able to stop laughing even though I am hurting so bad and often puking my guts out. Laughter is the only medicine available for those on Medicare on the Kenai Peninsula. Three days ago I called yet another clinic in Kenai and they don’t take Medicare either. I don’t like to go to doctors in Alaska when I feel like crap because it just pisses me off when someone says something idiotic to me who is supposed to be highly educated in the subject they are discussing and I might go Palin on them. My experiences here tell me there is no point bothering to see them, because their goal in life is profit, not excellent medical care. There isn’t any health care for those on Medicare in Soldotna except a clinic of incompetents and then you get the crazy and the medical bullying, gossipy thing. I know people won't like me for saying those true things.  Does it seem like I care?

If my mother was alive I know just the word she would use to describe Sarah Palin and she would be laughing her ass off right now. Of that there is no doubt. Kung Fu Fighting was a disco song from 1974, I was eighteen or nineteen when it came out everyone was dancing around doing fake Kung Fu aka Cunt Fu. Ok, everyone sing along…Everybody was Cunt Fu fighting.

 "Here comes the big boss let's get it on", "Don't you know who I am?"

Having lived in Nome where the cops did not arrest men who raped Native women if the women said not to and worked as a nurse in an ER where raped women from the villages were transported along with the injustice I have been through I do not expect any charges against the Palins. Just like domestic violence cases the people the Palins assaulted will be afraid to report them due to the severe retaliation that will be coming their way. I would be very happy if you would prove me wrong DOL. There is no prosecutor at the DOL who has the balls or ovaries to charge them as there will be much retaliation and no promotions for them. Lets not forget the mobbing outside of work that those who cross the Palins are subjected to or the man who lost his job for telling the truth about what happened at the Palin caused drunken brawl to the news media. There are two systems of justice here in Alaska. Some people can do as they please without any consequences. Their crimes are covered up even if they are publicly known. The DOL goes after people who are set up by even officers of the court in more circumstances than most people know. Then when they get out of prison from either a wrongful charge or a harsh sentence they use the Department of Probation to control that person, threaten them if they start to talk and have them re-incarcerated. The method of getting a promotion or political appointment in Alaska is to bully, stalk and set someone up those in power want to retaliate against or scare them into shutting up. I have learned about all of this the hardest way possible.

They are right now trying to put a positive spin on some kind of bullshit consequences. What if the Palin kids had ever had to face the charges for their other crimes?  Maybe they could have learned how to behave. Since Sarah and Todd Palin as parents obviously don't know how to behave and allow underage drinking what other outcome could there have been? Instead mommy dearest got them off while others were prosecuted. Then if another kid did something like guess her email password or gets manipulated by the Palins and set up Sarah Palin made sure they got the harshest, most unjust punishment possible, because they were targeted for harm to begin with. (Yes Karen Christy's blog is back on line). Then when one of their family members got into trouble she got sent to rehab in front of others, rehab is rare in Alaska's DOC, unless some religious group is involved.

For some of us the railroading treatment of the Alaska corrupt justice system makes us sing like a bird and Cunt Fu Fight like mad. LMAO. My sisters and I studied Aikido for a while as teenagers, no Cunt Fu Fighting except on the disco floor.

Remember when Sarah Palin said, "... I do think there should be consequences for bad behavior." Right now she is fighting to keep her family from having to pay consequences for their behavior once again. If what has been reported about the brawl is true there were some serious assaults and the Palins were the aggressors, all of them, any of them that were in front of the shocked party goers. Where are the videos? The Payme family must be paying out right now in large sums to keep those videos from being bought by media and making some really ugly threats against people.


Wrongful Imprisonment Three Days After Filing Appeal. False Police Report. (Part4)

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.
Why was I living at that lodge where all the crazy things happened? Here is some background for those not from Alaska on the kinds of places low income people have to live in here. There is very little low income housing and individuals who are on disability are not treated well and of course the supporting agencies just blow people off who ask for any kind of help dealing with horrible rental conditions or as I found out recently come to fulfill the agenda of a group of bullies facilitated by former managers seeking revenge making things worse, more toxic and unsafe. That is the Alaskan government way.

People are forced to live in bad situations who are already ill. In the winter hotels and lodges rent rooms on a monthly basis often telling the tenant they can stay until spring when tourist season starts. That is a bad situation because then what do people do in the summer? If they suddenly get a contract for the rooms they just throw everyone out without any notice, not even 24 hours. Often these places have huge problems, alcoholics, druggies, prostitutes and very abusive people managing them.

Regulatory agencies do not help the tenants, if they show up it is clearly about someone other than the tenant's agenda. That is what happens in a banana republic. Law enforcement is on the side of the owners no matter who is right and they just throw people out for them after the tenant has been screwed over. Then there is the fact that in Alaska there are liars unlike I have ever seen and obviously law enforcement does not have the ability to detect them when they do investigations, oh wait they don't really do investigations they just take the word of the liars, there goes that memory problem again.

If the tenant is the one who calls the police for problems secondary to the druggies, prostitution etc. the owner tells the police to throw the tenant out and they do. In other words not just the owner, but also law enforcement are on the side of the law breakers. I have seen and experienced this, meth cooks and people obviously stoned out of their minds have a higher priority than the tenant who wants sleep and peace. The tenant can tell the cop the truth while the landlord stands there and lies, knowing you are the one telling the truth makes no difference, the cop does what the owner or landlord tells them to do. I have many stories about this that includes the insane USDA/HUD housing where I live now. 

The above information explains how I came to be living in that lodge. Of course living in Nome was a very toxic and psychologically bad situation for me with the community bullying and corrupt justice system, especially since I had PTSD originating from workplace bullying there. I spoke on the phone with Robin Hume after finding his ad on Craigslist advertising a room in a lodge. I spent months asking him lots of questions, being cautious about where I went, but he lied about everything. Later it became apparent that he does this continually. At that time I did not know this state is full of these assholes, I do now. As soon as I got there I tried to find another place to go, there wasn't one I could afford. The place was filthy and vandalized. The promised internet, satellite TV and even heat/water were a lie. That place was also very dangerous due to the meth being cooked there and some of the people. I cleaned it as best I could and even unknowingly cleaned up after the meth lab endangering my health. I had no idea what was going on there at first, but had told the troopers something was seriously wrong. They couldn't have cared less even when I reported a missing woman.

Then there was my physical safety, I had to put boxes against one door as a barricade and warning system in case someone got in through it. I also tied the door knob to the bed post since it opened outward and rigged pots and pans to make noise if they came through the door to the room next to me when it was empty. The other door had a deadbolt, but they had access to the keys before I got there, so I had an axe handle as a weapon. I bought two new dead bolts, but those guys had stolen all the tools. Living afraid for my safety with PTSD and ME/CFS while in the background having to deal with the case out of Nome made me very ill. After what I had been through in Nome I wanted a place to heal, but ended up in a nest of vipers. Trauma on top of trauma. People thought I was crazy for walking in the Wynn Nature Center next door at night by myself, but the bears are nothing to fear compared to these people.

In Alaska unlike other states there is no health department, there is no agency that would come and inspect the living conditions, there is no organization that supports low income tenants. The Office of Children's Services takes weeks to respond when you call to report children are living in a bad situation if at all, Adult Protect Services claims if you are able to speak you must fight your own battles and declares that any person reported as needing an intervention does not meet their criteria. The last one I reported just died. It is difficult to use the court system, the non-profit organization that provides legal help for low income people picks who they help based on politics, gossip and religion apparently, but they were not like that a couple years ago. There is almost no pro bono legal assistance here. Law enforcement is a combination of being owned by the powers in the community and idiotic decisions in general (except Soldotna). The decisions in Alaska are made by human predators who decide where money is spent based on what is in it for them and their corporate overlords, not the good of the people.

Never could I have imagined a place where there is law enforcement that is so useless and corrupt that they helped harm someone rather than take action to protect them when I came to Alaska, but since then we have all seen how much law enforcement has deteriorated to thuggery all over the country. Trauma from workplace bullying. Trauma from the corrupt courts. Trauma at that lodge. Then terror from John Earthman, the Humes, the sociopaths/psychopaths at the lodge, the Alaska State Troopers and then the Department of Corrections and then the Department of Probation. Then more harassment, abuse and threats where I live now from people associated with some of these agencies and the corrupt corporations. Even a jackass from an entity/partnership who refused to tell me his name. I call him Mr. Anonymous. He was abusive and illogical which is not a pretty combination. They don't have any money to take care of the property as they ONLY get around $1300/per unit/month. Then you threaten to go to court and he says, "We have lots of money and lots of lawyers." I told him I did not need a lawyer. I have so much evidence any judge or jury would order these people to be drawn and quartered. More on Laurawood Assholery later.

