USDA Elderly and Disabled Housing Abuse (Part 1), Crazy Bullying

Over a period of many years I have been through hell at the property I live in, there is little low income housing for those on disability in the state of Alaska. The systematic bullying and incompetence needs to be documented. During the period of severe abuse I posted some of the incidents on Facebook which had made me very ill and distraught, but wanted to write about it on my blog. I was threatened by an onsite manager for posting something on FB. Severe retaliation has happened to me for complaints not unlike what happens when one files a grievance in the prison system in Alaska including the disappearance of paperwork. I searched for years to find another place to live, that is not going to happen, low income people can’t pay rent here without a subsidy and the voucher program has been put to a stop due to the convenient excuse of a 9% cut in funds. Certainly I found out the hard way that renting a room in a lodge will result in being surrounded by prostitution, meth cooking, child abuse, thefts of my property, manufactured criminal charges against me and my cat being harmed, so there is no way in hell that is happening as law enforcement protected them and participated in the actions to harm me instead. Craigslist and newspapers were searched every day for an affordable van to live in for years, including holidays and I considered going to Anchorage and just becoming homeless for the sake of my health, but I need a kitchen due to my special diet and a bathroom is quite helpful as well, then there are things like heat. I am in a Catch 22 situation.

This was not going to be part 1, but recent events have changed that. Obviously I do not want to have to write this and have waited a long time, years for someone to listen and do the right thing, but that is never going to happen. There will be retaliation. It is very upsetting to me that I am forced to do this by the heinous government in Alaska and the corrupt Alaska office of the USDA, then there are the corporations involved along with individual bullies. I find the courage knowing it may help others.

Last week I called the governor’s office trying to find the man I had told about the problems with this apartment complex a couple years ago name Robert Pierson who was the constituent relations specialist who helped people with low income housing issues. It has been clarified many times over now that the Parnell administration does not help people in low income housing nor do they want to help low income people get housing they can afford, this includes tents so of course, so that position was eliminated. Robert Pierson is no longer in that position and now does some kind of documents...propaganda? We have seen other recent propaganda about Governor Parnell recently in the MSM.

I spoke with Christine Irvin (I think?) who is over several issues and sounded sincere just like Robert Pierson did when I first spoke to him. He later changed his tune probably after being adjusted by some people and began blaming me for the problems. Nope I am not the problem of that you can be sure,  but in Alaska the whistleblower or person who complains is ALWAYS scapegoated to protect politicians, incompetent staff and corporations, ALWAYS. My purpose in the call was to ask Mr. Pierson if he had a statement due to my writing about the problems where I live, but never mind.

I live on Social Security Disability in subsidized housing. Every year to qualify for the subsidy we have to fill out tons of paperwork, pay health care professionals to sign documents verifying our status as disabled, what medical costs we have, etc. For years they made me pay someone to say I was disabled while I am on SSDI, it's insane. It appears that this year SSDI is proof enough, finally. It is utterly ridiculous for elderly or permanently disabled people to have to sign documentation that they are not attending college and if they are who gives a rat’s ass. Those who have gone through this process know it is ugly. The corporation that owns the property I live in has made the process horrendous, but it has gotten somewhat better over the years. The first year they owned the property it was the definition of both oppression and incompetence.

Going into the assholery that has occurred in the past, yes it is way worse than it appears in this post,  is for a later date, but let me give some very recent history. For two years my Christmas was ruined by a combination of resident abuse and management, corporate incompetence and abuse issues. Last year I asked the onsite manager who did the paperwork if I could change from doing it in December due to one of my disabilities, PTSD being triggered in December mainly due to abuses she and her husband along with the corporate entities had perpetrated. She said yes, we could redo it in the summer. Last spring the two “managers” left and nepotism took over her job and a man who is actually competent to do the maintenance and has work ethics took over that area. I have no idea how that could have possibly occurred, but thank goodness for that. So, the paperwork did not get changed, but they knew I did not want it done at Christmas time. Keep in mind making me sick is the goal.

So here is what happened recently. I got this paper the first part of December. The date of the appointment is in November which at the time I thought was just a mistake. I went to his office on December 16th where he rather abruptly told me the paperwork was in my mailbox because he was told that was how I wanted it. Remember the nepotism. I think now he had no idea I was coming. I was very unhappy to go to his office due to the cigarette smoking which is supposed to not be allowed on USDA property at all and I told him so. It not only affects the office, but also the laundry room or if you just walk by the office you can get a lung full of smoke. One would wonder at the thinking that goes on behind having a manager of an elderly and disabled apartment complex who smokes like a chimney.

The paperwork was not in my mailbox until later in the day with this notice on top of the pile of papers. Notice the date of the appointment.

