Pissy Brissy Continues To Tell Lies Disproven Years Ago For Profit. MTV Are You Able To Do Any Research, Do You Enjoy Civil Litigation?

Well golly, gee whiz someone in Kentucky seems interested in a blog post I made before Bristol Palin's massive slanderous and defamatory lies about Shawn Christy were broadcast for millions to see. In between birthing babies and punching hosts of parties in the face Bristol Palin likes to tell huge lies. Shawn Christy was not a "longtime stalker" of Brissy because he was never her stalker. He did not stalk Sarah Palin either, this is another Palin fabrication to use others for publicity and profit.

 From USA Online News:

Bristol explained on air that the man, Shawn Christy, had been “in and out of jail,” but was now “on the run from the law.” This concerned Palin, of course, who figured the only reason the man broke into Dakota’s place was due to her.

Please, this has absolutely nothing to do with Bristol Palin, I could just vomit. Considering law enforcement had been informed that Shawn might be in the area of Dakota Meyer's home and Meyer had been taunting Shawn on his FB page and more trying to encourage him to show up it seems something is clearly wrong here. It is clear that this was an encouraged and orchestrated break in with a vehicle placed at the home for Shawn to take off in. After Meyer taunting and LEOs informed he was in the area by Craig Christy and I posted screen shots of IPs with a map on the FB group 'Shawn Christy Political Prisoner' which law enforcement monitors they were not at the house when Shawn arrived. With all his taunting and threats Dakota Meyer was not even in Kentucky. That is an indication the whole scenario was engineered for this idiotic Teen Mom show on MTV.

Why are they glorifying teenage mothers, it happens that girls get pregnanct and I would not demonize them, but instead say it is an unfortunate situation which should have been prevented through appropriate education in the schools. That appropriate education is something Sarah Palin would like to prevent. I guess that is so her daughter can first become an abstinence profiteer while still fooling around and then profit off getting pregnant as a teenager while telling lies about someone.

The falseness of her lies is old news:

Cops, FBI: No arrest in Palin stalker case


UPDATE: An Alaska State Troopers spokeswoman also says they have no record of arresting Christy. A spokeswoman for the Anchorage Police Department, Anita Shell, also said her office had no record of contact with Christy.
UPDATE: The origin of the story appears to be a February trip Christy took to Alaska, which appears not to have run afoul of the law.

But Eric Gonzalez, a spokesman for the FBI's Anchorage field office, said the stories were utterly false.
The Anchorage office "has not arrested or had any contact with Mr. Christy," he said.

Yes, very old news, but there is no lie like a Palin lie, it never dies because they just keep telling it despite reality. The origins of the lie were Sarah Palin's father, Chuck Heath, it is likely he was told the lie by Sarah Palin.

My post before MTV decided to broadcast the lies far and wide is below. 

Bristol Palin Lies, Shawn Christy Has Never Stalked Her, or the Quitter That Birthed Her. MTV, WTH?

I posted that before the airing of the whole show, secondary to a promo of the lies.  Apparently producers at MTV don't know there are no lies like Palin lies, always massive and backed up by wielding power and using government coffers to pay for organized harassment programs, oh and apparently husbands of Bristol who have government contracting LLCs are used. Just click on the above link to get links to the Palin brawl police recordings where you can hear the Palins lie about lots of people and as a group. That is one reason I call them the Palin Crime Family. You can hear Sarah Palin ask a pile of people rumbling if they, "...know who we are."

There were several witnesses who reported that the Palins lied as a group about what happened, they were the instigators of the problems at the party. Mr. Thompson lost his job for telling the truth, the opposite of what should have happened.Like he says people are afraid to speak up about the Palins because they go after people and destroy their lives.


The lies are a family affair with them, a tradition. All Palin lies are bless-ed and so are their violent acts. Many people have been harmed by them.  

It wasn't just defamation of character that was involved here, she also has interfered with Shawn's ability to get fair trials, the jury pools have now been tainted.  

I have not seen the show as I do not watch TV and certainly not these idiotic reality shows unless I know the people and just can't believe they have sold their souls to pretend BS for money. If there is an extraordinary show on TV I will watch it on the internet.

This is not good Ms. Pissy, you have known for years the crap you are spewing is lies.

Well now, who could this be?

It appears someone in Kentucky is interested in the above post. I wonder who that could be, if he is having a panic attack over this and if he has a right sided USPS vehicle in his drive way.

I am now pretty sure I know where the organized harassment program against me is coming from due to some coincidences. I have lots of the morons used in the operation documented.

The operation on Shawn Christy was planned over years and the lies were built upon lies to fashion a fortress of bullshit for the news media and the idiots who
write for reality TV to believe.

We have a nation of sheep, idiots who believe the lies of bullies and morons. Our country is not going to survive as those who tell the truth are attacked and destroyed on many levels.



Greg Russell, Retired Cop Who Organized Gangstalking at Laurawood Arms USDA RD Apts Hired by Nome Alaska For Harassment Training Including "Hostile Work Environment," You Can't Make This Crap Up (Part 5)

Once again I will state I thought I had Aspergers back then but now know that people with high IQs have traits of autism and are often ethical whistleblower types. 


I was working on a post about the rapes that have continued with little intervention in the Norton Sound Region for decades and how the Native Women are organizing to work on that issue. They are changing and have changed the leadership of the Nome Police and city management. While doing that research I found out something that triggered my PTSD. On November 4th 2018 I called the Nome Police Department and talked to their new investigator, Michael Heintzelman. I know...investigating in Nome, who knew it could actually happen. Remember how hard it was to get them to investigate all the missing Native people? I explained the story, he is new and probably will be won over by the other side who will be lying their asses off and that is what is wrong in Alaska.

It isn't just that the information triggered me, but also it is an anniversary date of the melt down I had in Nome Alaska on November 5th 2005 from severe workplace bullying, gangstalking, an unregulated IHS facility with huge issues of corruption and incompetence, watching large numbers of raped women come to the hospital, some from more remote villages and the cops would not arrest many of the perpetrators, having the SART person on call not show up, having the police dump intoxicants on me in the ER who sometimes assaulted me, often being in charge of the ER, the clinic and the drunks in the hall, being at odds with the police for this and receiving their harassment. 

When they arrested me for putting drugs in my pockets in a dissociative state due to being suicidal which was part of my already formulate suicide plan which also included a 14 guage catheter in a radial artery as I knew what would work my supervisor told the police I was not allowed to be admitted to the hospital while a psychologist stood there saying I should be, it is in the police report. You can't make up evil like that, it only exists in horror movies. 

