It’s The Fun Time of the Year, Anniversary Date of Wrongful Imprisonment and Torture

I was wrongfully arrested six years ago last weekend which caused my cat to be harmed (eventually I had to put her to sleep), my property to be damaged and stolen, myself to be homeless and I was tortured in the prison system. I told Judge Murphy in Homer my cat and property needed to be secured to protect them from Robin Hume and she said “absolutely not” when I asked to go do this. When I said, “that is bullshit” because I am completely innocent, Robin Hume did this, she was outraged,  because words they don’t like are very evil and they have to prioritize their time, so fuck due process.  I had gone to great effort to prevent the property of Robin Hume from being damaged and stolen by people who were clearly cooking meth and was strangely lied to by the owners Robin and Steve Hume that they were not receiving the emails which included pictures of strangeness, filth and damage, could not get the Alaska State Troopers to do anything, yet I was the one arrested…wrongfully, incompetently and with several players working together to plan it, both psychopaths at the lodge and state employees. Public defenders, a prosecutor and perhaps state troopers were waiting for something, anything they could use to retaliate against me. Troopers destroyed evidence and several of them lied all the way up the chain of command. Then later a state trooper, Pellapeare would not allow me to get my property with a court order to go to the lodge, was very nasty to me, THE VICTIM of Robin Hume, Steve Hume, the public defender agency, Judge Ben Esch, the Alaska State Troopers, DA John Earthman and threatened to arrest ME for disorderly conduct when I expressed my anger and desire to call a lawyer about his abuse and sabotage. As with all of this I always have to wonder just who may have communicated with him prior to this incident to influence his opinion of me.

I wrote a fifty page letter to Sarah Palin about my whole story which I also sent to some legislators and got no response. (Part one, part two, part three, part four, part five, part six), along with many emails which DID NOT SHOW UP in the PALIN EMAIL DUMPS.When I sent a copy of the fifty page letter to the ombudsman she angrily wanted to know what she was supposed to do with it. I had a thought, but did not express it.

This year on the anniversary date I am having significant triggering of my PTSD, there are several reasons other than it being the anniversary date of a trauma, not all of it negative, some of it informational, some of it made me laugh and some of it made me proud. There are some new events that help prove part of my story. I have learned about myself through all of this. I know I am strong, intelligent, have courage, have ethics, am resilient and one thing for sure I am still the little boy who couldn’t see the emperor’s new clothing. Just as a psychologist told me many years ago, these qualities upset many people. Psychopaths and bullies hate people like me and plot to take us out, discredit us,
sabotage us, and spread lies about us because we are a danger to them, we spew truth. Just like we see on a national level with whistleblowers being attacked rather than thanked those who do wrong have networks within which they assist each other to stop the truth of their activities from being told on many levels, from communities, to law enforcement, in the court systems, state  agencies, and among politicians. I am grateful not to be like them, every grateful. When I read about one of the players in my story I say out loud, "I am so glad I am not you." I am proud that these people don't like me and seek to harm me and when they come after me it tells me who I am.

The abuse at the apartments where I live went on for a very long time, there is much corroboration by other tenants, but I was the main target. Some of the problems continue, one has exacerbated. All the responsible parties do not do their jobs, except we got a new maintenance man who not only knows what he is doing, but does his work, now the heck did he get hired? They bullied him of course. There are still huge issues and I will be filing a court case. The problems I have had with them may have more to do with one of the players being a retired cop and a problem causing tenant whose son works for the Department of Probation than anything. I became very ill, then fell and had a head injury on top of the PTSD and ME/CFS brain fog. This fall was due to a flare up of POTS which is part of ME/CFS and a direct result of the stress they put me through. There is just no excuse for the assholery that goes on here, I will be telling this story. The head aches were horrible and I don’t have access to competent health care.

Working on my legal cases had to be put on hold to work on getting healthier. I have done so on Dr. Terry Wahl‘s diet, other nutritional magic and my own exercise plan I designed for ME/CFS. I read Dr. Wahl's book Minding My Mitochondria and await the new one, The Wahl's Protocl. She has MS which has similarities to ME/CFS.

 For a long time I could not do my art, sewing or crafts because Robin Hume stole much of my art supplies, sewing machine and destroyed craft supplies etc. It was hard to even think about it and doing these activities traumatized me. I am working on a hand appliquéd quilt and even managed to injure myself quilting because that is just how spastic I am, I make sock monkeys, other toys, sew, do bead work, etc. So, I have that back which indicates some healing from the PTSD, but it has taken a long time and it is not the same, nothing ever will be.

