DOL Uses Deceit About Due Process Protection in Attack on Tribal Rights

Warning, there will be swearing and a paragraph that may gross you out and put an image in your head that could ruin your sex life.

I have been livid since reading this article. I don‘t work nor am I a journalist who gets paid so I don‘t have to answer to anyone, therefore I am free to tell the unadulterated truth in any way I choose. There may be retaliation from the Department of Lawlessness and it would not be the first time. I have some insight into the actions and thinking of the DOL from personal experience, it never gets better with them, only worse. It is just so difficult knowing how corrupt they are to fathom how their insane actions are not challenged by most Alaskans.

This article from the ADN demonstrates why I call them the Department of Lawlessness:

 “…with Parks sitting in jail awaiting trial for beating Bessie Stearman so badly he broke three of her ribs and collapsed one of her lungs, the Parnell administration intervened on his behalf before the Alaska Supreme Court. In a case that's still pending, the state government is seeking to void a tribal court order declaring him an unfit parent. For Natalie Landreth, a Native-rights attorney representing the adoptive parents of one of Parks' children, the state's move was an outrageous example of attaching greater importance to its political fight against tribal rights than the protection of the child, who is now 5.”(Emphasis by me)

Let me clarify, the Department of Lawlessness is not concerned with the child and in fact the case does not have anything to do with what they are concerned with other than having some aspect they think they can use to subvert the tribal court's authority. This is callousness and I am familiar with their brand of it. 

Due process is never the agenda of the Department of Lawlessness.

Just like the justice system in the United States is designed to put large numbers of minorities in prisons, so is the Alaska state system, but instead of Blacks they target Natives. I am one of the Caucasians (with some Muscogee/Creek) who got caught in the justice dys-system used for Natives. John Earthman and the public defenders engineered my arrest after I filed an appeal because the original case was not insanely cruel enough for Nome. They had denied me a trial by threats and manipulation and then knowing they would never be punished harmed me egregiously. John Earthman filed for a hearing four days after the appeal/review was filed, not that it makes any difference the Public Pretenders aren‘t going to file an appeal based on their own severe incompetence and Judge Ex Parte Esch assisted him. The public pretenders played their part by feigning incompetence, which isn‘t hard for them because incompetence is their SOP. The public defender who did this, Brooke Browning Alowa was also able to feign her ass into a position as magistrate. About a week three days after the appeal was filed they had me wrongfully arrested and imprisoned. Update: I reviewed some documentation that revealed the assholery was even worse than I originally thought.

Where is the outrage in actual cases where due process IS violated? Why were these people, you know those who are supposed to uphold justice, not charged with crimes and why were those who lied to assist them not charged as well? They allowed crimes to be committed against me and none of them were charged. In my case their goals were retaliation and attempted subjugation, justice never entered their minds. There are large numbers of cases of injustice in Alaska and so many cases engineered to manipulate, eliminate or torture someone who has pissed off one of those who has managed to get a little power or the overlords who don‘t like people who tell the truth. They manipulate the law to get what they, nefarious politicians and those seeking to make profits from oil and minerals (corporations) want along with seeking to manipulate the population of voters. Those in power in this state are depraved, conscienceless evil doers. The sad thing is they aren’t even clever at it and most of the people of this state still can’t see it.

If tribal courts are not rendered inept by this type of action at the DOL then how will the DOL railroad hordes of Native people into the prison system and keep them on probation to limit their ability to vote and cause them to have difficulty finding housing/public assistance or a job. How would they use incarceration to damage families and make parenting dysfunctional? Perhaps the state is afraid the tribes will get enough power to fight the laws designed to keep large numbers of Natives incarcerated or force the state to provide money for appropriate interventions for those who have been traumatized or provide treatment including culturally appropriate chemical dependency treatment for use of alcohol and drugs secondary to trauma illnesses. How are they expected to cause trauma in a population that would protest the drilling of oil or mines that would destroy fishing, hunting or simply cause a toxic environment. What the hell will they do if they can‘t stop the tribes from conducting courts based on justice, traditions, culture and compassion for the victims and the defendant? That kind of court might help heal broken people who are acting out due to pain, they can’t have that it could strengthen the whole tribe. What can they do with people who care more for nature, subsistence, the land and their relationship with it than money? What can they do with people who care more about Alaska than those who come here to make money and leave the toxic mess for the real Alaskans to deal with?

The state of Alaska is so desperate they have become obvious. I am starting to understand why they wanted to shut me up in Nome and why my hearings were scheduled late in the day or in the tiny courtroom with no other defendants present and why they came after me once I left Nome.

"We're supporting his due process rights as we would with any other Alaskan," Geraghty said.  AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I can just barely tolerate Alaska’s government and justice system without vomiting continuously. How much more heinous can they get? My esophagus may soon be torn from retching, I could bleed out. They are supporting due process rights…as they would with any other Alaskan? That is a lie wrapped in hypocrisy. Mr. Geraghty you are disgusting.

