The Death Panels of Sarah Palin

Someone wrote a comment to an opinion piece written by a tool of the Republican Party that Sarah Palin was right when the words "death panel" screeched from her maw. I responded that Sarah Palin had her own death panel and then described the Alaska HSS fiasco where around 250 disabled and elderly died. 

Then I was thinking about the nightmare I experienced at the Department of Corrections in Alaska and my fifty page letter to Sarah Palin about injustice, corruption and incompetence which included my own personal experiences after having been wrongfully imprisoned by a gang of malfeasant lawyers out of Nome Alaska and one from Kotzebue three days after filing an appeal.

The DOC is in the news triggering my PTSD and making me sad and angry. The sad and angry part is due to having tried to do something about the abuses, lack of health care, lack of appropriate detox, suffering, death and the damn lies from the staff on every level. But then I have been upset about this since 2008 screaming my head off.

The state of Alaska has no idea who the hell I am and here is one of the examples, oh wait somehow they mistakenly did a search for a blog written by an invisible person.

My fifty page letter to Sarah Palin which I also sent to many others in positions of power and oversight in Alaska included my observations of how others were abused and treated in an unsafe way at the hands of some rather despicable characters who worked for the DOC, some still do. The most despicable people at the DOC were the ones in the administrative jobs and running the health care. Then I realized...no, Sarah Palin did not have just one death panel, she had two. Of course the deaths, torture and blatant denial of health care did continue under Sean Parnell and he knew exactly what was going on at the DOC having been on the Schizophasic From Wasilla's staff . He was put in place as governor when the quitter did her quitting so she could make money and keep some things from being exposed.

Death Panel Number One: Alaska HHS Senior and Disabilities Services Deaths

From the old Alaska Daily News now the Alaska Dispatch, written in 2009:

A particularly alarming finding concerns deaths of adults in the programs. In one 2 1/2 year stretch, 227 adults already getting services died while waiting for a nurse to reassess their needs. Another 27 died waiting for their initial assessment, to see if they qualified for help.

The feds had to step in and shut the program down while they sorted out the cluster. What I know is in health care there are large numbers of incompetents and bullies in Alaska. They get run off from other places due to these issues until they get so far there is no other place to go and accumulate. 
Alaska has lots of incompetent bullying health care staff and they can't all work for the Indian Health Services in bush Alaska so some go to the Department of Corrections. Snark, snark.>>>>>>>>

I have stories about working in health care and then trying to get some for years that could fill a book. It's mostly cray-cray and how the hell did he or she get a medical license stuff. No one listened, no one got it, no one is in charge, but part of the problem was Indian Health Services, another massive cluster. People said and say awful things about me which is a reflection of them not me and this is what always happens to ethical whistleblowers. I have been told by staff at HSS in Alaska they have no idea what to do about the incompetent and bullying health care staff that have accumulated in Alaska including social workers and psychologists, OMG. They drive off the good staff, destroy their lives and put people on disability due to PTSD or illnesses caused by stress. Then there are other consequences of trauma illnesses such as substance abuse and in Alaska misdiagnosis by untrained and biased "professionals." Then the incompetents, serial bullies and poorly educated are what is left behind as good staff either flee or become ill. Those in charge are helpless in Alaska to do the right thing. Years of trying to make changes and communicate the truth makes this very clear and a huge part of the problem is they just did not care.

There were many agencies headed by cronies of the Trump Whisperer from Wasilla, particularly ones she went to high school with who had no training or education for the high paying positions she placed them in. At the Department of Corrections she made Joe Schmidt her former high school mate (many have said he was her boyfriend) the commissioner. A fucking nightmare ensued.

Death Panel Number Two: Alaska Department of Corrections Inmate Deaths


Governor Walker's Coverup. For Almost a Decade the Palin and Parnell Administrations Knew Inmates in the Prisons Were Dying and Being Harmed. 

