Alaska National Guard Gangsters, Thugs, Ravagers, Plunderers Are Due to Organized Protection and Connections

I wrote most of the post back on March 27th, then apparently forgot to post it. I live in a nightmare situation that has gotten crazier and crazier and made me sicker and sicker. More on that soon. Then I wrote more and forgot to post that. This weekend I was very, very happy to see Shannyn Moore's article on the subject and it also reminded me about what I had written. I particularly love this from her column, "...the pirate ship that was his National Guard." Arrrrrr!

Read more here: http://www.adn.com/2014/04/26/3443482/sha-yn-moore-after-4-years-parnell.html?sp=/99/328/640/3858/#storylink=cpy
The story is about more than rapes and includes at least one murder. I hope that the federal government is looking into more than just the lack of law enforcement investigation into the rapes. Certainly the rapes should be enough to trigger a big investigation, but there is more to this story than the rapes, there are murders, drug running and thefts of government property and way more that should be looked at.

I know very well what happens to the good guys in this kind of situation. Those who do the wrong things bully those who try to report it or even attempt to defend themselves. In this case that bullying would have been very severe. These people are also victims and need some assistance as some may have PTSD. The first thing the feds need to do is understand the culture of bullying corruption that runs through everything in this state that includes law enforcement and the court system or they can't comprehend this situation. Never assume anything is as it appears in Alaska. Many people have been harmed and many will never come forward due to well founded fear.

This is the part was written over a month ago:

After watching this story for a long time, looking at who is doing the investigation (was an APD officer and National Guard staff), considering the history of the APD, the officer in charge of R and R who Shailey Tripp claims was one of her prostitution customers, Joe Lawendowski, the fact that prostitution runs wild all over AK, the drug rings all over Alaska, my own experiences of having incidents covered up, crimes against me not charged, destruction of evidence, no consequences for those who engineered my wrongful imprisonment (except promotions), myself bullied and harmed for whistleblowing serious crimes and violations of federal regulation I have come to a conclusion, this investigation is a cover up for the higher ups. Several lower level heads will roll for ass covering purposes. Why else would they not have investigated a long time ago? This is very disturbing, but it is standard procedure in this state to lie to the people, cover for those in power and work together viciously to shut up the whistleblowers.

We have known about the allegations regarding the Alaska National Guard for quite some time with the posting of the Lt. Col. Kenneth Blaylock documents on line. The documents that were said to be from Lt. Colonel Blaylock by some and not from him by others were on line with a story that seemed hard to believe unless you know the things I know about this state, but there was no secondary source nor was he speaking out about it. There is no information about who wrote the document or leaked it that I can find. At the time I said the allegations contained in the document were exactly what I would expect to be going on here, but then nothing from news media at all for a very long time. Lt. Col. Blaylock lost his job due to his attempts to help the victims. That is another thing I expect to happen in this state. The whistleblower is always retaliated against, they are terrified of anyone with an ounce of ethics and want to immediately get rid of them. They will resort to just about anything to do that as I can personally attest to. It took a great deal of courage for Blaylock to confront people and take effort to help the rape victims get justice. I am sure he did this about the other issues as well.

From the ADN:

A dozen members of the Alaska National Guard face charges of sexual misconduct in what members of the guard call a severe problem in the ranks. Five were members of the guard's recruiting unit and are alleged to have committed the offenses against potential recruits, new recruits, subordinates and others.

NOW you think it is a severe problem, NOW?

Check out the story here and here.

It seemed to take them quite a while to do the investigations, but there were so many to investigate and so many crimes and they have to manipulate a way to protect those in high positions. There is more to it than the rapes and other types of sexual misconduct. There are also allegations of them giving militia weaponry, connections to a drug cartel and a murder of a woman, Michelle Clark who had reported being raped and told people she was in fear for her life and much more.

Lt. Col Blaylock tried to tell what she told him two days before she died in court, but they used actual hearsay rules to stop him. I'm confused now because I thought hearsay was what the prosecutor used to convict you and the judge used in his findings as an excuse to give you a harsh sentence or restitution. I Also thought the judge did his own ex parte investigation to obtain hearsay (Judge Esch, Fairbanks Four, my case).  Boy am I mixed up. Thanks to C.B. for telling me about this video.

The pending investigation of the rapes and abuses along with other issues related to not protecting people from them are the reason why Sean Parnell had some propagandizing arranged not too long ago. He wants to be the Alaska rape hero through the magic of some news coverage and the word “Respect.“ While it was nice to see a national story about the high rates of rape in Alaska, the propaganda for Parnell embedded in it nearly caused me to have a paradox stroke.

