Whatever Police Fecal Material is Called I Am Sick of the Smell

In a Dean Koontz novel an autistic man in response to a request for synonyms for the word ‘shit’ provided these: Cow pie, waste, potty packing, outhouse input, excreta, dejecta, bulldoody, filth, dung, a withdrawal from the bowel bank, toilet treasure, doodoo, manure, stool, diaper dump, feces, feculence, defecation…and many more.
From By The Light of the Moon by Dean Koontz

Whatever one chooses to call the above material I am getting sick of Alaska agencies trying to feed it to the public. I am forever stunned at the people of Alaska who are unable to identify fecal material being spewed from our government agencies. They package it in little information packets and people just eat up the PR designed packets of doodoo.

Mark Bottimore has been arrested twice and then accused of a crime due to someone using his identity, but the Anchorage Police Department isn’t able to grasp the concept even the third time. Will the third time be the charm for them? The APD claims Bottimore did not explain it was not him in the two previous arrests. Does anyone believe that?

"I've been arrested twice because of this guy," the real Bottimore said. "He is not a mastermind. I don't know how the police keep falling for this."

Read more here: http://www.adn.com/2013/08/10/3018098/imposter-a-plague-on-anchorage.html#storylink=cpy

 I have a very probable explanation for Mr. Bottimore:

Read more here: http://www.adn.com/2013/08/10/3018098/imposter-a-plague-on-anchorage.html#storylink=cpy"I've been arrested twice because of this guy," the real Bottimore said. "He is not a mastermind. I don't know how the police keep falling for thisI have one possible explanation for Mr. Bottimore:

Anchorage police spokeswoman Jennifer Castro said it was true that LeBlanc's false statements had caused police to arrest Bottimore twice and, years later, briefly name him as the AT&T burglar. But Bottimore failed to explain to law enforcement after the 2007 arrests that he was not the man committing crimes in his name, Castro said.

Jennifer Castro the APD PR and spokesperson has apparently gone to her predecessor, Dave Parker school of doublespeak and bullshit.

Those were not "wrongful" arrests, Castro said. "(The) term 'wrongfully arrested' is incorrect because Bottimore was technically, at the time, correctly arrested based on the information and processes we have in place for making arrests," Castro wrote in an e-mail.

 He was correctly wrongfully arrested, what is wrong with you people, can't you understand how our "processes" work. The problem is we do, we do and we are saddened and disgusted by it. You care about information all of the sudden? Then why all the covering up and destroying of evidence and lying? If they cared about information we wouldn't be reading about this story in the news.

Ms. Castro let me clarify for you, wrongful arrest is still a wrongful arrest no matter what the cause. If it is arrest of the wrong person, arrest without probable cause, arrest due to malice of police or prosecutor (I am familiar with this one, but it also includes the Public Defender Agency), arrest based on a warrant issued with false information from a cop (This was part of my story), if there is a lack of just cause, if a third party lies, or in this case due to incompetence and lies it is still wrongful arrest. Please stop, George Orwell just rolled over in his grave. A wrongful arrest is really a correct arrest in the doublespeak of the APD. You know just like Shailey Tripp got all of her property back when she didn't. 

The APD isn't the only police agency in Alaska that is full of shit,it just gets the most press.

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