I Knew Shawn Was On a Mission, No It is Not an Ominious Statement, News Media is Going Wild, Craig Christy Did 8 News Interviews Today, We Have Over 2000 Members in the FB Group 'Shawn Christy Political Prisoner'

It was a hell of a day with all the news media articles after the crazy Ohio reports without law enforcement presenting evidence of course. Is it Shawn or some teenager who knew they would think it was Shawn? While writing this I had loud music from the apartment below me, people yelling in the hallway, the woman upstairs flushing the toilet over and over then prancing back and forth, people outside yelling, someone setting off their car alarm in the garage under the building, another playing loud music from their car and honking their horn on and off. Last night the person below me did what she does often, slam something that goes, boom, and then shakes the building to wake me up throughout the night and early morning. Then when I finally got to sleep the garbage truck came early, 5 AM and slammed that dumpster around. The noise campaigns get worse when something is going on the government doesn't want me to write about or if there is a city council meeting or meeting about homelessness they don't want me to go to. For now they have stopped the weaponized fire alarms.  

I thought a long time about how to convey why Shawn Christy has the mindset he does, what has happened to get him to this place in his life, explain what intentionally inflicted trauma does to people and why it is so important to have a functioning un-corrupted justice system. Many people have figured out something is not right with the story, but have a hard time with it due to the complexity created by the length of time this has gone on. Extraordinary abuse of a human being has to occur before he or she realizes the justice system doesn't work on any level and they have to endanger their life in an attempt to bring light on their case. Most of the legacy news media does not do much research and have been repeating untruths that come mainly from the US Marshals, especially Robert Clark. It does however even with the faulty information help shed attention on Shawn's story so that many go to the Facebook page Shawn Christy Political Prisoner to look for the truth.

Today while trying to write this post Newsweek published this article on Shawn,

Fugitive On Run for Threatening to Shoot Trump Posts Online He Has 'Mission to Complete'

US Marshal Robert Clark, when he got done telling whoppers about Shawn stated Shawn said he had a mission to complete, '"At this point, we don’t know what that mission is,” he said."' 

Then later the Washington Post published this one. 

 A man threatened to shoot Trump. Three months and six states later, feds can’t find him.

'"He warned his dad, “Don’t trust Allentown…” and then ends the post ominously.
“Stay safe, I have a mission to complete.”'

I can explain that and his parents have explained it. Where have you been Marshal Clark?

When I wrote in my last post that Shawn was on a mission it was about the evidence he took from Dakota Meyer's house and how he is trying to provoke some of the players into showing their hand like he said. He is on a mission to get evidence now, it seems to be aimed at the corruption. At first he just wanted them to give him an original copy of the video and arrest those who conspired to have him assaulted and then falsely charged, they did not so he's going after evidence wherever he can find it and trying to get the players to screw up.

If Shawn made that statement because of my last post and then legacy news media used it to make him look like he was up to something dangerous or violent that makes me feel really bad. My goal is to keep the US Marshals from shooting Shawn and spread the truth about who he really is. He has not hurt anyone, just issued threats under much stress. One reason for threats against Trump is Sarah Palin is his friend and then he got set up and wrongfully charged with assault. 
News media says the same things over and over because it comes from Marshal Robert Clark who repeats the same lines over and over trying to threat signal the public. It's part of the overall fear campaign being used to control the public. I'm liberal and believe they are doing this to implement gun control after what has been going on.

They want the public to think Shawn is extremely dangerous when he has not hurt anyone. He has been forced into this situation and taken uncharacteristic actions to survive. Anyone who has been watching what law enforcement is doing in Pennsylvania and Ohio can see they have plans to shoot him. Would you steal cars in that situation to survive? Homeless shelters and soup kitchens have been turned into agents for the NSA as FEMA and HHS are partners of the Fusion Centers like all agencies, some even have ID cards, so finding food is difficult. Hunting and cooking in the woods would attract people to his position. What would you do if LEOs in the backs of trucks were waving automatic weapons around and telling people you are armed and dangerous? Would you expect to survive contact with them?

Shawn is a bushcrafter, not a survivalist, he has survival skills, but does not stockpile food or is he building safe place to live if the world falls apart. I guess they keep saying that because survivalist is a popular theme and they have gotten the public to think they are nutty. No, they are people who believe in being prepared for emergencies and want to survive them, that's it.

Below is Shawn Christy's first post on FB after going on the run about two months ago on September 4th.

After that I made this post to the blog.

Shawn Christy Dropped a Post on His FB Page Late Tuesday, September 4th, He is on a Mission to Gather Evidence

I felt like it was clear Shawn was on a mission to gather evidence. It is also clear Shawn feels like he is in an unusual situation where the rules are not of his making, he had to adjust to their rules to survive. The news media however just goes along with the law enforcement threat signaling and not looking at the whole situation, making things more dangerous for Shawn. 

Then on September 13th Shawn posted this on his dad's FB page. He says, "I have a mission to complete."

The news media is focusing on what is going on right now with Shawn Christy. They do not know the history that started in 2009 or the hell he's been through. Due to Operation Mockingbird our media is controlled. If they report something the government does not like
reprisals will happen. The main people on TV news, the faces get paid millions and some even have CIA ties. There are many reports of reporters who actually do their own research being gangstalked, fired and even turning up dead. This is what journalist Sharyl Attkisson's book The Smear is about, her own experiences of being targeted.
Perhaps part of the problem like so many other truths in the United States is they can't believe what the Christys and Shawn have said could possible be true, that is by design of the government. Rose McGowan was targeted for coming forward about her rape done by a powerful and wealthy man. She was targeted by the contractor Black Box, law enforcement was not even involved. She said it was like living in a house of
mirrors for a year. She was traumatized and it was only a year, it would have been much worse if law enforcement and all the government agencies were also involved while it went on for years or decades like what happens to many of us.

Back in 2009 I was living in Alaska and had been there since February of 2004 having been through injustice, workplace bullying leading to PTSD, dissociation, criminal charges from actions secondary to suicidality and more. I knew nothing of gangstalking even as I was gangstalked on a senior and disabled apartment complex in Soldotna Alaska by a retired cop and his family. It continued in Homer Alaska and then I was set up for wrongful arrest. Our government did this, the Alaska and federal government did this.

I began writing about what had gone on at my level of understanding at that time, the farther one gets away from trauma or a confusing illogical situation often the clearer it gets due to research and information from others telling their stories.When we write our stories it helps others understand theirs, we put the pieces together, connect the dots.

