This time of the year is a significant anniversary for me related to the long series of traumas I have experienced in the state of Alaska. Five years ago on 8/4/2007 around midnight just like all dangerous felons (sarcasm) I was listening to a physics lecture from UC Berkeley on line when I had a knock on my door. Considering the conditions I was living in which included hooligans(one of them thought he was a ninja, seriously, he did), meth cooking, lots of drinking, parties with underage girls, threats of physical harm against me, other tenants stealing property out of the lodge/vandalizing (I notified the owners and the state troopers, nothing happened), being told by them, “people around here kill cops, “ state troopers who do nothing (Anchor Point) and a psychopath for a landlord I picked up the Axe handle I had close to my bed before approaching the door. This was one of the two doors to the room I rented in this shabby lodge, the Homestead Lodge B & B (not to be confused with another lodge in AK with a similar name that is respectable). I had barricaded and fixed the other door so it could not be opened. The one being knocked on had a dead bolt, but I kept my handy axe handle close at hand as a back up especially since I had no idea who might have the key. I thought it would be one of the scumbags that lived there or one of their creepy drugged up scumbag associates. It was state trooper Derrick Loop, were they finally going to do something about the problems at that lodge? Why was he there around midnight? As it turned out he had a warrant for my arrest which was totally invalid and issued to retaliate against me by a couple of malfeasant employees of the state of Alaska, ADA John Earthman and Judge Ben Esch. Of all the people at that lodge the one they arrested was the one who was doing nothing wrong and tried to do something about all the criminal activity going on there (significant electronic info supports this). Interesting isn‘t it? After going to extraordinary effort to try to help the owner who turned out to be the biggest scumbag of them all he was able to enlist some fellow scumbags who work for the state of Alaska to help him retaliate against me. In other states I would have been considered a good tenant and righteous, but in Alaska doing the right thing is often wrong because a bully or psychopath frequently has power over the police or some other official agency here. This would not be the last time I experienced severe landlord abuse in this state, in fact it is ongoing.

I am pretty sure officer Loop knew I was not guilty. He told me they investigated the complaint and could find no evidence against me, well, there is a reason for that. He seemed kind of confused, embarrassed and shocked by the warrant. It was all based on a lie, a manipulation, a set up in part to get rid of me as they were pulling an insurance scam and their agent was looking to talk to me (he said they refused to give him my phone number) and to retaliate against me for using the landlord tenant act, there were also my complaints about thefts, including my wallet and much more which the troopers would not allow me to file a police report about even claiming some of it was not against the law. A typical tactic they used to keep people from making them work I found out. Even the public defender agency was stunned by this warrant stating they had never seen anything like it before and didn‘t understand the illogical reasoning behind it. You live in Alaska, you are a lawyer and have never seen the judicial system used for corrupt purposes? The public defender agency had screwed up big time and facilitated the issuing of this warrant by not notifying me of a hearing Judge Esch had scheduled and one would think they would bend over backwards to fix the situation, but no they did everything they could to make the situation worse. BTW, when the PD did not show up for the hearing it was quite obvious there was something wrong with the picture and Judge Esch would have realized I did not know about the hearing. The outcome was planned before the hearing, they were just going through the motions. Was it Earthman and Esch fulfilling the wishes of their overlords in Nome, did their orders come from somewhere higher or are they the two most evil bastards to ever walk the tundra? I wasn’t notified of the hearing by design and had already told Judge Esch that several times in the past I had not been informed of hearings that I barely found out about, his response was, “Well you‘re here now“ and then he probably thought, damn I can‘t put her ass in prison for not showing up, the bitch found out about a secretly scheduled hearing again.