Did they think harassing me on that anniversary date would keep me from writing? No, by history I tend to spill my guts when triggered.

The harassment program continues, black men LARP, enter/exit, shining lights in my car at night, walking around the car. I am homeless because the police in Boise Idaho gaslighted me over a long period of time and yes there was harassment, but they allowed massive harassment where I was living. I wore a body camera for months and have only just begun publishing the story. It is all connected over the years. I am a serial whistleblower, was it the drug dealing cops in New Mexico or my Medicaid fraud employer that began this, perhaps both or was it Nome or was it Greg F-ing Russell or is it related to the Palins protecting Sarah from sexting 17 year old Shawn Christy? Does this go back to the psychopathic CEO at St. Joseph's Hospital in Tacoma Washington? That is quite a story. Who put me on the JTTF/NSA/list and which one is it, journalism, media influencer, truth teller, we know the United States treats real journalists as terrorists now. What is the deal? 

In Nome it could have been FEMA/HHS/IHS related. I was told decades ago by a supervisor at a hospital I was on a trouble maker list. I asked her if it was related to St. Joes, she shook her head yes, I was not much of a trouble maker then unless patient care was compromised, but St. Joes was in the process of running off the really intelligent, well educated nurses who as one doctor described us, A-#1. That is what happened to nursing care in the United States, that CEO had been in Yakima when I was there causing a strike and the nuns fired his ass for tell people in the community nurses were not worth what they were paid. One thing about the harassment programs, most of us do not know why we are being stalked, harassed, sabotaged, have our health harmed, are intentionally isolated and on and on. We as a community have looked at who we are, highly intelligent, very ethical, moral people and 60% of us are women, the independent, intelligent types. 

There were issues with the police in Nome back then and from what I have been reading that continued. When the police chief from when I was living there applied for the same job in Soldotna I wrote a letter to city hall, it was very emotionally challenging for me so I did not do a very good job because I could not even read it again for editing. This guy is a friend of Greg Russell so I knew that would mean more harassment from he and his.


The retired cop who I generally describe as a retired psychopathic cop who was the handler of the gangstalking done at a USDA RD senior and disabled property who went after me for years and then the maintenance man and then a manager has been hired by John Handeland, interim city manager in Nome due to massive incompetence and corruption there has been a huge shake up there. Greg Russell who did many cruel things at Laurawood Arms was a gangstalking bully and that included workplace bullying so here he is teaching the city of Nome how to not do such things. I could have a hypocrisy stroke. That is so Alaska of them. It is the insanity of Alaska.

Greg Russell workplaced bullied employees after he and his wife resigned to protect the wife's son who was not doing his job. I have never heard of retro-workplace bullying before. The grandmother of the wife lived on the property so they used her to gain access which prevented extricating their asses. The state, owners, USDA RD and management company and others did not do their jobs which is SOP. 

Nome police officers to begin wearing body cameras

Handeland has contacted the Alaska Municipal League concerning training for staff on Sexual Harassment and Hostile Work Environment. An AML police consultant, Greg Russell, will lead the training. Attendance will be mandatory for all employees, according to Handeland. Handeland and Estes will work with Russell on added training and assistance in policy-review development.This week, a police chief visiting in Alaska with another agency will provide a mandatory training: How to assess and improve operations of a small law enforcement agencies.
It's a sick, sick decision. There are many witnesses to the stories I have told about Greg Russell and his organizing of elderly women with dementia and some with personality disorders to mob people on that property. Very disturbing. It was he first harassment I received that was organized into standard gangstalking procedures, Greg Russell was the handler who clearly has no conscience using disabled, elderly, some with dementia and some with intellectual impairment. Those are the kinds of people they use for the boots on the ground harassment everywhere, the Army of Weaponized Morons. Gangstalking is the slang term, not the real name of this, it is organized harassment based on Stazi tactics which have been used by agencies of other countries, generally totalitarian which is what we are becoming, our CIA has done this for decades. It is often done by the government but can be done by corporations, wealthy people or cause groups, it is very expensive as many people and resources are used. Those cause groups are often hired as government contractors to stalk and harass people or sabotage them in their jobs. Retired law enforcement and military with sociopathic characteristics often create LLCs and seek government contracts to harm innocent citizens.
Greg Russell told other residents, contractors, the owners, the management company and people in the community lies about me. One of them repeated the lie in front of me and I told her I had already explained that never happened. There was a rehab of the property which was not allowed on my apartment secondary to Greg and Jennie Russell targeting me and spreading lies, then when I left I was charged a large amount of money by the idiots at the management company because the 25 year old stove in my apt was not new like the others, yes, they all got new appliances and I got abuse and lies.  Greg Russell and his family which always included Jennie's mother, son and grandmother organized against a good maintenance man, a nice guy too for telling his employer the son and step son was not doing his job which of course was part of his own job. The reason he told them that is it was very true. That son had a burglary conviction and was manipulated by Greg and Jennie into the job of apartment manager when they left to retain control to harass me. Then when the pot smoking son was gone and the management company hired a new manager they mobbed her. They would get a room at the senior center and bring their gangstalkers to read speeches written by Greg and Jennie stating things that were not true. I sat there going, "This is a mobbing" and "The Russells did the same exact thing." I was not told about the second one but someone told me it happened. The new manager was mobbed to the point she could barely go outside by the crazy old broads the Russells had told lies to.

USDA Elderly and Disabled Housing Abuse (Part 1), Crazy Bullying 


USDA Elderly and Disabled Housing Abuse (Part 2), Corrupt AK USDA Rural Housing




I have yet to tell the whole story and since Greg Russell is still running around trying to wear the mask of a good guy I will have to finish the job. That includes how the mother of a supervisor at the DOC which I was also writing about was moved in next door to me to do noise campaigns, then she moved her grandchildren in, how they burned out the boiler and I had no hot water for months having to heat water on the stove to bathe or do dishes, how someone snuck into her apt in the middle of the night, how she went to the store leaving the small children alone to do all kinds of crazy things, how the sons would come by and glare at me through the window along with that one broad probably married to one of them. It was a senior and disabled complex, not family housing, but suddenly that changed with no announcement so they could harass me. Then they moved her to another apartment and the last maintenance man who participated in the harassment against me began to do chemical, noise and other harassment campaigns against me for weeks. These are one bedroom apts., even a trashed apartment would take no longer than two weeks to rehab. Maybe I should include how there was a woman with sever e dementia in the building who could not remember to turn off the water and her stove was rigged so she could not use it, I contacted Adult Protective Services who sent me a snarky letter and did nothing to help the woman or how the Russells used the Long Term Ombudsmans office in a corrupt way to fulfill their agenda. I could go on all day but have other writing to do. 


