Wrongful Imprisonment Three Days After Filing Appeal.Proof The Bastards Hacked the Exparte Hearing From My Courtview Docket. (Part 3) Update.

Part 1, Part 2.
There are some new revelations that I discovered and want to point out about the events that lead up to my being wrongfully imprisoned. As I continue to do research I expect there may be more on this subject. In Part 1 I posted some of the hearings from Courtview not noticing that the exparte hearing from 8/2 that DA John Earthman used to assist Steve Hume to lie so he could get a warrant for my arrest to retaliate for my appeal being filed was not there. Then I went to Courtview and re-checked the docket section thinking to myself, I bet those bastards removed that hearing to cover their heinous asses. There was no trace of it. The only thing mentioned on 8/2 was a warrant, it just appeared for no apparent reason.

 When I lived in Nome people told me to never expect the transcripts of my hearings to be what actually was said in the court room and I have listened to one where what I said was gone. It was like listening to Nixon's erased Watergate tapes, but not nearly as surprising. There were also hearings withheld from the Nome Nugget's court section, especially where the trumped up VCOR was dismissed and they hid the dismissal of the wrongful charge in another hearing and hung up on me before it happened. People often appear on the phone at hearings in Alaska for many reasons. I had been told it would be addressed at that hearing, but then click. No due process for me, ever. I called the court clerk who told me an odd story about the dismissal. The public defenders found it odd that I thought they should be concerned about the malfeasance and lies, even the sober ones. I guess that explains a lot about what happened to me. Hearings that the defendant is not invited to, wrongful imprisonment, no worries over there in public pretender land.

Do I know scumbags from the Nome Court or what? That hearing is gone. Poof. It's Nome Court magic. But this magic was not done by witches and warlocks, no they were black magic Christians.

This is the timeline/list of events from the docket section of Courtview for my original case which I posted in Part 1. No hearing on 8/2, but I'll be damned if they weren't able to muster up a warrant to have me wrongfully arrested and imprisoned.

Now you are saying to yourself maybe that hearing was never on the docket and Kirsten Bey whose partial timeline I posted in Part 1 was hallucinating. Check out the below document you doubters, Kirsten Bey was quite lucid. This is a copy of my docket made in 2007 for my original case when Kirsten Bey was trying to figure out what the hell had happened. Oh look there was a hearing on 8/2 that somehow got lost later on that was called a bail hearing, but was actually exparte. This hearing was two days after the bail hearing on 7/31which I was not informed of and no public defender showed up for. Then the team of Earthman and Esch scheduled an exparte (I wasn't invited) hearing. Why not have a bail hearing and contact someone at the public defender agency to ask why they did not show the first time? It was two days later did they even bother to talk to a PD? Isn't that just amazing? Not really if you know this was all a set up for revenge. In order for this to be covered up the public defender agency had to cooperate. These people are supposed to be upholding the Constitution not using their positions of power to go after someone for a group of piss ants in the form of workplace and community bullies. This is community bullying on steroids.  And people wonder why I am so pissed off. The court system in Alaska is as corrupt as hell.

Truth floats you bastards.

Here is the second thing I noticed. On Kirsten Bey's timeline in Part 1 she lists this thingy below. It's chopped off but you'll get the gist.

So Brooke Browning who I happen to know lies continuously told Kirsten Bey she tried to get a bail review hearing set and gosh darn she just couldn't get one sooner than 8/13 for the client she helped John Earthman put in prison wrongfully. She should have demanded a hearing for a writ of habeas corpus immediately, but it was more fun to have me tortured. It was an emergency to have the two hearings to get me in prison, oh those certainly could not wait for me to be notified so I could attend and prepare a defense for them. That's what we call due process Nome style, no lubrication is even offered.

It was not an emergency to schedule a hearing when they knew I was incarcerated wrongfully, being tortured, having my meds withheld, my property stolen and my cat harmed until I had to have her put to sleep. These are serious civil rights violations committed by a judge, a DA and at least one public defender. The result besides the severe harm that was done to me is Brooke Browning Alowa helped them cover this up and her reward was assistance to become a magistrate. First in Kotzebue and now back in Nome so she can help with more cover ups. What a gal. Judge Ben Esch was made the chairman of the Judicial Council which almost made me vomit, but later retired after an appeals court found him to be biased in one of the Fairbanks Four cases. John Earthman was an ADA when he committed acts that should have resulted in a prison sentence against me and they promoted him to DA for it. He tried to become the judge in Nome when Esch retired, but fortunately for the people in that region it did not happen.


While doing some research I was directed to check the events section of my original case on Courtview due to the 8/2/2007 hearing that is documented as being a bail hearing, but is actually exparte being found there. But, but, but the 7/31/2007 bail hearing which I was not informed of is disappeared from this list. They are not putting both of them in any one place. The fact that this happened in two places with two different hearings points even more to the record being manipulated.

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