There is a large amount of information that I have documented on line about what went on for many years about the DOC and it is all true. You can tell because much of what I wrote was repeated in the stories Williams is telling about the deaths of the four inmates. The problems included psychological abuse from both corrections officers and several varieties of health care "professionals", lack of appropriate actions following grievances (they disappeared them), massive threats including for writing grievances (which just caused me to write more of them), an attempt to put me in administrative segregation for an inappropriate reason (to shut me up, hah!), abrupt stopping of pretty much all meds upon arrival at the prison, incompetent medical, nursing and psychological staff, abuse from medical, nursing and psychological staff, corrections officers making medical decisions (but the medical/nursing staff were not), serious health problems ignored, they told me my main health problem did not exist (they haven't read any professional articles in years apparently), and on and on. I observed a person at Wildwood, the prison in Kenai (they took me on a tour of the prisons for torture and to prevent me from communicating with friends and news media) who had stopped breathing and their response was strange and slow. They did however call 911, she was taken away on a cart intubated. I will never know if she lived or died.They didn't notice for a while due to the C. O.s goofing off. 

Btw, how's that shutting me up thing working for ya?

DOC COLD TURKEY! Inmates In Withdrawal From Heroin Not Receiving Proper Care and Monitoring, YEP, THEY KNEW THAT TOO! 

They knew there was a problem with how Heroin addicts were being treated in 2008 when I sent my fifty page letter to Sarah Palin, legislators, the ombudsman, the news media, a rep. and more in 2009. There were many subjects in that letter including injustice and corruption, but much about what I experienced and observed while wrongfully imprisoned by “officers of the court” out of Nome three days after filing an appeal in order to throw a scare into me and attempt to force me to drop that appeal.

I had worked through a nursing agency at two prisons in clinics and infirmaries after having volunteered at one of them. I knew what was supposed to happen with health care for inmates according to the SCOTUS and that prisoners did have some rights. I was also a real nurse, am ethical and have empathy.

I worked my way through college doing many jobs, the last two years I worked as what was called a hospital attendant, now that position is a psychiatric technician. Mostly I worked in the legal offender/DOC area in the state hospital where I lived. This included the Competency Evaluation and Treatment Program, you know for court. That was in the 1980s and I did combat with some violent people without the gear the corrections officers have now. I learned how to restrain without injuring them. We treated the mentally ill like they were patients because that is what they were primarily. It is not the fault of the mentally ill person that they were unlucky enough to have a mental health problem. All people's lives are valuable, so my heart was broken by what went on with the DOC and then the response from the state for years due to people voting psychopaths into office. I will never ever get over it. I speak up, there are many damaged by them. Those who observe others being harmed are also effected especially when it happens multiple times. 
Sarah Palin appointed Joe Schmidt the commissioner of the Department of Corrections rather than finding a person who had the experience, education and the integrity to do the job. Then with massive problems she turned a blind eye to the suffering of the inmates, many of them should never have been incarcerated or even charged with crimes to begin with, but the Department of Law (Attorney General's office) is highly corrupt. Governor Walker has engineered a situation to keep from telling the whole truth about how many died in the prisons under Palin and Parnell. They have released information on four inmates who died, check out this and this. There are no statistics being discussed on how many died since 2008 when I let Sarah Palin and so many others know about the dangerous prison system. Since then lots of bad things have happened to me and the perpetrators got off scot-free and all of their crimes which include theft, animal cruelty, perjury in a court of law and filing a false police report were deemed "civil matters" by the Alaska State Troopers. It's a special phrase used by the police that actually means fuck you, we are protecting the corrupt powers of the state. Then there were other things like a corrupt retired cop and his family mobbing me at a senior disabled USDA housing complex. I have been homeless almost a year now. Those in charge in Alaska allowed this and many have been involved to run me out of the state.

Where is the Department of Justice? Manslaughter is a crime. Where is the investigation at the federal level, DOJ? Instead we just get cover ups designed as investigations and statements that people had no idea they were not supposed to run a prison in a way that disregards inmates as even being human, so they just let those who need medical care die. That's just okey dokey until now, which makes me wonder if the DOJ is poking their noses around. 


Often, they can be seen surrounded by sleazy lawyers who protect their every move. 

Oh and yes they do...along with the PR companies.  

Sarah Palin likes those who piss her off to be harshly punished but does unethical and criminal acts herself. Where is her punishment? 

Why is Laura Brooks still employed at the Department of Corrections and being quoted in the news media like she has empathy? That's so unreal to me. 


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