The Psychopathic Psychiatrist/Expert Witness, I Was Not Just Joking

 Truth Floats, But Psychopaths Don't Care About Truth

This is a very entertaining piece, at least for me on one of the ethically challenged con men the Public Defender Agency chose to be an expert witness in my judicial lynching, but it is also upsetting. In the end his report was not used because even though fraudulent information and manipulation are high on their list of lie-yering skills in Alaska it was so bad they could not use it unless he took out the twenty-five pieces of false information in it due to my being “difficult“, but that was not possible. The public defender agency was shocked I tell you, shocked that a client objected to false information in a report. What kind of evil-bitch-woman wouldn’t want to include fiction in a report about their case when the prosecutor was telling copious lies and outdoing the defense with fakery at every step of the way. The report was so strange I thought he had mixed it up with another patient's. Dr. Raffle was charging them for the testimony which they had told him was included in the whole package which included the report, but he said he thought Alaska would pay him whatever he billed because the feds do. That might have been a part of why I was lied to by Brooke Browning Alowa about having expert witnesses to trick me into a plea (no deal), but there were other reasons including the Nome judicial railroad and retaliation.

Imagine being interviewed by a psychiatrist and in a short time knowing what he was and thinking, oh crap this is my fucking expert witness. When I told Michele Murphy and then later Brooke Browning Alowa he seemed to be a bit on the sociopathic side, they became angry and sent emails to their supervisor telling him I was being difficult when I just happen to be the only one who had one fucking clue. Michele Murphy told Quinlan Steiner in an email that I was ecstatic about Dr. Raffle. I had hoped he was real and I could tell him the story and my medical history, that he would be able to describe what had gone on, but no of course not, this was justice in bush Alaska. Ecstasy never happened not for one second about any of the crap that was going on with the judicial system. The reason they didn’t get it is many of them are on the Narcissistic Personality Disorder/Psychopathy scale themselves and they used him intentionally, because he would give them whatever they wanted for the large fee he would get from the state. He had been used in Kotzebue where Brooke Browning Alowa was managing the public defender office. The man is a corporate whore who does whatever he must to obtain money and the evidence is farther down this page. There are lots of conmen and conwomen who use the court system to make money by giving out bullshit in reports and testimony. They are used by prosecutors and defense attorneys, who know they are passing on bullshit, like pieces on a chess board.

I had no expert witnesses to sort out what had gone on at Norton Sound Health Corporation, to explain the PTSD I had from workplace bullying or the contributing factors of DES depression, ME/CFS depression, DES changes in brain lateralization and ME/CFS brain fog/dementia that got very severe due to the PTSD, unbelievable stress from community mobbing and the autism characteristics secondary to ME/CFS. I was going through menopause at the time which added to the whole mix of issues, including depression, anxiety, racing heart (Also a symptom of ME/CFS), irritability, mood swings and fatigue. There was no discussion of the anxiety issues, the new onset panic attacks, the memory problems, the defective mitochondria producing low energy in the brain, the brain functions which require a larger part of the brain to form a thought than normal, the fact that it takes twice as long to form a thought as a normal person when ME/CFS flares up or the drop in IQ of thirty points which I have verified by testing myself over and over. No mention was made of the silent trauma of DES or the higher rates of depression in DES Daughters and ME/CFS along with the higher rates of suicide associated with both medical issues or PTSD.  Of course none of this was mentioned because it did not fit in with a Kangaroo Court or the career aspirations of the players on both sides.

Even with all of this, the meltdown in Nome was something that would not have happened anywhere else. The workplace bullying was not the whole problem, severe medical malpractice including medical bullying, a dysfunctional health care system, refusal to provide care and gobs of ignorance contributed greatly. I couldn’t get Neurontin which has an effect on two brain chemicals that have been shown to be abnormal in ME/CFS, glutathione and GABA due to some kind of blackhole that sucks up medical information before it reaches Nome. Certainly there was no discussion of the PTSD that I was given as has happened to so many others at Norton Sound Health Corporation from workplace bullying, the public defenders were outraged that I thought such a thing could happen. Just PTSD or ME/CFS in a severe flare could have caused me to have a meltdown, but I had both going on due to the overwhelming stress that affected my nervous system, cardiovascular system, immune system and brain. I was also in severe physical pain for a long time trying to work and function, trying to be healthy in a place that is not healthy and where health care isn‘t healthy either.

