Gangstalking in Boise Idaho, Street Theater, Fake Drug Deal, Fake Argument, Noise Harassment With Car. Called Boise Police Department, No Call Back. November 15th 2020

Due to the street theater today I contacted Boise Police Department as I want them to document all of these incidents and know what is going on to endanger those who live in vehicles. The thing is they don't care what is going on that harms us, they just care about harming us for the businesses in the area. There are some problem people who could be given citations for garbage, piling crap in the street and noise at night, but they chose not to do that and instead give out unjust parking tickets. I was told a police officer would call me and like so many times before that did not happen. I sent emails with the link the to the last video below to the Boise Police, Mayor McLean's office and the city council. The same was done with the video from yesterday last evening. Both of those videos were on YouTube set as private. I wanted a response from those in charge of the city. I do not know why I would expect that as the mayor's office never ever responds, neither does the city council and the Boise Police are very hit and miss, inappropriate, explain they can't do anything about anything. It is after 11 PM, no call from BPD so I made the videos public which puts me in danger but the city of Boise doesn't give a damn about me or other homeless people. That has clearly been demonstrated over a long period of time. The public needs to know the truth. 

Didn't get a police call back just this to my email. I had already called. 



Not too long ago an inappropriate cop in response to me asking what his name was on the phone said, "police officer," then I asked him to be more specific and he said, "Officer Jones" which is probably an alias. He told me if the people around here don't like me I should go somewhere else. The people in Idaho hate many categories of people, California transplants, liberals etc. The Trump supporters are embedded in everything and sabotage certain people, even medical care. It's hard to believe what goes on here. Governor Inslee in Washington would be even more shocked if he had the whole picture. 

Here are the incidents which I often report and then they treat me like I'm crazy as if they could never happen. I have a shit ton more so just keep pissing me off. Just keep harassing me such as unjust parking tickets. I am now on the appeal of an appeal of an appeal of one. Twice evidence was lost, accidentally on purpose. I expect their next tactic will be to schedule a hearing and not tell me about it so the judge will dismiss the case. I've ridden that pony before. Do I have to actually go to the 9th circuit? 

This is from November 7th 2020 These people have done this before. Note they are right next to my car yelling, compare and contrast that action with the other videos below. 



This video was made on November 14th 2020, last Saturday, the day before this post. I had a conversation with someone related to this just before this action happened. This is a gangstalking mimic and noise campaign. Phones are accessed in various ways including using services intended for people to monitor their children's phone or employers to monitor phones of employees who have phones owned by a business. They can see the screen and hear what is said by access of the phone. Of course law enforcement and intelligence are able to do the same things.

This has happened a lot, it is harassment and then the guy lies his ass off.  



Below is what I wrote for the description of today's video below. Part of it was removed due to it being too long, here is the whole thing. 

I live in a minivan in Boise Idaho where the gangstalking is unbelievable and there are no laws against harassment except for minorities. I live in a car due to being gangstalked out of the Civic Plaza Apartments while the Boise Police Department, Idaho Housing Finance, Steadfast Management, HUD etc. did not listen or do their jobs. There was criminal activity, a drug ring, weaponized fire alarms, apts all around me doing noise campaigns, the usual fire truck crap, a motorhome in the St. Luke's parking lot next to the bldg was involved and associated with G4S, the usual constant gangstalking leaks, simulated leaks by the elevators, scratches on the doors and elevators, people using apts to stage gangstalksing, etc. No one did a damn thing so now I have lived in a vehicle for over 2 years being gangstalked while being treated like I am crazy and some of the main perps have been the Boise Police and Fire Dept. which is typical all over the country and the world.
Last night I had a car park in front on me illegally to do noise harassment. After a while when they did not get a reaction they revved the engine and I got out with my cell phone. The video is on YouTube designated private (that will change soon) and emailed to BPD, the mayor and city council.
Today trying to have some normalcy in my life I was tracing patterns from my laptop to make some felt Christmas ornaments when my car began shaking. Since my car has been shaken many times by perps my first thought is gangstalkers. I grew up in earthquake country, it felt more like an earthquake, it was done during the day, cowards harass in the dark and I saw no one. It was an earthquake being reported as a 4.3 about 77 miles away so it is probably around a 3.5 here.
Just a few minutes later some guy comes walking down the street adjacent to the one I'm parked oyelling incoherently wearing a backpack and carrying a white food grade bucket. He turns to walk down this street where I'm parked and I suspect some street theater is coming, so get ready to record him. There are not a lot of people parked, but he stops right next to my car which everyone would know I'm in, lights up a cigarette (cigarette's are used for harassment by people coming to just stand by my car and smoke) after putting the bucket down next to the car, yelling crazy the whole time. Doing this by my car is a frequent happening.
I turned on my cell phone to get video taking the window covering down because often they leave when I do this. He stayed and acted as if he could not see me as if I was invisible the whole time. He continued the street theater even though I was very obvious and he was right by the car. He continued to yell for a while and then walked over to the empty lot and yelled some more. I put one window down a little as none of my cameras capture the sound well with them all up even though I can hear the perps loudly.
I tried turning on my car alarm, sometimes they leave if I do this. Another man appeared at that time on a bicycle and both acted as if they could not hear the alarm. Then the two of them walked back over by my car and the bucket and began loudly talking. The subject of the conversation was a drug deal, "clear" (I assume everclear) and "heroin."
They had a long conversation about this "drug deal" as I sat quite obviously taking video of them in my car. This was street theater. They use particular speech patterns to make the conversations more annoying and give the perp a template for the LARP, I call this one "Who's On First."
Fake drug deals are a very common theme with gangstalking. It went on at the Civic Plaza Apartments along with people pretending to be high or drunk. Don't pretend to be drunk or high to a retired RN who worked psych, ER and critical care she will know you are LARPING dumbshits. Instead here are my thoughts about people who do this, here are two more of Boise Idaho's assholes.
This is the same pattern that has played out several times. The same things were going on over on 18th next to the gay bar cop shop (they are rehab-ing a previous gay bar for a bike police station) where I parked for a while. They used a dumpster for a shake-n-bake meth operation on that site while the city of Boise owned the place. The Boise Police showed up often to harass me themselves, but did nothing about that issue. Keep Boise Kind, LMAO.
Due to the move to Stage 2, but not really stage 2 due to the poor leadership in Idaho and Gov LIttle being a coward, some activity that brings more people to observe and decrease the gangstalking and drug activity will be dying down in this area on a site right here with two small conex boxes and some piled up crap that has allowed for a hangout spot and possible shake-n-bake meth. They may be once again trying to run me off.
It is widely known that drug cartels and drug dealers do gangsgtalking, but so do police/firemen, community policing, city halls, governors who are also in charge of the committees over the fusion centers, corporations, Infragard, gov agencies wanting to disrupt and discredit, contractors and intel agencies.
What did these two perps who are obviously doing street theater get for doing this, money, help with housing, low interest car loans, big screen TVs, stays in a hotel, dropping of threatened legal charges (common payment for gangstalkers).
I never posted the videos about a guy who showed up every Sunday acting like this, I call him Rocky Balboa. Today is Sunday. A guy in a white truck sits every day when I throw my garbage away close by, recent arrival. He leaves at strategic times a gangstalking tactic I call enter/exit. Is he involved?
This video was private, just like the one from last night. I sent it to the mayor, city hall and Boise Police Dept. after I called them. The police never called me so I have now made it public and put it and the one from last night on my blog. This city needs to explain this crap and a hell of a lot more in court.