The Police Report of Lies

Below is the police report Officer Loop filled out based on Steve Hume's confabulations. The AST station in Anchor Point would not allow me to file police reports including when my wallet was stolen, but were Johnny-on-the-spot when DA John Earthman needed assistance to commit malfeasance.

This police report is full of misinformation. Of course the trooper who filled it out was being lied to by a scumbag. It appears there was no input from anyone else for this report except Steve Hume, no interviews of other people who were there or those who could have shed some light on what was really going on. Supposedly Steve Hume was at the airport in Seattle (SeaTac) on 8/2/2007 when he talked to Loop for the interview. That may be a lie as well, so much else is. Why was the interview conducted after Steve Hume left the state? Interesting huh.

Notice how they say Steve Hume owns the lodge. Robin runs the place, but they used Steve's name for anything official because Robin can't do business with anyone due to his track record of being a scammer and compulsive liar. There was no business license either and had not been for quite some time. The property is actually owned by three siblings two of them are scumbags, apparently the third one got all the good genes. They shaped the story so it looked like Robin was not really involved. Either Robin was the perp or the whole story was a lie.

The reasons they asked the AST to evict me were multiple, including wanting to run a prostitution operation and an insurance scam. People would have told them that if the AST had taken a couple minutes to ask some questions. In Homer the police do throw out people who are renting on a monthly basis, even those who have paid a deposit for any reason the owner wants even allowing them to steal the deposit. That is probably why they thought they could just have the police throw me out,  but the state troopers have policies that span the whole state and are not controlled by the right wing bullies in Homer like the Homer Police. They stole from me, scammed me and when I complained time to screw me some more. This is after I tried hard to protect their property when Robin was in the lower 48 running his scams in several states.

Since they had no good reason for eviction and knew I would be the victor in any court action they decided to file a false police report. They were in a hurry to get me out of there because the insurance agent was coming to investigate and there I was as ethical as hell surrounded by scum ready to say, no that is not what happened. It is easy to get rid of a person who rents month to month, just give a 30 day notice that the room is not available to them. Then the person has to go or can be evicted. They did not want the courts involved because I had a case, not them.

The guy coming to investigate the insurance claim kept trying to get my phone number from those two scumbuckets because he knew something was wrong. The Humes told him all kinds of lies and falsified claims. I had evidence they allowed the damage to occur in the form of emails I sent them describing what was happening with pictures. I knew that was the acute reason they wanted me to leave, then I went ahead due to all the harassment and told them I was not paying the last months rent due to the money they owed me from cons, lack of included services, theft of my wallet, cost of cleaning supplies, stolen food and more which amounted to way more than the rent for one month.

The other two guys simply did not pay the rent while Robin was in the lower 48 so he couldn't do anything about it. They vandalized and stole property due to Robin having conned them and various other reasons such as being assholes. When I told them to stop stealing property they told me, "You don't know what Robin is." At that time I assumed Robin was being wronged by a bunch of scoundrels. Now I know Robin is the biggest scoundrel of them all. I got them a copy of the Landlord Tenant Act, told them their behavior was wrong and that we should all file cases together against Robin Hume, explaining that they could give him notice that they were not paying rent due to lack of included services, no electricity, no gas, etc. They said whatever the judge ordered him to pay would never come to us due to his being a scam artist. They were right about that. I told them we could get a lien against the property. In other words I tried to do the right thing and got arrested wrongfully while those who did the wrong thing were not even investigated by AST and I know they knew about all those things that went on at that lodge, I told them. They let one of them continue to sell drugs in the Homer area for years.

I gave them a notice that I was leaving with all the relevant information about using the landlord tenant Act in writing. The amount on the document was actually less than what they owed me, but the stuff I figured I could provide documentation for was a little less than $700. The money that was supposed to have been stolen was said to be $700 (or sometimes $750) which is one thing that points to the story being fabricated. It almost matched the amount I said they owed me. I had told them this long before I wrote that document. As soon as Steve got to the lodge for his two week visit I began trying to talk to him to explain what had happened telling him Robin owed me money. Steve was not upset or surprised and said he would make sure Robin made it right. I even gave them an easy way to compensate me which Steve promised he would make sure Robin did. Instead they plotted revenge. The two evil brothers were working together. 

The insurance scam was quite obvious and they wanted me gone before the insurance agent came to the lodge because I tell the truth. The notice about withholding the rent due to lack of services is what got Steve Hume to become aggressive, abusive and threatening to me, it is why he threatened me with physical harm and told me he would get me in lots of trouble due to the felony conviction. He did due to the prosecutor being completely blind and both of them being good old boys from Texas. I called the AST in Anchor Point and they did nothing except repeat constantly that everything that happened was a civil matter. Harassment, threats. meth labs, prostitution, child endangerment and theft are not civil matters. I also sent them some emails.

The police report says Steve looked in his wallet before going to sleep and first thing when he woke up. Why check it first thing unless you are afraid of a theft, and if you are afraid your money will be stolen why put it in a vulnerable position and leave the door to the room you are sleeping in wide open?
The entrance to my room was outside. I had to go through the front door from the main entrance to get to it, Steve Hume was in a room with a door right next to the main entrance which I had to pass to go outside.
Where was the wallet? Officer Loop did not even ask him that question or if he did it was not in this report. Maybe the transcripts of Steve Hume's interview will have more info. Where were the pants? There was no indication about if he was wearing them or they were off and if so where were they claimed to be located? I walked by the room to get to mine due to the entrance being outside. The room Steve Hume slept in or pretended to sleep in had the door wide open and here is the other thing, Steve was on the bed fully clothed, on top of the bedspread looking zonked out, he was wearing his pants. There was a door from the room Steve was in to mine, but I had it rigged so no one could get it open and boxes stacked in front of it.

That means whoever took the wallet, if that even happened would have had to stick their hand in his pocket while he wore his pants. Steve told me he left the wallet lying on the bed, I just saw him lying on the bed as I went by unable to not see him right there at the door. I did not notice anything other than Steve fully clothed lying on the bed oddly with the door opened. He told his ex-sister-in-law he left it on the bed, left the room and then saw me and the money was missing. AST did not talk to any witnesses because they knew if they did they would find discrepancies. AST did not provide any details in this report to indicate the location of the wallet. The report does not even show Officer Loop even asking about witnesses. Why? Because they knew Steve Hume was lying. Either Officer Loop knew this or he was under the influence of John Earthman who was engineering this set up.

The comment about me being a night owl and wandering around the lodge is bullshit, except I was a night owl sometimes.The only time I ever wandered around in the middle of the night was when neither Robin or Steve were there and I was looking for a meth lab or marijuana grow operation, that was months before they were there. Rather than look themselves the troopers asked me to look. I even went outside in the snow with my socks on so I made no noise on the basement stairs. The latest I was ever in the main room was about 10 PM and that was very rare. It would have been due to something on TV I was watching (no satellite TV went to the rooms as advertised) or the use of the kitchen. I just went to get something to eat quickly and took it to my room to eat, never eating in the main room. Sometimes I went to get something to eat and my food was all stolen.

I do have severe sleep disorders due to PTSD and ME/CFS then on top of that was living in a dangerous and noisy situation not conducive to sleep to begin with. I do know where the night owl wandering the lodge stories come from, Robin. I tried to make Robin think I stayed up all night and slept all day (which sometimes did happen, it is a symptom of ME/CFS) due to knowing he would steal my property if he could get access to it. If I went to the store I slipped out in the early morning walking down the hill before even calling a taxi so he would not know I was gone. I was often awake at night, but stayed in my room trying to be safe, have some peace and separate myself from the druggie, chaotic, scumbaggy, abusive bastards. So, Steve Hume's statement that I wandered the lodge at night was total bullshit and probably came from Robin Hume when after failing to convince Steve wrongfully that James stole his money decided to demonize me in order to frame me into that role.

In the above police report please note that Trooper Loop documents that Steve Hume reported that I stole money from his wallet on 7/31/2007 supposedly early in the morning when he documents that it is 08:44 AM like it happened the night before. That theft if it did actually happen was not on 7/31/2007. I do not know the exact date, but it was at least several days prior to 7/31/2007. My memory was refreshed by an email I sent Officer Loop on 7/31/2007. I guess Palin/Parnell had not thought to remove this from my email and there was a copy of the second one Loop used as "evidence" with the police report.

