Wrongful Imprisonment Three Days After Filing Appeal. False Police Report. (Part4)

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Why was I living at that lodge where all the crazy things happened? Here is some background for those not from Alaska on the kinds of places low income people have to live in here. There is very little low income housing and individuals who are on disability are not treated well and of course the supporting agencies just blow people off who ask for any kind of help dealing with horrible rental conditions or as I found out recently come to fulfill the agenda of a group of bullies facilitated by former managers seeking revenge making things worse, more toxic and unsafe. That is the Alaskan government way.

People are forced to live in bad situations who are already ill. In the winter hotels and lodges rent rooms on a monthly basis often telling the tenant they can stay until spring when tourist season starts. That is a bad situation because then what do people do in the summer? If they suddenly get a contract for the rooms they just throw everyone out without any notice, not even 24 hours. Often these places have huge problems, alcoholics, druggies, prostitutes and very abusive people managing them.

Regulatory agencies do not help the tenants, if they show up it is clearly about someone other than the tenant's agenda. That is what happens in a banana republic. Law enforcement is on the side of the owners no matter who is right and they just throw people out for them after the tenant has been screwed over. Then there is the fact that in Alaska there are liars unlike I have ever seen and obviously law enforcement does not have the ability to detect them when they do investigations, oh wait they don't really do investigations they just take the word of the liars, there goes that memory problem again.

If the tenant is the one who calls the police for problems secondary to the druggies, prostitution etc. the owner tells the police to throw the tenant out and they do. In other words not just the owner, but also law enforcement are on the side of the law breakers. I have seen and experienced this, meth cooks and people obviously stoned out of their minds have a higher priority than the tenant who wants sleep and peace. The tenant can tell the cop the truth while the landlord stands there and lies, knowing you are the one telling the truth makes no difference, the cop does what the owner or landlord tells them to do. I have many stories about this that includes the insane USDA/HUD housing where I live now. 

The above information explains how I came to be living in that lodge. Of course living in Nome was a very toxic and psychologically bad situation for me with the community bullying and corrupt justice system, especially since I had PTSD originating from workplace bullying there. I spoke on the phone with Robin Hume after finding his ad on Craigslist advertising a room in a lodge. I spent months asking him lots of questions, being cautious about where I went, but he lied about everything. Later it became apparent that he does this continually. At that time I did not know this state is full of these assholes, I do now. As soon as I got there I tried to find another place to go, there wasn't one I could afford. The place was filthy and vandalized. The promised internet, satellite TV and even heat/water were a lie. That place was also very dangerous due to the meth being cooked there and some of the people. I cleaned it as best I could and even unknowingly cleaned up after the meth lab endangering my health. I had no idea what was going on there at first, but had told the troopers something was seriously wrong. They couldn't have cared less even when I reported a missing woman.

Then there was my physical safety, I had to put boxes against one door as a barricade and warning system in case someone got in through it. I also tied the door knob to the bed post since it opened outward and rigged pots and pans to make noise if they came through the door to the room next to me when it was empty. The other door had a deadbolt, but they had access to the keys before I got there, so I had an axe handle as a weapon. I bought two new dead bolts, but those guys had stolen all the tools. Living afraid for my safety with PTSD and ME/CFS while in the background having to deal with the case out of Nome made me very ill. After what I had been through in Nome I wanted a place to heal, but ended up in a nest of vipers. Trauma on top of trauma. People thought I was crazy for walking in the Wynn Nature Center next door at night by myself, but the bears are nothing to fear compared to these people.

In Alaska unlike other states there is no health department, there is no agency that would come and inspect the living conditions, there is no organization that supports low income tenants. The Office of Children's Services takes weeks to respond when you call to report children are living in a bad situation if at all, Adult Protect Services claims if you are able to speak you must fight your own battles and declares that any person reported as needing an intervention does not meet their criteria. The last one I reported just died. It is difficult to use the court system, the non-profit organization that provides legal help for low income people picks who they help based on politics, gossip and religion apparently, but they were not like that a couple years ago. There is almost no pro bono legal assistance here. Law enforcement is a combination of being owned by the powers in the community and idiotic decisions in general (except Soldotna). The decisions in Alaska are made by human predators who decide where money is spent based on what is in it for them and their corporate overlords, not the good of the people.