This evening when I walked to the park very close to here to use a garbage can someone put garbage on my car. These people in Boise are out of control and nothing is ever done to protect people from the large subset of sociopaths. 


Harassment of Myself a Homeless 65 Year Old Retired Nurse Living in a Minivan is Off the Scales. City of Boise Continues Abuse of Homeless, Helps Businesses Do the Same, Boise Police Dept Told Me To Park in Another Town

For years I have been harassed in Boise by a large number of moronic assholes and some of them are on the Boise Police Department, some were on the fire department, ACHD, worked for the library system, the parks department, and on and on. Boise Idaho is very corrupt. There is a large population of sociopaths, morons and bullying bastards in Boise Idaho. There are people in jobs that require experience and education that have no idea what they are doing. It is not unusual to have to help people make change. Even going to a drive through restaurant can be a chance for people to abuse me by intentionally not putting lids on drinks so they spill on me or consistently giving me something other than what I order. There are also III%ers who get in front of me in drive through a lot. Maybe the franchises could go to a real business person. Where I bought my car there have been huge problems with sabotage, lies and abuse. They tried to commit fraud against me. That was very traumatizing. They have riped me off. All of that is probably legal in Idaho. I don't even consider Idaho to be a part of the United States, it's some kind of terrorist state. When I fill out forms here that have a line wanting to know what country I live in my response is Assholistan. 



I was gangstalked out of an apartment, no agency did their jobs, especially the police department, oh they finally showed up after there was a murder. Thanks a lot. That was the Civic Plaza Apartments where I was gangstalked the whole time I was there, the place was filled with bed bugs, there were constant weaponized fire alarms, odd goings on and a management company who did not do their job. Apparently these are the conditions people are expected to live in here in Boise Idaho. The staff were actually afraid to go into the buildings and so was I. Below is just one of the videos about what went on there. 


Thanks Boise for lying about caring about the homeless and low income people. Thanks for the unsafe abusive shelters. Thanks for the police department that is not a police department. Thanks for the police and firemen who harassed me for years. Thanks for the jerk who came down from human resources at city hall to stalk me when I was just trying to give a copy of the parking ticket appeal to the city attorney's office. Thanks for saying city hall was opened when it was really not. Thanks for never returning a phone call. Thanks for making me do all this bullshit with my compromised immune system during a pandemic. Thanks for Maureen Brewer (Continuum of Care, but Boise gave it a cute name) hiding for years. Thanks for running a city filled with hateful people, liars, stalkers, harassers and letting them all run over decent people because they are allowed to harm others due to a lack of laws and those in leadership roles not give one fucking shit. Oh yes and thanks to all the crazy legislators in Idaho who believe crazy things and don't care about people at all unless it comes to helping them not wear masks during a pandemic because your ignorance is the same as the education of health care professionals. 

Lawyers have told me to call the police even if they are not going to do anything about the harassment, I do. There are no laws against harassment in Idaho, except for minorities. Tonight I called to report yet another car that parked on my ass twice tonight. There are people who have more than one vehicle who fill up all the spots, there are cars that have appeared recently to just park and take up spaces those who are sleeping in vehicles need. This is intentional blocking. The car was on my ass earlier and when I got video and took down window coverings to leave they left. Then they came back around 10 PM, parked on my ass, then they began slamming doors and removing crap from a second vehicle piling it in the street and on the sidewalk behind the one on my ass. I believe the woman is the same who had a guy in a zombie car dangerously tow her derelict motor home onto my ass about a month ago and then she was allowed to park way past time limits for weeks. Chaos is how people operate in Boise, but lack of any common courtesy and behavior that people in other places would not believe is standard here. The first time I rearranged stuff to move, they left so I settled back down. Then they came back and the spots on the other road were taken. So now I am on a busy, noise filled street. I asked for a safe place to park and the city of Boise and a business intentionally decreased parking spots based on lies in one case and city hall corruption. During the pandemic we should have been spread out but you just care about businesses and probably wish we would all die. Your actions speak much louder than your bullshit words.

The cop told me if people don't like me here I should go park in Nampa, he did. I think he was on the verge of telling me I should go back to California, I came from Alaska and these people tell me that all the time because they are so hateful. These are the most hateful motherfuckers I have ever seen in my life and I have lived in many places. How dare he tell me to go to Nampa, Oh, how about Caldwell, maybe a 65 year old woman would be better off in a high crime area. Then I said, well maybe I could park in Meridian where they hate homeless people and the police could come and harass me and a lot more. I asked the cop who he was and he said, "police officer." I said I wanted his name several times before he gave it to me stating, "Jones." I suspect that may be a false name. This is the BPD after all. I then talked to the sergeant, at least he said he was.

Officer "Jones" then proceeds to tell me it is illegal to sleep in a car in Boise if the shelters have openings. This is my home, I am not camping. I checked, the Interfaith Sanctuary is full, Jesus' Concentration Camp for Unsheltered Women has openings. I went there once, they violate the Constitution and lie about it to the public as they have forced religion. They also lock women in a building for two hours in the evening like prisoners. I am not going to be abused by the small minded insane people of Boise. They have random constant chores, force women to come during the day to idiotic classes. When I asked what they hell they were wasting my time on idiocy for they said they just wanted to keep us busy. I was busy doing actual real things, taking a test to see what kind of dog I am is is not helpful, it is stupidity. I am not a Christian, I do not like emotional abuse, some of the staff are very slow minded and some are very abusive, they threw women out left and right. That is not a real shelter and it wasn't one anyway, but instead really a halfway house for the court system. 

I was given a notice to leave, I guess Jesus didn't love me after all. A non-profit came to test for HIV, do teaching and some testing. They asked why STDs are getting worse among women. I said because religious organizations were working to keep schools from teaching young people how to protect themselves from STDs and pregnancies. Within two hours they gave me a notice to leave the next day. The next evening I went to the Interfaith Sanctuary and stood for two hours with ME/cfs and POTS. One of the staff took another person in front of me for a bed two days in a row to be cruel to me. This is how Boise works. I assume one of the reasons they want people in the shelters is they love torture, that is what goes on so they would have to think it is normal and the right thing to do. Shelters are also very dangerous to physical and mental health. The city doesn't give a damn, they just want the homeless compartmentalized for their overlords, the oligarchy. 