I will discuss the email mentioned in this police report which conveniently left out the one sent just before it which refreshed my memory in the next post. I do not know if the AST had been contacted by Steve Hume about the stolen money or if that was a lie. If they had been contacted considering my experiences it would not be a surprise that no investigation had occurred. For many reasons I believe Steve Hume's story about contacting some trooper is totally fabricated, but they will never let all the evidence surface. Did Officer Loop figure that out ever?

Steve Hume was interviewed on the phone by AST after the warrant was issued and after he left Alaska so he would be safe from prosecution for a false police report and perjury. Then Officer Loop came to my room and interviewed me a little more than an hour later. No investigation had been done prior to the warrant issued out of Nome by law enforcement. No crime had been charged. First the warrant, then the rushed investigation. In fact I was not interviewed until they came to arrest me at the odd hour of 11:30 PM while Robin Hume waited in his van down the hill for the police car to drive by so he could go steal my property. The troopers were accomplices to a burglary. The truth that I told had no bearing on the case, only the lies of Steve Hume, the lies and actions of Robin Hume and the malfeasance/revenge of DA John Earthman.  Earthman orchestrated the whole thing. Steve Hume and John Earthman plotted for days how to orchestrate this. Then they tried to set up the police report so it looked like it just happened.

Notice how Trooper Loop says the email contained my disapproval of how the Humes did business rather than stating my complaints of violations of the Landord Tenant Act, cons being run on people who showed up to stay at that place jokingly called a lodge or mentioning the crimes that had been committed. That police report leaves out much information, why is this? This is actually how law enforcement and the regulatory agencies think, manipulation of the truth is always foremost on their minds.

Below is the only truth contained in this report besides my name, and other basic info, but not exactly.

Harrison told me that she did not take anything from Hume, but rather Hume has taken from her (see Harrison email). Harrison told me Hume reported the money missing two days prior to Hume calling AST and that the money was left on the bed, not in his pants. Harrison denied any involvement in the case and said Hume was only saying this so I will move out.

I have had some difficulty getting the documentation of all of this from the Alaska State Troopers. I had called them to report the claim of a missing wallet by Steve Hume which caused Steve to have a very angry, aggressive reaction. It has been my experience that people often make claims of crimes here, but then don't report them to the police due to not wanting contact with them, the accusation being false or they are afraid something they have done will be found out. If indeed Steve Hume's wallet had been stolen I wanted that to be added to the list of crimes I had already reported to the AST. Never did it occur to me that anyone would think I would take that money after I had actually tried for a long time to get something done about the constant crimes there, especially having saved some of the property of the Humes from being stolen. I do not know the exact date of Steve Hume's accusation of the theft, but probably eventually will find something I wrote that will give me a good idea. That is probably because he and John Earthman were plotting the scenario and did not want law enforcement involved in investigating until the story was put together and some of the witnesses had moved on.

I know the money was reported as missing at the lodge more than two days previous to this and have no idea when Steve Hume actually first contacted AST even though this report says 7/31/2007 due to the lies and cover up. Here are the events:

First Day: I went to the lodge and Steve told me he was upset, “You’d be really upset if you knew what happened to me.” Then he would not tell me what happened. You don’t say that if you saw that person you are talking to steal money from your wallet. No if he saw me steal money he would have said something right then and been very aggressive. Then I said, “You mean having someone con money from you” which was about Robin Hume trying to get the money back from him the night before and their argument about it. What Steve Hume reported I said in the police interview was bullshit. I was hoping at this point Steve was starting to grasp the concept about Robin, but no Steve was a scumbag too. I had no idea. As soon as he arrived I had been trying to talk to Steve about cons and rips offs of Robin and explain he owed me money, even offering an easy solution to the problem. I was not the only person doing that.

Second Day: They said they found a note in the kitchen the night before left by James wanting to know where his things were. They had decided it was him who stole the money. When they told me this I stated James was most likely incarcerated and therefore unable to have taken Steve’s money.

Third Day: Steve Hume tells myself and Smitty the other renter that he is putting an envelope on the kitchen counter and whoever took the money can just put it in it. He does a weird staring thing at me telling me if I look away I am guilty. I was shocked they could think I would do that after I put myself in danger to inform them of the vandalism and thefts at their lodge and called the AST multiple times to protect their property putting myself in danger to do the right thing along with looking for the meth lab.

Fourth Day: I realized Steve was never going to make things right and my only solution was to go to court. I gave them a document spelling out what was owed to me. It was only part of what they owed and amounted to $680. I had already verbally told him the amount of money Robin owed me and this may be why Steve claimed he lost $700 from his wallet.

When I sent the email to Officer Loop I had been being harassed for days by the Humes, especially Steve who blocked me from my room and threatened to hire someone to beat me up. As a result I gave them a document explaining my use of the Landlord Tenant Act along with the thirty day notice I was leaving. They were also turning off the electricity, internet etc. I was afraid if I left they would change the lock so I could not get in which would of course be illegal, or steal my property along with harming my cat. It was very clear by then the AST would not do anything about that except tell me it was a civil matter because that seemed to be all they ever did.

I can’t say unless I find more documentation exactly how many days there were from the theft to the false arrest. I can only say there were several. The theft did not occur on 7/31/2007 as stated in the police report. If any kind of investigation was done it would have been known immediately that Steve Hume was a lying son of a bitch and made the whole thing up and that may include even that the whole claim of the stolen money was false. I believe he and John Earthman plotted to make up a story to have me wrongfully arrested. The report was filed on 7/31/2007 as if the “crime” had just happened. The interview was on the phone from another state on 8/2/2007. Why was this interview not done sooner? Was that another hearing on 7/31/2007 which I was not invited to or just a motion and how many times did Judge Esch and DA Earthman talk to Steve Hume during hearings that Steve Hume perjured himself at. There was an exparte hearing on 8/2/2007 they have tried to bury, did Steve Hume commit perjury on the phone at this hearing too or did Earthman just use the previous lies to get Judge Ben Esch to issue a warrant to have me wrongfully arrested? Then why all the transfers to different prisons while telling me I was going to Nome for a hearing and then planting me in Hiland Mountain? What the hell was that?

The report says they found no money in my wallet at the jail. I had $30 to my name at that time which was in my bank account. Was a warrant issued to search my room for the "stolen" money? Of course not, they knew it was not there, but instead of the AST going in my room to look for money, they allowed Robin Hume to go in and steal my property. Officer Loop took pictures of my property before he arrested me due to my telling him Robin Hume would steal what he wanted and those pictures were later disappeared. I believe higher ups at the AST did that. I did call Loop about those photographs, he said they were still there, he would check on them and call me back with the information. Never ever heard from him again.

A public information request to the AST revealed almost no documentation and certainly no report on the fingerprints of the wallet they claimed were done or Steve Hume making a police report previous to the one in this blog post as he stated to Officer Loop and probably the blind DA Earthman.

Why were Steve and Robin Hume not arrested for the crimes they committed? There is quite a lengthy list of them. Was it to cover for the officers of the court in Nome who set me up? Was it to cover a prostitution ring in the Homer area? When people file false police reports DAs and cops are generally pissed off about it. Was it because the orders to harm me came from someone high up in the Alaska government?

Next post is about the email mentioned in this post and the one sent just before it that was not mentioned.  



Wrongful Imprisonment Three Days After Filing Appeal.Proof The Bastards Hacked the Exparte Hearing From My Courtview Docket. (Part 3) Update.

Part 1, Part 2.
There are some new revelations that I discovered and want to point out about the events that lead up to my being wrongfully imprisoned. As I continue to do research I expect there may be more on this subject. In Part 1 I posted some of the hearings from Courtview not noticing that the exparte hearing from 8/2 that DA John Earthman used to assist Steve Hume to lie so he could get a warrant for my arrest to retaliate for my appeal being filed was not there. Then I went to Courtview and re-checked the docket section thinking to myself, I bet those bastards removed that hearing to cover their heinous asses. There was no trace of it. The only thing mentioned on 8/2 was a warrant, it just appeared for no apparent reason.

 When I lived in Nome people told me to never expect the transcripts of my hearings to be what actually was said in the court room and I have listened to one where what I said was gone. It was like listening to Nixon's erased Watergate tapes, but not nearly as surprising. There were also hearings withheld from the Nome Nugget's court section, especially where the trumped up VCOR was dismissed and they hid the dismissal of the wrongful charge in another hearing and hung up on me before it happened. People often appear on the phone at hearings in Alaska for many reasons. I had been told it would be addressed at that hearing, but then click. No due process for me, ever. I called the court clerk who told me an odd story about the dismissal. The public defenders found it odd that I thought they should be concerned about the malfeasance and lies, even the sober ones. I guess that explains a lot about what happened to me. Hearings that the defendant is not invited to, wrongful imprisonment, no worries over there in public pretender land.

