Laurawood Arms, December 2011 Mobbing incident/First Amendment Violations, USDA Rural Housing Nightmare (part 4)

Part 1, part 2, part 3.
The management company is not really interested in hearing this story, only bits and pieces and the torture I have endured from these sick twisted people is just OK with them along with VITUS, Governor Parnell’s office and the USDA. When a recent trumped up mobbing against the latest target of the Russsells was brought to the attention of the USDA they reacted and decided it must be given immediate attention by the management company. The USDA apparently demanded a mobbing orchestrated by the Russells. Who did the Russells get to call them to facilitate this action? Real vs. false at the USDA means false will win. They were contacted by hysterical people who had been manipulated into being terrified, but were not really sure why. This has been engineered by some really twisted people. I have contacted the USDA hysterical due to real abuse from Greg and Jennie Russell who are masters of deception, lies and mobbing with no reaction at all from the USDA except they joined in and mobbed me too. Then later apparently destroyed documentation of complaints about Laurawood and lied about FOIA requests. 

I am sure Greg, Jennie and Josh have told the clique they formed to assist with their mobbing things about me that are not true and one person even repeated one of those lies at a recent "meeting" advertised as coming from Quantum Management, but was actually a mobbing orchestrated by the Russells who assisted a woman to take control and dominate the whole thing in a way that nearly caused a donnybrook of senior citizens. The whole thing was totally insane. People are angry about how they have been treated here. It was easy for the Russells to direct the anger where they wanted it to go. They are very skilled at that and do this for their own image impression manipulation constantly. They advertised that people would be able to say what they wanted, that was a damn lie. I will be discussing that in detail later.

When a construction worker walked in my apartment uninvited and they tried to not only evict me, but also tried to use clauses that violate the First Amendment in the lease for what I said in the recording below as it happened. They probably assumed that a person with PTSD would be easier to manipulate into some action that could be used because a person without PTSD would swear due to the crap they have pulled over and over. A lawyer told me my reaction was what a person without PTSD would have done and my reaction would be expected. The scenario was planned. They got the reaction they expected and then they used it against me. That was not the only time this kind of manipulation happened. People also tend to say “fuck” or something similar when their gardens are ruined, more on that later.

I did not refuse to let them in at all, I even got my apartment ready, but then they got the construction company to refuse to do the work. They did not have enough stoves to go around and the refrigerator for my apartment was broken. That did not stop Greg Russell from putting that broken refrigerator in my apartment when AHFC made them get me a refrigerator that had functioning seals and all the while he was attempting to plant information in an attempt to make me think the construction company, Criterion was the whole problem. That refrigerator had been on the property for a long time. Where is the stove, did someone steal it or did they not order enough? I lost hundreds of dollars of food from the antiquated piece of crap refrigerator I had and then had the broken refrigerator for about two weeks. They knew it was broken when they put it in my apartment.

At the mobbing “meeting” the woman who was reading a speech that Greg Russell had obviously at least helped her write after spending a great deal of time on the property the week before said that I was the smart one, then I said, “I live at Laurawood, don’t I.” Then she repeated that statement again adding that I was smart for not letting them in my apartment. I said that was a lie that was told about me. So now we have it out  publicly stated that this piece of false information was being passed by the Russells. Did Greg tell her to say that in an attempt to get me on their side or did she just decide to say it? He spent several days on the property most likely helping her write that speech. Either way I had told her over a year before that statement was not true and now it was being used as if true. It was told to me when she was angry about something the Russells had engineered and now clearly she was being manipulated by them. I was however very happy that evidence of the lies they spread about me was brought up at that mobbing, so thanks for that evidence with lots of witnesses.

I was told by the former owner that I was being mobbed by the Russells and my neighbor because of those “things” I was writing, my blog. I have the right to say whatever I want to, this is a federally funded program and my First Amendment rights have been violated over a period of years along with harassment on the level of criminal. How do I report that to the police with Greg Russell being the perpetrator? His buddies would cover for him and Greg Russell is a very skilled liar and master manipulator. My reporting it could have resulted in being set up to be arrested, especially while I was on probation, especially with those associated with law enforcement and the DOP/DOC doing the mobbing. I may yet receive some severe retaliation for writing about this. Believe me I am holding back what I really think because I am not licensed in Alaska to make such pronouncements.