The cruelty from the shelters is off the scale. People who are homeless are already traumatized, then the sociopaths and the staff love to psychologically torture people and do what they can to destroy them. There is little sleep due to the behavior problems and those who are sociopathic, drunk and high are the favorites of the staff and allowed to keep everyone else awake at the Interfaith Sanctuary. There was very little supervision so the sociopaths and bullies ruled the place. Still that was better than Jesus Jail. There is not one moment of peace as they yell, talk constantly loudly all at the same time, use colognes, nail polish causing severe allergies. Women are always put in the worst place in the warehouse shelters and at Interfaith it is across from the laundry room with the noise and toxic bleach fumes.




This week there was a lot of gangstalking. It seems to be related to a public records request finally being filled, but not really filled. I will be evaluating that soon here. It appears I will have to file a court case on that and FFS I already am working on the appeal of an appeal of an appeal about a fucking unjust parking ticket issued to me after parking enforcement told me they were not enforcing time limits during the early part of the pandemic. There is a recording of the call. Then the Boise Police Department gave me a ticket. Officer Nixon during the hearing stated businesses were asking them to give homeless people tickets. The Ada County Courts have lost my evidence twice so far, accidentally on purpose. The appeal judge tried to dismiss my case. The recording of the cattle call BS hearing with lack of due process was found on the original judge's desk. The county court is either very corrupt or a complete charley foxtrot, probably both. It is clear city hall is as well.


These people here are both too stupid to understand enough science to wear a mask, too egocentric to wear a mask to help other people and such bullies they just go right on ahead and violate the rules of businesses and the city/county/state mandates. Then nothing is done, they just let them do as they damn well please endangering others. COVID 19 is skyrocketing because the stupid and the selfishness are strong in Idaho. Going to a grocery store in Boise is like running the gauntlet. The staff are often just as bad as the customers. I actually had staff in a grocery store tell me masks make people sick and that plexiglass only works to block viruses on one side. Of course the staff in many stores are afraid of the terrorists here who cause all kinds of problems. 

They intentionally did not build any affordable housing here until their recent projects. The current mayor was on the damn city council for 8 years, what the hell did she do?  They ran my ass around with a section 8 voucher trying to find an apartment that did not exist until the voucher expired. They lie to the public like they are getting people into housing. No not unless you fit their category at any particular point in time. It really pissed me off they lied to me about finding housing because I kept getting sick trying to do something that was impossible so these fakers can try to look good. There were massive lies about putting people into housing.

I almost died the first winter at the Interfaith Sanctuary with the men who were allowed to put their hands on me, the women who were allowed to put their things on my bunk and hang their jackets and clothing on my bed. I went round and round about that with Dan Ault as well as them not promoting hand washing. I even found a source for free hand washing signs, they did not want them. Anything that made sense was not allowed. I am not going to a shelter because I have enough health problems, my life has already been shortened by being in them, by living at the Civic Plaza Apartments, the psychological torture including gangstalking, being forced to breathe second hand cigarette smoke, the stalking and harassment from police and other first responders. I assume if you want me in a shelter you are trying to kill me, because that is what shelters do, shorten lives and cause horrible health problems. They are night concentration camps, night prisons designed to keep society from having to fulfill their responsibility to the poor, homeless, disabled and elderly. 

All of you can go straight to hell. I will stay here until I get through with the civil matters in your corrupt court system. The lawsuit could take years. Then I will go back to the United States. You are not going to get away with what you have done to me here in Assholistan. 






Shawn Christy Recent Interview. That's The Reason For The Increased Gangstalking This Weekend. Sociopaths Abound.

First let me say I totally disagree with the politics of Shawn Christy and his parents. My interest and concern about Shawn Christy's case is totally about injustice and the torture he has been through by a government that covered up crimes committed against him when he was 17 and the obvious engineering of his life to put him into the position of being charged with massive crimes. I can't understand why no lawyer would take his case pro se, but there is no justice in the United States unless one has lots of money. 

The gangstalking against me in Boise Idaho was horrendous this last weekend including people intentionally coughing on me and one approached my car to do SARS Cov 2 distancing harassment last night. The City of Boise if I get COVID 19 had better hope I die. I had forgotten all about Sarah Palin's resignation this year.The gangstalking continues today. It must be about Sarah Palin's anniversary date. You know how she's best friends with Donald Trump who likes to take fascist actions to harm people. Why aren't you destroying some agency for the Trumpster Sarah? So many others were chosen to do that, why not you, we know destruction is your niche along with death panels.

You see how I forgot it was even the anniversary. No post would have been written. You had to have me harassed and put into danger so here you go. You could have just done nothing, but sociopathic is as sociopathic does.


I'll just say I am very sad about Shawn's case. All the set ups, the sexting case that began when he was 17 years old buried by LEOs, agencies, contractors, Mayor Holly assaulting him and then he was charged with assault, the false warrant to raid his home with destruction and the death of his cat, just like they did to mine in Alaska, the public pretender who lied to Shawn about a hearing to set him up for arrest just like they did to me in Alaska. I had similar corrupt experiences and Shawn's case originated in Alaska just like mine, this is why I believed his story I had lived part of it.

With the continuing harassment, gangstalking, sabotage, lies for over a decade lots of harm is done, they knew they could eventually get Shawn to get angry and do something they could use and they did. He made an idle threat to someone who was harassing him about Donald Trump. Their set up worked. The USMS sets people up just like the FBI does, both being under the DOJ which is now more corrupt than ever under fixer Barr. Then the USMS and FBI set him up using corrupt prosecutors and judges for the three month run so he would have to commit crimes of survival using a corrupt justice system to anger him adding to the multitudes of corruption he had already suffered since the age of 17 beginning in 2009. They knew where he was the whole time during both runs. Shawn's case is well over a decade long and is very complex.

This is the first call from Shawn Christy to Erin and Rudy Davis at American Political Prisoner which did not have massive noise interference. This call was made on the anniversary of Sarah Palin resigning from office Shawn says, but Sarah Palin actually resigned on July 3rd 2009 at Lake Lucile, the 26th was her last day in office. Shawn can't do research in prison. The 3rd of July was the same day Shawn's psych eval results were released saying he was essentially normal. Shawn had received sexting messages from Sarah Palin's number. His parents said they saw the transcript but were never given the copy they requested. I will post some related blog posts below.

Judge Mariani refuses to do anything about the corrupt FBI/USMS/DOJ. Shawn continues to not get the health care that has already been ordered. It is tortured. They are not allowing hair cuts, it is probably about SARS COV 2, he may not understand that. The story about the USMS stomping on Shawn's head in Texas was about the first run in which he was working on the books, staying at a homeless shelter and did an interview about being homeless with news media. Listen to the interview yourself.


Shawn Christy’s Psych Eval Was Done on July 3rd 2009, the Day Sarah Palin Resigned. HELLO ! Sexting With a 17 Year Old !