Do I know scumbags from the Nome Court or what? That hearing is gone. Poof. It's Nome Court magic. But this magic was not done by witches and warlocks, no they were black magic Christians.

This is the timeline/list of events from the docket section of Courtview for my original case which I posted in Part 1. No hearing on 8/2, but I'll be damned if they weren't able to muster up a warrant to have me wrongfully arrested and imprisoned.

Now you are saying to yourself maybe that hearing was never on the docket and Kirsten Bey whose partial timeline I posted in Part 1 was hallucinating. Check out the below document you doubters, Kirsten Bey was quite lucid. This is a copy of my docket made in 2007 for my original case when Kirsten Bey was trying to figure out what the hell had happened. Oh look there was a hearing on 8/2 that somehow got lost later on that was called a bail hearing, but was actually exparte. This hearing was two days after the bail hearing on 7/31which I was not informed of and no public defender showed up for. Then the team of Earthman and Esch scheduled an exparte (I wasn't invited) hearing. Why not have a bail hearing and contact someone at the public defender agency to ask why they did not show the first time? It was two days later did they even bother to talk to a PD? Isn't that just amazing? Not really if you know this was all a set up for revenge. In order for this to be covered up the public defender agency had to cooperate. These people are supposed to be upholding the Constitution not using their positions of power to go after someone for a group of piss ants in the form of workplace and community bullies. This is community bullying on steroids.  And people wonder why I am so pissed off. The court system in Alaska is as corrupt as hell.

Truth floats you bastards.

Here is the second thing I noticed. On Kirsten Bey's timeline in Part 1 she lists this thingy below. It's chopped off but you'll get the gist.

So Brooke Browning who I happen to know lies continuously told Kirsten Bey she tried to get a bail review hearing set and gosh darn she just couldn't get one sooner than 8/13 for the client she helped John Earthman put in prison wrongfully. She should have demanded a hearing for a writ of habeas corpus immediately, but it was more fun to have me tortured. It was an emergency to have the two hearings to get me in prison, oh those certainly could not wait for me to be notified so I could attend and prepare a defense for them. That's what we call due process Nome style, no lubrication is even offered.

It was not an emergency to schedule a hearing when they knew I was incarcerated wrongfully, being tortured, having my meds withheld, my property stolen and my cat harmed until I had to have her put to sleep. These are serious civil rights violations committed by a judge, a DA and at least one public defender. The result besides the severe harm that was done to me is Brooke Browning Alowa helped them cover this up and her reward was assistance to become a magistrate. First in Kotzebue and now back in Nome so she can help with more cover ups. What a gal. Judge Ben Esch was made the chairman of the Judicial Council which almost made me vomit, but later retired after an appeals court found him to be biased in one of the Fairbanks Four cases. John Earthman was an ADA when he committed acts that should have resulted in a prison sentence against me and they promoted him to DA for it. He tried to become the judge in Nome when Esch retired, but fortunately for the people in that region it did not happen.


While doing some research I was directed to check the events section of my original case on Courtview due to the 8/2/2007 hearing that is documented as being a bail hearing, but is actually exparte being found there. But, but, but the 7/31/2007 bail hearing which I was not informed of is disappeared from this list. They are not putting both of them in any one place. The fact that this happened in two places with two different hearings points even more to the record being manipulated.


Wrongful Imprisonment Three Days After Filing Appeal. OMFG! Look What I Found..DA John Earthman Was the Puppetmaster. (Part 2)

Part 1, Part 3.
While reading this remember what I said in Part 1, that the reason I was wrongfully imprisoned was my decision to file an appeal. That is not completely true there were other reasons associated with my being an ethical whistleblower, my fighting for due process and protection of the workplace bullies at Norton Sound Regional Hospital. The bullying and criminal actions of officers of the court in Nome began with the charges after a long period of severe workplace bullying I became suicidal, had PTSD, a huge flare up of ME/CFS causing cognitive problems along with making me very ill and did something during a dissociative state they used to charge me with felonies.

 If I had been someone else they would have sent me to a psychiatric facility. Instead my supervisor told the Nome Police I was not allowed to be admitted to the hospital while a psychologist stood there saying I should. That supervisor Colleen Meyer was one of the workplace bullies. That statement is in a police report if you can imagine a nurse who would say such a thing about a person who was obviously very disturbed at the time by her design. There was a long history at that hospital of people being targeted for destruction and it continues, some of the bullies are gone, probably those who were scapegoated for the blame of other bullies, but some are still there.

With ME/CFS we have a dysfunctional stress response, the lower brain is inflamed (it is looking right now like an autoimmune disease of the lower brain) causing problems with pretty much every system in our bodies. It's really easy to make me sick with harassment and psychological cruelty. Did you enjoy yourselves? On top of that I am a very empathic type which is why nursing was my profession making the cruelty even sicker. Are all of these people proud of their actions, including officers of the court in Nome, the workplace bullies at NSRH, both the administrations (including agencies) of Palin and Parnell, the DOC, the DOL, the low income health clinics, those associated with where I am living now and all those others? Most likely they are.

Certainly the harsh, illogical, strange and obvious corrupt outcome of my case would not have happened to those in the workplace bullying clique at Norton Sound Regional Hospital. I believe they would not have even been charged with a crime. Certainly there have been many cases that have not been even mentioned in the newspapers because similar cases to mine are happening. Why such a campaign against me in the Nome Nugget, but then nothing mentioned about other issues? It was all facilitated by John Earthman and Judge Ben Esch whose wife apparently hangs with the editor of the newspaper, with public defender help. They only target certain people for harsh treatment which as everyone knows includes Alaska Natives.

Earthman and perhaps others saw an opportunity when they were contacted by Steve Hume with a story that was an obvious lie. Lies...Earthaman loves lies he spews them wherever he goes and people believe him.

Now The Evidence

I smell a dead rat and I feel like vomiting, literally. As much as I thought DA John Earthman was evil the evidence just keeps showing that he is worse than whatever I imagined about him. I have already discussed many times that he lies and lies. I have stated that I think the arrest on a warrant out of Nome while I was in Homer was retaliation for my filing an appeal based on the hearing occurring three days after. I posted the below email yesterday in Part 1. After arriving in Homer when released from wrongful incarceration I immediately called Robin Hume from the airport to ask about my cat and property. He told me that he would not tell me where my things were unless I gave him money. This is what I assumed the extortion accusation was about ( and there was other extortion from both Humes) because I could not have imagined the truth.

"Since you say that Harrison is being extorted I will withdraw the proposal to dismiss the VOCR in exchange for her simply serving her felony sentence." What I thought this meant was due to what Robin Hume and Steve Hume had done Earthman had realized he had been lied to and manipulated, so he was dismissing the case. Then I found the below scribble in some notes in my files last night on a document with other notes I mostly can't decipher. I think a lawyer could, it's a lack of knowing the abbreviations.What the statement actually means rather than what I thought is DA John Earthman would dismiss the VOCR (which he eniginered) if I agreed to dismiss the appeal. Here is how I know that, the below note, "wd dismiss if dropped appeal." Once I saw that I read the above email again and understood what it really said.

That vile evil son of a bitch! He designed this whole fucking thing! Earthman is charming, lies, manipulates, does evil things, sets people up, chats people up, retaliates, WOW! Why is it I have been writing that for years and others have not recognized this? Where is my copy of Dr. Hare's psychopathy checklist?

There really are no words to express my anger and disgust with these kinds of people in Alaska or the government that allows them to harm people, the story just keeps getting uglier. Where is the Constitution, where is the Attorney General, where is the DOJ? For that matter where were the people who knew this was going on who did nothing, not even tell me about it. I was not believed and left totally on my own while continuing to be mobbed, while very ill. The more I told the truth the more I was mobbed and the sicker I got. They torture people in this state who tell the truth. The public defenders are not on the side of the people they defend, they work for the state helping to convict people. Some of them are not like that, but the agency is set up to operate this way.

Earthman conspired with the Humes to have my property stolen, my cat harmed and have me imprisoned, tortured, have my meds abruptly stopped and much more. Did he have something to do with the abuse from the Department of Probation and the Department of Corrections? The DOC doesn't really seem to need any encouragement to harm people. I know Judge Esch unethically tried to make contact with the DOP. Did he have something to do with the events where I live now and all the crap in between? How many others were involved? If he would set me up like this there is probably no end to what he would do and how many others he has harmed. No wonder I was targeted, he was probably contacting them, who knows what he said. Were he and others responsible for all these other odd and abusive things that happen to me?  Have they contacted the little pukes who bully me where ever I go? Holy Shit! The evil is very strong in Alaska. 

