Autopsy Reports in Alaska Need to be Public Information to Make Alaska/DOC Give Inmates Health Care. My Blog is Under Attack, Here it is Again. Update X 2.

Someone has done something to stop the titles of my blog posts from appearing on blog rolls. Guess I am touching some kind of nerve somewhere, thanks for verifying that for me.  I am under attack in other ways as well, I won a victory on one of those today, so piss off. This is either the state of AK as one issue began the day after the family lost contact with Davon Mosley, or bullies associated with Laurawood Arms here in Slow-dotna.

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This can't be said to often about the DOC in Alaska:

  '"The DOC released a statement on the death of  24 year old Amanda Kernak stating she died of "natural causes secondary to complications of severe liver disease."'

This statement makes me think she had some kind of bleed. Unless this young woman developed esophageal varices and bled out or had some other life threatening bleed which I doubt because her cellmate would have said there was blood everywhere the “natural causes” statement is complete bullshit. Did she blow a blood vessel in her brain from the hours of retching increasing the intracranial pressure in her head?

The roommate described vomiting and shaking, which sounds like D.T.s. She also said the woman was ignored which as I have reported in the past is SOP at the DOC along with abruptly stopping medication. Acute liver failure is unlikely in such a young person even with very heavy drinking unless something other than alcohol is involved like Acetaminophen. Her liver disease would have been present upon her incarceration and what could have caused it to get worse while having no access to alcohol or drugs? The roommate described conversations including a discussion about needing her cardiac medication, so it does not sound like she had hepatic encephalopathy due to end stage liver disease. Before death they are general comatose or hallucinating something like packs of cigarettes are floating in the air.

The DOC claims she was attended to, but what specifically did they do? Let’s see the documentation of the vital signs they took, her SAO2, the notes the staff wrote describing the condition of the inmate, describing what the vomitus looked like and how much there was and how long she had thrown up. Did you check her skin turgor? Did you have any concern about a woman with a history of alcoholic cardiac problems becoming dehydrated and developing tachycardia. Were you at all concerned that the vomiting might lower the KCL of a person with a history of cardiac problems? I know the answer because I have seen the Alaska DOC in action, none of these things were done. Was she even on a sedative such as Librium, I doubt it. Did a nurse even come to the cell to check on her? No, corrections officers make medical decisions at the Alaska DOC and the result is exactly what you would expect from those who have not gone to college to learn about medicine or nursing.

Regardless of her medical history any person who throws up for eight hours is in danger of tearing their esophagus and having a significant bleed. You certainly don’t let alcoholics who have liver disease that causes bleeding problems just retch for hours. She should have been given an antiemetic, but the appropriate thing to do would have been a trip to the ER. She needed to have a 12 lead EKG and lab work done to make sure her electrolytes were in a safe range which I doubt they were considering the length of the retching and her history of drinking. The labs would have also shown the degree of dehydration. She should have been given Librium and perhaps some IV fluids and probably KCL. I know they would like to skirt over the fact that she was in D.T.s and go straight to the bullshit story about natural causes, but no one and I mean no one is ever going to believe that. This claim of natural causes would be like a person going to an ER with chest pain and being left in the waiting room for eight hours while he clearly had chest pain and other symptoms, then he collapsed and died after having a myocardial infarction due to an arrhythmia caused by the irritation of his cardiac tissue. That is not dying of natural causes because the M.I. could have been prevented and even if it was not preventable he could have been given medication to prevent his death.

The DOC did their usual song and dance about family privacy and medical privacy so the truth can‘t be found out. Here is the reason they get away with this, in Alaska autopsy reports are not public information as they are in most other states. The main reason they are public in other states is to prevent cover ups of wrongdoing. This needs to change in this state or the DOC will never stop lying about the deaths of inmates nor will the state be forced to actually provide inmates healthcare. A democracy does not allow such things to go on, but an oligarchy based on the oil business does. They herd large numbers of chemically dependent and/or mentally ill people into a prison system to keep from paying for the treatment they need. Sean Parnell likes to say the low income people have these community clinics they can go to. At two of those clinics I could not get a phone call returned and had to make a BFD to get them to call me, then there was medical bullying and incompetence. After being confronted with this a few times I realized the whole system is screwed up. The only exception was the state mental health clinic in Anchorage. So people don’t get treatment in their communities which means eventually they will do something that brings them to the attention of law enforcement where they can be shoved into administrative segregation and harassed by corrections officers until they are completely broken.
The DOC does not draw blood to run basic tests on inmates. If that had been done they would have known the degree of liver disease and other issues this young woman had. That way they would have known she was in a fragile state so they could take precautions to prevent deterioration. They don’t do even basic common sense testing of inmates.

These statements made by DOC staff that she was “attended to”, that they always take those with serious D.T.s to the hospital etc. are all total lies, they do not do these things ever and many people have witnessed it. I have never ever seen such horrendous lies and cover up allowed to go on for so long without some kind of investigation by the DOJ. What the hell.

All Delirium Tremens is severe by definition and also a medical emergency in all cases. The main goal is to prevent the death of the patient, the secondary goals are to prevent complications and help the person through the hallucinations, etc. Giving them an IV with vitamins (Thiamine) is always a good idea as well as getting them to eat healthy food as soon as they can.

I hope the family releases the autopsy report to the news media. Amanda Kernak died due to lack of medical screening and health care. Part of the problem it seems was Amanda and her cellmate were afraid to say anything for fear of retaliation.

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