My Letter to Sarah Palin (Part 2)

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I know my post was too long. I know the story upsets people. I wanted people to know what really goes on in the prison system here. I hope it might help Sherry get the help she needs. This is the first page of the letter with my threat to expose the story. I became ill right after I wrote this and did not send it to very many places. I also have financial constraints being on disability. PTSD does cause permanent brain changes and I will never be the same, but I am doing much better now. The only response I ever got about any of it was from Rep Seaton's aid. That includes the ACLU who have actually been quite nasty to me. Clearly I have no skills as a poet and I know it. Hey, that rhymed.

This document is about workplace bullying, legal bullying, medical bullying, political bullying and bullying in the department of corrections. This has destroyed my life. I may have managed to recover from the workplace bullying if I had been allowed treatment. Now I never will recover from all the harmful events which followed. The State of Alaska has intentionally and with malice harmed me grievously. I have mailed copies to the ombudsman, Representative Seton and staff, the clemency board, Senator Wieleckowski,Senator French and the ACLU. If I have no response from you one week after you receive this I will start a mailing campaign to the news media and political organizations. Will you then have me wrongfully imprisoned again?
This is the rough copy. I have had problems getting it done due to my health. I am prompted to just go ahead and send this due to the denial of my second appeal being forthcoming and your endorsement of Commissioner Schmidt being so detestable to me.
Celia Harrison

Where was my America?

Where was my America?
Where were my civil rights?
Where was my America
when I was accused of crimes
I did not commit?
Where was my America
when I was wrongfully arrested?
Where was my America
when they let the real perpetrators
of the crime starve my beloved cat?
Where was my America
when the real perpetrator of the crime
robbed me of my possessions?
Where was the Constitution
when I was wrongfully imprisoned and tortured?
Where was the great American justice system
when the DA in Nome used his position of power
in pure retaliation to harm me?
Where was my America
when Judge Esch signed the warrant
against no evidence?
Where was my America
when I had a besotted public defender and
noone listened or cared, not judge, nor
legislator, nor her supervisor?
Where are you America?
The department of law told the governor’s
office they may not even talk to me.
My America is dying and I am in
deep mourning for her.
By Celia Harrison


Anonymous said...

I saw your comment about the ACLU, hmmmm, they have called me asking for money, I will remember what they did to you and tell them next time they call...
Celia, I know its hard, but you have to get this out there! Can your friend in cali help?
I am shocked and sickened someone in the USA is treated like this...but we are talking Alaska here.
It is more like a third world than a state of the union!
Even with a ex-dictator.
Love the pitbull comic, cute.

Anonymous said...

Here is a link to a website and blog that discuss and teach about sociopaths and psychopaths. It covers the types of people you encountered, although it is called LoveFraud. In fact, one woman who comments on the blog experienced workplace bullying and major sociopath troubles at work.