Sarah Palin became governor in 2006 and I wrote her a 50 page letter about what I had been through. My computer began to be hacked, the fifty page letter to Sarah Palin suddenly disappeared and then my laptop was destroyed, if they had cloud storage in 2008 I did not know about it. I had to write it again and then sent the packets to several places including Sarah Palin's office. She did nothing, I was treated like crap. The state ombudsman was pissed about the copy she received. That was the first of many other similar issues such as my emails being hacked and it continues. Shawn's emails also got hacked years ago, the ones targeted were related to Palin and Alaska in both cases.

I filed an appeal in the case in Nome thinking if the truth were told I would win. Back then I did not know the truth is never allowed to be told for low income Americans or targets of government harassment. In Alaska rather than black people railroaded into prison, it was Alaska Natives and they use the system as a weapon on others as well. Three days after the appeal was filed a conspiracy was organized to have me wrongfully accused, a hearing was set which they never told me about, so I did not attend, the public pretenders were involved in the conspiracy. A warrant was issued out of Nome Alaska to have me arrested in Homer. The troopers already knew I lived in a dangerous place, because I was on SSDI and could not afford another place and everything was full in the summer in that resort town. The wrongful imprisonment resulted in my cat being starved and tortured, my property being stolen or put out in the rain and lies circulated about me.  After trying to save my cat I had to put her to sleep. It is very common for the pets of targets to be poisoned and tortured. When his parent's home was raided in June Shawn's cat died that night and another one was injured. They let the cops in their house to look around, why the hell did they kick the doors in?

When I finally managed to get released I was sent back to be homeless, something that has happened several times since then and will happen again in twelve days. Several crimes were committed against myself and the court, false police reports, perjury in court, no charges were ever filed against anyone, none of the lawyers involved were even fired, promotions and appointments were made instead, no restitution. I was not allowed to file police reports for thefts, threats against me and more. This was my introduction to how the United States actually operates and what happens to whistleblowers. Boise Police continue to refuse to allow me to file police reports except this last time because I became an evil bitch woman. They will use that against me.

In Soldotna Alaska the former owner of the apartments I lived in told me they were harassing me because of the things I was writing. The First Amendment has been suspended for many people, Shawn, myself and others have been denied a chance to have justice and set up for false crimes. 

To understand Shawn's story you have to have a feel for what was going on with Sarah Palin, the people of Alaska and her abusive lawyers back then. 

During that time in Alaska many were appalled at what was going on with Sarah Palin, bloggers began posting furiously about her policies, the crazy things she said, miscreant children, troopergate, babygate, what was that animal on her head during that interview, what in the hell was she talking about, etc. I was not a main blogger in that area, but did write some posts about her if I was really pissed or amused. This is the atmosphere in which the Shawn Christy story begins. He was 17 in 2009, supported Sarah Palin and apparently John McCain for president and VP. I was appalled that John McCain had picked the screechy Windigo from Wasilla as his running mate. It made no sense at all and appeared he had not vetted her. What I know now is McCain was probably CIA like so many other politicians and Sarah Palin was very likely a psyop to act as a magnet for the crazy extreme right Christian Taliban types. It turned out that experiment lead the way for Donald Trump being elected president and that subset of the right wing has gone unregulated and is being allowed to harass people, even encouraged and paid to.

Sarah Palin had two vicious lawyers, first Thomas VanFlein aka Van Flea began to threaten bloggers and others. Next came John
Timessen the one Shawn and Craig Christy were charged with harassing for calling his office and letting the phone ring over and over. Both Craig and Shawn were pro se then as it was a civil case about restraining orders and they could not get a public defender. Shawn had been falsely accused of stalking Sarah Palin, that lie continues to be told in the legacy news media. He never stalked her. They were pissed off about that, Shawn was very confused about the texting/sexting situation which involved a fake name and a lie about who she was. He could not figure out what he had done wrong and why all these law enforcement agents were being sent to see him. They never really explained it.  He was 17 and probably in love with that fake girl, so on top of all the bewilderment his heart was probably broken. It turned out to be Sarah Palin's account. The lie was told it was some task force trying to set the Christys up and they thought Shawn's phone was Craig's,  they also said it was really Willow Palin. Come on who thinks they went to all the effort they have for almost a decade due to a task force error or because two teenagers were sexting. 

One of the bloggers Sarah Palins first attack lawyer, Van Flein went after was Jessie Griffin who writes Immoral Minority blog. This is from a post on his older blog where the links in this blurb below can be found.

As many of you are aware Van Flein has been one of Palin's most loyal and versatile staff members.  He aggressively represented Palin during the Troopergate investigation, he aggressively went after me on her behalf after I posted the Splitsville story, he represented her during the so-called "e-mail hacker" trial, represented Bristol in her child custody case with Levi, and even represented Palin's butt-boy Joe Miller in his fight to dismiss write in votes for Lisa Murkowski.

Here is a Reddit page about it from 2009. 

Jessie Griffin had already been run out of his job working with children at a school by them. They actually accused him of being a pedophile, that is how targeting works, they spread false rumors. People believe much of those lies and become hateful to innocent people.

The next link is to give you an idea of what the lawyer is who had Shawn and Craig Christy charged with harassment for calling him repeatedly and sending pissed off messages because they needed to contact him to prepare their cases. John Timessen had the Anchorage Police Department issue a press release to the National Enquirer for Sarah Palin in an effort to discredit a woman who has credible evidence she worked as a prostitute for Todd Palin who referred clients to her. He also acted as a fixer in this case to get the APD to destroy evidence, her property to protect the Palins.

Tiemessen, the Palin fixer attorney was who the Christys had to try and deal with. Their son was being falsely accused by Sarah Palin and her friend of coming to Alaska to stalk them when he had not been there, they had evidence proving where he was. Then when they left Alaska they filed false reports Shawn was seen where they were at. He always had proof he was in Pennsylvania.

This is Shannyn Moore former blogger, radio talk show host and she had her own TV show discussing being sent a threatening letter by one of Sarah Palin's lawyers. Her response to it that day was awesome.

  Here is a hint about why she resigned, written in 2014.

Shawn Christy’s Psych Eval Was Done on July 3rd 2009, the Day Sarah Palin Resigned. HELLO ! Sexting With a 17 Year Old !

Anyone who knows the reasons government harassment programs are began on a citizen know it is done for retaliation, to shut someone up, to destroy them or to steal their assets for those who have power. In this case it is partially to destroy Shawn and part cover up. 

Anyone who thinks these programs do not exist and I'm talking crazy needs to read this article about a case in Canada and there are lots of other stories like this one. Many retired law enforcement start government contracting businesses taking contracts to destroy people, they also work for anyone who has enough money to afford them. The cops illegally access the law enforcement data bases and use connections to set people up. This goes on all over the world. When these kinds of things begin to happen it indicates a country is becoming totalitarian. 

