Part 2: Alaska DOC Homicide, Death by Face Down Restraint and Fat Asses

Updated due to errors secondary to ME/cfs brain fatigue and living in a hellacious situation.

Part 1
"Cruelty is a kind of cowardice. Cruel laughter is the way cowards cry when they are not alone, and causing pain is how they grieve." Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts.

These screen shots are a continuation of part 1. This video can be seen at the KTUU website, then there is a smaller one of a reporter saying the investigation was done following a string of deaths. NO IT WAS YEARS OF THEM, WAKE UP PEOPLE!

What about all the people who had their health permanently damaged including those with PTSD and other trauma issues? Inmates in Alaska are released often homeless back into the community for society to deal with. The cost of the damage the Department of Corrections inflicts is massive financially, in the lives of the individuals involved and to their families, especially their children. Why not provide help before incarceration, support, housing, mental health and chemical dependency treatment? No one deserves to be treated like this because they are arrested for crimes, torture is illegal and not supposed to be the policy of any DOC in the United States. Mr. Kobuk had not even gone through the process of the broken Alaska justice system yet and certainly did not deserve the death penalty or torture even if he was guilty. 
This shot shows the brutality of the positioning, they have his legs held backwards and crossed into his buttocks area. To do this for such a long period of time could cause injury, but as we have seen by the actions of these corrections officers not one fuck is given about this inmate. It gets worse. Imagine surviving this and the trauma it would cause, then imagine going through abuse like this several times.
This is when they finally realized Larry Kobuk had been harmed, it took them quite a while. Instead of the nurse assessing him and beginning lifesaving actions they treated him like a throw away person. The report said the nurse was there and cops. What the hell!?
They left his lifeless body, his pants down, the last obese officer using his body as leverage to push off when he got up. Then rather than start CPR, or even assess him for a pulse or breathing his body was just pushed aside as they closed the cell door. He was unable to cause any problems for anyone and needed emergency health care. The systems at the AK DOC are worse than a third world country, hell worse than the fourth world. I reported this for years!
Then after they shove his feet and legs with the door which smashes his head and face into the wall they stand at the windows looking at him like a bunch of confused monkeys. What in the hell? Were they waiting for him to do CPR on himself? Were they waiting for him to check his own pulse and breathing. They were probably mostly concerned about themselves and getting everyone on the same page with the cover story.
Remember this story I told in 2009:

One night an intoxicated woman was in the cell next to me. Now, the reason for a drunk tank is people die of alcohol poisoning and alcohol withdrawal. Instead of doing their job and watching everyone the corrections officers psychologically tortured me. They were goofing off as usual. This woman stopped breathing. They started running around like the keystone cops and yelling, "She isn’t breathing" over and over. I yelled for them to let me out as I am a critical care nurse. Instead they covered my window, but I could still see out the sides. When the nurse came she just started yelling, "breathe, breathe" over and over. Eventually paramedics came and intubated her and bagged her and removed her on a cart. I do not know if she lived or died, or even perhaps had brain damage from anoxia.

I was wrongfully imprisoned in a small cell full of spiders, no drinking cup, no soap, no towel. The corrections officers called me names because I said the charge was false. They acted like a bunch of junior high school boys as I have said so many times. 

At least in this story I observed they had enough sense to yell she was not breathing. They knew since 2008 the DOC was killing people and no one took action other than to mob me, laugh at me, tell people lies about me. I am very disturbed that the Walker administration is only revealing 4 cases to the public to make it look like this went on a short time. NO IT WENT ON A VERY LONG TIME! The recent commissioner Ron Taylor was only there a short time and yes he should have made changes, but so many were responsible for this, so many who are still employed at the DOC and the agency is such a cluster. Then there are many politicians and state employees who are not being mentioned that bear a huge amount of the responsibility. They hired Walt Monegan who spent years covering ass at the DPS to cover ass at the DOC.  

A C.O. opens the door and kicks Larry Kobuk's feet. Then the guy who smashed his arm behind his back using lots of leverage and another one grab the body and very roughly reposition Mr. Kobuk's body and the big guy seems like he might be checking a pulse. Why did they not do that before? Why is the nurse not doing this? Why is she not in there with a
stethoscope to listen for heart tones. Where is the BP cuff and heart monitor? What in the fuck?! Remember I have told you how they have no idea what they are doing many times. I was treated like crap for doing so but was right about all of it and at first I did not swear, there are no words to describe how I feel, but I try. So many lives could have been saved and so many could have been saved from lifelong health problems these dipshits caused along with trauma illnesses.