Denali Gangstalking LARP, Just Before Shawn Christy Ran, The Day After I Tried to Talk to Mayor Bieter in Boise About the Gangstalking



The Cooch, Ken Cuccinelli Homeland Security Acting Deputy Secretary, Second In Command Violating the Constitution. He Still Has Ass-Burn From Left Wing Virginians Keeping Him From Being Governor, USMS and Border Patrol Fascist Tactics Just Like the Cooch

Federal Officers Use Unmarked Vehicles To Grab People In Portland, DHS Confirms

My immediate response to this article was that among those un-IDed feds from agencys most do not know have been committing violations of the Constitution for a long time had to be contractors and of course Blackwater/XE/Academi's connection to the White House made me think of them.

The Lead Federal Agency Responding to Protesters in Portland Employs Thousands of Private Contractors

Chad Wolf is the acting Secretary of Homeland Security. According to Wikipedia he was He was "an architect of the Trump administration family separation policy." Ken Cuchinelli is known in virginia for "fascist tactics," especially against women. William Barr at the DOJ is over the USMS. What a combination of far right hatred of civil rights working to suppress the First Amendment Rights of protesters.

Speaking to NPR's All Things Considered on Friday, Homeland Security Acting Deputy Secretary Ken Cuccinelli acknowledged that federal agents had used unmarked vehicles to pick up people in Portland but said it was done to keep officers safe and away from crowds and to move detainees to a "safe location for questioning."

"We will pick them up in front of the courthouse. If we spot them elsewhere, we will pick them up elsewhere." The Cooch has never heard of probable cause.  He's gone from fighting to take rights from women to fighting to take rights from protesters.

What Could Be More Perfect In A Women’s Rights War Than Fighting An A.G. Nicknamed The Cooch.


Virginians Fighting The War On Women: "It's My Vagina, So Hands Off Crazy."

This operation uses units from Border Patrol and the USMS. I know from past research their job descriptions are not exactly what the public thinks, included is whatever the security/intel agencies want them to do. 

I have personal experience with the USMS who stalked, harassed and tried to provoke me in Anchorage Alaska during the Arctic Conference of 2015. Alice Rogoff married at the time to David Rubenstein co-founder of the CARLYLE Group was behind that conference. Two presidents were at the conference, Iceland's and Barack Obama a close friend of Alice Rogoff. I have never been a threat except for telling the truth, whistleblowing, so it had to be completely political and related to being on a watch list. Alice Rogoff owned a house in Nome Alaska where I was viciously workplace bullied and gangstalked along with being put into the corrupt court system designed to destroy the Alaska Native people in the region after my PTSD dissociation at work caused by intentional actions of several layers of sociopathics. 

There were other issues such as the Nome Police not arresting the men who raped not just Alaska Native women in Nome, but also other villages in the Norton Sound Region including 14 surrounding villages. Where was ADA then, now DA John Earthman? He's the prosecutor involved in a conspiracy to have me wrongfully imprisoned. If I was someone else the charge may have stuck but they used a false charge, then did not tell me about the hearing like they do to the Native people in an attempt to destroy me emotionally by having my cat starved and tortured, my property stolen and destroyed and then acted like I was just crazy while incarcerated and saying it was happening. Then later they had me wrongfully imprisoned by scheduling a hearing about some fabricated crap because the two attempts to set me up before did not work. 

Welcome to America. Alice Rogoff came to Alaska to get control of the port in Nome, destroy the news media and along with others go after left bloggers. Lots of people fell for her bullshit. Back then no one could get away with not having their evil outed. It was like freedom of the press or democracy were real things.

They were afraid I would find out some things and write about them which I would have. I did not know it was the USMS back then that was stalking me, but these attention whores did a reality show. Note that AK US Marshal Rochelle Liedike has the word lied embedded into her name. 

In the case of Rochelle Liedike she lied to public pretenders about me and the USMS keeps losing FOIA requests just like so many other agencies do in my case. She also worked for Donald Trump in 2011 doing some kind of private security. See the post below for the info. Deputy US Marshal working as a private contractor for a man orchestrating a scam to become president. Very interesting...no? Isn't it interesting that USMS and contractors implicated in gangstalking are kidnapping and assaulting protesters? Such coincidences. BTW, the USMS sets people up for fake crimes like the FBI does, both after all are under the DOJ. Fixer Barr is running the DOJ, put in place to protect Trump who chews up one fixer after another and spits them out. Barr is former CIA, Iran Contra fixer, son of the man who hired Jeffrey Epstein to teach at a school when he didn't have a college degree.

Update Added. Deputy US Marshal Rochelle Liedike, Did She Tell A Lie About Me to Shawn Christy's Former Federal Public Defender Staff or Did the PDs Do This? Both Agencies are Under the DOJ, Was It a Team Effort?


What Could Be More Perfect In A Women’s Rights War Than Fighting An A.G. Nicknamed The Cooch.


Virginians Fighting The War On Women: "It's My Vagina, So Hands Off Crazy."




Boise Idaho Harassment of Homeless in Vehicles, Trailers, Motor Homes Coordinated From Beginning of Pandemic, City and Oligarchy

I have documented this process since January. Yes there are problem people who live in vehicles, they bother me more than the city, I have to park by them and try to sleep, read, write, etc. Rather than use existing laws or having police patrol the area it's Boise so bullying is used including using parking regulations.

At the beginning of the pandemic I asked them for a safe place to park, especially for women. There was no response. I was lied to that there were outreach staff from whatever the hell they are call the Continuum of Care now, never saw one person. That office did call me one time. They have nothing to do with the city/oligarhy harassment program.

The Boise Police Department that had harassed me for years disappeared and this area went feral. It was unbelievable and became more dangerous. Thanks corrupt and incompetent BPD and city hall for making a bad situation more miserable and unsafe. It's a pandemic you should have spread people out more rather than clumping them together. You are evil.


Radical Right Wing State Senators Attempt to Hold Rogue Session at State House to Reverse Gov Little's Order to Go Back to SARS Cov-2 Level 3 from 4, Radical Right Gathers Including Ammon bundy, Automatic Rifles Abound

The lack of empathy and the ability to understand basic science has caused an increase of
SARS Cov 2 cases in Ada County Idaho. Those who contributed are protesting the consequences others have to pay who did what they could to keep the virus from spreading. Others understand that because others can't behave in a way that helps all of us as a whole we have no choice but to step up the distancing and mask wearing along with closing some businesses down. No one wants those businesses closed that is why the majority of us did our best the flatten the curve. The main problem here is the stupid is strong and so is the crazy.

Idaho is a culture of bullying. They think that is normal. It causes much damage to people and the state senators don't pass laws against harassment because they use it as a tool against political enemies and others here on a huge scale. There are networks which do harassment here and this includes some state senators. They employ the city employees including firemen and police to target individuals. So, when people don't get their way they try to force others to do what they want. They went to the Black Lives Matter peaceful protests and tried to force their views on them. How can they not agree with protesters trying to change racism and police brutality/murder? 

