Public Records Request Shows Palin/Parnell Crimes, Hacking My Email and Deleting Them From the Governor's Account

Sean Parnell taking his vows to protect Sarah Palin and old two-tone while in office
I made a public information request to the governor’s office for all emails relating to myself during the Sarah Palin and Sean Parnell administrations. There were many emails during the reign of the half-governor two-toned pimp assisted administration, but only a few during the Parnell administration.

The request was for any and all emails that have anything to do with myself from both the Sarah Palin and Sean Parnell administrations. I had noted that none of my emails were in the Palin email dumps and thought they had redacted them due to potential law suits, appeals and post conviction relief. Below is the response I got from the person who processed the FOIA request, Randy Ruaro, Sarah Palin's former chief of staff who now works under Parnell. Note the CC to Sean Parnell's chief of staff, Mike Nizich. Why would he need to know about a FOIA request by an insignificant person like myself? Why Randy why? Why is Randy Ruaro, the policy director and special council to the governor handling a FOIA request? There are many who were nasty to me and many who very irresponsibly did not take actions and allowed me to be harmed BY DESIGN over and over, that's why. It is also because everything I have written about that I have been through is true. If they were not afraid of it being exposed why would they delete my emails? If I am just a liar or crazy why bother. I believe there was a concerted effort to harm and get rid of me by running me out of the state or incarcerating me, along with retaliation. This is about whistleblowing about Native rights, horrible violations of health care regulations and workplace bullying. They want to be able to manipulate the Native people into prisons/probation for the purposes of manipulate voting along with preventing them from stopping oil exploration and mining operations. That is because Alaska is a very corrupt banana republic controlled by oil companies and psychopathic politicians.

 In 2011 I wrote this:

Of course there are no big revelations from the Palin so called email dump. They had over two years to go through them and pull all incriminating evidence. The DOL is complicit in this, in fact they engineered it. They are not the people’s Attorney General office, they are the legal firm for the protection of all that is Palin. That type of corruption is one reason why they are so dysfunctional and couldn't find justice if it bit them in the ass. The DOL is good at withholding evidence so this was not difficult for them. I think we would be shocked if we knew the man hours and the real cost to the citizens of this state to protect Palin and many others from their actions. Of course they did this and it is what has gone on in Alaska for a long time. The basic system was in place, Palin and some of the most slimy lawyers in the country just ramped it up. 
Remember my hacked emails? Most of the corrupted or missing ones had been sent by myself to Governor Palin or received from someone at the governor’s office, you know useless responses relaying an intent to do nothing. It is interesting that I find absolutely none of them in the Palin email data bases. Not only have they cleared them from the released emails, but someone went into my email account and cleared most of them not too long before the release of the emails. I wonder if this happened to others. Someone (who I wish I could remember) recently wrote the Palin email release smells fishy, the truth is it smells more like a rotting corpse. I certainly hope some news agency or organization with some integrity takes on the fight for the redacted emails in the court system. They would be doing their country a great service.
Remember my fifty page letter to Sarah Palin which I also sent to some legislators? (part1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5) They removed some of the emails that contained parts of it when my email was hacked in 2010. This was the second version of that letter, my laptop had a sudden death upon completion of the first one, what a coincidence.

From 2010:
The letter makes it clear there is overwhelming evidence that the multitude of things that happened to me over several years in Alaska were not just random accidents. It was all planned and directed. Certainly the letter makes it very clear that Sarah Palin was running a state that was in chaos and corrupt to the very core. Every department I came in contact with was operating in a corrupt manner with incompetent management. When I wrote the letter I had no idea what Sarah Palin was at all. I assumed she was functioning as an actual governor and cared about the state of Alaska and it’s people. It is now clear that she appointed people to run the government agencies who would do her bidding with loyalty being her foremost concern. She uses those people to retaliate against anyone who would be a whistleblower. Many of these people are even those who have sworn to uphold the constitution and are/were trusted servants. Of course many on the far right interpret the constitution like they interpret the Bible, warped. There was a concerted effort in Nome to prevent me from getting due process that involved the judge, the public defender agency and the department of law. I was even wrongfully imprisoned and wrongfully arrested later when clearly there was no evidence. These are all very clear civil rights violations. 

