Wrongful Imprisonment Three Days After Filing Appeal. OMFG! Look What I Found..DA John Earthman Was the Puppetmaster. (Part 2)

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While reading this remember what I said in Part 1, that the reason I was wrongfully imprisoned was my decision to file an appeal. That is not completely true there were other reasons associated with my being an ethical whistleblower, my fighting for due process and protection of the workplace bullies at Norton Sound Regional Hospital. The bullying and criminal actions of officers of the court in Nome began with the charges after a long period of severe workplace bullying I became suicidal, had PTSD, a huge flare up of ME/CFS causing cognitive problems along with making me very ill and did something during a dissociative state they used to charge me with felonies.

 If I had been someone else they would have sent me to a psychiatric facility. Instead my supervisor told the Nome Police I was not allowed to be admitted to the hospital while a psychologist stood there saying I should. That supervisor Colleen Meyer was one of the workplace bullies. That statement is in a police report if you can imagine a nurse who would say such a thing about a person who was obviously very disturbed at the time by her design. There was a long history at that hospital of people being targeted for destruction and it continues, some of the bullies are gone, probably those who were scapegoated for the blame of other bullies, but some are still there.

With ME/CFS we have a dysfunctional stress response, the lower brain is inflamed (it is looking right now like an autoimmune disease of the lower brain) causing problems with pretty much every system in our bodies. It's really easy to make me sick with harassment and psychological cruelty. Did you enjoy yourselves? On top of that I am a very empathic type which is why nursing was my profession making the cruelty even sicker. Are all of these people proud of their actions, including officers of the court in Nome, the workplace bullies at NSRH, both the administrations (including agencies) of Palin and Parnell, the DOC, the DOL, the low income health clinics, those associated with where I am living now and all those others? Most likely they are.

Certainly the harsh, illogical, strange and obvious corrupt outcome of my case would not have happened to those in the workplace bullying clique at Norton Sound Regional Hospital. I believe they would not have even been charged with a crime. Certainly there have been many cases that have not been even mentioned in the newspapers because similar cases to mine are happening. Why such a campaign against me in the Nome Nugget, but then nothing mentioned about other issues? It was all facilitated by John Earthman and Judge Ben Esch whose wife apparently hangs with the editor of the newspaper, with public defender help. They only target certain people for harsh treatment which as everyone knows includes Alaska Natives.

Earthman and perhaps others saw an opportunity when they were contacted by Steve Hume with a story that was an obvious lie. Lies...Earthaman loves lies he spews them wherever he goes and people believe him.

Now The Evidence

I smell a dead rat and I feel like vomiting, literally. As much as I thought DA John Earthman was evil the evidence just keeps showing that he is worse than whatever I imagined about him. I have already discussed many times that he lies and lies. I have stated that I think the arrest on a warrant out of Nome while I was in Homer was retaliation for my filing an appeal based on the hearing occurring three days after. I posted the below email yesterday in Part 1. After arriving in Homer when released from wrongful incarceration I immediately called Robin Hume from the airport to ask about my cat and property. He told me that he would not tell me where my things were unless I gave him money. This is what I assumed the extortion accusation was about ( and there was other extortion from both Humes) because I could not have imagined the truth.

"Since you say that Harrison is being extorted I will withdraw the proposal to dismiss the VOCR in exchange for her simply serving her felony sentence." What I thought this meant was due to what Robin Hume and Steve Hume had done Earthman had realized he had been lied to and manipulated, so he was dismissing the case. Then I found the below scribble in some notes in my files last night on a document with other notes I mostly can't decipher. I think a lawyer could, it's a lack of knowing the abbreviations.What the statement actually means rather than what I thought is DA John Earthman would dismiss the VOCR (which he eniginered) if I agreed to dismiss the appeal. Here is how I know that, the below note, "wd dismiss if dropped appeal." Once I saw that I read the above email again and understood what it really said.

That vile evil son of a bitch! He designed this whole fucking thing! Earthman is charming, lies, manipulates, does evil things, sets people up, chats people up, retaliates, WOW! Why is it I have been writing that for years and others have not recognized this? Where is my copy of Dr. Hare's psychopathy checklist?

There really are no words to express my anger and disgust with these kinds of people in Alaska or the government that allows them to harm people, the story just keeps getting uglier. Where is the Constitution, where is the Attorney General, where is the DOJ? For that matter where were the people who knew this was going on who did nothing, not even tell me about it. I was not believed and left totally on my own while continuing to be mobbed, while very ill. The more I told the truth the more I was mobbed and the sicker I got. They torture people in this state who tell the truth. The public defenders are not on the side of the people they defend, they work for the state helping to convict people. Some of them are not like that, but the agency is set up to operate this way.

