OK, I Guess I Counted Wrong, There Are Three Death Panels of Sarah Palin

While writing this post I ran into some trouble and had to go off line to finish it. That is not unusual.  Then something I wanted to include was missing, also not unusual. It is a screenshot from my IP service of Sarah Palins's lawyer's office on my blog.  

In February of 2016 I wrote about Sarah Palin’s death panels. I described how she and the incompetent sycophants she appointed ran such a dysfunctional Senior and Disabled division of the Department of Health and Human Services in Alaska that hundreds died and thousands must have suffered. Then I discussed the inmates in the prison system which was run by her former high school classmate and ex-boyfriend dying due to abuse and incompetence. Eventually the state of Alaska did an investigation into the DOC reading my blog posts about the DOC throughout the whole thing while claiming to have no idea who I was.

Alaska DOC Homicide, Death by Face Down Restraint and Fat Asses (Part 1)


Part 2: Alaska DOC Homicide, Death by Face Down Restraint and Fat Asses



The Death Panels of Sarah Palin


Then I wrote about my disappointment at President Trump not appointing her to run the VA as I had a blog waiting with a hilarious title. It would have been so much fun, but President Trump ruined my fun due to being BFF with the matriarch of a family of drunken donneybrookers. 

SarahPac is Deep Sixed, I Had a Blog Waiting for an Appointment but Donald Trump Ruined it For Me, Thanks Trump


"Don't cuss Swillow." 



The man interviewed in the video lost his job for doing so. That is what happens to truth tellers in Alaska, especially if the Palins are involved. The testimony of the Palins was disputed by all the witnesses. No cell phone video ever turned up, people must have been paid off or threatened.

Now Sarah Palin is suing the New York Times for an opinion piece discussing the SARAHPAC targeted map, Gabby Giffords shooting. I can't make myself go to the NYT for the original article and even though they are very Democrat-ish I must go to Wonkette for the story. There is a bit of history in their article. Apparently the NYT has issued some kind of retraction.

'"We’re on Sarah Palin’s Targeted list,” Giffords told MSNBC in March, after the door of her Tucson office was smashed after her vote in favor of the health care bill. “But the thing is the way she has it depicted, it has the crosshairs of a gun sight over our district and when people do that, they’ve got to realize there are consequences to that action.” Giffords, however, demurred when the interviewer noted that such imagery has long been a staple of politics and asked whether Palin really meant it. “I can’t say, I’m not Sarah Palin,” Giffords replied."

It is clear I made an error there were actually three death panels of Sarah Palin. 



Those who claim the targets were over the districts and not the representatives of the districts have a comprehension problem. This is the map of the now defunct SARAHPAC in question.

Sarah Palin and her ever present team of lawyers are suing someone. Gee, where have we seen that before. They issue threat letters like mad with lawsuit threats aplenty, but nothing really happens because they never have a leg to stand on.

The lawyer named Van Flynn we referred to as Van Flea. There was a shitload of rumors about why she resigned. The only thing for sure was her stated reasons were BS.

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