I Am Now Homeless, BFS Bullying Assholery, Don Young Wants Wolves to go After the Homeless

My cognitive status is deteriorating right now, so sorry for any gross errors. Not much sleep for days and viral flare up. Remember I tell the truth then no one believes me, then a few years later all hell breaks loose and the realize they could have prevented problems by listening to me. I expect to be hated for posting this, but I have big ovaries and it needs to be done.

I left Soldotna on Monday after years of battling the corrupt corporation that owns Laurawood Arms senior/disabled USDA RD subsidized housing running for my health, my life. VITUS  owns the property along with several others in Alaska, they are not what they appear to be on their website, they are just another corporation the USDA is helping suck tax payer dollars up and not provide what they are supposed to do. They also treat people like garbage. Then there is the management company of COMPLETE AND UTTER INCOMPETENCE, Quantum Management Services out of Lynnwood Washington. The manager left at the same time I did, no explanation at all. There was no notice given, no contact from the higher ups in Washington state, nothing. It is clear these people are incapable of managing properties. But of course the point is for the corporations to make money, the residents are disposable objects to them. There must be an unemployed axe murderer somewhere they can hire to manage that property now, it seems that would be the next step, we already had a convicted burglar and a radical evangelical dominionist. It is quite apparent psychopathy must be involved in the administration of this corporation of inhumanity, health harming policies and lies.

I stopped writing about what went on there due to a new manager and promises of change. I even supported her, helped her against the gang of bullies that formed due to the actions of former managers retaliating. They ran off a good maintenance man and then went after her. Things did not get better, they got worse in some ways and very strange in others. The lies about doing what they were supposed to continued and so did the lack of action of agencies except for the gang of bullies. The Long Term Ombudsman made them do things for the bully gang, it's Alaska, the bullies are always in charge. I will be getting back to this story, but right now today’s subject takes the number one spot.
Now I am homeless in Anchorage. Thanks Governor Walker’s staff for telling me lies over and over that you have a person who deals with low income housing problems and he or she would call me back. Thanks USDA RD for not doing your job over a long period of time and an especially big thank you to director Jim Nordlund for saying crazy things to me like, “We make sure they do maintenance.” That means he is clueless. I yelled into the phone several times, “No they don’t.” Other state RD offices said they were supposed to be fining the bastards, but I was told in AK all they could do was pull their subsidy and then all the people in the apartments would be homeless. Thanks legislators who wrote the USDA RD regs. so the corporations could harm people with impunity. Thanks AHFC for lying that you have nothing to do with the property, ever hear of tax credits? If one has nothing to do with a property doing inspections on it seems a rather odd use of your time now doesn‘t it? They all lie.

I have been staying at Brother Francis Shelter since Monday night. Just last night I realized why I am here. There is severe bullying from the staff and assholery abounds. It goes on constantly. The ethical whistleblower has arrived, there are staff who treat homeless people like garbage at Brother Francis Shelter. I was there for a short time about six years ago it was not like that then. There was bullying from some of the residents, but the staff put a stop to it. Gone are the highly skilled people they had who were good at dealing with conflict and people with mental health issues. The director is apparently at an office downtown and does not work out of the shelter, this most likely is a huge part of the problem. There are more people due to more homelessness and it is winter, so less people camping. I know why people prefer to camp, oh yes I do.

Facebook post from Monday March 2nd:

Spent the night at Brother Francis among the intoxicated and mentally ill, but talked to some really nice people. Sleeping area like a jr high slumber party with women up all night using their cell phones and then around 5 AM a parade of people from another area of the building came to us the BR, one of them with a very loudly squeaky walker. Not much sleep even with ear plugs. High security now. Community patrol comes to pick up intoxicants who are trying to get in the shelter, but are kept out. Seizures, ambulances, mentally ill people freaking out, arguments in the men's area resulting in a ding for hate speech, woman yelling and assaulting a man...out. Staff member held the hand of a postictal elderly man and put his arm around him gently talking to him until the ambulance came. Waited on what I called the Group-W Bench for paperwork to be filled out. Mentally ill woman freaked out on the bus, elderly intoxicant peed on the bus.Mentally ill people who need help living like animals due to the state of AK not giving one F about them or disabled people in any way. Also witnessed some compassion and humanity something I have not seen in quite a while. It's a difficult situation to have to live there and the reasons are federal and state agencies which are so f-ing corrupt they can't fulfill their missions in any way, and this includes even a lack of a phone call back from Governor Walker's staff to get the dangerous place I was living in to do the right thing, instead they allowed them to intentionally target me and deteriorate my health, mold, toxins and abuse. I told part of the story and waited for the promised changes, they lied over and over, then allowed myself to be targeted again. The rest of the story needs to be told. After my health recovers and I can find something resembling healthy food I will begin to create a shitstorm over this. Senate subcommittees that allocate the money for subsidized housing might be interested. Really Quantum Management and VITUS need to be run out of business, certainly out of AK.
My health will not be recovering, over the next two days it has gotten significantly worse.