Here is another little tidbit that shows the sliminess of Earthman found on the bottom of these scribbles of a public defender. The top part of the note is about the lie that Steve Hume had contacted a trooper other than Loop and the lie about the wallet being given to AST for fingerprinting.

Earthman himself called the Alaska State Troopers to facilitate my being arrested at a strategic time due to his fury at my deciding to exercise my RIGHT to file an appeal. An appeal of a case that was wraught fraught with lack of due process, crazy from the public defenders and a huge amount of lies from Earthman along with a lack of evidence. This is the jackass who is prosecuting Native people for the state of Alaska for a very large region. Have I said fuck yet?

Here is what is so amazing. The governor at the time, Sarah Palin knew my part of the story and probably knew the truth that Earthman engineered this. Because she would have done the same thing it was A-OK with her. There were many others who would have known the truth including public defenders, did they report his malfeasance to the DOL, Judicial Council, the Bar or any state agency? Is this why Judge Esch was the chairman of that council, so he could protect himself and Earthman? There is no telling how much they have done to other defendants.

Did the attorney general at that time Talis Colberg fire the bastard? Nope John Earthman was promoted from ADA to DA. Several of the players in this case were promoted or given appointments which is one reason I wonder if the conspiracy goes higher than Earthman. Then we have had a couple other attorney generals after Tallis Colberg who must know what happened and have done nothing, not even fire the evil  bastard. In Alaska they protect the employees of the state so their misdeeds can't be found out. I can't even find out if Brooke Browning Alowa was fired from the Public Defender Agency or quit let alone find out if any disciplinary action occurred with others. Obviously not a damn thing happened to John Earthman who should be sitting in a prison cell right now.

Well, no wonder the DOL and other agencies are so nasty to me, no wonder they told Sarah Palin's staff to not talk to me or help me with anything. No wonder the cowardly Rick Svobodney called me a liar and hung up on me when I tried to report what John Earthman had done. Wow, he must have known the truth too. Bullies, liars, psychopaths. sociopaths target the truthful people to protect their own wrongdoing. I am a good person who never deserved any of this and had already had a difficult life due to health problems, but did the very best I could. Where is the Department of Justice?

In this chart which came from this article, but the information originally came from this book, The Wisdom of Pyschopaths by Kevin Dutton it is revealed that from much research the percentage of psychopaths for different professions is known. The number one profession for psychopathy is CEO, the number two is lawyer, prosecutors are a subset with an even higher rate. The professions with the lowest rate of psychopathy are also known, number one is nurses’s aid/care giver and number two is nurse. I worked my way through college with health problems to become a nurse and then took care of others while often I was sicker than they were. No one helped me with anything. That is who I am. I told the truth about everything and was ignored all these years.

When we allow a state to be run by human predators this is what we get, pure evil. When will the DOJ do something about the Alaska networks of evil? The only way to stop them is to expose them, but when people like me do this they attack more and no agency in Alaska will do their jobs to stop it.

Here is another chart about that research.

The CEOs of corporations are destroying our country, in fact at this point in time they own it. They use lawyers to help them achieve that by figuring out how to make laws that allow them to do what they want, manipulate the constitution, etc. The CEOs even own some Supreme Court Justices. Then number 3 on the list, the news media is used to manipulate us and feed the population lies/propaganda. The lack of understanding of this will be the downfall of our country. Sidebar over.

So many were deceived by the Humes and John Earthman going along with wrong actions, intentionally harming me, not listening to the obvious truth. I understand how that happens with first contact, but these guys constantly lie and scam, it's obvious. Earthman and others knew exactly what they were. Many of those people knew the truth and that includes Sarah Palin and her staff.  Governor Sean Parnell was her chief of staff. The fact that they went so far as to remove my emails about these evil acts and then hack them from my email account says they knew the truth probably the whole time. What role did they play?

Remote places are the end of the road for psychopaths and others who have been run off or found out. Then after time they accumulate in remote areas and work together to hurt others for fun and power. Why do the other people allow them in positions of power in their communities?


Anniversary Date of Wrongful Imprisonment Three Days After Filing Appeal. Their Misconduct/Malfeasance(Part 1)

Part 2, Part 3.
If I had not made a public information request (actually there were three and then some ranting) to get my public defender agency file when I did most of the evidence to show what happened would have been disappeared. Some was already sanitized by different players to protect themselves from the truth. I received three copies of most of it to make it look like lots of documents. Included were documents that were not related to my case and some belonged in other files.

Trying to read the material was so upsetting I would become hysterical and have to put it away because what they did is so heinous. It takes multiple readings and then other research to put the story together, then as new information comes in the pieces of the puzzle fall into place. Every time I read it I realize something new. It has been very hard for me considering my health issues and cognitive dysfunction along with the abusive situation I have had to live in the last five years to work on this and other things. Considering who some of the players are the abuse was intentionally done to keep me from functioning. They knew from the experiences of the court system and the Department Of Corrections just how to stop me from being able to pursue court action and get justice. Living here next to a nightmare made me really sick. I often could not sleep much for weeks due to constant subsidy fraud which allowed too many people with too little consideration for others and other noises, then there was bullying from management. It has been horrendous to even live or have any peace a great deal of the time. There is no oversight which allows landlord abuse and feral tenants to cause problems due to the human predators who run Alaska not caring about low income people.

Even with what I know now there are huge gaps in information. I will never know the full extent of the misconduct of the officers of the court in Nome Alaska, the Department of Law, the Board of Licensing, the Public Defender Agency, the Department of Corrections, the Alaska State Troopers, the governor's office and other agencies. They deny receiving public records requests and even if they don't play games the documents being requested are disappeared.

Much of this story can still trigger the PTSD, but time and understanding helps with the coping. I have told the story for years and civil rights are still being violated on a large scale by the court system in Alaska, especially in the rural areas. People can't even imagine what goes on in Alaska including with law enforcement, the courts and the prison system. I certainly could not, that is how they harmed me so extremely, the shock of the actions and behavior of so many, especially those who work for the state. The shock that this goes on in the United States has changed how I see this country forever and even who I gather information from. I have found some investigative reporters who courageously do tell the truth and I love all of them. These experiences were how I learned most of what we are told is lies, be careful who you believe or trust. If the United States cares about justice why is the DOJ not all over this story? The answer is there are so many stories like this it has become normal and the US is not what people think.

The prison system has been allowed to continue to torture inmates, especially the mentally ill and addicted to the point of death by denying adequate health care as we have recently seen and LYING about it with statements that inmates died of "natural causes" for very common easily treated health problems. One of my favorites is when they say the inmate had never seen a health care provider before in an attempt to say it's his fault we let him die. Do people really buy that crap they say? The deaths which could easily be prevented in the prisons are not new but the public only understands it now due to families coming forward and the buying of the Anchorage Daily News by the Alaska Dispatch. The old ADN just blew off any story about prison conditions or deaths, a reporter even lied to get rid of me. There are also other civil rights violations in the prisons. I told the governor's office and the news media years ago about the conditions and that people were dying. I was ignored, lied about and declared crazy while also not being crazy by the perps depending on how they wanted to spin their stories. They change their stories to fit their manipulation. My story is too  crazy to be believed, but when I want treatment for PTSD there is absolutely nothing wrong with me, but here have some more trauma and no you can't have any justice, we never serve that up in Alaska.

Fortunately I had some information/documentation before the email purging done by the Sean Parnell administration prior to the Palin email dump. Much that should be in the file is missing, but I got enough to put some of the story together. If I had waited until I could psychologically/emotionally deal with it (which even now sometimes I can’t) the emails would have been removed to protect Sarah Palin, Sean Parnell, law enforcement and other Alaska officials secondary to the pending Palin email dump.

Six years ago I was arrested for something I did not do. It was a conspiracy out of the Nome system of backwards injustice. Think small town in Mississippi in the 1950s, but brown people instead of black. As time goes by there is more understanding of the events because truth floats, even though they lie and cover it up. Those who do wrong use and hurt others to cover their crimes and bad behavior. I wonder how high up it went and if this severe abuse of power was done in an attempt to shut me up about what went on at Norton Sound Regional Hospital and the treatment of the Native people in that region. The Department of Law (attorney general's office) has their fingers in everything in Alaska and told Half-Governor Palin's staff not to talk to me or help me with anything. Filing the appeal was the trigger because the hearing I was not invited to attend happened three days later. Another factor is some of the players may have been bucking for a political appointment or promotions which in many cases did happen.