Lots of time is spent working on two legal cases now. I obtained a FOIA request from the public defender agency of my “file” a couple years ago after three requests and of course  getting pissed to get them to comply. The file was very sanitized which is a common practice of lawyers, but it is MY file which should have all the information, it does not. Quinlan Steiner the director of the agency wrote in the letter that came with it that was all I was entitled to. It is clear I did not get all of the emails as some have re: Harrison, re: Harrison, re: Harrison, re: Harrison, etc. in the title and there are no corresponding emails. None of my emails were in the Sarah Palin email dumps either. What don’t they want me or others to see?

The ones I did get are however very revealing. The file has many documents from other people’s cases, research that has nothing to do with my case, notes about supplies and even letters one of them was writing to their penpal which gives us an idea of what went on in the process of working my case. Remember one of them was stunned that I wanted them to put together a defense since she had worked on my case for three hours. I guess it was cutting into her penpal time. Then there were multiple copies of the same documents over and over and over, you know so it looked like I actually got my file. This demonstrates the cluster that I complained about with the public defender agency. Two public defenders were clearly working against me, making nasty comments, telling their supervisor lies about me and events, excusified to cover their asses when the shit hit the fan after the engineered wrongful arrest. One of them tried to diagnose me and manipulate a particular mental health diagnosis because drunk lawyers can do anything, everything and are always right. There is documentation of this in the emails, so it must have been much worse since these are the ones they let me have. I had some misconceptions about some events and a couple people which I will be clarifying later. Hearings were held without my knowledge, documents were filed without my knowing they even existed and negotiations went on without my knowing or consenting. There was some ex parte action that none of them told me about which combined with their not telling me about hearings shows corruption and conspiracy. Just as people in Nome said, they allow no input from the client, the public pretenders and prosecutor decide your fate and make it happen, truth be damned. The defendant has no input and if you dare to cross them you will be punished. I was, but I am still complaining about it and still standing. As I write about this information I am going to send it to the DOJ.

The information essentially proves what I was saying about them. I have a nasty comment from a lawyer that put together my pathetic “appeals”, his attitude most likely came from their gossip and demonizing of me which is present in the emails. I am assuming this demonizing also went out in emails and phone calls to people at other agencies who then helped with sabotaging. This is mobbing in a huge way, government mobbing. Is that why I did not get all of the emails? My failure to get a trial was planned and orchestrated on many levels. It appears they also only gave the appeals lawyer part of the information he needed because the Public Defender Agency was the problem that should have been addressed in the appeal along with Judge Ex Parte Esch and Mr. Malfeasance, John Earthman. The wrongful arrest happened within days of an appeal being filed, what a coincidence. What the appeal lawyer did get contained false information that they knew about before giving it to him. False information is used as if it is valuable truth in the justice system of Alaska because the goal is not justice, the goal is the outcome those in control want.

There have been some events lately that are related to the Homestead Lodge B & B where the psychopaths lied to police to get me wrongfully arrested clearly with the assistance of malfeasant DA Earthman, PD Brooke Browning Alowa and Judge Ex Parte Esch, there has been new information about some of these players, Norton Sound Health Corporation and Nome. I have new information about one of the so called expert witnesses which shows I was telling the truth about him which is quite entertaining, at least for me. The other expert witness still has his license removed and the board of licensing in Washington says it’s strange because his name appears in the data, but it looks like he never had a license. He no longer claims on his website to be an expert on Aspergers, perhaps because that diagnosis has been retired and put on the autism spectrum or could it he is no longer perpetrating the fraud that he is a mental health professional. Yea, it’s that bad that they would be so embarrassed they would try to remove his history from the database.

I have done a great deal of research on my health issues and the most likely cause of the ME/CFS in my case and I am pissed, drug companies are involved and are of course covering it up. They have even have manipulated medical schools into keeping what I believe is the cause,  DES from their curriculum while there are millions who were affected by it. My research provides insight into what happened with the meltdown in Nome as well. Researching DES has been an eye opening experience. Researchers publish results of affects of DES and the drug companies engineer their own research to disprove it. ME/CFS is extremely complex and even though the government has blocked much of the research we are finally starting to get some information. In the near future I will discuss all of this.  

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