Palin Drunken Brawl: Everybody Was C*nt Fu Fighting

Thank You Palins for the laughs, been in lots of pain this week and laughter is the best medicine, I can’t stop laughing. Thank you to those who have written about this story and a special thanks to those who have the courage to come forward with information. Here is Amanda Coyne who broke the story on her blog on CNN. Two of Jessie Griffin's Immoral Minority posts on the drunken brawl that clearly was caused by the Palins are here and here.

Perhaps I am out of my mind from pain, I don’t take narcotics except for rare extraordinarily horrendous pain that only happens every few years and use alternative healthier treatments which include suffering. I dedicate the video below to the Palins, but it‘s out of synch just like they are. Please note they often say ‘Oh, ho-ho-ho” in the song which is quite appropriate for more than one reason. “Those cats were fast as lightening. In fact it was a little bit frightening, but they fought with expert timing.“ AHHHHHAHAHA!

In the 1970s when I was a teenager Kung Fu was all the rage. This song always reminds me of my mother who whenever someone was joking around about Kung Fu or were fake Kung Fu-ing called it Cunt Fu. Considering Todd Palin called someone a Cunt using his super-masculine voice (no I don’t know if it was before or after he started choking someone) let’s temporarily call this song Cunt Fu Fighting which is what I always called it due to my mother‘s humor. My best friend back then was  black and a beauty queen, we would often to go to the discos in Marin County California from Sonoma County where we lived in my powder blue VW bug wearing platform shoes and polyester to fight off the men. They called us salt and pepper. We just wanted to dance our asses off. When this song came on we sang very loudly the Cunt Fu Fighting version. DAMN THAT WAS FUN! So glad I was young in the wild and free 1970s.

I haven’t been able to stop laughing even though I am hurting so bad and often puking my guts out. Laughter is the only medicine available for those on Medicare on the Kenai Peninsula. Three days ago I called yet another clinic in Kenai and they don’t take Medicare either. I don’t like to go to doctors in Alaska when I feel like crap because it just pisses me off when someone says something idiotic to me who is supposed to be highly educated in the subject they are discussing and I might go Palin on them. My experiences here tell me there is no point bothering to see them, because their goal in life is profit, not excellent medical care. There isn’t any health care for those on Medicare in Soldotna except a clinic of incompetents and then you get the crazy and the medical bullying, gossipy thing. I know people won't like me for saying those true things.  Does it seem like I care?

If my mother was alive I know just the word she would use to describe Sarah Palin and she would be laughing her ass off right now. Of that there is no doubt. Kung Fu Fighting was a disco song from 1974, I was eighteen or nineteen when it came out everyone was dancing around doing fake Kung Fu aka Cunt Fu. Ok, everyone sing along…Everybody was Cunt Fu fighting.

 "Here comes the big boss let's get it on", "Don't you know who I am?"

Having lived in Nome where the cops did not arrest men who raped Native women if the women said not to and worked as a nurse in an ER where raped women from the villages were transported along with the injustice I have been through I do not expect any charges against the Palins. Just like domestic violence cases the people the Palins assaulted will be afraid to report them due to the severe retaliation that will be coming their way. I would be very happy if you would prove me wrong DOL. There is no prosecutor at the DOL who has the balls or ovaries to charge them as there will be much retaliation and no promotions for them. Lets not forget the mobbing outside of work that those who cross the Palins are subjected to or the man who lost his job for telling the truth about what happened at the Palin caused drunken brawl to the news media. There are two systems of justice here in Alaska. Some people can do as they please without any consequences. Their crimes are covered up even if they are publicly known. The DOL goes after people who are set up by even officers of the court in more circumstances than most people know. Then when they get out of prison from either a wrongful charge or a harsh sentence they use the Department of Probation to control that person, threaten them if they start to talk and have them re-incarcerated. The method of getting a promotion or political appointment in Alaska is to bully, stalk and set someone up those in power want to retaliate against or scare them into shutting up. I have learned about all of this the hardest way possible.

They are right now trying to put a positive spin on some kind of bullshit consequences. What if the Palin kids had ever had to face the charges for their other crimes?  Maybe they could have learned how to behave. Since Sarah and Todd Palin as parents obviously don't know how to behave and allow underage drinking what other outcome could there have been? Instead mommy dearest got them off while others were prosecuted. Then if another kid did something like guess her email password or gets manipulated by the Palins and set up Sarah Palin made sure they got the harshest, most unjust punishment possible, because they were targeted for harm to begin with. (Yes Karen Christy's blog is back on line). Then when one of their family members got into trouble she got sent to rehab in front of others, rehab is rare in Alaska's DOC, unless some religious group is involved.

For some of us the railroading treatment of the Alaska corrupt justice system makes us sing like a bird and Cunt Fu Fight like mad. LMAO. My sisters and I studied Aikido for a while as teenagers, no Cunt Fu Fighting except on the disco floor.

Remember when Sarah Palin said, "... I do think there should be consequences for bad behavior." Right now she is fighting to keep her family from having to pay consequences for their behavior once again. If what has been reported about the brawl is true there were some serious assaults and the Palins were the aggressors, all of them, any of them that were in front of the shocked party goers. Where are the videos? The Payme family must be paying out right now in large sums to keep those videos from being bought by media and making some really ugly threats against people.


John said...

The only people left who say they support Sarah Palin are the crusty, old, White guys who hope to see her naked. Me? I think she might be quickly approaching her sell-by date.

Anonymous said...

I am still ROFLMAO over it. Lots of company on the floor. Such trashy entitled people. Hope you get relief soon. Have you tried some high quality curcumin (from Turmeric) or anti-inflamation elimination diet.

Celia Harrison said...

Anonymous September 16, 2014 at 8:12 PM,

Yes I eat lots of Turmeric even though a doctor here in Soldotna told me it was "not medically indicated." LOL. I am on Dr. Terry Wahl's diet as best as I can do in Alaska which is like a miracle for me. I saw myself in a video and wondered who the hell that woman was for a long time and she was wearing a jacket just like mine. Then all of a sudden I realized it was me and that my appearance had changed to the point I didn't even recognize me. The HAs are due to the stress of where I live and ME/CFS. With ME HAs are often due to low magnesium, dehydration, low blood volume,lack of sleep, post exertional fatigue and reactivation of viruses due to immune system dysfunction. The lack of sleep thing is my main problem due to someone intentionally waking me for torture purposes. I don't eat any kind of sugar, corn, peanuts, and occasionally have only one kind of beans. Wish I would have known decades ago what I know now.