Walking Around a Building, Really the Whole Block Several Times a Night Gangstalking Street Theater

This video is crap but documents parts of a three day harassment campaign done by a man who has stalked me in the past. He drives a white minivan and for weeks stalked me by himself appearing where I went. He would pretend he knew me. During all of this many men would walk up to me, call me someone else's name and put their hands on me. Then there was the guy who kept telling me about a woman named Zo over and over. I finally told staff at the library if one more drunk came up to me, called me someone else's name and put their hands on me I would be forced to defend myself. There has been a lot of other crazy things that have gone on at the library for years.

I am homeless after being gangstalked out of an apartment in Boise Idaho, living in a vehicle. That was the Civic Plaza Apts. HUD subsidized and completely un-monitored by HUD, the Idaho Housing Finance people and Steadfast Management which is worse than most due to both owning and managing the place, then on top of that the place is next door to a hospital which allowed all kinds of criminals to park in their little trailer park and the multiple so called security guard companies on the property which many know are often involved in gangstalking.

I park close to a building where people can hear if I honk my horn etc.until very late if there is danger. There have been gunshots around there and dicey people roam at night.

First night he walked around the building next to where I park a few times. I was like, whatever crazy man, then put covers over my windows and got ready for the night.

Second night a guy came barrel assing up behind my vehicle and slid in close. I then went around the block and parked behind him documenting his license plate. I accidentally got a video of the stalker from the night before walking around the building again and mentioned a man was doing that on a video.

Third night he went around the building several times, I just got video of a couple times due to the battery crapping out on the camera. As I drove in his white minivan was sitting with the hood up. He walked around the building with the hood of his car up. I did not notice the car the previous two nights, but it could have been around the area. When he was stalking me before he would sometimes show up without his car. After the third night that minivan was parked at Cooper Court by the homeless shelter.

These strange things happen around me all the time. Often they are done very quickly or in the dark or in a situation where others can't see or hear. That makes getting the camera on in time or seeing what they are doing with the camera difficult. They also do this street theater in places where they don't allow cameras.

This isn't a great video, but shows another strange type of street theater used against targeted individuals.

This was the last night he did this. Some time in the future I expect he will be paid to do some other kind of harassment. Since the data from the videos was not exact my decision likely would have been to not used it except for one thing, this man has stalked me before, then here he is again.



I parked my car along a road in the park system in Boise Idaho. Often I am drinking coffee, on an electronic device, etc. Frequently the Army of Weaponized Morons shows up to do strange things. This is street theater one of the tactics used for organized harassment, gangstalking, Zersetzen (STASI OP), American Operation Phoenix, Cointelpro, D & D (disrupt and discredit) and many other names. I often call this sort of thing a gangstalking LARP. I can't even begin to understand the mentality one would have to have in order to participate in harassing a stranger like this.

For many years I thought the things that happened to cause me problems were random or done by particular evil people having no idea this was organized on a massive scale. Most of us are like this unless we know where is is coming from. We don't think we are important enough for so much money, time and effort to be devoted to destroying us, but eventually it become obvious. There are so many this is happening to now that the type of people they target has been filtered out, intelligent, empowered, 68% female, high morals, activists, real journalists, whistleblowers, would be leaders, good people who are valuable to society, you know, the  opposite of the perpetrators.

In Alaska this kind of crazy street theater was not done, but other forms of evil were used. Boise is particularly insane with hordes of people with sociopathic characteristics and smug self serving immature people who will do anything to get something they want. This is not a random act of crazy, it is organized harassment which goes on continually around me. They were not practicing using snow shoes, I lived in Alaska 12 years, there is no learning curve, nothing to know, put the damn things on and walk. The hardest part is putting them on the first time. I used snow shoes that were made of wood in Alaska, the really old kind with leather straps, first time just put them on and took off. Using snow shoes on grass doesn't damage them but asphalt or cement is a different story. Going out in a group with manyof them wearing snow shoes, but some wearing normal shoes is an indication of something other than practicing snow shoes.What was that last guy supposed to be?  Often during one of their street theater operations I see what I call an observer sitting in a car, hiding in the stacks at the library, but they are probably more accurately called handlers.

As I was getting ready to leave the park this happened. I had my car on and the heater was blowing, I was laughing and swearing and making comments in the background but the blowers are annoying on the video so I removed the sound. I started the original video by saying I thought those people might have snow shoes on, lets wait and see.

Right after this happened which was on December 22nd, the videos almost never have the right date or time as it's a pain to constantly keep resetting them so I put the dates in the titles, I put it on FB. People said the video immediately made them think of the Walking Dead or Night of the Living Dead. For quite a while after arriving in Boise I would say there were a lot of zombies, but more often that there were lots of pod people here. I did not mean they really were just that they acted like them. They surround targets with gangstalkers who are taken from a pool of people who have sociopathic characteristics and are not too bright, America's brownshirts. They get something for taking actions to harm other people. This is just one incident the video worked for, more of them are not documented, but quite a few are. While this is funny there are other menacing, threatening operations and other things done to harm me daily, constantly and out in the open.


Part One, Coming to Understand I was Being Gangstalked Took Years, Many sources of Information Helped, My Files Stolen at the Interfaith Sanctuary in Boise Idaho Were Proof of the Organized Harassment Program Operated in Soldotna Alaska

In 2015 I had been gangstalked out of USDA RD housing in Soldotna Alaska by a shady character and his family, retired cop Greg Russell and the Russell crime family. Greg Russell works for the DPS teaching people how not to do the evil things he does and as their exonerator of bad cops.

I left Soldotna the First of March to be homeless in Anchorage after years of being harassed and tortured on a USDA RD subsidized property called Laurawood Arms. Then I was followed and harassed in Anchorage, leaving Alaska in September for Washington State. I had been lied to by a homeless shelter in WA and then came to Boise Idaho where I have a relative. That was a big mistake as the gangstalking is off the scales here and there is a huge Army of Weaponized Morons, losers who have nothing to do so willingly take money and other things to harm others. The management company and non-profit that owned Laurawood Arms, the apartments where I was gangstalked in Soldotna were also involved.

I did not understand what organized harassment aka gangstalking was at that time while still doing activism about the workplace bullying which gave me PTSD and destroyed my career, most certainly in my case the workplace bullying was secondary to an organized harassment program when one looks at the involvement of malfeasant officers of the court, corrupt police, corrupt agencies, wrongful imprisonment and all the other standard tactics they use to try and cause the destruction of a target. My goal then was to try to get government agencies to stop them and do their jobs, they don't when a target on a faux Fusion Center list has displeased some psychopath who has some power.

The only option was to become homeless in Anchorage Alaska staying at a horrible homeless shelter called Brother Francis. Then to add to the misery the guy in charge in the evenings hated women, treated us horribly and was specifically targeting me. The higher ups at Catholic Social Services allowed this, it was essentially torture, both physical and psychological and he even contacted the staff in an emergency room to slander me with lies. The abuse was so horrible it caused me to leave the director of Catholic Social Services messages sobbing about the abuse and for weeks and weeks she did not respond. Can anyone ever do their job? No is what I have figured out. In the case of the Catholics it appears they have saved up all their empathy for their pedophile priests, the victims not so much.