Never could I have imagined a place where there is law enforcement that is so useless and corrupt that they helped harm someone rather than take action to protect them when I came to Alaska, but since then we have all seen how much law enforcement has deteriorated to thuggery all over the country. Trauma from workplace bullying. Trauma from the corrupt courts. Trauma at that lodge. Then terror from John Earthman, the Humes, the sociopaths/psychopaths at the lodge, the Alaska State Troopers and then the Department of Corrections and then the Department of Probation. Then more harassment, abuse and threats where I live now from people associated with some of these agencies and the corrupt corporations. Even a jackass from an entity/partnership who refused to tell me his name. I call him Mr. Anonymous. He was abusive and illogical which is not a pretty combination. They don't have any money to take care of the property as they ONLY get around $1300/per unit/month. Then you threaten to go to court and he says, "We have lots of money and lots of lawyers." I told him I did not need a lawyer. I have so much evidence any judge or jury would order these people to be drawn and quartered. More on Laurawood Assholery later.

The Police Report of Lies

Below is the police report Officer Loop filled out based on Steve Hume's confabulations. The AST station in Anchor Point would not allow me to file police reports including when my wallet was stolen, but were Johnny-on-the-spot when DA John Earthman needed assistance to commit malfeasance.

This police report is full of misinformation. Of course the trooper who filled it out was being lied to by a scumbag. It appears there was no input from anyone else for this report except Steve Hume, no interviews of other people who were there or those who could have shed some light on what was really going on. Supposedly Steve Hume was at the airport in Seattle (SeaTac) on 8/2/2007 when he talked to Loop for the interview. That may be a lie as well, so much else is. Why was the interview conducted after Steve Hume left the state? Interesting huh.

Notice how they say Steve Hume owns the lodge. Robin runs the place, but they used Steve's name for anything official because Robin can't do business with anyone due to his track record of being a scammer and compulsive liar. There was no business license either and had not been for quite some time. The property is actually owned by three siblings two of them are scumbags, apparently the third one got all the good genes. They shaped the story so it looked like Robin was not really involved. Either Robin was the perp or the whole story was a lie.

The reasons they asked the AST to evict me were multiple, including wanting to run a prostitution operation and an insurance scam. People would have told them that if the AST had taken a couple minutes to ask some questions. In Homer the police do throw out people who are renting on a monthly basis, even those who have paid a deposit for any reason the owner wants even allowing them to steal the deposit. That is probably why they thought they could just have the police throw me out,  but the state troopers have policies that span the whole state and are not controlled by the right wing bullies in Homer like the Homer Police. They stole from me, scammed me and when I complained time to screw me some more. This is after I tried hard to protect their property when Robin was in the lower 48 running his scams in several states.

Since they had no good reason for eviction and knew I would be the victor in any court action they decided to file a false police report. They were in a hurry to get me out of there because the insurance agent was coming to investigate and there I was as ethical as hell surrounded by scum ready to say, no that is not what happened. It is easy to get rid of a person who rents month to month, just give a 30 day notice that the room is not available to them. Then the person has to go or can be evicted. They did not want the courts involved because I had a case, not them.

The guy coming to investigate the insurance claim kept trying to get my phone number from those two scumbuckets because he knew something was wrong. The Humes told him all kinds of lies and falsified claims. I had evidence they allowed the damage to occur in the form of emails I sent them describing what was happening with pictures. I knew that was the acute reason they wanted me to leave, then I went ahead due to all the harassment and told them I was not paying the last months rent due to the money they owed me from cons, lack of included services, theft of my wallet, cost of cleaning supplies, stolen food and more which amounted to way more than the rent for one month.

The other two guys simply did not pay the rent while Robin was in the lower 48 so he couldn't do anything about it. They vandalized and stole property due to Robin having conned them and various other reasons such as being assholes. When I told them to stop stealing property they told me, "You don't know what Robin is." At that time I assumed Robin was being wronged by a bunch of scoundrels. Now I know Robin is the biggest scoundrel of them all. I got them a copy of the Landlord Tenant Act, told them their behavior was wrong and that we should all file cases together against Robin Hume, explaining that they could give him notice that they were not paying rent due to lack of included services, no electricity, no gas, etc. They said whatever the judge ordered him to pay would never come to us due to his being a scam artist. They were right about that. I told them we could get a lien against the property. In other words I tried to do the right thing and got arrested wrongfully while those who did the wrong thing were not even investigated by AST and I know they knew about all those things that went on at that lodge, I told them. They let one of them continue to sell drugs in the Homer area for years.

