Well, of course I was, why would I expect anything else? From the Anchorage Daily News today:

Federal prosecutors announced Friday that four Anchorage residents have been charged with operating a sex-trafficking ring that used force and coercion to maintain its stable of at least three underage girls and 17 adult women.
The 41-count indictment, handed up by a federal grand jury Thursday, said the four defendants solicited customers with online classified advertising with sexually charged photos on Craigslist and their own Web site.
At a news conference Friday, U.S. Attorney Karen Loeffler said three of the defendants, all men, were in custody: Sabil Mumin Mujahid, 52; Sidney Lamar Greene, 30; and Rand Hooks, 50. Anchorage police and the FBI were looking for the fourth, Keyana "Koko" Marshall, a 21-year-old woman.
Loeffler said as many as 50 women may have worked as prostitutes for the ring, based on photographs and other seized evidence, but only women identified in court papers as Jane Does 1-17 and Juveniles A, B and C have been positively identified.
Loeffler said the "harsh and difficult message" for the community of Anchorage was that the operation charged in the indictment isn't unique.
"This goes on every day -- vulnerable, underage people without a support system," she said. "Women are taken in by these people, they are foisted using various methods and forced into this business."
The indictment describes Mujahid as the leader of the operation and Greene as his business associate. They conducted at least part of their operation through a Las Vegas corporation registered in Alaska, Seldom Seen Capital Holdings and Investment Corp. Both men were officers of the corporation, which is now dissolved, according to state records.
Mujahid and Greene were already in jail prior to the indictment.
Mujahid was convicted on a federal charge in June of being a felon in possession of a firearm and ammunition and has been awaiting sentencing. He had prior felony convictions in Hawaii in 1982 for attempted murder; in Alaska in 1995 for the federal charge of felon in possession of a firearm; and on state charges in Alaska in 2004 for possessing illegal drugs.
Greene was initially charged and arrested in May on a two-count federal indictment accusing him of possessing and producing child pornography. The 41-count indictment handed up Thursday superseded the original two-count indictment against Greene.
The new indictment described Hooks as Mujahid's landlord. Hooks knew full well what Mujahid was up to, the indictment said: Many of the hookers in Mujahid's ring would turn tricks in the apartment. Hooks charged a premium rent because of their activity and sometimes took payment in the sexual services of Mujahid's women, the indictment charged.
The indictment indicates that the FBI was intercepting Mujahid's telephone calls for at least five months. In one conversation, Hooks was overheard asking Mujahid "if there were any new girls with whom he could have sex," the indictment charged.
Marshall was described in the indictment as a prostitute who also kept many of the women in line and instructed them on how to use Craigslist to post ads and their pictures.
Mujahid and Greene were also charged with possession of child pornography, tax fraud and identity theft. The indictment says the pair used the names and Social Security numbers of the women and their children to claim improper refunds and tax credits. In one intercepted call, Mujahid is overheard bragging about the money he made in the tax scam, proving there was more to life, in his words, than "ho-in'."

I have previously discussed the men who lied to have me wrongfully imprisoned while starving./torturing my cat, and stealing/damaging my property. Robin Hume and his brother use insurance fraud which I have discussed previously to make extra money, but apparently he is allowed to do whatever he wants here in Alaska. I believe they have had a recent claim(I also notified the insurance commissioner). Right now he is in Seattle after going to Texas where he normally spends his winters and then goes on trips to pull his scams. He was only in Texas a short time and left, guess they are on his trail and he took off.

He pays no income tax on his businesses, nor state taxes, I haven’t checked currently, but in the past there were no business licenses. He has income from several kinds of activities while he collects social security disability. In the winter he goes to the lower 48 and does photography sessions at apartments and other places. The people who order the pictures don’t necessarily get them and many people in Homer can tell stories about his "photography" fiascos. He moves around a lot so he doesn’t get caught. He is a professional con man.

Below is direct evidence he was involved in prostitution which I reported the fall of 2007 to the state troopers , the department of law, the department of justice, the FBI, and the governor’s office during the reign of Queen Sarah Palin (before she abdicated her throne). There were pictures which were lost when the state of Alaska wrongfully arrested me, which are clearly sexually oriented on many of these ads. My laptop was damaged while they stored it(recovery of the pictures is possible, but the words are the most important evidence). I know who the prostitute is whose picture appeared in the ads. She is a very sick addict who needs help and I highly suspect is a victim of something similar to the story above. I found her property at the lodge in Homer and thought they had done something to her. I actually went outside to see if there was a possible burial site in the woods. The state troopers would not help me locate her to find out if she was alright. They had an attitude which I did not understand at the time. I finally located her mother and found out she was OK. When I found out she is a prostitute and addict I realized the reaction from the state troopers is the typical thinking by many in law enforcement that prostitutes and addicts lives are not worth as much as the lives of others.

