Why Can't Don Young Retire and Democrats Stage Faux Sit In For Appearances Sake, Conscious People Said FFS

Don Young makes it so easy for me, what a jackass.

AK Rep Don Young worried about demeaning congress.
 He has an amazing amount of votes he misses in congress, a large number of his excuses are medical or family issues, but mostly he gives no explanation. It seems he should probably be on disability. If we check the DSM 5 there is no doubt we could come up with a couple diagnoses to help that along.

Here is a past post on Rep. Don Young:

 Alaska's Congressman, Don Young, One of CREW's Most Corrupt Members of Congress for 2013


Don Young made the comments below, what a swell guy he is.

From the ADN:  

And he did not think the behavior suited the decorum usually reserved for the House floor. And he certainly did not keep that to himself; at one point he attempted to wrest a microphone away from another lawmaker in a confrontation that caught the eyes of some reporters in the gallery above, but no apparent cameras.

AK Rep Don Young worrying about "decorum."
He apparently said these sit-in action was demeaning, I guess he felt they should have used racial slurs or been wearing a beanie. '"It was like a bunch of babies, spoiled, displaying their dislike and not understanding really what they want," Young said…"'

Hypocrisy much?

John Lewis has never even met Bernie Sanders or his wife.

“I never saw him. I never met him.” John Lewis about Bernie Sanders

No, Rep. Young it was like a bunch of people who are worried about their next election and realize they may be in trouble secondary to all the new Berniecrats who will be running against them. They have sat on their asses, allowed corruption, have become as owned by corporations as the Republicans, do not speak up for the people and when someone finally comes along who does they don't support him, hell John Lewis couldn't even see Bernie in the past. If Dems really wanted to pass gun legislation they would have done so much sooner, but nope. The sit-in was a show, fakery, a manipulation. Bernie is real, you aren't.

John Lewis is unaware of Bernie Sander's civil rights activities, stages faux sit-in with other Dems who have allowed our civil rights to deteriorate and have turned their backs on liberal principles. Our elections are now rigged like a banana republic.

That one C-Span viewer was me, when the video was turned off I was like, what the hell, I bet the Republicans shut that off but people will say I’m a conspiracy theorist if I say so because no conspiracies ever happen in the United States, 1+1=0, vision is blurred and logical thinking is gone. People also believed this woman was seven months pregnant and those who thought she was not were conspiracy theorists.

This is what should be happening instead of a faux sit in.

This is made by a man from Israel, Igal Vilensky, but from something I found it looks like he may have a brother involved as well. 


Tim Black on the Guccifer 2.0 Documents, Who is Guccifer 2.0, Anonymous on Google's Manipulation of the Internet for Warhoundilary, then a Berner Meditation.

Tim Black's take on the revelations in the Guccifer 2.0 documents.

Snopes has an interesting article in which they claim nothing True or False about Guccifer 2.0 or the documents. It is assumed the documents are actually from the DNC considering they had already said the Trump research had been hacked and rather than answer questions about them the DNC is completely silent. If the documents were false they would be screaming about it. The other issue is the DNC had lied about some of the other information that had been compromised.

Guccifer 2.0 Claims Responsibility for Purported DNC Network Hack

Although the DNC has blamed Russia for a computer network security breach, little surrounding the hack has been confirmed or verified.

The DNC and their contractor have claimed that Russia did the hacking. Those who read articles would realize that Hillary likes to position Russia as our enemy and we have been building up bases around them, so accusing them fits in with Warhoundilary's agenda of wanting to draft women into the military and then create WWIII.

One of the reasons I am mentioning this article is as I read it I had a different take on who the potential hacker(s) might be. Proxies with servers that misdirect IPs can be used to give false locations, you can get one from French companies easily. Sophisticated hackers know how to get around being discovered obviously, so the DNC can't be sure of anything, but did this hacker have to be very skilled to hack these hard drives? Perhaps they just guessed the password which was probably something like, "fuck Bernie." Some of it seems simple. Yet, they made the claim that there were two groups of Russians. Then Guccifer 2.0 claims it was just him or her.

While reading the information on Snopes even though I already knew most of it the thought that one or more retired, perhaps expat former employees of at least one security agency may have done this hack, CIA, HLS, FBI, DIA, military intelligence, etc. There is a huge number of these agencies and many of them are on my blog often either with IPs that ID them or suruptitiously using regular general IPs, sometimes you can figure it out. I had never even heard of security agencies like the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency. At first I thought they were reading about problems, but no they are doing surveillance on me. Someone or someones who already knew the truth about what went on at the DNC, wanted the public to find out and are attempting to facilitate change to stop the election rigging in the United States and keep Warmongerilary out of the White House so she can't complete the preparation for WWIII, it is already set up. This could of course be the Russian government trying to stop Hillary from being elected or some other government or group of people. Who knows who it really is. It could also be some pimp faced teenager sitting in his or her bedroom.