When I worked on McNeil Island in Washington an inmate in this shape would have resulted in my running with emergency equipment that was already packed up along with a cart. I would have evaluated him in the cell and begun emergency lifesaving measures. At the same time a helicopter would be on the way to medevac the inmate as it was on an island.
They still have him face down. They leave him face down while I assume what the big guy was checking his pulse and to see if he was breathing. Apparently he was in full code, but these guys did not start CPR. Do they even have training?

I do not see the nurse do an assessment of any kind let alone an attempt to check a pulse or breathing, she moves Mr. Kobuk's arm over and then moves a piece of what is left of his clothing. Note she relies entirely on what the corrections officers tell her, not good. Remember how in the past I said the corrections officers were making medical decisions? That is because they were. C.O.s in Alaska are not even trained properly for their jobs and allowing them to make medical or nursing decisions would be illegal because they are not health care professionals. Then the nurse apparently tells them to move his body out of the cell so instead of carrying him, they drag his body. The CPR should have been started a very long time ago. 

From KTUU:
"Helen Paniptchuk, mother of Larry Kobuk whose death is captured on the video, said she hopes it will result in charges being brought against the correctional officers involved."

Instead it was determined no charges will be brought against the people who killed Helen Paniptchuk's son. This is no surprise to me. But then I know all decisions are predetermined and no real investigation is done. One can tell what happened just from this video even though the sound was not included.

From KTUU:
"A day after the mother of an inmate who died in the Anchorage jail called for charges against the officers who restrained him, Corrections Department officials say a review conducted at the time found no criminal activity by the jail employees."

Walt Monegan was commissioner of DPS, former police chief, now commish. of DOC.
The DOC reviewed themselves and found no wrongdoing. Gosh that is just like what law enforcement does. Wait, I think I might know why...former Department of Public Safety Commissioner over the corrupt state troopers and former police chief in Anchorage Alaska, Walt Monegan. I reported corruption issues of Alaska State Troopers under Walt Monegan. You'll never guess what happened, lies, manipulation, abuse and games. They also destroyed evidence and did not do their jobs.

From KTUU in January, the story on this death at the DOC:

'"A 33-year-old Anchorage man being held at the Anchorage Jail died early Wednesday, after a struggle in which Alaska State Troopers said correctional officers were forced to “restrain” him."'

They were "forced" to restrain him to get two sweat shirts that they had no warrant to take. Who forced them they should be implicated in the death. Did they hold a gun on them, maybe it was the nurse who took no action to protect Larry Kobuk from being tortured to death.

From KTVA's story back then:

"During prisoner intake he was “noncompliant” with corrections officers’ verbal commands, according to an online dispatch from Alaska State Troopers. He then became combative and officers restrained him."

I did not see a combative man, I saw a man resisting and struggling.

'“When the Correctional Officers were exiting the cell, they checked on Kobuk before closing the cell door,” the dispatch says. “They found him to be unresponsive and DOC personnel subsequently attempted life-saving efforts while awaiting the arrival of Anchorage Fire Department EMS.”'

Anyone who saw the video knows whoever gave this statement to KTVA was lying. One C. O. after a long period of torture did look at Kobuk's head, then they left him alone in the cell shoving his body aside with it and stood staring at him. Then a nurse came in and did not assessment on him. They dragged his body out to the main room and then finally began CPR, but I have not seen video of it to know if they even knew what they were doing. The CPR did not matter at that point; Mr. Kobuk was either already dead or so anoxic there was no point in resuscitating him. I believe he was dead when they left him alone and shoved his body with the door. That may have been why the nurse did not bother to assess him, but as always we don't have enough information to know the whole story. In Alaska coroner reports are not public information this is how they got away with this for so long.

Then there was this from the Corrections officer’s union. I am a pro-union person, but for heaven's sake I'm sick of them.

From KTUU:

"'The corrections officers union strongly defended the officers in a statement late Thursday...

