Reflections Upon Five Decades of Lies About the JFK Assassination

I didn't get this posted earlier because we had no electricity for quite a while today in Soldotna and then the internet was not cooperating, but I'm not complaining the electric systems in Alaska are the tough and they get them up fast compared to other places I have lived. Shit happens.

Some people are saying negative things about those who are publishing JFK books on the fiftieth anniversary of the murder. Understand how obsessed with this story many of them have been for decades and what this anniversary means to them.  It means many things to me. Recently I have read or listened to several of them. All one has to do is see some of the photographs to understand something was very wrong in Dallas on November 22nd 1963.

Where's LBJ? LBJ ducked just before JFK was shot.

The bubble top had been removed from the car by Bill Moyers' request due to LBJ telling people lies about JFK's wishes.
Where are the Secret Service Agents for JFK's car? Motorcycle cops were decreased and ordered to stay back. 
When I realized that this anniversary of the murder of President John F. Kennedy was the fiftieth one it caused me to sit down and go over my memories of that day, November 22nd 1963 just like so many others did. I was eight years old and for some reason was out of my classroom. This was a school in Clear Lake Highlands, California which seems to just be called Clear Lake now. I must have been to the office because it was at a ninety degree angle to the hallway I entered and that was the direction I had come from. As I entered the hallway a lovely little girl wearing a very beautiful dress came running down the hall obviously consciously trying not to allow her feet to make any sound. I watched her thinking how strange that was. Then as she got close to me she said in a quiet cracking voice, “President Kennedy has been shot.” I have always assumed her teacher told the class and she got up and left the room and back then that was not allowed. I said nothing as usual. She turned and went towards the office. I went to my classroom and my teacher didn’t say a word about it. I was too shy to talk to anyone, so I said nothing. I just sat there wondering what it all meant. I don't remember what the front of the school looked like, but I remember that covered area and the hallway like I was recently there. I believed that most likely those buildings and a covered area next to them would not exist anymore after fifty years. I checked on Google maps, they do.

I was just inside the door of the hallway where the little man is when I found out JFK had been shot.
That day when I got home my mother’s eyes were fixed on the TV. She looked at me and said, “They killed JFK.” I asked, “Who?” She said she didn’t know, but was sure it was because he wanted civil rights for black people. She was very upset. She knew from the minute she heard the news it was a conspiracy and so did many others. Having grown up in Mississippi she assumed the hateful segment in the south was responsible. She was herself prejudice in many ways as this had been ingrained in her, believing even illogical things, but still thought blacks should have civil rights.

We had only black and white pictures and movies then, there was no internet or cell phones for people to capture video and send to the internet so the public could know the truth. They confiscated film and cameras from bystanders and altered photos and the Zapruder film has been shown to have been given this treatment.

New Orleans DA Jim Garrison worked his ass off to try and find out what had actually happened and bring those responsible to justice. He was attacked by many including the news media which just parroted what they were told to say by the government.  His life was very difficult, but he kept trying. It was impossible to put the whole story together due to the operation being done in the same style as a CIA operation, it was compartmentalized. So, that made it easy to say people were wrong or even crazy.Listen to Jim Garrison's words.

When I was a young adult whenever a book was written about the JFK assassination those who were desperate for information about it would be seen carrying the latest JFK book and if you came into contact with them they would not be able to talk about anything else. At that time I was not sure what to believe and still in many ways had no idea our country lied to us on so many levels. It was so hard to believe so many would go along with such a thing and help cover it up.

It has been shown over the five decades by many people, some of them heroes that indeed this assassination was a conspiracy and many were involved. People who tried to speak up died in odd or mysterious ways. Did you know Richard Belzer was a journalist before he was an actor and now an investigative journalist. When the police in Luna County New Mexico started harassing me for reporting their drug selling and more to the FBI to no avail it made me think of the stories of the JFK assassination witnesses harassed and threatened in the Dallas Texas area by cops. That is why I was interested in his book Hit list.

