Breaking Absurd: Motorhome Spice/Meth Bust Anchorage/Wasilla

Updated the errors. I'm really sick and have been for along time, so some days the brain fog is bad from ME/cfs. They have those federally funded state run clinics of incompetence for the homeless here too.

One item on the list of reasons I left Anchorage for a while was the exposure to second hand Spice smoke at Brother Francis Shelter. Spice has been sold in the Anchorage area over a long period of time and I assume they are mixing up the powder with the toxic chemicals to spray on plant material locally as well, so that would be manufacturing and selling of illegal drugs. They were also selling meth, don't know if they were cooking it or not, making it isn't hard and can be done in small amounts to make detection difficult. The two drugs are being handled as two different cases.

For a very long time Anchorage has been plagued by Spice and people wondered what the heck was being done about it. This went on for months. Then we found out there were not any laws that could be used to arrest those selling this drug that has contributed to deaths and health problems, then the Anchorage Assembly passed a wimpy misdemeanor law against selling but also passed a law against using it that is a misdemeanor too, which is rather odd. Why isn't selling a toxic material that has caused deaths a felony?

I assumed those selling would be found in some small convenience store somewhere, like the recent bust on the Kenai Peninsula.  That is probably going on too, but apparently when they used those arrested for using Spice for information it was discovered the selling place was portable.  As it turned out they busted two people who worked the drugs and sold them out of a motorhome. Who could have thought of using a motorhome to manufacture and sell drugs? Where have we seen that before?

It took the Anchorage Police a long time to catch these people who were selling poison that contributed to deaths and certainly made many ill. I was one of the people made ill, due to unknowing exposure to second hand Spice smoke and already had health problems. I watched the drug dealers for months wondering where in hell was law enforcement because it wasn't like they had no idea it was going on. They sold it right in front of the shelter, you know at that damn bus stop. I was already pissed about the second hand cigarette smoke that was at the front entrance to Brother Francis Shelter, the staff was too busy bullying to enforce the actual rules. The APD had no laws to use for the arrest. Sigh.
No one can tell who these people are smoking Spice in a circle at the bus stop in front of Brother Francis Shelter right by the weird garbage cans, the standing people were not involved, just waiting for a bus. I was standing closer until someone said, "He's got Spice do you have any papers?" This is where people have to stand to catch the bus, but for some reason they take the bus stop over. When I got on the bus I said to the bus driver that is a bus stop, not a Spice station. The cops were all over the place there and many of us were not on drugs or alcohol so why did they not come ask us questions? What the hell? The massive health harming second hand cigarette smoke was also not dealt with at all. Many of the staff smoke. If you care about your health it doesn't matter if you are homeless. The shelters and the systems for the homeless are designed to make people ill.
 Despite all the lip service no one really cares about homeless people so not much action was taken until there were several deaths. Just like so many other issues, BS is spread but if you aren't one of the special people they do not give a damn about you and are even allowed to intentionally harm you and destroy your life. Abuse and harm to health is OK, but all those reports of dead people just don't make the politicians or the Anchorage Police Department look good.

This is how harming inmates in the prisons and jails works too. The deaths at the DOC are not so much of a problem for the state as long as the department of law can help them figure out how to keep the public from the truth, but exposure that they are happening to the public is. I know the state already knew for a long time exactly what was going on. As long as it stayed covered up they continued to deny it was happening, and lie about each case. Not only did they not care but the asses of those who caused it were protected over a very long period of time and the ethical whistleblowers such as myself were ignored and intentionally harmed. The courage to speak up and a free press are  important for the existence of a Democracy and since we don't have those things we have lost ours. Public access to coroner's reports would be helpful.

What I am saying is when the victims are powerless or belong to a stigmatized group the harm is allowed for a long time. It takes a shitstorm to get something done about problems in Alaska when all that should be needed is the information there is a problem that harms people. I don’t understand this covering up the truth kind of process or thinking, I only understand the truth.

It was due to lack of appropriate laws and police work I was exposed to second hand Spice smoke. That landed me in the ER with the worst headache of my life and other issues. This happened to other people and many will never even know what caused them to get sick. Once I knew what it was I could deduce from the symptoms multiple exposures to it before at the front entrance to Brother Francis Shelter and in the women's bathroom. I slept close to a hallway I called, the hallway of cigarette smoke, as it went to the smoking area. Who thinks they didn't smoke it out there? Women would tell me so and so was smoking Spice in the bathroom, but I had no idea what it was for quite a while. There was no supervision, but bullying, massive bullying from staff.

Those chemicals they put in Spice when they mix it with the powder that has the cannabinoids in it can cause cancer and other health problems. There were also the behavioral issues that were going on at businesses and other places in Anchorage by people high on Spice. It causes psychosis and aggression which can be acted out in very strange and sometimes violent scenarios.

Who could have imagined someone using a motorhome to manufacture and sell drugs which apparently included some Meth? I know, whoda thunk it?

The Anchorage Spice Mobile with some Meth on the side. It is of course hillbillied up with tarps. In Alaska one can't have too many tarps.

Such a unique idea? How did APD ever imagine such a scheme, I mean it's like the outlandish idea someone would advertise prostitution on Craigslist or state troopers or Homer Police could know about meth being cooked and do nothing. 

