Yesterday Was a Sad and Traumatic Day, Please Listen to Chris Hedge’s Speech for Some Refreshing Truth

I just had a huge war trying to get this video on this blog post. I would place it in HTML and then it would disappear, poof. This happened over and over. So, in case they remove it go to this link for Chris Hedge's speech. 

Today was difficult for all of us. Here at the USDA corporate owned public housing I live in where assholery reigns supreme I noticed an inspection and went out to speechify to someone who turned out to represent the owners, VITUS.  That was enough bullshit for me for one day, but hey, they will never be able to say they did not know.

Then I was hit by the horrendous decision from the corporate owned SCOTUS in McCutcheon which caused me to just burst into tears.

By John Nichols on The Nation and Commondreams:
What world are the five conservative Supreme Court justices living in?” asked US Senator Bernie Sanders, I-Vermont. “To equate the ability of billionaires to buy elections with ‘freedom of speech’ is totally absurd. The Supreme Court is paving the way toward an oligarchic form of society in which a handful of billionaires like the Koch brothers and Sheldon Adelson will control our political process.

To a large extent that is already happening. These 1%ers are far right conservatives who want more money and power. For decades we have been manipulated unknowingly and it is still happening with those who have not become conscious, especially the right wing. Their prejudices have been used to manipulate them, their lack of knowledge has been filled with misinformation and they have been directed to join groups created by the oligarchy that propagandize them. Some of the often repeated obviously false or insane phrases such as Obama is a Muslim or was born in Kenya come from these groups.

Rather than do a bit of research and find out the real problems with the Obama administration they instead just read short amounts of drivel to regurgitate based on racism and their own self interests. We are still fighting racism and for women’s rights in 2014 and have lost ground, it’s so hard to fathom. The color of Obama’s skin does not matter, neither does his religion. What is paramount are the decisions he and his staff have made, his interference in the justice system, his list of people to kill with his drones including US citizens, his continuation of the wars on terrorism and drugs, his attack on whistleblowers, the severe decrease in privacy and civil rights during his regime, the spying on citizens all over the world including high officials and then there are his lies that we should be talking about, not bullshit. Here is some hope, but wait I was just kidding let me pull the rug out from under you. No he did not do this himself, he is just the denouement of decades of manipulation and planning. In some ways he is worse than GWB and in some ways GWB was worse than Obama, then there is the issue of the dysfunctional legislators. This dysfunction is by design of the oligarchy as one tactic to destroy our country. The third branch of our government, SCOTUS is of course owned by the plutocracy (5-4) and will not be protecting the Constitution, instead they have manipulated for the wealthy. We are on our own.

The people on the right have elected legislators who are hateful, obstructive, confused about the facts and some seem to have mental health issues. They were funded by the 1% and just wait, most of the money is going to fund Republican candidates after McCutcheon, that was the plan. The country will completely destruct. This is the culmination of decades of planning by not just the 1%, but also the dominionists. The dominionists have been co-opted by the 1% to divert attention from their own actions, remove some of our civil rights and of course  to add spectacle.

Now the 1% can own our country with little effort, the sky is the limit for them. We have not lived in a democracy for a long time, it is a plutocracy.
Chris Hedges gave one of his best speeches on this plutocracy we now live in a couple days ago which I had listened to last night. If one must find out about the assholery of our SCOTUS in McCutcheon listening to Chris Hedges first helps make sense of the whole process of making us slaves to the 1%. It has taken decades to get here, decades where we were not conscious, but now many of us are.
 I have learned some of what he discusses such as the death of the Fourth Amendment the hardest way. Public Defenders allow judges and prosecutors to take the Fourth Amendment from particular people and do nothing. All I got was, “I have never seen this happen before” or "The judge says you don't have to be present at the hearing" when he had taken obvious actions to prevent me from going. There was no action, no communication, no filing of habeas corpus, nope just lies and defensive attacks against me at the email, phone call level. And holy crap, have I ever learned about the dysfunction of government agencies along with their corruption. It seems they are so damaged at this point they can’t be repaired. That education started for me in New Mexico under the GWB administration in 2001. Having worked in healthcare I knew about the corporations since the late 1980s. It has only gotten worse. You see it does not matter so much who the president is now.

And all those who challenge the abuses of power by the prerogative state like Snowden, who expose the crimes carried out by government are turned into criminals. Totalitarian states always invert the moral order, it is the wicked who rule and it is the just that are damned.

