The Redacted/Deleted Palin Emails Don’t Smell Fishy, They Smell Like a Rotting Corpse

Well so far the Palin emails have been a big revelation for the main stream news media. They found out she was obsessively concerned about what they were saying about her, that is the big story. Wow…they just now figured that out. Oh snap. She displayed obvious paper thin skinned paranoia about anything negative anyone said while making continuous negative comments about the “lamestream” media. Behind the scenes at the Palin administration a bunch of high school kids from the better-than clique were running the government and it was clear to anyone who was paying attention. They also had not figured out the obvious blog posts, comments and letters to the editor were engineered by Palin and her crew. In the comments on the online Anchorage Daily News people respond to one commenter by saying, “Hi Todd.“ There was someone or perhaps someone-s who kept writing on line all over the internet that Talis Colberg was the most honest person they had ever met who attacked me when I said anything negative about his lack of ethics on blogs or online newspapers. What that person or persons wrote was clearly a scripted piece of propaganda designed to counteract the actions Colberg took under the Palin administration. He or she was quite upset with me for posting something negative about Colberg on the WSJ law blog and posted the legal charges I had in Nome in an attempt to shut me up. That did not work of course. It seems odd they only discussed the original charges and not all the others they tacked on. I used my real name and this cowardly person who worked for either the DOL or the Palin administration did not, or perhaps this was a hired PR firm.

Of course there are no big revelations from the Palin so called email dump. They had over two years to go through them and pull all incriminating evidence. The DOL is complicit in this, in fact they engineered it. They are not the people’s Attorney General office, they are the legal firm for the protection of all that is Palin. That type of corruption is one reason why they are so dysfunctional and couldn't find justice if it bit them in the ass. The DOL is good at withholding evidence so this was not difficult for them. I think we would be shocked if we knew the man hours and the real cost to the citizens of this state to protect Palin and many others from their actions. Of course they did this and it is what has gone on in Alaska for a long time. The basic system was in place, Palin and some of the most slimy lawyers in the country just ramped it up.

During this period of time they would have also plotted strategies to spin some of the emails as positive and to come up with alternative stories to explain others which appear negative and have the Palin flying monkey squad spin them positive all over the internet and in newspapers. Reading the emails it is clear they designed them to make Sarah Palin appear to be something she is not. This is just a part of the whole marketing strategy her oligarchy backers planned. The bus tour, the propaganda movie, and the release of the heavily redacted and removed emails happening around the same time were no coincidence. Evidence of their plan is as easy to find as new plastic surgery on a Palin.

I know how they operate, so I knew they would remove any relevant information before the release of the emails. It is done here all the time in many ways. You know, just like how the DOL and APD or the DOC claim that just the piece of information the public wants to know can’t be divulged due to privacy or discovery issues when other information just as sensitive has been released. It is also interesting the information always seems to be associated with a controversial decision or a screw up.
The DOL told lies about me, printed false information in their newsletter about me, and told a newspaper false information.  Palin’s office told me the DOL directed them to not help me or talk to me and Rick Svobodney told me they would never do anything about the malfeasant ADA Earthman in Nome, then he hung up on me. The whole system is designed to allow them to practice law in a consistently malfeasant way without consequences. That is how they want it. It insures a small number of people will get their way in this state and those who cooperate with them are rewarded. They also have a system of obstacles in place to prevent citizens from using the court system. One of their tactics is to have useless or non-existent law libraries in much of the rural areas. That allows the attorneys to retain power and make more money. This means those who can't afford lawyers have no recourse to fight injustice.

I have dealt with several agencies who are given advice and back up by the DOL on manipulating the truth and jerking citizens around. The Department of Corrections disappears grievances and then they tell you they can’t do anything about an issue because you didn’t file a grievance. I filed over twenty in forty-eight hours and none of them were addressed. At one point a corrections officer was so pissed at me for requesting them he threw a large stack at me and they landed all around me. I filled out all of them and attached a document requesting copies to each one, "because grievances have a tendency to disappear." I was threatened for filing them at other times, but all of them were disappeared. They tried to place me in administrative segregation, aka the hole aka isolation for filling them out and voicing concerns about civil rights violations including lack of health care. I had one of their staff tell me just a couple weeks ago that she can't investigate anything because I did not file any grievances. After years of leaving her messages and being ignored someone with more authority finally told her to talk to me. She was quite angry, defensive and lacking in key information about her department. She was very upset with me for saying, “Oh Jesus Christ” to her BS. You know because torturing inmates and denying their civil rights has so much less of a priority than words she thinks are sacred. When confronted with torturing and denying inmates health care she has no emotional response other than anger at me for having the audacity to bring it up, but taking her lord’s name in vain certainly jacked it up.

