Deaths of Two Young People At the Alaska Department of Corrections, People Knew It Was Unsafe, I Risked My Safety to Tell Them

"Cruelty is a kind of cowardice. Cruel laughter is the way cowards cry when they are not alone, and causing pain is how they grieve." Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts.

I am much more ill than usual due to stress, under attack for retaliation purposes and having to fight back which means I have limited energy and some of it needs to be used for grocery shopping today.  Expect crappy editing. I will fight back until I collapse because I am on my own in a very corrupt state. These stories however must be addressed.

I was very upset to read about 24 year old, Davon Mosley dying at the Anchorage Jail and I knew the Department of Corrections would orchestrate their usual cover up and lies. His family says he had bipolar disorder and was schizophrenic. We have huge problems in the evaluation and treatment of the mentally ill in Alaska, API has more to do than the state will budget them for. But really considering Mr. Mosley’s history why was there no court action to monitor him considering he had attacked people with a machete in the past? “A mental health evaluation from API said Mosley was "stressed" but not sick enough to stay. So he left.” They only kept him for four days.

There is little help for those who have mental health problems in Alaska and those who can’t make good decisions or are a danger to themselves or others are just thrown to the wolves. Stopping meds is a normal thing that happens often with people who are psychotic and if it can’t be dealt with in a person who can become violent a mental health court needs to intervene to protect that person and the public. In Alaska they use the laissez-faire method of mental health treatment, you are on your own, but when your psychosis leads you to commit a crime we will then punish you harshly. That does not protect the mentally ill person or the public. Not too long ago the Parnell administration cut $8.3million from a mental health budget that had been dwindling for years and was pitiful before this even happened. They hate low income people and anyone with a disability here, believe me I know. If you complain they go after your Social Security and yes I have that going on right now along with huge issues where I live.

There is huge ignorance about mental health issues including among the mental health professionals. I know that is hard to believe, but believe it absolutely. The mental health professionals, nursing and medical professionals in the jails in Alaska are  incompetent with a few exceptions and they have corrections officers make medical decisions. The legislators and two governors in this state have know for many years about these problems. I have gone to considerable effort and risk to tell my own story and observations. Yes, there has been retaliation.

I am sorry this happened to the Mosley family. People don’t know Alaska is a brutal and cruel place with a very corrupt justice system because who could imagine such a thing is allowed in the United States, but it is and not just in Alaska. The Department of Corrections does not follow standard procedures even though they do write policies and have some corrections officers who bully inmates, especially those with mental health issues and they goof off acting like junior high kids. I had them threaten me and try to put me in administrative segregation for filing copouts and grievances. The grievances were disappeared. Others in the state of Alaska have known this for years and have helped the DOC gaslight me. My story is absolutely all true. There are posts all over this blog about the DOC and their Department of Probation. It was horrifying, made my PTSD significantly worse and of course I can forget even getting counseling in rural Alaska.

Last night when I read the Anchorage Daily News article about 24 year old Amanda Kernak who died at Hiland Mountain I had to go in the bathroom and throw up. My PTSD was already triggered by other issues and now is off the scale, the ME/CFS is flaring up and I am getting really sick. Apparently she had been arrested for DUI. Hiland Mountain is the women’s prison in Alaska and most of the women there are transferred from another jail or prison. She had been at Hiland Mountain for two days. I am assuming she had been incarcerated somewhere else first which means she could have been in withdrawal from alcohol for about three days which would put her in the most dangerous time period for delirium tremens when she died. D. T. causes heart arythmias and seizures which are especially a problem if the person is also on other substances. According to the article in the A.D.N. she had been having a cardiac problem of some kind. I doubt she did not tell the staff at Hiland Mountain. She should have had a consult with a cardiologist or internal medicine doctor, a 12 lead EKG at least and been on continuous cardiac monitoring if this is the case. She certainly should have been observed either by camera or eyeball continuously with frequent close checks. This by my own observations does not occur in the prisons of Alaska. Alcohol withdrawal is a very common medical problem that has good treatment which includes medication and close observation for complications. Some people need to be on cardiac and SAO2 monitoring and some have to be restrained a short time to keep them from getting hurt. There can also be issues when people are first incarcerated of alcohol poisoning and drug overdoses which can cause respiratory arrests and seizures, especially if they have something secreted on their bodies and ingest all of it to keep the staff from finding it. That is why observation and monitoring are so important.

The DOC always claims it will take a month to get the results of the autopsy and tox screen. By now in both of these cases the medical examiner knows a great deal, but they help with the cover up. This is a delay tactic so they can spin the story and let the interest die down and why wouldn’t they use this tactic as it has worked for them in the past.

Schroeder would not say whether Kernak was detoxing from alcohol in the jail. She said generally the DOC provides medically supervised withdrawal from alcohol. Inmates are sent to a hospital if they are showing signs of "severe withdrawal," she said.

I observed women having seizures in a unit that was not general population, but some kind of orientation unit who were coming off drugs and alcohol. They allowed them to just have seizures and refused to give them their usual medications. No one got their meds, they abruptly stop them and for many medications this is dangerous. They did this to me and little old ladies who needed their cardiac and blood pressure meds. I really doubt much has changed, it has probably only gotten worse. As a former RN who worked both critical care and psych and worked some in prisons I was horrified beyond belief. While going to college I worked with mentally ill legal offenders. One could wonder why I was shocked after having worked at Norton Sound Regional Hospital by the ignorance and horrible conditions, cover ups and abuse but I still am.

From a blog post that is several years old:

This unit is where I found out they withhold everyone’s medications. There were little old ladies who could not get their blood pressure medicine. No one got their psychiatric medications and then when they acted out which they could not control unmedicated they were in trouble. There were heroin addicts going cold turkey. Some of the symptoms of coming off heroin are muscles constantly contracting, vomiting, incontinent diarrhea, a feeling on the inside that they are going to jump out of their skin and severe pain. They were throwing up all over the place and having diarrhea in their pants. We even had one woman who was passing blood in her stool and they acted like she was making it up when she complained. They did not supply her with extra clothing when she had diarrhea in her pants, another inmate gave her pants to her. One little girl passed out coming back from the dinning hall. Heroin addicts have low blood pressure and with the throwing up and diarrhea they become dehydrated. She passed out shortly after getting in line, after going from a sitting position to standing. I realized what was going on and went over and lifted her legs above her head to help her perfuse her brain. She came to almost immediately. The officer came over and yelled at me to let go of her. I was doing the right thing! He then proceeded to tell her she was faking a seizure. There was no seizure activity whatsoever. She simply passed out. This particular officer was the dumbest SOB I have ever seen in my life, officer Pass. Of course what do you expect from people who get about six weeks of training. They allow them to make medical decisions about the inmates. This is unconscionable. The worse thing I saw was a woman with a seizure disorder who was refused her medication. She had at least three seizures that I knew of and his attitude was that she would probably live. Not only did she have a seizure disorder, but she had been clubbed in the head by a cop. This made it extra dangerous to withhold the drugs as she probably had a concussion. She should have had neuro checks done frequently and been seen to by a neurologist. The inmates should have medical care available at all times. There should at least be a nurse for evaluations. Someone should be checking the vital signs of a lot of the inmates. The corrections officers are not medically trained. None of them have been to medical school. Their training is just a few weeks.

The Alaska Department of Corrections and the Alaska Bureau of Investigation so far have offered no explanation for Mosley's death, saying only that there is an ongoing investigation. They have also declined to provide any details about the time he spent in the jail.

Corrections authorities will not say whether Mosley was isolated in a "segregation unit" of the jail or a special unit for mentally ill prisoners when he died. They will not say when a guard last checked on him, or whether he had suffered injuries that required medical treatment before his death. They will not say whether he was taking medication or if he had been disciplined for behavior problems.

Just like in my case, the Mosley’s know what the DOC has to say is bullshit. They know because one of them works in health care in a prison in California. She knows the regulations and the constitutional rights inmates have to health care. She knows the safety procedures for mentally ill inmates. She knows that a person in isolation is to be observed either by eyeball or camera. She knows documentation of those procedures is to be filled out accurately as they are done, not later or before they are done as cover or because they actually are not done. She also knows Davon would most likely not be dead if he had been observed.