Laurawood Arms, December 2011 Mobbing incident/First Amendment Violations, USDA Rural Housing Nightmare (part 4)


There is a hell of a lot more to this story, but the USDA RD can only have their operations people look at my blog, not fulfill FOIA requests and not take care of business when there are problems on properties so no wonder they love them some psychopathic onsite managers. 
There were lots of views from this office for years, no one did a damn thing, not even any contact or response to FOIA requests. 



When I left Laurawood to become homeless to get away from the constant chemical and noise harassment from the sociopathic maintenance man I brought lots of evidence for civil action. After I had been homeless in Anchorage a while I was followed around and harassed by people who tried to provoke me and they look very much like, especially two of them, Alaska US Marshals who had no business stalking me and even if they had a reason for an investigation this is not that, it is harassment. There was never a reason to investigate me. 
I left Alaska about a week later, that was in 2015. At a very abusive, dysfunctional homeless shelter in Boise Idaho my files of evidence and personal papers were stolen, facilitated by the staff and their minions. There had been interest in those files in Anchorage while I was being stalked and then my suitcase that held them disappeared from a Greyhound bus for two days. 
No one listens in Alaska to the truth. I tell the truth then they declare I am crazy which is SOP for government harassment programs. Then after years the story comes out not because local law enforcement or whoever had the responsibility of taking care of the issue did their job, no because another agency or task force found out about the issue while investigating something else. Then it is made public. Has even one person told me, hey you were right and we should have listened to you rather than rewrite the police report to make you look crazy, refuse to file a police report, tell lies about you, call you a liar and hang up on you, make you homeless, do a large number of other cruel things to you such as devise a conspiracy of officers of the court to have you wrongfully arrested and imprisoned three days after you filed an appeal that resulted in your cat being starved and tortured, your property being either stolen or put out in the rain, you being tortured by the sick bastards working in the prison. 
What is most amazing to me is they do these cruel things to upset the target and then act as if there is something wrong with your reaction of being upset. Of course I would be upset and angry. They do these things to provoke targets into violent actions to use for criminal charges and imprisonment. Sometimes the best they can get is calling angry repeated phone calls harassment like they do with Shawn and Craig Christy. 

I just can't believe the crap that goes on.


While I lived at those apartments the Russells managed and then manipulated Jennie's son into the job of manager I was an activist around workplace bullying and attended borough council meetings to speak about it right across the street from the apartments. There had been a workplace bullying shooting at the hospital in Soldotna before I got there and Ray Southwell had been speaking up about it as he was an RN there. He was fired for that and then won his case with the NLRB, he took the settlement and retired. All I ever get is screwed more for the activism and putting myself at risk. 
Below is a list of some of my posts about workplace bullying. 



Workplace Bullying and Violence Against Myself


Hostile Work Environment










Two Freedom From Workplace Bullying Proclamations Were Issued In Alaska…I Am Still Stunned.


Another Proclamation Against Bullying in Alaska. Thank You Sitka. Update.


It's Freedom From Workplace Bullying Week


Workplace Bullying Legislation In Australia Would Impose Jail Up To Ten Years


The Only Way to Stop A Serial Bully is Exposure


The post below describes one of the problems I reported in Alaska to law enforcement, this was Homer but they all did the same thing and it continues in Boise Idaho. I reported this years before and local law enforcement kept telling local news they had no idea where the meth was coming from that caused all the break ins of local businesses. I would make comments in the papers that I had already told them where it was coming from. What I did not know then is all targets of government harassment are treated this way and they will harm many people in a community to do something horrible to an innocent person. In this case they most certainly contributed to addiction, death and children growing up in horrible environments, they also harmed me which was their goal. 

Very Disturbing! Very Sad! Police Corruption. Remember My Meth Story? 














Bristol Palin Lies, Shawn Christy Has Never Stalked Her, or the Quitter That Birthed Her. MTV, WTH?

I don't tolerate lies from these kinds of people for many reasons. First I was workplace bullied and gangstalked in Alaska on a scale that can't even be described adequately until I had severe PTSD by people like the Palins, then was denied healthcare in a most sadistic way, was lied about, misdiagnosed intentionally, forced into homelessness and the harassment has continued even until this very day. The Palins use people to make themselves look like victims to make money and get attention continuously.

First of all Sarah Palin was sexting Shawn Christy when he was seventeen. Suddenly he was under investigation not even knowing why, he was a kid. He was confused about what was going on and could not understand what he could have possibly done wrong. He had not done anything wrong, but there is no telling what kind of lies Sarah Palin told law enforcement agencies. There is the story that Willow was the one sexting him, but why so much harassment, set ups, LEO harassment for two kids sexting, sounds more like someone trying to cover up their crime to me.

The transcript of the sexting does apparently exist. Why didn't Brissy mention that? Gosh I wonder why a 17 year old kid was sending emails and texting Sarah Palin, the woman who had been sexting him? Then Shawn got pissed off at the lies and how he was treated and the messages got threatening. Who has all the power behind her to destroy a life, get law enforcement to harass, disrupt and who can get people to believe her lies? It is no wonder the Chrsitys are angry.

Shawn Christy’s Psych Eval Was Done on July 3rd 2009, the Day Sarah Palin Resigned. HELLO ! Sexting With a 17 Year Old !

Bristol Palin aka Pissy Brissy has lied to the producers of whatever the useless, crazy reality show she is scamming in right now is called. Shawn Christy has never stalked her, absolutely not, that never happened. Shawn never stalked Sarah Palin who also lied. Apparently lies and bullshit run in the Palin family. When they would travel in the lower 48 the Palins would file false police reports that Shawn was wherever they were, every time these crazy bitches did that there was evidence he was in McAdoo Pennsylvania. There were other young men those girls lured to Alaska from other states and then claimed they were stalking them. This of course was all done for publicity at the expense of another person. The Palins use other people to make money, get attention and feign being victims. It has gone on for a very long time.

Here is the link to the Facebook video. Below is just a screen shot.

Shawn sent emails with some threats, he has discussed this. He never went to Alaska to stalk these deranged women.

Do the producers of this idiotic show even know Shawn Christy had been in custody for weeks? He was captured on September 21st in Ohio. Oh the drama...Bristol can't sleep more than four hours because she is afraid of Shawn. He's been in a prison for over six weeks now so why in the hell is Bristol acting like she is afraid. Such a ridiculous spectacle.