Orchestrating an 'Armed and Dangerous' scenario was done to rewrite this story and create an outcome to make Shawn go away. After all he had already been through Shawn was set up very obviously by the positioning of cars on one side and piled up snow on the other with the view of Mayor Holly's actions blocked and a mystery back up standing there waiting to provide false witness. Then the original video was not given in the discovery request an altered one clearly taken with a cell phone was used with missing segments. To this day the original video has not been produced, a Constitutional violation.

In Pennsylvania citizens can file their own charges against people and Shawn did that against Mayor Holly and police officer Lahovski (the one who took the cell phone video of the original one and altered it). The paperwork has never been processed. Shawn refused to attend the hearing leaving the state, working as a dish washer while staying at a homeless shelter in Montana. He was interviewed by news media about being homeless there. The LEOs knew where he was and did not arrest him. He eventually ended up in Texas where he was homeless. This was just before the bomber there. The US Marshals arrested him, stomping on his head. I was glad he was incarcerated during the bombings so he would not be blamed. Then he was brought back to McAdoo where he was incarcerated a while. 

The Christys continued to work on getting the discovery/evidence Shawn had a right to, it was not provided and the conspirators in the set up were not charged. Shawn has a car, he left it in Montana with someone taking a bus to Texas and it was apparently taken by the US Marshals. He was pissed about that and everything else. He then refused for the second time to attend the hearing and began camping not far from his parent's home. Who thinks the LEOs did not know he would go nomad again? They had formulated a plan to make Shawn look like some kind of serial killer.

In Pennsylvania just like Alaska and Idaho there are apparently lots of assholes who like to gangstalk people, harassing, threatening, spreading slanderous rumors, trolling, hacking and stalking. This spills over to the government agencies as they get grants and have to cooperate with Fusion Centers/NSA etc to get those funds. The individuals who participate also get more money, vacations, big screen TVs, promotions, appointments, etc. Sometimes they are compromised individuals and that leverage is used to get them to cooperate. Good people in government agencies are not used, the ones with sociopathic characteristics are which results in a compartmentalized  group of scumbags. These are cops, firemen and people from many agencies and other entities all working together to harm one person, they also use community policing and losers in communities as boots on the ground stalkers/harassers. They constantly harass their targets in person, through noise campaigns, cause problems in their lives, sabotage everything, issue threats to them, troll them, etc. The good cops are worth their weight in gold, these guys who harm good people are worth a bucket of shit. I was saved from bad cops by good cops once, they exist.

Police harass, gaslight and set people up, then when the target of this complains they issue a statement that person hates cops, when no they hate the sociopaths who harmed them. After being harassed and set up they know a target will not trust the police. Why would that not be considered normal?

After this goes on a while it makes the target very frustrated and angry, that is the purpose. All of this also causes PTSD. The target has PTSD from layers of trauma and the harassment and problems are continued. I know because this has been done to me for a very long time. One of the things that can happen is the person issues threats to them such as what Shawn has done, but in PA there are these Trump supporters who troll and harass people, they are doing it to me too. Topix is where they have been allowed to cyberbully people unchecked, doxxing personal information, they are harassing me with my email now too. If I issue a threat against them will there be a manhunt too? Shawn has a history of issuing idle threats. People do that, but if law enforcement is looking for an excuse to go after someone they will use whatever they can find and blow it all out of proportion. 

Sarah Palin's lawyers would send threat letters to bloggers, caused one to lose his job and did a lot of behind the scenes sabotage and harassment. They had what we called Palin Flying Monkeys who would swoop in and attack a blog post with crazy comments, always along the same lines. They created fake Facebook posts aimed at certain people, then messaged them, when it was opened after a couple minutes, poof it disappeared. That Palin harassment went on for a long time, still have the evidence.

The government, deep state agencies are working to put fear into the public. Fear is the main method of controlling large populations of people. They used harassment programs on many people, then wait to see which ones look like they may turn violent. This is where most of the shooters in this country are coming from. It is why many of the people seem very disturbed, they were traumatized layer upon layer for a long time and finally lose it. They are having a normal reaction to the trauma and it is used against them. I said years ago they were trying to do this to Shawn.  It did not work, but they kept trying. When anyone faces injustice, especially over a long period of time the trauma is huge. When set up for wrongful arrest it is terrifying. This is how they primed Shawn knowing he had a history of running from injustice. PTSD causes fight or flight, they cause it intentionally knowing how the target will react. Shawn fights by making threats which he has never carried out despite the lies of US Marshal Robert Clark and the news media and he certainly takes flight, no doubt about that. I have PTSD myself from some similar issues, I know what it feels like, what they do to trigger the PTSD to try to disrupt everything in the life of the target.

July 3rd 2009 is the day Shawn Christy's psych evaluation was released. He was found to be pretty normal and I'm guessing believable.  There is no doubt at all he was found more credible than Sarah Palin.

After years of fighting, not just by himself, but with the help of his parents and continuing to be attacked with corruption and an obviously set up situation designed to put him back in prison while being labeled as violent Shawn went on the run to try to force them to give him the evidence and charge those involved in the conspiracy. They have not done that so he is trying to get some evidence himself and it seems to be mainly about the corruption and conspiracy. 

That is not what they expected him to do. They expect a person after years of trauma and terror to be so angry they are willing to do something violent. They expected him to be found, cornered and shoot it out so they could kill him ridding themselves and Sarah Palin of the one person who can bring them down if the DOJ could ever find their balls. 

Compare this kind of war scenario with other kinds of war scenes like in the military or children who grow up in violent inner city areas that cause PTSD. The result is the same, but then with gangstalking government harassment they continue it, by surrounding the target with liars, saboteurs, harassers and even get to relatives and friends to participate. This isolates the target and everything they do is sabotaged so setting them up becomes easier.  In this situation the target is always labeled as mentally ill and they get compromised health care providers to misdiagnose, but the target is actually having a normal reaction to the trauma. Then the hypervigilence and fight or flight components of PTSD are used to sway people to believe lies about that person who was a pawn. 

Who is the stronger more sane person, the harassers, the bullies, the corrupt law enforcement and government lawyers or the man traumatized since age 17 who is able to evade a large LEO manhunt for three months and keep them from killing him? 

Stay safe and hang on Shawn, help is on the way.



As everyone knows MAGA-TS only eat rotting flesh, we are all still alive, they will not be able to consume us. Donald Trump through his hateful rhetoric and by providing himself as a role model for bullies has unleashed a large amount of scum to prey upon others, often sadistically. They have been given license to stalk and harass, it's a display of sociopathic behavior and narcissitic tactics that hasn't been seen since NAZI Germany.

