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In my last post I discussed how my email account had been hacked and the emails that correspond to them in Sarah Palin's official email account while she was governor were deleted.

Here is the letter I got from Randy Ruaro, Governor Parnell's Policy Director and Special Counsel (and was Sarah Palin's chief of staff) from the last post explaining how only one email was found in the search. Apparently he directs some rather twisted policies.

Here is the email which I mentioned, but did not include on the last post due to the content not being relevant and it was not sent directly from me. Was that right English teacher :-)? It was sent on July 24th 2013. The subject was protection of medical records.

Yes I intentionally left the word governor off.

Below is the letter I received today from Heather Vogel at the Governor's office in response to the letter written on July 24th which just happened to be mentioned in the last post. I'm sure this is just a coincidence just like so many other things that have happened and not staff at the Governor's office fucking with me, oh of course not. I'm just paranoid. They just happened to somehow notice they did not respond to me three months after receiving it...right. I did not expect a response as that is the usual scenario. I sent a fifty page letter detailing a horror story of incompetence, terror and abuse to Sarah Palin and got NOTHING, so why would I be surprised if the people she put in place to cover her ass did the same thing. I did laugh quite loudly when I opened it. Assholes. I suppose the other scenario may be that they are researching what happened and asking why I didn't get any kind of response. Naw, they're fucking with me. Since I sent an email why not respond with an email? It's too much bother for them to just have to delete it later and hack it out of my email account. Loathsome creatures.

 I have asked Mr. Rogers to give them a special message for me.

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