The Christys however did have actual stalkers as did I and still do. They drove by their house or sat outside and took pictures of Shawn's bedroom. That is gangstalking/organized harassment, often organized by a law enforcement agency, a mayor, cause groups, community policing, corporations, government agencies and very often a government contractor, you know like the business Dakota Meyer has, what a coincidence.

This was written years ago before I knew what this really was.

Help Karen Christy Identify this Stalker

This reminds me of one of the other times the Palins caused trouble and lied about it, worked together to tell a Palin Crime Family lie...hmmm, let me think, oh yea.

I posted this September of 2014.

Palin Drunken Brawl: Everybody Was C*nt Fu Fighting


Hey Bristol maybe you could have Dakota Meyer aka Heavy D have his government contracting business send some people to harass me some more or just sub-contract the local G4S again. How is that working out for you? Lately its been the black guys LARP, the Gooney Women LARP, calling a cop so there is one outside a building when I leave trying to make me think the cop was stalking me, enter/exit, people walking behind and in front of my car and sometimes yelling unintelligible things or doing crazy things, then this morning there was the crazy Asian lady LARP. Do these people know I have video cameras or are there IQs too low to even know what those are? The Army of Weaponized Morons.

Here is a Palin related operation using directed conversation. I had just seen a video related to this when they staged this, I call it directed street theater because the directed conversation is a part of their crazy little play. 

This is related to Sarah Palin's quitting speech. 


Denali Gangstalking LARP, Just Before Shawn Christy Ran, The Day After I Tried to Talk to Mayor Bieter in Boise About the Gangstalking


Keep it up, I'll make a documentary. 


When the audio from the police body cams or audio recorders were released I could not stop laughing for a couple weeks. The audio recordings are very entertaining.


Police photos, audio released from scene of party brawl involving Palins 

Two witnesses, Elena McKenna and Ronald Tharaldson, tell police that Bristol Palin hit Klingenmeyer in the face repeatedly. Tharaldson describes Track Palin "yelling and screaming and flipping people off."

Witness Elena McKenna tells police "Bristol came up and started just punching Korey. ... Willow came up and then they were trying to get everyone and another fight started at the bottom of the driveway again."

Two witnesses not identified on the audio also give their accounts, describing one of the brawls as a "man pile."

This one is about Bristol Palin assaulting a man, Korey Klingenmeyer who asked her to take her drunken family and leave his property. She punched him in the face several times, there were witnesses. Everyone knows Track Palin has multiple assault charges and was given light sentences as was common with all of Sarah Palin's kids. 

There are several of these in the article on the Anchorage Daily News above, all of it is quite unbelievable.

Bristol let me explain Shawn has not assaulted anyone, he makes idle threats, but you and yours do assault people and much more. Shawn was set up to be assaulted in MacAdoo, then after altering the video of the event they charged him with assault.

David Kernell the Young Man Who Guessed Sarah Palin's Email Security Questions Died at the Age of 30




Part 1 of a documentary made by excellent journalist Shayne D Balliet is completed, he is still working on Part 2. 


Shawn Christy Political Prisoner Part 1.


Below is the promo for Part 2 as it is not completed yet. 

Shawn Christy Political Prisoner Part 2.




The Fleeks in PA Stole the Donated Money Intended to Assist the Christys to Fight for Justice for Shawn Are Lying, Threatening and Jim Wants All of Us to Suck His Dick.

We organized to get Shawn Christy's story out, how it began in 2009 when he was 17 and sexted by Sarah Palin, then false accusations were made about him, set ups, actions to make him and his parents very angry so they would take actions the perpetrators could use against them. Others came in to use the story for publicity, Puppy Dog as Shawn calls Dog the Bounty Hunter and then there are Angela and Jim Fleek. Oh wait, Jim threatened me for the last post, he has no idea what I have been through in my life for telling the truth or how law enforcement does not protect me, I'm standing tough, always do what I think is right. This story is not about them, they were sent in to distract, waste time and resources. Refocus, it's about Shawn Christy and his amazing supporters.

Reposting Karen Christy's Post Describing Why Shawn Christy Was Angry in 2013, Sexting is the Key




I wrote about the money missing from the Go Fund Me for the Christys that we now know for sure was taken from the website by Angela Fleek in Pennsylvania due to direct evidence from Go Fund Me. Apparently the Fleeks have lost it over that and other truth telling, they should wait a while for more. It's like they are a government agency or a politician or something, the truth seems to be like Kryptonite to them.

The Money Donated to the Christys By Supporters Was Stolen by Con Artists

    Scammers gona scam. It's actually worse than this.

There was also hundreds sent to their P.O. Box from supporters of Shawn Christy. All of the funds were to help Karen and Craig go visit Shawn and go to hearings.

This is a narcissistic reaction to being outed with the truth, suddenly they become the victim. Note how he says he is not threatening anyone.

Rather difficult to sort out what he is trying to say here other than the "suck my dick" part. I have never posted pictures of their kids until today, a tiny picture with an infant in the screen shot below. They post tons of pictures with their kids, putting on a show of happy, happy normalcy. Once something is on FB it is in the public domain, so they can't do a thing to people for just re-posting pictures. I complained about a reporter who made false claims about a MEME I created, his coworker explained that to me and then I researched it, yep. They are also threatening to have people who message them charged with harassment. I have never messaged either of them, but apparently Jim Fleek who says Shawn Christy supporters are slow tried to message me, but instead messaged another woman. I was FB friends with them due to them because they were admins in the group, 'Shawn Christy Political Prisoner' and sat silent watching their spectacle. Interesting how Jim Fleek messaging people with threats is A-OK, but someone messaging him is harassment on the level of criminal. Yes, very interestingly hypocritical and narcissistic. It is a rare occasion for me to accept a friend request due to being a targeted individual in a harassment campaign. We get odd FB friend requests, harassment text messages, phone calls, text messages etc.

The story has been the same, not changing like Jim Fleek claims and there is more to it that I am not mentioning, just wait, LMAO. All of us noticed something was not right with them, but not knowing what was going on for sure we made no accusations. I am in Idaho, they are in Pennsylvania so I have never met them in person. Now, I have been unfriended and blocked apparently, that took them a while, speaking of people being slow Jim.

In the above message he claims he has not threatened anyone. Considering the threats to have people charged with harassment for messaging him Jim's behavior seems rather odd. Here's why. He messaged us with threats. Then he claimed he did not threaten anyone.  He screwed up and messaged the wrong person, then claimed he was trying to threaten me. He shouldn't have done that. LMAO.