They allowed my property to be stolen/destroyed and my cat starved/tortured by that psychopath, Robin Hume. Psychopaths are easy to come by in Alaska, all Earthman and Esch had to do was wait to get one to assist them. I know these agencies were all ordered to do what they did to cover the state‘s lack of enforcing even basic health care regulations. They wanted to frighten me into shutting up, but it has not worked yet. I am so sick of Alaska using the, we are all incompetent idiots, excuse as a smoke screen for their corruption. The prosecutor John Earthman had already lied about me on multiple occasions including to the newspaper and multiple times standing in the courtroom. Also with the cooperation of the public defender agency he tried to get me to illegally stay out of state, either due to fear of being exposed for malfeasance, because I was insisting on a trial, because they had no evidence to back up the lies or so they could use not coming back to the state as an excuse for incarceration. A non-corrupt state trooper told me she is sent to the lower 48 to pick up people all the time for such things. Do you think the public defender agency objected even one time to all of Earthman‘s lies? Of course not, but I did and Judge Esch would tell me I had a lawyer. I didn’t really have a lawyer, I had a pawn whose job was to make sure I had no defense. There was never any objection from the public defender agency, they were on the side of the state all along to protect their buddies, the workplace bullies at NSHC. Judge Esch actually told a public defender that I didn’t need to be at a particular hearing and he manipulated to keep it secret from me. They said they had never seen anything like this before either. What kind of judge would do something like that, not an impartial one who believes in due process. You see they had what was going to happen planned out and they all worked to that end. I could have never believed this could happen in the United States, but I have done some research, it does. It was then very puzzling to me that they did not petition for a writ of habeas corpus, instead ignoring my phone calls from the prison for assistance and they did not even tell me which office or incompetent lawyer they employed was representing me for quite some time, that included the director Quinlan Steiner whose office I was calling over and over. He has the secretary lie and say he is not there. I found that out by going to the office and being lied to, then as attorneys leave, “Oh yea, Quin is right back there.” No cajones to face me I guess.

Lack of evidence didn’t matter to ADA Earthman who easily convinced Judge Ben Esch to issue a warrant. They used the lies of a known psychopath. Most judges require evidence, but when you preside over a Kangaroo Court why bother. Judge Esch didn’t like the things I had to say in his court, so he had my hearings in a tiny separate courtroom or scheduled them the last one of the day. They didn’t want all those native people they charge with a large volume of crimes there to hear me, get all uppity and think they were allowed to speak up you know. I was really hoping he would tell me I was out of order so I could use Al Pacino’s line from “And Justice For All”, “You’re out of order…”

Robin and Steve Hume were never arrested for the crimes they committed against me and the state troopers including some higher ups told me what they did was not illegal and it was all a civil matter. Apparently “civil matter” are the most frequent words spoken by troopers out of Anchor Point. Not only are theft (multiple occurrences), filing false police reports, threatening to hurt me, operating businesses without licenses, collecting social security disability while having significant income, staging an insurance scam, allowing tenants to cook meth, allowing people to process fish which were illegally caught and animal cruelty actual crimes the state troopers also destroyed the pictures of my property officer Loop took the night he arrested me so I could not use them for a lawsuit against the state or the creepy Hume brothers. There are other documents that were destroyed as my FOIA request demonstrated. Why? I think it was partially to cover for them not doing their jobs and may have something to do with Robin Hume’s involvement with prostitution which has some ties to Anchorage. Who were they protecting? The cops who were customers, the pimp in Anchorage?

Since my case many of the players have been given promotions, including troopers who lied for them or are keeping their mouths shut, ADA Earthman is now DA Earthman, Judge Esch is now the chairman of the Judicial Commission. He judges the ethics of other lawyers, which just makes me want to vomit. This prevents him from standing for retention for his judgeship in Nome as well. Hmmm wonder who he thought might testify? Then there was the compulsive liar public defender who was chosen to be a magistrate. Yes, I realize Quinlan Steiner may have lied when he said it was all her idea to lie to me for plea manipulation, but she did it no matter whose idea it was. One of the psychopathic workplace bullies at Norton Sound Health Corporation without any education to do the position was appointed as a vice president (she had no education for the original position she had either) by a CEO who seems to actually live in another state. It has been years and I have not gotten a bit of justice. When I make FOIA requests I get only part of the paperwork, three copies of information I don’t need and they just state that is all they have.