They get very creative and work in groups to find something, anything they can use to charge the person who speaks out against the state with a crime to get rid of them. They take other actions to harm the person and destroy them often using community bullying, government agencies, police harassment, making sure they lose their job and on and on. This is also true at the state or community level. Certainly it is absolutely true in corporations, an employee who become a whistleblower will be harmed through any means including workplace bullying. A plutocracy will have horrible workplace bullying, of course.

Then the day ended with a mass murder/suicide at Fort Hood. Yesterday in a conversation with Tony Wilkerson,  the representative for the Workplace Bullying Institute in Alaska he mentioned someone who had done the same thing. In that incident the shooter had essentially said you have taken my life and now I’m taking yours. We don’t have much information about this Soldier who did the shooting, but most of the scenarios would involve him being a previous victim of trauma and perhaps along with it a head injury, even though they may try to pain him as a monster. They have said he did not see combat, that is not necessary to cause PTSD, remember it is the psychological trauma that is much more important than physical. He drove a truck in Iraq, there certainly could have been a bombing or the discovery of people who had been blown up on the road, with even many incidents. In the military there is much bullying which is of course workplace bullying and they have much more physical and sexual assaults than in other workplaces.

Considering Lopez is a native of Puerto Rico and was in the National Guard which is apparently an Animal House of assholery who knows what happened there. There is supposed to be quite a bit of corruption associated with the Puerto Rico National Guard including a drug cartel.

From the LtC Blaylock document:

Murder, Sexual Assault, Narcotic Trafficking, and other violations are reported. It’s not that any proper investigations are performed and the results produced. But rather they are not investigated. The only actual investigations conducted are against the whistleblowers themselves. But, of course. 

Directed the creation of GMD/Puerto Rican/Colombian Drug Cartel connection.

They will also try to say no one had a clue he could go on a rampage when they did. They state they were just evaluating him for PTSD. I do not believe that. If he witnessed cruelty or had cruelty perpetrated upon him, especially if it is cumulative he will have anger that is so huge it can’t be described. If injustice was involved in increases exponentially. I know about that anger and also know that there are many people who should be very glad of who I am, the knowledge I had of PTSD and the decisions I made to prevent myself from taking actions based on that anger which BTW way is very, very justified. Those decisions may very well have been the most important ones of my life and certainly I had to fight the “health care” professionals in Nome Alaska to do the right thing. Why is it Alaska that always, always doing the right thing here requires a mountain of effort and fights with people who don’t know what the fuck they are doing who then bully you for the efforts? 

Had the military put him on their usual cocktail of massive meds? Were some of the meds known to cause homicidal and suicidal thoughts? They admit they gave him Ambien, a med that no person with PTSD should EVER be given for many reasons, in fact it is a very dangerous med that should be removed from the drug market by the FDA. That will not happen until the drug company makes most of it's profits. Was he being bullied in his workplace? Did he have a history of a head injury, was he chemically dependent, was he on addictive meds from the military?

One kind of suicide is murder/suicide which often occurs when someone feels their life is over and is really pissed along with wanting revenge. That is clearly what he did. Why? PTSD causes suicidality, one can't image what it is like without having it themselves, it is a feeling of discomfort all the time of having landed on the wrong planet, hypervigilance, looping horrible memories, lack of sleep, triggering of severe symptoms at any time, agitation, depression, decrease in personal relationships because you are no longer who you were before, lack of concentration, worsening of any other health issues and just like living in Alaska the military would of course cause constant re-trauma due to a culture of bullying and corruption along with lack of action on the part of those in charge. 

In 2009 when Major Hasan did his attempted murder/suicide I wrote about it. No, I don't jump on the bandwagon of hate, instead I use information to look at a situation. Dr. Hasan's religion is not the problem, the trauma that radicalized him is. HELLO!

Yes, president Obama it is horrifying, but very predictable. There is only so much people can take before they break and do something desperate. Common knowledge on military bases right now is violence has been escalating. PTSD is also caused by the workplace bullying tactics that go on in the military. It is horrible that soldiers are killed on an army base, but I believe the real cause is PTSD and the military putting a band-aid on victims of PTSD and sending them back to war. PTSD is a group of disabling symptoms such as inability to concentrate, extreme vigilance, and exaggerated fearfulness.
We know PTSD gets worse and worse when the trauma is inflicted over a long period of time and it is the worst when there is an element of injustice involved, I can attest to that. How awful it would feel to be a pawn in a war. Take how you feel about a false war being waged in the name of America and magnify it 1000 times. It destroys soldiers to know their actions have harmed innocent civilians. Most of them are young, Naive, and idealistic. When they realize the truth they find themselves trapped in a nightmare. I would imagine those of middle eastern descent would be even more affected.

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