The M.E. office is claiming a G.I. bleed. What would cause a sudden bleed like this in a man of 24 20? The family claims he was physically healthy and even if he did have a risk factor for G.I. bleed he most likely would have had symptoms before a crisis of bleeding and he would have complained about it. Stress can cause G. I. bleeds as well as some medications. Did they ignore him and tell him he was imagining things when he complained? Did he ask to fill out a copout over and over and over, was he abused for asking? If they had put him on Librium and those who have been at A.P. I. were about the only inmates that got their meds it can cause some bleeding issues. He has a long history of taking Librium, but the extra stress added on top of the med could cause more of a tendency to bleed. That is why those on psychiatric meds should have regular evaluations and staff working with them should be trained to watch for side effects of their medications as well as look out for overheating and other issues that can harm them. The attitude at the DOC is everyone is a scumbag, every inmate is lying, manipulating and seeking attention, so they just gaslight and ignore all complaints. They also do not want to pay for basic health care so let corrections officers who have no training as health care professionals evaluate medical complaints. I doubt the G. I . bleed story, but don’t have all the information and never will. Davon according to the ADN article told a family member he was not getting his Libriun in jail and that is SOP.  I am speculating, but it is speculation born of experience.

When the family observed Davon’s body at the funeral home they noticed signs that lead the father to say, “He looks beat up.” They took pictures and have hired someone to do a second autopsy.

Lorriane Mosley works as a certified nursing assistant in a California prison, she said. She knows the regulations governing the medical care of inmates and the monitoring of incarcerated people who suffer from mental illness -- because that's her job."It does not add up," Lorraine Mosley said, standing in the parking lot of the Anchorage medical examiner's office."If they were watching him, why would he be dead?" Bruce Mosley asked.

They don't follow those regulations here in Alaska and I have been YELLING about it for years. It was clear there was the usual cover up going on. They always say the same things, it will take a month to get the autopsy and tox screen back. I called wanting to know why information in another case had not been released and they said it was due to privacy issues. Yes they did and then I called the ACLU and they repeated this using the same exact words of the DOC staff. All death certificates are public information. The DOC refused my FOIA request illegally in that case. Yea, everything in Alaska is corrupt. They also always claim there in no foul play expected immediately with every death and the uninformed of Alaska buy the story.

The DOC is using the same lies after all these years:

The Alaska Bureau of Investigation did not release basic information about the death until after a reporter called about it on Monday, five days after Kernak's body was found.
A department spokeswoman blamed the delay on an "archaic" computer system. 
A news release -- standard for most in-custody deaths -- was supposed to be posted Saturday, said Megan Peters, a spokeswoman for the Department of Public Safety, which oversees the Alaska Bureau of Investigation.
"It looks like they tried to send it and it didn't go through," she said. "It's not like we were trying to hide anything. They actually tried to send it."

Read more here: http://www.adn.com/2014/04/14/3425394/inmate-found-dead-at-hiland-mountain.html?sp=/99/100/&ihp=1#storylink=cpy
They made a similar claim at Hiland Mountain when a public defender sent me emails they prevented me from getting. They claimed their system was not working right. No. This is very likely a lie. Who believes they did not notice such a computer problem for several days? Please always remember the FBI in Alaska is just as corrupt as the state agencies.

They also illegally read mail, especially if they think the inmate may be writing about the abuses in the prison. I had my emails held intentionally(inmates can only get them from lawyers) which had been sent by a public defender(only to tell me she was no longer my attorney) and then they made up lies to try and cover for what they did. I believe the plan was to throw them away until it was pointed out to them they had been sent. They had also at times prevented me from making phone calls.

 What happened between the time Mosley entered the jail on March 16, according to Department of Corrections records, and his death less than three weeks later is foggy.
Vernesia Gordon says she spoke to him daily until March 23.
"After that I never spoke with Davon again," she said. 

What happened that prevented her from talking to Davon on the phone for three weeks?

I am already receiving retaliation right now for exposing some other issues, what will come next?

Here are just three of my posts about my experience with the Department of Corrections in Alaska. The problems have been known about for many years. 



 My Letter to Sarah Palin (part 1)


My Experiences With The Alaska Department Of Probation: Part One

So distraught and horrified that nothing was done by the DOJ to make them do what they are supposed to at the DOC. I am just one person with health problems, limited resources and very limited energy that they made worse who spoke up, but nothing changed. The only thing that surprises me is that more people don't die in the prisons here. We know of these two cases because the families have come forward with the stories. Many who have mental illness or are incarcerated have no one to report their death to the news media, so I wonder if there are more unreported deaths. 





Manipulating the Judge Pickers in Alaska Harms Those Seeking Justice

A bill that would amend the constitution of Alaska to allow the governor to appoint three more people to the Judicial Counsel is pending a vote in the state senate. No not one of them would be a legal professional because they want radical right wing Christianists that will fulfill the agenda of the gov-nuh. Then the public would have to vote an approval, but hey this is Alaska the dumbest thing possible could happen after all Sarah Palin was our governor and now Sean Parnell is. We don’t need more crazy picking our judges, we need more sanity to pick judges that facilitate the justice so many of us thirst for. We cry for a voice, we are ignored, never heard and when we speak up we are bullied. I am desperate for some justice, apparently it can't be found in Alaska unless one is a corporation or one of the wealthy elite. And don't those special people get a voice and and a huge helping of mercy. We have enough corruption and bias in our courts and injustice a-plenty that needs to be cleared up while those who caused it will do everything they can to stop the truth about the lack of due process or malfeasance from coming to light.

A while back I wrote this post about adding some crazy to the Alaska Judicial Council. Here is the link:
 Hollywood Dave Parker Has Been Appointed To the Alaska Judicial Council
The Judicial Council in Alaska is already stocked up with crazy and now they want to add some more crazy to it so they can get judges who make sure the two tier court system is even more slanted towards the power elite of Alaska and corporations, especially those corporations that deal in the oil business. In the case of Dave Parker there was also some destruction of evidence and other unethical behaviors, the reward for that is an appointment by the guv-nah.. They also want to get crazy bills based on a radical form of Christianity passed in order to control vaginas, uteruses and marriages they don’t approve of.

Just like workplace bullying changes the workplace so the work at hand is not done and instead the agenda of the bully is done in place of the actual work these reprobates mascerading as competent servants of the people trying to pass this steaming pile of a bill are not doing our work as they have been elected to do. No, they have other masters.There are large numbers of us who did not get due process in the courts of Alaska. We have to fight by ourselves as we can’t afford a legal team. We are bullied and retaliated against in Alaska and spend years trying to get justice, while living on a low income and carrying social stigmas that allow us to be harmed more. I may spend all of whatever is left of my life doing so because they do not want my story told. I never thought the courts in this state could be worse for those who have no power or money, but yes they can.

They also pick “The public defender” which must mean the director and in a two tier system of justice you certainly want only those who do whatever the Department of Lawlessness tells them to do while working for “justice” for those ungrateful “indigents.” As retired Judge Ben Ex Parte Esch said to me in court, “Indigents don’t get to chose their attorney”, I was complaining about a severe alcoholic and bullying public pretender that day, but I was the problem for him, not her. Almost all the players in my judicial lynching and wrongful imprisonment were given promotions and in the case of one public pretender who conspired to have me wrongfully imprisoned she received a position as magistrate. But wait there’s more a state trooper involved was promoted,  and the Assistant District Attorney was promoted to District Attorney while the judge then served as chairperson on the Judicial Committee. In Alaska corruption is rewarded while righteousness is feared and attacked. Isn’t it swell?

Really all you need to know about his bill is this from the ADN article:

Jim Minnery of Alaska Family Action said in a blog post that the amendment "would fundamentally transform the Council from a panel dominated by legal elites into a panel dominated by non-attorney citizens."
The Senate bill, Senate Joint Resolution 21, was introduced by Sen. Pete Kelly, R-Fairbanks, and is co-sponsored by Sens. Cathy Giessel and Lesil McGuire, R-Anchorage, and Mike Dunleavy, R-Wasilla. The House
Court's in session.
measure, House Joint Resolution 33, emerged as a Judiciary Committee bill, where it was supported by Judiciary Chairman Wes Keller, R-Wasilla, and Vice Chairman Bob Lynn, R-Anchorage.