I will be going back and forth with this story over time and some things will be repeated as this is very complicated and happened for over four years. I was put through years of psychological terror by these people. This is community mobbing for me, but for them also workplace bullying. There are issues in the community and in state agencies created by their lies with very willing accomplices. They also have told people who live here things about me that are not true so they would hate me, people I have had no contact with at all. This was done in great part to cover up their own wrongdoing and help another person pull her‘s off. They divided the people on the property and isolated myself so they could do their evil deeds. I don’t actually care if people don’t like me, in many cases this is a good thing considering, but allowing someone to bully me by making intentional noise, use up all the hot water and wake me up several times a night is what I am angry about.While all of this went on the USDA and Quantum Management knew and did nothing at all. VITUS sucks up those tax dollars, but the people who live on the property can go straight to hell. Actually I refer to the place as hell.

When I first came to Laurawood I hoped I was at a place where I could heal.  Instead a corporation bought the property and there were human predators waiting to come after me to cover their own wrongdoing and orchestrate an attempt to shut me up for the wrongdoers in the government. I ended up after the horror story I had already endured in this state of corruption in a nest of vipers whose goal was to harm me any way they could short of getting themselves arrested. All connections, favors and networking skills were used.

Group mobbing is done first of all against a person seen as vulnerable. I was very vulnerable due to being on probation, having ME/CFS, PTSD and high potential for suicidality secondary to ME/CFS, PTSD and exposure to DES in utero. They could get information from those who tortured me psychologically in the prison system when I was wrongfully arrested to find what works the best in my case. They had connections to the DOP/DOC/DPS and probably recruited others who are unknown to help them. There are certainly two pathological liars and perhaps three involved. These are very manipulative people who use any position of power they can to go after people, one of them is a pupppetmaster obviously. I believe they had access to my file at the DOP/DOC and other information to use out of context etc. in their attack and to spread negative information to agencies. They certainly would have been in contact with them during my probation and there is no telling what they told them. I documented events with the DOP due to abuse and towards the end of the probation period some rather strange things happened. More on that as well.

What I needed was peace, some time to heal, some time to trust people again, but no, instead I was put through psychological terror and my civil rights were violated by some very sick fucks. Not one damn state or federal agency listened or responded to any complaints after having communications with the Russells. Governor Parnell ignores any and all complaints including women raped in the Alaska National Guard, even for years.

Fast forward to the December during the so called rehab. It had been a nightmare and the construction company, Criterion had not gotten it done, of course. They had all summer and screwed up everything they did, disrupted the lives of the tenants in a very Wasilla Hillbilly way, then the architects who designed the clustered up sidewalks suddenly decided in the middle of everything to change it all around. That meant the work to pack down soil etc. which had already disrupted us for weeks had to be removed and all the tractors and pounding equipment were again next to buildings while people who have little money were trapped in them all day. No one was watching what they were doing, no one seemed to be in charge, there was no supervising. The managers went to Hawaii for two weeks. The crew boss was in the office with Josh yacking and yucking it up.

In December when they finally decided to do the rehab inside the buildings I had Christmas decorations up. Before all of the incidents Greg Russell would set me up by not telling me what I needed to know or giving me false information to help manipulate the set up. Greg Russell comes to my door to tell me they are going to do the rehab in my apartment the next day and I needed to move things out of the way. I was scheduled to be done last of course. After having watched these people and all the problems they caused I moved everything, nearly packing up my whole kitchen and bathroom to keep them from causing some problem. The next day about half an hour after they were supposed to arrive Greg Russell and the crew boss come to my apartment to tell me the construction company refused to do my rehab. They used the excuse of an incident where one of their employees just walked in my apartment documented below which upset me. How is that MY problem? Why would they find it odd that I was upset about a man walking in my apartment uninvited after all the other crap that had gone on (more about that crap later)?