I believe Lynden Baines Johnson a very obvious puppet-master psychopath was the engineer of the assassination. That is my opinion after reading much of the research done by so many people over the decades. I disagree with those who think he was bipolar, but there may be some things I don‘t know. We have heard similar things about an Alaskan psychopath named Sarah Palin. Psychopaths not only appear mentally ill due to their constant lying, extreme anger, changing what they say to different people for manipulation purposes and paranoia. They will also feign mental illness for manipulation purposes and they are very good at it. The claims that he was manic can also be explained by the high energy psychopaths can have when they are working to get what they want. Take a look at some of the politicians on the right for an example. They operate by communicating with people in a manipulative way, planting material, lying, turning them against someone, using the target’s religion and getting them to do something against their own belief system. They make contact with large numbers of people which means one psychopath can have an effect on many to orchestrate their schemes. Often they appear depressed or like they are having a nervous breakdown when they are just extremely angry or irritable that they aren’t getting their way. By acting upset or depressed they get attention and can use the empathy of normal people to manipulate them. Remember Sarah Palin’s behavior as Senator McCain’s running mate? People said many of the same things about her. McCain is lucky he did not get elected, Sarah Palin and old two-tone would have LBJ-ed him. On top of this LBJ was an alcoholic and during much of his life amphetamines were available without prescriptions leading many to become addicted. This could all explain his mood swings. His grandmother said she expected him to end up in prison and he was being investigated for crimes and feared he would spend the rest of his life there. He had many people killed who he felt were expendable or in his way. That is why the assassination was done when it was.  Higher IQ psychopaths go into politics or work for corporations to run their cons, for protection. In the case of LBJ he managed to con a whole country…actually the whole world.

An excellent overview in detail.
LBJ got a judge who was a friend of his to swear him in. The bastard insisted that Jackie Kennedy be present, she refused to change her blood stained clothes stating she wanted the bastards to see what they had done. Can you imagine being traumatized as she had been and knowing how much her husband had hated LBJ, thought he was nuts and an unbelievable liar who he intended to dump for the next presidential election. She must have wondered if LBJ was involved. When she came back to Air Force One with her dead husband the bastard was in her room lying on the bed. He insisted on going back to Washington on Air Force One instead of number two, that was for manipulation of JFK’s body to change the corpse so they could use the lone nut theory. LBJ manipulated the military into helping him by telling them if Castro or Russia were involved we would have WWIII. The casket on Air Force One was empty when the plane took off. He made paranoid statements about being afraid he would be killed yet he would not let the pilot fly the plane back to Washington until he was sworn in. That got Jackie away from the casket so they could take the body and get it on Air Force Two which generally passed Air Force One during flight to land first.

One reason this assassination which was actually a coup has been so controversial is it looked like many different people in different ways may have been involved, some thought it was the Mafia, some thought the CIA, some the military, some the oil people, some the Russians, some Castro and some the anti-Castro Cuban faction. It was all of them, except the Russians and Castro and others such as French Corsican hitmen were involved. LBJ orchestrated them and then they had to protect themselves, it’s like a murder when the people all shoot the victim at the same time so they are all guilty and will keep their mouths shut.

LBJ’s life long goal was to be the most important president ever, so even though he did not agree with civil rights or public benefits such as Medicare and Medicaid he pushed them through. He blocked JFK from pushing them through so he could use them himself, exactly what a psychopath would do. He also
wanted to be a war president because all the great ones are. He thrust an illogical, brutal war upon the people of Vietnam to further his interests which resulted in millions of deaths, toxins being poured upon people causing generations of harm and the war resulted in the deaths of US soldiers and significant harm to many of those who survived.

