If Anyone Knows Jeremy Hawk Tell Him I Was Screwed Over By Robin Hume Too and I Love to Tell the Truth

Jeremy Hawk does seem to have some issues, but that does not mean he can't be manipulated and have Robin Hume steal from him or con him, in fact that may make it easier to do. Certainly it makes it easier to convince the police he's the problem to get him arrested. Click the envelope on the upper right on this blog to communicate. I contacted the Public Defender Agency, but you can’t trust those people. 

Posted years ago in response to an article in the Nome Nugget filled with lies(the editor would not print it):
I rented a room in a B&B. The owners are con men. They were pulling an insurance scam to the tune of more than $15,000. The insurance agent wanted to talk to me and they would not give him my phone number. They knew I would tell the truth and they would be found out. A friend of theirs said they wanted my bathroom to be used by their guests. Several men also told me Robin Hume usually has a lot of prostitutes and sex parties at the lodge. I did not believe them at first, but now I have evidence of all of this and more. He knew I would never allow that type of activity to go on. I was talking to them about getting reimbursed for the money one of them had conned out of me, some things he had stolen from me, utility bills I had to pay, food he stole from me to feed his B&B guests and more. My wallet had been missing for several weeks. I was quite sure one of the owners Robin Hume had taken it. I called a state trooper but I had no evidence. Silly me, I thought evidence was needed to charge someone with a crime. When Steve Hume came to visit, he found it in Robin’s Van. I had searched that van five times about a month earlier. It was clearly not in it then. The money was gone and so was the calling card. Right after it disappeared, Robin wanted to know if I had my bank card canceled. He looked very disappointed when I said, yes. I only got the wallet back because Steve found it in the wheel well. I told Robin and then Steve I knew Robin had stolen it. Then I gave them a written notice that I was leaving in 30 days and I was withholding my rent pursuant to the landlord tenant act and would be taking them to small claims court for the rest. Steve Hume one day claimed he was missing $700, not $750 as your article declared. He first accused someone else. I was sure of who had taken the money, his brother Robin. His stories never made sense and changed several times. Some people think the whole thing is a lie. I have a witness that says Robin Hume the other brother has taken money out of his wallet and stolen 2/3 of his things out of his storage unit. Robin makes his living as a con man and has several aliases, my favorite being Christopher Maximilian. He is involved in a lot of other shady activities also. I have become quite the detective. After a time Steve Hume became very verbally abusive to me, blocked me from going into my room and threatened me. He started to say, "You are a known felon I can get you in a lot of trouble," "I’ll tell them you stole the money," over and over. There were witnesses. I told him that was nuts because there was no evidence as I did not take it. I also told him his brother took his money. I had no fear of anything happening. It made no sense that it would. After all I live in the United States of America. They can only arrest people if they have evidence. Hah. 
The person Robin and Steve Hume first accused of stealing the money was a kid who was in some kind of trouble and was most likely in jail. I told Steve he was probably in jail. Steve was only there a short time, Robin took the money knowing this kid was in jail and he could accuse him. Robin knew he was in jail and that Steve would not be able to find him. The problem is I was there and not happy someone who had obviously not been able to steal the money was accused. They claimed a note had been written and left in the kitchen that supposedly the kid wrote wanting to know where his things were. Did they tell the AST about that note?  Did it ever exist or did Robin write it to con Steve?
Everyone who knew me in Homer knew two things. I was desperate to find a new place to live and I stayed at the lodge most of the time to keep Robin Hume from stealing my things. When the state trooper came to arrest me on the warrant judge Esch issued, he already knew this. I was allowed to take some things in my back pack. He took panoramic pictures of my room as it was. I thought I would only be gone a day or two as this was an obvious mistake. I gave my precious cat food and water and hoped Robin would leave my things alone and not harm her. I was told the next day I was going to Nome for a hearing. I was promised this several times and it never happened. I never waived my right to appear. I never got to Nome.

While incarcerated I could not get the phones to go anywhere except the public defender agency offices. I called Nome, Kotzebue, Kenai, Anchorage, and the director Quinlan Steiner. Each time giving the message that my cat needed to be rescued by the animal shelter, that Robin Hume would starve my cat, steal my things, that I was not getting my medication and I was innocent of the charge. Not one of them even picked up the phone to call the animal shelter. One of them called Robin Hume and believed his lies(Kirsten Bey). I told her he was lying and I told her he is a sociopath. While I was there not one public defender came to see me. They told me an investigator was coming to see me also. This never happened. Finally a friend found out about my incarceration and immediately bailed me out. This took 26 days. The phones in the jails would not go anywhere. The public defender agency took this long to finally call her. I was in bad shape I had been psychologically tortured. I had not had my medication. I was sick. I came back to Homer homeless. I had the clothes on my back and my backpack. Robin Hume had stolen anything he thought he could sell or use. He put the rest out in the rain. It was full of mold. He then put it in a storage unit so he could say he stored my things. He told the woman at the storage place he did not know where I was. Robin Hume did the actual deeds, but I hold the people who had me falsely charged, wrongfully imprisoned, and then allowed all of it to happen by acts of omission more responsible. I consider my cat’s death a murder. All they had to do was make a phone call. It would have taken just a couple minutes.