Back then I knew nothing about organized stalking/harassment and would have never believed the government would allow such a thing let alone participate in it, pay government contractors to do it and cover it up. They do, there is no doubt at this point. When capitalism dies the elites strip all the assets. The black budgets are used to allow former CIA, FBI, cops and military to form government contracting businesses to suck up as much money as they can from the budget of the United States. They know where that so called missing money from the DOD is. They also have their black budgets buried inside other agencies to facilitate robbing the people of the United States. No help for the homeless, those who need affordable housing, no help for going to college, education has been ruined, no fixing our infrastructure, nope the psychopaths who have ruined our government are stealing the funds needed for those things while trying to make the poor look like bad people. Fuck all of these scumbags.

In the mornings I would leave that shelter with a regular size suitcase on wheels and a heavy backpack to go spend time in a coffee shop before getting on a bus to head for the library.

There was much interest in my suitcase over along period of time which I ignored for years as it made no sense. That is why it took me so long to take the pieces of the story and put them together.

Years in an organized harassment program facilitated learning a lot about the crimes perpetrated from the federal government to local community level by sociopaths who have government contractor businesses. It is a new type of human trafficking that has been allowed to take off on a massive scale. Law enforcement covers the crimes up for the government and contractors, some cops work for them and the operations are compartmentalized so most don't even know about it. The federal government pays for this and it costs somewhere around $1 million per person per year to fund it. These are crimes against humanity, violations of many laws in this country. It is nationwide, worldwide.

Many are involved including cell phone carriers who supply live time location data which second and third party corporations sell to help the stalkers find us so we can be terrorized, harassed, sabotaged, have our health harmed, have them find us to shoot directed energy weapons into our bodies, many end up dead, die young or commit suicide. Our government, state, city, federal support them using government agencies and supplying the contractors with lots of money. No money for affordable housing unless it is a Housing First project that saves them money, here in Boise they like to give the subsidies for affordable housing to people building upscale apartments which is just another way for the oligarchy to steal from the people.  Little money for food stamps, no money to help young people go to college, but plenty to run a holocaust on millions of people. That is what our country and many others have become.

It took me many, many years to understand what is going on. Thanks to those who have written about it and their own experiences, the whistleblowers from the CIA, NSA, FBI, HLS, military intelligence and others who have come forward to help us understand and learn to protect ourselves. Most people will never understand how much courage it takes for them to speak up knowing they will be targeted and perhaps killed, incarcerated or declared insane. Those who come forward end up being targeted and it often includes their families. People commit suicide in the early confusion stage of being gangstalked in high numbers, educating the public so they understand what is happening to them helps prevent some of it.

This next screen shot is probably from 2015, maybe 2016. It was not HLS that was following me around. I believe it was the Alaska USMS deputies who were working for some government contractor or sent by Governor Walker's office through the Department of Law or the DOJ which they are under. The FBI and USMS are under the DOJ, but have different missions.

It was another administration, Sean Parnell's that removed emails from the Sarah Palin email dumps and hacked the reciprocal emails from the accounts of many that were screwed over by Sarah Palin (Parnell was her chief of staff). Since we can't get information and FOIA requests are ignored or inappropriately responded to we must make assumptions about what is going on and sometimes they turn out to be wrong. Putting the story together gets more accurate when we understand how the system works

Next is the post I made after someone in a coffee shop first said my name which I ignored and then he spelled my name very loudly. I had no idea who he was or what his connections were, now I believe this was an Alaska Deputy US Marshal named Ryan Thompson, he's kind of a smug ass who thinks his behavior is cute. Nope, he's an asshole. He is what I call the cops who harass a woman by herself here in Boise Idaho, a pussyboy. Deputy US Marshal Ryan Thompson has some connections to Pennsylvania. Interesting, just like the pussyboy here in Boise who told a cop the mayor hates me. The mayor denies knowing that guy. Why are all of these problem people from Pennsylvania?

This next FB post is about three months after the Arctic Conference and I did not have the whole picture put together yet, in fact it is over three years later and I still don't as they will do whatever they can to prevent me from getting information. Right after the guy above spelled my name behind me I went across the street to Mayor Berkowitz's office in Anchorage and asked if they had seen the Secret Service because people were following me around, then was a smart ass and told them if the SS agents are looking for prostitutes I don't have any connections, they'd have to contact Todd Palin. Since the Arctic Conference was going to happen, President Obama, the president of Iceland and others were coming. I assumed the SS was involved in some way with the stalking especially considering how I supported Malia Litman's investigation and FOIA requests of congressional testimony and SS records about one of Todd Palin's prostitutes giving service to the SS agent assigned to the Windigo from Wasilla, his wife.

Clearly several agencies were doing some kind of surveillance on me which makes absolutely no sense, but it does not seem to be centered on the Secret Service. For a year before the Arctic Conference I had strange hits on my blog and for the months before lots of hits which continued through 2016 during the presidential election campaign period, Janet Napolitiano's office at UC California, intelligence agencies, HLS, NGA, NSA, etc., contractors in Virginia, WA DC, Wasilla, Arizona, Florida and lots of NY banking corporations, law firms and PR firms. It was very odd. I contacted Governor Jerry Brown's staff to ask if there was some kind of intelligence agency embedded in the President of UC California's office and what was going on. The surveillance hits ended that day, at least I don't get info about that IP anymore, it may still be going on through a proxy etc. There is no reason for any government intelligence agency to be interested in me.It is true however that many good people have been placed on Fusion Center faux watch lists and secret judicial proceedings are used to have them gangstalked. It is the worst people in the country going after the best of us.

When you are being stalked and harassed it does not take long before you are able to see the signs of someone who is probably involved so you watch them. Now, I recognize even their speech patterns, the Army of Weaponized Morons act as if they all have chips in their heads controlling their behavior, many speak in catch phrases, they have blank expressions on their faces, they behave oddly, all things I notice before they barely get started with their idiotic street theater, directed conversations or other LARPS.

This guy appeared two more times that day, another guy appeared at the laundromat and Ryan Thompson was across the street at the coffee shop. When I went in to get tea he positioned himself behind me to see my laptop screen. Later that night the guy in this photo was at the shelter with his man-purse. I realized that my recognizing him and making sure he knew I did caused him to leave. It is clear to me his objective that night was to go into the storage room to steal my files or my whole suitcase, but was unable to after being outed. This picture was taken surreptitiously, I was afraid these people would assault me as they were trying to provoke me. Provoking me could have given them something they could use to have me arrested allowing them access to the contents of my suitcase.