There are other missing emails to and from: senators, Sarah Palin when she was governor, the public defender agency, the innocence project, the ombudsman(whose only response was a growling, “What am I supposed to do with this?”), the department of licensing for nursing, some emails to or from the state troopers, and other agencies, even an email to Catherine Lemann about the law libraries had the body of the email removed. One of the emails was encoded. They also removed the lists of my damaged and stolen property from the theft by Robin Hume in the Homer area. I am sure a lot more is missing I just have not had time to search. This is no surprise to me after having my mail opened in Nome over a long period of time. Someone went through my emails and removed very specific ones that apply to Alaska government. It was clearly done to remove information that could be used to expose corruption and abuse. 
The overwhelming number of incidents that happened to me mean clearly that it was directed from above. The considerable effort it must have taken to orchestrate it is amazing. That means that the most likely perpetrators of the crime of removing material from my emails should be narrowed down to the Department of Law(possibly with Governor Parnell) to decrease evidence of malfeasance, civil rights violations and many other crimes, or Sarah Palin trying to squelch the truth about her half-assed-corruption-filled-half-governorship. The Department of Law could be protecting current state employees as well as Palin.

 ... the very obvious choice of Sarah Palin and her henchmen the highest on my list are those who would be protected from their malfeasance...

This is what I received as a response to the FOIA request.

I really believed they had redacted my emails for legal reasons, but no, they removed them. This prompts the obvious question of how many people's emails or how many emails from agencies and other sources did they delete from the governor's account. Those two pages Ruaro mentions in his response were one email which was a mass mailed online campaign sent to Governor Sean Parnell
This is what soda does to your brain.
about protection of electronic medical records, there should be many of these kinds of emails from me. I don't remember sending him an email that I wrote, but it could have happened. This illegal hacking of my email and removal of them from the governor's email account is about Sarah Palin, but much of the staff in the Parnell administration were Palin's staff, including Sean Parnell himself.

Many asses are being protected. Parnell most likely made some protection promises when he was handed the governorship.

Randy Ruaro was Sarah Palin's Chief of Staff. Why is the Policy Director and Special Counsel filling a FOIA request for a person such as myself who has been described as either lying, crazy or both by many in the Alaska government or agencies. Why is a copy of this letter being sent to the governor's Chief of Staff? Why delete my emails if I am lying or crazy? Why bother? Because none of those things they have said about me are true, my story is ALL TRUE and they are GUILTY OF MANY CRIMES. They deleted the emails to prevent the news media from reading them.

Whoever they hired to hack my email did a crappy job. Over time more emails disappeared and I logged on one day while someone was doing a search for `FBI`.

 When I got the FOIA from the Public Defender Agency I wondered why there were so few emails, so I knew most of them had either not been given to me or had been deleted. Most likely multiple people in an attempt to cover their asses did lots of deleting. There was very little material, just multiple copies of everything including pages from other people's files, pen pal notes, receipts, etc. I kept contacting the governor's office and other agencies to complain about the lack of due process, intoxicated PDs, lack of response from Quinlan Steiner and Gary Soberay about the problems and what was going on in the court in Nome. Some days I was on the phone all day. The main person I spoke to was Colleen Sullivan, Mayor Dan Sullivan's sister, a haughty, snarky aid of Sarah Palin. She listened to me at first and then became very ugly, no one did a thing about the problems. Colleen Sullivan got my last name wrong in this email. When the governor's office deleted emails this one did not meet the search criteria and was left behind. It was still available in the PD system. It has now been deleted from Sarah Palin's official government email.

Gary Soberay was the person in charge of the criminal division of the Public Defender Agency when my case was being railroaded-stalled-railroaded-stalled... 


What Kenai Office is she talking about? That never happened. The cussing complaint was mainly from Brooke Browning. When I called her from prison after she helped engineered my wrongful arrest she would not come to the phone because she is a coward. I even heard her telling the staff to tell me she was not there. This is direct evidence that my wrongful imprisonment was not a mistake, if it had been they would have done what they could to make their mistake right. I told the secretary, "This is my fucking life" that they were screwing with. I probably said to others, what the hell is wrong with you people, or other obvious statements and I am still wondering in many cases what they hell IS wrong with them. One of the things bullies, psychopaths and domestic abusers do is torture someone or do things to upset them until they produce the behavior they can use to point out to others that you are the problem, not them.  

I glorified this email sent to Sarah Palin in a blog post in 2012 and included some information about the amendments to the Constitution that apparently are not well known in Alaska because the word `second` isn't involved.

Sixth Amendment: In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial(denied), by an impartial jury of the State and district wherein the crime shall have been committed(prevented by lies which came from the public defender agency), which district shall have been previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation(no real evidence was produced for the charges, common practice in Nome); to be confronted with the witnesses against him(two perjurers called serial bullies); to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor(not allowed by public defender agency), and to have the Assistance of Counsel for his defense(there was no assistance).

Ninth Amendment: The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.