I'm reading Chris Hedges' America: The Final Tour which describes why we have so many of these horrible people in charge of everything, "Totalitarian rule always elevates the brutal and the stupid."
Then while doing chores listened to Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451. Next I found out the group 'Shawn Christy "Menace to Society" was created by firemen (It has now been taken down). That was freaky. These firemen also seem to be the kind who start fires instead of put them out like the main character in the book, but that character was awakening, these guys never will. The posts on that page indicate developmental stages of early adolescence, not that all of us can't have episodes of that stage of development, but it seems permanent for them. Below the next paragraph is the first picture they used as a header for their group page put up to attack ours.

After being gangstalked by cops and firemen in Boise Idaho this is exactly what I would expect. I also expect the leadership to call those who report their behavior crazy because that is the first step and one of the main goals of the program. It's the same with workplace bullying or being in a relationship with a narcissist. In Nome Alaska after they attempted to destroy their next victim nurse who eventually lost it and just left the village they would say, I'm glad she's gone she was crazy, when they caused it all and the only thing wrong with her was the trauma they sadistically inflicted. They were the crazy ones because a normal person does not do what they did. They will do all kinds of things to get targets misdiagnosed or set them up to look crazy. A massive amount of tax payer dollars are spent on these psychological torture programs. They use losers, druggies, drug dealers, homeless people, sociopathic cops and firemen, people who want criminal charges reduced, mentally ill, intellectually impaired. They tell them lies and they believe them because they are not very intelligent. I felt sorry for these creatures in Boise for a long time who were gangstalking me but have changed my mind as it is clear they know what they are doing is wrong, but have no conscience. They are the army of weaponized morons, the army of MAGA-TS. The scum I discuss here are all MAGA-TS, there are others like them with different political leanings and not all Trump followers are like them.

From 'Shawn Christy "Menace to Society"' a group put on Facebook to harass our group by gangstalking firemen in Pennsylvania.

For some time now I have been cyberbullied with blog comments and had to remove the contact forms on my blog. It is clear from the subject matter and the wording the same people are involved in that and these cyberbullying Topix pages. They now have one of my email addresses and are sending illogical undecipherable messages they think are clever. Shawn Christy Political Prisoner has been under attack as well as individual members.  Due to a comment reacting to the above picture of children one of our members has been put in Facebook jail for three days, something not right with that. Of course the "firemen" removed this picture before FB got around to reviewing what was going on there.

This one used my email as their ID, the message makes no sense, the point was to let me know they had my email.

 This one was an attempt to create suspicion about a member of the group. We are all aware of cointelpro tactics used to divide and destroy activist groups so it will not work. This kind of crap is endless, we all have huge amounts of it stored for future actions. Before internet they sent letters to people's homes like this.

This member of out group is in Facebook jail, most likely due to a particular rant in response to the scumbag firemen who make fun of disabled children. They do things to intentionally trigger targets so they can use their responses against them. Then by the time Facebook finally looks at what is going on they have removed the offending post. It's like that narcissistic game of harassing the person they are in a relationship with just before going out for the evening, then triggering them so they act angry or start yelling, then they say to others, see what I have to put up with trying to make themselves look like a victim. It's just done with more people, in an organized network.

First responders are used in the United States to gangstalk innocent people. 60%-70% of targets are intelligent, independent females. Just like with workplace bullying gangstalking, government harassment programs, cointelpro stalking and harassment is done against people who are a threat to pathological individuals. Bullies are also looking for someone that has a vulnerability, because that is safer for them. In the case of the Christys massive cyberbullying and harassment is occurring because of their son Shawn Christy being hunted by US Marshals, FBI, etc. For them and myself gangstalking has already gone on for years before this. They seek out people who are having a hard time and then seek to harm them as much as possible. My life is wide open so that makes me vulnerable to these scumbags. I am also supporting the Christys due to knowing some of the story starting in 2009, already knew Shawn had been set up and rather than appropriate discovery was given an altered video to cover up that he had been assaulted and corrupt cops were involved.

Much of what these people are doing would allow for civil action and is criminal, such as exposing personal information, posting libelous material and using my name to make false posts. One of the factors involved in the legal definition of libel and slander is intent to harm the victim, we most certainly have that. This is an organized and very clear attempt to stir up hatred against all of us. One of their main goals is to shut down the Facebook group page, 'Shawn Christy Political Prisoner.' That will never happen.

One thing I have discussed in the past is the involvement of first responders in gangstalking. It appears a fire department in PA has some scum in their staff who like to make fun of disabled children and these "firemen" have put up a group page to attack our group. Why? Well first off many government agencies have to do favors and participate in these kinds of harassment programs and even crimes against innocent citizens in order to get grant money. They also get paid extra to run psychological torture operations on good people who are threatening to the government be it state, county, city or federal. I have experienced harassment from police, firemen and Ada County Highway Department staff here in Boise Idaho.

They use Infragard corporate partners and community policing to do a lot of this harassment. False rumors are spread in the community, gangstalkers have even gone in stores where I am shopping and told them I'm shoplifting to cause problems, then the corporate entity behind the store reacts in an ugly way about a complaint of false shoplifting accusations. These things are done to get a reaction from the target that would cause them to look crazy and make them do something in anger so the police are called. I was homeless when part of this happened,which makes what they did extremely sadistic. That was after being intentionally made homeless. I already knew what they were up to so they can't get the reaction they want from me.

The people they choose to do this have sociopathic characteristics, that is one of the reasons the police have gotten so horrible, but the same thing is going on with the fire departments and other agencies so they can use them like tools, useful idiots with no conscience. There are also health care professionals who participate in this, especially at low income clinics trying to get grants. Same story at homeless shelters connected to FEMA and other agencies who do dirty deeds against people for Homeland Security and other government entities including city halls. The closer we get to a totalitarian government the worse it gets.

Who runs Topix? Is it an independent operation or is it used by the government for harassment? Whoever runs it does not give one shit that they are a harbor for a large number of despicable creatures. The scum keep creating one page after another. They aren't very intelligent or sophisticated in their attacks, but they are prolific. Here are several of their threads, here, here , here, here.
There are a lot more and a huge number against Shawn Christy and journalist Shayne Balliet.