Quantum Management and VITUS have never put anything right, have not listened to my complaints over a period of years, did not supervise or manage the Russells in any way and have allowed violations of USDA regulations and abuse of tenants over a long period of time. They never will make it right without some intervention.

I stayed up all night to get ready for the construction workers, but the Russells told people I would not let them in my apartment before they had even come to do the work. Assholes. Since they could not torture me into refusing to let them in they had to change their story to the construction company refusing to do my apartment. Gee, I wonder whose idea that was? Later Greg Russell in his usual behavior to blame someone else told me they never had a stove for my apartment to begin with. That was after AHFC made them put a new refrigerator in my apartment due to the seals having failed long ago in the one I had. They had that fridge on the property all that time and could have installed it, it was however broken and I believe Greg knew that. It made hideous noises in my apartment for two weeks and then they had to buy another one to fullfill what the AHFC told them they must do. Where is the stove, was it stolen or did they not order enough? Why did the USDA not make VITUS give me a stove? Did they engineer all of this to cover for a missing stove and broken fridge? Certainly the main story is to mob me, but they could have enlisted the construction company by helping them cover their asses.

Two containers of salt on in the kitchen is a sign of ME/CFS.

Before the “rehab” date of my apartment I called the office number upset about the assholery that was going on and had been going on for a long time. It was impossible to get someone on the phone and often difficult to find someone in the office during the open hours, so message leaving was the only option. They were however able to take action when pissed off, Greg has quite an anger issue. Here is the message which lawyers found to be quite funny because as I was complaining about lots of problems one suddenly happened ended up on the recording. It demonstrated that what I was saying was very true. What is even funnier is they tried to use that as evidence to evict me while it actually proved my side. It was all they could get from me after all of their mobbing behavior designed to cause a reaction they could use to have me arrested, incarcerated and evicted. Before this incident much had gone on, but I wanted to tell this part of it first. This is after weeks of this craziness and multiple incidents not noted in my message.

This resulted in my putting this note on my door which Greg Russell stole and all I got back was this copy which is hard to read. Lawyers laughed their asses off and said I can put this note on my door if I want.

The audio message and the note I put on my door which I am allowed to do according to the First Amendment Greg Russell told me were sent to Quantum Management and they directed him to give me a ten day notice rather than take note of the obvious problems tenants were having nor were they able to figure out over several years just what Greg and Jennie are. They and VITUS had lied to us about what was going to happen during the rehab, wait until you hear that part of this cluster. He pounded on my door with the ten day notice very angry and told me I had disrespected Jennie, really? Your behavior against the tenants was very disrespectful, you took the side of Criterion Construction every step of the way except when you took the cowards way out and went to Hawaii. You left Josh to hang out with the crew boss and let Criterion do as they damn well pleased and of course VITUS had staff involved in the abuse as well. My message was not for just for Jennie, it was for both of you.

Those office hours were only kept when they were in the mood.
In the meantime I contacted Governor Parnell's aid who dealt with low income housing issues who called them and told them I had some rights. He told me they agreed to a ten day break in the bullying which should have meant they would give me a new date for the scheduled meeting. No, they lie. I couldn't even have a ten day break in the bullying at Christmas time.

Let me explain that Jennie Russell can swear like a sailor, so this was just the only excuse they could come up with for their mobbing. Lawyers laughed and said they can't do this and certainly can't tell me what I can say, especially in my apartment and especially when someone just walks in on me or when my garden is damaged by their assholery. They were clearly harassing me, this attempt to evict me was very transparent. The note did not contain foul language as there were asterisks over most of them. Lawyers just laughed and said there were many things in the lease that were alarming and not allowed. They did not give the woman who met the construction workers at the door with a baseball bat a ten day notice. Clearly this is bullshit. Words vs baseball bat. It is very interesting how concerned they were with the other tenant who was causing me a great deal of distress and her family had essentially taken the place over, including living here. That is because she and her family were part of the mobbing and anything they could do together to harm me or run me off was used. 