Earthman conspired with the Humes to have my property stolen, my cat harmed and have me imprisoned, tortured, have my meds abruptly stopped and much more. Did he have something to do with the abuse from the Department of Probation and the Department of Corrections? The DOC doesn't really seem to need any encouragement to harm people. I know Judge Esch unethically tried to make contact with the DOP. Did he have something to do with the events where I live now and all the crap in between? How many others were involved? If he would set me up like this there is probably no end to what he would do and how many others he has harmed. No wonder I was targeted, he was probably contacting them, who knows what he said. Were he and others responsible for all these other odd and abusive things that happen to me?  Have they contacted the little pukes who bully me where ever I go? Holy Shit! The evil is very strong in Alaska. 

Here is another little tidbit that shows the sliminess of Earthman found on the bottom of these scribbles of a public defender. The top part of the note is about the lie that Steve Hume had contacted a trooper other than Loop and the lie about the wallet being given to AST for fingerprinting.

Earthman himself called the Alaska State Troopers to facilitate my being arrested at a strategic time due to his fury at my deciding to exercise my RIGHT to file an appeal. An appeal of a case that was wraught fraught with lack of due process, crazy from the public defenders and a huge amount of lies from Earthman along with a lack of evidence. This is the jackass who is prosecuting Native people for the state of Alaska for a very large region. Have I said fuck yet?

Here is what is so amazing. The governor at the time, Sarah Palin knew my part of the story and probably knew the truth that Earthman engineered this. Because she would have done the same thing it was A-OK with her. There were many others who would have known the truth including public defenders, did they report his malfeasance to the DOL, Judicial Council, the Bar or any state agency? Is this why Judge Esch was the chairman of that council, so he could protect himself and Earthman? There is no telling how much they have done to other defendants.

Did the attorney general at that time Talis Colberg fire the bastard? Nope John Earthman was promoted from ADA to DA. Several of the players in this case were promoted or given appointments which is one reason I wonder if the conspiracy goes higher than Earthman. Then we have had a couple other attorney generals after Tallis Colberg who must know what happened and have done nothing, not even fire the evil  bastard. In Alaska they protect the employees of the state so their misdeeds can't be found out. I can't even find out if Brooke Browning Alowa was fired from the Public Defender Agency or quit let alone find out if any disciplinary action occurred with others. Obviously not a damn thing happened to John Earthman who should be sitting in a prison cell right now.

Well, no wonder the DOL and other agencies are so nasty to me, no wonder they told Sarah Palin's staff to not talk to me or help me with anything. No wonder the cowardly Rick Svobodney called me a liar and hung up on me when I tried to report what John Earthman had done. Wow, he must have known the truth too. Bullies, liars, psychopaths. sociopaths target the truthful people to protect their own wrongdoing. I am a good person who never deserved any of this and had already had a difficult life due to health problems, but did the very best I could. Where is the Department of Justice?

In this chart which came from this article, but the information originally came from this book, The Wisdom of Pyschopaths by Kevin Dutton it is revealed that from much research the percentage of psychopaths for different professions is known. The number one profession for psychopathy is CEO, the number two is lawyer, prosecutors are a subset with an even higher rate. The professions with the lowest rate of psychopathy are also known, number one is nurses’s aid/care giver and number two is nurse. I worked my way through college with health problems to become a nurse and then took care of others while often I was sicker than they were. No one helped me with anything. That is who I am. I told the truth about everything and was ignored all these years.

When we allow a state to be run by human predators this is what we get, pure evil. When will the DOJ do something about the Alaska networks of evil? The only way to stop them is to expose them, but when people like me do this they attack more and no agency in Alaska will do their jobs to stop it.

Here is another chart about that research.

The CEOs of corporations are destroying our country, in fact at this point in time they own it. They use lawyers to help them achieve that by figuring out how to make laws that allow them to do what they want, manipulate the constitution, etc. The CEOs even own some Supreme Court Justices. Then number 3 on the list, the news media is used to manipulate us and feed the population lies/propaganda. The lack of understanding of this will be the downfall of our country. Sidebar over.

So many were deceived by the Humes and John Earthman going along with wrong actions, intentionally harming me, not listening to the obvious truth. I understand how that happens with first contact, but these guys constantly lie and scam, it's obvious. Earthman and others knew exactly what they were. Many of those people knew the truth and that includes Sarah Palin and her staff.  Governor Sean Parnell was her chief of staff. The fact that they went so far as to remove my emails about these evil acts and then hack them from my email account says they knew the truth probably the whole time. What role did they play?

Remote places are the end of the road for psychopaths and others who have been run off or found out. Then after time they accumulate in remote areas and work together to hurt others for fun and power. Why do the other people allow them in positions of power in their communities?

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