Every year I re-live a segment of this long nightmare I have been forced to live in August, you know PTSD and all. It starts on the fourth and goes through most of the month. I reflect on all of those days where I was in 2007 and what was happening including the abuse, anguish and pain, not just mine, but also what I witnessed. Particular corrections staff who were very abusive I can picture in my mind and even remember their voices. I also remember the other incarcerated women and how so many tried to help others including trying to get health care for those who were ill, to no avail. I remember being in a solitary cell in the mental health unit very distraught and the women in the wing next to me getting in their window and jumping up and down while waving frantically to try and cheer me up. They did. 

I remember the shock of being told there was a warrant for my arrest for something I did not do. When I was told it was from Nome how could I then be surprised knowing how corrupt and evil some of the people are. I clearly knew my property would be stolen and vandalized and my cat would be harmed. I remember officer Loop wasn’t going to handcuff me and let me take my laptop and medication in my backpack saying, “…if it was anyone else.” I told him to go ahead and handcuff me or he might get into trouble, so he did. When we drove down the hill Robin Hume‘s van was parked on the side of the road and I knew he would go to the lodge and start stealing my property as soon as he saw us go by. That night I was in the Homer jail and screamed in terror. I still believed the public defender agency would straighten out the whole mess the next day, I did not realize at that point they were complicit. The next day I called Robin Hume from the jail and told him pictures were taken of my property. With a shaky sounding, slight high pitched voice he said, “Those were taken last night.” I knew he had already taken what he wanted and my cat was probably harmed. I called the state troopers, several agencies, the governor’s office and the public defender agency and asked them to stop him over and over. None of them did a thing. I know now it was probably because they were told not to do anything. I called a relative mainly because I could remember his phone number and asked him to ask the animal shelter in Homer to go get my cat ( a simple thing), he did not. He said he could not figure out how to do it, he even had another person who echoed this obvious lie who also could have helped. A small child knows how to call directory assistance or look up a phone number on line. This is why I always lived in another state away from my family. Very sick stuff.

The next day I was told I was going to Nome for a hearing, but instead I was left at Wildwood in Kenai with abusive corrections staff for three days. Then I was put on a plane and told I was going to Nome for a hearing with a female trooper who was very professional and a very nice person, refreshing after the abuse at Wildwood. I was taken to the Anchorage jail for a few hours where I thought I was waiting for a plane to Nome because they told me I was going there, but instead was taken to Hiland Mountain in Eagle River where I was tortured by prison staff, denied medical care and my medication was dangerously abruptly stopped. The worst of the abusers there were medical and nursing staff I found out when I ended up in the mental health unit where I witnessed a very sick woman being chained to the floor, discrimination against a black woman, a starvation diet, basic hygiene was withheld, psychological abuse was constant, and I was placed in a cell with a violent psychotic, probably schizophrenic woman which I have no doubt was done with the hope of my being harmed. I told the nurse it was a dangerous situation and she was very nasty. I however have lots of experience with violent schizophrenics and survived unscathed. She said she was supposed to be at API a month ago according to a judge. When she walked by after going to a hearing she said, “The judge is mad they didn’t take me to API.“ I told her to not believe they were going to start doing the right thing now or ever.

A psychologist presented in the little window to my door the second day and said, I had no mental illness and was just “arrogant and nasty.“ Really? That was his interpretation when I was wrongfully imprisoned, had an idiot psychiatrist DC my meds dangerously, my civil rights were being violated and all the things I was upset about including my cat being harmed, he couldn’t figure out why I was DISTRAUGHT AND PISSED OFF. What a psychologist. Several psychiatrists have diagnosed me with PTSD, which is so obvious anyone who is not trained in psych could diagnose it. Seeing someone for 2 or 3 minutes doesn’t tell you a damn thing, especially considering the state I was in from their medical abuse and being so upset. The psychologists on the outside are not any better on the Kenai Peninsula and are quite indignant as are the social workers if you point out any problems to them. Then they gossip about you, this is very common here.