Certainly a huge part of this is a prosecutor, John Earthman who did what those who have power in the community wanted even if it was wrong. He did not mind committing civil rights violations or sending someone wrongfully to prison without due process because that made all the right people happy with him, those who could help him become a judge. Certainly John Earthman was willing to overlook the obvious lies of two scumbags in Homer and may have assisted them to tell those lies. The lies that were told by the workplace bullies at the hospital including the crazy claims about the restitution are indicative of DA John Earthman's inability to find the truth. I know they had no evidence for much of their claims because they were untrue. This is why they got Brooke Browning Alowa to tell me lies to manipulate me into taking a plea, when I demanded a trial, they could not produce the evidence they claimed they had. I was very ill and the process of one hearing after another being canceled (both sides took turns) while I lived in a place with horrendous health care and medical bullying made me so sick I was afraid I was going to die. People were covering for others, for their own incompetence, for the truth about the corrupt justice system and for the severe pervasive workplace bullying that had already destroyed many lives in Nome.

I insisted on a trial and both sides were angry about it and so was the judge. Judge Esch tried to keep me from the restitution hearing actually telling the public defenders I did not need to attend. They had me wrongfully imprisoned, tortured and all the other things that happened secondary to it and then were indignant that I wanted to postpone the hearing. There had already been several postponements coming from people other than me, these included Earthman wanting to go on leave, I requested ONE. That kind of assholery didn't get you that judgeship you wanted did it Mr. Earthman? The second conspiracy in the Homer area which involved two sociopaths (one is actually a psychopath) and corrupt/really dumb state troopers aided the Nome judicial officials by helping them put a story together which was just what they had been waiting for to have me incarcerated for retaliation. That story was completely untrue, but since Earthman was already believing untruths about me it is clear he is immune to the truth. On top of that were state troopers who did not do their jobs and then helped with the investigation against me, the victim. I  had actually been the victim of these people several times before they orchestrated the wrongful imprisonment.

Below is a section from Courtview of my original case with the events leading up to the warrant for my arrest. That unopposed motion was actually an exparte request from DA John Earthman. Exparte means for the benefit of one party. In Judge Esch's court exparte really means, fuck the defendant we're setting the bitch up. I was excluded intentionally, knowingly by both Earthman and the judge who I now call Exparte Esch, because he also did his own research outside the hearings which is not his role along with being quite unethical. Cases are only about what goes on during the hearings, not some gossip the judge picked up somewhere. And man do we have some gossip in Alaska. Earthman also stood in court and lied about me along with telling the newspaper false information. I would gasp and say, "That's not true" to the public defender and then...nothing, no objection, nada, nichts, niente, rien. My reasons for the appeal were legion, but the highlight was Brooke Browning lied to me to manipulate me into a plea. They were whoppers. In Alaska the defendant has no say at all when the public defenders do their appeal, they choose, you loose. The director of the Public Defenders, Quinlan Steiner told me the whole thing was totally done by Brooke Browning Alowa, but he's a shifty lawyer too. She was a major player and John Earthman along with Judge Esch were clearly involved, who knows if my first PD, Michele Murphy was involved in some of it or just too impaired and angry to function? I believe at this point higher ups were involved, that is one reason why they disappeared my emails from the Wild Wordsmith of Wasilla's email account. She claimed at one point John Earthman had lied to her about part of it, who would doubt that? 
One only needs two or three functioning brain cells to figure this out. I was never told about this exparte hearing by the public pretenders along with lots of other events and information by design, by treachery. Where was Judge Esch, judges after all are supposed to make sure defendants get due process? He had already denied me due process over and over. Considering what had gone on before this he was clearly part of it. Fifth Amendment-No person shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law. This hearing and much of this case were a violation of my constitutional rights. My first pubic defender, Michele Murphy was so besotted with Earthman I seriously thought they must be doing the nasty. I would complain about him lying and then she would tell me how wonderful he was. That is the kind of defense I had, that she loved the guy who sets people up for wrongful imprisonment for filing appeals. And then there was the alcohol issue she had which may be why she had such bad judgement.All of those lawyers formed a clique because in rural Alaska that is the norm.

DA John Earthman called for an ex-parte hearing about the violation of conditions of release based on the fictitious accusation by Steve Hume when any moron would have known he was making the story up. If indeed the story was believed by John Earthman then why take such effort to exclude myself and the public defenders from the hearing? He had a hearing that violated my rights when he knew I was not informed about it. He knew I could present evidence proving the accusation false and therefore prevented me from even knowing about the hearing so he could have me wrongfully imprisoned.

From the original case it was clear Earthman is very opposed to using actual evidence, lies serve his sense of justice. Why did Judge Esch allow this? What judge and DA would not be outraged at having been lied to and make sure the person was charged with a crime? What state trooper would not be pissed and charge the guy? They did not charge him because they knew he was lying and could care less about that, they only cared about something, anything to hang me with.

It is very likely they knew Brooke Browning Alowa was going on vacation and had helped Steve Hume with his story. Steve stated to Trooper Derek Loop that he had been in a three way conversation with Judge Esch and John Earthman. Lawyers know how to get the answers they want by the questions they ask. They would have also known that even if they sent notice of a hearing to Kotzebue there would be no reaction due to that very small dysfunctional public defender office. Several attempts had already been made to cause me to not attend a hearing, but I checked for them often in Nome. When I told Judge Esch he was of course a jerk, "Well, you're here now", yea because I found out about the hearing twenty minutes before it started and had to run to the courthouse on ice. 

This time line below leaves out the above material about the appeal being filed and then suddenly an exparte hearing leading to a warrant for arrest. All defendants who are on conditions of release are required to keep the court clerk apprised of their address and phone number at all times and I did so, it was in the court documents and I knew they would use any failure to do so against me. On more than one occasion it was claimed they did not have my phone number when all they had to do was call the clerk, but of course that was a lie for manipulation purposes, they had my phone number at the Nome and Kotzebue public defender offices, Quinlan Steiner had been given it multiple times and a prosecutor can get any phone number they want. In a village where my mail was opened by staff at the post office nothing would surprise me. The public defenders also claimed to have lost my file three times, these people are hilarious with their lies. Where was it, at the DA's office or did you loan it to the workplace bullies at Norton Sound Regional Hospital ?

Note the public defender in Nome, Kirsten Bey who was contacted by a PD from where I was on the Kenai Peninsula was utterly confused as to what the hell had happened and completely kept out of the loop about my case. This is not a system of justice, it's the Nome Alaska injustice railroad. I am the D (defendant) who was not present. 

Brooke Browning Alowa gave the Nome office that case and then the emails she sent to the prison to tell me she was dumping the case were not given to me, so I kept trying to call her. She was quite ugly about it as if I was the problem, not her or Earthman or Esch or the Hume brothers. Who the hell did I think I was calling her highness? That is part of the evidence that makes me think she was in on it. This is the third part of the conspiracy, ass covering for career advancement due to fear the appeal would expose her for what she was.

Notice how they had screwed up, but rather than call an emergency hearing to remedy the situation quickly they made me wait through ten more days of torture (26 total) and allowed my cat to be harmed and property stolen/ruined. I was very ill and did not understand even why I had been arrested. My meds were dangerously abruptly stopped due to the severe constant medical malpractice at the Department of Corrections. I had seen and experienced horrible things which amounted to torture in the mental health unit. The public defender agency, the governor's office, the Alaska State Troopers and others knew about all of this.

The above time line indicates the bail hearing was set on 8-13. I remember it well because it was held at the mental health unit at Hiland Mountain and thought perhaps this was where someone would finally make what I thought was a huge mistake at that time right. This was not a mistake and whenever has the justice system in Alaska ever admitted any wrongdoing? Never, instead they hurt the victims as much as they possible can. I was confused due to the abuse triggering the PTSD and ME/CFS brain fog along with the abrupt stopping of meds which act on the neurological system. I also had no idea why I was arrested and just kept saying I was innocent of the crime, "I am totally innocent." I knew I had done nothing wrong and had not violated any conditions. I bent over backwards to make sure I did not. I had done everything right, but was forced to live among low life scum due to being on SSDI with a low income. In Alaska people who are on Social Security are often forced to live in horrible conditions.

The false crime accusation was engineered to have a hearing so they could not tell me about it and have me incarcerated. Robin Hume told the staff at the animal shelter in Homer that I would be incarcerated for six months, did he make that up, get that info from John Earthman or did Steve Hume get it from Earthman or Esch? So many liars to choose from. The public defender said I would be allowed to speak at the bail hearing, but Judge Exparte Esch hung up the phone, there was no due process in his court room, ever. They treated me like they were angry at me, but I was the victim, their victim. This was not my doing and they knew it.

