Heather Nauert Spokesmodel for the State Department vs Awesome Truthseeking Reporter Caleb Maupin

Here is the whole thing, a short version of the best part follows below.

I wrote this before I found out Heather Nauert had been a spokesmodel for Fox News, hilarious.

Heather Nauert, the spokesmodel for the State Department was unable to give “specifics” on many subjects reporters questioned her about. Reporter, Caleb Maupin from RT asked a Syria question around 30 minutes. He was wondering if Naubert was concerned that the announcement from the White House “could create an opening for terrorist groups to carry out a chemical attack.” She looked like she smelled some poop, made a face unbecoming a spokesmodel and said “Naow…no.” Caleb explained how the terrorists could do a chemical attack or hey just bomb someplace where there are chemicals so the US could then claim a chemical attack was done by Assad.”  Who could imagine such a thing? Naubert then got all explain-y about how Assad has carried out chemical attacks on his people, ”…and we have all seen the video.”  Not only that but Caleb Maupin who is as handsome as he is an awesome reporter according to Nauert had "a lot of cameras" on him  and spokesmodels know from cameras.

Well then that is the final word on Syria...wait a minute, she then took a paranoid question about stopping Assad from taking over and was able to give a lengthy answer. Then another question, “Are you saying Al-Qaida has not used chemical weapons in this area?. Then Nauert claims she will not have a debate about a hypothetical. There is evidence woman, you know that thing which was covered up and that you will not discuss. Then later the subject is brought up again and she repeats that Assad is responsible for chemical attacks and always mentions women and children for dramatic effect. But wait, she says the reason the United States is in Syria is to take out Isis, if so then why are you so huffy about Isis questions mam?

This is how she was before the question from RT's Caleb Maupin
This is after Caleb's question

I've caught Caleb with a screenshot in the act of asking a valid question which needs an answer. Look at this guy behind Caleb, he seems happy.moo

Thank you Caleb Maupin for your courage.

She started off the no answer session with Venezuela's imprisonment of an American, claiming he is a political prisoner while the United States imprisons it's own citizens for political reasons. Interestingly they are upset with the Vietnamese government for imprisoning an outspoken woman while the same exact thing happens here. Hypocrisy flows like wine at the State Department. Yes, imprisoning dissidents is wrong, so is harassing them, hacking them, following them around, monitoring their communications, creating disruption in their lives, imprisoning them in solitary confinement, having secret courts that don’t even allow them a defense, causing them to be homeless and destroying their careers. It is also wrong to have the Weapons of Mass Destruction Civil Support Team Idaho put group text messages on the phone of a civilian to harass them, just saying. The only weapons of mass destruction I have are my brain and mouth. Shall I go on? What kind of a country would do such things and who could ever imagine this?
With the new court ruling releasing the dogs of immigration there were those questions and I have some questions of my own about that. Refugees are very vetted to come and get housing, education and health care, but homeless people who are internal refugees can’t get housing. Please explain this policy designed to harm your own people. You say your goal is to keep your own people safe, but how is no housing, being on the streets, being fed diabetes causing food and having to stay in shelters of filth, bullying, no sleep, frequent viruses, toxic chemicals and constant trauma coming from staff and the sociopaths we are forced to be housed with…keeping us safe? What is being done to provide housing other than meetings of BS aka Continuum of Care and the Homeless Coalition along with the use of little phrases such as “Rapid Re-Housing” and “Housing First.” Could someone please explain that? Could you also tell me why any low income housing that remains is always run by predatory management companies or landlords? Are immigrants also preyed upon by them? Can you also explain why the USDA RD is unable to do anything about the non-profits of predation who harm seniors and the disabled? Just curious..oh yea, and pissed off.
I have no issues with the immigrants themselves who are just trying to survive the destruction of their countries mainly by us and do personally believe everyone should be welcome in the United States unless they are dangerous to others. Generally, the refuges were harmed by actions of this country. I am upset by the governments both federal and state, they have treated the homeless like garbage and President Trump’s administration is pushing policies that will create more homeless people. What happened to President Trump’s statement that if he was president there would not be homeless people on the streets. We still have the BS programs created at the end of President Obama’s administration when the Democrats went, whoops we forgot to pretend we cared about people. A large number of the homeless are elderly poor, disabled which can be physical illness or mental illness, people with intellectual disabilities and people who have social disabilities from criminal charges, many of which should have never even been charged. The homeless are pathologized to excusify the continuing torturing of the population. Half of the mental illnesses among the homeless are caused by being homeless, the trauma, the horrible diet, the lack of sleep, being beaten down until they have no hope and the harassment by police for activities such as breathing or doing laundry. I was locked in my storage place, called the police who sent Officer Asshole to come and accuse me of breaking in to steal things.

The clinics put in place to provide medical treatment for the homeless hand out huge amounts of psychotropic medications to sedate the population so the homeless are easier to herd around and are more tranquil in the night prisons, the shelters. Everyone is together and this includes the sociopaths and other personality disorders who prey upon others causing emotional trauma. The staff often do not supervise this until they turn on them which often results in a severe reaction such as calling police or throwing them out.

Here is an oddity, Henry Kissenger, neoliberal neocon mastermind met with President Putin yesterday.  Naubert was unable to say if he was acting in a diplomatic role or not. We can all guess who he was speaking for during the meeting.

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