(The state of Alaska violates the constitution to harm citizens and aids the criminal element in this state. The criminal element includes many of the legislators, commissioners and directors of departments.)

Eighth Amendment: Excessive bail shall not be required(they knew I would not have what was imposed as I am on disability), nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted(this has been imposed on many levels).

Governor Palin,

Exactly one year ago within minutes I was wrongfully arrested and then taken on a journey of terror through four different jails/prisons in this state as I was promised all along the way I was going to Nome for a hearing. This was all after ADA Earthman and Judge Esch scheduled a hearing I was not informed of and the public defender agency not only did not inform me of, but did not go to themselves. The warrant was issued against an email I had sent to Trooper Derek Loop, one among many I had sent him about the activities at the horrible place I was living at. It described how I was holding my last months rent due to having had to pay utilities(included in rent), having money conned and stolen from me by the owner, and much more. This email in no way shape or form implicates me in this stolen money nor anything else. Pursuant to the landlord tenant act citizens have a right to due process when their landlords do not provide a tenable situation.(no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause...),The man had stolen my wallet several weeks prior to this, but when I called the state troopers they said they would not investigate. Nor did they do anything when I reported theft, vandalism, meth being cooked, danger to myself or to the four year old child living there.

The owners were pulling an insurance scam and had ignored my complaints, emails and phone calls that the other two tenants were stealing his furniture, etc. After I gave them the notice one of them shortly became upset and would not tell me why. He then said he had $700 taken from his wallet the next day. The first person accused was someone I believe was in jail at that time. Interesting they claimed he had left a note in the lodge. One of the owners is a con man, he also cons the other brother. I am %100 sure he took the money from his brother's wallet and I was sure of it from the start. Some people believe the whole thing was an act. The reason I think he did it is he steals everything he gets his hands on. His best friend told me he stole money from his wallet and most of his things from his storage unit. Everyone knew I stayed there most of the time and had him convinced I slept all day to keep him from stealing my things.

The night I was arrested officer Loop took pictures of everything in my room. The state troopers have apparently destroyed them so I can not use them in court. They were asked for them over a period of several months and refused to give them to me. Now they claim they are gone. They also refuse to charge the man who falsely accused me in a police report of taking his money with a crime. One of the troopers actually told me it was not against the law. I quoted him the statute. The state troopers are corrupt to the core. Officer Loop and the female officer who transported me from Kenai to Anchorage are exceptions. The DOJ(Svobodney) has told me they will not do anything about DA Earthman. I was arrested for retaliation. The judicial system is very corrupt and out of control, so nothing is being done about(Judge) Ben Esch. The director of the board of licensing for nursing(Nancy Sanders) told me a lie to harm my case. It goes on and on. The public defender agency did the opposite of defend me. It is too numerous to list here. The worst being to lie to me that I would have expert witnesses at my sentencing hearing and then I had none. When will you do something about Quinlan Steiner?

When I was originally accused of several crimes I did not commit and had a public defender who smelled of booze and had alcoholic lesions on her face no one did a thing.

You got rid of Monegan? But, you supported someone like Schmidt who is running a dangerous prison system where the corrections officers psychologically torture inmates, deny them basic hygiene and deny the most basic of health care. It is truly something I could have never imagined in my life. My medication was withheld and I am just now getting over that. The phones go almost nowhere in the jails, making it impossible to get someone to post bail.

I have not gotten so much as an apology, except from one public defender who shall remain unnamed to prevent retaliation against this person. What I do get is several government agencies playing games, putting me off, accusing me of all kinds of crap when I try to talk with them. Hell even one of your aids told me the department of law said they could not talk with me. Sounds more like a dictatorship than a democracy to me.

The public defender agency on every level, the state troopers, DA Earthman and Judge Esch all knew Robin Hume would steal my things and starve my beloved cat, Misbehavin. They allowed it to happen. WHY? How can so many levels of government plot together to be so cruel and unjust? The only explanation is they were told to do what they did by someone from the top. Otherwise it just makes no sense at all. (...without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use...).

If even one of these agencies had done their jobs or you had listened to my complaints in the beginning most of this would not have happened. Clearly advancing your career is more important than justice, health, and safety of the people. It remains that I am most angry about them allowing my cat to be tortured and starved. This is America. You had no right.

                                                                             Celia Harrison


This email got this auto-response: Thank you for writing to Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. The concerns, opinions, and/or information you have sent are important and valuable to the Governor. Although she is unable to respond to each and every email herself, your message has been received and is being reviewed by the appropriate staff person in this office who can best address your need suggestion, or comment. At the point I had written this email I knew I was not going to get that response from the "appropriate staff person".  Sarah Palin was clearly oblivious to the concerns of the people in Alaska.
 This statement was the only response I ever got from them from any of my emails.