Anonymous explains how Google is manipulating search results. I had figured this out for myself long ago because one day a search would yield certain results and the next day there would be pages and pages of bullshit blocking it. As it turns out a former DNC employee works for Google now. Google also helps monitor the web for the government so it is all a big brother manipulated mess.

Meditation for Bernie Sanders activists.


Alameda County/District 13 Flips to Bernie, Jimmy Dore on Guccifer 2.0 Revelations, Debbie Lusignan Interviews Bob Fritakis About RICO Lawsuit

Oh my goodness the crazy troll comments, they get so pissed when they aren't published. They are so uniformed too, totally illogical and the precious things are all anonymous. I guess Hillary couldn't afford to pay for names. I guess the regular Hillary supporters don't have enough courage for their own convictions to publicly use their names. It must suck to have to shift around in the dark posting comments of bullshit keeping your identity secret because of the shame of your unethical candidate.  
I think they should all watch this video. 

District 13 in California just flipped for Bernie Sanders, Alameda County which I posted a couple days ago was only a few points behind Hillary is now for Bernie. It was really weird that Alameda went to Hillary because it includes Berkeley and Oakland.

Alameda County, District 13

Thank you Alameda County. Here is an obvious song for both Oakland and the Bernie progressive movement by The Coup who are from Oakland. Listen to the words.

The second video below is of Jimmy Dore on the Guccifer 2.0 documents demonstrating DNC was only for Steallary from the get go, their tactics to block Bernie Sanders and pick the Republican candidate for HRC to run against and their manipulation and collusion with the news media. You know, just like those of us who are not zombies said. Let me just mention this again, President Obama was part of this.

Jimmy Dore.

The Sane Progressive, Debbie Lusignan interviews Bob Fritrakis about the coming RICO lawsuit. Bob Fitrakis is a lawyer, political writer, a candidate, and Professor of Political Science. He is one of the two lawyers in the videos I already posted. They did not file the RICO case in Ohio due to the consensus being that it must filed federally due to the widespread election rigging. Bob Fritrakis in now an expert witness in the case rather than one of the lawyers. The case has been delayed due to the massive election rigging/fraud in California needing to be added to it.

Bob Fritakis, “There was a coup in California, there was not [an] election, there was a coup d`etat…if we want to be a banana republic…we already are…these scenes should be taped off, police should be there, forensic computer experts should be breaking down the machines.”

“ …when you have blatant theft and systematic targeting of voters of a candidate, it’s supposed to be your’re a sore looser if you don’t go along with election rigging.” He gave a message to Bernie Sanders, “The justice department needs to come in, cybersquads needs to come in, people need to be arrested…they need to be held accountable for the purging and the violation of the voting rights act."

Some of the counties in California have voting stats that indicate they did not allow election rigging. Bravo to those counties. Here are the ones which at this point in time have Bernie Sanders at 60% or greater, Humboldt County where I was born, Nevada County, Butte County, Trinity County, a place I love and Mendocino County which is a pretty cool place too.

Here is a song about Mendocino, there are no songs for the others that I can find. This is from 1969 at the playboy mansion. Hehe, Hugh Hefner was a dorky dancer. 


Guccifer 2.0 DNC Hacked Documents Reveal Pretty Much What We Already Knew, But Evidence Is Very Nice

It’s always easier to blame enemies than to admit one’s own incompetence. German Kilmenko, President Putin's internet dude in response to the DNC and their contractors blaming Russia for the hacking. Keep in mind the United States is right now trying to engineer a war with Russia and China, this is a sign of insanity. What if whoever hacked these documents did it to prevent Warhawk Hillary from becoming president and instead prefers a candidate who has empathy, common sense and ethics?

Guccifer 2.0 blog

Parts of the documents explain what has been obvious, her main strategy was she is female which makes no sense. We should have had a female president long ago, but one who is not a con artist, one who cares about people, one who wants peace, one who wants to reverse our damage to the environment, one who cares about education on every level, one who wants universal health care, one who is not under investigation for serious crimes, one who has not taken money from foreign interests to fund her campaign and foundation and on and on. Type of sex organs is not the determining factor for me in selecting a candidate for any office.

Then the next part of the strategy was to go after the Republican candidates by manipulating and using the corporate media to help them select the candidate for "HRC". Donald Trump is easy and running against an obvious asshole who certainly can't be the president was suppose to assure that Hillary who is also very disliked could win. What really gets me is how they constantly try to make it look like Bernie is going to cause Trump to be the president when first of all they picked a weak candidate and second of all they manipulated the bastard into the position of candidate to help their crap candidate Hillary Clinton win. If you have a shitty candidate the way you win the election is to have a shittier one run against her.