They just keep lying and lying to their friends about this. If they did not take the money then why would they be returning it and giving related documents to the police? They are trying to make it sound like because they are returning the money hey did nothing wrong, but instead those who complained about their thefts did. Sounds like a government agency or a management company like Steadfast or Quantum, the sociopaths who damage the building and harass people are who they like, the person who complains about it is the problem.

Weeks ago Jim claimed Go Fund Me froze the account due to claims of fraud, that did not happen, another of their lies. He told that lie to cover the theft in a con that went bad for them. How about the conspiracy Jim and Angela, did that go bad too?

He claims the recipient of his threat is "fucking retarded" because she told him to stop messaging her due to him being so, let's say confused he sent the threat to the wrong person. Why are you so confused Jim? He then goes on to call her a name. All he can do at this point is make threats and call people names because he's f-ed up and has f-ed up big time. Larcenous bastard.

I  have had many consequences for telling and then writing the truth over along period of time since 2002, but the writing part did not start until around 2007-8, publishing online really got going around 2009. I was told then the harassment was due to "those things" I was writing. It has continued with discrediting, disrupting, harassment, chemical campaigns, noise campaigns and much more.

Liedeke says she's never been to the Anchorage library or PA.
Sets up Shawn, then panic attack.
I have written about the harassment from Topix. Some of the trolls from there and trolls making comments on this blog mentioned the Fleeks were stealing the money donated for the Christys long before it was understood that was going on. How did said trolls know this? The attacks on FB through created pages, the doxxing of my personal information on Topix, the libelous forums created to attack Craig, Karen, Shawn, myself  and others were all very coordinated. There was someone on a FB page that said they were going to do anything,
including report false fraud etc. to keep the Christys from getting that monetary support. This all seems to be a coordinated harassment program, coming from a government contractor and/or government agency(s). Hey Heavy D aka Dakota Meyer, hey USMS what is deal? Why taunt Shawn to go to the home of Dakota Meyer, who is a government contractor then no LEOs, no Heavy D? We know you knew it was likely he was in the area, I published info from my IP service or was that you planting the right side driver USPS jeep and Craig Christy informed LEOs? What was that? 

Shawn Christy Dropped a Post on His FB Page Late Tuesday, September 4th, He is on a Mission to Gather Evidence


Timothy Gilliam, Dakota Meyer's Brother is a Field Rep. for Mitch McConnell in Bowling Green KY and Worked For Americans For Prosperity (Koch Brothers), Now Isn't That Interesting? 


Whew! What a Day, Evidence Finally Presented, A Kentucky Trooper Everyone Loves, Reporter Asks Questions, Shayne D. Balliet of Hazelton One News Is Making a Documentary, Dakota Meyer Has a Panic Attack

In many of my posts discussing government or security contractor harassment I have mentioned how they use losers and I call the boots on the ground gangstalkers the Army of Weaponized Morons. I rest my case.

Evidence this harassment is a coordinated campaign:

1. Claims by trolls that they would file fraud complaints with Go Fund Me to block the Christys getting the money.

2. A massive campaign on FB and Topix of libel against the Christys and myself. My personal information doxxed.

3. Evidence that firemen in the area were involved in the harassment program which is SOP, many government employees are used in harassment programs, cops, firemen, highway department, etc. 

4. Someone reported fraud of the Christy Go Fund Me page in my name, it was not me.

The Money Donated to the Christys By Supporters Was Stolen by Con Artists

4. Topix is doing nothing about this as if they are participating in a government harassment program, just yesterday one of the Topix criminals sent 35 messages to my email.

5. No investigations as far as I know are being done about a damn thing associated with this assholery of harassment as per usual. On my end is the Boise Police Department who have a history of discrediting me, harassing me and refusing to allow me to file police reports about harassment. I will send them this post but most of the assholery is coming out of Pennsylvania and they wouldn't do anything even if it was coming from Boise.

Unless it's one of the Christys making an angry phone call to a lawyer or a government agency no action will be taken. In my case calling government agencies results in diverted phone calls, hang ups, terminal hold, lies, transfers to inappropriate people and abuse. One would wonder why they don't do that to the Christys, it's almost like they are hoping Shawn or Craig will make some kind of idle threat after some directed action is taken to piss them off. But who could imagine such things?


PA state and US Courts are working together to sabotage the Christys from going to Shawn's hearings and speaking to the news media. They are doing this by having one of Shawn's and Craig's hearing  on the same day while they are in two different counties making it impossible to attend both. Craig's hearing is for the phone harassment of Fred "Brady Violation" Lahovski, the cop who recorded an evidence video with his cell phone and then edited it (Lahovskied video), then the original video has been apparently disappeared. They are also having telephonic hearings for some of Shawn's charges which prevents others from attending.

US Courts and PA Courts Work Together to Sabotage the Ability of the Christys to Speak to the News Media to Tell the Truth About Shawn Christy's Story

Years of US Courts on my blog just like security contractors, Janet Napolitiano's UC CAL president office, WA DC, Virginia, Wasilla AK, Arizona and Florida hits before, during and after the 2015 Arctic Conference in Anchorage Alaska. They aren't doing research or concerned about the issues I write about, nope, they are doing surveillance and research. Why would the US Courts be interested in me and my little blog, makes no sense. Is it related to Shawn Christy's story, the cover up for Sarah Palin.

There are many more screen shots over along period of time.

We now know this was probably a gangstalker sent for harassment from some government program. One of the things they did was take pictures of Shawn's bedroom. That odd picture taking crap is standard gangstalking activity.

Help Karen Christy Identify this Stalker

Just before the Arctic Conference and this had gone on for quite a while before I began documenting. Lots more of these.

A program of disruption, sabotage and discrediting is very obvious because they always use losers to do the dirty deeds. Is this why I was harassed at the Civic Plaza Apartments in Boise Idaho, my phone calls diverted when I called the local fair housing HUD non-profit, was gaslighted by the Idaho Housing Finance Corp and why the Boise Police Department would not do their jobs to protect me from constant health harming criminal harassment facilitating homelessness (government harassment program SOP)? Funny how police protect some from harassment, then facilitate it for others. Sure as hell is. 


US Courts and PA Courts Work Together to Sabotage the Ability of the Christys to Speak to the News Media to Tell the Truth About Shawn Christy's Story

This time you article deleting bastards are getting a meme. Maybe you could get a local reporter to write an article demonizing it.

I had this post pretty much finished and it disappeared, poof. That is not the first time this has happened. That means someone doesn't want the article published. Does that mean in the morning a black SUV will show up, then a car with one headlight off will tailgate me, perhaps an FBI box will occur in an attempt to cause an accident, then a pickup truck will ride my ass, then later in the day a cop will be parked wherever I am sitting? You people are pathetic criminals.