I assumed during this period of time that they were interested in my suitcase due to the Arctic Conference and security. That makes no sense because if they were interested in mine they would have been interested in everyone's which they were not. They would have checked it at the coffee shop which was close to the hotel where the conference and participants would be. Rather than follow me around they would have told me what they were doing and asked to check it. They would have also been interested in my backpack which they were not. No, they were specifically interested in my suitcase and only my suitcase. Later I had that suitcase disappear after leaving Alaska. In Spokane a group of suits were standing around the luggage compartment of the bus and the Asian dude in their odd little cafe area delayed me, his behavior was so bad towards me two men got really pissed and refused to order from him. The suitcase came back a couple days later, Greyhound was horrible to me after having already caused lots of grief. Then that suitcase was oddly stolen, the whole damn thing from a homeless shelter in Boise Idaho. It was locked in long term storage and the minions were allowed access, someone was probably paid to disappear it. The reason I realized now are the files I had in the bottom of the suitcase. There were documents from several things I was working on. Many of them could be replaced but I lost some of the work already done.

The bulk of the documents were from Laurawood Arms, the USDA RD apartments where I was gangstalked by Greg Russell, his gangstalkers he organized on the property, his family, government agencies and the governor's office which of course lied to me. The corporations had participated, the management company and owner corp. in the harassment and most certainly had knowingly allowed the torture and abuse. There is a connection to the Alaska Department of Corrections, the Governor's office and more. That is why they were following me around, they wanted to see what I had and try to steal my personal property. The people who do these things are criminals, work for the government, moonlight for contractors making lots of money and in this case. I will describe why I believe these people who followed me around were actually Alaska US Deputy Marshals in other parts of this story.

I was not feeling well and wanted to get away from these stalkers and harassers. Feeling the situation was about the Arctic Conference my thinking was just getting away from that area until it was over would take care of the problem. A little guy I called Mr. Zombie showed up. 

They were not checking people in the area, just trying to get my files which had already been seen and probably copied. They spent a great deal of time and energy trying to get to my suitcase.

It was not why they were following me, but probably just cover. With gangstalking they use diversion to make people think someone else did the evil things they do and in this case the Arctic Conference was why the stalking, harassment and attempts to provoke me

The part about Karen Christy may be very true.

Still was trying to understand what they hell they were doing, but could not have understood such massive evil at that point in time.

It was really only in the last year that I was able to put together what was really going on. One of the reasons was some of Shawn Christy's posts on FB. This was before he went on the run. The very large operation of stalking, harassment, chemical/construction campaigns, noise campaigns, enter/exit, strange street theater, directed conversation, use of directed energy weapons, the Boise Police refusing to allow me to file police reports, the harassment at stores and in the park system helped to teach me this was very organized. It was mainly the clues from Shawn Christy and those who have been researching gangstalking and teaching the public about it which put down the main path of discovery.

End of Part 1.


Location Aggregators Get Our Location Data From Cell Phone Corps, then Sell it To Whoever. Bounty Hunters, Government Contractors Doing Organized Stalking/Harassment Are Tracking People in Real Time, We Told You, You Gaslighted Us

The government gaslights us when we report this and all the while they are assisting these second and third party contractors to screw us. America, you ain't so great.

We already knew they were selling our data, but not how widespread it is and that they even sell it to bounty hunters. I guess anyone who gives them some money can get any data no matter how much it harms someone or how heinous those who receive it are.

They sell real time location data. We know the government contractors who are doing the organized stalking aka gangstalking programs are totally unregulated and allowed to unmercifully destroy a person's life and cause suicides. Of course they are often working for the government which gives them license to harm large numbers of people. The cell phone companies lied their asses off when they said they would stop selling our data in May of 2018. I hold all of these bastards responsible for what I have been through including all the fucking politicians and law enforcement on every level. The police participated in it along with firemen and people from other agencies. You are all criminals. 

Well now...John Legere the CEO of T Mobile never responded to these tweets I sent him last May, too busy lying. Not surprised. All that matters to them is money, even profiting off of human trafficking is A-OK with corporate America and their intelligence, gov contractor clients. 

The problem here is all the major cell phone companies participated, so there isn't one ethical company one can chose from.

Yesterday I went to the T Mobile store where I originally got my phone. I told the guy the story and what had been revealed in the news about his employer selling our location for profit and that I had tweeted John Legere about it. He was still standing there looking shocked when I left.

I knew over a long period of time my cell phone was being tracked by those who were running the organized harassment program to destroy my life. These people are criminals, but so are the cell phone companies who sold them the personal location data used to stalk and harass millions of innocent citizens, not just in the United States, but all over the world. Then there are our government agencies who paid contractors to do this to us. False lists were created by Fusion Centers using targets as pretend enemies for profit. I'm a DES Daughter, a drug company used me for profit not caring that they were damaging me, same with many of the doctors, before I was even born. Now my government is taking me with my DES damaged body and doing what they can to cause me to die ASAP.

A couple weeks back the gangstalking started being less accurate. In the morning I would get ready to leave where I parked the night before since I have been forced to live in a car by these criminals. A car would park in the middle of the street between two other vehicles parked there and just sit with menacingly with their headlights on. When I left that car would follow me unless I took a long time,  then it would go park somewhere and then get behind me close to an intersection with one headlight on, one off. After that car followed close behind me a pickup truck would get on my ass and do vehicle harassment for a while. They would often follow me when I went to get coffee and harassed me at a convenience store. This is very dangerous and could have easily caused an accident which was likely their goal. Sometimes they did an FBI box which is where a target is surrounded on all four sides, prevented from making lane changes, turning and slowed down. That can also be used to cause an accident. This went on for months, then suddenly stopped. It was generally only done early in the morning when it was dark, bullies, narcissists and many cops are cowards. The Boise Police Department allowed and participated in these crimes.

I still get the cars with only one headlight on which drive by me. Two passed me this morning. Other gangstalking which requires the cell phone to track me has died down. It was due to the capitalists who will do anything to make money, even kill people finally being shamed into stopping their profiting off of this form of human trafficking called organized harassment or gangstalking.

The harassment has gotten much worse at the library, they know I will go there, where I will probably sit etc. I often have the one eyed cars behind me if I leave the library after dark. Lots of really weird things go on in the parking lot at night there. In the mornings I go park in the park system, drink coffee, etc. They are doing some really odd things to harass me.

At the Civic Plaza Apartments my cell phone was used to track me on a grand scale. When a target walks by a perp or someone who has an application that alerts them a target in their system of human trafficking is passing by they get an alert on their cell phone, pull it out, then look around until they see the target and get a look of recognition on their face, then they send a text message. They pay them to even text our location, not just to harass us. A motorhome was parked next door to the Civic Plaza Apts which was used for this purpose and to shoot directed energy weapons at me. It was parked on the property of St. Luke's Hospital. You would not believe the people and the rigs they allowed to be over there in the St. Luke's Trailer Park and Truck Stop. The Civic Plaza and that trailer park are the stuff nightmares are made of.

