SarahPac is Deep Sixed, I Had a Blog Waiting for an Appointment but Donald Trump Ruined it For Me, Thanks Trump

SarahPAC is being shut down. Or as I called, it the Palin-Grifto-O-Matic.

Does this mean she is done, put a fork in her? Are her wordsalading, grifting, quiting days over? Or does it mean she had to dump SarahPAC to get some Donald Trump appointment? It was really sad for me when she did not get the appointment to be Secretary of the VA. This blog has been waiting almost breathless. So sad, it's been weeks and no appointment. How could Donald Trump let me down like that?

How did that protecting Track from consequences thing go for you Sarah? Using him as a prop for your political bullshit rather than parenting, chemical dependency treatment and consequence have created a dangerous man. You covered for the crimes of your other kids as well while making sure other young people were harshly punished. You are an unbelievable hypocrit. That kind of thing just like some of your other dysfunctional issues is crazy making and why your son is the way he is. It was not the military, nope.

There was recent domestic violence.

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