I gave them a notice that I was leaving with all the relevant information about using the landlord tenant Act in writing. The amount on the document was actually less than what they owed me, but the stuff I figured I could provide documentation for was a little less than $700. The money that was supposed to have been stolen was said to be $700 (or sometimes $750) which is one thing that points to the story being fabricated. It almost matched the amount I said they owed me. I had told them this long before I wrote that document. As soon as Steve got to the lodge for his two week visit I began trying to talk to him to explain what had happened telling him Robin owed me money. Steve was not upset or surprised and said he would make sure Robin made it right. I even gave them an easy way to compensate me which Steve promised he would make sure Robin did. Instead they plotted revenge. The two evil brothers were working together. 

The insurance scam was quite obvious and they wanted me gone before the insurance agent came to the lodge because I tell the truth. The notice about withholding the rent due to lack of services is what got Steve Hume to become aggressive, abusive and threatening to me, it is why he threatened me with physical harm and told me he would get me in lots of trouble due to the felony conviction. He did due to the prosecutor being completely blind and both of them being good old boys from Texas. I called the AST in Anchor Point and they did nothing except repeat constantly that everything that happened was a civil matter. Harassment, threats. meth labs, prostitution, child endangerment and theft are not civil matters. I also sent them some emails.

The police report says Steve looked in his wallet before going to sleep and first thing when he woke up. Why check it first thing unless you are afraid of a theft, and if you are afraid your money will be stolen why put it in a vulnerable position and leave the door to the room you are sleeping in wide open?
The entrance to my room was outside. I had to go through the front door from the main entrance to get to it, Steve Hume was in a room with a door right next to the main entrance which I had to pass to go outside.
Where was the wallet? Officer Loop did not even ask him that question or if he did it was not in this report. Maybe the transcripts of Steve Hume's interview will have more info. Where were the pants? There was no indication about if he was wearing them or they were off and if so where were they claimed to be located? I walked by the room to get to mine due to the entrance being outside. The room Steve Hume slept in or pretended to sleep in had the door wide open and here is the other thing, Steve was on the bed fully clothed, on top of the bedspread looking zonked out, he was wearing his pants. There was a door from the room Steve was in to mine, but I had it rigged so no one could get it open and boxes stacked in front of it.

That means whoever took the wallet, if that even happened would have had to stick their hand in his pocket while he wore his pants. Steve told me he left the wallet lying on the bed, I just saw him lying on the bed as I went by unable to not see him right there at the door. I did not notice anything other than Steve fully clothed lying on the bed oddly with the door opened. He told his ex-sister-in-law he left it on the bed, left the room and then saw me and the money was missing. AST did not talk to any witnesses because they knew if they did they would find discrepancies. AST did not provide any details in this report to indicate the location of the wallet. The report does not even show Officer Loop even asking about witnesses. Why? Because they knew Steve Hume was lying. Either Officer Loop knew this or he was under the influence of John Earthman who was engineering this set up.

The comment about me being a night owl and wandering around the lodge is bullshit, except I was a night owl sometimes.The only time I ever wandered around in the middle of the night was when neither Robin or Steve were there and I was looking for a meth lab or marijuana grow operation, that was months before they were there. Rather than look themselves the troopers asked me to look. I even went outside in the snow with my socks on so I made no noise on the basement stairs. The latest I was ever in the main room was about 10 PM and that was very rare. It would have been due to something on TV I was watching (no satellite TV went to the rooms as advertised) or the use of the kitchen. I just went to get something to eat quickly and took it to my room to eat, never eating in the main room. Sometimes I went to get something to eat and my food was all stolen.

I do have severe sleep disorders due to PTSD and ME/CFS then on top of that was living in a dangerous and noisy situation not conducive to sleep to begin with. I do know where the night owl wandering the lodge stories come from, Robin. I tried to make Robin think I stayed up all night and slept all day (which sometimes did happen, it is a symptom of ME/CFS) due to knowing he would steal my property if he could get access to it. If I went to the store I slipped out in the early morning walking down the hill before even calling a taxi so he would not know I was gone. I was often awake at night, but stayed in my room trying to be safe, have some peace and separate myself from the druggie, chaotic, scumbaggy, abusive bastards. So, Steve Hume's statement that I wandered the lodge at night was total bullshit and probably came from Robin Hume when after failing to convince Steve wrongfully that James stole his money decided to demonize me in order to frame me into that role.