We need Neuremburg Trials. I have never believed in the death penalty, but all of them need to be put to death. Send them to an asteroid, jettison a pod to land on the surface, then send in a nuclear weapon and blow the motherfuckers to smithereens. Intel agencies, FBI, NSA, CIA, military intel, all those other agencies most people have never heard of. Add their puppet politicians to the list. Most important are the government contractors, the secret societies who got people on lists, the shitty little narcissists people worked with who got them added to a list, the corrupt FBI agents who went around in 2004-5 and told community leaders they could put people they did not like on lists (especially the combo CIA/FBI psychopaths) any members of a family who got a family member targeted, significant others who did this, send as many pods as it takes to get rid of the bastards, every fucking one of them. Don't leave any of their DNA behind it could infect some lifeform somewhere in the universe. Blow up all the buildings used by the government contractors, especially that one on Overland used by G4S and don't leave the healthcare providers who intentionally misdiagnosed targets and the desk staff who sabotaged them. The list is a long one. 

There should be a special place for all the cops in every community who prevented targets from filing police reports, did not protect the targets from harassment that sometimes leads to suicide, homelessness, health problems, financial destruction, severe isolation, spread false rumors about them in the community, sent a psych unit when they told the absolute truth about what was going on but did nothing to stop the fucking perpetrators and most important was their gaslighting of people who needed them to do their fucking jobs. Put them in a front row seat, strap the bastards down. Make sure the cop I called when someone orchestrated me being locked in a storage facility who came and insinuated I broke in to steal things and was a circular talking ass along with the one who told me he brought a social worker with him, "...because we don't believe your stories." Let's say I was lying about them, how the hell is a social worker aka social engineer going to help you with that Bubba? Don't let me forget the cop who talked crazy to me on the phone when I called about harassment, perhaps he was not even on the BPD and the call was diverted, send him to the asteroid. The thing is I never lie and I do not like most social workers, it has been my experience a large number of them have personality disorders and have been put into place to fulfill a political agenda, that is certainly true in Boise. Ain't it so.

Who Owns Your Real-Time Location Data?


LocationSmart didn’t just sell mobile phone locations, it leaked them


Cell Phone Location Data Is Being Sold to Bounty Hunters: Report


Notice how she mentions that to be an FBI informant they want criminals. I keep saying the organized harassment Army of Weaponized Morons are chosen due to sociopathic characteristics. Normal people would know what they are doing is wrong. BTW, I believed the Geek Squad in Anchorage Alaska copied my data from a dead laptop. They also trolled me.



Shawn Christy Story Rated High for 2018 by MSM in PA, As Always Some Important Parts of the Story Were Never Told, I Do My Best to Fill In the Blank Areas

Was working on this before I got influenza which is most likely (A) H1N1 the widespread flu virus in Idaho and a large number of other states. Still not over it, but looks like I'll live. Many will be disappointed. I kept trying to get this done, but could barely function. Living in a car in the winter in Boise Idaho did not help any but was certainly a better situation than either of the two local homeless shelters. Last night it was super-humid, suddenly cooled down around 9 PM, heavy rain, then the temp went back up later. Whatever the temp here it always feels several degrees colder.

Karen and Craig Christy went for a walk in the woods and found Shawn's bike that he left the night he came to their house after the FBI/USMS criminal raid on their home. If the FBI/USMS were actually combing the woods next to the home of Karen and Craig Christy why were they not able to find a bicycle? Why did they not find Shawn's camps like his parents did? I'm guessing it's the same reason so many businesses had their security systems turned off when Shawn was in the area.

The Standard-Speaker staff in Pennsylvanian has voted Shawn Christy's story the "best story" in 2018.  

The Christys and others find some deficits with the article, just like all articles about Shawn. Many things are left out, mainly the past stories that lead up to him running and being forced to do things considered crimes to survive and protect his life. Then there was about a decade of harassment of Shawn and his family. Why are those things not reported?


The Standard-Speaker doesn't even give 5 free articles a month, nothing, so providing a link doesn't help people do research.

In the article that does not give an author it is stated that Shawn was evading law enforcement to avoid arrest. Let's clarify, Shawn was refusing to attend a hearing due to not being given the unaltered video of a set up incident in which he was assaulted and then in backwards-bizzarro fashion charged with assault himself. With the failure of the prosecutor to charge former Mayor Holly with the assault on Shawn along with charging Officer Lahovski with altering evidence, there is also clearly a conspiracy and others are involved including the dude standing by during the assault. Why is it the news media can never capture the complexities of any story even when the information is easy to find?

Considering the massive show of force and constantly claiming Shawn was dangerous to the public put on by the US Marshals along with actions such as riding around in the back of trucks with automatic weapons for news media footage Shawn was running for his life. What choice did he have? The first alleged car theft happened as Donald Trump was coming to the area Shawn was in. There was a strange incident that looked like some kind of intel school play that occurred during that visit. The article starts with, "Kate Mazz, a brave follower of QAnon..." just to give you an idea. Where are the recent stories about the two people involved, after all that woman was a brave Q follower, LOL? Both of them appeared to be following Q Anon, I am familiar with that propaganda stream, this means they would be Trump supporters who believe in fairy tales. Then this guy comes from another state to shoot Trump? The woman has lunch with him, he tells her he is going to kill the Trumps, but she waits until later in the day to report it. Guess she was finding her courage. Come on people. Were they waiting to see if something else was going to happen? Perhaps looking for a particular person to set him up and then had to throw this story together as cover?

Shawn is well aware of how the FBI and USMS operate, this would be a high alert situation for a set up. I would have run from the area also.

The next reason for Shawn to keep running were the threats, death threats, threats of hunting him down from the public. Many of these were posted on FB with pictures of the weapons they
claimed to want to use. They were left up a very long time by FB.
There was and is a huge troll attack from many angles including criminal, despicable forums run by very disturbed individuals who may be LEOs on TOPIXs attacking Shawn, his parents and supporters, especially myself. TOPIX recently abruptly discontinued all of their forums. That was most likely due to a man who filed a lawsuit and my threats of a lawsuit. No apologies from TOPIX, nothing, nada.



The Mansfield News Journal had a vote, I do not know if it was journalists or their readers, but the result was this story about Shawn Christy's new federal indictment being number 2.

Shawn Christy's story was #2 at Hazelton News 1, #1 was about bestiality.

Shawn's run over three months lead to many, many articles, if it was all in one story it would have been #1everywhere as the public was highly interested and closely following what happened for different reasons.

