Alaska DOC Homicide, Death by Face Down Restraint and Fat Asses (Part 1)

Part 2

Prisons are the temples where devils learn to pray. Every time we turn the key we twist the knife of fate, because every time we cage a man we close him in with hate. From Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts


Larry Kobuk one of the men murdered by the stupidity, cruelty and brutality of the DOC.
Oh yes I did write that title. I am mega-pissed about not only the cover up of what has gone on with the DOC for so long but also the remaking of the assholes at the DOC who harmed so many into sweet confused choir boys by Governor Walkers DOC investigation team with of course the help of the DOL aka the Department of Lawlessness. They knew for years this abuse and death was going on, I told them and was completely ignored.

Idiots With No Emapthy Have Been In Charge of the DOC
                                  A Very Long Time

Face down restraint has been known for a long time to cause breathing problems resulting in death and that is even when there is no weight added to the torso including fat asses. The fat asses were not even needed to kill him, but as I demonstrate below with screen shots what they did to Mr. Kobuk was a barbaric torture resulting in death. One would wonder how not one of the players in this process including some cops and a nurse could stop the torture, but this is how the DOC has operated for a very long time. It's the blind leading the blind with the mindset that prisoners are not human. I reported their incompetence and abuse in 2008 to the Palin administration, legislators, news media, the ombudsman and many others, it was repeated over and over for years. Now they claim they have no idea who I am. My emails were deleted from the Palin email dumps with the reciprocals hacked from my email. There were reasons other than the prisons for this. It is odd since no one knows who the fuck I am that my emails would be targeted now doesn't it. 

Face down positioning kills people, especially with particular health problems. No one should be placed in that position, except in an emergency situation when a person is operating by themselves and has no other option to protect others, themselves or the person who is being restrained. But in a well-managed and organized prison the staff will show up right away to re-position the person and certainly have enough sense to assess them and not crush them to death.

Where in the hell has the department of corrections in Alaska been when it comes to new information? Oh yea, some of their policies were not updated since the 1980s when this kind of take down and restraint was common. That includes the suicide policies so why they hell would they look at take downs and restraining? This is what I did for a living for two years back in the 19080s. These officers would not have known this type of take down and restraint was unsafe because of lack of training, certainly no psych training at all and the inability to give a damn or do even a miniscule amount of research by the large number of idiots running the DOC. Laura Brooks in particular is culpable as the person in charge of the department that oversees the health of the inmates. Why is she still employed by the DOC? Why would psychiatrists, their new medical director Dr. BP med for Interstitial Cystitis Lawrence and nurses not know this? I think you can come to your own conclusions. I described the kind of people they hire to work in their "health care" department long ago. It is well known that when a person has particular health problems their death is much more likely when restrained face down. I will bet you that even at this point they don't have this information.

The other thing is when Larry Kobuk said he could not breathe which was reported by multiple people these pussy boys continued to leave their fat asses on his torso. In the 1980s when I worked doing take downs we put them face down sometimes, but when they complained they could not breathe we re-positioned them due to not being homicidal. We were trying to help that person and anyone they might harm, not harm them, the DOC is not trying to help the person, they have a mindset of harm. We also did not place our fat asses on them except when having to tackle and restrain a violent person who was attacking someone or doing something like trying to break a window to jump out of. I tackled a man who climbed the door jamb of the staff break room like Spider Man and was just about to pounce on another staff, he was about 6 feet tall and I am 5' 2", I put my fat ass and everything else on him, but my knee in his back and his arm twisted behind his back is what held him for a very short time until several people came to transport him by his limbs and waistband to a secure room. That take down and restraining of the person on the floor was a short temporary thing, then several people showed up, one for each limb, one to protect the head and prevent biting/spitting, one to take the waistband in the back to facilitate more control of the patient. Not all patients were carried, some were marched to a cart where they were put in four point restraints or placed in a quiet room which is like solitary confinement, only not for more than a few hours. Then an employee sat and watched them while the professional psych staff talked with them and offered medication. The negotiation was that when they could behave and be safe they would be released.

Who would continue to restrict a chest knowing someone could not breathe? Corrections officers would because they live in a world of us against them, we're the good guys, you're the bad guys and everything you say is a lie including that you have a health problem and can't breathe when obesity is piled on your body until you are dead. You might wonder why during a take down like this no nurse is present whose main purpose is to advocate for the inmate's health, according to the report on the DOC she was watching. The health care staff are very hateful and consider the inmates to be non-human like the C. O.s do. Often the inmates actually are patients, alcoholics, addicts, mental health patients and those with significant physical health issues. Some in the jails are pure patients and we all know API is in crisis and has been for years. That is another pretend the Walker administration is trying to perpetrate, that the API issues are recent, horseshit!

I can't get the videos from the news media to embed on blogger. I have tried to rewrite the code and talked to their IT staff, nothing works. If anyone knows how to do this, please tell me. The screen shots are actually very helpful for discussion of what is going on anyway and I saw much more with them than I would have with the video. You can see by the line on the bottom the part of the video I got each screen shot from. This video is from KTUU. 
They piled on Mr. Kobuk in a brutal way without regard for his safety at all. Fueled by their union the corrections officers in Alaska care only about themselves. What we can't see here except for a little of his arm is they are holding his arm behind his back and have crossed his legs into a horrible and damaging position. All of that while also piled on top of him as he screamed he could not breath, was probably in massive pain and died terrified. He was tortured to death by stupidity and lack of empathy at the DOC while police officers and a nurse watch. I told you about those DOC nurses before. The report claims he had a heart attack, that is a non-specific lay term, so I do not know if he had a myocardial infarction from hypoxia or a lethal arrhythmia from hypoxia. Both lead to death with no intervention. Gosh if only there was a nurse close by. Oh yea there was.  
This screen shot demonstrates Mr. Kobuk's small size in comparison to most of the Corrections Officers.
Was this guy who is standing supposed to protect the inmate from breathing problems or other injuries, nope...
He was waiting to help take off clothing of which there was no warrant for them to confiscate for the APD.
Fat assing.
This screen shot demonstrates the lack of training. Two C.O.s are holding onto the inmate on either side as they have a female officer without a fat ass and the ability to bend over come and grab his feet pulling them backwards. That is not a safe way to take down an inmate as she could be kicked. Then this part of the video makes it clear they put him down in the very unsafe face down position.
Notice how they use their hands and feet to create more leverage so they can press harder on Mr. Kobuk. Imagine being face down on cement and having fat asses planted on you and other asses along with people pushing against the walls with their extremities to put a huge amount of pressure on your body even if you do not have cardiomyopathy. This can kill a normal person. The fact that they have to do this to hold down a small man is a sign of very poor physical shape. It is amazing that not one of them had a clue even after he kept saying he could not breathe. Is that why there is no audio supplied with this video, the desperate pleading for them to get off him so he could breathe.
In this part of the video they begin pulling at Mr. Kobuk in an extremely rough way which could certainly cause injury. They have no skills at all, just brutality. Who told you this? I did long ago.

At this point in the video Mr. Kobuk is not struggling anymore which means he is at least unconscious and possibly has gone into full respiratory and cardiac arrest due to being anoxic. This screen shot demonstrates that he was in a face down position. 

This large C.O. continues to hold Mr. Kobuk's arm behind his back pressing down onto his back while using his foot and leg to leverage against the wall for more pressure, very dangerous.


Prison systems are like black holes for human bodies: no light escapes from them, and no news. From Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts

Next part 2 continues with the screen shots and more.

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