Facebook post from Tuesday, March 3rd:

Yesterday they told me I had to be at Brother Francis at 2:30 PM to meet with a case manager for no apparent reason. I had some things I needed to do, but no had to go back to the shelter instead. There were about 12 of us for the same appointment time so I was not happy. All I could do was cry. It takes forever to get around on the bus and I don't know where anything is. Then on top of that the right brain damage from ME/cfs makes me directionally impaired. I was finally seen at 4:30 PM and my attitude is of course what the f is the point, AK hates low income people and especially the disabled, there is little housing and I am so angry at all the agencies which have just gotten more dysfunctional and it's only going to get worse. So I was last but the case manager turned out to be a woman I absolutely love and it was so nice to talk to a woman who is a strong advocate for Native people and low income. In fact she has been an advocate for decades. Also, I did not have to convince her my story was true as it is exactly what happens to the Native people, she knows the story already…She managed to give me a spark of hope about housing…Last night I was put in a different area to sleep and could not lay down until late, then the mentally ill people caused problems all night so there is no sleeping. I was between two sweet and clean Native ladies. I was stunned when they woke us at 5 AM. When I told the chore assigning dude I have chemical sensitivity issues and immune system dysfunction, but could clean with the right gear he copped an attitude telling me they don't have any special suits. I just need gloves to my elbows and a mask dude. So we have the idiotic names Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and the new idiotic name Systemic Exercise Intolerance Disease (spells dies backwards) I jokingly refer to both as Lazy Disease (and isn't that what the government agencies wanted?) I told everyone that guy thought I had Lazy Disease. Then when I took a shower I said, "I'm showering because us people who have Lazy Disease have issues with massive sweating and can't use the deodorants due to the chemical sensitivities secondary to mitochondrial dysfunction, so I don't want to offend people." No one knows what I am talking about, LOL. Those names in no way describe what ME/cfs is in any way….

FB post Wednesday:

A staff guy at BFS tried to bully me this morning. He also threatened me. There will be a repercussion, it has already begun. I went and got gear so I could do chores and yet this man is harassing and bullying me in a most obtuse way. So rather than tell them I needed an ADA accommodation, I did what I could to help do chores, but at BFS whatever anyone does there is some bully yelling at them. I will go full ADA on their asses because now I am pissed. That was after the guy who already was an ass in the evening, "Oh, we don't have full body suits". They are after all Alaskans, so they know nothing other than bullying and of course are without a clue about what I am telling them. They are used to lots of Native people who don't believe in making trouble, I grew up in Northern California, don't mess with me and where the hell is your supervisor. Certainly after all I have been through just try to treat me like a piece of shit and then stand back because you just set me off buddy. I signed up last night to help clean the women's bathroom and then sweep and mop the entryway, no problem I have a mask and proper gloves now. Then this AM I was told I was cleaning the BR and cleaning up the smoking area, oh no I don't do anything that has to do with cigarettes. He kept telling me I signed up to clean the cigarette area and I would say no I did not. Anyone who knows anything about me would know that would never happen in a million years, clean toilets, yes, cigarette mess made by people who cause second hand smoke, fuck no. So he said he was reporting me for refusing to do it. Then I asked where the director was as I would be glad to report myself to this person. Apparently the director does not even work at the shelter which could explain the deterioration of staff behavior. In that kind of situation the little bullies will take over, it’s Alaska. All I want to do is tazer these asses who smoke all over in areas where people are walking through, especially by the doors. This A.M. I saw a mother smoking by her kid at the transit center and wanted to just slap her. Let the egocentric motherfuckers who smoke all over the place in this state clean up their own crap, it is bad enough they don't enforce the city regulation to keep them away from the buildings. After the nightmare I just left which included second hand smoke, pulmonary problems, a sinus polyp and severe headaches I have had enough of smokers.

