Hollywood Dave Parker Has Been Appointed To the Alaska Judicial Council

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At first I thought what I was reading couldn’t be true, how could a man who destroyed evidence, kept Shailey Tripp from getting her property, lied multiple times, gave a very inappropriate and strange news release to The National Enquirer, protected a pimp and refused to follow a court order to release Ms. Tripp’s property be appointed to select judges and public defenders in Alaska. It is however true and is what happens in a corrupt state run by psychopaths. This is also a GOP tactic to get judges and others into the justice system whose belief systems are dominionist, evangelical and theocratic. Now we have two of those radical right wing types on the Judicial Council,  Kathleen Miller who is the wife of hypocrite and Tea Party Republican Joe Miller the man with the world's most irritating beard is already on it. That way crazy radical right wing legislation challenged in the courts will be less likely to be defeated. They can also direct them to assist the outcomes they want in particular cases against individuals, you know like what already happens.

Alaska Judicial Council
Governor Parnell appointed Lt. Dave Parker to the Alaska Judicial Council. The council reviews candidates for judicial vacancies and nominates two or more individuals for the governor’s review.

Parker, of Anchorage, is a retired Anchorage police officer and served for 17 years as a detective and public information officer. He is a former teacher and pastor. Parker has served as a board member for Standing Together Against Rape and for the Anchorage chapter of the Alaska Peace Officers Association. He has also volunteered at the McLaughlin Youth Center. Parker is a trainer in justice-related topics, including sexual assault, crimes against children and child homicide investigations. He holds a Bachelor of Science and Master of Divinity. Parker is appointed to a public seat.


Dave Parker retired from the APD as if it was all just his idea and had nothing to do with the fact that an investigation is being conducted on a federal level of this case due to a Secret Service Agent being one of the customers referred to Shailey Tripp for her services from pimp Todd Palin. Thanks to Malia Litman for her constant pressure to both the state of Alaska and on the federal level. It is harder to keep up the lies and spin the story when that happens. Who thinks an appointment by Governor Parnell was not already offered before he resigned? They thought everyone might shut up about the Shailey Tripp case if Dave Parker was not constantly being seen on TV saying illogical things, but some of us are not going to even when retaliated against on many levels. In my case that also includes state troopers who follow me while shining their lights at night when I walk down Shady Lane in Soldotna. Last I checked walking to Fred Meyers is not an illegal act, but I know what can happen, that is why I don’t want a car. I lived in Luna County New Mexico where the cops were drug dealers and went after whistleblowers, that would be me.

"He said he hasn’t minded answering hard questions from the media.” Well how hard could it be when your job description is to just make up crazy shit and lie your ass off for your overlords?  

Keep in mind this is a state that only recently started to require sex offenders from other states to register in Alaska, has state troopers who will not look for a missing woman if she is a known prostitute, has a back log of untested rape kits only second to Louisiana, do not arrest some perpetrators in rural areas, has cops all over the state who coerce women into having sex with them while they are on duty (one was a serial rapist right under the nose of the APD and many knew he had sex on the job) and a former Mayor of Wasilla who required rape victims to pay for their own rape kits, yes that was Sarah Palin, Dave Parker’s buddy. I know, it’s hard to figure out why the rape stats are so high here, I’m flummoxed. There is a pervasive attitude about women and an intentional war on women’s rights by many of those in positions of power that have allowed all of this. So covering up the actions of a pimp by sacrificing a prostitute seem natural to them and it is done all the time. The prostitution in Alaska is connected to law enforcement and some in high positions in the government, then there are the all powerful corporations. Having cops and others as customers insures they keep their mouths shut and take actions to protect those involved.
Below is a post I wrote a while back and never put on my blog about Dave Parker that demonstrates why he and his unethical evangelical craziness should have been fired a long time ago before any of us knew who Shailey Tripp was or put the word pimp together with Todd Palin‘s name. Here in Alaska crazy, incompetent and unethical are highly sought after job skills by the government. That includes using your platform to pimp radical religious beliefs.

I wrote this last April. It explains why I call him Hollywood Dave.


This is one of the most idiotic things I have seen in a long time.

Using his advanced intellect and years of law enforcement experience Super Cop Dave Parker explains why we have such high rape statistics in Alaska:

We’re fighting an uphill battle with attitudes from Hollywood, the entertainment industry, they seem to put out the idea that this kind of thing is somehow acceptable,” said Anchorage police spokesperson Lt. Dave Parker.”

Oh poor hapless Hollywood Dave where does he get his information? I have finally figured it out. He pulls it out of his heinous ass. How do thoughts like his get formed? Too many fumes from Sarah Palin’s panties? Maybe not enough oxygen? Some kind of dementia? Too much time spent destroying evidence. Something is seriously wrong here.