It’s all radical Rs all the time in crazy-ville with some Jim Minnery added for extra special crazy effect. Those damned “legal elites”, I mean who the hell do they think they are going to college and
getting a law degree, what the hell makes them think they know more about the courts and the legal system than a Wasilla hillbilly. It's no wonder some people have court at Dennys instead of the Alaska Court System.


Yesterday Was a Sad and Traumatic Day, Please Listen to Chris Hedge’s Speech for Some Refreshing Truth

I just had a huge war trying to get this video on this blog post. I would place it in HTML and then it would disappear, poof. This happened over and over. So, in case they remove it go to this link for Chris Hedge's speech. 

Today was difficult for all of us. Here at the USDA corporate owned public housing I live in where assholery reigns supreme I noticed an inspection and went out to speechify to someone who turned out to represent the owners, VITUS.  That was enough bullshit for me for one day, but hey, they will never be able to say they did not know.

Then I was hit by the horrendous decision from the corporate owned SCOTUS in McCutcheon which caused me to just burst into tears.

By John Nichols on The Nation and Commondreams:
What world are the five conservative Supreme Court justices living in?” asked US Senator Bernie Sanders, I-Vermont. “To equate the ability of billionaires to buy elections with ‘freedom of speech’ is totally absurd. The Supreme Court is paving the way toward an oligarchic form of society in which a handful of billionaires like the Koch brothers and Sheldon Adelson will control our political process.

To a large extent that is already happening. These 1%ers are far right conservatives who want more money and power. For decades we have been manipulated unknowingly and it is still happening with those who have not become conscious, especially the right wing. Their prejudices have been used to manipulate them, their lack of knowledge has been filled with misinformation and they have been directed to join groups created by the oligarchy that propagandize them. Some of the often repeated obviously false or insane phrases such as Obama is a Muslim or was born in Kenya come from these groups.

Rather than do a bit of research and find out the real problems with the Obama administration they instead just read short amounts of drivel to regurgitate based on racism and their own self interests. We are still fighting racism and for women’s rights in 2014 and have lost ground, it’s so hard to fathom. The color of Obama’s skin does not matter, neither does his religion. What is paramount are the decisions he and his staff have made, his interference in the justice system, his list of people to kill with his drones including US citizens, his continuation of the wars on terrorism and drugs, his attack on whistleblowers, the severe decrease in privacy and civil rights during his regime, the spying on citizens all over the world including high officials and then there are his lies that we should be talking about, not bullshit. Here is some hope, but wait I was just kidding let me pull the rug out from under you. No he did not do this himself, he is just the denouement of decades of manipulation and planning. In some ways he is worse than GWB and in some ways GWB was worse than Obama, then there is the issue of the dysfunctional legislators. This dysfunction is by design of the oligarchy as one tactic to destroy our country. The third branch of our government, SCOTUS is of course owned by the plutocracy (5-4) and will not be protecting the Constitution, instead they have manipulated for the wealthy. We are on our own.

The people on the right have elected legislators who are hateful, obstructive, confused about the facts and some seem to have mental health issues. They were funded by the 1% and just wait, most of the money is going to fund Republican candidates after McCutcheon, that was the plan. The country will completely destruct. This is the culmination of decades of planning by not just the 1%, but also the dominionists. The dominionists have been co-opted by the 1% to divert attention from their own actions, remove some of our civil rights and of course  to add spectacle.

Now the 1% can own our country with little effort, the sky is the limit for them. We have not lived in a democracy for a long time, it is a plutocracy.
Chris Hedges gave one of his best speeches on this plutocracy we now live in a couple days ago which I had listened to last night. If one must find out about the assholery of our SCOTUS in McCutcheon listening to Chris Hedges first helps make sense of the whole process of making us slaves to the 1%. It has taken decades to get here, decades where we were not conscious, but now many of us are.
 I have learned some of what he discusses such as the death of the Fourth Amendment the hardest way. Public Defenders allow judges and prosecutors to take the Fourth Amendment from particular people and do nothing. All I got was, “I have never seen this happen before” or "The judge says you don't have to be present at the hearing" when he had taken obvious actions to prevent me from going. There was no action, no communication, no filing of habeas corpus, nope just lies and defensive attacks against me at the email, phone call level. And holy crap, have I ever learned about the dysfunction of government agencies along with their corruption. It seems they are so damaged at this point they can’t be repaired. That education started for me in New Mexico under the GWB administration in 2001. Having worked in healthcare I knew about the corporations since the late 1980s. It has only gotten worse. You see it does not matter so much who the president is now.

And all those who challenge the abuses of power by the prerogative state like Snowden, who expose the crimes carried out by government are turned into criminals. Totalitarian states always invert the moral order, it is the wicked who rule and it is the just that are damned.

They get very creative and work in groups to find something, anything they can use to charge the person who speaks out against the state with a crime to get rid of them. They take other actions to harm the person and destroy them often using community bullying, government agencies, police harassment, making sure they lose their job and on and on. This is also true at the state or community level. Certainly it is absolutely true in corporations, an employee who become a whistleblower will be harmed through any means including workplace bullying. A plutocracy will have horrible workplace bullying, of course.

Then the day ended with a mass murder/suicide at Fort Hood. Yesterday in a conversation with Tony Wilkerson,  the representative for the Workplace Bullying Institute in Alaska he mentioned someone who had done the same thing. In that incident the shooter had essentially said you have taken my life and now I’m taking yours. We don’t have much information about this Soldier who did the shooting, but most of the scenarios would involve him being a previous victim of trauma and perhaps along with it a head injury, even though they may try to pain him as a monster. They have said he did not see combat, that is not necessary to cause PTSD, remember it is the psychological trauma that is much more important than physical. He drove a truck in Iraq, there certainly could have been a bombing or the discovery of people who had been blown up on the road, with even many incidents. In the military there is much bullying which is of course workplace bullying and they have much more physical and sexual assaults than in other workplaces.

Considering Lopez is a native of Puerto Rico and was in the National Guard which is apparently an Animal House of assholery who knows what happened there. There is supposed to be quite a bit of corruption associated with the Puerto Rico National Guard including a drug cartel.

From the LtC Blaylock document:

Murder, Sexual Assault, Narcotic Trafficking, and other violations are reported. It’s not that any proper investigations are performed and the results produced. But rather they are not investigated. The only actual investigations conducted are against the whistleblowers themselves. But, of course. 

Directed the creation of GMD/Puerto Rican/Colombian Drug Cartel connection.

They will also try to say no one had a clue he could go on a rampage when they did. They state they were just evaluating him for PTSD. I do not believe that. If he witnessed cruelty or had cruelty perpetrated upon him, especially if it is cumulative he will have anger that is so huge it can’t be described. If injustice was involved in increases exponentially. I know about that anger and also know that there are many people who should be very glad of who I am, the knowledge I had of PTSD and the decisions I made to prevent myself from taking actions based on that anger which BTW way is very, very justified. Those decisions may very well have been the most important ones of my life and certainly I had to fight the “health care” professionals in Nome Alaska to do the right thing. Why is it Alaska that always, always doing the right thing here requires a mountain of effort and fights with people who don’t know what the fuck they are doing who then bully you for the efforts? 

Had the military put him on their usual cocktail of massive meds? Were some of the meds known to cause homicidal and suicidal thoughts? They admit they gave him Ambien, a med that no person with PTSD should EVER be given for many reasons, in fact it is a very dangerous med that should be removed from the drug market by the FDA. That will not happen until the drug company makes most of it's profits. Was he being bullied in his workplace? Did he have a history of a head injury, was he chemically dependent, was he on addictive meds from the military?