Are we in Wasilla? Where the fuck are the tarps? Wait, this looks like Utah or NM, must have taken a wrong turn. Damn that delivery is going to be late there could be riots around Brother Francis Shelter.
The person under the white blanket on upper right corner believed to have died from Spice. Of course with most of the deaths there were already issues with alcohol, poor nutrition and cigarettes. The living situation contributed to the use of chemicals, psychological abuse, cruelty, filth, bed bugs, lack of sleep, especially for the women and exposure to dangerous people. I took this after I got off the bus and was walking down what I called the Corridor of Drunks pulling my suitcase.
That suitcase I always pulled was stolen by a homeless shelter where I am now along with of course all my work, my files due to it being run by yet another glib person who lacks empathy and the apparently typical poor supervision. Hmmmm, wonder what pathology that could indicate...let me think. Staying here a while for civil action, but very distasteful due to Albertsons being literally on every corner and not very many Fred Meyers.
According to the Alaska Dispatch the city has not even filed charges because they are waiting for tests to come back. They may not even have the right reference standards for the controlled substance testing? Let’s just wait a while, we haven’t been able to catch the bastards in a long time, maybe we never will, why waste the money. This investigation began in November and since then they bought drugs from them three times with the bust finally happening on January 15th? They knew who it was that was selling the Spice and it took this long? They allowed them to harm more people over this period of time and I just don't think that is appropriate. They were able to bust the users right after they passed their new laws in November and nothing stopped them from that so why not the sellers. The manufacturers and sellers need incarcerated, but the users need help.

The maximum penalty for selling Spice is now a year in jail and a $10,000 fine. The maximum penalty for Spice use is now six months in jail and a $2,000 fine.

Wow, a year in jail for what is essentially manslaughter.
The police say they were targeting dealers not the users of Spice. I guess those 50 people they arrested for Spice use means they have bad aim. LMAO. I knew better when I read that a while back. They used that law to manipulate those charged with using the drug into telling them who they bought it from. Anchorage is a violent city so that could put people in danger. How many of those arrested for using got treatment and housing? How many got jail?

But don’t worry if they detect the synthetic drugs the city will haul off and charge the dealers with a Class B misdemeanor for deaths and harm to people’s health, that will show the bastards. Wait? A fucking misdemeanor? A nurse who is tortured and can’t get any health care who finally gets PTSD and dissociates while suicidal does something that could only harm herself, but is charged with six felonies and later wrongfully imprisoned three days after filing an appeal, but making and selling drugs that harm and kill is a misdameanor? In Alaska justice does not exist and has been replaced by the agenda of those in power.

I assume one of employees of the Department of Lawlessness isn’t trying to get a promotion or manipulate himself into a judgeship, unlike DA John Earthman. You see the difference is a malfeasant put in a position of power to destroy lives at will for his own personal gain and the way to do that in a small village is to kiss the ass of the bullies with some power while lying and sensationalizing to cover up the truth for them. In this Spice case I guess no one is able to get themselves a promotion or appointment.

There is something seriously wrong in Alaska, but don’t worry the Department of Lawlessness now has a public integrity unit, it is both funny and sad. Yea, it is funny because you know they caused a large amount of the corruption and then assisted the cover ups. They told Sarah Palin's staff not to talk to me or help me due to my threats about what went on when they had me wrongfully imprisoned. Then there was Richard Svobodny who when he worked for the DOJ told me that no one would ever do anything about a malfeasant prosecutor, called me a liar and hung up on me. I was not lying, but Mr. Svobodny got himself a job as Assistant Attorney General in the criminal division of the DOL. Integrity is like Kryptonite to them. Richard Svobodny is now retired from the DOL.

Who is going to do something about the crimes of the DOL? Oh wait there aren’t any laws against intentional wrongful imprisonment, false charges, forcing harsh pleas, lying about defendants to demonize them or dragging the case out for years after they know they convicted the wrong person or persons to cover their own asses. In the Fairbanks Four Case the Attorney General, Craig Richards who is trying to make the Department of Lawlessness look all changed appointed a vicious prosecutor to do what they do, lie, demonize and manipulate. There is no law against the DOL’s continuing practice of destroying lives while allowing people such as the Palins to go unpunished. There are no laws against the ethically challenged people they allowed to put themselves in positions of power. 

In case people think judges are in charge of justice, it is the prosecutors, they have been handed most of the power and judges have been given parameters for sentencing to tie up their use of experience and education to make good judgments.That means the types of lawyers who will do anything, including destroy lives to get ahead have become prosecutors.

From KTUU: 

Attorney General Craig Richards says the unit would make use of existing resources. It would focus on use of force by law enforcement, deaths in correctional facilities and allegations of public corruption or fraud.

Richards says the Department of Law's Office of Special Prosecutions was cut a bit too deeply and didn't have the resources to turn around investigations of officer-involved shootings or deaths in correction facilities fast enough.
So they had the resources all along, but at the same time didn’t have the resources. Is anyone else putting on rubber boots to walk around in knee deep manure? Those resources were there years ago weren't they? But no investigations were done by intent. Just why is it the incompetence and corruption of past governors is being covered up by the Walker administration. I do find this odd. I guess the Palin Crime Family has lots of people afraid.

But what the hell do I know, no one in Alaska state government knows who the hell I am.

But that's OK, these guys do.


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