The ordeal to get a response from the public defender agency was disgusting with lies, incompetence and retaliation. Then later a clueless egocentric comment by one of them that she was tired of “hearing about my frickin cat” made me start thinking I was going to write my story until she actually was made sick by hearing about my “frickin“ cat. How tired of it are you now beatch? When I was released about 26 days later I was dumped in Homer homeless and had court documents saying I could not go to the room where I had lived to get my things or look for my cat. NICE HUH, CONSIDERING I WAS THE VICTIM. I called Robin Hume from the airport. He said he put my things in storage and my cat was at the shelter. He would not tell me which storage unit, so I had to have a taxi drive all over looking for it. A woman at one storage place said she knew something was wrong when he put my stuff in their unit and took me to look at it, about half of it was gone, the rest had been put in the rain and much of it was full of mold. I lost it. I had just come from torture central at Hiland Mountain and had to face this while staying at a very dysfunctional women’s shelter. There was only one animal shelter so I could find my cat and the poor thing was so mentally disturbed from what he did to her at that point they could not clean her cage. She had two carriers and he even stole those just carrying her into the shelter. He told the staff I was going to be in prison for at least six months. Who gave him that specific information, Mr. Earthman? They were surprised I could pick her up. I held her for a couple hours and just cried. She was very ill and I tried to keep her alive for two or three months until it was clear she was too ill and I had her put to sleep. She had liver disease from being starved and would have gastrointestinal bleeds. I had to live in a place as bad as the lodge while I tried to save her. It was also as bad as the women‘s shelter, drugs and crazy behavior.

I was given a court order or warrant to go to the lodge finally when they realized they had screwed up big time. The state trooper who was supposed to assist ME THE VICTIM to get my stolen property instead assisted Robin Hume and would not allow me to do anything to retrieve my property. He told me the judge didn’t know what he was doing and hadn’t given me the right kind of court order. Yes, he did, but that goes along with the games they always play such as telling me crimes I try to report are legal or are civil matters. He carried a grocery bag with a few items that Robin gave him as if I had forgotten them. It was my cameras (because I had the cables in my backpack and he could not sell them) and empty Netflix movie envelopes. I asked Trooper Pelapear (spelling?) if the empty envelopes might not be a clue for him as to what had happened there. I told him my property was probably all over that lodge. When I became upset and told the trooper he was wrong and should be assisting me, THE VICTIM, he threatened to arrest me for disorderly conduct. That bastard, Pelapear has been transferred over here to Soldotna and that does not make me happy. That is just a small segment of my story, related to this anniversary date or wrongful arrest, false imprisonment and having my beloved cat tortured and starved. My property is still in storage in Homer for multiple reasons. All of the monsters who participated in this including the idiots and almost psychopaths who worked on Sarah Palin’s staff who did nothing when I called them to tell this story should have been fired or prosecuted. That includes agency directors and particular commissioners. Later I was told Sarah Palin read a fifty page letter I wrote her about my story, which I of course know did not happened. The state ombudsman asked me angrily what she was supposed to do with the copy I sent her. Hmm, where could she have put it, let me think. If I was a believer I would say they would all burn in hell, but I‘m not, so instead I am keeping my promise to Sarah Palin and her staff to continue to tell my story along with discussing the problems at NSHC in Nome and the racist treatment of the native people by the justice system in that village.

In 2008 I posted a letter to Sarah Palin regarding my wrongful arrest story and this anniversary date. There was no response as there never is in Alaska to any problems with government agencies.

My post in support of Joe McGinnis’ book about Sarah Palin, The Rogue, gives a general overview of the bullying I have experienced in Alaska and why most people are afraid to come forward to give information about corruption here.

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