Shawn has a lisp, so the junior high boys use that for bullying. After looking at just a small number of these kinds of posts here it should be easy to understand why Shawn Christy got angry and made verbal threats towards Donald Trump considering they have been being harassed by Trump's followers for a long time. There was more to it, as the harassment got worse and then the set up for a false charge happened Shawn believed Donald Trump, friend of Sarah Palin had something to do with it. He had something to do with the expansion of the gangstalking, but it was bad under Obama as well. Now it isn't just expansion, their are large numbers of them and more government contractors gangstalking and are not regulated or controlled in any way. It's psychopaths gone wild in a war against citizens.

Shawn has a lisp.

 These two screen shots give away the agenda of the operation.

They try to sound like they are insiders, but these are Johnny-jerk-offs. Gangstalking was going on before Donald Trump, it is not new, but there has been a huge increase and many involved in psychologically terrorizing me are MAGA bully morons. They are being used as brownshirts to disrupt and harass good people and formed into an organized network to go after people in towns and cities all over the country. They are being selected because they are not good people and will do anything to get something they want, money, big screen TVs, drugs, reduced sentences, vacations, they pay some of them using Social Security rather than find them jobs, they help them get car loans and other assistance that can come from the Infragard corporate network. Who would hire them you wonder, these people are who they want to act as their thugs. They are always anonymous on social media because bullies are cowards.

They are posting in my name here. I did not write either of these posts. Topix allows this crap to go on endlessly. The only way to complain is a crappily programed form which does not work right and then erases what you write so you have to keep filling it out and then it screws up again. Topix needs some civil action.

The below screen shot is from the fire station the two firemen who decided to post the slander about our group are from. Whoever it was who made this comment seems to think that responding to the defamation of the firemen from their station is defamation. Interesting how the minds of bullies work. It is also clear with evidence in Idaho and Pennsylvania that this is a network of people organizing a defamation and harassment campaign, that is a conspiracy which elevates these crimes to a higher level than cyberstalking.

"Hosey guys" would be firemen because this is apparently what firemen do now, harass people. The claim they make that we are against free speech is nuts, but we are against lies and slander, the only thing these scumbags can do. Bullies think they can do anything to others, but when others call them out on their actions they start accusing other of what they have done. It's part of their pathology. The only threats I've made are law suits and reporting them. They admit in the second little paragraph that their purpose is disruption. That is a cointelpro technique, they want to take up all of our time, divert our energy away from our cause. They admit in many of their statements that this is an organized network, a conspiracy, that is illegal and Topix is their platform for these crimes. When activities like this are allowed we no longer have democracy, this is totalitarianism. The crap about multiple search warrants and wiretapping devices shows these guys are clueless. What would the LEOs search since they have trouble even searching the woods? Yesterday there were reports of cops doing random searches and telling someone they needed to search their truck because Craig Christy has one just like it. Craig doesn't even drive, has no truck. They don't wiretap, they simply use Stingrays and DRTboxex to use the cell phone GPS for tracking, they have software embedded in especially android phones for listening and viewing of the screens. By now they know we have no idea where Shawn is and want him to surrender, but only in safe circumstances away from the jackbooted group of LEOs in the McAdoo area and the US Marshals in PA. There is nothing to catch nor any slip ups to make, we are transparent. The Christys want Shawn to surrender but LEOs have made that dangerous for him. There has been no statement from the attorney general over riding the local corruption that he would get due process on the set up case or be provided with the original video of the assault on him instead of an altered one. Since they are required to produce that evidence by laws, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights why don't they? Probably because they have destroyed it to cover up LEO corruption.

I'm 63, not a girl, the things idiots say have no effect on how I feel about myself, what I know is they are defective or would not be doing this. I am not homeless, but will be soon after living in Boise Idaho at the Civic Plaza Apartments exposed constantly to people like these craven moronic knuckle dragging bullies.I have no sympathy for these people after years of their crimes being committed against me and being gaslighted by cops who block me from filing police reports.

I read my email asshole. I've been harassed by low IQ adolescents before. I haven't done part two to that series due to working on ten things at one time, it won't take much to complete it and why would you care, why? It isn't about trolls, it's about gangstalking. I do not take any medication at all but they demonstrate the main goal of narcissists, workplace bullies and the government harassment programs. The government harassment programs are similar to other types of bullying. When psychopaths are in charge of our agencies like we have now they put scumbags under them who select scumbaggy staff who go along with unethical and incompetent behavior. They always say the target is mentally ill, always, but the government can have people misdiagnosed. They have done this to government agency employees for decades, even locking them in psych facilities to give them drugs so they can't do any whistleblowing about corruption. I tracked down a guy who had this done to him years ago by NASA and had a conversation. This is all done to discredit and disrupt the target, cause suicide, cause shootings and give the target PTSD so the symptoms can be used against them. In our group everyone is an alpha dog, only sociopathic types think in terms of being the alpha dog.

They don't like what I have to say about about Topix because it's the only place they are allowed to cyberstalker and libel people like this, their black souls would die without it.

Below they use my bra size, which isn't really the right size, but the size I wear because the right size is too hard to find. They put my ID as Outhouse Waste.

Here one of them is inciting violence against myself and Shayne Balliet. They sent me messages on my contact forms about this drug dealer, Roberto Torner. I had never heard of him. They somehow think it was wrong for Shayne Balliet to testify against him. They state Torner has made several death threats against Balliet and suggest Torner should take revenge on both of us, mentioning C-4 explosives. This seems like a federal crime, perhaps the FBI and US Marshals would like to start a manhunt and go after these bastards...no? Oh, that's right the laws in the United States are only used against some people and I'm a target of some list or revenge from some person with power and you try to block us from filing police reports. I had to become a bitch to get a cop to file a police report about harassment not too long ago. Gaslighting cops.  

They don't know anything about me. I'm on SSDI. The reason I am about to become homeless is the horrible situation I have lived in for about a year, gangstalking, horrible management, leaks all over the building (gangstalking), constant noise campaigns and harassment, my apartment smelled like cat shit all the time until recently. Between the cat shit/pee smell, the bed bugs, the smell from the dumpster outside, the garbage just left in the chute rooms and the noise campaigns I have not even had the bedroom door opened for half a year or more, the only thing in there is a sleeping bag. I had to continue to pay full rent, I was denied a request to move to another apartment. The reason for that is clearly not what they stated but due to having this particular apartment set up for gangstalking, including using ones not lived in around mine to stage it. Then there is the cigarette smoke, the massive pot smoke, the elevators breaking down, the constant construction, rehab campaigns, the building filling up with gangstalkers from outside, their lies about the security cameras being watched, having maintenance tell me the washing machine isn't used like other ones, please, I am 63 and started doing laundry when was about 9 years old, then them coming by to imply I was causing the person below me to have plugged pipes, DID YOU NOTICE MY PIPES AREN'T PLUGGED!