One kind of suicide is murder/suicide which often occurs when someone feels their life is over and is really pissed along with wanting revenge. That is clearly what he did. Why? PTSD causes suicidality, one can't image what it is like without having it themselves, it is a feeling of discomfort all the time of having landed on the wrong planet, hypervigilance, looping horrible memories, lack of sleep, triggering of severe symptoms at any time, agitation, depression, decrease in personal relationships because you are no longer who you were before, lack of concentration, worsening of any other health issues and just like living in Alaska the military would of course cause constant re-trauma due to a culture of bullying and corruption along with lack of action on the part of those in charge. 

In 2009 when Major Hasan did his attempted murder/suicide I wrote about it. No, I don't jump on the bandwagon of hate, instead I use information to look at a situation. Dr. Hasan's religion is not the problem, the trauma that radicalized him is. HELLO!

Yes, president Obama it is horrifying, but very predictable. There is only so much people can take before they break and do something desperate. Common knowledge on military bases right now is violence has been escalating. PTSD is also caused by the workplace bullying tactics that go on in the military. It is horrible that soldiers are killed on an army base, but I believe the real cause is PTSD and the military putting a band-aid on victims of PTSD and sending them back to war. PTSD is a group of disabling symptoms such as inability to concentrate, extreme vigilance, and exaggerated fearfulness.
We know PTSD gets worse and worse when the trauma is inflicted over a long period of time and it is the worst when there is an element of injustice involved, I can attest to that. How awful it would feel to be a pawn in a war. Take how you feel about a false war being waged in the name of America and magnify it 1000 times. It destroys soldiers to know their actions have harmed innocent civilians. Most of them are young, Naive, and idealistic. When they realize the truth they find themselves trapped in a nightmare. I would imagine those of middle eastern descent would be even more affected.


The Sportsman Channel Left Plastic Surgery Scars of Sarah Palin in Promo Video, But Added Tanned Freckles to Photo

Jesse Griffin at Immoral Minority had this picture on a blog post today. These are from the promos of the new show. It's extra large here so we can see the arms. Notice there are no plastic surgery scars and she is just as freckly as she can be in the arms. I had already anal-ized some pictures of this session and found scars from removal of extra skin due to weight loss on her arms.

Here is a closer view of her arms in the above picture.
Do you see any scars? I don't. Her arms are tanned and her hands are pale. Some of the differences could be lighting, but these are supposed to be professional camera people taking these pictures and freckles are not created from lighting tricks.

Take a look at her arms in this picture, do you see any freckles? Take notice of the scars on her upper arms.

Here is a close up. These are obvious incisions from surgery. I know my nursey-ness is showing and I don't think getting plastic surgery is a evil thing to do, but we are talking major overhaul here. With Sara the grift-o-matic everything is faked, hair, breastages, layers of makeup, pregnancies, parenting and now faked photos.

So, it appears some of these pictures were altered and tanned, freckled skin was added while leaving pale hands to cover the incisions, but why did they not do all of the pictures? Who would leave the obvious pale hands? These all seem to have been taken at the same time, same clothes, same boob size, same wig and the same necklace, but perhaps not. The other thing is why no makeup over the scars. The people doing this show at the Sportsman Channel are amateurs or perhaps they want her to look like a faker.

These screen shots are from this strange Sportsman Channel promo where I first spotted the scars with my nurse radar.



Community Mobbing: Police Reports Designed to Discredit Me

This post is about community bullying. As usual I wrote something way too long that included too much information. It needs to be divided up into smaller parts because community bullying just like workplace bullying is complex and confusing, it defies logic for those who do not have intentions to hurt others, who can't understand the minds of those who do. This post is just two documents with supporting information.

Tony Wilkerson the Alaska representative of the Workplace Bullying Institute is wanting to change the Alaskans for a Healthy Workplace group to include community mobbing which is essentially the same as workplace bullying, often both go on simultaneously. I love this idea as it is an enormous problem in Alaska. Tony asked me for a police report to demonstrate mobbing, I gave him two from Homer. There are more. Who else would do this but me considering what one of them says. I have the courage due to knowing truth floats. I had planned to write about these police reports, but had not gotten to it yet.

These documents involve this, but also corruption.

The two police reports in this post I received from the Homer Police Department were screened and approved by Police Chief Mark Robl as a result of a FOIA request. This one directly below is very suspicious for having information removed. I will discuss why in a minute. Details are important in police work. When dealing with a mentally ill person both health care workers and the police know to document what the person says and does, not just make claims, claims mean absolutely nothing. Of course if someone is manipulating information they would leave out what they don't want documented and add something that discredits the messenger.

After I was wrongfully arrested and imprisoned and crimes were committed against me as a result I went to the Homer Police to tell them what had happened. I talked for a long time to several cops and covered lots of the incidents, starting with Nome. There are some things I always mention which some people are familiar with, much of that is not in this police report, instead the report is designed to indicate that I had a case of the crazies, a very common tactic of bullying. Find a short version of the story here.

Of course I had been traumatized by all of the psychological terror that came my way over a period of years, then just a few days earlier I had been released from being wrongfully imprisoned a few days after an appeal was filed in my case, abused by prison staff, including  medical and nursing staff. That includes aggregious malpractice against me by abruptly stopping Trazadone and Gabapentin which is dangerous, especially to a person with ME and PTSD. It was very sadistic. Then there was my cat being harmed and my property being stolen and damaged which I knew was going on the whole time I was wrongfully imprisoned with no assistance from the public defender agency which helped engineer it. Robin Hume did those acts and Steve Hume gave a false police report, I was the victim and already had been even before this. Instead of charging them with the crimes they committed I was blocked from getting my property that Robin Hume had stolen by AST, a trooper who was sent to help me get my things threatened to arrest me for disorderly conduct for saying I was going to call my lawyer and waving my arms when I said it, there was a court order. The big question of why the Hume brothers were not charged remains unanswered by the state troopers. Why did the troopers also lie all the way up the chain of command and then destroy pictures a trooper had taken of my property when I told him Robin Hume would steal it the night I was wrongfully arrested on the trumped up warrant out of Nome? Keep these questions in mind. 

When I tell the story about the prison experience I always mention the malpractice of the medical and nursing staff, that is how they knew about the medications.  I did not tell them I had a psychosis, it was PTSD, ME/CFS and autism which I now know is a part of ME. They asked me if I had an appointment with mental health, notice they also wanted the date. Why did they want that? When I went for the appointment someone I thought was a psychologist and was actually a social worker was angry with me before I arrived. She proceeded to angrily ask me questions during the intake interview and then become very angry at my answers. It was a very strange experience and I have written about much of this many times before. Then she asked me if I wanted her impression and said I was "paranoid with psychotic features". Of course that was obviously not true, so I asked her to tell me the symptoms that lead her to that conclusion. She said, "It was the way you told that story." That was even stranger than her anger. People with PTSD tell their stories over and over until people want to kill them and I was very emotionally traumatized and upset which is why I was there, hello mental health hacks.

I had psychological injury from being psychologically tortured over a long period of time by more than one group of sick bullies including several agencies in Alaska who exchange information. That clinic I went to was the state mental health clinic in Homer. When Parnell mentions the clinics for low income people realize this is the kind of treatment they are getting. It took a year just to get an appointment as they did not return phone calls, a third party had to contact them for me. A couple days after the appointment with the angry social worker a non-state psychologist told me there was absolutely nothing wrong with me. Then a friend told me that psychologist had sent a letter to someone we knew that he would help her keep her child if she had sex with him and wanted advice on what to do. I told her to fax it to the board of licensing. Yea, these are examples of Alaska health care "professionals" and I have more, lots more. Then when I saw the psychiatrist he said I had PTSD and I have seen at least four others who say the same thing. It is so obvious a sea slug could figure it out.

When I received the FOIA request I realized the Homer Police or the women's shelter, Haven House must have contacted the mental health clinic to make sure they had preconceived ideas about me, they planted negative information. Yes there is bullying at the women's shelters on the Kenai Peninsula, it's really awful. The public defenders were excusing their issues by telling the governor's office and Quinlan Steiner I was "paranoid" in emails. That may have started with the bullies at Norton Sound Health Corporation. Robin Hume was telling people I was "crazy" because I told him I had PTSD and he was trying to cover his crimes. Crazy, paranoid and other terms are often used by bullies such as in Nome when a bullied nurse or other staff would suddenly leave, "I'm glad she is gone, she was crazy." Then I would say, "She was not crazy when she got here, something happened to her here." She still was not crazy, she had a psychological trauma inflicted on her by bullies. The same thing happens in domestic violence cases and police will listen to the husband who says this about his wife to cover what he did. The same thing happens to inmates or so called enemy combatants, which in some cases is done for the purpose of causing mental health issues as a form of intentional torture. 