Dog the Bounty Hunter

Le's clarify a few more things for the impaired news media. Dog the Booty hunter was never planning on going out to capture Shawn Christy. My very informed guess is he was working as an FBI contractor. He kept pressuring the Christys to call Shawn, that resulted in his phone being pinged and the FBI/USMS were able to use that metadata to pinpoint the area where Shawn was hiding. If Doggie boy wanted to capture Shawn himself and he was expected in the area very soon why on earth did he knowingly assist the FBI/USMS to get that phone pinged. Hello. 
Duane and Beth Chapman have an upcoming reality show, they used this FBI/Doggie con to go on the talk show circuit and say negative things about Shawn as if they had something to do with the case. The only thing they did was misrepresent what was going on to Craig and Karen Chrsity so they would call Shawn. Who was that "friend of the family" Dog said hired him to help get Shawn safely captured? Was it Uncle FBI? I sent the Chapmans an email asking if they were government contractors...no response. I know, who would expect a government contractor to run silent.
The Chapmans have had huge problems with their kids including deaths due to bad choices, was there ever any attempt to help LEOs safely capture their own kids?
Fast forward to a couple days ago. We find out the Chapmans are being sued for reneging on house payments and other bills associated with their house in Hawaii.  It is very interesting and hilarious that the two suing them have the same first names as Shawn's parents, Craig and Karen. Remember they went to the house in Colorado recently from southern California stating it was against doctor's orders? That is called going AMA, against medical advice. There are hardly any medical conditions anymore that require people to stay in the hospital for long. They had claimed it was a life threatening situation, does  it make sense she would take off under those circumstances?
During the Dog the Bounty Hunter reality series they made it look like they were Hawaiians and lived there all the time. There were Colorado shows made to look like they were helping out another bounty hunter there. I am guessing Colorado was always their main crib. Reminds me of the fake reality shows in Alaska about people who claim to be living off the land.
The Chapmans are desperate for money. They used Shawn to get on the talk show circuit, probably will use some kind of footage about Shawn to drama-up their show. The government will pay these contractors huge amounts of money and as I have seen with the government organized harassment programs often choose the most shady characters to set people up who get away with wearing the mask of the good guy.
Yes, I fell for that mask years ago myself, but since then have been through quite an education program fighting the Army of Weaponized Morons and corrupt government. Unfortunately the people of the United States are unable to understand the truth about many things.

Craig Christy says the pinging of the phone was not the real reason they were able to capture Shawn in Ohio, it was due to Shawn's injuries and starvation status. He was unable to make the best decisions due to low energy/nutrition and it was of course hard for him to quickly move at that point. 

As a DES Daughter and having had a pre-cancerous colon polyp I have waited wondering my whole life just when the cancer would hit. With DES it is know as the Silent Trauma. I have essentially for over a decade not really had health care due to the harassment program even though I paid for Medicare monthly, they sabotage it and provide misdiagnoses and medical bullying. If Beth truly is ill and especially if her life is being threatened I apologize for doubting the story considering the rest of the engineered drama, but something is not right.

Bristol Palin and Dakota Meyer

Then there is the clearly engineered reality show manipulator use of Shawn's story by Bristol Palin who lied and said Shawn stalked her for over a decade. Like mother, like daughter, they both did that. Shawn did not stalk either one, there has been years of them trying to set up scenarios to make it look like he did, so far no evidence was produced because when something does not happen evidence of it doesn't exist...well unless the FBI make-crime-program is involved. Please explain to me why MSM does not report these pathological lying grifters for what they are?

Bristol's ex-husband (the ex part may be a LARPed situation for profit) Dakota Meyer is clearly a government contractor who worked to provoke Shawn, to set him up, had to be involved in placing the stolen USPS vehicle in his yard for Shawn to find, has a brother who works for Senator McConnell and trolled Shawn on FB. Dakota Meyer participates in the reality show Bristol is on, he made a phone call to her that Shawn had broken into his home after Meyer taunted Shawn to go there. Law enforcement and Meyer were well aware that Shawn would likely go to that home and not one cop or Meyers or anyone was there, nope, just the stolen USPS vehicle. There were many vehicle oddities all through the story along with businesses not having their security system on, etc. On that idiotic "reality" show Bristol and Dakota used that engineered scenario for drama. A close look at that story shows something is clearly not right with it, just like the Duane Chapman involvement. 

The Story Gets Weirder. Shawn Christy May be Close to Dakota Meyer or This May Be An Intel School Play, Where is the Evidence? Dakota Meyer Decided to Leave Craig Christy Harassing Comments


Whew! What a Day, Evidence Finally Presented, A Kentucky Trooper Everyone Loves, Reporter Asks Questions, Shayne D. Balliet of Hazelton One News Is Making a Documentary, Dakota Meyer Has a Panic Attack

The most glaring information missing from all news media is the Sarah Palin history, not the lie that Shawn was stalking her and most certainly not Bristol Palin who recently lied about it. Why is that?

Shawn Christy’s Psych Eval Was Done on July 3rd 2009, the Day Sarah Palin Resigned. HELLO ! Sexting With a 17 Year Old !


Reposting Karen Christy's Post Describing Why Shawn Christy Was Angry in 2013, Sexting is the Key


When discussing the threats posted on FB mentioning Morganelli and Trump there was no mention that Shawn has a history of making idle threats when he is pissed off, you know, like lots of people do. In fact large numbers of people have made threats against President Trump without any legal action taken, most likely due to it being obvious they have no intention of actually harming him, they are just pissed off, you know, just like Shawn was. Shawn has extra reason to be pissed because most likely Trump has intervened due to being a good friend of Sarah Palin. Yep.

I am just full of questions today. What I want to know is who put this fabricated epic run together? Who is behind all of this? Who wanted Shawn to have a massive number of charges because he went on the run for already being set up, assaulted and wrongfully charged in an attempt to force justice from the corrupt courts? One only has to look back during the time when Shawn was seventeen years old and then follow what has gone on since to understand who would want Shawn not just incarcerated for a few years, but put under the prison. Who could have been in a position to ask others with no conscience to help her? Who could have been in a political office and used that power to destroy a young man's life? Who is friends with the current president, quite manipulative, has a history of being vindictive and has a violent family?

A quote from a Joe McGinnis article when he was promoting the book he wrote about Sarah Palin, The Rogue

"Why is anonymous sourcing OK in Washington or New York but not in Alaska, where the consequences of being quoted by name can be far more severe? In Alaska, people refuse to speak on the record about Palin for fear of losing their livelihoods, and threats of violence.”

I would also like to know who is running the harassment program against me, it has a distinct Alaska flavor and Boise has been very nasty. Idaho is where the Palins came from. Yep.

Anyone have any courage to provide some evidence to help out Shawn Christy, anyone have any morals? Same in my case or anyone who has information about the harassment programs in general that can help the targets please understand their use means we are not living in a democracy and these are totalitarian tactics. Be careful and provide the information anonymously if you work for the military, an intelligence agency, have been a government contractor or are in a law enforcement agency. There are people in place who know about these programs, there are thousands of contractors and in many places this is a part of community policing.

This is from the Richland Source in the Mansfield Ohio area where Shawn Christy was eventually arrested.
This is one of those meetings of a police organization where they pat each other on the back and talk about how heroic they are. They never mention the organized harassment seminars or shooting Native and Black people at these things. 