Ammon Bundy and lots of other egocentrics who lack education about the science of infectious disease went to a the rogue session of the state reps in Idaho today, June 23rd 2020. A coalition of crazy reps did show up but could do nothing due to the others not participating. I came by late unable to attend earlier and got a bit of video. One counter protester was yelling at them to wear masks to help others as I arrived. The yelling man is opposition to them. I was harassed for years by people I call Idiots with Flags. some drove around me with weird flags on beat up trucks and others walked on the opposite side of the street from me yelling incoherently while carrying a flag. Add gangstalkers including the Boise Police and Boise is just "the most livable city in America,"...not. It has become clear I need a bullhorn.

Here is the list of shame of the Idaho State Senators who attended the rogue meeting at the state house today.



Bertold Brecht's Words From 1938 are Prescient for the Conditions The SARS-Cov-2 Pandemic is Creating. There Will Be an Uprising and it Seems That is What They Want.

A song written in 1928 by Bertold Brecht which speaks to so much that is going in not just in this country, but all over the world. It is especially relevant now when secondary to a pandemic the world is going to face food shortages while predatory Christianists show up to propagandize and nation-build for our government.

The reason the welfare programs were started in the United States was after the black population in part moved North they were living in horrible conditions and going hungry, had trouble finding jobs and continued to face discrimination. The welfare programs were put in place to stop an uprising. When people get hungry and enough have no homes we will rise up. The Democrats and Republicans do not seem to understand this. Your propaganda will only go so far. And Trumps authoritarian followers will figure out they are just his sheep following the propaganda streams he has the intelligence agencies and contractors set up to help him get elected for the oligarchy's benefit. The Democrats will eventually figure out the DNC is only wearing the mask of helping the people while their propaganda streams of BS such as Russiagate are proven to be fabricated. Both parties are controlled by the oligarchs.

Now people are out of work due to a pandemic, but the government is very slow at getting them unemployment benefits, is stingy with with their stimulus money to the people, but not so stingy to the corporations just like the bailouts under Obama. Those on SSI which are very small checks are just now getting their stimulus checks. This is not regular Social Security or Disability, it's for those who have not paid into the system, many have health issues, never having been able to work. Their checks are generally very low amounts. Those who have the least are last. People who haven't been able to pay their rent will never get caught up as every month there is no extra money and many have already been evicted. The Republicans are trying to stop the second round of stimulus payments which are lower than needed of course while the so called progressive Democrats say little and those who put up an act that they were radical left wing remain pretty much silent. Not so left, but so Democrat which is not left. 

People were barely making it as it was before the pandemic and  having a hard time keeping a roof over their heads if any kind of emergency happened which would make them homeless. Little actions have been taken for decades to help people with wages or benefits to prevent homelessness by the leadership of this country. 

The homeless in the United States rather than helped to get housing have been forced into crowded unhealthy and abusive homeless shelters. Apparently FEMA designed these shelters for maximum transmission of viruses and constant trauma. Then people wonder why many live in vehicles and tents. Low income housing was destroyed and none built to replace it over decades while politicians said nothing, did nothing. This has cut many lives short, caused people to be tortured for years resulting in massive trauma, then the symptoms are used to declare the homeless mentally ill. No, they were fine when they arrived into homelessness for the most part, just poor. The problem with homelessness is no home, not all these other false reasons they redirect the public to. Tortured traumatized people will behave like they have PTSD, they know that, they use that intentionally while they keep piling trauma after trauma on the homeless. They have their little bullshit meetings to plan this. 

The conditions in the housing I finally got after being homeless were so bad I live in a car. It includes organized harassment, a drug ring and several agencies who were complicit in creating the problems there. It seems there will be no solution for homelessness, just more homelessness. I was already traumatized and they did what they could to try and destroy me. That is a very sick city, county, state and federal government. 

They are creating massive unrest. Ask who that benefits. There will of course be massive violence and crimes, I already experience them in Boise Idaho where harassment is legal and even stalking which is illegal is condoned.

What Keeps Mankind Alive?
Music by Kurt Weill and lyrics by Bertold Brecht 

You gentlemen who think you have a mission
To purge us of the seven deadly sins
Should first sort out the basic food position
Then start your preaching, that’s where it begins

You lot who preach restraint and watch your waist as well
Should learn, for once, the way the world is run
However much you twist or whatever lies that you tell
Food is the first thing, morals follow on

So first make sure that those who are now starving
Get proper helpings when we all start carving
What keeps mankind alive?

What keeps mankind alive?
The fact that millions are daily tortured
Stifled, punished, silenced and oppressed
Mankind can keep alive thanks to its brilliance
In keeping its humanity repressed
And for once you must try not to shriek the facts
Mankind is kept alive by bestial acts


Another Shawn Christy Post Not Published From September of 2018. The Mockingbird News Media Attack on the First Amendment During Shawn Christy's Second Run Orchestrated by FBI/USMS/DOJ

There was some editing and addition of some links to this post written in September of 2018. Much organized harassment went on back then to prevent me from being able to produce much material. I started many articles and massive harassment was begun to prevent sleeping and cause migraines.

I stole this.
The lesson of Shawn Christy's story is there are many people in his situation who get set up and don't get justice. There are many people who have law enforcement and government contractors set upon them to destroy their lives for many reasons. In Shawn's case it was a person with political power and then corrupt law enforcement and officials. We tell our stories and get no help from the agencies that should be protecting us because they are involved in it. We are all labeled as crazy including whistleblowers retired from CIA, FBI, NSA and other agencies to those who have a corporation angry at them, or who were a whistleblower, a real journalist, an activist or have pissed off  powerful person or a group of corrupt criminals from drug dealers to political mafia types. There is no Bill of Rights or Constitution for those who are targeted for government harassment and their goal is our death, mostly slowly.

I made this one.
On many nights things got insane. Shawn Christy was reported to have been seen in more than one place sometimes in two different states in a short period of time or at the same time. It's been a random sighting whirlwind. I'm skeptical about all of the sightings, there are two reasons for that. First the US Marshals have done everything they could to instill fear into the public so people are seeing Shawn everywhere thinking he is dangerous, he has not hurt anyone. The second reason is with gangstalking tactics they send people to walk by who look like someone else and have them dress like that person. It is generally done to freak the target out, but in this case it could be done to create fear  and confusion. Fear is their main tool for manipulating the population.

When I went out to ride my bicycle a few days ago Boise Police showed up which happens often. Guess they thought I had him in my backpack. The Boise Police Department does nothing about harassment and crimes where I live, but they have plenty time to harass me and gaslighting is their specialty.

In one place they will say Shawn has a trimmed beard, in another a bushy beard and in yet another he is clean shaven. I don't believe any of them until there is some evidence presented.

He broke into Skipper Dippers on the 26th in PA, then the next night someone reported he was in their dumpster and when the employee took out the garbage he ran away. Then the place was reported as crawling with cops. Sigh. Shawn reported that was not him in the dumpster.