Who thinks I did not mention the cat story?

Of all the glaring omissions of what I said to these cops, the most obvious missing part of the story is about my cat. There is no way in hell I did not mention her, just ask the lawyer who was the public defender who helped set up my wrongful arrest who is now the magistrate in Nome, Brooke Browning Alowa who sent an email saying she was tired of hearing about my "frickin' cat" to her boss. Should a lawyer who harms clients be a magistrate? Apparently that is one of the requirements in Alaska for lawyers. The bullies believe people they intentionally harm are not even allowed to complain in Alaska. Try and stop me.

I went over the major parts of the story with those cops including what had gone on at the lodge. They would like people to believe I was mentally ill and delusional, but no. The most important components of my speech to them were meth being cooked at the lodge, a trooper leaving a child with a man high on meth who clearly was involved in cooking it, being tortured in the prison system, troopers not responding when I called about a missing woman who was a prostitute, a story about some altercation between her and Robin Hume, the completely manufactured story with a false police report to have me wrongfully arrested, Robin trading stays at the lodge for prostitution services, Robin saw teenage prostitutes in Anchorage spending all the money for utilities at the lodge, how Robin Hume told people I would be in prison for six months (who told him that?), how I was threatened to be beaten by Steve Hume who said he would hire someone, how they bullied me and tried to block me from going in my room, how I had to booby trap my room because I was afraid of the psychopaths living there, troopers not responding for threats to myself or theft and vandalism, troopers not responding to underage drinking and drug use, Robin and Steve Hume not being charged for the crimes against myself and animal cruelty. 

Then there was the granddaughter of Robin Hume who was with him a lot and being taught to be a grifter. Two guys were stealing things from the lodge and I made quite a bit of effort to tell the troopers who did nothing because it was "not my property". Robin and Steve Hume pulled an insurance scam which I have discussed with the insurance agent who had been trying to locate me as a witness (Robin and Steve Hume refused to give him my phone number) along with reporting it to the insurance commission who apparently acted like an Alaska agency and did nothing. I am sure I also told the Nome Homer Police I took pictures of what was going on and emailed them to the owner of the lodge and a trooper thinking it would be stopped. No, the trooper used one of the emails against me which did not even make logical sense. Robin and Steve Hume wanted the place trashed to help facilitate the insurance scam.

Of course they would like people to think I was imagining the whole thing, but I was not. These events and much much more had traumatized me causing severe PTSD with the suicide ideation so common with it and making the ME severe which caused neurological issues, but I did not have a psychosis nor was I out of touch with reality. I was used to being around people who understood what PTSD was and also did not use a mental health issue to bully or gaslight someone. I am also very open, something that is dangerous around psychopaths. At that time I did not know bullying is routine in Alaska and was very confused by this sick behavior. Cops usually know something about PTSD because it is a frequent consequence of their jobs and the people they are supposed to be serving who are traumatized by violence, accidents, etc., but here they cause it and then use it against people.
The cat Robin Hume starved and tortured, the state of Alaska allowed it..

I also told part of this story at a meeting of the Kenai Peninsula Borough, but they only allow citizens to speak for three minutes. I mentioned my "frickin' cat".  

Either these cops were out of touch with what went on around them or they were covering up to protect themselves and others. The evidence that they were possibly covering up is the lack of information in this police report and the reaction of anger by one cop and the look on the face of another when I discussed the prostitution at the lodge. Why were the Humes not charged with crimes, why did troopers destroy evidence and lie, why did the cops write this report the way they did without much of what I said and then make a psychological judgment against me to taint what I had reported to them?

From 2009, about my going to the Homer Police Department to give them information in 2007 :

When I told some in law enforcement about the advertising for prostitution on Craigslist they were actually quite nasty to me thinking I was making it up. They wanted to know how I knew about it and how I knew it was Robin Hume. It does not appear to be difficult to figure this out for law enforcement or anyone else, so why all the reluctance and skepticism on their part? 

Who the hell did not know about prostitution on Craigslist?

See this blog post for evidence which any law enforcement agency can contact Craigslist to verify. 
During the conversation they were also quite skeptical about my telling them meth was being cooked at the lodge. A trooper told me Jeremy Watson was high on meth when I called several times one night. They would not come for theft from a resident, spraying of CO2 fire extinguishers all over his room and property, threats to harm me, underage girls drinking and drugging with adult males, nope, but they came for loud music. Welcome to law enforcement in Alaska. Later after this conversation I lived in another place where meth was clearly being cooked and many of the same issues were occurring. Those are just the places where it was being cooked, lol. The Homer Police were very unresponsive, abusive, said idiotic things to me and the police chief was always out of town when I called to make an appointment to discuss what had gone on with his cops. Clearly he was not receiving information.  

They had information about the drugs for years, I gave it to them, they gaslighted me and spread information that I was just crazy. Why? I believe it is because they are corrupt and either customers of prostitutes or protecting someone who is pimping. Perhaps they are protecting some prostitution ring that has a connection to Anchorage. It is clear they also allowed meth cooking without any intervention until it became a huge problem as I told them about that too more than once and got abuse. Read the horrendous story here. I have to wonder about protection for drug dealing. The second report below is also missing some information. 

From 2011, about incidents that happened years earlier:

In Homer I was bullied by some of the right wing bullies there when I held an Obama sign across from the poling place. I asked the staff at the poling place where I should stand and even called the police to ask them to clarify it. I knew they would cause trouble. The police in many of the small towns in Alaska only react to those with power, money or influence so they did not respond to my call. They only came when the right wingers in the poling place decided to change the door they measure picketing distance from in the middle of an election after years of using another door. They called the police to move me three times that day while right wing wack jobs drove up and down the street honking and flipping me off.

The report only shows the police coming one time, that way it does not look like the harassment that it was. While I held up the sign the main person who drove up and down the street flipping me off and honking her horn was the slumlord of an apartment building full of drugs and other issues that I reported to the police (who did nothing). Check out the link to the above quote to read about other incidents of community bullying.
My name was indeed given and I was not protesting, I was holding up an Obama for president sign. In Alaska that is dangerous because only the second amendment counts here. The other person was not harassed by the slumlord. 




Help Karen Christy Identify this Stalker

Craig Christy took a video of a man who was taking pictures of Shawn Christy’s bedroom window. They have apparently had other people taking pictures as well. This one lied to them about why he was doing it and had a strange fake smiley affect. Go to Karen’s blog, Shawn Christy Political Prisoner to see the video. Just like my story and the research behind the Sarah Palin babygate story and many other horror stories in order to understand what is going on takes some personal research. This is a type of bullying aka mobbing which is done by a group of people to make someone look crazy, discredit them, retaliate for whistleblowing, harass them, provoke them into doing something that can be used against them, get them arrested, cause eviction, shut them up, run them off (including out of a state) or make them ill due to a stress illness such as PTSD. I can attest to the fact that in Alaska many are experts at not only causing PTSD, but keeping a person who has it ill so they can’t function well enough to fight back.

There are many similarities in the health issues of Craig, Shawn and myself that causes stress to affect our bodies more than a normal person. I know how this kind of harassment affects health, but it is worse with ME/CFS and Chronic Lyme Disease. Then there is the PTSD which is kept triggered and makes the other health issues exacerbate.

I am in a different position than others when I look at the Christy's story due to having some similar experiences. When I recognized those similarities I started to pay closer attention and realized they are telling the truth. I see their truth in their struggle to tell the truth and get justice.