Collaboration in the Shawn Christy Manhunt...
The Spread the Light kickoff event also recognized how local law enforcement's ability to collaborate impacted the Shawn Christy case in September 2018.
A fugitive from McAdoo, Penn., Christy was captured in Madison Township on Sept. 21 after leading law enforcement on a three-month, multi-state chase.
"It truly was a team effort, coordinated from the bottom up," said U.S. Marshall Brian Fitzgibbon. "When (Christy) was captured, he said to the officers on scene --  these are his words -- 'the one mistake I made in the last hundred plus days on the run was I picked Ohio to dump that car.'"
Mansfield Police Chief Ken Coontz and Richland County Sheriff Steve Sheldon also spoke on collaboration.
"I think in Richland County, we are very, very fortunate. All of the law enforcement agencies, we all get along great... And if something happens in this county, we are there, we are there together. " Sheldon said."

After that press conference of BS that was held after Shawn was captured I asked if Shawn actually said this doubting it. Craig doesn't think he did.

"[T]he one mistake I made in the last hundred plus days on the run was I picked Ohio to dump that car."

Of course if he really did there should be a recording of it unless it was Lahovskied. 


The Population is Slowly Becoming Aware of the True Hierarchy of the United States, Keep Your Eyes Open, Soak in the Truth, It Happens in Different Ways

Marcus Conti discusses how Wells Fargo which my mother always called, Wells Fart-n-go set up fake accounts attributed to customers and then stole fees from them. Just like the drug companies factor law suits into their profit schemes for drugs they know will harm or kill people which are a fraction of the billions they rake in Wells Fargo is paying a fine which is tiny in comparison to their profits.

I had my own abuse/corruption episode with Wells Fargo and wrote about it in 2010. I did not know about this scandal and have to wonder if I was in it due to some odd deductions from my account.


 Marcus Conte describes who is really in control of the United States, it isn't We The People.

Then Conti discusses Morgan Stanley getting a slap on the wrist fine for turning a blind eye to money laundering. These financial institutions launder money for our own CIA and other deep state controlled entities.

Jimmy Dore's video is about the fake Russia narrative created to manipulate the public. This is the deep state aka the real government doing this.

He discusses what is happening right now on social media and other places, the massive censorship. It comes from the oligarchy who the government calls third party experts. The government through their intelligence agencies use contractors, non-profits and connections to corporations to control everything. They also do the gangstalking or organized harassment through these contractors.

For the next video understand the Robber Barrons are called the oligarchy now. Note how they are using Russia as a scapegoat which is a continuation of the Cold War Russia scapegoating, now watch the video to understand where it all came from. Feel the desperation.

The deep state is controlled by the oligarchy. Listen to Professor of economics, Richard Wolfe discuss how after WWII when the economy had been taken away from the Robber Barrons the deep state which was of course run by wealthy, powerful elites began a decades long propaganda campaign against the types of economies that benefit the common people. All of us were propagandized and most believed at least part of it for decades in my generation and my parent's. The elite colleges are where CIA and other intelligence staff come from, they are trained to think in a particular way, told Capitalism is the only economy we can possibly even think about, the others are evil. Then there is the myth that socialism and communism are the same thing. That is because the ultra wealthy are in charge and Capitalism benefits them, not the working people, not the poor, not the retired and certainly not those who became disabled working for the oligarchy's corporate economy. The people pay for the infrastructure the Corporations use to conduct their business, we also pay to clean up the environment they destroy in many ways, monetarily, with our health and the future of humans on this planet.

Richard D. Wolff explains the history, what happened after the Great Depression and WWII and what the oligarchy has done since to undermine the people of this country. They went after the left, FBI conintelpro was used, it was a war on citizens of this country and they won. The right wing still believes the left is running the news media, no the deep state is and there is a massive amount of data that shows the CIA is embedded in all of it. They used the movie industry during the McCathy era to attack those on the left while at the same time saying that industry is liberal. It makes no sense. They got control of that industry and used them to make propaganda movies. At this point the movie industry sucks. 

How pathetic is it the deep state has been on one theme for decades, Russia causes all problems, Capitalism is good, Socialism is bad and have convinced Americans Socialism is Communism. They stopped teaching about different economies so people do not know the differences and don't take the effort to teach themselves simply believing the deep state oligarchic directed propaganda.

For years I have had these financial institutions on my blog, for a long time not understanding why that would be. A large amount of the views were leading up to the last presidential election. It takes a massive amount of money to run organized harassment/gangstalking on just one person, but there are millions of us. Who controls the DOD, the CIA and the FED? Who also has a large amount of their own money to destroy lives with?

Then someone posted this next video on FB. I was familiar with this man's story. His attitude has changed due to being exposed to the Mexican people. He has learned some truths. He like many of us was a targeted individual in the United States, but often it continues when you go to another country. Those who are not targeted do not understand what he is talking about because they have not experienced the disrupt and discredit organized harassment due to our corporate directed government funding those very costly STAZI programs.

He's conservative for sure, I'm liberal, a real one, not a damn Democrat and say many of the same things. They have used the two party system to divide us when there is so much we agree on. The Constitution, the Bill of Rights, Justice, Democracy and Freedom are what this country was founded on. Yes, the rights of other people were trampled on to do this, but at this point in time who doesn't want the abuses, murders, and bullshit of the United States to end? There are issues in some parts of Mexico, corruption, drug cartels, danger, so it isn't fabulous there all over, but the people will stand up and march unlike most in the U.S.

For many taking the option while young to start a career in another country is the best choice. That is harder for older people to do. Social Security has already done something really ugly to me and being on Medicare does not help either as it does not transfer to the national systems of health care of course. Many older people have children and grandchildren who will be in this country to worry about, so will not leave. I have checked into going to another country for years, the cost of living in many places is much better and so is the quality of life. The gangstalking does not usually stop when a target moves out of this country, because it is the world oligarchy that controls it. The main question for me turned out to be, do I want to leave and be safer or fight for changes to save the United States?


Merriam-Webster's Word of the Year is "Justice," Shouldn't it Be "Injustice?"

Merriam-Webster has chosen "Justice" as the word of the year. This is interesting. They say it was a top word for look ups this last year and was checked out 74% more than last year.

People in the United States are not educated about our system of justice or they would be wearing yellow vests and marching in the streets by the millions. Those of us who have come into contact with our so called justice system know it is not really about justice.

What happened to the Constitution, the Bill of Rights? Why are people not fighting to get them reinstated? Why are prosecutors, the FBI and USMS allowed to lie about defendants, why do prosecutors control the courtroom? Do you know the FBI and USMS are under the Department of Justice? Do you know that many agencies have double agents so to speak such as being both FBI and CIA. Which agency do you think pulls more weight controlling the decisions and actions of the other agency? 

I'm a targeted individual, justice is never allowed for us, police block T. I.s from even filing police reports, allow crimes to be committed against us, injustice is engineered against us by government agencies and contractors. If we try to report crimes we are labeled as crazy, mentally ill because the perps, handlers, compartmentalized cops, community policing bullies, gov. contractors, military personnel, cause groups, non-profits of FEMA, HHS, Infragard participating agencies, corporations and non-profits etc. design their little idiotic operations to be crazy. The stories are hard to believe so they use them to discredit the target. Many of the ops are designed to look like some idiot or a group of idiots did some idiotic thing this is true, but it is organized, they are trained and instructed to do these things. Statistically when it happens to one person on a daily basis clearly it is intentional activity. If something odd happened on a rare occasion it is normal, but daily or almost daily or several times a day is organized harassment. Not all people are rude and abusive, if one is surrounded by those kinds of people statistically that is not normal.

