Thanks For The mierda clúster Social Security Office in Alaska

Not too long ago I wrote a post about my attempts in vain to sign up for this extra help with a medication program for those on Medicare. It included screen shots of very screwed up webpages from the state of Alaska and information regarding the lack of phone answering at the Alaska office of Medicare, rude staff at commissioner Steur's office and more.

That post generated a response, I receive an envelope from the Social Security office in Alaska with this form. Isn't it special? It's so funny to prevent people from getting the benefits they paid for by working for decades and then by being tortured until they can't work anymore, ha, ha, ha pendejos.

Flipping through the pages and to find the English version reveals it is all Spanish.  The beginning translates to this:

You could be eligible for the Additional benefit to help with the costs of your prescription drugs. I am eligible, but unable to access the process of applying which has become clear over a long period of time.

These kinds of things happen continuously, years of community bullying and state wide bullying. Here is my response to the twisted people who work for this agency in Alaska, la mierda todos ustedes. 


Anonymous said...

I am 73 years old and it's funny because I live in N.Kenai and get hounded by phone or postal mail flyers about PartD. I never asked for it and seriously don't want it as I found out later, the monthly premiums ($18.00) cost much more than my generic blood-pressure meds ($10.00 for 3 months)do.

Celia Harrison said...

Anonymous January 29, 2014 at 8:31 PM, That $18 Part D is the one I have. I don't take any medication, but we never know what can happen, so I keep that little policy.