It seems due to some issues that can be read about on Karen’s blog that there is some desperation in trying to find a reason to have an incident to facilitate an incarceration by manipulating a violation of probation. I am very familiar with this tactic.There have been lies told to try and make this happen.  Are the Palins upset because the jurisdiction for Shawn and Craig’s probation has been taken away from Alaska and they can no longer control what happens through our corrupt courts? Are you scared of prison Todd Palin?

Read Karen’s blog post to understand how corrupt the Secret Service is, but then we already knew this.
Soon to be made into a movie.

Karen reports that Shailey Tripp  who has written the book Boys Will Be Boys: Media, Morality, and the Coverup of the Todd Palin Shailey Tripp Sex Scandal about being groomed to work as a prostitute for Todd Palin has seen the man taking pictures of the Christy's home with Todd Palin in Fairbanks. Is Todd Palin’s new job the director of thugery, mobbing and bullying along with pimping? Actually it seems that has been his job for a very long time.  A Google picture search reveals no match for this dude. There is something familiar to me about this guy, but I am not great at remembering faces. Please look at the pictures and tell Karen in a comment on her blog who he is, she won't identify you or post the comment.

Who is this stalker? 


USDA Elderly and Disabled Housing Abuse (Part 2), Corrupt AK USDA Rural Housing

Part 1
They know, destroyed evidence or are lying about it. Isn't that a crime?
It's another who the hell do I think I am horror story which involves agency, community, statewide bullying,  severe gaslighting and destruction of documents,  something that Alaska is expert at (check here, and here).  Due to the lack of oversight at this property by the corporations and the Alaska USDA I have been given no choice but to tell this story which causes me much anger at being forced to do this. They were given years to straighten up and fly right. It is clear the USDA and these corporations are corrupt beyond belief. I have lived here for for about 4.5 years hoping the USDA, the AHFC would do something about Quantum Management and VITUS or that VITUS would maybe catch a clue and fire Quantum Management, but no because they are of the same ilk. These low income housing corporations are linked. Quantum Management is doing what VITUS wants them to do.

Last summer when the two onsite managers resigned I was ecstatic, did a happy dance and will be discussing why in the future, but due to the typical nepotism and deceptive manipulation which is SOP in Alaska that happiness and hope was crushed. The assholiness here continues and the USDA is  orchestrating a coverup. They seek to silence the voices of the disabled and elderly low income tenants, with much emphasis on me.

Senator Murkowski knows.
Senator Begich knows.
The apartments where I live are USDA Rural Housing for elderly and disabled. Over a period of years I have experienced quite a bit of abuse and so have others. It was intentionally directed at me however, not just by management, but by another resident and her family.  I know that by speaking up I will be targeted for bullying and sabotaged along with being hated, but I expect it now and considering who they are it makes me proud to be hated by them and their behavior does not shock me anymore. Go ahead and spread your negative gossip, it bounces off me like rain off a duck's back. I am however sick of all of the abuse and fraud. The hope to leave here so I was safe to tell the story is not possible and after so much time it is clear they are not going to change or make restitution.

Captain Zero knows.
This is yet another story that is very difficult to believe, corrupt and filled with tankers full of incompetence. Robert Pierson at Governor Parnell's office who was asked by myself to intervene a long time ago at first told the managers the government was paying a subsidy and I was paying rent and had some rights. Not too long after this he changed his tune. Why is that Mr. Pierson? Who contacted you, what did the onsite managers or the USDA tell you? Were there some emails and what happened to them? Who sent them? Considering all of my complaints there have to be some. 

The USDA in Alaska has been involved in a scandal in the agricultural division due to loaning money they shouldn't have. One of the recipients of that money was a former employee of the USDA who is con artisty. Sarah Palin fired the Agriculture Board and put her incompetent buddies in charge so they could scam. I have been told over and over by USDA staff that they essentially just loan money, that is their mission. They were exasperated at my attempts to get them to regulate the corporations, it just was not their job. USDA has many regulations that are impossible to access even with FOIA requests which are simply ignored. FOIA requests, no haven't seen any.

I requested information about regulations of specific subjects in a FOIA request. They claim they do not enforce the regulations and gave me the corporations can do as they please because they own the property spiel. In other words to hell with the Landlord Tenant Act, USDA regs and fuck you disabled and elderly people. The USDA has allowed the corporations to do as they please here for years while they were contacted about abuse, lack of maintenance on the property, construction abuse, incompetence and tenant fraud. Check out Andrew Halcro's blog and search for Mat Maid for more information about loans from the USDA.

Only whistleblowers are the problem for the USDA in Alaska. I have called them crying and had Cynthia Jackson laugh at me for using the wrong word because my ME/CFS and PTSD were flared up so bad my brain was not working well. It's hilarious when USDA housing residents live with such  abuse that it makes them very ill because caring about people has nothing to do with issuing loans. This was not all just the ME/CFS and PTSD, there was the head injury as a result of an unbelievable amount of abuse from three corporations including a construction company, negative gossip about myself from a neighbor which I could hear and at least one onsite manager which influenced abuse from the construction company(sources are afraid and I will never reveal them). There were also constant disruptions along with massive noise from construction and illegal threats of eviction, harassment that was on the level of criminal which caused the POTS component of the ME/CFS to flare to the point that I fell forward into my refrigerator and bashed my skull trying to right myself. This is part of the December trauma that I discussed in Part 1.

That head injury happened some time ago and I still have symptoms of post concussion syndrome, the headaches were horrible and continued until recently and the tinnitus I guess will never go away. ME/CFS symptoms include chronic migraines and other types of headaches, so the headaches secondary to this put me in horrible pain. I can't afford an MRI and the last time I had one in Alaska the doctor tried to keep me from seeing the report because his diagnosis was wrong, but mine was right. After all these issues with health care here my attitude is they are mostly useless in the rural areas unless you enjoy medical bullying and like large medical bills for incompetent services.

I mentioned lack of maintenance, let me make it very clear that was the past on site managers (there were actually two doing maintenance then), the new maintenance man who takes care of the property is A #1. He knows what he is doing and actually works his butt off. He also pays close attention to keeping the sidewalks very clear of ice as the population is elderly and disabled. He does this for two properties. This man has nothing to do with this and is the kind of worker I was use to before I came to Alaska, a person who goes to work to do his work and has pride in how it is done. You can bet they bullied him, no doubt.

Let me repeat, I sent two FOIA requests to the Alaska USDA in an attempt to get information about the tenant complaints against Quantum Management, the Alaska based construction company Criterion and the owners VITUS, emails about myself from any source and complaints from other tenants at this and other properties owned by VITUS were also requested. There were of course gossipy emails because that is how they roll here on the Kenai Peninsula and in Palmer where the USDA offices are. You betcha. I would be very surprised if libelous material was not in the emails and had been sent to the Mr. Pierson I mentioned earlier. Let me also repeat that they claim they can't find these things or any complaints from tenants.

Shortly after I made the FOIA requests the two former onsite managers resigned stating the reason was they were getting paid minimum wage (leaving out the part where they also got an apartment to live in and probably some utilities paid), which after about three years I guess started to bother them. Cynthia Jackson I am told got a promotion (of course she did). I have no idea where she is now. The person who took over Cynthia Jackson's job, Nancy Hayes told me the USDA has none of the documents I had requested. The tenant complaints were MASSIVE! Then she tried to change the subject by asking me about applying for a loan to which I replied that I am on Social Security and had no income for seven months which of course resulted in bad credit so who the hell would give me a loan? I considered that this might be some kind of bribe. I have asked Nancy Hayes by email this:

I am wondering if you are sticking to the story that the USDA has no complaints from any of the tenants here. If so, that indicates wrong doing on the part of a USDA employee, perhaps Cynthia who not too long after she disappeared my FOIA requests got herself transferred, then the managers here suddenly decided to leave. 

I got no response. Calls to the office of  the director of Alaska USDA for years have been ignored,  that includes the current Director Jim Nordlund.  This is standard operating for many agencies in Alaska even the federal ones. Deborah Davis who I have also told the stories about this place likes to say the USDA just does loans and doesn't police the corporations too. I think they put some kind of microchip in their brains. Dehorah Davis did you see my FOIA requests, emails or the complaints of the tenants here and at VITUS's other properties?