I have been harassed by Mormons here at the library in Boise and have a screen shot of some data with the name indicating the person is an "elder." The two guys sitting next to me left and that listing in available WIFI disappeared. There has also been a steady stream of people coughing and snorting snot into their heads and sneezing without covering it since then. I don't understand why people in Boise can't go get tissue or a paper towel and blow their damn noses. I'm sure it's just a coincidence I'm surrounded by them today.

I don't know who deleted my article and certainly the government monitors internet activity at librarys everywhere along with having programs and back doors installed in electronic devices allowing them access to pretty much anything any of us do. I had a group of Mormon elders stalk and harass me here for months however. 

After Shawn Christy's bail hearing on Friday October 26th his parents, Karen and Craig Christy spoke to the media scrum outside the courthouse. Both of them were awesome. The news media only posted a very tiny part of what they said, I would love it if at least one of them could post their statements in whole for the world to view and hear. Let the people hear the truth and make up their own minds about Shawn's story. A video with a small portion of it is at the bottom of this post.

For almost a decade everything possible was done to prevent Shawn from getting justice or have the truth told. All kinds of lies were told about the Christys, people have been sent in to sabotage them, a judge got Karen Christy to take down her blog and stop writing about Shawn's case, Shawn was prevented by harassment from going to school and working was difficult, they have been harassed, set up and then their reactions of contacting people afterwards in anger were used as a weapon against them.

I do that phone calling thing too, I call it shit-storming, it works best when sleep deprived and really pissed off. It was how I got someone to look into my having been wrongfully charged and finding out I was telling the truth about it. The prosecutor knew I was innocent, he set the process rolling. This is SOP with people who are in government harassment programs. They convince the news media you are the opposite of who you really are to get their cooperation, just like community gangstalking is used to tell lies about a target to get people to harm them.

Last year Shawn was assaulted in a very obvious set up by former Mayor Holly and then a cop named Fred Lahovski used his cell phone to record a copy of it from a computer, then altered it. I call videos altered this way Lahovskied videos. The original video has disappeared apparently. I'm shocked I tell you, shocked! Why would that be? Is it to cover up some extra things in the original which would prove Shawn innocent and show a conspiracy? That is how the harassment programs work these people commit crimes against innocent people to set them up and then are protected from prosecution, then later they get promotions and appointments.

I was set up for wrongful imprisonment three days after filing an appeal and had many crimes committed against me by those they used for the set up. Not one of them was charged with a crime including animal cruelty, several theft charges, filing a false police report, perjury in court, slander, threats of assaults and much more. That is SOP and so is not allowing the target of these crimes and harassment to file police reports about it. They had to make the original video disappear in order to protect their perpetrators and then the usual scenario is to tell the prosecutor to cooperate or he will not advance to the next level of his career. They control the prosecutors who stand in the courtroom and lie their asses off.

Craig Christy posted on Facebook that his hearing about making unwanted phone calls to Lahovski the Lahovski-ing cop, was scheduled the same day as Shawn's next hearing. They are in two different counties making it impossible for the Christys to attend both. Shawn's hearing is at 9 AM on November 9th and Craig's is at 1:30 PM November 9th. Very interesting and very obvious sabotage, quite a coincidence. They don't want Karen and Craig appearing outside the courthouse speechifying about justice and the truth about Shawn's case again. Sending Craig to jail for making angry phone calls will take him out of the action of fighting for Shawn.

Here is the video of the Christys awesome words to the media after Shawn's hearing.

Christy pleads not guilty to federal charges, is denied bail

The reason Shawn said, "Excuse me" to the prosecutor.

"Federal prosecutor Michelle Olshefski argued that a release would pose numerous dangers, noting the roughly 90 days Christy was on the lam and his alleged crimes involved an intent to commit violent acts."

The prosecutor is trying to make the jury pool, news media and public believe Shawn committed violent acts against people while on the run, that never happened. She can't prove intent because what Shawn's intent is clear, to shine light on his case of injustice.

In the above article they discuss a video from 2017, it is the altered, or Lahovskied one of the set up assault on Shawn.

This is my analysis from a post on June 20th 2018.

All of this is my own analysis. The poor quality of this video makes interpreting parts of it very difficult. As the mayor opens the door to his truck Shawn moves to the right and then back to get out of the way. Then something happens and Shawn's arm goes up. The positioning of the vehicles causes the mayor to be facing away from the camera and Shawn to be in forward view. Did the mayor do something unseen that caused Shawn to deliver a defensive punch or was he blocking with that lifted arm? There was just the one time where Shawn raised his arm, but I can't tell why. Then clearly Shawn simply wanted to get away. I can't see the walking stick at all and perhaps the mayor grabbed it out of Shawn's hand and that is why his arm went up. Shawn uses evasive movements in an attempt to get away from the mayor after he is pursued and is not seen raising an arm in defense, just trying to protect himself and get away. The mayor is clearly attacking Shawn and threw him on the hood of the car. Shawn reports a neck injury. Then Shawn reports the mayor choked him behind the vehicles and they report bruises which I am sure they have pictures of.

My belief upon reviewing the video of the incident it is very clear this was a set up.

Who was the man with the mayor and why did he not intervene in the situation? Is he an AK US Marshall? Why has his identity been kept a mystery?
Why was this video given to Shawn's public defender instead of the prosecutor? Are the police in McAddo getting their unethical tactics from the Capital Police?
Why did they remove part of this video?
Who recorded it off the police department feed on a computer with their cell phone?
Why have the Christys not been given a copy of the original video even though it was given to Shawn's public defender?
Who is the mystery witness in the background seen shoveling snow and then walking over to see what the hell was going on? Notice he instantly moves from one spot to another at 1.17 demonstrating they edited the video. What were they hiding? Could it be choking?
Was this set up scenario managed by the second man at the scene? 
This has to be viewed more than once and stopped to get the idea of what is going on. Be sure to check out the guy shoveling snow in the background at 1.7.

 This crap has been going on a long time.



The Money Donated to the Christys By Supporters Was Stolen by Con Artists

I left out many details, the general story is pretty bad however. 

The Christys, Karen and Craig are low income due to Craig having Chronic Lyme Disease. Craig has seizures and is prone to G.I. bleeding along with many other symptoms. I have an illness with some of the same symptoms, what all of us do is the best we can due to our government not doing the research to help us, in fact the CDC and NIH have done what they can in the case of my health problem ME/cfs to sabotage any progress, for decades. Just like so many others who have suffered abuse from our dysfunctional judicial system, if they had the money to hire a good lawyer this hellish last decade in their life would have ended long ago.