I have documentation that I requested they hire Dr. Namie from the Workplace Bullying Institute, a very appropriate and real expert on workplace bullying, they responded with bullying. Brooke Browning Alowa wrote to Quinlan Steiner the director of the Public Defender Agency that I was paranoid because I thought people were bullying me, because of course bullying never happens anywhere, especially in Nome or in the justice system in Nome. She said many things that are quite questionable for a person who is now a magistrate.The workplace bullying at Norton Sound Health Corporation and in Nome are not a secret, but the bullies will deny it, they always do.

Michele Murphy convinced another so called expert witness who was masquerading as a mental health professional to diagnose me on the phone with paranoid personality disorder, by feeding him bullshit. I had a severe case of PTSD from being bullied along with the cognitive/neurological issues of ME/CFS that were severe. When I reported to her that Washington was investigating him because he was not licensed to diagnose and it is illegal for anyone to diagnose on the phone she sent an email to Quinlan Steiner stating there was a development in my case. This was after she called me to her office to gloat over the crazy diagnosis and my response was that it was clearly wrong. I realized she had talked with him and had a great deal of influence over him and the second so called expert witness, Dr. Raffle. I had gotten death threats on my phone and my supervisor from NSHC in a restaurant passed notes about me and ran around whispering in people’s ears spreading most likely lies, there were witnesses. That was after the bullying while I was working orchestrated by her and a woman who hilariously had the job title of Compliance Officer.

In the beginning I thought the mild autism factor from ME/CFS, which is also called Adult Onset Autism by some which at the time I called by the now defunct diagnosis of Aspergers was the reason the bullies reacted to me as they did. Why? Because I am the opposite of what they said about me, I actually look at myself for blame first. After enlightenment and a great deal of research I realized it had nothing to do with the autism type behaviors other than perhaps a partial excuse for bullying. It has more to do with the expertise and knowledge that I had and even more important is the part of my personality that is an ethical whistleblower. Nome is a town filled with bullies which is easy to detect from afar, but Norton Sound Health Corporation is off the scale and they continue with the workplace bullying to this day. The puppet master is still in place.

What I am saying is I really needed expert witnesses to explain this very complex situation to a population of very unsophisticated people (including the prosecutor, judge and public defenders)which is why I had to go with the Public Pretenders, I did not have the money to hire them. I had a pro bono attorney who was willing to go to battle with the corrupt court system in Nome. They were outraged or afraid I’m not sure which when they found out about him and demanded to know his name. It would not surprise me to find out he received some kind of threat or contact with false information. My situation was very complex and information which many doctors are not able to understand needed to be explained. There was no way in hell this was going to be allowed. This is very odd as most public defenders anywhere have a heavy caseload and are thrilled to get rid of a case. There were some things they knew he would discover that would have made them look like the criminals they are.

Enter Psychopathic Psychiatrist

One would think that a state would have an office that vets contractors before hiring them, but no this is Alaska, they just let agencies hire whoever or whatever as expert witnesses. I could not even have imagined in my wildest dreams that no research was being done when they are spending money to provide a defense witness back then, but now I know they had no intention of allowing a defense or due process in my case. The Public Pretenders found this guy all on their own and stated they had used him before in Kotzebue, so that means the referral came from the office Brooke Browning Alowa was in charge of. That’s the PD who helped engineer my wrongful arrest and incarceration just a few days after an appeal was filed. So somewhere floating around in the injustice system in Alaska is at least one other case with a very high probability of false information inserted into it by this psychiatric asshole. Dr. Raffle states on one of his many webpages that he was an expert witness for both the public defenders and the district attorney in Alaska. He was not a witness in my case, just a fiction writer. I can only imagine what kind of manipulating went on between this corrupt psychiatrist and the Department of Lawlessness and hope any defendant that was unfortunate enough to have Dr. Raffle involved in their case gets some help.