It's been nearly impossible to keep up with all the information. The point is it's nuts and most of it is from the US Marshals jacking up the threat signaling to blow the story all out of proportion. Many people have threatened Donald Trump, how many have even been investigated? There are lots who are threatening Shawn Christy and have been for years, how many of them have been charged with terroristic threats? Today we had a so called war hero threaten him and and nurses, it has been a really strange ride, some of them post pictures of the weapons they want to use to murder Shawn on FB. 

The DOJ read some of my posts. They and other agencies along with security contractors suddenly began reading my blog in 2015. At first I thought they were interested in the problems written about in the posts. Nope, they were doing surveillance on me. What I now know is US Marshals ran me out of Alaska. There are many connections to Shawn's case but there are other issues like their interest in my suitcase and the files in the bottom that were stolen by sociopaths running a homeless shelter in Boise.

Hey, DOJ shouldn't all defendants be given discovery? If they were less convictions would happen, Oh wait I forgot that is what they want. 

The noise campaigns aimed at me in the dangerous place where I live over several days got much worse. This is clearly connected to Shawn's case. They are trying to disrupt me. The person above me did lots of noise campaigns, people outside did everything they could to make noise there were car alarms going off throughout the day over two days. When I went to the grocery store, walking, a car alarm went off three times as I entered the store parking lot and then when I came back to this property one went off four times, this is a very common example of their juvenile behavior. That is how you know it is gangstalking, if it happened at the store randomly it does not coincide exactly when you leave nor does it happen upon your entering another property. The bastards are often outside making lots of noise until all hours. There is absolutely no security here, but plenty of lies about it. There are several security guard companies, but no security.

I said years ago they were trying to make Shawn into a shooter and they were. Most of the young men in his situation were caused to suicide which is what most of the shootings really are, murder/suicides. Shawn instead of being pushed into that situation through years of harassment and manipulation and provoking him to anger went another route. This shows his true character. He simply said when set up for a false crime, no I will not go to the hearing if they will not supply the discovery rather than the altered video and arrest Mayor Holly and Officer Lahovski for the crimes they committed against him. that was the first run. Then the second one, the one publicized and used by the FBI/USMS/DOJ for a public spectacle was triggered by his public defender lying to him so he did not go to a hearing. That triggered the whole process due to a warrant being issued.

He developed the skills to evade and survive and that is what he is doing. A war was waged against him, he has not hurt anyone. yet they are making the public afraid and to believe he is like a serial killer. They say he allegedly steals food and has stolen vehicles. The vehicle thefts began when there was the threatening crap going on before Trump came to PA. He had to get out of the area. The death threats have continued.

The latest war against the group of people supporting Shawn Christy and working to get the truth out is a news media report against our memes. I made one a while back while the Shawn Christy Political Prisoner FB group was still pretty small. We need to lighten things up. The stress is killing everyone. Imagine waiting for a couple months on edge terrified that FBI, US Marshals or some hyped up local cop will shoot your son. The Christys were not sleeping, Craig was having seizures and G.I. bleeding. I had a G. I. bleed from the stress and having to take Ibuprofen for massive migraines mostly from the problems where I live, paint, glue without any notice while being chemically sensitive, then I had an eye bleed. There is also cigarette and pot smoke in very high levels which can contribute to bleeding. Idaho Finance Housing Corporation is coming for an inspection in a couple weeks, so it has decreased. They are cleaning and other things to cover up the smell. They'll do the inspection and the massive pot and cigarette smoke will resume. Lots of the gangstalkers who have been placed in empty apartments or stay in an occupied one during the day and then go home at night are gone, they will come back too. The Idaho Finance will gaslight me when I call them again. just like all the other corrupt agencies involved and most certainly the Boise Police Department.

WBRE in Pennsylvania did a hit piece on the memes, through  Andy Malhalschik. They lied to Craig in order to get an interview. I called a guy in the newsroom to complain because they used one I created. He lied his ass off. They made videos about the memes which were at first altered and then disappeared. Even the pictures of them which went with the article below are gone. Cowards.

I-Team: Social Media and Shawn Christy

September 1st 2018

In this article Malhalschick is tone deaf that memes are one of the main communication methods of younger people. He tries to make it look as if memes are totally about comedy, no. They are used for very serious or sad messages or satire as well. Malhalschick needs to look around the world of communication and catch a clue.
There were two articles written by the utterly clueless mockingbird news media about our memes. They were told the story began a decade before and if they they don't want to believe the Christys they could do some research. Oh, but that would be way too hard for them and would not help them sway public opinion for the corrupt FBI/USMS/DOJ. They are corrupt but that has been covered up by the corrupt news media.

They went on attack against our memes most likely due to requests from the FBI/USMS/DOJ. Notice they were published within just a couple days of each other. 

 Here is the other one.

Our View: Christy manhunt revealing plenty about us

September 3rd 2018

"...a few trends seem to be emerging.
First, and most obvious, is that the McAdoo man keeps getting away even though he’s been spotted multiple times."

Did  you ask yourself why that might be? Why with all the FBI, USMS and police departments looking for Shawn Christy, all the cameras everywhere, the geolocation capabilities in this country so they can see a spot on the ass of an ant from space they could not find Shawn Christy? Ever wonder why the security just happened to be off at businesses where Shawn went or the keys to vehicles were easy to find and in one business why a gun had been left laying around?  What was up with those odd vehicles that would be easy to find and probably had GPS, but law enforcement couldn't . Very odd.

"Some people have actually started to root for this guy..."

People were rooting for Shawn before this run because we knew the story, it is a decade long but one would not expect anyone associated with news media to do anything other than support the narrative they are given by the government.

You mentioned a false story, this never happened, do you ever used any facts or evidence? "Christy was spotted for a second time at an ice cream shop in Schuylkill County..."  

"The interview delves deep into an alleged conspiracy the Christys believe has ensnared their son, which they say began when he contacted Palin’s office in 2008 and then started receiving strange text messages."

Those weren't just strange messages, they were sexting from Sarah Palin's account. Then things got ugly due to the attempts at cover up. I found out about that in 2009.

This is an old post about what went on years ago.

Shawn Christy’s Psych Eval Was Done on July 3rd 2009, the Day Sarah Palin Resigned. HELLO ! Sexting With a 17 Year Old !


The idiot who wrote this opinion piece then goes on to discuss how some people harbor "disdain for police." Eventually there will be revelations that some of us already know about regarding the underhanded, criminal activities of FBI/DOJ and other law enforcement agencies. This author is an ill informed corporate shill for the government. The police have been altered into something other than those who protect and serve in many communities. For those who are targeted by the FBI's cointelpro gangstalking program which is actually a connected operation of many agencies the police are used to stalk and harass us. He will eventually find out about that, I hope he will retire from news media at that time. 