The claim of a lack of tenant complaints is disproved by the below document they mention receiving "numerous letters concerning the ongoing construction and the proposed rental increase", (more about those rental increases later) they have periodically raised the amount of the subsidy in spite of incompetence, abuse and wasting of the money they were loaned on an inept construction company. Apparently they don't count the multiple phone calls they received about the problems.

Let me mention the USDA in Alaska is located in Palmer and the construction company has a branch in Wasilla, Hmmmm. VITUS and Quantum Management are in Washington state and I am just guessing here, but may have asked the USDA or someone in Alaska government for a competent and honest construction company they could use for their Alaska properties. It could have also been that lowest bidder, incompetence Alaskan construction thing. Welcome to Alaska. Then there is this part of the document:

We understand there have been many issues with the construction /rehabilitation right from the beginning. The gentlemen that came to Laurawood and made promised that were not ultimately kept are no longer wit[sic] the company that purchased the property. That may not be compensation for your inconveniences but it may comfort you to know that the owmers[sic] of the property recognized that errors were being made and moved quickly to rectify those errors. Today there are new leaders at VITUS who are working to resolve the issues with the contractor and with the new management company.  USDA is monitoring both to ensure that Laurawood is being constructed and managed as per the regulations. I have no idea what they mean by new management company, it is the same one. The above was an intentional con job perpetrated on vulnerable people by corporations that are fleecing the tax payers with the help of the USDA (more about that later as I might as well go full whistleblower ).

"USDA is monitoring both to ensure that Laurawood is being constructed and managed as per the regulations." 

But wait, I thought the corporations could do as they please and you had nothing to do with enforcing regulations, you simply issue loans. I'm all confused and shit.

All the staff at the USDA just lie their asses off. The only truth here is that there were problems from the beginning, but Quantum Management and VITUS did nothing, ignored us and were abusive. The onsite managers who they mention at the end of the letter went on a two week vacation during a critical stage of the construction leaving their son in charge who blew cigarette smoke in my face one day when I was upset and crying. He was not an employee of Quantum Management at that time as far as I know, when confronted his mother would say he was an independent contractor, I just laughed and laughed and shook my head. That is so Alaskan of her. There are other reasons why the onsite managers were not what the USDA said they were and I will be discussing this later.

Please repeat the USDA Rural Housing Mantra with me: Corporations can do whatever they want they own the property and we just loan money. Are you convinced or do you think they only tell certain people that poppycock? The rent increase is an old value, it is much higher now than this raise in 2011 (more on that later). They approve all of their requests no matter how much the tenants protest.

VITUS did not move quickly to rectify the errors as this letter says. Problems with onsite management were never addressed as well as lack of maintenance of the property. In other words they did not take care of maintenance and nothing was done about that. The construction was not completed and the fact that I was targeted for bullying by the construction company (Wasilla) and the onsite managers and a neighbor/her family was not addressed. There was lip service, BS, manipulation, lies but mostly crickets.

They lied to us big time when they wanted to buy the property to manipulate the tenants so no research would be done on them. When we finally did start checking we found out the management company had big problems. Most of that negative stuff has been wiped from the internet now, really I was expecting them to change their name like corporations with bad reps do. I will be discussing those lies later.

There was a Rebecca who promised to pay for the damage to my garden, Cynthia Jackson at the USDA told me Rebecca told her they were paying for it as well. They lied and did not pay for it. I have not touched it since that summer, that patch of ground is completely dead, a total FUBAR along with the other little garden I was taking care of.  Why would I take care of it, what is the point, they ruin everything. It appears Rebecca who was a nasty piece of work is an employee of VITUS. The damage was never paid for, LIARS.

They know many times over, but remember they let hundreds die in the past.
I of course out of anyone would have the courage to complain, but was targeted by many including the on site managers whose names I have redacted. If you knew the whole story you would say they don't deserve that favor. Yes they were working for a corrupt corporation but they were part of the problem and still are. So, this story I will tell because it may help others and may cause some who intentionally harmed others for
In Alaska? I'm not that imaginative.
advancement or greed to be looked at with the reality of who they actually are. It also sheds light on the lack of oversight and protection of seniors and the disabled or even just for tenants who need agencies such as health departments that are non-existent here. Adult protective services has no offices in the rural areas and are quick to say they will fly someone in if it is important, that means most of the problems are ignored.


USDA Elderly and Disabled Housing Abuse (Part 1), Crazy Bullying

Over a period of many years I have been through hell at the property I live in, there is little low income housing for those on disability in the state of Alaska. The systematic bullying and incompetence needs to be documented. During the period of severe abuse I posted some of the incidents on Facebook which had made me very ill and distraught, but wanted to write about it on my blog. I was threatened by an onsite manager for posting something on FB. Severe retaliation has happened to me for complaints not unlike what happens when one files a grievance in the prison system in Alaska including the disappearance of paperwork. I searched for years to find another place to live, that is not going to happen, low income people can’t pay rent here without a subsidy and the voucher program has been put to a stop due to the convenient excuse of a 9% cut in funds. Certainly I found out the hard way that renting a room in a lodge will result in being surrounded by prostitution, meth cooking, child abuse, thefts of my property, manufactured criminal charges against me and my cat being harmed, so there is no way in hell that is happening as law enforcement protected them and participated in the actions to harm me instead. Craigslist and newspapers were searched every day for an affordable van to live in for years, including holidays and I considered going to Anchorage and just becoming homeless for the sake of my health, but I need a kitchen due to my special diet and a bathroom is quite helpful as well, then there are things like heat. I am in a Catch 22 situation.

This was not going to be part 1, but recent events have changed that. Obviously I do not want to have to write this and have waited a long time, years for someone to listen and do the right thing, but that is never going to happen. There will be retaliation. It is very upsetting to me that I am forced to do this by the heinous government in Alaska and the corrupt Alaska office of the USDA, then there are the corporations involved along with individual bullies. I find the courage knowing it may help others.

Last week I called the governor’s office trying to find the man I had told about the problems with this apartment complex a couple years ago name Robert Pierson who was the constituent relations specialist who helped people with low income housing issues. It has been clarified many times over now that the Parnell administration does not help people in low income housing nor do they want to help low income people get housing they can afford, this includes tents so of course, so that position was eliminated. Robert Pierson is no longer in that position and now does some kind of documents...propaganda? We have seen other recent propaganda about Governor Parnell recently in the MSM.

I spoke with Christine Irvin (I think?) who is over several issues and sounded sincere just like Robert Pierson did when I first spoke to him. He later changed his tune probably after being adjusted by some people and began blaming me for the problems. Nope I am not the problem of that you can be sure,  but in Alaska the whistleblower or person who complains is ALWAYS scapegoated to protect politicians, incompetent staff and corporations, ALWAYS. My purpose in the call was to ask Mr. Pierson if he had a statement due to my writing about the problems where I live, but never mind.

I live on Social Security Disability in subsidized housing. Every year to qualify for the subsidy we have to fill out tons of paperwork, pay health care professionals to sign documents verifying our status as disabled, what medical costs we have, etc. For years they made me pay someone to say I was disabled while I am on SSDI, it's insane. It appears that this year SSDI is proof enough, finally. It is utterly ridiculous for elderly or permanently disabled people to have to sign documentation that they are not attending college and if they are who gives a rat’s ass. Those who have gone through this process know it is ugly. The corporation that owns the property I live in has made the process horrendous, but it has gotten somewhat better over the years. The first year they owned the property it was the definition of both oppression and incompetence.

Going into the assholery that has occurred in the past, yes it is way worse than it appears in this post,  is for a later date, but let me give some very recent history. For two years my Christmas was ruined by a combination of resident abuse and management, corporate incompetence and abuse issues. Last year I asked the onsite manager who did the paperwork if I could change from doing it in December due to one of my disabilities, PTSD being triggered in December mainly due to abuses she and her husband along with the corporate entities had perpetrated. She said yes, we could redo it in the summer. Last spring the two “managers” left and nepotism took over her job and a man who is actually competent to do the maintenance and has work ethics took over that area. I have no idea how that could have possibly occurred, but thank goodness for that. So, the paperwork did not get changed, but they knew I did not want it done at Christmas time. Keep in mind making me sick is the goal.