Those who actually have due process issues can’t get any help and even if they were offered it the state would manipulate the appeal so the case would be lost. The system is manipulated and due process is not allowed to particular people, like myself. I complained over and over that I was not getting due process, I was ignored, especially by old Ex Parte Esch. The hapless public defender agency has no idea what due process even is, that includes the sober ones. The waiting list for post conviction relief is unbelievably long. Where in hell is the DOJ?

There are no words to describe what I think of these vile sub-humans, but I will do my best. Perhaps if I add several fucks it might help. I guess Alaska’s Department of Lawlessness has lost their corrupt psychopathic minds. Or is this just an example of how desperate they are to protect their real clients, oil and mining companies? Does it have anything to do with the more rural areas leaning left politically? Are those in power becoming frightened of someone a bit more left or centrist getting voted into power?

They are continuing their “Respect” program, respect for brutality of women and child endangerment which runs rampant in this state. Here, look at this word and don’t notice what we are really doing---“Respect“, grab onto it and believe this is who we really are you ignoramuses. While we weren’t testing rape kits or even requiring sex offenders to register who come here from other states until recently we thought we would just work on passing legislation to control your bodies instead of actually protecting you. Injustice is justice, illogicality is logic and prison is freedom. I can’t even begin to express the absurdity, obvious illogicalness, idiocy and bizarreness of this self-seeking decision at the DOL. This is a fight against Native rights and those in power in this banana republic just don’t care who they harm to get their way. Fucking black hearted bastards.

Let’s not forget this case from the Newsminer which resulted in people in a family being murdered and raped including the brutal rape of a toddler:

ANCHORAGE, Alaska - Alaska Attorney General Michael Geraghty acknowledged Thursday that prosecutors, corrections officials and a sentencing judge made a mistake in assessing the criminal history of murder suspect Jerry Andrew Active before he was sentenced in a 2009 felony case.

This happened the day he was released from prison. When he fondled the child he also assaulted her family who stopped him from possibly raping her. His history includes burglary, fondling a child, assaults, providing alcohol to minors, trespassing, fighting. Who couldn’t figure out he was totally out of control? Who couldn't figure out an intervention and help was needed a long time ago? Who knows what his psych status is, if he has a history of child abuse or intellectual issues.

They turned every rock over to find a way to have me incarcerated and harmed in any way they could. They demonized me and yet they couldn’t even check the obvious record of this man and add 2+2. Their primary directive is not the safety of the public which is why they allowed rapes, abuse of children and violence against women to get completely out of hand. Corruption breeds incompetence and the job at hand is not done, instead the bidding of the overlords is done.

When they say they couldn’t have predicted his future behavior that is of course bullshit. They have these people who evaluate legal offenders for risk, make diagnoses and evaluate potential for rehab and re-offense. I know they have never heard of this, but it is done in other states that care about public safety. I worked in this area myself. Did he even have a psych eval? Did they ever send him for any kind of treatment? Did they assess his level of risk for sexual assault after he fondled a child? I doubt it. Is Mr. Active a psychopath or does he need very serious treatment for multiple problems?

My experiences with the Department of Probation were crazy, of course they were. I was treated like I was a serial killer. When I went to Anchorage to get treatment for PTSD they insisted I report immediately and threatened to send me to prison for first of all telling them there is no such thing as “prescription strength Tylenol“ after they harassed the shit out of me for twenty minutes trying to get me to admit I had some. I’m sorry, but I am not able to participate in other people’s delusions, it just isn‘t therapeutic for them. I not only had Tylenol, but  also Ibuprofen, both OTC, you better put me in prison. Then after insisting I come in to see her the nutty probation officer didn’t even want to see me. These are the sick games they play. I was threatened with prison for asking why she was not seeing me. My response was of course that she could not do this unless I violated my probation or committed a crime. Civil rights are a mystery to them. I wasn’t even guilty of the imaginary crime of possessing “Prescription strength Tylenol” and I‘m pretty sure they would have given me the death penalty if I was. I was however guilty of thought crimes such as wanting to slap some sense into those people, but who wouldn’t have. What I want to know is why the Probation Department didn’t even ask this guy if he had "Prescription Strength Tylenol".

This is all because:

Department of Law + Public Defender Agency +Department of Corrections = Clusterfuck Justice

I’ve been trying to explain this to people for years. Most of the time they keep the information from the
Maggot mating call: "Respect, respect, respect..."
Maggot mating call: "Due process, due process, due process..."
public in these cases, but someone must have done some research they knew would be exposed.

Staff at the DOL
The truth is those who run our system of justice are the maggots I once saw in the vagina of an unfortunate woman who came into the emergency room. Yes, I just called them vagina maggots which is as it should be. Now what retaliation can they come up with this time?
A Maggot Getting Ready to Ex Parte

I have no idea what they are saying in this video, but I imagine it is a recording of a meeting of the demon vaginal maggots at the Department of Lawlessness.


crystalwolflady said...

that maggot in the hat looks like Van Flea!!!
OMG seriously maggots in her vajayjay?
How could that happen?
Tweeted out and facebooked it, high time the "outsiders" learned about the extreme "cronycorruption" that continues in Alasska!!!

Celia Harrison said...

Crystalwolflady, It was a sad situation the woman was a chronic drug user, prostitute and had a very rough lifestyle. I hope her life got better.