Two people showed up in the group, 'Shawn Christy Political Prisoner' claiming to want to help Shawn Christy and his parents, Jim and Angela Fleek. They say they are a married couple but some in Pennsylvania say they were divorced. They have kids which they wave like a banner trying to look like good parents and to wear the mask of normalcy, but it does not look normal. They befriended the Christys and began helping with live streaming. They also had an idea to make tee shirts, stickers etc. for fund raising to help the Christys have the money to go visit Shawn and other costs related to his case. A Go Fund Me account was started in the name of Jim Fleek and donations could also to be sent to their P.O. Box. They were made administrators of the group 'Shawn Christy Political Prisoner' due to aggressively behaving like activists in support of Shawn. They got pulled over by the police one night leaving the home of the Christys. I now question if that was a staged school play to make them seem to be what they claimed, because that's the kind of thing corrupt law enforcement does, but there could have been another reason I won't mention at this time. 

Trolls on Topix who have made many forums to libel me, falsely use my identity to make comments and doxxed my personal information were stating these people were stealing the money and I also received comments to my blog stating the same. Considering they were libeling me with false negative crap I did not take it seriously. I considered that to just be a disruption and discrediting tactic. There were groups created on FB to attack the FB group, 'Shawn Christy Political Prisoner' and statements were made by some they would go after any fund raising and report false claims against Go Fund Me and more.  Trolls also said the Fleeks were stealing the money which I took as just harassment. I also did not pay any attention to that due to advising detailed record keeping in order to make sure all money could be traced from origin to end point.

Several problems were detected by the Christys:

1. Hundreds of members of the FB group 'Shawn Christy Political Prisoner' were removed, there had been nearly 4,000 members, then suddenly there were about 3,000.

2. One of them, the Angela began to post strange stuff on her FB page about people not coming to her house uninvited and more. That reminded me of the harassing woman in my last post who after harassing me with threatening notes on my door, walking by my apartment making a harassing statement then put a, do not disturb, note on her door.

3. There had already been a claim by Jim Fleek that Go Fund Me had frozen the funds which apparently never happened from weeks ago.

4.  $275 was donated to Go Fund Me by supporters of Shawn Christy and it is gone. Go Fund Me says the last of the money was withdrawn on October 9th.

5. It was revealed by the Angela Fleek a couple nights ago that she tried to claim the $20,000 reward money. There was nothing she knew to contribute to the case so she was unable to. It appears one of their reasons for befriending the Christys with overwhelming claims of wanting to help them was an attempt to gather some kind of evidence to get the reward. The Christys are open about what is going on with Shawn's case, always have been, there was nothing for these con artist saboteurs to find out. They are however not honest and lie, so it will interesting to find out what they may have told the grand jury.

6. So far donors have come forward to report they sent $525 in donations to a P.O. Box belonging  these same people. The money was never given to the Christys.

7. These people continue to lie about stealing the money the Christys needed to visit Shawn etc. Karen works, but her job does not pay much, Craig is disabled. People support Shawn's cause and want to help.

8. The testimony of known sociopaths is not considered admissible in most countries, but in the United States they organize sociopaths for harassment, setting people up and false testimony knowingly. Their testimony in any court of law should be prohibited.

Today while doing some research my memory was triggered. I receive so much crazy and abusive crap in blog comments and in my email, I ignore most of it. On October 2nd I had received a notice from Go Fund Me about a fraud complaint I was supposed to have filed against the Go Fund Me account in question here. Below are the screen shots of my response to Go Fund Me and the emails.

It is truly unbelievable that people could so openly run a con on people who are dealing with such a heavy burden and through part of this barely sleeping and wondering if their son would be killed by LEOs. After a about a decade of being screwed over will the targeting of Christys ever end?

Another con artist was involved in the Shawn Christy case, Dog the Bounty Hunter. When people are not psychopaths, sociopaths and/or con artists they don't think like them. It is hard to live life not trusting people who come into our lives, so if we don't think the way they do as in what can they do to steal or manipulate to get something from a target bad things can happen to us. It is only when we see the signs something is wrong with what they do, notice they are lying or things do not add up that we can then pick up the pieces of the wreckage they have strewn in our lives.

Did Jim and Angela feel empowered to get away with their crimes because they were working with the DA to testify at the grand jury?  Was false information allowed to be given to said grand jury knowingly by an attorney general's office who already knew what the Fleeks were? 

This is all so disgusting. In the case of Dog the Bounty Hunter he was using the Christys as advertisement for an upcoming show and to get him and Beth on TV news shows for publicity. But, one would think since he is in the public eye he would be cautious to be honest about his intentions. No he was not.

The others were two people whose lives have been filled with problems, a long trail of them and decided to use people who are fighting to get the truth out about their son to take resources donated by others to help them. DISGUSTING!


On Friday October 26th Shawn Had a Bail Hearing and His Request Was Denied, Christys Speak Up About Injustice, DOC Takes Shawns Commissary Money and Denies HIm Health Care

Updated: Got the day and date wrong and added a link to the best article a about Shawn's hearing I have seen at the bottom. 

On Friday Shawn Christy plead, "Absolutely not guilty." First stage is always not guilty and Shawn has massive mitigating circumstances.

Shawn said "excuse me" several times while the prosecutor was reading the charges yesterday. The judge told him no outbursts would be tolerated in the court room. I know what it means generally when a defendant does that, also what the smirk means, the prosecutor is lying. They hate it when the lies of the prosecutors are interrupted.

Most people in the United States have no idea who is really in control of court rooms, nope, not the judge, the prosecutor. Prosecutors are also allowed to lie. In the past in many states a prosecutor who brought false charges or lied to get a defendant convicted could be sued. Those laws have all been removed in concert from those states. That means the orders probably came from the Department of Justice. Removing those laws allows for targeting of particular people for injustice or completely false charges. There are honest mistakes, but most of this is done for promotions, appointments, compromises or payments.

The reason I know what Shawn's reactions meant is my own experience in Nome Alaska with ADA, now DA John Earthman after helping to set me up for wrongful imprisonment three days after I filed an appeal he got a promotion, he wasn't the only one involved this happened with.

