Manipulating the Judge Pickers in Alaska Harms Those Seeking Justice

A bill that would amend the constitution of Alaska to allow the governor to appoint three more people to the Judicial Counsel is pending a vote in the state senate. No not one of them would be a legal professional because they want radical right wing Christianists that will fulfill the agenda of the gov-nuh. Then the public would have to vote an approval, but hey this is Alaska the dumbest thing possible could happen after all Sarah Palin was our governor and now Sean Parnell is. We don’t need more crazy picking our judges, we need more sanity to pick judges that facilitate the justice so many of us thirst for. We cry for a voice, we are ignored, never heard and when we speak up we are bullied. I am desperate for some justice, apparently it can't be found in Alaska unless one is a corporation or one of the wealthy elite. And don't those special people get a voice and and a huge helping of mercy. We have enough corruption and bias in our courts and injustice a-plenty that needs to be cleared up while those who caused it will do everything they can to stop the truth about the lack of due process or malfeasance from coming to light.

A while back I wrote this post about adding some crazy to the Alaska Judicial Council. Here is the link:
 Hollywood Dave Parker Has Been Appointed To the Alaska Judicial Council
The Judicial Council in Alaska is already stocked up with crazy and now they want to add some more crazy to it so they can get judges who make sure the two tier court system is even more slanted towards the power elite of Alaska and corporations, especially those corporations that deal in the oil business. In the case of Dave Parker there was also some destruction of evidence and other unethical behaviors, the reward for that is an appointment by the guv-nah.. They also want to get crazy bills based on a radical form of Christianity passed in order to control vaginas, uteruses and marriages they don’t approve of.

Just like workplace bullying changes the workplace so the work at hand is not done and instead the agenda of the bully is done in place of the actual work these reprobates mascerading as competent servants of the people trying to pass this steaming pile of a bill are not doing our work as they have been elected to do. No, they have other masters.There are large numbers of us who did not get due process in the courts of Alaska. We have to fight by ourselves as we can’t afford a legal team. We are bullied and retaliated against in Alaska and spend years trying to get justice, while living on a low income and carrying social stigmas that allow us to be harmed more. I may spend all of whatever is left of my life doing so because they do not want my story told. I never thought the courts in this state could be worse for those who have no power or money, but yes they can.

They also pick “The public defender” which must mean the director and in a two tier system of justice you certainly want only those who do whatever the Department of Lawlessness tells them to do while working for “justice” for those ungrateful “indigents.” As retired Judge Ben Ex Parte Esch said to me in court, “Indigents don’t get to chose their attorney”, I was complaining about a severe alcoholic and bullying public pretender that day, but I was the problem for him, not her. Almost all the players in my judicial lynching and wrongful imprisonment were given promotions and in the case of one public pretender who conspired to have me wrongfully imprisoned she received a position as magistrate. But wait there’s more a state trooper involved was promoted,  and the Assistant District Attorney was promoted to District Attorney while the judge then served as chairperson on the Judicial Committee. In Alaska corruption is rewarded while righteousness is feared and attacked. Isn’t it swell?

Really all you need to know about his bill is this from the ADN article:

Jim Minnery of Alaska Family Action said in a blog post that the amendment "would fundamentally transform the Council from a panel dominated by legal elites into a panel dominated by non-attorney citizens."
The Senate bill, Senate Joint Resolution 21, was introduced by Sen. Pete Kelly, R-Fairbanks, and is co-sponsored by Sens. Cathy Giessel and Lesil McGuire, R-Anchorage, and Mike Dunleavy, R-Wasilla. The House
Court's in session.
measure, House Joint Resolution 33, emerged as a Judiciary Committee bill, where it was supported by Judiciary Chairman Wes Keller, R-Wasilla, and Vice Chairman Bob Lynn, R-Anchorage.

It’s all radical Rs all the time in crazy-ville with some Jim Minnery added for extra special crazy effect. Those damned “legal elites”, I mean who the hell do they think they are going to college and
getting a law degree, what the hell makes them think they know more about the courts and the legal system than a Wasilla hillbilly. It's no wonder some people have court at Dennys instead of the Alaska Court System.

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