Psychopathy is the reason there were so many groups involved. How many times in history have we seen a despot use the anger of certain groups to gain power? There were many who did not want the changes JFK was working on, he had been president long enough to figure some things out at this point. The military-industrial-complex did not want peace. The oil people did not want their taxes raised. Racists did not want blacks to have civil rights. The CIA and some Cubans were pissed they couldn’t manipulate President Kennedy into using bombs during the Bay of Pigs. The mafia helped get JFK elected and were pissed his brother Robert the Attorney General was going after them. The mafia also wanted Cuba invaded due to their gambling and prostitution activities that had been stopped. The CIA was afraid he would shut down the agency. The FBI was being run by a psychopath with a huge amount of power over people, J. Edgar Hoover who hated the Kennedys and they planned to get rid of his ass. A psychopath would use all of these groups by chatting them up, letting them know he is on their side, telling them he wishes he was president so he could give them what they want, using the most frightening words he could to strike fear such as Russia, Cuba and communism. The US was conditioned to react to these words, just like the words Muslem and socialism are used now. Then he would cleverly get them to all work together to coordinate the coup and he did. In this case there were actually two psychopaths working closely together, LBJ and J. Edgar Hoover. Hoover had information to be used to blackmail people into cooperating or making threats as head of the FBI he could direct his people to assist and he did, along with destroying evidence, creating fake evidence and spreading false information to the public. LBJ and Hoover lived right next to each other and were friends, psychopaths often work together. 

This assassination was a hallmark in our country for many reasons, but the most important was the lesson that our government could be taken over right before our eyes and we would never even know it. We are now conscious and they are going after our methods of communicating the truth.

This is what Jack Ruby whose life and the lives of his family were threatened if he did not kill Lee Harvey Oswald said to the Warren Commission, a type of grand Kangaroo Court designed by Lynden Bullshit Johnson when they came to Dallas.

Gentlemen my life is in danger here. I may not live tomorrow to give any further testimony. The only thing I want to get out and I can’t say it here is the truth of everything and why my act was committed. It’s got to be said amongst people of the highest authority that would give me the benefit of doubt. I tell you gentlemen my whole family is in jeopardy at this moment. Lee Harvey Oswald isn’t guilty of committing the crime of assassinating President Kennedy, Jack Ruby is. A whole new form of government is going to take over our country and I know I won’t live to see you another time.

Yes we do have a whole new form of government, not just in the US, but throughout the world. The study of the assassination of John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King and Malcolm X is about the evil that has changed the course of our country and the psycho-sociology of people who went along with it, covering it up and lying to us. It’s as if everything in our past was a lie. We gave them our trust and they screwed us.

There was research going on in New Orleans to develop a rapidly growing form of cancer to use to kill See Dr. Mary’s Monkey by Edward T. Haslam)
Fidel Castro. Many of the players in Dallas were involved, including Lee Harvey Oswald. Jack Ruby claims to have been injected with it, predicted he would get cancer, did and died a short time later.

Oswald was most likely not involved in the assassination, but there is much information to show he was a CIA and FBI contractor or asset who had been groomed over along period of time to be used as a lone nut assassin. They systematically sent him to do things they could use later to put their story together. That means they planned the whole thing over a long period of time.

One of the doctors who was at Parkland Hospital in Dallas that worked on JFK,  Dr. Charles Crenshaw
wrote a book describing how they changed the wounds on JFK’s body to fit their lone nut theory, how the body was illegally taken at gunpoint from the doctors and a justice of the peace before they could
do an autopsy, how LBJ called to tell them they had to let a man who came in the operating room with a gun get a death bed confession from Oswald during a fucking surgery, how they were all told to dummy-up and how the military doctors who did the autopsy had no experience to even do an autopsy and left out many key procedures. The Warren Commission was not interested in what the doctors at Parkland had to say it didn’t fit their insane magic bullet story.

I have touched on only a tiny portion of the evidence.

LBJ, The Mastermind of JFK's Assassination by Phillip F. Nelson.


crystalwolflady said...

Very Awesome blog post Celia on a "blight" on American history.
Here is another video addresses the controversy and implies the Bushes, Nixon, Huntsman CIA involved.
I feel our nation is in a similar position with powerful assholes like the kock bros behind psychopaths like palin.
I fear for our POTUS.
Thanks Celia for Standing up and Telling it!