It is also clear they decided Hillary Clinton was the candidate from the get go, it is very true they were not impartial and tried to squeeze Bernie out, he was never in to begin with. Hell they did everything they could to stop him, but it did not work. Democracy is not the Democratic Party's strong point. They even rigged an election. Disgusting.

From DNC email hacked by Guccifer 2.0:


 I can't wait for the documents Guccifer 2.0 gave to Wikileaks to be published. Please hurry!


Update X2:A View of the California Democratic Primary Count As of Today, It's Heading Down Bernie Lane

In California they are continuing to count votes even though the news media has called the primary for Hillary Clinton, oh wait, it was called for her the night before the California primary and also primaries in five other states. At the same time President Obama told news media he wanted to get out and stump for Hillary. I'm sure that was just a coincidence and not coordinated she said snarkily. This was done to effect voter turnout due to election rigging which was done pretty much right out in the open but the news media never noticed due to their handlers being corporations owned by the overlords.

The process of counting continues, this is just a snap shot of where they are today. All of these percentages will change as the counting of votes continues. My purpose here is to show it was very premature to say Hillary Clinton won California when no one knows even now who won. I believe Bernie Sanders won by a landslide, but this is just a belief until the votes are counted.
Apparently the MSM and President Obama have some kind of ESP because they knew who won the night before the primaries. Or did they have some kind of information I did not have access to, now what could that be? I also believe many people were unable to vote due to corruption. How many ballots were discarded or will be? They will claim incompetence which is the main cover for corruption. Corruption causes incompetence but incompetence is also intentionally created to cover for it.

This is the statewide percentage for today with a ten point difference from the California Secretary of State's website. If you go to the webpage you will see this at the top, then just scroll down and click on states to check the results so far.
I counted 58 counties in California. Three counties, Glenn, San Luis Obispo, and Santa Barbara are declared for Bernie Sanders while originally having been declared for Hillary Clinton. Why these counties were declared before the votes were counted is a very good question. What happens with election rigging is they manipulate certain types of voters to have to fill out provisional ballots or other types putting their votes to the side out of the main count. Then often they just throw them away. This time some very smart people made sure the population was educated so they could catch the tricks and manipulations. Election lawyers were also involved. California has to count the votes, but we will never see the true results due to corrupt actions. They are forced to count the ballots they have due to the shitstorm created by pissed off people. Thank you shitstormers from all of us who want to live in a democracy instead of an oligarchy. It seems many Democrats want just the opposite, no, no we don't mind an oligarchy, not counting votes, that's just fine because our candidate has a vagina and look at Trump, the bad man, we must cheat to defeat him with our candidate that has a much less chance of winning an election against him than Bernie Sanders. Interesting logic, or lack thereof.

Today I went through the counties to see where the percentages were and was very happily surprised with the partial results. At this time 24 counties in California have the percentages showing Bernie ahead. This is not the official count as it is ongoing and can change at any time. Hehe.

County                   Clinton                Sanders
Alpine:                    45.6                     53.5
Butte:                      38.2                     60.8
Del Norte:               40.4                     57.6
Glenn:                     46.7                     51.5
Humboldt:               31.0                    68.0
Inyo:                        42.3                    55.8
Lake:                       46.4                    52.1
Lassen:                    42.8                    53.6
Mariposa                 44.1                   54.1
Mendocino              36.4                   62.9
Modoc                     43.5                   50.7
Mono                       44.3                   55.2
Nevada                     38.5                  60.8
Plumas                     44.0                   53.7
San Luis Obispo      48.5                   50

Santa Barbara          48.6                   50.7
Santa Cruz                42.0                  57.4
Shasta                       46.2                  51.6
Sierra                        42.5                  56.4
Siskiyou                    38.6                 59.5
Tehama                     46.8                 50.5
Trinity                       37.3                 60.8
Tuolumne                  Essentially a tie
Yuba                          45.7                  51.8

Below are nine counties where they are within a few points but Hillary is ahead. The counting could throw those counties over to Bernie easily. We have no information about the counting, how much is done, how much is left and it is supposed to take weeks to complete.

Yolo, Ventura, Sutter, Sonoma, Colusa, Calaveras, Amador and Alameda.  

Update1: El Dorado counties is now within a few points with Hillary ahead today June 16th 2016.
Update 2: Alameda has flipped for Bernie, the county and District 13, this is the Berkeley and Oakland area. 
Orange County is the most conservative county in California as far as I know. Hillary is ahead there but this partial result is a positive surprise. 

Orange                        53.5                 45.6

The truth is hard to find from the MSM, walk away from the TV.

The Sane Progressive is the brilliant Debbie Lusigna. I agree with everything she says about the election rigging, her critique of Bernie Sanders and that we have no choice at this point other than to take to the streets but most of the public are completely blind to the truth. Our news media feeds the public bullshit and they eat it up.