Below are the ads on Craigslist which I told state troopers and police in Homer about. Mr. Robin Hume places these ads usually under the name Chris Max or Christopher Maximillion. I found them by phone number/name searches, and because he is nearly illiterate and always spells the same words wrong. He has other quirks about how he writes also. I then would email him and got a responses back from his email. I have also called a couple times to see who answered. You would not believe what he is into now, let’s just say his sexual activities have taken a dramatic change, and he takes that show on the road all over the country. Since I know he frequented teenage prostitutes from my research (witness verified by one of the few people I respected at the Public Defender agency, an investigator with integrity who left the PD agency) I have to wonder just how involved he really was. I know law enforcement on the Kenai Peninsula is not interested in pursuing crimes committed by business owners, especially landlords. Their exemption from the law has been demonstrated countless times.

When I told some in law enforcement about the advertising for prostitution on Craigslist they were actually quite nasty to me thinking I was making it up. They wanted to know how I knew about it and how I knew it was Robin Hume. It does not appear to be difficult to figure this out for law enforcement or anyone else, so why all the reluctance and skepticism on their part?


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Law enforcement knows all they have to do is give Craigslist a warrant to get the email address of the original poster of the ads. Is their lack of investigation into his activities due to the whiteness of his skin? Perhaps it is because the prostitute in the ads is the daughter of a well known person in Alaska. It has been known this activity has been going on in Alaska by law enforcement for over two years that I know of. What the hell took so long and why only one case? Maybe the federal government has stepped in to do something about certain criminals going unpunished due to corruption and the cluster we call law enforcement here.

From a previous post:

To this date no charges have been filed against Robin Hume or Steve Hume for animal cruelty, giving false information to law enforcement, or theft. Every attempt to file a report at the Anchor Point state trooper station was blocked. They played games, destroyed evidence, did not do their jobs, lied, threatened to arrest me again when I pushed the issue, and the supervisor of the trooper who told me it was not against the law to give false information to law enforcement called me a liar when I told him about it. I explained to him all of the phone calls at his station were recorded and all he had to do was listen to it. Judge Esch is still sending large numbers of native people to prison from Nome and almost no white people. ADA Earthman is still prosecuting, probably often without evidence because he simply does what the powers that be in Nome tell him to do. He should have been charged with using his position to maliciously prosecute me. The ACLU continues to not be interested in my case, nor apparently anyone else’s.

Let's not forget Rick Svobodney who told me the DOJ would never investigate ADA John Earthman, then called me a liar and hung up on me.


Anonymous said...

I know exactly how it is. the alaska law system is corrupt. As for Robin Hume, I know him but ive had my suspisions about him. He has never led me to believe he is a crook. Ive always thot something isnt right about him but I was unsure. Somethings are now starting to add up after reading ur blog.

Anonymous said...

Robin Hume has alot of ppl fooled. Im thinkin this is why his family and the church gave him the boot.

Celia Harrison said...

Anonymous May 26th 4:17 PM, Who does Robin Hume have fooled he's in the lower 48 right now which is odd as he is usually back in Alaska by this time of the year. The church had him sitting in the back row in 2008 already and his family in Homer knew what he was, but were still associating with him. I hope he is kept away from the kids.

Anonymous said...

My wife just had a run in with this guy, if your still willing to talk about him reply and I will give you my contact information. Thanks.

Celia Harrison said...

November 6, 2016 at 10:24 AM
Is Robin Hume in Homer? I will always talk about him.

Anonymous said...

Do you know how he is related to Tony Cooper or Terry Cotton?

Celia Harrison said...

Anonymous November 18, 2017 at 8:12 AM said, "Do you know how he is related to Tony Cooper or Terry Cotton?"

Tony Cooper and Robin Hume were clearly partners in crime. There were all kinds of creepy things going on at the lodge. Long before I arrived Tony had gotten arrested and incarcerated and claimed Robin stole all but about 25% of his property from his storage. Tony showed up at the lodge going through everything with his brother in law. I was concerned about that and called Robin. This was before I had met him as he was in the lower 48 for the winter and I had no idea what Robin was yet. Robin said oh yea, it was fine. Tony was friendly but creepy and sometimes other creepy people came up there. One guy offered me oxycontin, no thanks. There was a woman missing who had been to the lodge, I found her things in a closet. I was told by the guys there she was hired by Robin to run the lodge while he was gone and Robin made an inappropriate sexual advance to her. I was told by Tony he was surprised Robin had not done this, I said he knows better. I called the Alaska State Troopers thinking they were real law enforcement to report this woman may have had something happen to her. They refused to investigate. I finally found her mother. It turned out she was a prostitute, addict/alcoholic and was a former girlfriend of Tony's. She was the woman Robin was trying to sell in the above Craigslist ads.
Terry Cotton I have never seen in person, Robin has posted online that he and this guy are co-owners of a sailboat which may be a LARP as he is a con-man.
Robin used to post on Craigslist obviously advertising for prostitution at hotels in various cities all over the country. Sometimes a woman was involved and sometimes another man, sometimes both. Robin is bi. I informed the police in Homer he was advertising meet ups with married men and that he may be looking to steal their wallets. Tony reported Robin had stolen money out of his wallet after I told him Robin had stolen my wallet. No crimes he committed were ever charged, the AST and Homer police treated me like I was making everything up. No, it is all true.

Anonymous said...

I believe Tony Cooper and his friends prey upon others like vultures. Sad