The Anti-Sarah Palin Selfie Project

This is a wonderful project and this must be a great school to get the girls involved in it, but Dove Soap must have paid for it. The mothers were asked to take selfies with their daughters and this would stimulate much discussion between mothers and daughters about beauty. It allowed the girls to see positive comments from other students about them which to a teenager is a self esteem booster along with making them feel like they belong. It also encourages others to look for the beauty in their classmates. Bravo to this school and Dove Soap's Beauty Is Campaign. Thank you Upworthy for posting this video which from the comment was most likely in response to Sarah Palin. The power of girls and women is building, we are going to make some huge changes in the world in the near future. Keep taking those selfies girls.


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shaytripp said...

I support this 100%. Great job Dove. And thank you for posting this for us.