So here is what happened recently. I got this paper the first part of December. The date of the appointment is in November which at the time I thought was just a mistake. I went to his office on December 16th where he rather abruptly told me the paperwork was in my mailbox because he was told that was how I wanted it. Remember the nepotism. I think now he had no idea I was coming. I was very unhappy to go to his office due to the cigarette smoking which is supposed to not be allowed on USDA property at all and I told him so. It not only affects the office, but also the laundry room or if you just walk by the office you can get a lung full of smoke. One would wonder at the thinking that goes on behind having a manager of an elderly and disabled apartment complex who smokes like a chimney.

The paperwork was not in my mailbox until later in the day with this notice on top of the pile of papers. Notice the date of the appointment.

In the meantime knowing how incompetent the healthcare providers are here and how crappy and abusive the low income clinic is I called a doctor's office due to his supposed expertise at the kind of treatment I need, nutritional supplements and a special diet. His staff told me he opted out of Medicare which is very common here in red, Republican-y, capitalist, egocentric, with a layer of I hate the federal gubment libertarianism Alaska. The translation is it's all about them and large profits. The first appointment would be somewhere around $400-$500 depending on lab tests and he would only sign the document of medical necessity for the subsidized housing if I bought the supplements from him. I can't afford this, but would never seek healthcare from this conman. People in the healthy nutrition community would be shocked to find out who this doctor is. I seek healthcare from those who primarily care about people not profits. This is a yearly issue and I have gone through a large number of health care jackasses here. Healthcare for the disabled in rural Alaska sucks, oh they call it healthcare, but it is something else.

 Then the second re-certification notice was left in my mailbox.  Note is says the third one is to be served with the final notice to terminate tenancy and he says he will contact me that week. He did not bother to sign it.

I watched people come to the office door and ring the bell with no response. One lady came three or four days in a row. Knock, knock knock, no response and then later he would go get in his car and leave, so he was there. Then there were appointments with a couple women who seemed like they may have been assisting applicants in some way to apply for the apartments that have sat empty a long time. Empty apartments is odd considering the shortage of subsidized housing for the disabled, but anyone in the know will divert people somewhere, anywhere else. There is other housing for the elderly in Soldotna, brand new beautiful housing which elderly women with huge smiles told me about because they live there, but of course now there is a long waiting list. I am so glad they got out of this place. For the disabled under 62 there is little housing I am 58.

At the end of last week after I called the governor's office and spoke to someone I received the next two documents in my mailbox, just these two documents and not the third notice which seems to be required. Please note the Orwellian note used to disguise the threat and that it also does not make sense. I would consider him knocking on my door to be further harassment and no he does not have everything he needs as the note states illogically. He's implementing office hours, really? Why were office hours not implemented before and why the hell does he not answer the phone or door? Leave a messsage? I have tried that many times there was no voice mail. The last line here almost made me vomit.

If he has all the information in his hands then why am I getting this notice?

Please note the first notice was on December 2nd and the second was on January 3rd, there was an appointment dated November 16th in the document from December 2nd. Unable to travel back in time I went to the office on December 16th and was met with abruptness and if he was just going to give me the paperwork why not just put it in my mailbox with a note. The reason is that makes logical sense and does not allow for bullying, sabotaging or setting me up for gaslighting with the USDA, Quantum Managment or VITUS. There was no notice given on 12-1-13 or 1-1-14 as this document states. Do you understand why I say the word fuck a lot when dealing with these people?

His accusation that I did not keep an appointment or failed to contact him is libel pure and simple. The paperwork indicates that he stated he would contact me that week which I took for notice that an appointment notification was pending. Past attempts at leaving him a message and my observations of others trying to make contact by going to the office door reveal huge frustrations with attempting to deal with him and I am sick to death with this bullshit. This is clearly an attempt once again to construct a scenario in which they can evict me, but certainly any and all opportunities for bullying are generally taken. I will tell the story of the first attempt to evict me done by his relatives (he was involved) later and it is very likely he is being directed by one of them to do this. 

In the above Annual Recertification Notice which is checked for the second notice it is stated that the third notice is to be given thirty days prior to the effective date. He indicates the effective date to be March 1st. The date of February 2nd on this above document is not the date it was given to me. I received notification of pending eviction on February 7th, last friday (I asked them not to give me any of their little notices on Fridays, so now that is the day I generally get them, but it wasn't put over my outgoing mail). This means that rather than prior to the thirty days before the effective date it was given to me tweny-two days prior and the Third Annual Recertification Notice was probably not given due to that. It was given to me with a back date on it to cover his ass, but that was not even thirty days prior to the effective date.

Most likely I would not have any of this material at this point if I had not called the governor's office and he may have had a plan to later claim that he had given it to me so he could give me a ten day eviction notice. At the end of last week is when I called the governor's office it is an amazing coincidence that suddenly this paperwork appeared in my mailbox on Friday? I assume that someone inquired about my many allegations and this paperwork resulted. All of this could have stopped years ago if a state agency or the USDA had done their jobs, but they want me to be targeted.

There was another strange occurrence in December, but first some background. Last fall during an inspection I went outside to confront the corporate representatives. I told them that the manager was putting his little notices on top of my mail so the mailman would not pick it up. This has happened several times over a period of years. He made a statement about it being a mistake and he was sorry which made me even angrier because in order for this to have happened he would have to either be severely intellectually impaired or doing it intentionally in a junior high bullying act. There is no other explanation. I told him I would contact the Postal Inspector’s office if it happened again in front of the corporate dudes to put an end to that assholery. Some clueless guy started talking some crap about how the manager was new at his job.  Hello buddy you don’t need to have ever been on the property before to know this is an act of assholiness and it's illegal to mess with someone's mail. It was also not true that he was new to the property. The rep. from the management company put on a show that he hadn't heard about the problems before when he had been in my apartment (only because I went and got him) and I told him about some of them and I made multiple phone calls over along period of time to Quantum Management and VITUS with no response. They have participated in the lies and abuse.

In December I ordered something that came by UPS. UPS has a new policy that for apartments they don’t have to deliver to the address that you provided them, they can dump the packages with the managers of apartments. So, be aware UPS is not providing the services you pay for. They falsified their documentation and said they delivered it to my door. It was not here. When I checked on line to find it was delivered to my door and UPS said over and over they delivered it to my front door I assumed it was stolen. Nope, UPS lied, they left it at the manager‘s door and he just put a little happy face note on it and did not bother to notify me it was there. Then UPS sent someone out to investigate. I spent a lot of time on the phone and a police report was filed. He wasted a lot of people’s time, but UPS was part of the problem if they had been honest about where the package was it would have helped. I found out he had it during the twenty-third of December appointment. When I essentially asked him WTF without using those words. He said that he would not touch anyone’s mail. Did he not touch it to put the note on it? He said he thought it was from the USPS even though it says in large letters UPS on the box. Did he not find it odd that the postal carrier did not take it? When I asked the manager why he did not simply leave me a message to come and get the package, he stated he had not not thought of this, yep this is what myself and others have to deal with here. He said, 'Oh dear" when I told of the trouble his lack of actions and bad decisions had caused trying to suppress a smile. Certainly he would not consider the interests of tenants to be in his job description as an apartment manager, but for most of us who get a neighbor's package it is automatic to make sure they get it ourselves. It triggered my PTSD because of the abuse during Christmas that has occurred here and to this day I have not been able to open that package and kept it covered so I could not see it until a couple days ago...PTSD. I assume he thought it was a Christmas present he was depriving me of, it was not.

There is no way in hell myself or anyone else should have to deal with this crap and I have more, so much more. Tomorrow's post is about corruption at the USDA which is certainly also criminal. Who would be surprised by that from the Alaska office of USDA?

Yes I am afraid not just of these people, but of others in the community such as a couple of troopers, some hoodlums in the area, DOL/DOC employees and others involved with the state of Alaska but they will not stop me from finding the courage to tell this story. I would be a fool not to be afraid and I know from experience retaliation will occur.