I was moved from the Homer jail to Wildwood prison in Kenai for three days due to being told I was going to Nome for a hearing, then put on a plane and taken to Anchorage jail by a trooper who said I was going to Nome for a hearing. I sat at the Anchorage jail waiting to be put on a plane headed for Nome. That never happened, I was chained to other inmates and taken to Hiland Mountain in Eagle River where I remained. They never intended to take me to Nome for a hearing, the reason was to keep me from telling people there what happened. Were they ashamed to face me?  They should have been, but nope they were afraid someone might look into what happened.

I got no action from the public defender agency. I was just told they were also confused about what the hell was going on and I had been told they had never seen such a thing happen before due to the fact that I had not been charged with the crime. I have to wonder why that was, did the DA in Kenai at that time June Stein have an intact cerebrum?  Why no writ of habeas corpus request? The arrest was not legal. How could a hearing have been scheduled when no violation of conditions of release had occurred?

Let me repeat again, the excuse for the arrest was my not going to a hearing John Earthman and Exparte Esch knew I was unaware of. The hearing had no basis in law, there were no charges against me for the false theft claim. I was not arrested legally and the public defender agency failed big when they did not protect me from the retaliation of John Earthman, Ben Esch and at least one public defender. I believe one or two of the public defenders were in on it as they were angry with me for complaining about the lack of due process, the alcoholic PD, the lies, the psychopathic psychiatrist they hired to do an evaluation on me and more.

Both the officers of the court in Nome and the prison staff caused delays. If I had gotten out on the 13th or 14th or 15th I might have been able to save my cat or perhaps Robin Hume had not put my property in the rain yet. I am sure he stole what he wanted right away however. This and the case of Davon Mosley who died of gastrointestinal bleeding in the Anchorage Jail Complex while being held for I believe a week past the time he should have been released shows this is what the Department of Corrections does frequently. If they had released Mosley when they should have he could have gone to an ER for help and clearly would still be alive. Here is an interesting questio, why would the DOC keep an inmate and waste money on incarceration when he should be released? Because they had done something to harm him such as abruptly stop his medication and/or denying health care. In my case I was kept longer so people on the outside could get their stories straight and to torture me.

Who the hell had the papers then?

Below is an email sent to Kirsten Bey by John Earthman. Please note Earthman's lies and excusifying. It seems Kirsten Bey was not in on the plot to have me arrested. The investigator in Nome finally dod some investigating. He found out Steve Hume lied and Robin Hume went to see prostitutes and was a "scam artist".  Earthman wanted me to be harmed by both the prison system and the Humes to retaliate for my having large enough balls to file an appeal. They had done much wrong and were afraid of exposure. He should not have feared as the public defender who wrote the appeal did the shittiest job possible and was quite nasty to me, what was he told? And people wonder why I am so pissed off. This is one reason the justice system in Alaska is so screwed up, they allow people like this to stay in jobs where they can harm people. Instead of firing the bastard they promoted him because that is how the DOL rolls.

This email followed one which I can't find right now where Kirsten Bey says to Earthman something like, exparte, really?! Lots of information was liberated from my file and I had documents from other cases along with junk sent as part of my public records request.

No big deal for John Earthman, none of it was his fault, make sure you not that in your file. He obviously must have known the whole thing was a lie and that Brooke Browning Alowa was not in Kotzebue. He charged me with Violation of Conditions of Release knowing full well that had not happened. A woman was wrongfully imprisoned, tortured, medical malpractice was committed against her, they allowed her property to be stolen or put out in the rain while her cat was harmed, she was released to homelessness, and having already had PTSD before that ordeal was now very ill with both PTSD and ME/CFS while having been so traumatized that she once again wondered if she would die. I was totally devastated and had more hell to go through, but oh well, fuck me. It's all in a days work for the Department of Lawlessness. Judge Esch had been informed by myself that I was not being told about hearings and John Earthman was there. I believe he used that dysfunction like a rat bastard.

Since Earthman now was unable to deny that Steve Hume had made false claims to have me wrongfully arrested and knew I was being extorted why did he not file charges against Steve and Robin or give the Kenai prosecutor's office the documentation so they could do so. Steve Hume also perjured himself when he lied at the bullshit hearing. Earthman engineered the scenario for retaliation. If Steve Hume was charged the truth about Earthman's involvement and perhaps Judge Esch's participation would be revealed. There may have been others involved. Why was Robin Hume not charged for his crimes against me which included theft of money, theft of my property and animal abuse? Why was Steve Hume not charged with giving a false police report, threatening to hire someone to have me beaten, harassment, perjury and assisting Robin to commit other crimes against me? Why were both of them allowed to run a lodge without a license? Why were they not charged for the insurance fraud?

This was not the first time officials of the court in Nome had tried to have me arrested on false charges. I just had not figured that out yet. That story would take too long to tell right now, but it's coming soon and is another reason Earthman is the main perp here. I will tell that one too. It is hard to see what we can’t believe possible when we don't think like a sociopath. Assuming the best intentions for these people was all I could do then because that is who I was, assuming they were idiots was the only way of rationalizing it. Over time I learned that was wrong thinking. When evil is done by someone once, I have learned that is most likely who they are and I protect myself from them now. With much work more documentation has filled my files. Some of these people are very evil and should not be appointed to the jobs they are in, especially John Earthman. It is not necessary to say this about Judge Ben Esch as he made the decision to retire to the benefit of everyone. There were several hearings I was not invited to or informed of and Judge Esch even argued to the public defenders that I did not need to be at the restitution hearing. I guess he was allowing the public defender to attend. They had never seen anything like that before either. All defendants have a right to know about all of the hearings along with the right to attend. I asked Judge Esch once if Nome had floated over to Russia.

The court orders one to go to hearings that are scheduled, so manipulating a situation where a defendant does not know about a hearing means they won’t go and then that can be used as an excuse for incarceration. Ask the Native community about this technique, they are very familiar with it. The public defenders said they had never seen anything like what happened to me in that case before. Had they not experienced the corrupt behavior of Judge Esch or DA Earthman before? Since they try to pass the whole thing off as an error why did they not take immediate action to remedy it? Because it was not an error.

The public defender agency said they would send an investigator to see me while I was incarcerated, but they had no intention of doing so, it was a lie and never happened. There were many lies from them. I called all over to public defender agency offices. William Taylor from the Kenai office contacted the Nome public defender office and started asking questions about what the hell was going on. I probably called him multiple times. Thank you Mr. Taylor for prompting them to finally do something, I could have been incarcerated for months waiting for something to happen with Nome and Kotzebue PDs and I was so ill the DOC may have killed me like so many others. I called Quinlan Steiner the director who I can’t believe was re-appointed by Parnell and got...crickets.

Parnell knows this story as he was Sarah Palin’s chief of staff when I sent her a fifty page letter telling her my story along with twenty pages of material I managed to get out of Hiland Mountain, the women's prison. That is why under his regime my emails were removed from Sarah Palin’s official email account and then hacked from mine. All the links about that are here.They did not want the news media to look into this story. What would you say if I told you my stubborn persistence has caused that to happen anyway Captain Zero?

Part of the story is Alaska State troopers who did not arrest people for crimes at a lodge I had to live at due to being low income. This story includes Meth, other drugs (and a kid in the middle of it). There were also threats against my safety, prostitution and two con men who are brothers. Why did they not listen to me and why did they not at least investigate? Do they not care about citizens in dangerous situations? Who were they protecting? The police report and a witness say Robin and Steve were trying to get the troopers to evict me. The witness said it was because Robin could not have the prostitutes there with me around, they were angry at me for demanding the money they had conned and stolen from me, but they lied to the state troopers about the real reason.

Robin and Steve Hume engineered the story for the officers of the court in Nome to use. Were they all in a conspiracy together or is DA John Earthman just that stupid? The police reports were works of fiction and left out many relevant facts. After reading Officer Derek Loop’s interview of Steve Hume I realized that my impression back then that he was a good guy who just had to arrest me due to the warrant was wrong. Officer loop lied to me when he tried to convince me he did not think I did that crime. I believed him because that was the logical thing to think as it was clear I did not do it. Instead he believed them based on lies and very strangely an email I sent him. Never trust anything a cop says, they lie.

I had already demonstrated who I was by my constant complaints about the illegal activity at the lodge to the AST, my emails to Trooper Loop and my emails to Steve and Robin Hume about not just the illegal activity, but the thefts and vandalism of their property. They lied and said they did not get the emails. They then used a picture from an email in their fraudulent insurance claim. I thought I was helping the owners, after becoming alarmed about their property. At that time I had not met them yet. I thought they would probably fly to Homer to do something about it, but no they wanted the place trashed so they could scam an insurance company. I was not able to get my mind around people like this back then and Alaska is full of them. I see them everywhere now, once the characteristics are identified, it’s easy.

