Headzup brings up a question a lot of us are wondering about. Is this defunked health carebill what Obama wanted? He certainly seems to be supporting those who are working against it's success. There just is no other logical explanation. President Obama just what the hell are you? I am confused by his actions and saddened. Was he just acting during the campaign? I am assuming this is the real him. We all realize he had a rough row to hoe when he came into office and have given him a lot of slack, even remaining silent when we were outraged. It would be one thing if health care failed and he were pulling for us, but it is clear now he is on the side of big business. He just wants a health care bill passed, yet it doesn't seem to need any kind of substance except support of the drug and insurance industries. Why have the Republicans been given concessions instead of allowed to control the whole process? Really I wish he would be a lot less George Bush and a little more Hugo Chavez in the areas of health care for the masses. Everyone deserves health care as a basic human right. Forcing us to get it from insurance companies and making it illegal for citizens to not buy insurance is just plain wrong. Health care should not be based on profit, it should be based on the best we can do for every individual. This includes research, extensive health teaching, and accessibility for all. This sends us further down the path of less middle class and more poor with most of the money going to the ruling class owners of corporations.

Why can't we have decent health care in this country? We have to pay for the empire to police and control the world, that's why.

...$626 billion to the Defense Department for the budget year that began almost three months ago, a 4 percent increase for core Pentagon operations.
It includes $128 billion for military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

That is just the basic budget, BTW. How much is to build new military bases and fund covert operations to stir up shit in other parts of the world? The religious right Pentagon got a 4% increase in their budget.

Only  $100 billion (16.97% of the defense budget as it stands at this point) is being proposed towards working on climate change of which we are a huge contributor, both directly and indirectly. We are not contributing that much, we are saying we are willing to contribute towards that much. So, our share will probably be in the hundreds of millions which is a tiny fraction. Remember this goal is to be reached by the year 2020.

The Patriot Act should have been torn up months ago and replaced with some other legislation on security for our country because much of it is in direct violation of our constitutional rights. It was funded partially.
The president has yet to request funds for his recently announced troop increase in Afghanistan, and there is no money in the bill for that.

$128 BILLION for wars, and nothing for the masses of unemployed, health care lacking, hungry, uneducated, mentally ill, chemically dependent, and homeless. What about all the people in this country who are in prison for crimes they have not committed? What about the mentally ill who get no assistance other than put in jail so some corporation can make money off of them? What about the people who are dying everywhere in this country due to lack of health care including in the gulags where they have no ability to communicate or even beg for help. Where is the big funding bill for chemical dependency treatment?  (which by the way should be written into the curriculum of schools).Where is the revamping of our decrepit educational system, the backbone of democracy?



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