Celia Harrison said...

crystalwolflady, Thanks, I agree all the people you mentioned were involved and I especially wanted to discuss GHWB, but the post was way too long already.

crystalwolflady said...

I actually have seen a pic of him daddy bush in Dallas that day! I don't know where it is now, but this is some very scary shit. And that these people were POTUS's....
Words fail me!
Great blog post Celia, Thanks for all you do!

Anonymous said...

I will never understand why people think of JFK as a potential great leader without fault. These people were neck deep in mafia ties, the Kennedy men hooked each other up with sexual conquests, I personally believe they ensured Marilyn Monroe would have never recovered after her mingling with them.

Random SIdenote: I also believe Breitbart and Brittany Murphy's deaths were NOT accidentally. Nor do I believe anything that comes from the current President's mouth, as his own history is as shady as 1 million large oak trees.

World history, if anything, has proven humans are flawed, humans make mistakes, and there isn't one person who is above hypocrisy and judgment - or double standards.

Laws are manmade yet we as a society feel justified in pardoning some and penalizing others? What happened to forgiveness and letting people move on to right their ways?

Why do bloggers manipulate and lie? Why are there people who sit around imagining ridiculous things to attack and slander people, just in the name of political biases. I dont think I've met more of these types of people than I've seen in the liberal blososphere. Sarah is just one person who's grossly slandered. And no, republicans aren't the only ones. People lie about democrats too. It's just sad that people don't stop to think about the INNOCENT, non-political people who get hurt from the lies. There is no need to fabricate stupid stories about paternity lies that have the potential to hurt many innocents, or perpetuate chicago gay bathhouses.

Seriously people. Get lives.

Gilly said...

I'm related to LBJ. He was the blacksheep and hated by his brother. Though I've never heard of any "bad" stories.I think it was personality differences.

I'm interested in the TRUE story of Obama's rise, of he and Michelle's arranged marriage. I don't care about the strong gay rumors. I believe humans are bisexual like most other species.

You need help Celia said...

Wow, Just wow Celia.

This statement, "...would have LBJ-ed him" earns you your own psychopathic label.

I also don't know why you feel ok with insulting millions of people.

Keep in mind that Sarah is never alone, there are always people in her home and the kids friends love her. That is fact.

Anonymous said...

This blog post is a reason the blogosphere will never be respected.

Anonymous said...

Jackie was already forced to live a live. A true victim of male domination.

Anonymous said...

"How many times in history have we seen a despot use the anger of certain groups to gain power?"

You just described the left. Except it's worse, as they act in this way subtly. They throw down racebaiting statements, use Michelle Obama, categorically one of the laziest women in history (I've talked to her coworkers, though she rarely held jobs, but that's been talked about)

HOW can you not see that? There have been oodles of groups who actually pray by surrounding Obama and touching him.

All because he promised theyd never have to work hard again like ever business owner does.

And HOW DARE YOU denigrate all corporations. My inlaws run a hotel chain and are the best people you'd never meet. FUCK you Celia.And fuck this President who is the my deceitful and manipulative of all.

Anonymous said...

Also, check out the book about the two Oswalds. I also believe LBJ was involved.

Celia Harrison said...

Apparently I have struck a few raw nerves with the needle from my blog post. Of course these people have no idea how hilarious I find their comments. I doubt most of the trollies have read even one book over the last few decades about this subject. We have the one who always uses the word million, but instead of attacking millions of people today I am insulting millions of people because of my awesome power that always comes in millions. I actually did not do much insulting here, but hold on to your drawers, it's coming. The one who always says bloggers are useless and should get a life is reading a blog post and then writes a long comment apparently going against his or her own belief system. Then the anti-Obama illogical comment trolls are always fun. They just crack me up.

Celia Harrison said...

Anonymous November 24, 2013 at 2:54 PM, Your link didn't show up, but yes there were at least two Oswalds, some researcher think there may have been more.