The Sportsman Channel Left Plastic Surgery Scars of Sarah Palin in Promo Video, But Added Tanned Freckles to Photo

Jesse Griffin at Immoral Minority had this picture on a blog post today. These are from the promos of the new show. It's extra large here so we can see the arms. Notice there are no plastic surgery scars and she is just as freckly as she can be in the arms. I had already anal-ized some pictures of this session and found scars from removal of extra skin due to weight loss on her arms.

Here is a closer view of her arms in the above picture.
Do you see any scars? I don't. Her arms are tanned and her hands are pale. Some of the differences could be lighting, but these are supposed to be professional camera people taking these pictures and freckles are not created from lighting tricks.

Take a look at her arms in this picture, do you see any freckles? Take notice of the scars on her upper arms.

Here is a close up. These are obvious incisions from surgery. I know my nursey-ness is showing and I don't think getting plastic surgery is a evil thing to do, but we are talking major overhaul here. With Sara the grift-o-matic everything is faked, hair, breastages, layers of makeup, pregnancies, parenting and now faked photos.

So, it appears some of these pictures were altered and tanned, freckled skin was added while leaving pale hands to cover the incisions, but why did they not do all of the pictures? Who would leave the obvious pale hands? These all seem to have been taken at the same time, same clothes, same boob size, same wig and the same necklace, but perhaps not. The other thing is why no makeup over the scars. The people doing this show at the Sportsman Channel are amateurs or perhaps they want her to look like a faker.

These screen shots are from this strange Sportsman Channel promo where I first spotted the scars with my nurse radar.



KaJo said...

I dunno, Celia. In the video screen grab, her left arm looks like it's covered in the makeup spackle she usually puts on her face. I see some freckles not-quite-hidden by the makeup.

But check out her right forearm, BELOW her elbow, just before the video shifts (0:21 - you captured the moment in your screen grab).

Her right arm looks like a magazine spread photoshop mistake -- but we know it's not because it looks like that on the video!

Too weird.

I honestly don't care if she has had to get loose skin hacked off. Just imagine what those scars look like if she gains weight again.

Anonymous said...

That has to be the height of vanity. As if she was previously obese. When I was a kid in the ‘50s we used to joke about our mother’s flappy upper arms and now when I look at the photos I notice none of these women were overweight and they were, in fact, quite thin. Sarah Palin is a tool for an industry that would make women feel less than pleased to be regular sized middle aged women. I feel for her daughters, how horrible to be raised by a mother like her.

Anonymous said...

Obvious photoshop chop in the last photo with her hands on her hips- the right forearm has been carved. Are they trying to make her look like she has a forearm muscle against the red of the flag? That's just weird. And creepy. I believe she's a freckled nightmare, probably from all the tanning bed time in Alaska, and now the sun in AZ, her new home. She's just a nightmare all over.

Anonymous said...

Oh and PS- proof of the photoshop? the white and the red of the flag aren't right. Suddenly the blurry red flag becomes sharp white. She needs to fire that photoshopper.

Anonymous said...

She is suffering from a double whammy: menopause and too much tanning. The skin on her arms has been destroyed. I believe she has had surgery on her arms...not so much to remove the flab, as to try to hide the wrinkles by pulling it tighter. There's no collagen left in her skin, and unfortunately for her, it's only going to get worse.

Anonymous said...

I do not know whether or not she had plastic surgery, but those shoes in the first photo remind me of shoes that pole dancer strippers wear. Very cheap, tacky looking shoes. When she ran for Vice President in 2008 the Republican Party gave her about $175,000 to spend on a brand new wardrobe for Sarah, her husband and all her kids. What happened to her expensive designer wardrobe? Who cares if she had plastic surgery or not? Everybody is having plastic surgery including housewives, secretaries, ordinary people.

Angelisse Athan said...

Wow, so much time spent on this. You must really like Sarah Palin to devote so much time to analyzing her skin.

Celia Harrison said...

Angelisse Athan, pretending to exercise, but taking diet pills, the interest is the fakery.