I lost everything I had from my mother, except one item. He poured bleach over the top of my important papers. Most of my clothes were gone or ruined. He took all of my kitchen things. It is unbelievable. He should be charged with a crime. There was a court order to go to the lodge out of the Nome Court so I could go and get my things. The state troopers did not honor it. They said I would have to have a different kind of order. That should have happened, but never did. Robin Hume even stole my cat’s things. He knew he could get away with it as he has done this before. The state troopers in the Kenai Borough would not even do anything when I called them because people were stealing things from the lodge and vandalizing it and then there was the evidence I found of a meth lab. Judge Esch surely would have known which kind of court order would have allowed me to get my things back. This was clearly done to harm me.
The most tragic of all is my cat was starved. I knew he would starve her as he had a cat he never fed. I fed it. After a while he finally took her to the animal shelter. He told them I was going to be in jail in Nome for six months. She was very thin and sick. He must have been abusive to her also. She was never the same. He is truly one of the most disgusting pieces of garbage on this planet. She had been very sweet before as she had never known anything but kindness. She would not even let the people at the animal shelter clean her cage. I had to live at the women’s shelter and I visited her every day. I then took a really horrible apartment as I had to hurry and get her with me to try and save her life(The Dolphine Villas). 
I was charged with Violation of Conditions of Release based on this missing money. I indeed had my wallet stolen by one of them. They are obvious con men. Any idiot could see this. I believe the accusation from Steve Hume was used as an excuse to have me incarcerated. The accusation was an obvious fabrication. I believe it was malevolence. I never violated a condition of my release. The charge was unconstitutional. His evidence was that Steve Hume said he saw me in his room. Did he come up with those words or did the DA suggest it? He had already changed his story around a few times. It was clearly fictional. Anyone who had done even some minutiae of an investigation would have known that. He also used an email I sent to Officer Loop to let him know I was withholding the rent in case there was trouble. Which by the way was not an unusual occurrence. I had sent him several emails. I am still trying to figure out how the email is evidence I stole money. Oh I see. If you try to recover something using legal means such as the landlord tenant act and small claims court, you will be punished. I do not normally do anything to break the law. In fact, one reason I was targeted by the Humes is my honesty. DA Earthman used his position of power to retaliate against me for having my case reviewed. Which, by the way I have every right to do as there were a lot of irregularities. Steve Hume needs to be charged with giving false information to the police. The state troopers refuse to file a report about it.

I have said some nice things about Trooper Derek Loop in the past, but he was just playing me. In the police transcripts he told Steve Hume the AST believed it was me. They had no evidence, nor did it make any logical sense. Never believe anything a cop says, they are trained to lie, I did not know that back then. Derek Loop had been sent several emails by me about the goings on at that lodge, he selected the one I sent him explaining that I was using the Landlord Tenant Act to hold my rent due to having to pay for included utilities, theft of my wallet and conning me several times to give to the malfeasant DA Earthman. He already knew about much of what was in the email long before I was accused falsely. Thanks for good copping-bad copping me you deceptive bastard. When I called Derek Loop about the photos he had taken of my property being destroyed he said he would check into it and call me back, he never did. COWARD! 

It is even more clear to me now that malice and retaliation were involved. A hearing I was not informed of was held 4 days after the filing of a review/appeal of my case. It was ex parte and the public defender agency was in on it. A warrant was issued two days after that hearing. I was wrongfully arrested eight days after the appeal was filed. I was told by Rick Svobodney no one would ever do anything about a malfeasant prosecutor.

I have also written in the past that many people have said that someone is going to eventually kill Robin Hume or that he needs a bullet in the brain and that I hoped it happened when he was in Texas because they would most likely charge me for it falsely without evidence. I would never do that, but dancing on his grave...YES! Law enforcement does not charge the Hume brothers with the crimes they commit against people and they are able to manipulate the people who complain about Robin's stealing, lying, conning and his brother Steve's threats to hire someone to beat them up. Stolen wallets, stolen property, and running cons are not civil matters as the state troopers say, neither is insurance fraud, no they are crimes that should be charged. Landlords are allowed to harm people in Alaska, steal from them, abuse them, violate their rights and get away with it. Robin Hume is a psychopath who is very dangerous, had no license to operate a B & B along with all the other businesses he had. Nothing ever happens, even when the evidence is given to law enforcement of pimping.  WHY!