Notice the recertification was also going on in December. The way Quantum Mangement was doing their paperwork was very abusive. I was having trouble find a health care provider to sign a letter about my supplements, you know due to "Turmeric is not medically indicated" and all. I also believe the mobbing extends to giving information out to key people in the community to sabotage me which actually is very common on the Kenai Peninsula. So there was a lot of chaos going on and I had to have contact with abusive people that I could not get away from.The PTSD was very bad and I became suicidal and called the suicide hotline, the guy said, "I don't know why they are transferring those calls to me." Yes, this really is hell.

Remember this story about last December, who thinks Jennie did not tell Josh to schedule the recertification appointment for December 23rd? This was after I had asked last year for my recertification to be done in the summer months. 

They then gave me another ten day notice for not going to the meeting when I was told by governor Parnell's aid there was a ten day "holiday" in the bullying. I had just told a lawyer that I bet they would do that. Greg told me I should never believe a politician, yea this guy just made that up. Of course I know politicans lie, but no one lies like you do Greg.

One day Greg Russell pounded on my door like a maniac and when I opened it said,"You said something you shouldn't have said on Facebook." That happens with me on a regular basis you violator of First Amendment rights door pounding jackass. I guess it's your experience as a cop that has lead to this belief that you can dish out abuse and harassment whenever you want. It's funny now, but he was very angry and had no right to pound on my door like that and besides that he can fuck off. Here are some things I said on Facebook about the above story as it was happening, oh and fuck off again.

Celia Harrison
December 8, 2011
Ok, I got a copy of the voice mail message the management (aka F*** police) is using against me and it made me laugh hilariously because it demonstrates clearly what is going on and right in the middle of the message is when some guy came into my apartment. Oh it’s just so perfect. I can’t figure out how to post it however, but would love to. I believe my frequent use of “is not appropriate” may have been the thing they were actually upset about. My ex-husband used to tell people, “Don’t do that she’ll tell you your behavior is not appropriate.”

Celia Harrison
December 8, 2011
Has lawyered up, 44 pages of information have been sent and there is a lot more where that came from. I’m just now realizing I have been good-cop, bad-cop-ed by the retired cop who manages the place. Will I never learn? Never trust the po-po in Alaska. When the lawyer asked me the name of the management company and I told him he began laughing and said, “Oh God.” Giddy up. Let’s go down to the courthouse have I got a story to tell.

Celia Harrison
December 8, 2011 near Soldotna, AK
just took down her Christmas tree because as everyone knows there is no Christmas in Hell.

Celia Harrison
December 9, 2011
You aren’t going to believe this one. I was given a notice they are working in my apartment today and stayed up most of the night removing things from cupboards and drawers and rearranged furniture just the way the management wanted. They were supposed to show up at 9AM. Instead at 9:35 the retired po-po came and told me they were doing no work in my apartment today. I asked why they did not tell me sooner and told him it was inappropriate and unbelievable. They would not tell me when they were actually coming to do the work. Now realize my whole apartment is essentially packed up at their request so they could do work today and they gave me a ten day notice that I must comply with this. Then they screwed me without even using lubricant. Mr. Pierson at the Gov office just called and said they told him they were not coming back for at least ten days, when they have demanded I have a meeting with them. They also told him that I may not swear. Keep in mind that one of the managers swears often and that is why I used those words. I also informed Mr. Pierson that having someone walk in my apartment is a WTF situation and I would say what I want in my apartment. Really…do they really think they can control people to this extent? Are we even living in any semblance of America anymore. This is corporate fascism at it’s worst and at a senior disability apt complex. There is also some kind of inspection today. I bet they don’t come to my apt as they don’t want to hear what I have to say. They have made me very ill doing this crap over and over, then when I get angry and say something about it they retaliate with BS . They have no right to do this. They had no right to take my health.

