Seymour Hersh Debunks the Russian Hacking Myth, Hillary Planning a Re-run and Talk Show? Please Help Us! National Park Service and NASA Rogue Twitter Accounts Run By Non-Employees to Protect People

At the library where I wrote this today
Seymour Hersh spoke out in an interview for the Intercept that the Russian hacking story is complete BS without evidence. This is quite obvious and has been for a long time. There is no evidence that Russia hacked the DNC emails. It was all a diversion to get people to look away from the real problem, the DNC, their lack of cybersecurity, the corrupt Clinton Foundation, what was in the leaked, yes leaked, not hacked DNC emails and their crap candidate. Word is HRC is going to run again and looking to start a talk show. Will her platform be based on having a vagina or Trump being a manipulated idiotic puppet of the Republicans who are puppets of the oligarchy which BTW included the right-wing Christo-fascists people were warned about for so long. Probably both.

What is the deal Democrats, we have all fallen for fake news, but then investigate, sort out the facts or get told it's BS and come to understand the reality of the fakeness. Why was everything Obama did not matter how heinous or Oligarchy oriented just A-OK with you, not a peep. Why were you so angry when the truth was pointed out? Why could you not see the truth about Hillary Clinton? Your blindness is the reason we have Trump and his collection of swamp creatures in the White House now. 

In four years, whoever gets elected will not be working on progress, but instead working to get us back to 2017 after the Trump administration is used by the deep state to tear anything that helps the people down. Let's make sure they do more than just put the same systems in place, let's look around and find a better health care system, put in better transportation systems, remake the school systems, revitalize the Constitution and make sure all people have their rights reinstated. We need to remake the agencies at the federal level in many ways to prevent corruption, waste of money and to insure the services people need are functioning, the right and left can agree on this at least.

Due to pressure and danger to coworkers the AltUSNatParkService people have decided to hand their twitter account over to people outside the government. The information is the same.

NASA also has a rogue twitter account which they have non-NASA people running. People are afraid of retaliation and loss of jobs. It could actually get worse than this. There are some people showing courage here but they had to back down to protect others. That paycheck is how they control us.

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