From the ADN:

Blalock [sic} said he brought sexual assault victims to the Anchorage police and the governor's office but nothing came of it except he got in trouble with his chain of command.
"I reported to police and the next thing I know I was getting my butt chewed by Gen. Katkus for daring to go outside of the chain of command with this stuff," Blalock[sic] said. "If a guardsman goes and robs a bank you call the police, you don't call the general."

From the Blaylock document:

Murder, Sexual Assault, Narcotic Trafficking, and other violations are reported. It’s not that any proper investigations are performed and the results produced. But rather they are not investigated. The only actual investigations conducted are against the whistleblowers themselves.

Emphasis added by me and gosh this sentence just seems so familiar, hmmm.

Excuse me, but I am very familiar with this scenario of no investigations into the crimes and then the person who reports it is retaliated against, this is apparently written into the statutes in special ink that only law enforcement, the DOL and the governor‘s office can see. It’s a special ink only a corrupt asshole can read. It has happened to me in Alaska multiple times by as my ex-husband would have called them, “little pukes.” My names to describe them are either very psychological or colorful, both are correct and when combined more accurate, fucking psychopaths for example. This state is lousy with these kind of people she said for the thousandth time.

Then there were the threats of death against the investigator Lt. Col. Jane Wawersik and a bomb threat. One guy’s feelings were hurt when they said he made terrorist threats, poor thing. Remember when I wrote about getting death threats, that happens all the time in Alaska, many people here are very threatening and retaliatory. I have come to realize that being moronic and right wing authoritarian seems to contribute to this, they are a-feared and feel powerless, their guns act as a drug against those feelings. Those who are not acclimated to being surrounded by thuggish, predatory, threatening assholes can be very traumatized by them, INDEED. Actually I am still surrounded by them and am still being traumatized. More on that very soon.

Agencies including federal ones which have offices here take on the culture, lack of competency and unethical behavior typical of Alaska. The high ranking officers have allowed it to go on for decades and allowed rapists to go unpunished. Not testing rape kits is the opposite of law enforcement. It is enabling those who rape. This is one of the reasons many countries want our military bases gone. Add this culture to the law enforcement in Alaska which condones rape and their lack of even bothering to investigate and you get what has happened at Alaska Army Guard's recruiting and retention unit which is located at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, not Fort Greeley.

From the ADN:

Brigadier Gen. Catherine Jorgensen, the Alaska Army National Guard's chief of staff, said in a written statement that sexual assault, harassment and even inappropriate consensual relationships aren't tolerated.

"Although the process may seem long, it is imperative that we exercise diligence, respecting due process, privacy, and the rights of the individuals involved," she said. "As we become aware of misconduct of any kind, we address it appropriately."

Really? It’s not tolerated? Really? Now you are going to respect the rights of those involved?

I can’t believe she said this. They don’t tolerate rape, sexual misconduct just like the USDA doesn’t tolerate fraud. We are not going to tolerate any of this, raping and sexual harassment AFTER SEVERAL DECADES. Please cut the crap designed to cover up the truth that this was not only tolerated, but people were harmed in a most egregious way to keep the public from finding out about it. The only reason we know about it is Lt. Colonel Blaylock’s documentation was leaked, wherever it originated from and posted on line whether he leaked it or someone else did. You wouldn’t expect the government of Alaska to take action unless forced to for re-election purposes when it comes to helping women who have been raped or those who potentially could be victims but in this case it appears they didn’t even throw them some…"RESPECT" in lieu of actual justice.

This ADN article from last October demonstrates why Governor Parnel wants to have a fakey program so it looks  like he cares about rape and violence against women.

Chaplains Koch and McGovern said the administration of Alaska Gov. Sean Parnell, who oversees the Alaska National Guard as its civilian commander in chief, was told of sexual assault problems as far back as fall 2010.

He also knew about the other problems and how does he have an investigation conducted when his buddies are the perps? 
The chaplains also said sexual harassment is pervasive in the Alaska Guard and that the culture needs to change. "I would imagine every female in our organization has at least been harassed," Koch said. 

Alaska is like Animal House with a sticky layer of radical Christian psychopaths covering it to divert attention away from the prostitution and drug rings. Many people come here because of the corruption, to participate in it.  Then when people like me point out the specific acts of corruption they organize the ranks and go after us. They are incompetent at their jobs, but really good at mobbing, lying, threatening and gas lighting.