He then goes on to say the reason people support Shawn Christy is secondary to the seeking of entertainment on the internet. I supported Shawn since 2009, the meme craze had not begun then, but truth seeking had.


"U.S. Marshals and police have to get lucky only once." 


If they were truly unable to find him with so much obvious evidence the author is clueless about just how incompetent law enforcement would have to be.  No, they are orchestrating the run. 


Post Began in 2018: Discussion of the Massive Gangstalking in Boise Idaho at That Time

I began writing this on July 9th of 2018, about a month after Shawn Christy's 3 month run began. Most of it is as it was with a couple lines added and 2 videos.

On July 2nd Craig Christy posted on FB about going to look for his son Shawn who after a decade of being harassed and set up has had it after being assaulted, being given an altered video of the altercation and then being charged with assault himself. He made some threats on line and then disappeared and a manhunt ensued. There seems to be some inability to track on the part of the local police, US Marshals, Secret Service and FBI in Pennsylvania, but here in Boise I am stalked often, everywhere I go the army of weaponized morons show up or police or firetrucks, ambulances, Ada County Highway Department and on and on. Our government agencies can't function to do what they should, but massive amounts of resources are being poured into doing surveillance and cointelpro stalking/harassment activities against innocent citizens. This is incompetence caused by corruption at law enforcement agencies, in Congress and the Senate, with state legislators and local governments. There are two sides as we are seeing developing in many agencies and some of the people are good people, but they are controlled by those with evil intentions now that our country has been fully captured by psychopaths.

Craig's tracking actions showed Shawn Christy was still not only in Pennsylvania, but also very close to his parent's home.

Apparently I have not just been suspected of doing laundry while homeless and felonious folding (BPD came in for harassment while I did laundry at a laundromat), but also some kind of felonious grocery shopping crimes, perhaps it is a violation against corporations which sell unhealthy food since I do my best to purchase the healthy kind.

There had been some indication that they thought he might be in Idaho considering what was going on with cops showing up wherever I went, not that this police harassment did not go on already and continues. When Shawn came to their home and told Craig and Karen where he had been, refused to turn himself in due to being very angry about what he has been through for about a decade and his request to be provided with the proper discovery before a trial started not being met he disclosed that he was shopping at a dollar store in the area. I decided to help the US Marshals with their investigation.

Bicycle cops, community policing brownshirts in carts or as I call them, old farts in carts pretending to be cops tend to show up when I go by, in fact that happened just today when I rode my bike to the end of a part of the Greenbelt Trail I did not know well. I was hoping for shade but instead found out it went to a store I had been wanting to go. Then I ended up riding too far and getting too hot, not good for my ME/cfs and what I wanted to do was look at cars in used car lots, it was a waste of time, they had nothing that would work.

That was the nefarious activity I was engaged in, looking for a car to live in due to the horrible conditions I have had to live in at the Civic Plaza Apartments in Boise Idaho, being gangstalked around the clock by the army of weaponized morons. It has gotten better since I have become very outspoken about it, but still the weaponized morons engage in some typical gangstalking activities and so do employees of government agencies in the vicinity of the apartments.

Most of the participants in the community policing do not understand the whole program, they just do their own compartmentalized assignments. Many of them are good people trying to help their community. I am also not saying I think having people watch what is going on with this very extensive trail system is not a good idea, it is. What I am expressing is it is clear I am being targeted while not doing anything wrong, just riding my bicycle or walking. This system is used to target people in a way that looks normal to others. How would they like to be treated this way?


Here is one from May, it goes on all the time. Most people see these guys on a rare occasion. I see them a lot and also other carts going by me. They will even stop and wait for me, then pull out as I go by. That is a tactic often used by gangstalkers, enter/exit or exit/enter.

The security patrol at BSU which is probably a part of the Boise Police Department shows up and parks their vehicle backwards with the front aimed towards the bike trail as I am approaching. There is nothing to see, just a woman riding a bicycle, it is harassment. There are vehicles which show up and stalk me, they have started taking their license plates off their cars, if they are doing the right thing why be so cowardly, but they are violating my rights and certainly harassing and stalking me which is illegal. I have also had this go on while walking down streets in Boise. Moronic and cowardly are not a good combination, these people are dangerous and the state police and Boise Police Department have unleashed them upon innocent citizens in a reign of terror stalking. There are also at least two security contractors involved in the gangstalking against me. There are about 10,000 security contractors now in the United States making massive amounts of money. We estimate it probably takes at least one million dollars to gangstalk someone for  year. That $21 Trillion the DOD says they can't find was actually spent, yes they are involved in this, it is a network on every level of government and includes corporations and other countries. Some of these contractors are also getting huge money for incarcerating children taken from their immigrant parents and held in concentration like situations much like the FEMA designed homeless shelters in the United States.

One day I stopped and asked these two bicycle cops if they had seen the US Marshals and they said they don't hang out with them. You can tell what they are thinking by their expressions.

One day they rode by me when I had already seen two motorcycle cops that had gotten behind me on the greenbelt trail who were either doing an investigation or LARPing that they were, so when I saw this sight too was not in a good mood. They turn up often, especially if something is going on the powers that be don't like, such as me telling the truth or going to some mtg they want me to stay away from. The guy smiling in the picture above said something and was clearly laughing, but I could not hear him. Normally I enjoy such things but I was surrounded by too many cops to feel jolly.

They didn't say these things, but BPD has treated me like I'm crazy over and over. They should know telling the truth does not make one crazy and neither does being intelligent or a dissident. 

BPD often accuses targeted individuals of being crazy, our phone calls are diverted, they do not allow us to file police reports about the stalking and harassment. I filed a complaint with Police Oversight and they did not process it, just lied that they would. Then when I filed a public records request the clerk said she had no case by the number I gave her. I said, that is because they put all complaints filed by targeted individuals in files and never process them. Even if someone was crazy which I am certainly not they could have a crime committed against them and not allowing someone to file a police report is a violation of their rights. This is done to many who are targeted not just all over the United States but all over the world. The first time in my life the police did not allow me to file a police report was in the 1970s after a gang rape in San Francisco which happened at the home of the son of a prominent man.

Same day, these two police officers just happened to get right behind me on the greenbelt trail on their motorcycles. The tell is out of all the people that were there they got behind ME. At first I was thinking, what are these people doing riding motorcycles on this trail, that is not allowed. Then I realized it was cops. 

Investigating or LARPING?

 Sometimes I get surprise wildlife screen shots from the body camera While riding my bike.

I wear a body camera to catch the gangstalking street theater which is done very quickly often as the target goes out a door, enters or exits an elevator, I arrive at an intersection, etc., but I also can get screen shots of non-gangstalking. Sometimes the body camera is aimed wrong and misses a whole operation. There are more than one reasons to wear the body camera, one of them is to collect evidence due to targets being treated like they are crazy when reporting the operations. I have been able to project my hallucinations onto video over and over. They know I wear a camera so many of the gangstalkers have backed off. They are able to find some new morons with sociopathic traits to take their places. I sing songs to them as I go by such as, 'There's a camera on my bike dumbass.'