Below is an example of the emails that were left with some kind of code or more likely just replaced the text with junk.


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When I used some of this in a google search I got this response:

Internet Explorer's Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Filter can help prevent one website from adding script code to another website. XSS Filter watches how websites interact, and when it recognizes a potential attack, it will automatically block script code from running. When this happens, you will see a message in the Information bar letting you know that the webpage was modified to help protect your privacy and security.

Interestingly I tried to bypass the FBI in Alaska due to corruption and called Washington D.C. They transferred me to Alaska. I gave information to a woman who told me to just change my password, she was not even listening to me, then she hung up on me. Is that the response they gave Sarah Palin when her email was hacked, that it was no big deal, just change your password, no they made a big fucking deal out of it. A college student, David Kernell, got a year in prison for hacking Sarah Palin's email. Oh the drama and the perjury that went on during that case. Sarah Palin and her minions deserve the same. The arrogant attitude when I called the FBI was not a surprise. I called back and reported the behavior and talked to a person who finally took a report just to shut me up, nothing happened. They could care less in Alaska unless the powers that be tell them to care, all law enforcement is used as a tool to protect those in power or harm their enemies.

From 2010:

Oh….My…..God, Sarah Palin said, "... I do think there should be consequences for bad behavior." Well, then why doesn’t she report to the nearest prison here in Alaska. I am sure her ex-boyfriend that she appointed as director of the department of corrections, Joe Schmidt, can have a nice cozy cell arranged for her. How about one in the mental health unit at Hiland Mountain, where your psychopathy could be studied. If you protest about the abusive treatment they can chain you to the floor and make you beg for toilet paper.

These people are the scum of the earth. Actually that is an insult to scum, they are the disgusting layer under the scum.


Anonymous said...

You're just about the least mature person I've ever run across Celia. You also are ignorant and fail to see how many millions of people you attack.

How old are you?

Anonymous said...

I'm amazed that you fail to examine the truth behind the Obama admin, a President and people with actual power, and obsess over an inconsequential woman who's living solely for her family now, while asserting an opinion every now and then about how disgusting the Obama admin truthfully is.

Alaska got NOTHING on Chicago. NOTHING. Detroit failed after years of democratic leadership. One example.

Celia Harrison said...

Anonymous November 2, 2013 at 9:48 AM, I do examine the Obama administration, but I live in reality so that does not mesh with the crazy crap you spiel. Sarah Palin lives in Arizona, away from her family, so stop with the BS.

Celia Harrison said...

Anonymous November 2, 2013 at 9:40 AM, and aren't you always anonymous because...no courage. Your comment looks like something a teenager would post, perhaps the one who creates FB accounts to make comments that are negative and untrue about other people to me or to promote pictures of the Palin kids, then deletes them because...no courage for the response. Shall I call you Becca Daniels or is it Willow? Aren't I amazing the way I can attack "millions of people"? Call the Pentagon, call Seal Team 6, tell President Obama to ground the drones, I can replace all of them with their tiny ability to just attack thousands. With your ability to create fiction I will soon be able to attack billions and trillions. In the world of Palin trolls logic is dead, that is why reporting corruption is immature and doing corruption is well, just fine and considered the thing to do because psychopaths.

Anonymous said...

You don't need to post this comment. A quick English lesson: "myself" is a reflexive pronoun and should only be used when "I" is the subject of the sentence. In every instance where you use it, you should just use the object pronoun, "me."
Best wishes with your efforts to learn what happened to your emails.
an English teacher.

Celia Harrison said...

English Teacher, November 9, 2013 at 8:25 PM,
Thanks, I am not an english major and had a hard time in school due to ME/CFS causing brain fog. What saved me was my love for books and information. I am sure I make many other mistakes and I write epic run on sentences too.

Anonymous said...

I totally believe you. Believe it or not, they have done much worse to me. They will ruin you, even try to kill you. They are worse than the mob, because you should be able to go to them for help. If you tell the truth about corruption--I see this occurred around 2006-2007 when more vulnerable Democrats were being subject to the worst torture. Some have died, others just shadows of what they once were or could ever be again--very sad.

Anonymous said...

I believe you. Others were killed, tortured, or left mere shadows of who they once were or could ever be again.

Anonymous said...

To Comment Moderator: This is my third time trying to post. Evidently, you don't want comments that tell the truth. I believe you, Celia, because I know. I hope you can find some justice and peace in all this mess. Goodnight.