In the above police report please note that Trooper Loop documents that Steve Hume reported that I stole money from his wallet on 7/31/2007 supposedly early in the morning when he documents that it is 08:44 AM like it happened the night before. That theft if it did actually happen was not on 7/31/2007. I do not know the exact date, but it was at least several days prior to 7/31/2007. My memory was refreshed by an email I sent Officer Loop on 7/31/2007. I guess Palin/Parnell had not thought to remove this from my email and there was a copy of the second one Loop used as "evidence" with the police report.

I will discuss the email mentioned in this police report which conveniently left out the one sent just before it which refreshed my memory in the next post. I do not know if the AST had been contacted by Steve Hume about the stolen money or if that was a lie. If they had been contacted considering my experiences it would not be a surprise that no investigation had occurred. For many reasons I believe Steve Hume's story about contacting some trooper is totally fabricated, but they will never let all the evidence surface. Did Officer Loop figure that out ever?

Steve Hume was interviewed on the phone by AST after the warrant was issued and after he left Alaska so he would be safe from prosecution for a false police report and perjury. Then Officer Loop came to my room and interviewed me a little more than an hour later. No investigation had been done prior to the warrant issued out of Nome by law enforcement. No crime had been charged. First the warrant, then the rushed investigation. In fact I was not interviewed until they came to arrest me at the odd hour of 11:30 PM while Robin Hume waited in his van down the hill for the police car to drive by so he could go steal my property. The troopers were accomplices to a burglary. The truth that I told had no bearing on the case, only the lies of Steve Hume, the lies and actions of Robin Hume and the malfeasance/revenge of DA John Earthman.  Earthman orchestrated the whole thing. Steve Hume and John Earthman plotted for days how to orchestrate this. Then they tried to set up the police report so it looked like it just happened.

Notice how Trooper Loop says the email contained my disapproval of how the Humes did business rather than stating my complaints of violations of the Landord Tenant Act, cons being run on people who showed up to stay at that place jokingly called a lodge or mentioning the crimes that had been committed. That police report leaves out much information, why is this? This is actually how law enforcement and the regulatory agencies think, manipulation of the truth is always foremost on their minds.

Below is the only truth contained in this report besides my name, and other basic info, but not exactly.

Harrison told me that she did not take anything from Hume, but rather Hume has taken from her (see Harrison email). Harrison told me Hume reported the money missing two days prior to Hume calling AST and that the money was left on the bed, not in his pants. Harrison denied any involvement in the case and said Hume was only saying this so I will move out.

I have had some difficulty getting the documentation of all of this from the Alaska State Troopers. I had called them to report the claim of a missing wallet by Steve Hume which caused Steve to have a very angry, aggressive reaction. It has been my experience that people often make claims of crimes here, but then don't report them to the police due to not wanting contact with them, the accusation being false or they are afraid something they have done will be found out. If indeed Steve Hume's wallet had been stolen I wanted that to be added to the list of crimes I had already reported to the AST. Never did it occur to me that anyone would think I would take that money after I had actually tried for a long time to get something done about the constant crimes there, especially having saved some of the property of the Humes from being stolen. I do not know the exact date of Steve Hume's accusation of the theft, but probably eventually will find something I wrote that will give me a good idea. That is probably because he and John Earthman were plotting the scenario and did not want law enforcement involved in investigating until the story was put together and some of the witnesses had moved on.

I know the money was reported as missing at the lodge more than two days previous to this and have no idea when Steve Hume actually first contacted AST even though this report says 7/31/2007 due to the lies and cover up. Here are the events:

First Day: I went to the lodge and Steve told me he was upset, “You’d be really upset if you knew what happened to me.” Then he would not tell me what happened. You don’t say that if you saw that person you are talking to steal money from your wallet. No if he saw me steal money he would have said something right then and been very aggressive. Then I said, “You mean having someone con money from you” which was about Robin Hume trying to get the money back from him the night before and their argument about it. What Steve Hume reported I said in the police interview was bullshit. I was hoping at this point Steve was starting to grasp the concept about Robin, but no Steve was a scumbag too. I had no idea. As soon as he arrived I had been trying to talk to Steve about cons and rips offs of Robin and explain he owed me money, even offering an easy solution to the problem. I was not the only person doing that.