Judge "Ex Parte" Esch who when I spoke up with,"That's a lie," "That never happened," or just gasped kept telling me I had a lawyer who had a license to practice law in Alaska, but was too impaired with alcohol to function in the court room or the Public Defender Office. She reeked of alcohol, but none of her coworkers or the small number of lawyers there noticed that. In Nome most of the people in the courtroom are Alaska Natives, they sat with their heads down. When I spoke up they looked up slightly with a little smile on their faces. Today Native women in Nome have become activists working to force the corrupt and dysfunctional police department to arrest the men who rape them. Now they have put a smile on my face and tears in my eyes.

I'm sure I smirked at some point too, when I didn't have an angry scowl or was crying. The reason was they wanted me to not tell the truth about what had happened at Norton Sound Regional Hospital. Recently two of the main reasons I have PTSD were finally fired after being allowed to harm many people, deliver incompetent and unregulated health care and destroy many careers. It took the board of directors and CEO in charge of the hospital about twelve years to oust them after I told many agencies, the board of medicine, JACOH, Indian Health Services and the board of nursing about what had gone on there. All the people who did nothing are complicit. The same is true in Shawn's case.

Shawn and his parents were yelling to "bring out that video from 2015," related to Shawn trying to go to college and being sabotage by a female who Shawn believes is a Secret Service Agent, Amber Corrado. She had something to do with causing the problems at the college which is a common tactic done with government harassment programs.

That is just one of the videos they have had issues getting or which were altered before they got it.

Craig Christy made an awesome statement when asked by the reporter in the video about the judge saying Shawn is a danger to the community, that Shawn is not a danger, "No no, I think it's the community that's a danger to him sometimes, he was attacked by a former mayor, he's had multiple death threats from around the Pennsylvania area and around the country. So, I think if there's any danger to the community, it's surely not Shawn."

I've been wrongfully imprisoned three days after filing an appeal and involved in a case where I was not allowed due process, justice and the whole scenario was designed to make me ill, distraught, suicidal and unable to function to fight back. Shawn has other people to support him which makes all the difference in the world, I was totally alone. I also had a falling down drunk for a public defender and when I reported it they scoffed. It was craziness.

The other thing in Shawn's favor is he and his parents have been doing this a long time, the effects of it after years are not the same as in the beginning and they are all very savvy about the manipulations and lies now. They do not believe all cops are bad, neither do I. They do not believe everyone associated with the courts are bad, neither do I. The problem is corruption of certain individuals who manipulate the system and target individuals for harm.

No surprise they denied Shawn bail, there are several cases still pending. Shawn's story is long and complicated, without a trial and probably months of exposing the corruption no judge or jury will be able to understand why Shawn ran and did what he had to for survival. The judge said Shawn was a danger to the community, but Shawn never assaulted one person in all the time he was on the run. He had been assaulted before that and then falsely charged with assault and denied proper discovery in his case.

Shawn has gone through about a decade of harassment. The government has blocked him from due process, committed Brady Violations, kept him from having the life that he wanted, harassed him when he tried to go to school to improve himself, traumatized him over and over, caused problems with working and spread false negative propaganda about him. He does not trust the judicial process will be fair in his case and neither do I. He has had to fight back since he was seventeen and watch his back 24/7, so he speaks up and he is angry which is a normal reaction to his situation.

This video below is from The Citizen's Voice.

Karen and Craig were awesome upon hitting the media scrum when exiting the courthouse, I love Karen's statement about unequal justice and that Shawn is fighting for equality for everyone. They said much more but the news media did not publish it.

I add extra information in my posts to help people understand what Shawn has been through and that our justice system is completely dysfunctional and in so many cases lacking justice or truth.

The guy speaking below has made videos for years about the government harassment in his life. He documented how he kept going to school and would be harassed, threatened and sabotage. I have watched several of his videos, he seems like a nice guy, determined and ethical. He finally graduated recently. You only need to listen a few minutes to get the idea of what he has been through. His story is not unusual and sounds similar to what happened to Shawn when he tried to go to school. The guy who made this video has wealthy relatives who helped him hire an investigative agency to find out where the stalking and harassment were coming from. He was able to get information that has helped other people who are targeted understand what is going on in their cases. He talks about being harassed by radical feminists, they pick themes, particular groups of people, colors, types of cars, all kinds of things for use in linking those images, sounds etc in the brain of the target to trauma experiences. Then they use whatever they have conditioned the target with to trigger a trauma response to make the person less functional at particular times and because stress harms health, it is a slow death program. Murder by death by our government, corporations and cause groups. At this point I have all kinds of things they have used and sometimes they attack me with many of them at once. In my case they used Mormons as the large group, but really it is a huge group of weaponized sociopaths and morons used for the harassment that can be seen and heard. If you are being harassed by a particular group of people of course you have negative feelings about them. I understand how people are lied to so they harass the target and many of them have sociopathic traits, but in the beginning I did not. Religious groups are often used, especially the more radical types by government contractors, cause groups or community policing. Don't automatically dislike this guy for mentioning radical feminists, it's due to who harasses and stalks him.

Shawn Christy in Federal Court in Scranton

Judge orders Shawn Christy to be detained pending a trial 

Karen Christy reports that money put on the books at the prison for Shawn was taken by the system for restitution. Apparently that is legal in Pennsylvania. One of the reasons Shawn wanted money was for stamps. They probably want to limit his ability to communicate. With government harassment programs they are often ordered to do what they can to torture a targeted inmate. I know about that because it happened to me, especially when I was wrongfully imprisoned three days after filing an appeal.

Shawn has two bad teeth and a knee injury, the prison system has done nothing about either, no surprise to anyone who knows how the American Gulag functions.  They are charging him $6 for Ibuprofen and Tylenol yet taking his commissary money while not providing the health care he needs. 

Also like so many American prisons it has been reported this prison, Lackawanna County Prison does not supply enough food for the inmates, many buy commissary or go hungry.

Here is Warden Bett iTimothy's email, LCPrisonAdmin@lackawannacounty.org

Please let her know we are all watching how Shawn is treated. I sent her this email with the approval of the Christys: 


Christy pleads not guilty to federal charges, is denied bail

Shawn does not have an accent, he has a lisp. 

Here is the reason Shawn was saying, "Excuse me." The prosecutor was doing what prosecutors do, making false statements. Shawn broke into places to find food and stole cars, she said his intent was violent acts, an attempt to sway public opinion and a potential jury.

 '"Federal prosecutor Michelle Olshefski argued that a release would pose numerous dangers, noting the roughly 90 days Christy was on the lam and his alleged crimes involved an intent to commit violent acts.

Christy balked at this, shouting, “Excuse me?”'

Where is the evidence of this intent Olshefski? There is none.  



#istandwithshawn       #teamshawnchristy