Don't Use Selfies Girls, Instead Use The Sarah Palin Method of Photography (Part 9)

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Sarah Palin is a horrible example to girls everywhere. If they don’t want to be themselves, live in reality or have self esteem, they could follow her example. Psychopaths however don’t have self esteem issues, they just know how to manipulate people using psychological tactics. Sarah Palin is a product designed to make money for Sarah Palin. Don’t be a product girls, instead get an education to do whatever interests you. Work hard whether it is quantum physics, carpentry, writing, art, cooking, or whatever you desire. Be yourself, be real, read books, write, be all you can, take good care of yourself, make your own decisions based on facts, make healthy choices and keep taking those selfies to express yourselves.

I had fun doing this series to demonstrate the hypocrisy and narcissism of Sarah Palin‘s comment about young women taking selfies. While I was working on it which took way too long due to internet and Blogger problems Bristol Palin posted a hit piece on Wendy Davis on her blog. That encouraged me to make this series longer than it would have been and I now include Bristol in this post. If she thinks she is adult enough to promote crazy, illogical, hypocritical crap about a woman who unlike her mother or herself is intelligent, dedicated, hard working, and has the rare courage to speak up for women's rights then that is it baby. No Bristol going to cosmetology school while having a child is not the same as getting B.A. in English and a degree from Harvard Law School, you don't have one damn clue. Bristol's treatment of her child (or children?) is unbelievable including keeping her son from a father who wants to spend time with him. Manipulating where the child is located to prevent visitation by him and then using this against the other parent generally makes judges angry, but this is Alaska where judges are corrupt. Living in Arizona while claiming residency in Alaska so you can use it as a base for publicity and to use the corrupt courts to harm others or protect yourself is the Palin crime family way. Many others have responded to Bristol Palin so much more eloquently than I can as I don't have a B. A. in English, austinisafecker, Wonkette and Fark.com.
Sarah Palin some of us know what you are. You and Governor Parnell hacked my email account and deleted emails from the official governor’s account because you did not want reporters to know about my story along with ass covering for potential civil action. You certainly did not want them to know I wrote you a fifty page letter (part1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5) with evidence of gross misconduct by the DOC which your former boyfriend Joe Schmidt was running. You certainly did not want them to know about the corrupt courts, the incompetent agencies, the horrible conditions low income people in Alaska are forced to live in, workplace bullying, medical bullying, the corrupt/incompetent health care corporation I worked for, the treatment of the Alaska Natives in the bush or the corrupt law enforcement agencies.

Sarah Palin you protect your own children from very serious crimes such as vandalizing school buses, breaking and entering, vandalizing a home and thefts from that home and much more such as drugs/drinking, then there are the crimes that have never come to light, including your own. You took one daughter’s teenage pregnancy and in completely twisted logic got her a gig as an abstinence promoter while she continued to be non-abstinent. How can she ever understand reality when she was used to protect your image instead of parented?

Many “random” negative things have happened to me over the years since my breakdown due to PTSD/ME from workplace bullying and observing the horrors the Native people of Alaska are forced to endure which were only the beginning of the trauma which began to be engineered. I have a high degree if empathy unlike yourself. You had a young man, David Kernel who guessed the password of your account put in prison while you hired people to hack email accounts (why do you think it took them so long to produce the Palin email dumps) along with the administration you put in place run by Governor Sean Parnell. You have your troll which is most likely your daughter stalk me on Facebook in an attempt to propagandize me which is amazing considering who I am. When I mentioned the cowardly stalking on Shailey Tripp’s blog those posts suddenly disappeared from Facebook and some had been around for months. Most of them were SELFIES taken by what appeared to be Willow and her friends, LOL. What about the Christys and Shailey Tripp who says she has a movie deal for her book about Todd Palin grooming her to work as a prostitute for him and the consequences of all that, including police misconduct as per usual in Alaska. How many others were trapped in that situation. I told law enforcement about another person pimping a prostitute and nothing happened. Many others who are afraid to tell their stories have been harmed by Sarah and Todd Palin, along with their children and associates. There are continuing incidents including a fire next door to Shailey Tripp's apartment and the attempt to have Shawn Christy's probation violated with a false report to law enforcement? The amazing Malia Litman has been waging a one woman war to expose the lies of Sarah and Todd Palin, especially the pimping. Sarah Palin the truth is coming for you. Oh and Todd, it's coming for Todd too.

For more laughs check out Fark for comments on Sarah Palin's fish instead of Selfie comment.


Anonymous said...

OH MY JESUS. Bristol doesn't claim residence in AZ. She went there for a couple months for SCHOOL. It's not like it's a new place. And it's not like Tripp doesn't talk to his father. smh

And your thoughts are interesting considering the kids' friends love Sarah. One of WIllows friends thinks of her as a bff since she lived with them last summer. Look at their friends from growing up. Sarah was a second mother. She and Todd help youth out by letting them fish in the Bay for school money, teach them mechanical skills, fix sleds and cars...

This post is propaganda and hateful

Anonymous said...

This post is pretty libelous. You essentially just took events and made them about people who had nothin to do with them, or what you're referring to. Her kid didnt destroy a home. Do you even know the specifics? Do you know the boys who threw the party? Who bragged about it a year later?
Yeah, if her kids had anything to do with it in the way you describe, it makes REAL sense that the families are still friends. That Marissa invited the whole family to get froyo after a basketball game last October. Rumor mills in small towns are just disgusting.

Her kids are NO different from ANY other teen and you know it. Exaggeration isnt good.
And the way to get a message across is by allowing people who've experienced something to show a form of reality. aka teen parenting. WHY do you think the pregnancy rate has declined?

You're just sad, and presumptive.

Anonymous said...

Why do you think someone who sends you things that makes you a liar propagandizes you? You say a lot of inaccurate things. And what is with the "most likely your daughter?" Do you know how stupid that makes you sound?

Celia Harrison said...

Anonymous January 27, 2014 at 8:32 PM, Oh I see those selfies sent by Willow to my FB messages were to make me a liar. Gotcha. The lies about the Christy's were for what purpose?

Celia Harrison said...

Anonymous January 27, 2014 at 8:23 PM, and aren't you always anonymous, I don't consider cosmetology training to be school. Don't you think it is strange that a woman the age of SP has a young woman the age of her daughter as her BFF?

Celia Harrison said...

Anonymous January 27, 2014 at 8:29 PM, are you aware of the juvenile probation officer who was angry the Palins kept their daughter from prosecution and of course it is very obvious Willow was the one with access to the house. No her kids are not the same as other teens and I know it.

Celia Harrison said...

Anonymous January 27, 2014 at 8:29 PM, the way to decrease teen pregnancy is education about sex, STDs, prevention of pregnancy, discuss issues around sex and to make contraception easy to get. Not prevent sex education in schools and then parade one of the girls who gets pregnant around or put her on a reality show.