The police refuse to look at the evidence or document it, the targeted community is documenting and since this is a part of community policing the handlers have inserted false documentation about the target to be used for discrediting. The goals are to stop the person from doing journalism, whistleblowing, organizing politically, doing activism, or because a wealthy or powerful person or corporate entity does not like them. They want us dead, very ill or locked up in a prison or psych facility, any of those prevent our thinking and acting.

I'm INFJ and intellligent, that is about all it takes for idiots to think I'm nuts, intuitive thinking and emapathic. I would call doctors and tell them something was wrong with a patient, but could not explain why, the labs, x-rays, etc. would have been done along with asking coworkers to look over the patient and test results. They would get pissed and think I was nuts, then the patient would crash. One time he was in the early stage of a cardiac tamponade, if the doctor had come in and ordered testing I could not order he would have probably lived. The only test I could do for a cardiac tamponade is a manual procedure called pulse pressure, it was too early for it to be abnormal. That doctor showed up johnny-on-the-spot when I called him after that. Stupid people think intelligent people are crazy and I really don't care just leave me the fuck alone.

This all comes from the deep state controlling what this country is, where we will go from now, these tactics are well documented as being used by several countries for decades, including our own CIA. The CIA now owns the FBI, the military and FBI own local police. Clearly the deep state is controlled by the oligarchy, working for their interests and against the common man and woman.

As a person who was set up by officers of the court, public defenders, a prosecutor, a judge, false documentation of  a probation officer and Alaska State Troopers in a conspiracy a few days after my filing of an appeal I can say justice is only for the privileged and those who are not aligned with or controlled by a false narrative of the deep state are put into a program for destruction. If the government wants a person guilty of a crime they will make it happen with falsification, exaggeration, demonization and lies.

The justice system is weaponized against government targets. False charges are made, saboteurs are sent in to manipulate, the person is put in destitution in order to try and get them to do something illegal to survive, lies are told to the public and the so called officers of the court. The whole system is aligned including public defenders whose job is to threaten the defendant into a plea. Government agencies in my case also had key people who screwed me over, the Board of Licensing for Nursing is the most obvious example. They organize workplace bullying which is often a part of organized harassment, they put massive operations in place to damage the mental and physical health of a target including at stores and apartment complexes. I left a massive operation at the Civic Plaza Apartments in Boise Idaho after HUD, the Intermountain Fair Housing Council (on-profit associated with HUD), legal aid, the Boise Police and other agencies refused to either help or do their jobs. In some cases my phone calls were diverted upon attempting to contact them, especially with the Intermountain Fair Housing Council, someone finally told me the man who said he was the director that I complained did not seem to know what he was talking about was an imposter due to the director being a woman. I also tried a law clinic at a local law school, same ignoring tactics were used as everywhere else. Then when contacted again they produced whining. They are told to sabotage me and how to do it.

If people were to really understand the situation we find ourselves in wouldn't they be looking up the word "Injustice" rather than "Justice?" Injustice for the common people is certainly happening on a massive scale.

Justice is used in place of words that describe evil acts, genocide, racism, hate, violation of basic rights, inhumanity, bullying, targeting for destruction, discrediting, control of would be leaders, cointelpro and much more. The justice system in this country is weaponized to help the powerful and wealthy get charges dropped, secure light sentences and control others. Then the system of injustice is used to overcharge, falsely charge, harshly sentence and destroy not just the defendant, but their whole family or community, an especially obvious goal in Black communities. It is not an accident nor are these random actions, it is planned and was implemented like so many of the other negative changes over a period of decades.  

In the case of Shawn Christy a set up was engineered for him to be assaulted by Mayor Holly, but there were several co-conspirators and then Officer Lahovski altered the video to leave out segments that incriminated Holly and others, the end result was to be Shawn Christy charged with assaulting the mayor when anyone can see who the aggressor was without the missing segments. Shawn after a decade of being lied about, set up, charged with crimes, provoked by bullying from Sarah Palin's lawyers refused to go to a hearing unless he was given a copy of the original video and Lahovski and Holly were charged with their crimes. He was gone for several months and in several states, eventually arrested in Texas. The USMS knew where he was as he worked on the books, did an interview with news media and stayed at a homeless shelter (all homeless shelters are required by federal law to document all who stay in them, FEMA, HHS). Then later when another hearing was scheduled, same thing, he went to the woods to camp. That was the beginning of a three month run in which his life was threatened by the USMS and moronic bullies in the community who stated they would shoot Shawn and were going out hunting for him. The marshals threat signaled to the public causing this hysteria and rode around in the backs of trucks with automatic weapons pretending to search for him. My assumption is the school play was not played out yet, it was not time for Shawn to be captured yet.

Is it justice to charge Shawn with the crimes of stealing cars to run from these dangers, death threats? Is is right to charge him with crimes for break ins due to starving caused by injustices done to him? This is injustice compounded by injustice which clearly our DOJ, law enforcement and courts are now made of layer by layer.

The guns he was suppose to have taken from his uncle's house have been revealed to not belong to the uncle. Isn't that interesting? What agency evidence lock up were they from? The USPS Jeep that was in the drive way of Dakota Meyer and his brother, Gilliam was stolen from another state, why was it sitting there waiting for Shawn? Very interesting. Gilliam works for Senator McConnell, that is interesting as well. Duane Chapman was sent in to convince the Christys he wanted to keep their son alive and would like to get him to surrender to him for safety. What he was really doing was trying to get the Christys to call Shawn so the FBI and USMS could ping his phone and use that for a capture, then make it look like they were so clever at tracking suspects. Shawn had already proven they were not, but doesn't it look like the whole run was orchestrated what with all the opportunities put in Shawn's path, the vehicles with no security or businesses that either had none or their security systems were conveniently turned off, certain things were left in Shawn's path and the odd vehicles, the school mini-van, the oil company truck, the work rig that had the transmission go out, that USPS vehicle with the right side driving, not the usual choices for vehicle theft are they. I believe Duane Chapman is a government contractor just like Dakota Meyer.

This scenario Shawn went through was planned over several years, there are many players who were organized to help the whole story play out. We can get into more details of that later. What I want to say here is the reasons were twofold, to shut Shawn Christy up through criminal charges and incarceration,to protect Sarah Palin and to provide drama for two "reality" shows for profit of the criminals working the
plan. That idiotic teen pregnancy trash show Bristol Palin is on where she tells lies such as Shawn Christy stalked her for a decade when he never did one time and she used the school play at her "ex-husband's" home to do a dramatic phone call for the show. They designed it, law enforcement knew Shawn was in that area and were not present at the home, no one was there, nope, just the jeep placed in the drive way that was stolen from another state. Wonder exactly when it arrived and just who was on my blog that night. I thought it was Shawn, but now I don't think so, it was probably someone wanting to trigger my reporting the IP hits. I did, but no response and Craig Christy notified law enforcement. Made crime is what the FBI specializes in. They and their USMS partners were nowhere to be found when they knew the location a fugitive they were tracking while telling the public he was dangerous, interesting, yes it is.  