There was frequent use of paint and flooring glue without informing me so I could not protect myself due to being chemically sensitive, then the manager lied about that, more than once. Their neglegence toward their tenants all made me ill and that along with the noise campaigns preventing me from sleeping, including weaponized fjire alarms and it all caused constant migraines, very painful and that many cause permanent damage. Don't get me started.

I do not take any kind of medication other than Ibuprofen and Acetaminophen. But I understand these guys who are threatening people's lives to defend their drug dealer think other people are like them. I am not on section 8, it's section 42, tax credit. They raised my rent to $712/month recently even though I can't use the bedroom and all the other issues. Since the people running this place are totally unable to do their jobs perhaps they thought the murder here which was lied about to protect the Boise Police and the reputation of this corporation made the place more valuable. That murder was after I told the BPD there was a large amount of criminal activity here and they gaslighted me and would not allow me to file a police report for harassment. I would qualify for section 8, but the last time they had open enrollment I still had hope management here would do something about the harassment. I did not even apply because there are so many people who need housing who have less money than I do. Then they raised the rent after screwing me for a year and allowing the gangstalkers to run wild. Many of these people living here belong in prison, just like many are good people, but they allow the scum to run over everyone and menace people in the elevators, halls and the parking garage. I've had all kinds of situations, a man with a huge screw driver comes out of an apartment used for gangstalking as I go by a few days after the murder here and a rottweiler lunged at me when an elevator door opened, no leash of course, just to give a small sample of what goes on. So now I'm going to be homeless and isn't that just what the handler of this program wants? Shame on all of them and the ill-informed scum who write this crap on Topix.  

How do these trolls have all this time to harass people and not work? They make posts in my name. I did not post this.

It isn't just the massive trolls and many of them are paid, it's having to fight with Topix. This thread, 'Celia Harrison Antifa Terrorist' was the first one I found out about. It appears to have been taken down finally yesterday. I got screen shots. Thanks Topix, but really it's too little too late for all of us. How would you like to have your son set up and falsely charged with a crime, then because he got mad and said something there is a manhunt for him? Then a large army of degenerate scum goes after the people trying to keep him alive and get the truth out.

Infantile types think calling a 63 year old woman transgendered will be upsetting, I've lived long enough to be able to identify clueless idiots, so no I found it amusing that they tried to target me with that ridiculous crap. Their attacks all indicate they haven't got anything real to work with, including their own brain cells.

These are just screen shots of their posts, the videos will not work here.

Nope, now just feeling burned by the Bern. Soon the MAGA-TS will have the same feeling when their herder, Q LARP is finally phased out. They are trying to start replacements, but these people are so slow anything would work. I'm not saying the Trump supporters who are informed and don't even like him but hope he takes the deep state out with his chaos are in this category.

Norton Sound Regional Hospital was where I was massively gangstalked until I had PTSD and all the other horrible and crazy things that went on there. This is how they operate, attempts to trigger PTSD constantly to facilitate making the target unable to do whatever it is they want stopped. They can bite me.

There are a huge number of threads on Topix harassing me and way more harassing the Christys. This is giving huge insight into gangstalking, especially the evidence that the fire department in PA is involved as fire departments generally are. In  a city like Boise they have a huge pool of losers to use for boots on the ground gangstalking and there are lots of first responders so the harassment is done so the target knows but others around them don't. The Christys live in a small town and even though they seem to have lots of losers there the smaller population limits the numbers they have to work with. One targeted person can have hundreds of people gangstalking them in a city. Each gangstalker can be doing many people or assigned to be in a certain place to do harassment when any target shows up. In a small town the city/county employees are used more, they have to recycle the gangstalkers so they get identified easier. Some in McAdoo and surrounding areas are known, some of the ones here are known. I have evidence and the Christys have evidence. Yes, this is a conspiracy which is very illegal, plotting to deny people their rights, organizing others to mount  huge cyberattacks on them and to harass and stalk is a crime. This has gone on for years for all of us.

I spent quite a long time going through the massive amount of posts and picking what to put on this blog post, ending up with too much. Someone sent this email while I was doing this and I had no idea which thread the person meant because there are so damn many of them, except I knew the ones I had just seen were still up. I have no idea if it was Topix or the cyberbullies who took that thread down.

Thanks for the heads up and yes, I got screen shots on September 3rd.

Then today the below email shows up. First of all the author of this crap doesn't know my story or even that I am on SSDI and second, using cointelpro tactics on people who know what they are doing will fail. I know the Christys are not dropping food for Shawn and these idiots can't figure out if they did it would be discovered. What infighting are you talking about? There are people who join the page to cause trouble, but they are gone when discovered. I AM serving my country by writing about this so other people know what goes on. 

If this is law enforcement who got these immoral despicable bastards on Topix to send this email it would not surprise me. In Alaska they intentionally came after me to destroy me. They used the government stalking/harassment program to cause me to get PTSD so I ended up with charges when I had a melt down, then tortured me in the courts and allowed DA John Earthman to stand in the court room and slander me, then three days after I filed an appeal had me wrongfully arrested and imprisoned, then had the appeal sabotaged by telling the state lawyer who intentionally did a crap job something to make him hate me (he made nasty little comments like a jr high kid too), the public defenders were a drunk, a con artist and then a guy who had run for office for DA in Texas and got busted for buying pot during the campaign. When they had me wrongfully arrested/incarcerated they allowed my cat to be starved and tortured while I told them it was happening and they treated me like I was crazy. They were also told my property would be damaged and stolen by one of their accomplices in the conspiracy, Robin Hume, but treated me like I was crazy for saying so, gaslighting both public pretenders and cops, he did exactly what I said he would. After all of this they have made me homeless several times and continue to have me gangstalked all these years. You need to be in prison, all of you. I would not be working to help the Christys if I had not looked at the facts over a long period of time. I have experiences that have educated me about how things work in this country, they were not nice experiences because we do not have nice people in charge, we are in full capture by psychopaths.

 I have tons more evidence. 


FB Support Page for Shawn Christy had over 1000 members on Thursday, People are Reading About the History of the Injustice, We Continue to Grow and Advocate Despite Many Attacks .

Gave Kermit the right kind of tea.
I am trying to get ready to be homeless again and have been harassed over a long period of time to disrupt me from many things including working on my own case of injustice. The war against me continues, but I will not be silenced by the thugs of Boise Idaho including cops and gangstalkers. There is much that I can't get to right now about Shawn Christy's case, but would like to address some news media attacks and the trolls, vounteer, paid or MAGA bullies. 

The first news media attack was written on September 3rd which was disturbing despite it's banality.

