Medicare, Social Security, Alaska SHIP Websites Screwed Up, I Got the Three Rs, Runaround, Rudeness and Redirection (Mis-redirection)

The summer of 2012 I filled out the two year update for Social Security, then got another one which I filled out one year later last summer ( which I found odd, but hey lots of odd things happen with me) and sent in. I got another one in the mail stating they had not received it. I filled it out with a nine page letter about many things and sent it in wondering if they would say they never got it and then stop my Social Security.

Then I got a voicemail that I had not applied for the extra help from Medicare for medications. They claim they sent me a form, but I never sent it back. I never got said form. I use herbs, spices, food and supplements to treat my PTSD, pain and the complex illness ME/CFS which there is essentially no competent health care for (low income people) where I live. The only medication I take is Ibuprofen on occasion which I don't like taking for the almost continual migraines I have. I am however high risk for cancer and you never know what can happen with your health. I began the pain in the ass journey of attempting to apply.

I have been on these websites, gone to the Soldotna Senior Center to meet with a woman from the Independent Living Center, attempted to make phone calls to get a simple form filled out and called the ILC staff she directed me to talk to about it.  I have called Social Security as directed on the website if any problems occur, been told the wait time is about an hour or their staff is too busy, "good-bye", then hung up on. I have called the state of Alaska Social Security office and they never ever answer their phone. This has been going on for days of wasted time and bullshit. I have called around and asked questions, it is a common experience of others.

Below is the SHIP site for Alaska which I believe stands for SHIP the elderly and disabled out of Alaska by frustrating the shit out of them.  This is what I have been getting.

On my second SHIP attempt I got this debugging page. That is when I began to wonder WTF is really going on here. The same people who did the Affordable Care Act websites were also contractors for Medicare and Medicaid. I wonder who designs the pages in Alaska and I guess I'll keep wondering as they refuse to answer any questions. We have complained for a long time and been ignored about problems with the Social Security and Medicare program websites. Why would this be allowed to go on for a long time? I also wonder if the real problems are not the cyber attacks and in Alaska sabotage from the government which of course is run by people who hate the poor and take sadistic joy in harming them.

Yes, by all means contact the website administrator, they'll jump right on it. Then I went to the Social Security website where I have been trying to fill the form out for days and got this same message that I always get. The first time I attempted to apply I had to sign out to look something up. They give a code to sign back in and when I tried to signed in this is what I got from the first time.

Then I started a new application and this is what I got.

I have been run around in circles for days and there seems no way to resolve the problems by intentional design. This is most likely the same crap people trying to sign up for insurance with Affordable Care Act/Obamacare are experiencing. In Alaska that would be the SHIP website. This is being done on purpose people, it is not a mistake or flukes. It is either from cyber attacks or sabotage from the corporations writing the code for the pages. When the time for applying is up for the extra help from Medicare they will say I did not apply, there may be millions of us who were screwed. There are heinous people in this country working together to intentionally try to destroy any and all systems which help low income people get health care, food or shelter.

I called commissioner Steur’s office at HHS and spoke with a very rude woman who told me to call Medicare. Medicare has fuck to do with the state of Alaska’s websites. Then I called the governor’s office and before I could explain what my issue was and as I was saying so I was transferred to a Ms. Vogel’s office. They don’t even allow you to ask a question because their agenda is not the people of the state of Alaska, it’s corporations, money in their own pockets, protecting Sarah Palin and themselves, but foremost to assist the oil companies. They are rude, nasty and giving out that special kind of “RESPECT” Governor Parnell has infiltrated throughout the agencies in Alaska.

I recently was discussing how one of the reasons I got PTSD was being shocked to the core at the lack of empathy, sadism, bullying and corruption where I was working. I spent my life helping others, doing the very best I could for them. I did this while being ill myself.  Understanding that people doing the opposite of this in health care was chilling.  Even then I could not have imagined the evil in the government of this state. To see Machiavellian psychopaths consciously intentionally work together to harm people, especially Natives made me sick to my soul. I could have never even imagined all of this and yet it is all true and more.

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