Timothy Gilliam, Dakota Meyer's Brother is a Field Rep. for Mitch McConnell in Bowling Green KY and Worked For Americans For Prosperity (Koch Brothers), Now Isn't That Interesting?


Father Poole Who Was a Serial Sex Offender in Alaska and the Lower 48 Worked at St. Joseph's Hospital at the Same Time I Did

Being INFJ I sometimes just know things and spent most of my life trying to push down my intuitive thinking, not anymore. Awakening around 5 AM with a feeling of dread I thought, oh great I am going to find out something today that is not good or something bad will happen. That is how it works.

Then I saw the article about Father Poole being kept under the protection of Gonzaga University.  While researching I found a picture and thought he looks kind of familiar. 

I am in shock at the craven protection of men who harmed others by the Catholic Church. Not only did they protect them, but allowed them to continue to offend and helped them get positions, reassigned them knowing full well they would sexually abuse the vulnerable. I almost vomited reading this article because I came to the realization of something creepy.

From ABC News:

The following year, Father Frank Case, the head of the Oregon Province, endorsed Poole for a new position. Case is currently vice president at Gonzaga, an adviser to the school's president, and chaplain for the school's nationally ranked men's basketball team, the Bulldogs.

He wrote a letter to the Catholic chaplains association backing Poole's application to become a chaplain at St. Joseph Medical Center in Tacoma, Washington.

"(Poole) is a Jesuit priest in very good standing, and it is my strong expectation that he will serve in such a ministry in a manner that is both generous and effective," Case wrote. Poole got the job, working at the hospital until 2003.

In a 2008 deposition, Case said he did not review Poole's personnel file before writing the letter because he had no indication of misconduct. In a statement through Gonzaga University's public relations office, Case said he did not have access to Poole's personnel file.

I lived in Spokane, went to college in the area to get a BSN in nursing around the mid 1980s. My first job after graduation was at St. Jospeh's Hospital in Tacoma Washington, a couple decades later I moved to Nome Alaska where I have my own personal story of unbelievable abuse and observed the abuse of the Native people. While living there I knew nothing of the massive abuse of women, boys and girls by priests and others in that area, except that it had gone on at the schools the Native kids were forced to go to away from home. While in Spokane I did volunteering with the Catholic Church in the early 1980s as many services such as Hospice or working with the homeless were not paid for by insurance, the government or non-profits.

Here is what shocked the hell out of me, Father Poole who had abused Native women and girls in Nome Alaska and other places was hired by St. Joseph's Hospital in Tacoma Washington which I worked at in the 80s and 90s. I provided a link below to a chart which shows he was at St. Joe's when I was there and I remember that priest. He was at St. Joseph's hospital around 1988 when I was a new nurse working my first job as an RN. I don't remember names, but remember a very charismatic priest who was always talking about "pus pockets." St. Joseph's Hospital had a huge problem with abuse of nurses and the second time I worked there they intentionally hired a psychopathic CEO who then hired hench-people to go after nurses, especially the well educated intelligent patient advocate types. Despite the abuse there were amazing nurses working at St. joe's back then.

Later a supervisor at another hospital said I was put on a trouble maker list and secret codes were used to indicate certain things about nurses applying for jobs. When I asked her if it was St. Joe's she said yes. That psychopathic CEO I mentioned had been at St. Elizabeths in Yakima which I worked at in between the two times I worked at St. Joe's. He caused a strike, told people in the community nurses were not worth what they were being paid and was fired by the nuns, but he lied about it telling the story like he just got a great job offer. Yes, I did tell that story when I went back to St. Joes and was horrified to find him as the new CEO. He would be the type to orchestrate retaliation.

The Catholic church does many evil things to people and I was not much of a trouble maker back then, but thanks for helping me in developing the skills to become one, appreciate it. I remember they did personality testing which we all thought was benign, guess they found out I am INFJ, a natural born change agent.

In Anchorage Alaska the Archbishop is in charge of Catholic Social Services which ran Brother Francis, the homeless shelter. He refused to even have a meeting about the horrible conditions and abuse from a man who hated women and did horrible things to me. People told me that man went to the bus station hunting for teenage boys to have sex with. I did not really believe it until I saw him there myself. No one at the Catholic church listens to reality which is one of the signs of a cult. And they aren't the only ones, religious cults disguised as mainstream churches are epidemic.

This website has a list of all of Father Poole's assignments and the years he was in them along with the name of those who supervised him. 

This list shows he got around all over the place which means people knew and kept sending him to abuse the vulnerable. It is so disgusting, but people knew and stayed quiet about it, protected the perpetrators, not just the church, that includes law enforcement and politicians. They are continuing to protect perpetrators of rapes of the Alaska Natives. The Catholic Church like so many other religious organizations decided the Native people of Alaska were inferior and allowed them to be used by their serial sexual abusers and pedophiles. Such a long, long history of allowing the Alaska Natives to be abused in so many ways. Is it any wonder that the trauma leads to problems with alcohol and drugs? But then those medical conditions which are secondary to misdiagnosed or undiagnosed trauma illnesses are used to discredit and stigmatize them.

In many wars sex is a weaponized tool, so I have to wonder if the hush, hush secrecy cover ups were done for more reasons than to protect the Catholic Church which is certainly involved in world politics.Then there were law enforcement and the politicians. I expect the situation was very similar to the Native women who are raped now and then the police do nothing.

This is all so disgusting and it is so hard to believe those in charge not just in the Catholic Church, but those in law enforcement in Alaska did nothing to help the victims of these predatory priests or bring them to justice. Those who protected them are very often not even fired. It reminds me of cointelpro set ups to have people falsely arrested, the perps they use to commit crimes against the target are never charged with the crimes used to traumatize and set up innocent people. No, they are given promotions, high paying jobs and political appointments, in the political arena or at the Catholic Church. 

I was in Spokane where Gonzaga University gave this serial sex offender protective refuge later, then it appears I worked at St. Joseph's Hospital with Father Poole in the late 1980s after he left his career of sexual abuse in Alaska, but had abused others in the lower 48, then my journeys took me to Nome where he had harmed many in the community. I did not know the story while living there. I am INFJ, but this story is even freaky for me. I knew about the police in Nome Alaska not arresting men who raped women, but found out after leaving about the priest abuse.

What a country we live in. Allowing all of this to go on for decades. We certainly do live in a psychopathocracy.

I contacted St. Joseph's administration department where of course all I could do was leave a message. I would like them to verify that he was indeed the priest who was the hospital chaplain when I worked for them and get a statement about how the organization feels about the Catholic Church sending him to work at an acute hospital. If the nurses had known his history we would have scheduled him for a bilateral orchiectomy.