Alaska's Congressman, Don Young, One of CREW's Most Corrupt Members of Congress for 2013

We win all the wrong contests here in Alaska and winning like Charlie Sheen, wrong and crazy. 

From CREW'S most corrupt members of congress report, click read full report to download the PDF. 

Representative Don Young (R-AK) is a twenty-one-term member of Congress,
representing Alaska at-large. His ethics issues stem from: (1) earmarking transportation funds to
a campaign donor; (2) using campaign funds for personal expenses; and (3) failing to disclose
gifts and trips from lobbyists. He was included in CREW’s 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2012 reports
on congressional corruption for related matters.

Yes, the people of Alaska have elected him an unbelievable twenty-one times. The DOJ doesn't think there is enough evidence to charge him with crimes, that of course means he has something on some powerful people.

Don Young really makes me proud to be an Alaskan...not.

Issuing threats and accusing New Jersey of having a bad reputation, AHEM, look who is talking! "Those that bite me will be bitten back." This is what "Respect" really means in Alaska, bullying. Corrupt politicians and big oil money along with the people who come here to work who only care about money and power for themselves, not Alaska, ruin the state for those who are here simply because it is where they want to live.

What decade is this?
Alaskans voted him in again. Why do people keep voting for these couillons?

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