Then there was the state troopers who did not respond or intervene in many crimes I reported, did not protect my property or get my cat to safety when they knew exactly what Robin Hume would do to both. They destroyed evidence that an officer obtained to protect me, lied to me (including higher ups, oh especially them), told me it was not against the law to give false information to law enforcement, blocked me from getting my property when I had a court order to go to the property and get it, and then threatened to arrest me for disorderly conduct when I tried to explain to the state trooper what he was doing was wrong. I said for years that all the things that have happened to me could not have just been random. They had to have been directed from someone higher up.

I reported a child in a dangerous situation to OCS and they took five weeks to bother to check. They were gone by then. There are many other agencies such as the board of licensing which pulled a lot of crap as well. They are under the Department of Commerce. The only response I got from the higher ups there was, “Well, that was quite a story”, then no further contact. They are all very well trained in lying, ignoring, destroying the trail of evidence and not returning phone calls. They are all quite haughty and incensed by those who are not a part of the special insider Alaskans who dare to contact them.

One of the main things Sarah Palin did to get her way as governor was to select a bunch of weak personalities with no moral compass to function as her second layer of bullies. They followed her blindly and she left one of them in place as the governor to protect her and boy did he do that for the quittin-ist governor any state has ever seen. She has used the system to her advantage, but the dysfunction of Palin and those running her administration were all so incompetent it has been exposed. Did the MSM catch on? Of course not. In a state and country where a huge percentage of the population can be convinced a woman with a flat abdomen, sporting a tight belted skirt is seven months pregnant what the hell else would we expect?

Remember my hacked emails? Most of the corrupted or missing ones had been sent by myself to Governor Palin or received from someone at the governor’s office, you know useless responses relaying an intent to do nothing. It is interesting that I find absolutely none of them in the Palin email data bases. Not only have they cleared them from the released emails, but someone went into my email account and cleared most of them not too long before the release of the emails. I wonder if this happened to others. Someone (who I wish I could remember) recently wrote the Palin email release smells fishy, the truth is it smells more like a rotting corpse. I certainly hope some news agency or organization with some integrity takes on the fight for the redacted emails in the court system. They would be doing their country a great service.


Anonymous said...

And Palin is really not that different from a long line of scoundrels who have abused power and the public they pretend to serve. As Lord Acton's maxim says, power corrupts....

Due to her own insecurities, paranoia, and oversized ego Palin is easily manipulated by zealots and power cabals hiding in the shadows. Her lack intellect and learning make her easily duped as well. But she has cunning-- the sort of instinctive reaction not reasoned or informed, analagous to the danger posed by a cornered animal. Her unrelenting and visceral attacks on those who oppose her, even question her, and her use of a long line of enablers and fanatical followers to do the same demonstrate that.

My prediction is she's heading for a hard fall; health is always based on homeostasis and equilibrium. And by slavishly courting fame and adulation Palin has set herself to be the carrier of projections and will pay the price once the inevitable enantiodrama (reversal) sets in--think of it in terms of the psychological truism: "The bigger they are the harder they fall."

Anonymous said...

Excellent post, Celia. I cannot begin to imagine the frustration you have experienced with the DOL et al. I would not have survived, but you remain strong and committed.

Kudos to you and may the rotten fish be cleaned up and thrown overboard.


june said...

Cecila, I am at once enlightened by the quality of writing in your blog and disapointed by the lack of comments. I simply can't understand this. I can only hope that this will not deter you from writing such well researched posts in the future. Your last post is [imho] one of the best, in uncovering the dirty underbelly of Alaskan politics. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry for what you have gone through. Karma is a b - - - -. Someday, you will see justice served, for what happened to you.

Don't give up. Keep fighting.

Anonymous said...

Excellent Celia! So sorry about what they have put you through. I hope you get justice soon. Been following you for a long time and personally know what you have gone through with the Dept of Corrections. Our son had similar problems. It's behind him now and is moving forward but he didn't have to contend with the Palin thugs.Hang in there!!! Hold your head high. Everyone on Palingates have read your story and are behind you. She is so sick and all those she hired.

crystalwolflady said...

Celia we know she is still GINO, recently a blog was attacked and it was traced to SOA directly. So they don't completely cover their tracks.
FBI knows about it. I hope you reported your hack to the FBI also,too!?!