Now for the real reason I am writing this post, first this happened:

Location: Homer   
Case number: AK13022191
Type: Disorderly conduct
Text: On 4/2/13, at 1959 hours, Troopers responded to a fight in progress. Investigation revealed
Jeremy Hawk, age 42, of Homer, had been fighting with tenants at the Homestead Lodge near Homer.
When Troopers arrived at the scene they observed Hawk still struggling with the other tenants.
Troopers arrested Hawk for the disorderly conduct and transported him to the Homer Jail where he
was remanded on bail of $250.

Author: JHP0
Received Thursday, April 04, 2013 9:04 AM and posted Thursday, April 04, 2013 9:40 AM

He was arrested for disorderly conduct rather than assault, why if this was not an assault was he the only one arrested? Was there even an actual fight or did someone call the AST with a lie due to Mr. Hawk  showing up angry about being stolen from or conned. This must have been a really long fight considering the length of time it takes AST to respond above Homer from Anchor Point and odd for it to continue for so long.

Then this happened on April 24th 2013:

Jeremy B. Hawk v. Robin Hume, debt.

This seems connected to the fighting since he is suing Robin Hume just twenty days later, so Robin very likely was involved. Robin is a psychopath and is able to manipulate others into being the ones blamed for his crimes or gets AST to arrest others when he is the main cause of the problem. They seem to be protecting him from pimping, running cons, stealing wallets, other thefts, operating a lodge without a license, having sex with teenage prostitutes, animal cruelty, stealing the property of tenants, telling lies to law enforcement in order to have someone arrested for the crimes he commits, insurance fraud and there of course was a huge drug problem when I was there I doubt that has changed. In my case evidence was destroyed, I was wrongfully arrested, tortured in the prison system, he was allowed to destroy/steal my property and to harm my cat so I had to have her put down. The troopers also would not allow me to file police reports stating they decide who could file one, then they lied all the way up the chain of command. Why does law enforcement in the Homer area protect Robin Hume? Why was Steve Hume not charged when he filed a false police report and lied to Judge Ben Esch and DA John Earthman during their ex parte procedings?Sure Steve could have been conned by Robin, but his story he told the troopers about me was so false he couldn't remember it and told several versions.

 In July this happened:

Jeremy B. Hawk, 41, two counts of third-degree assault

Jeremy Watson is also listed on this day, that is two Jeremies tied to the Homestead Lodge Bed and Breakfast owned by Robin and Steve Hume in the court section on the same day.

Considering Jeremy Hawk's history this could be completely unrelated, but it is very strange these two third degree assaults are not reported in the police section of the newspaper or by AST. I have a high suspicion it is related and perhaps engineered to get rid of Jeremy Hawk long enough for Robin Hume to dissapear into the lower 48 for the winter.  When I went to Nome to file lawsuits the first thing I was told was the courthouse was closed. I selected a rental carefully due to the problems with drugs and noise there. The building was brand new so I assumed the owner would not allow drugs, wild parties or vandalism. I was wrong. When I complained about people who were high and hyper working on a car at 3 A.M. right next to my front door I was the problem. Even though I had paid a deposit and was renting monthly the owner contacted the police, told them I was a hotel customer and had them remove me, stealing my deposit. They love people who sell, manufacture and use drugs in Homer. The police believed the lies as usual, ignoring me telling them the truth. I also had the police violate my first amendment rights when I held up a sign at the poling place unbelievably.

Law enforcement for years has known this is a dangerous situation with Robin Hume. There is no way they did not know a potential for violence and a high risk of murder existed at that lodge owned by a psychopath and his bullying, threatening brother. They did nothing, nothing.

Here is the other thing that makes me think Robin did something to Mr. Hawk:

From Craigslist:

Furnished 5 bedrooms, 2 bath, large rec basement. Vaulted ceilings, 3 wood stoves, electric heat and propane. Surrounded by 300 ac of nature preserve with miles of hiking trails surrounding the property.
Work shed.
Grid/ power or off grid ( diesel gen backup system)
Great water.
On skyline drive (school bus route)
Seeking minimum 2 year lease
Backgound check & References required.
$ 1,500 security deposit
$ 2,500 month

Call: ray (361)XXX-XXXX
This is actually Robin Hume who has several aliases. Ray is his middle name. Over the years he has used several Craigslist ads to try and sell the property for a huge amount of money or con someone to invest in it, but now he just wants to rent it. It looks like he may be getting ready to bolt, but he does go to the lower 48 every winter. Either he is afraid of the civil suit in small claims court or someone who is very pissed off. It can't be law enforcement because they give him a pass on all his crimes.
This was posted on Craigslist two days after I posted this:

Very Disturbing! Very Sad! Police Corruption. Remember My Meth Story?

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunetly I have had the displeasure of meeting both Steve and Robin Hume. THey are both liars and grifters. Any one with any informatiom on these two con men let me know