Second Day: They said they found a note in the kitchen the night before left by James wanting to know where his things were. They had decided it was him who stole the money. When they told me this I stated James was most likely incarcerated and therefore unable to have taken Steve’s money.

Third Day: Steve Hume tells myself and Smitty the other renter that he is putting an envelope on the kitchen counter and whoever took the money can just put it in it. He does a weird staring thing at me telling me if I look away I am guilty. I was shocked they could think I would do that after I put myself in danger to inform them of the vandalism and thefts at their lodge and called the AST multiple times to protect their property putting myself in danger to do the right thing along with looking for the meth lab.

Fourth Day: I realized Steve was never going to make things right and my only solution was to go to court. I gave them a document spelling out what was owed to me. It was only part of what they owed and amounted to $680. I had already verbally told him the amount of money Robin owed me and this may be why Steve claimed he lost $700 from his wallet.

When I sent the email to Officer Loop I had been being harassed for days by the Humes, especially Steve who blocked me from my room and threatened to hire someone to beat me up. As a result I gave them a document explaining my use of the Landlord Tenant Act along with the thirty day notice I was leaving. They were also turning off the electricity, internet etc. I was afraid if I left they would change the lock so I could not get in which would of course be illegal, or steal my property along with harming my cat. It was very clear by then the AST would not do anything about that except tell me it was a civil matter because that seemed to be all they ever did.

I can’t say unless I find more documentation exactly how many days there were from the theft to the false arrest. I can only say there were several. The theft did not occur on 7/31/2007 as stated in the police report. If any kind of investigation was done it would have been known immediately that Steve Hume was a lying son of a bitch and made the whole thing up and that may include even that the whole claim of the stolen money was false. I believe he and John Earthman plotted to make up a story to have me wrongfully arrested. The report was filed on 7/31/2007 as if the “crime” had just happened. The interview was on the phone from another state on 8/2/2007. Why was this interview not done sooner? Was that another hearing on 7/31/2007 which I was not invited to or just a motion and how many times did Judge Esch and DA Earthman talk to Steve Hume during hearings that Steve Hume perjured himself at. There was an exparte hearing on 8/2/2007 they have tried to bury, did Steve Hume commit perjury on the phone at this hearing too or did Earthman just use the previous lies to get Judge Ben Esch to issue a warrant to have me wrongfully arrested? Then why all the transfers to different prisons while telling me I was going to Nome for a hearing and then planting me in Hiland Mountain? What the hell was that?

The report says they found no money in my wallet at the jail. I had $30 to my name at that time which was in my bank account. Was a warrant issued to search my room for the "stolen" money? Of course not, they knew it was not there, but instead of the AST going in my room to look for money, they allowed Robin Hume to go in and steal my property. Officer Loop took pictures of my property before he arrested me due to my telling him Robin Hume would steal what he wanted and those pictures were later disappeared. I believe higher ups at the AST did that. I did call Loop about those photographs, he said they were still there, he would check on them and call me back with the information. Never ever heard from him again.

A public information request to the AST revealed almost no documentation and certainly no report on the fingerprints of the wallet they claimed were done or Steve Hume making a police report previous to the one in this blog post as he stated to Officer Loop and probably the blind DA Earthman.

Why were Steve and Robin Hume not arrested for the crimes they committed? There is quite a lengthy list of them. Was it to cover for the officers of the court in Nome who set me up? Was it to cover a prostitution ring in the Homer area? When people file false police reports DAs and cops are generally pissed off about it. Was it because the orders to harm me came from someone high up in the Alaska government?

Next post is about the email mentioned in this post and the one sent just before it that was not mentioned.  



Anonymous said...

Alaska is not unlike every other city in the country.

Celia Harrison said...

Anonymous 8:51 PM,First let me clarify that Alaska is not a city, why it's a whole state. Yes, there are some of the same issues in other places, but not like what goes on here. I have lived in several states, there are agencies and some staff who care about justice, civil rights and due process. Unless you have lived in Alaska, especially the rural areas you have no idea.