Arrested for Dancing at the Jefferson Memorial

Adam Kokesh is an anchor for Adam VS the Man on sat TV channel RT. They spoke up loud and clear about their civil rights. Kokesh was among the people arrested for protesting the U.S. District Court’s upholding of the ban on dancing at the Jefferson Memorial on May 28th. Some of their behavior during the arrests I would not recommend because if there are not a lot of witnesses the police are likely to get ugly. It is best to just go limp.

This silent flashdance was due to a case related to a silent dance done by some people celebrating Jefferson’s birthday in 2008. The group on Saturday were charged with demonstrating without a permit. Since it is not permitted to dance at the memorial they would not have been issued a permit. The charges make no logical sense.

During the arrests Thomas Jefferson was heard to say, “When in the course of human events it becomes necessary for people to resort to dancing to demonstrate how screwed up our judicial system is we’re all f***ed. “We hold these truths to be self-evident, whenever the police do something really stupid they claim it is illegal to film it, unless they are doing the recording themselves. Apparently in D.C. that includes the press.

Another silent dance at the Jefferson Memorial is planned for July 4th.

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