Five days ago an anonymous op-ed appeared in the Times Leader in PA with an agenda to smear our FB page members. At least this anonymous author got part of Shawn's record right, he was incarcerated for harassing Sarah Palin's lawyer and did not repeat the lie from the US Marshals that he was stalking her (never happened). Shawn was pro se against the false restraining order for Sarah Palin's false claim of stalking and so was Craig. They could not get the quitter's lawyer to call them or answer the phone to discuss the issue so kept dialing the office and letting the phone ring. I am sure there were harsh words exchanged through email etc. which will happen in such situations. They did it
a lot, but yea, both Shawn and Craig went to prison for letting a phone ring. They intentionally set situations up to evoke responses they can use against targets. Blocking due process pisses people off, but the peasants are not allowed to speak up about it.

Someone else made this one. Any report of a sighting can be BS.
My favorite part of this demonizing hit piece was the theory that TV has caused us to be hedonistic. LMAO, I never watch TV, don't even have one. LOL.

"... a man accused of threatening to do harm to President Trump, a district attorney and police — has gained a fan base." Characterizing our effort to get the truth out about the history behind Shawn being the target of sexting by Sarah Palin at age 17 and then years later  after many other issues was running in refusal to attend a hearing where false evidence was to be used against him after he was set up as "fans" is assanine. We are supporters and protectors, stop trying to change the perception of the public to a false reality.

Made this one too.
"It’s not just a disdain for police, which a small percentage harbor." LMAO, I'm working on a video about police harassment here in Boise and it's just part 1. Get real. I was saved by good cops in New Mexico from bad cops for doing my duty as a citizen and reporting they were drug dealers...whistleblowing. It isn't cops in general, it's the overall military squad structure and mentality they have been made into that has made them dangerous and unpredictable. They even changed the psychological profiles to take on more sociopathic personality characteristics. There was a reason for that. Guess the author did not read the part of the story where we all loved a trooper in Kentucky and wished he was in our communities or that Karen Christy had two first degree relatives who were cops. Also we liked the US Marshal in KY, both LEOs did not make exaggerated statements to make the public believe untrue things about Shawn. Just the facts ma'am. There are good cops and bad cops, my mother told me to never accept a ride from a cop, there is a reason she did this and she was born in the 1920s.

"...just more entertainment for an entertainment-driven society. That’s why we believe folks — and we hope it’s a minority — are rooting for Christy. They are entertained by this big game of hide-and-go-seek and they don’t want it to end." Are you F-ing insane, a game? Sure you are a coward hiding your real name, but there seems to be more going on than that. How on earth would anyone think this is entertainment? It's been very stressful and frightening, the US Marshals tore up the Christy home even though the door was unlocked and harmed two cats, one of them died. They used threat signaling to the public, drove around in the backs of trucks with automatic weapons. We waited afraid to see any news for fear we would find out the US Marshals' goal of killing Shawn had been met. Craig had a G.I. bleed, seizures, the Christys hardly slept. I had a G.I. bleed too and an eye bleed. Can you imagine if your child was in this situation how you might feel? And after nearly a decade of fighting for justice? Really?

If you don't know the story Shawn seems like a guy who just likes to engage in criminal acts, but that is not the truth. It's just the recent surface story with the history that lead up to it told as if it all happened because Shawn caused it and covering up the details allows news media to say he has had a troubled past. His actions are the product of lack of justice and there are mitigating circumstances. Many are being driven to desperate acts through harassment campaigns, suicides, the shootings, some start using drugs and alcohol. Shawn has put himself in great harm to get justice, a subsuicidal act by a man who has had everything taken from him, when people have nothing to lose anything can happen but Shawn has not hurt anyone, he has made non-violent choices. Before the first car theft he was in Pennsylvania just before Trump was coming for a rally and there were conspiracy theories that he planned to kill Trump, the MAGA's were making death threats against Shawn, it was very dangerous, if something happened to Trump he would have been made into a patsy. He stole a car and got the hell out of there. His ability to evade and survive is not only amazing, but has also been the source of much humor.

Anonymous says the followers/supporters of Shawn are"...detached from the reality of the situation." No, we aren't detached from the reality, we know the story and feel the anxiety and fear. You are just another ill-informed journalist and it is very easy to see who you do your "work" for. .

The author tries to begin the flow of BS to discredit Shawn's story using the usual phrases, "alleged conspiracy" calling the accusations "far fetched" despite the fact that the Christys have mountains of evidence and the author who is representing the whole paper has never asked to see any of it. She states, (the author seems female), "Seems very random the government would single out this one particular person, but we’ll let you decide on that." Gaslight much? It may seem that way if you are uniformed, but people are being targeted all over the country. We have evidence in the form of books and articles about journalists being targeted for writing the truth after doing this thing called research. Don' worry it will never happen to you anonymous op-ed person.

The message is, don't look at the evidence, don't read the history of this story and an Orwellian-the less you know the more informed you are, just listen to us, not those people, they're all conspiracy theorists. Conspiracy theory is a phrase started by the CIA to discredit people who knew the story about JFK's assassination did not add up. That was the first nationwide smear campaign I witnessed while a child. There were all these young people who read everything written about the JFK assassination walking around with the latest book about it upset, confused, trying to sort it all out, it was all they ever wanted to talk about. They were not given the information they needed to understand it, instead they were labeled conspiracy theorists aka nutty. Theories are made to facilitate investigation to prove it right or wrong, sometimes what comes of the process is a conspiracy truth. Not much journalism or journalistic ethics to be found at the Times Leader.

Perhaps anonymous should do some reading since she despises TV like I do Rose McGowan was targeted by a security contractor called Black Cube, an ex-mossad run operation hired by Harvey Weinstein to spy on and discredit her? Weinstein went after women who accused him of sexual assault and journalists using Black Cube.

Then there was journalist Sharyl Attkisson who was targeted for one of the Smear campaigns she writes about in her book. It doesn't work out so well when the target knows what is going on, same with gaslighting. I have these books on my list but have not gotten to them yet, but researched their stories a few months ago. The government also hires these contractors in a type of human trafficking to go after innocent citizens, whistleblowers, activists, dissidents, journalists, those who have angered a powerful person or corporation, 60%-70% are intelligent, strong women, many are elderly. It's way worse than having someone lie to you all the time or steal what you are writing. I have have had those experiences for years, but there is so much more to what the government harassment programs do to innocent citizens, the good people, A-#1, to destroy our lives and slowly kill us.

I love this quote from the description of Sharyl Attkisson's book on Amazon, it reminds me of something, hmmm, what could that be. 