"Our sympathies go out to Mr. Kobuk’s family and while it is terrible that he passed away, to blame the Officers who did not set the policies or training, but followed them to the letter, is wrong," it read in part.
The union called on Gov. Walker to "publicly correct the record and defend the actions of these Officers."'

Has anyone at the union watched this video? Does one blindly follow idiotic orders until people are dead?  Does one take illegal actions that harm someone? Did the union come forward and report these dangerous procedures to officials above the idiots running the DOC? Certainly they did not know it is dangerous to place a restrained person face down, except very temporarily until repositioned, but they would know a man who says he can't breathe needs repositioning.

A very glaring lack of reporting of this recent release of video of the death of an inmate comes from Alaska Dispatch. I contacted them to ask why, no real answer was given. I suspect it has to do with political manipulation. Thank you KTUU and KTVA also did some reporting on this story.

The main purveyors of evil at the DOC who for years ignored me, told people I was full of crap, said things like my blog is "great" sarcastically, were quite nasty, ignored me, called me a liar and hung up on me, did not return phone calls and who knows what all went on in the background with them and the Palin and Parnell administrations for retaliation. While I was on probation ugly things happened and it was obvious I had a target on my back. So I wrote about those experiences too. There was no reason I should have been on probation to begin with, but it was an opportunity for more trauma for the "officers of the court" in Nome.

Here are the people who are the most responsible for the death and harm done by the systems of idiocy and the brutality of the employees, not just C.O.s but also health care staff.


Richard Schmidtz
 was the Special Assistant to the Commissioner at Alaska Department of Corrections. He was fired by Gov. Walker along with Comm. Joe Schmidt. He said nasty things to me.


Two of the players are in this photo, Sarah Palin and Joe Schmidt. Palin and her staff knew there was a huge problem at the DOC, they did nothing. My emails were removed from the Palin email dumps and reciprocals were hacked from my personal email account. I have screen shots of part of that process. Joe Schmidt was a C.O. who went to high school with Sarah Palin and was apparently her boyfriend for a while. He did not care about the DOC or the inmates. Schmidt was put in place to protect Sarah Palin and do favors around the prison system. Remember when I contacted the Palin administration about injustice and the problems with the DOC I was told the Department of Law told them not to talk to me or help me with anything. This was a deadly combination of corrupt, incompetent people who lack empathy. Schmidt was fired by Gov. Walker. One of the guys in the middle looks like he might puke and one looks like he can't believe Joe Schmidt is the commissioner. 


Sean Parnell was Sarah Palin's Dick Cheney and was the governor in charge when my emails were removed from the Palin email dumps and my email hacked. He knew about the DOC while working the Palin administration and then all during his own governorship.
Bryan Brandenburg, was deputy director of prison institutions at AK DOC, he's gone. He tried to get the job of director of the DOC in Nebraska when he left AK, but failed, this article is hilarious. They talk about how he implemented psychiatric reforms, LMAO. He did not get the job. There were other entertaining things in the article. This guy was in positions at the DOC for 25 years holding power over people's lives. This was allowed by a corrupt government. He claims degrees in psychology and considers himself ethical. It is frightening. Apparently he received little training on researching new material in college. He also said nasty things to me.

As the Director of Health and Rehabilitation Services at the Alaska DOC Laura Brooks was responsible for the incompetent health care which resulted in deaths and life long disabilities of inmates. I reported to her in 2008 a massive deficit of knowledge and widespread abuse by her staff. I also reported chemical dependency issues. When I tried to contact her she was abusive, would not call back and was also nasty to me, that includes when Ms. Gutierrez told her to talk to me. I was trying to find out if they had made any changes to protect the inmates. The answer was no. I always use the word "nasty" to describe them because they constantly used that word to describe inmates. 

"Justice is a judgment that is both fair and forgiving. Justice is not done until everyone is satisfied, even those who offend us and must be punished by us. Justice is not the only way we punish those who do wrong. It is the way we try to save them." From Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts

Gregory David Roberts was tortured by corrections officers in a prison in Australia. He was beaten daily with frequent broken bones and eventually managed to escape and then was recaptured years later and re-incarcerated in a better prison system.  He has recently published his second book, The Mountain Shadow.

The link to the Walker administration report on the DOC is in this article here.

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