Both Robin and Steve Hume should have been charged with multiple crimes, not just false reporting to police, not just theft of my property, not just harming my cat, but also for the insurance scam they were pulling. Those are just the things I know about. Instead since they were sociopaths the state troopers and officers of the court felt comfortable with them due to their similarities, therefore believed them and did what they wanted. It should have been clear to Officer Loop due to other things that had happened that I was not the one who did that crime, it did not even make sense. This kind of idiocy based on officers of the court setting up the scenario is why so many people are wrongly convicted. In this case was that three way conversation on the phone Steve Hume had with Judge Esch and DA Earthman the exparte hearing or some other unethical action? Was that the hearing where he perjured himself? It is against the law to lie in court unless you are a prosecutor or Judge Esch or an expert witness or a cop or a jail house snitch. Those things are actually true sadly.

Important information was left out of the interview of Steve Hume so the story was set up to make it look like I was the guilty party. Did Judge Esch and DA Earthman tell him what to say to the troopers to manipulate the evidence or did Earthman tell him what to say at the hearing to manipulate Judge Esch? I think they were both involved as Esch did other things like exparte phone calls to manipulate in the background.

The night Steve was robbed of his money (if the story is even true) Robin and Steve had gotten into a tiff. Robin would not tell Steve about all the money he earned at the lodge and then spend it on prostitutes so the utilities would not get paid. He got Steve to pay them, so during his two week visit Steve made Robin give him the money he earned. Robin told me he needed to get some of the money back due to needing it for his tour the next day (unlicensed businesses because he was on SSDI). So when Steve got up the next day and told me he was upset I assumed it was due to Robin’s trying to con the money out of him. Now I wonder was Steve really upset or was he putting on an act? During this time I was trying to tell Steve about the money Robin owed me to see if he would do something about it. A friend of Robin’s was trying to get Steve away from the lodge by asking him to go fishing so he could tell him what was going on with Robin and the prostitution along with the information that Robin most likely stole his money because he has a history of doing that. He felt that Robin would not allow that to happen. 

Steve accused a drifter named James who was in trouble of stealing the money right off the bat. Robin picked this guy up hitchhiking and let him stay in a broken down camper in exchange for work on the property. I was not happy about it and neither was Smitty the other tenant. What the guy actually did while there was steal my food and go through cupboards looking for things to steal, no work happened. It became clear later the reason he was there was so Robin could use him as a patsy. They claimed the guy left a note on the kitchen counter wanting to know where his things were stating he had been there with his friends in the middle of the night. Why would he come when people were asleep to ask where his things were? What happened to the note? I spoke up and said that guy is probably in jail right now, so could not have stolen the money. I did not like the guy, but would not let him be falsely accused. If I had not been the kind of person who would not speak up about someone being wrongly accused that false charge would not have been turned on me. This is when they stopped talking about the note. Never did it occur to me that anyone could possibly think it was me, but they probably never did, they just needed someone to take the blame and were pissed off at me. I was scapegoated and the Nome injustice system latched onto it with all their might. 

The next phase was a general accusation to the people who lived there. At that point it was just me and Smitty who sometimes had his girlfriend with him. Steve announced he was putting an envelope on the kitchen counter and whoever took the money could put it in there. If he actually thought it was me why say that to the other guy too? I knew I did not do it and I was pretty sure the others did not either. I was however sure Robin did. When the other person, Smitty told me he found it hard to believe Robin would steal money from his brother I told him Robin would steal his brother’s last dime.
Robin’s friend who law enforcement is quite familiar with told me Robin came to his house for dinner and stole $300 from his wallet that was in the bathroom, then suddenly left without eating. He also told me Robin stole his property from his storage unit. That guy and his brother in law came by often to search the property when Robin was gone to find his things. It was disturbing to say the least to have them come by and take things until I understood what Robin was. Some of my property is probably still at that lodge, it could have been recovered but the powers that be would not allow that. Why?

What happened to the wallet? Who was the trooper Steve Hume supposedly gave it to? Did it ever surface? Where is the fingerprint analysis? Officer Loop indicated to me something had gone wrong with that. Yea, the whole thing was a fucking lie, that’s what went wrong. Where was the paperwork about that in my public records request? The AST is really skilled at disappearing paperwork, oh and pictures. There were pictures taken by officer Loop of my property, I told him Robin Hume would steal which he already knew that before he got there. Either they never received the wallet or the fingerprints were Steve’s and/or Robin’s. I bet the AST never received it and Steve Hume lied about giving it to a trooper.

Steve was taking a strong sedative which I believe is Klonipin at bedtime, that renders him pretty much unconscious according to the conversations he and Robin had about it. It is a very bad idea to take that drug for sleep. It is also very likely Robin drugged him or waited until he was passed out to gain access to the money.

My room was only accessible by going outside and then through a separate entrance. I had to walk past the room Steve was in which was at a 90 degree angle to the front door. This was not his room as the police report stated, just a room. This was not Steve Hume's home as the police report said, he was on vacation for two weeks, he lives in Texas. He was not THE owner as the police report stated, he owned 1/3 of the property.  Robin and Steve tell utility companies and others that Steve owns the place because Robin has a bad track record with them. I do not remember what time it was when I went to my room. I do not remember what I was doing, perhaps using the kitchen. I may have written about it somewhere in the past. Steve’s door was opened and he was lying on the bed fully clothed asleep, I thought that was not a good idea in a lodge full of strangers. This scenario is why I think Robin may have drugged him. I could not avoid seeing him and remember thinking he was zonked out on Klonipin. I did not stop or pause, I opened the front door and went to my room. It would never occur to me to steal back the money they had stolen and conned from me for one instant, instead I intended to use the court system. When I went back to Homer to do this I was harassed.

Steve told several different versions of the story. The investigator in Nome that I finally convinced to check into some things discovered this, but I had been saying this all along due to having been told three different versions. I was simply ignored, not believed and treated like scum by everyone who should have been listening to primarily me, the only person that was telling the truth and the VICTIM of several crimes. That investigator also found out that what I had said about Robin Hume was true.

Apparently the Alaska State Troopers are made up of a combination of idiots and scoundrels. They disappeared pictures, documents, lied and manipulated up to high ranking officials after all of this was engineered. Many people have told me they have had similar experiences. How can troopers who do these things be trusted to collect accurate unbiased evidence. The facts are the facts, the evidence is the evidence, the story is not what the Nome court system of injustice engineers or what a psychopath and his sociopath brother engineer, the story is the actual story. The truth was very easy to find, but those who are willfully blind cannot see. Those who have been told negative gossipy lies about me don't bother to listen because instead they believe liars, bullies and con men. Why? Those who do wrong often tell lies as cover.

Here is another thing that shows huge problems with the state troopers.

I also called them more than once from the prison system to ask that they tell Robin Hume to leave my property alone. They did nothing to stop Robin Hume from stealing my property or harming my cat. Why? I really think they were protecting Robin Hume, perhaps that was related to a prostitution ring. 

From five years ago.

This post includes an email that had been sent to Sarah Palin which magically disappeared before the release of the public records request of her official email account. That email and pretty much all the others I sent were deleted along with hacking my email account to remove the reciprocals, but this one was preserved in a bog post.

You got rid of Monegan? But, you supported someone like Schmidt who is running a dangerous prison system where the corrections officers psychologically torture inmates, deny them basic hygiene and deny the most basic of health care. It is truly something I could have never imagined in my life. My medication was withheld and I am just now getting over that. The phones go almost nowhere in the jails, making it impossible to get someone to post bail.

From the above post, which turned out to be not true:

I am pretty sure officer Loop knew I was not guilty. He told me they investigated the complaint and could find no evidence against me, well, there is a reason for that. He seemed kind of confused, embarrassed and shocked by the warrant.

What I know now is Officer Loop lied his ass off which is what cops do. He was instead using an email I sent him  as evidence against me. I had sent him several emails describing criminal activity, but he did nothing. Interesting how when I decided to use my rights as a tenant as described in the Landlord Tenant Act of Alaska I was arrested for something that Robin Hume most likely did.

As I was driven away by officer Loop, Robin Hume was parked in his van a little ways down the hill waiting for me to be removed so he could go in my room and steal what he wanted. The AST, the DOL, Judge Esch and several nincompoops at the public pretender agency helped him do this. Then later none of them believed me when I said it was happening. Everything, everything I told them was the truth. I was the only one who told the truth. As far as I am concerned all of them should have been fired, but instead many of them were promoted or given prestigious positions. How can a state with these kinds of agencies even function, it can't.

Tomorrow more, then more and more.