They Busted Someone for Online Sex Trafficking in AK. Wait I Thought That Meant Craziness.

In December of 2009 I wrote this about prostitution that was associated with both Anchorage and Homer. Certainly there are several operations at any given time, which means this is likely not the one I reported. The question remains why was I ignored and why did the Homer Police along with all the other stories I told them that day in 2007 not put the details in the report, but instead designed the report to look like I was crazy? Is law enforcement now crazy too? Are they having hallucinations about prostitution being advertised on the internet including on Craigslist? There were other things I told them that day which they felt were also an indication of my being mentally ill because statements I made were "illogical and not rational ", such as in this post and in this one.

If you ask me being told about these true illegal activities which are common and occur in many places, but not believing they could be possible is "illogical and not rational." It is also very odd for police to not document what someone tells them, which would offer up proof of their craziness. They record everything making that easy, but instead they just gave a narrative about their own opinion. Cops are not psychologists or psychiatrists. Did that crazy opinion come from somewhere else? You know that is a major bullying method for discrediting targets done through rumors and manipulations.

One cop was angry about my mention of the Craigslist advertising for prostitution done by con man Robin Hume. I even told them who the prostitute was. The cops were also indicating they did not know prostitution was advertised on Craigslist. Really they did. They demanded to know how I knew about this. There were two ways. First, someone who went to Anchorage with Robin Hume and was angry that Robin went to see a teenage prostitute while he and his son waited in a vehicle first told me about it.  I gave them his name which was conveniently left out of the police report. Second was my on line research on Robin Hume some of which is documented here. The public pretenders should have done the research on him along with law enforcement, but they did nothing until an investigator who apparently was not in on the conspiracy made some phone calls. Then to get to the truth I had to become a detective. The wrongful arrest in 2007 served more than one purpose. I am quite sure it was done in part to allow evidence and witnesses to not be found who could tell the story of prostitution and drugs at that lodge. Yea, it is pretty clear law enforcement and maybe others were helping the sex trafficking ring, unless as a group they all have severe intellectual impairments.

I believe prostitution should be legal for many reasons. Licensing sex workers would allow for regulations to decrease STDs, stauatory requirements for locations of brothels could keep prostitution out of certain areas of cities and towns, it would be easier to keep prostitutes off the streets, sex workers could be protected in businesses, they could be assisted to go into other types of work, recovery from early traumas which have affected how they came to be sex workers could be facilitated, addiction treatment could be mandated and of course the pimp/madam factor which causes so much abuse could be eliminated. The sex rings, including the corporate type have ways of keeping prostitutes trapped with drugs, threats, manipulation and psychological abuse that causes low self esteem. Eliminating the underground, blackmarket factor removes a lot of the scammers, slave holders along with the large amounts of bribes paid to law enforcement and government officials. It's like marijuana, is it a good idea to engage in the activity, no, but what is way worse is arresting people and destroying their lives for doing it, especially when many of the people needed help to begin with.

I also believe people using drugs should not be arrested. However, with both prostitution and drug selling I don't want my life affected and those who are running selling operations should be arrested. Living next to these kinds of operations causes huge problems, especially in apartments, noise, fighting, door knocking all night and the arrival of creepy people. In Alaska there is little help for those who complain of these problems. Law enforcement in many parts of Alaska are generally on the side of the wrong doers in these situations, but of course whoever owns the property controls what the cops do about the complaints. That is wrong.

Yes Robin I did see you drive by close to where I live not too long ago. Let me alert you to the fact that the Soldotna Police are not like the police in Homer.

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