In the meantime knowing how incompetent the healthcare providers are here and how crappy and abusive the low income clinic is I called a doctor's office due to his supposed expertise at the kind of treatment I need, nutritional supplements and a special diet. His staff told me he opted out of Medicare which is very common here in red, Republican-y, capitalist, egocentric, with a layer of I hate the federal gubment libertarianism Alaska. The translation is it's all about them and large profits. The first appointment would be somewhere around $400-$500 depending on lab tests and he would only sign the document of medical necessity for the subsidized housing if I bought the supplements from him. I can't afford this, but would never seek healthcare from this conman. People in the healthy nutrition community would be shocked to find out who this doctor is. I seek healthcare from those who primarily care about people not profits. This is a yearly issue and I have gone through a large number of health care jackasses here. Healthcare for the disabled in rural Alaska sucks, oh they call it healthcare, but it is something else.

 Then the second re-certification notice was left in my mailbox.  Note is says the third one is to be served with the final notice to terminate tenancy and he says he will contact me that week. He did not bother to sign it.

I watched people come to the office door and ring the bell with no response. One lady came three or four days in a row. Knock, knock knock, no response and then later he would go get in his car and leave, so he was there. Then there were appointments with a couple women who seemed like they may have been assisting applicants in some way to apply for the apartments that have sat empty a long time. Empty apartments is odd considering the shortage of subsidized housing for the disabled, but anyone in the know will divert people somewhere, anywhere else. There is other housing for the elderly in Soldotna, brand new beautiful housing which elderly women with huge smiles told me about because they live there, but of course now there is a long waiting list. I am so glad they got out of this place. For the disabled under 62 there is little housing I am 58.

At the end of last week after I called the governor's office and spoke to someone I received the next two documents in my mailbox, just these two documents and not the third notice which seems to be required. Please note the Orwellian note used to disguise the threat and that it also does not make sense. I would consider him knocking on my door to be further harassment and no he does not have everything he needs as the note states illogically. He's implementing office hours, really? Why were office hours not implemented before and why the hell does he not answer the phone or door? Leave a messsage? I have tried that many times there was no voice mail. The last line here almost made me vomit.

If he has all the information in his hands then why am I getting this notice?

Please note the first notice was on December 2nd and the second was on January 3rd, there was an appointment dated November 16th in the document from December 2nd. Unable to travel back in time I went to the office on December 16th and was met with abruptness and if he was just going to give me the paperwork why not just put it in my mailbox with a note. The reason is that makes logical sense and does not allow for bullying, sabotaging or setting me up for gaslighting with the USDA, Quantum Managment or VITUS. There was no notice given on 12-1-13 or 1-1-14 as this document states. Do you understand why I say the word fuck a lot when dealing with these people?

His accusation that I did not keep an appointment or failed to contact him is libel pure and simple. The paperwork indicates that he stated he would contact me that week which I took for notice that an appointment notification was pending. Past attempts at leaving him a message and my observations of others trying to make contact by going to the office door reveal huge frustrations with attempting to deal with him and I am sick to death with this bullshit. This is clearly an attempt once again to construct a scenario in which they can evict me, but certainly any and all opportunities for bullying are generally taken. I will tell the story of the first attempt to evict me done by his relatives (he was involved) later and it is very likely he is being directed by one of them to do this. 

In the above Annual Recertification Notice which is checked for the second notice it is stated that the third notice is to be given thirty days prior to the effective date. He indicates the effective date to be March 1st. The date of February 2nd on this above document is not the date it was given to me. I received notification of pending eviction on February 7th, last friday (I asked them not to give me any of their little notices on Fridays, so now that is the day I generally get them, but it wasn't put over my outgoing mail). This means that rather than prior to the thirty days before the effective date it was given to me tweny-two days prior and the Third Annual Recertification Notice was probably not given due to that. It was given to me with a back date on it to cover his ass, but that was not even thirty days prior to the effective date.

Most likely I would not have any of this material at this point if I had not called the governor's office and he may have had a plan to later claim that he had given it to me so he could give me a ten day eviction notice. At the end of last week is when I called the governor's office it is an amazing coincidence that suddenly this paperwork appeared in my mailbox on Friday? I assume that someone inquired about my many allegations and this paperwork resulted. All of this could have stopped years ago if a state agency or the USDA had done their jobs, but they want me to be targeted.

There was another strange occurrence in December, but first some background. Last fall during an inspection I went outside to confront the corporate representatives. I told them that the manager was putting his little notices on top of my mail so the mailman would not pick it up. This has happened several times over a period of years. He made a statement about it being a mistake and he was sorry which made me even angrier because in order for this to have happened he would have to either be severely intellectually impaired or doing it intentionally in a junior high bullying act. There is no other explanation. I told him I would contact the Postal Inspector’s office if it happened again in front of the corporate dudes to put an end to that assholery. Some clueless guy started talking some crap about how the manager was new at his job.  Hello buddy you don’t need to have ever been on the property before to know this is an act of assholiness and it's illegal to mess with someone's mail. It was also not true that he was new to the property. The rep. from the management company put on a show that he hadn't heard about the problems before when he had been in my apartment (only because I went and got him) and I told him about some of them and I made multiple phone calls over along period of time to Quantum Management and VITUS with no response. They have participated in the lies and abuse.