The same day this story popped up I had gone to a couple stores and then walked to a coffee shop. I generally have my body camera on at all times but nothing was going on so I left it off. It was on in the store as I have been assaulted there by a gangstalker with a shopping cart. I keep hoping that scumbag will repeat that crime so I can get a video of it. A military vehicle with a large red star went by and a couple other odd things as I walked away from that store. Then I stopped to get something to eat and the Garden City Police showed up. Upon walking to the coffee shop next door to the restaurant I discovered three vehicles with no license plates, this defies probabilities by a large margin. There were also unusual license plates which are often used for gangstalking operations. I have accumulated lots of  video footage about the license plates which have been being removed since I started following the stalking vehicles associated with the greenbelt trail to record their license plates. Cowards abound.

I don't know if there was some legitimate reason for these vehicles or they were searching for Shawn Christy. There is also a connection to Pennsylvania from an employee at a storage facility who was involved in the gangstalking against me.  He claims to be in the military but his boss doesn't know which branch. He kept his Pennsylvania license plate.

Here is a video of part of the smear campaign he participated in against me. He also did gangstalking tactics inside the building that included going into my unit to do the usual things done to all targets, cause leaks on a massive scale that includes into my unit after manipulating me into a particular one. He always had these guys hanging around all day and did not do a great deal of his work. That work was not the primary reason he was there.


Written in 2018, Never Published Until Now. Fire Alarms at 3:06 AM and 5:11 AM at the Civic Plaza Apartments Designed for Gangstalking in Boise Idaho

It has been hellacious living at the Civic Plaza Apartments in Boise Idaho for many reasons. Here I discuss one of them. I am sad today partly due to the state of this country and the corruption in the courts and law enforcement agencies. Another factor is the abuse of the poor in this country by the government and the corporations. I am also very tired of the war being waged against good people by evil ones.

The fire alarms have apparently been a problem here for years. When I first moved in they went off very often either at night or very early in the morning. This often happened the day before I was going to a meeting city hall did not want me to attend. The Continuum of Care meeting is about managing homelessness. I was homeless and here in Boise the system is quite ugly and the police are very abusive to homeless people. I wanted to give input, there are many people who do not get their needs met without the ability to speak up, I can and do. This is probably one reason why the gangstalking is so bad against me in Boise.

It is a common tactic all over the United States to trigger fire alarms against alternative journalists, whistelblowers, etc. They do it by pulling them, having someone burn some food to cause smoke or by running vehicles under the smoke detectors in parking garages under the apartment (the design here). It has been reported by many. The fire alarms got better for a while and since the stabbing murder the gangstalking has decreased but it continues. More on that in the future.

I live in a one bedroom apartment. Considering what goes on I stopped getting things for this apartment early on. Due to the bedbugs and other problems I sleep on the floor. This allows me to wash all bedding and put it in the drier if I get bit by a bedbug one time. If the first one is killed before eggs are hatched they are gone and the drier kills the eggs. I have not used my bedroom since right after moving in. The person below me does something that causes a loud boom and it shakes the building, this would go on throughout the night and was louder in the bedroom. The person upstairs would slam things around, run into the bedroom, jump up into the air and slam down on the floor and more. The noise campaigns upstairs included rolling something all around the apartment that made lots of noise for up to two hours at a time, slamming cupboards and drawers in the kitchen and bathroom, slamming things on counter tops, flushing the toilet over and over if I went in the bathroom, etc. The upstairs noise campaign was even coordinated with a noise campaign in the St. Luke's Trailer Park on my side of the building done by a man who gangstalked me for at least two years with his wife or girlfriend. They began exactly at midnight one time, both of them simultaneously.

I'm paying for a one bedroom apartment but have not been in the bedroom for months. Bedbugs are attracted to the CO2 we exhale, the barrier has stopped the infestations. I stuff paper towels under the door. When I moved to the floor in the living room there were construction campaigns around my apartment and loud music started to be played below me along with exacerbation of the upstairs noise. I am paying for a one bedroom apartment but have to live in a studio apartment situation. They recently raised the rent because it's America where low income people are treated like garbage and the government does nothing about the skyrocketing rents that will leave more homeless.

I was up since 2 AM and began coughing due to my nose running heavily from some kind of smell. People open their windows and smoke all kinds of things. I have gotten high from the marijuana and that pisses me off. If my window is open it comes in this apartment. I put the empty tissue boxes close to the door so I could go to the store for more and also cough drops and take the garbage out upon returning. Out in the hallway the lights were still flashing from the fire alarm three hours later. I decided to not go out. This was a few minutes after 5 AM.

As soon as I got back into the apartment the fire alarm went off again at 5:11 AM. There had been a repair type truck parked in the back drive which is from the fire alarm company, so it seems there is an issue this time with the alarm system. It has been hours and they are still there. It has never been possible living here to chose when I want to sleep or what is healthy for me. A great deal of the time I had to sleep during the day due to the noise campaigns and weaponized fire alarms. When switching my sleep back from day to night there are horrible migraines to suffer through. I try like hell to do the right things for my health, but everything is done to destroy my health.

This is just one of many problems. Trying to live in this mess is a horror story and then they raise the rent. My post written after the 11% rent raise is here.

After a few days in which time I found out many people had complained about the issues here over a long period of time I received a notice, just left on my door. The rent raise was decreased, to $712 in stead of $733, but a $47 rent raise is a lot of money for low income people. It is hard to make it through the month as it is. That is $564 in  a year. I prefer to have a place to live, would like an organic garden and a bicycle for transportation, no vehicle as one of the gangstalking tactics is to cause accidents in an attempt to maim or kill the target. I am now looking for a vehicle to live in.

Why is running the homeless out of apartments due to them being very unhealthy, abusive, dangerous on many levels and rent raises being allowed? Considering the abuse I received while homeless and the massive gangstalking that has gone on both while homeless and now while sheltered I understand the effort to supposedly help the homeless is BS. This week end it is likely another couple or family will bring out furniture to leave by the dumpster and throw away many of their possessions to live in a car or go to a homeless shelter. If people wonder why some people just stay homeless this is it, having these stressful and demoralizing situations over and over is the cause.

Were these two fire alarms due to my efforts to help friends whose son has been targeted by the government for about a decade since he was seventeen? Did someone sabotage the system, we have seen this kind of thing before and much more. Was it at the orders of Sarah Palin?

Visitor tracking from my blog Frozen Justice:


Below are the two blog posts they the DOJ was looking at.  


The FBI, US Marshals and Police Who Did Destruction on the Christy's Home Have Caused the Death of Shawn Christy's 18 Year Old Cat, This Is a Familiar Story to Me


Shawn Christy’s Psych Eval Was Done on July 3rd 2009, the Day Sarah Palin Resigned. HELLO ! Sexting With a 17 Year Old !