So, Governor Parnell is finally doing something about the sexual assaults at the National Guard by asking the federal government to investigate General Katkus and his staff‘s handling of sexual assaults.  Captain Zero who is investigating you for not taking action until now? Who is investigating the Anchorage Police Department for ignoring women who reported rapes? None of them can say they did not know this was going on, not Katkus, not the Anchorage Police Department, not Governor Sean Parnell. What are the political connections to the corruption? They knew for years and did nothing, allowed the whole situation to get worse while the governor, law enforcement and the National Guard covered it up. The DOJ needs to come to Alaska and take over the DPS and the DOC. How many years have I said this?

Members of the Alaska National Guard, including two senior chaplains, told McClatchy Newspapers last year that sexual assault victims do not trust commanders to help them because of a history of mishandled complaints. They described a serious sexual assault and harassment problem and said the Parnell administration was told of the problems as far back as 2010.

He was told and nothing happened…zero. that is why we call him Captain Zero. I have my own experience reporting issues and having nothing happen with both the Parnell and Palin administration. That us how things are done here because running the government that is supposed to be by the people and for the people is not what they do. They run a government for the bullies and by they bullies which include oil companies and those involved in illegal activities.

This says it all, right here:
Leighow said the governor still has "full confidence in General Katkus."

I tried to post a video is related to this comment from the Blaylock document. "We have a money –making religious cult being run out of a military office", but they have all been taken off line. The people who wander about announcing they are Christian and often say they went to some Bible college, then bully people and run cons are of epic proportions in Alaska. The large segment of backwards, bullying, uneducated people elect these people that they recognize as being like them into office. Then we get horrific conditions and no help for their victims.

Bearean Watchmen Ministries is a Christian con job with videos associated with one of the main players at the Alaska National Guard, Joe Lawendowski. There were videos on Youtube containing a large portion of crazy which have now been taken down. Joe Lawendowski was all over the Youtube videos and the Bearan Watchmen Ministries website, he is not anymore. I did however still find traces which prove his association with them.

From Revelation4endtimes:

Joe is Founding Director of Berean Watchmen Ministries. Joe, a US Army Major, was once stationed in Iraq where he was located near the ancient city of Babylon. This first hand experience gives Joe and interesting and refreshing perspective on end times events. surrounding Revelation 17 & 18.   Joe is a qualified speaker and lecturer with a broad knowledge of the biblical eschatology and biblical apologetics.   Joe has authored many of the articles, multimedia and studies published by Berean Watchmen Ministries. 

The videos were some of the craziest crap I have ever seen. Shailey Tripp claims Joseph Lawendowski, this founding director of  Berean Watchmen Ministries was one of her prostitution customers. This means he is connected to Todd Palin, Alaska's first pimp. There are many people connected to much of the activities the National Guard scandal has revealed including the drug and prostitution rings in Alaska. Almost all of it will be covered up to protect the wrong doers. 

Thanks to C. B. for his hard work in tracking all the connections here and passing the information.

On Monday, Parnell told reporters he didn't know specifics until this year.

Does the governor have to know specifics to take action to help women who are being raped? Does he have to know specifics when people are murdered, government property is stolen, there are allegations of a drug cartel operating within the Alaska Nation Guard, and all the other serious issues. Did the governor have to know specifics to ask law enforcement why they had not investigated and arrested the perpetrators?

This is like a doctor in Homer who upon getting an MRI of my brain with the typical brain lesions caused by ME/CFS told me the test was normal. I knew due to my neurological symptoms it was certainly not normal and after a couple weeks of trying to get a copy of it went to the hospital and signed for my medical records. It said, possible advanced aging, possible autoimmune illness, possible MS. I have ME/CFS which is similar to MS and other autoimmune diseases and it is well documented there are brain lesions which are smaller than MS and in a different brain region. This MRI indicated I needed follow up from a specialist. He wanted to cover the fact that he argued with me about the MRI and the possibility of the lesions, so he committed malpractice by lying to me which is quite disgusting. The MRI showed exactly what I told him was going on with my brain.

Governor Parnell was told there were pus filled lesions at the Alaska National Guard and upon receiving that information did essentially what the above doctor tried to do to me, bury the evidence to cover his own ass rather than have the situation followed up. In the case of the doctor it was incompetence, I believe there is WAY more to this cover up than that. Only certain people who complain of crimes get a response while others are accused and arrested for things they obviously did not do. That practice by the DOL allows covering up of crimes committed by those who are connected to the corrupt cluster that runs this state.

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