In December I ordered something that came by UPS. UPS has a new policy that for apartments they don’t have to deliver to the address that you provided them, they can dump the packages with the managers of apartments. So, be aware UPS is not providing the services you pay for. They falsified their documentation and said they delivered it to my door. It was not here. When I checked on line to find it was delivered to my door and UPS said over and over they delivered it to my front door I assumed it was stolen. Nope, UPS lied, they left it at the manager‘s door and he just put a little happy face note on it and did not bother to notify me it was there. Then UPS sent someone out to investigate. I spent a lot of time on the phone and a police report was filed. He wasted a lot of people’s time, but UPS was part of the problem if they had been honest about where the package was it would have helped. I found out he had it during the twenty-third of December appointment. When I essentially asked him WTF without using those words. He said that he would not touch anyone’s mail. Did he not touch it to put the note on it? He said he thought it was from the USPS even though it says in large letters UPS on the box. Did he not find it odd that the postal carrier did not take it? When I asked the manager why he did not simply leave me a message to come and get the package, he stated he had not not thought of this, yep this is what myself and others have to deal with here. He said, 'Oh dear" when I told of the trouble his lack of actions and bad decisions had caused trying to suppress a smile. Certainly he would not consider the interests of tenants to be in his job description as an apartment manager, but for most of us who get a neighbor's package it is automatic to make sure they get it ourselves. It triggered my PTSD because of the abuse during Christmas that has occurred here and to this day I have not been able to open that package and kept it covered so I could not see it until a couple days ago...PTSD. I assume he thought it was a Christmas present he was depriving me of, it was not.

There is no way in hell myself or anyone else should have to deal with this crap and I have more, so much more. Tomorrow's post is about corruption at the USDA which is certainly also criminal. Who would be surprised by that from the Alaska office of USDA?

Yes I am afraid not just of these people, but of others in the community such as a couple of troopers, some hoodlums in the area, DOL/DOC employees and others involved with the state of Alaska but they will not stop me from finding the courage to tell this story. I would be a fool not to be afraid and I know from experience retaliation will occur.


crystalwolflady said...

Celia, can you call Les Gara?
And maybe call the USDA in DC and put in a formal complaint.
What supplements do you need? Swanson vitamins has Many high quality vitamins at a good price.
I know them to be high quality b/c my son used to work in that business.
UPS has a online thing My UPS where you can give ins on WHERE your packages are to be delivered and get notifications when they HAVE been delivered and the status of them before delivered.
I would also write to the POTUS about all this bullshit in AK. If enough people complain about the Crony Corruption up there, something has to happen.
Good luck Celia, I wish you could get out of the hellhole...

Celia Harrison said...

Crystalwolflady, Les Gara is state and this is a federal agency, it's Begich and Murkowski who should have done something along with the governor's office. AHFC is the state's regulatory agency for subsidized housing and have loaned money to this property so they are involved, they know the problems. They were all contacted by several people. I am sending information to the USDA at the federal level. It was that UPS online info that gave me the lies about the package being delivered to my door. The problems with getting out of Alaska are they labeled me with a felony, an old landlord for retaliatory reasons went to court to file for an eviction, she dropped it because she would not have won, I would have. I have pictures of the place, it was horrible, full of drug dealers and other activities. I was homeless before I rented from the owner and she promised me to fix the problems, she lied which is SOP for landlords of low income people in AK. AHFC allowed subsidized people to rent there, she kept tow apartments free of mold and with decent appliances for them, but they allowed them in a skanky building. Of course the cops did nothing about the drug dealing that went on all night or the drunken fools making noise all night. I used the landlord tenant act to get something done about the problems when she said, "I have $100, I'll file for an eviction and no one will ever rent to you again." The felony charges and the eviction are all publicly accessible on Courtview, but are not what they look like. Then I need to be able to do things like file FOIA requests which at this time many agencies just ignore illegally. Alaska does not require Alaskans to have to give a reason for access to the information. If I leave that makes one more block they can use and the battle is hard enough. Social Security does not allow for much money saving or paying for moving, especially from Alaska and who would rent to me? In the lower 48 they run background checks and refuse felons. The places where I can afford rent without being on a subsidy are all red states. Who would believe that what is on Courtview is not as it appears? Who could believe how corrupt the courts, landlords and government are here? It would be nice to have justice before I leave.

Anonymous said...

your feed back area does not work

Celia Harrison said...

I checked the little envelope in the upper right corner and it did work for me. If you would like contact please leave an email address or something and I will be glad to respond.

Cheryl West said...

The USDA has rentals for low income and disabled and seniors across the nation. If you go to their website http://rdmfhrentals.sc.egov.usda.gov/RDMFHRentals/select_state.jsp
you can click on any state and then city, county, etc. I understand what you are going through, I am a victim of bullying in a senior disabled complex in California but I am a paralegal and I know my rights and how to enforce them.

Contact the USDA directly, definitely call your local congress officials. Believe it or not they do help you. Contact HUD. You have rights. Don't give up.

Cheryl West

Celia Harrison said...

Cheryl West I did contact the USDA in Alaska who told me they could not do anything, neither did HUD, any agency of the state of AK, any legislator on the state or federal level. I called the USDA offices in other states who said the owners were supposed to be fined, but AK is corrupt, even the federal agencies are under control of corporations.