"The trick of the Smear is that it is often based on some shred of truth, but these media-driven "hit pieces" are designed to obscure the truth. Success hinges on the Smear artist’s ability to remain invisible; to make it seem as if their work is neither calculated nor scripted. It must appear to be precisely what it is not."
My meme from WBRE hit piece on memes.

Despite two hit pieces from the news media last week directed at the FB group, 'Shawn Christy Political Prisoner' we continue to grow. WBRE lied to Craig Christy about the subject matter of their hit piece on our memes to get him to do an interview by telling him it was about Shawn being a cult hero. Then someone on the news floor lied to me during a call to complain about my meme being mischaracterized as making fun of Shawn since it was featured. It is not making fun of Shawn, it's making light of the false sightings and the inability of police to find him which at times appears to be due to not looking for him. Most people could figure that out, but not some journalists who have agendas.

Despite the massive attacks by trolls on FB, hateful comments to my blog, people putting up pages of lies about me on the internet while using handles such as 'Silencing Celia' we are growing. Despite police harassment to the Christys, myself and other members, we are growing. Despite the gangstalking noise campaigns and other harassment where I live and when I leave my apartment or go to a grocery store we are growing. Despite the harassment where I live forcing me to have to leave soon to become homeless (not the first time this has happened in this cointelpro stalking and harassment program) I continue to write and am working on videos.

Another anonymous person aka a coward started a hate group against Shawn Christy on FB, 'Shawn Christy, "Menace to society."' 

This is the mentality of the group this post is from that page, the kind of people who make fun of disabled children.

This could be the same group this is attacking me and has put the page 'Celia Harrison Antifa Terrorist' up in several cities. Yes, some of it did crack me up, but this is libel. Topix has horrible customer service and does not respond to complaints. They simply have people fill out forms that only work part of the time, they suck. I contacted the FBI, I have no idea why because when I reported the cops in Deming NM were the drug dealers they told me to go to the city council meeting and talk about it. I would have been found dead in the desert the next day. Deming police are the ones who started doing traffic stops and taking people for forced colonoscopies and enemas. They gangstalked me, glad they hadn't thought of that back then, guess they were too busy stealing HIDTA money. When I read about their forced procedures I knew it was not about looking for drugs, it was harassment and torture.

Here is a comment I left the cyber bullies on Topix.

There are over 1000 members of Shawn Christy Political Prisoner on FB. We have had an impact, some people are looking at Shawn's whole story, not just what he was driven to do after almost decade of injustice and harassment. This is amazing considering how the Christys began posting on a police crime page about McAdoo and through a small number of people helping to get the word out had a rapid increase in members.


As of today, September 8th there are 1053 members, at the beginning of this graph on August 11th, there were 186 members. Thank you to everyone who took the time to read the history in order to understand. Many have said that before they even joined they could tell something was wrong with the story due to the behavior of law enforcement and news media stating that was why they came to the FB page.

The purpose of the group is to support Shawn and his parents and to keep the US Marshals from killing him. We also use some comedy on occasion to lighten the stress which gets intense. We have had criticism for using memes, but stilling meme-ing. What culture do these people criticizing memes think they are living in? Anything and everything that can be used will be to try to shut us up.

The more we grow the more people will know the truth, see the demonized person as traumatized, gaslighted by the narcissistic cabal but determined to fight for justice and truth. One component of the harassment programs is discrediting the target with disinformation and slander. People can review the information and see the actions Shawn is taking which many normally disagree with are being done because he has no other channels to justice, in his situation he feels at war because a war was waged against him. Justice is not equal in the United States and using the word 'justice' to describe cases against the powerless is ridiculous. One can submit to the lies or take a stand. In the United States the justice system is corrupt and low income people are treated as slaves, railroaded into the prison system for various agendas. This isn't just about justice, it is also about stopping the government harassment that has gone on for almost a decade since Shawn was 17. Those two things go together more as time goes on.

We can only have Democracy, Justice and Freedom if we work together. We have people in our group all along the political spectrum, except for MAGA bullies who are doing the cyberbullying attacks and sometimes they get in the group to cause problems, not all Trump supporters are like that. Some Trump supporters don't even like Trump, they just hope he takes out the deep state by causing them to be exposed, some of that has happened.

Most of the people of the United States agree on about 75% of the important issues, but people allow the propaganda streams designed to keep us divided to block the population from the most important and most basic rights including to organize for change, all of us together can make positive changes. Without truth and facts people can't make a decision about an issue for themselves. Facts have no political bias, but the solutions do, that is where compromise comes in.

We were able through direct complaints to get a problem US Marshal removed from being the spokesperson throwing out threat signaling to the public. He and local law enforcement in McAdoo likely prevented Shawn from going home where his parents could get him surrendered in a safe way.
Shawn has tried to contact his parents using a phone, but dialed wrong. The person who got the call contacted the Christys.

I'm still making memes.
It is interesting that in this age of so much censorship we have a story that in great part is being played out on Facebook. Shawn's personal page, Craig Christy's page and Shawn Christy Political Prisoner page have all played a part in communicating. Some of the communications have been trolls or people like Dakota Meyer popping in to make threats or attempts to provoke. Some of those trolls come to disrupt, attempt to cause problems among members (cointelpro), to find ways to file complaints with FB to get someone blocked, to spy for outside cyberbullying and law enforcement is of course using the FB pages for surveillance, go ahead there is nothing to hide, we are transparent but you aren't. The Occupy movement used FB and other social media to engage in organizing and to get information to their members and other interested parties. Occupy was destroyed by intel/law enforcement cointelpro operations, gangstalking, disruption, disinformation, MSM propaganda and created dissension. Some of those who were leaders had their lives threatened during the harassment campaigns and had to leave their countries for safety.

This screen shot is from early AM September 7th. As we got close to celebrating passing the 1000th member mark Shawn posted on his FB page. That and members sharing the post resulted in a big spike of viewers.

With everything that I write comes an onslaught of trolls, telling me my research is incorrect, I'm crazy, this or that in an attempt to disrupt me or make me feel negative, just like in Alaska. They can't change how I feel. Why would I care what an anonymous coward attempting to smear and discredit me but does not give a link to prove their claims thinks? Their sick issues are not mine. They also keep attacking Shayne Balliet who had the courage to post part 1 of a documentary interview of Karen and Craig Christy. Here is the link to the entro Shayne is working on for part 2. The rise of idiots and bullies is a sign of a totalitarian government, when a government pays them, there can be no question.

Yesterday the views were around 1400ish for this post, but did not get a screen shot. today they are 842. That shows a normal progression in views and that this is organic blog viewing, not a DDOS spike, your disnfo doesn't work scumbag.