There are crappy tents set up across from BFS. Unless people are in special programs they can only stay at the shelter for thirty days and then have to be out thirty days. My observation of some of these people tells me they are probably addicted and/or mentally ill and unable to participate in said programs. So addiction and mental illness will be a death sentence for some of them. It’s warmer than usual this time of year, but still cold. During the day they can go to Bean’s CafĂ©, so that helps. They threw an old man out last night for some offense, he was begging them to let him stay, “ I have no place to go.” I don’t know what he did, but he did not seem intoxicated. Perhaps if I knew I wouldn't feel so bad about an old man being put out in the cold at night, but I doubt it. Since I understand how things work in this state you can bet the rules they don’t actually enforce like no electronic devices in the sleeping area will all apply to me and they will be looking for an excuse to harass me and throw me out. You betcha, it‘s the Alaskan way. 

I go back to BFS later every day not just due to the bullying, but that is a big part of it. The POTS component of my ME/cfs is now really bad. We have dizziness, fluid volume issues, mild CHF issues. POTS is Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome. I have to eat salt and keep my fluid balance high to prevent symptoms along with sitting with my legs elevated. None of those things can be accomplished now so it’s really bad and I am having runs of tachycardia. Then at BFS I have to stand long periods of time. There is lots of waiting and few places to sit down. There are loads of elderly and disabled people who all need to sit down even though a staff person told me, “I am not running a medical facility”. Oh yes you are buddy, but there is not appropriate staff for that kind of decision making so you have no idea what you are even dealing with and that is also the Alaskan way.  One woman should be in assisted living or a nursing home. I did not check but I think it was around 9:30 PM last night when I arrived. They made us stand outside a long time waiting, but there were no people being processed into the facility. People are allowed to smoke right next to the building and lots of them smoke. So that means standing there breathing second hand smoke which causes health problems and I am allergic to it. I have just left an apartment due in part to cigarette smoke with serious health consequences.

The bullying at BFS has triggered the PTSD which began with severe bullying at a bush hospital and observation of abuse of others. Massive bullies in Alaska is the reason they hate low income people, have allowed high rates of suicide and rape, while carrying disdain for people on disability…egocentric bullies running everything and forming groups to hurt other people promote lack of empathy in the general population. The BFS bullying is identical to what happens with prison guards, see Dr. Zimbardo's Stanford Prison Experiment. I have that ethical whistleblower personality and stand up to them which makes me the prime target everywhere I go. Last night was unbelievable and I am now unleashed as the evil-bitch-woman of truth. Bullies hate the truth and seek to stomp those who tell it.

I did not take this photo as it is against the rules, it was on Google.
It is impossible to sleep at BFS in the front or the back. They put out mats until late, use flash lights and walk around talking, but they have no choice people keep coming in. I was right next to the laundry room door last night which they had to go in and out of to get blankets and it was right across from the garbage cans and main desk. I came back late last night, partly intentional, but really later than I planned due to being exhausted and having a directionally impaired incident because I am getting significantly cognitively impaired so was one of the last to get a mat. I really need to do laundry, but if I did that means I have to show up by 5 PM giving them more bullying time and I will have to stand for long periods waiting around for the laundry wearing a heavy backpack causing tachycardia, dizziness, nausea and chest pain.

I now have chills which is a combination of activation of a latent virus and Hashimotos. Lack of sleep, stress from the bullying and bullshit, trying to wander around to get my health/dietary needs met, carrying a heavy backpack, etc. all contributed. I figured it would take me a week to ten days to find what I needed, but my limited energy was used up by BFS BS and abuse.
Then there was Don Young who demonstrates why there is a high rate of bullying and lack of empathy in Alaska.

Coullion AK Rep Don Young agrees with this treatment, since just yesterday he recommended the use of wolves to take care of the homeless problem. There are large numbers of Native people at BFS and he talks like he cares about Natives, but not so much if they are homeless. With what had gone on at B.F. shelter this week Don Young helped set me off. What can be expected from one of the most corrupt members of congress?

I sent him an email in which I stated he was a "vile creature." Yea I know he could care less and remember to not touch him because he says he killed the last guy who did that.   

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