No Dave, when those who commit rapes don’t get caught or low percentages are prosecuted and the police in many parts of the state pick up women because they are interested in having sex with them what do you think the message is? The word gets out to serial rapists here and in other states they don’t investigate. When I moved to Homer I was told the reason the two guys living in the lodge (remember the meth story?) came to Alaska was because pot is legal, there are hardly any cops and they were reluctant to investigate anything, as I found out these are all true. When they told me this I called the State Troopers and made sure they understood I had nothing to do with anything that was going on at that lodge. The state troopers could have cared less as I found out, about any of it. The person who reports the crime is their main problem, those damn crime reporting evil bitch trouble makers. It is clear that the higher ups were protecting the owner of the lodge who as it turned out was involved in prostitution both as a pimp and as a customer of teenage prostitutes. I reported meth and more at another place close by in Homer and a cop that makes Barney Fife look like a genus showed up. The same theme runs through law enforcement in Alaska, those who report problems are the problem. The chief of police and his second in command were somehow always both out of town when I wanted to complain about the behavior of the police and lack of action. How’s that meth situation doing now Homer and what about that underage drinking problem? 

My favorite movie and novel genres are thrillers, has Dave Parker ever seen the crime thrillers about detectives hunting serial rapists? Does he know anything about sex offenders? I used to work with them and have read some research on the subject, I can’t find the word Hollywood anywhere in the literature. The sex offender program I worked in never had discussions about Hollywood avoidance tactics nor were any of the offenders told their problem was they just had too much Hollywood. Now we already know Dave has a hard time identifying pimps, so here‘s a picture for him.

I wonder if he thinks pimps are caused by Hollywood too or is it that psychopathic exploitation of others greed thing, hmm. Who needs Hollywood when we have entertainment like this in Alaska anyway?

In evaluating Dave Parker’s logic that Hollywood is causing the high statistics I would like to point out that compared to most areas in the lower 48 Alaska has a lot less movie theaters. Why wouldn’t their rape statistics be higher than ours? Are the statistics for those who subscribe to Netflix higher for committing rapes, how about those who rent movies from Blockbuster? Are the rape statistics going up now that more movies are being made in Alaska? You know I have an interest in serial killers and have watched a lot of serial killer movies, love to read about the Zodiac case (I believe the Zodiac was Richard Gaikowski), was interested in the Green River Killer and many more. I wonder why I don’t go around killing people? There certainly are some people in Alaska who have pissed me off no end and there is no doubt the world would be better off without many of them. I guess I’m just not Hollywood enough.

This article also discussed attitudes causing rapes, yes they say social workers feel it is the attitudes of the people in this state that keep the rape statistics so high. Well, after some experiences I have had with social workers in this state that would not surprise me, but I suspect someone got their statements wrong. These are people who work with rape victims. I doubt they said this, but then again…some of the social workers in Alaska... They may have said it is the attitudes of law enforcement or the justice system and the news station declined to say this…I can hope can‘t I. Yes, people do need to change their attitudes about those who have been raped and offer them support. They did not cause it no matter what your crazy preacher or psychopathic politician tells you.

Also not by Hollywood.
It was only fairly recently they started requiring out of state sex offenders to register in Alaska and they have a huge stockpile of untested rape kits (we were only number two on that one, those bastards in Louisiana beat us for the #1 spot). You know Hollywood Dave when you identify and arrest a serial rapist he is not able to have contact with any more victims, there tends to be less rapes, just a thought. In Nome when we got a victim of sexual assault who was afraid to press charges against their rapist law enforcement did nothing stating they could not arrest them if the victim was an adult and did not want them to. They did not like my reaction to this information, I can be so negative about idiotic laws and cops, I‘m funny that way. Just like frightened victims of domestic violence they should not be the ones making the decision about arresting the person they are afraid of. In the small villages law enforcement is almost or in some cases non-existent so the rapists and bullies have a great time running amuck. After all this time I thought lack of law enforcement was the problem and now we know it’s just Hollywood that is causing all the rapes, even in the remote villages. UN-FUCKING-BELIEVABLE!

The general attitudes about anyone having problems in Alaska is it’s their own fault, as we have seen in the fight against those who are homeless.poor or unemployed. Yes, they all caused the clustered up economy, those bastards, who knew they were so powerful. The state likes to use this excuse in many areas so they don’t have to do their jobs or spend money on them so more can go to the oil companies. This same kind of thinking (attitude) has been used on rape victims, it’s her own fault because she wore that dress or she was drunk are common things that have been said about raped women in many places. That is well documented. If you are starving in your village because of circumstances beyond your control it’s your fault for refusing to move to the city…here have some cookies and a Bible. Dave couldn’t you have at least offered the victims of Hollywood some cookies? After all you have done for Todd Palin the least Sarah could do is bring you a supply of cookies.

He told the reporter he put a blog post written by an unknown blogger (who must be Jesse Griffin who writes the blog Immoral Minority as they say it’s a he and the person is left wing) about pimp-gate on his door because he found it funny. It isn’t funny and neither are the corrupt and abusive things other cops in this state do. There is abundant evidence that they kept electronic and other property of Shailey Tripp’s, why if she was not telling the truth did you do this even when a judge issued a court order to release it and then lie and say you did not have it? I have myself had police hold property that someone gave them of mine and they kept it playing sick games with me and not giving it back. I seriously doubt Shailey and I are the only people this has happened to in Alaska, it is most likely SOP.

If you haven't read Shailey Tripp's book, Boys Will Be Boys,  about her experience being groomed to work as a prostitute for Todd Palin you must. I believe her story for many reasons. Also search Malia Litman's Blog to understand this story, she is a retired attorney who has been working to expose this case and get some justice diligently. She is awesome.




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