Celia Harrison
December 9, 2011
I believe the incident earlier today was designed to provoke me to use the F word or some act that they could use for eviction. An attorney agrees. Anyone who participated in that decision and act of abuse should be fired. When corporations are exposed they believe they can do whatever they want to people. We'll see about that. A group of lawyers agreed with me, their behavior is not appropriate Someone at the AG office in Washington has offered some advice for going after them.

Celia Harrison
December 15, 2011
Update on apartment situation: A team of lawyers has reviewed all relevant documents including the lease. The lease contains items which are actually illegal. That includes controlling what people say, the first amendment supersedes all. They are appalled by what has gone on here and the actions which were taken against me. One said he does not have PTSD and that one would not have to have PTSD to swear considering what has gone on here. The only time I did it in a public area was when some horrendously idiotic and abusive thing had happened. He agrees with me that bullying me due to swearing is pitiful because surely they could have found something, anything better than that to use against me. I believe that has to do with my right wing, “Obama is a Muslim” neighbor. I was advised that the meeting they are demanding I go to would be optional for me as the 10 day notice is essentially not legal. I can choose not to go to it and be within my legal rights. I am to call them immediately if they give me an eviction notice and it sounds like they are hoping that would happen. Multiple agencies that deal with elderly and disabled people have been notified of the abuses and the three elderly-disability complexes they own on the Kenai Peninsula. They will be advising people not to live in their apartments, but they have now been allowed to monopolize the few apartments available for elderly and disabled people by the USDA.

December 19, 2011
Apartment update: I went to the mtg today. I was told by legal counsel I did not need to attend due to the illegality of the ten day notice. I explained to them the illegality. One of them was not present, hmm, the retired po-po who banged on my door like he was conducting a drug raid to give me the notice ten days ago. I was given a piece of paper that said that I complied with not swearing. I informed her that I did not and will not comply, they just could not hear me as I was very ill and had a broken toe. She told me I was supposed to be communicating with the management company and not the on site managers. Does that make sense to anyone? But, with all these people the buck is passed about everything, that is the game they play. I begged her to give me an eviction notice, especially during Christmas week. I then called the management company repeating the same thing, he kept saying illogical things to me. I told him I am dying to tell this story in court. You see the harassment is never going to stop. I also asked him about some personal information that I heard spread about me from a construction worker to my neighbor, it could have only come from management or the USDA. Without my telling him what it was he said, "It wasn't us, it was the construction company." That is what they say about each and every problem that has occurred. They are all helpless and powerless to do anything about anything. Yes, a construction worker spoke it, but the construction people got it from most likely the management company, but USDA is the second choice. There is a team of lawyers working on the landlord-tenant atrocities in rural AK and I am very grateful for them. I may be called to testify for them on my experiences.

Celia Harrison
December 28, 2011 near Soldotna, AK
LMAO. Yesterday I told the lawyer that the next thing the apt managers/management company, perhaps with an assist from the USDA would do is to issue a 10 day notice about a recertification appointment. They told Mr. Pearson at the Gov’s office they would leave me alone for that ten day period and the appointment was during this time. I was expecting a notification of a new appointment. There have been a couple juvenile things that have happened (probably from a particular juvenile) so I realized, no they are going to keep playing games. They issued the notice today, LOL. I am a lot like Susan Lindauer and believe in telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so just keep it up. Now Christmas week I did call the management company and asked for an eviction notice on the other ten day notice and so far, nothing. Guess they read the first amendment.

Celia Harrison
January 4, 2012

Apartment update: Today I had a meeting as demanded in a 10 day notice. Remember Mr. Pearson at the gov's office talked to them and told me there was a ten day break where they would leave me alone. The original mtg was during this time and I at first expected a new appointment and then realized they would give me a ten day notice which of course they did. Today during the mtg the managers said they never agreed to the ten day holiday from harassment and told me I should never trust a politician. Well, I of course already know that, but I also know not to trust people who work for corrupt, disgusting corporations and frequently state they won't do anything to loose their jobs. I have no idea who is lying after all they sent my voicemail to the corporation to try and cause me trouble. Sigh.

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