Within minutes of my meeting with him my thinking was that he at least has Narcissistic Personality Disorder, but I was trapped and had to work with him, be evaluated by him. His interests in our conversations were mainly about him. He claimed to have a son with Aspergers, but I don’t believe it and would like to see some documentation of this. He wanted me to find him some place he could buy a hat made of Kiviut. Knowing I had no income for seven months and had just gotten Social Security he talked on and on about very expensive coffees I should buy. He's from Marin County, that's what they do, but is he able to understand the difference between Nome Alaska and Marin County? My besotted Public Pretender told me he was from Oakland, California when the truth is he is from Marin County. I was glad he was from Oakland and then my heart sunk when I found out the truth. I grew up in Sonoma County, close by, Marin County is very 1%, Oakland is very Occupy.

Marin County

Not that I disagree with Pilates and healthy food. I do these things myself.



In the past I wrote this on 1/2/2010, keep in mind we are talking about the manipulation of evidence to railroad me and deny due process:

The corrupt and inept public defender agency hired a psychiatrist to do a report on me. They had long been angry at my claims of being autistic which was fueled by misinformation from their buddies, the two serial bullies and others at the hospital. All of which don't have a clue what they are talking about on most subjects, inlcluding Aspergers. They advertised this so called psychiatrist to me as being an expert on Aspergers. He claimed to have a son with Aspergers(Knowing about males does no equate with knowing about females). I doubt either claim is true. He clarified that he is a confabulator by putting about 25 pieces of information in the report about me which were totally fictitious. The worst was that my father sexually abused me, which never happened nor did I tell him it did. His conclusions were so far off I thought the report was on someone else. Yet, the PD I had at that time wanted to use the report anyway. Attorneys don't like to let the truth get in the way of any case. I would not allow anything except the truth in my case (I had no control of the lies on the other side) and that is one reason she hated me. I am calling that chapter in my book: The Besotted Public Defender and the Sociopathic Psychiatrist…

Yes, the chapter title is supposed to be funny because that is how I have survived, laughing at these idiotic situations, but it was also very much the truth. Now rather than refer to this psychiatrist, Dr. Raffle as a sociopath I prefer to call him a psychopath because that is more accurate. Please threaten me or try to sue me Dr. Raffle, please, please, please. As a psychiatrist you should know how people with PTSD just keep telling their story over and over until people just want to kill them. He likes to brag about how he went to law school for a year and did not finish because he wanted to be seen as an expert witness and not a lawyer. That is exactly what a psychopath would say about not finishing something.

Dr. Raffle has been engaged in some other activities which have been brought to the attention of the board of licensing in California. A 25 year old patient went to Dr. Raffle for counseling which is strange considering psychiatrists don’t do such things anymore. It had to do with the death of his father, family disputes secondary to that and PTSD. So now Dr. Raffle is an expert in PTSD? You could have fooled me. But then, Dr. Raffle claims to be an expert on just about everything, you know just like a psychopath.

Here is the evidence in a court document from the California Board of Licensing:

When the therapy for that condition was concluded in or around 1978 Respondent invited patient D. H. to continue therapy in order to discuss Respondent’s financial advice for patient D. H., to help him “get ahead.” Patient D. H. continued therapy into 2008 with Respondent. The therapy consisted mainly of discussions about real estate. In or around 1988, Respondent helped patient D.H. set up a business helping him draft documents to be used in the business and recommending a direct mail business plan to patient D.H.

It’s a special area of psychiatry called Real Estate Therapy that no other psychiatrist has ever heard of. Dr. Raffle is an expert on everything, just ask him, he'll explain it to you. Did he tell this patient he has a son who is a real estate and financial expert?

Respondent is subject to disciplinary action under section 2234, subdivision (b), of the Code in that Respondent was grossly negligent in the care and treatment of a patient.

In or around 2004, patient D.H. purchased an apartment building with five units with the intention of renting four of the apartments and living off the receipts. During therapy sessions, Respondent advised patient D. H. to convert the property to condominiums for sale. Respondent advised patient D.H. that he should obtain a loan for that purpose and advised him of a loan company. Respondent also recommended legal counsel to patient D. H….When Patient D.H. ran out of funds before the completion fo [sic] the project, Respondent advised him to obtain a further loan from the same loan company. On or about January 8, 2008, after patient D. H. had run out of funds and could not obtain a further loan, Respondent recommended that patient D. H. sign the property to Respondent who would then rent one of the condominium units to patient D. H. Patient D. H. declined the offer and discontinued therapy with Respondent. All of the interactions took place during therapy sessions at Respondent’s office or residence.

