Bernie Sanders: The Most Consistent, Ethical Person I Have Ever Seen Run For President

Bernie Sanders has a long history of singing folk music about the real people of the United States.
But he's more of a rapper, than a singer. 
Here is the comment I put on FB today after watching this video. The video speaks to exactly who Bernie Sanders is.
For decades he went on and on about what we needed to do in this country, how the 1% were gaining more control and the working people were getting more and more screwed. He never varied from his message, he is the most consistent, ethical person I have ever seen run for president. His message comes from within himself only, his conscience, his empathy. A non-psychopath is running for president, they will never let him be elected and the people are so stupid they don't even get the basics. Brought tears to my eyes.
After everything I have been through it means a lot to me to have a person like Bernie Sanders running for president, someone who has good intentions towards others. I know how it feels to stand alone speaking the truth and continuing on with your convictions while everyone around you is corrupt. He did this for decades. Bernie has that rare combination of strength and empathy that gets things done for the people. Is it the special powers that come from having Einstein hair? 



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