We the people are going to have to turn this country around or the elite wealthy/corporations are going to destroy it. The White House and our current legislators with the exception of a few have just sat back and not taken care of business while the right blocks or waters down legislation. The conditions that caused what they are referring to as the great recession were very similar to the conditions that caused the great depression. After the great depression we had regulations to control Wall Street selfish pig behavior and we had taxes so the wealthy had to pay their share to prevent just the situation we are in now. Starting with Reagan and ending with George W. Bush the Republicans worked diligently (controlled by corporations) to remove laws that kept the middle class healthy. Without a healthy middle class capitalism does not work. The Republicans keep on waving the flag and waxing patriotic while they do everything they can to destroy this country. Apparently people are so ignorant now they have no idea what the United States was founded upon and somehow think giving the rich tax breaks so they can have more money is going to fix the economy. No, it just makes the rich richer. This is not rocket science people, if there is no money for the middle class to spend capitalism does not function. We elected Democrats because we wanted to save our country and undo the damage to our economic system as well as our civil rights. They have not performed. We got crapped on instead.

I am trying to get through Robert Reich's book Aftershock: the Next Economy and America's Future this weekend.

From his blog:

The super-rich got even wealthier this year, and yet most of them are paying even fewer taxes to support the eduction, job training, and job creation of the rest of us. According to Forbes magazine’s annual survey, just released, the combined net worth of the 400 richest Americans climbed 8% this year, to $1.37 trillion. Wealth rose for 217 members of the list, while 85 saw a decline.

For example, Charles and David Koch, the energy magnates who are pouring vast sums of money into Republican coffers and sponsoring tea partiers all over America, each gained $5.5 billion of wealth over the past year. Each is now worth $21.5 billion.
Democrats have decided to delay voting on whether to extend them for the top 2 percent of Americans or for the bottom 98 percent until after the mid-term elections.

Democrats have thereby given up a defining issue that could have enabled them to show the big story of the last three decades — the accumulation of almost all the gain from economic growth at the top — and to make a start at reversing it.

When will they ever learn?


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