I think we all know where Dr. Raffle thought this was going. D.H. is a little slow on the uptake and apparently has no idea what a psychiatrist does or he would have run screaming from Dr. Raffle’s office. He got $76,4923.91 from his lawsuit for sticking around for the strangeness. Psychopaths however are very skilled at manipulation. Dr. Raffle claims to be an expert on undue influence and now we have the proof.

Because of his infractions Dr. Raffle was ordered to complete some training, Professionalism Program, Professional Boundaries Program and a Medical Records Keeping Course. Dr. Raffle’s license was issued in 1969, this is an older man, if a psychiatrist has not learned these things by now why bother.

The Board of Licensing discussed how D. H. was billed for all these sessions. Then they discuss how Dr. Raffle never kept any medical records for D. H. for a period of about four years stating the patient requested him not to. Yea, I bet it was his idea.  Does the IRS know about this?

Dr. Raffle claims the patient had a substance abuse problem, yet there is no documentation of it. They then discuss how the psychiatrist manipulated the patient into becoming dependent on him, using the transference process with no mention in his documentation of therapy. They state he should have discontinued therapy and Dr. Raffle had crossed many boundaries with the patient. This went on for four damn years. Let me clarify, he was running a con. First of all he was collecting fees for therapy without documenting it and probably did not report the income. Then he manipulated this guy after years of grooming him and came close to getting him to give him property he owned. Really Board of Licensing in California, just a slap on the hand, really?

Dr. Raffle was an Orthopod before he was a psychiatrist, that is a nickname for an orthopedic surgeon. I wonder why he left that area of practice? There is a high rate of psychopathy among surgeons.

Dr. Raffle Also Claims to Be an Addiction Expert

That is how he knows cigarettes aren’t addicting and offers “expert testimony” explaining how people who couldn‘t stop smoking and developed serious health problems were just making up lies about being addicted. This bastard testified for Philip Morris in a legal case and went before a subcommittee of the House of Representatives to testify for the Tobacco Institute when Dr. C. Everett Koop was the Surgeon General. I think a long line of people who have had to go through the withdrawals of smoking should be allowed to each take a turn slapping the snot out of this corporate whore.

From Tobaccodocuments.org:

Raffle is a Psychiatrist from Oakland, CA and an Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, U.C. San Francisco, 350 30th Street, Oakland, CA 64609 in 1994. Raffle testified for Tobacco Institute at 3/25/94 Waxman subcommittee hearing re: FDA regulation of nicotine-containing tobacco products. Testified as paid expert for Philip Morris in Deskiewica (WA) small claims case, June 1993. He said that smoking was a very strong drive but was unlike real addictive drugs like heroin or alcohol. He called nicotine addiction a political decision, made to get people's attention. That is the agenda, to get people to stop smoking. (Seattle Times 6/9/93). Appeared for TI before House Subcommittee on Health and the Environment re: Health Consequences of Smoking: Nicotine Addiction, re: regulation of RJRT's smokeless cigarette 7/29/88. A specialist in habit forming pain killers, Dr. Raffle says he concluded that nicotine isn't addictive by watching patients. He has never seen them suffer serious withdrawal pains, he says, adding: "Minds a common sense approach." Dr. Raffle's recent clinical work has focused on treating chronic pain. He hasn't conducted nicotine research, but in 1994, he testified for the industry before a house subcommittee. He says the only tobacco money he receives is his standard expert witness consulting fee. "We are not talking one percent of my time," he says. A nonsmoker, Dr. Raffle says his mother smoked for years before dying of unrelated causes. He is matter of fact about taking a minority position on tobacco, saying his opinion "isn't a opinion of the Surgeon General, let's put it that way." (Tobacco Dream Team: Experts Who Insist Nicotine Isn't Addictive, WSJ 3/23/95)

But Dr. Raffle isn't really from Oakland, he's from Marin County which is probably why he tells everyone he's from Oakland. This is who they hired to evaluate me, his science is actually fiction, his diagnoses are based on what those who are paying him want and he is dangerous.

There is no telling what personality disorder accusation will be bandied about from this post, but he said in his report I did not have one. The only reason is I told him who the psychologist and psychiatrist who had already told me I did not have one were so he knew better.



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