Community Mobbing: Police Reports Designed to Discredit Me

Update: Since people are interested in this post here are links to events which proved my claims after I wrote this, here, here and here.

This post is about community bullying. As usual I wrote something way too long that included too much information. It needs to be divided up into smaller parts because community bullying just like workplace bullying is complex and confusing, it defies logic for those who do not have intentions to hurt others, who can't understand the minds of those who do. This post is just two documents with supporting information.

Tony Wilkerson the Alaska representative of the Workplace Bullying Institute is wanting to change the Alaskans for a Healthy Workplace group to include community mobbing which is essentially the same as workplace bullying, often both go on simultaneously. I love this idea as it is an enormous problem in Alaska. Tony asked me for a police report to demonstrate mobbing, I gave him two from Homer. There are more. Who else would do this but me considering what one of them says. I have the courage due to knowing truth floats. I had planned to write about these police reports, but had not gotten to it yet.

These documents involve this, but also corruption.

The two police reports in this post I received from the Homer Police Department were screened and approved by Police Chief Mark Robl as a result of a FOIA request. This one directly below is very suspicious for having information removed. I will discuss why in a minute. Details are important in police work. When dealing with a mentally ill person both health care workers and the police know to document what the person says and does, not just make claims, claims mean absolutely nothing. Of course if someone is manipulating information they would leave out what they don't want documented and add something that discredits the messenger.

After I was wrongfully arrested and imprisoned and crimes were committed against me as a result I went to the Homer Police to tell them what had happened. I talked for a long time to several cops and covered lots of the incidents, starting with Nome. There are some things I always mention which some people are familiar with, much of that is not in this police report, instead the report is designed to indicate that I had a case of the crazies, a very common tactic of bullying. Find a short version of the story here.

Of course I had been traumatized by all of the psychological terror that came my way over a period of years, then just a few days earlier I had been released from being wrongfully imprisoned a few days after an appeal was filed in my case, abused by prison staff, including  medical and nursing staff. That includes aggregious malpractice against me by abruptly stopping Trazadone and Gabapentin which is dangerous, especially to a person with ME and PTSD. It was very sadistic. Then there was my cat being harmed and my property being stolen and damaged which I knew was going on the whole time I was wrongfully imprisoned with no assistance from the public defender agency which helped engineer it. Robin Hume did those acts and Steve Hume gave a false police report, I was the victim and already had been even before this. Instead of charging them with the crimes they committed I was blocked from getting my property that Robin Hume had stolen by AST, a trooper who was sent to help me get my things threatened to arrest me for disorderly conduct for saying I was going to call my lawyer and waving my arms when I said it, there was a court order. The big question of why the Hume brothers were not charged remains unanswered by the state troopers. Why did the troopers also lie all the way up the chain of command and then destroy pictures a trooper had taken of my property when I told him Robin Hume would steal it the night I was wrongfully arrested on the trumped up warrant out of Nome? Keep these questions in mind. 

When I tell the story about the prison experience I always mention the malpractice of the medical and nursing staff, that is how they knew about the medications.  I did not tell them I had a psychosis, it was PTSD, ME/CFS and autism which I now know is a part of ME. They asked me if I had an appointment with mental health, notice they also wanted the date. Why did they want that? When I went for the appointment someone I thought was a psychologist and was actually a social worker was angry with me before I arrived. She proceeded to angrily ask me questions during the intake interview and then become very angry at my answers. It was a very strange experience and I have written about much of this many times before. Then she asked me if I wanted her impression and said I was "paranoid with psychotic features". Of course that was obviously not true, so I asked her to tell me the symptoms that lead her to that conclusion. She said, "It was the way you told that story." That was even stranger than her anger. People with PTSD tell their stories over and over until people want to kill them and I was very emotionally traumatized and upset which is why I was there, hello mental health hacks.

I had psychological injury from being psychologically tortured over a long period of time by more than one group of sick bullies including several agencies in Alaska who exchange information. That clinic I went to was the state mental health clinic in Homer. When Parnell mentions the clinics for low income people realize this is the kind of treatment they are getting. It took a year just to get an appointment as they did not return phone calls, a third party had to contact them for me. A couple days after the appointment with the angry social worker a non-state psychologist told me there was absolutely nothing wrong with me. Then a friend told me that psychologist had sent a letter to someone we knew that he would help her keep her child if she had sex with him and wanted advice on what to do. I told her to fax it to the board of licensing. Yea, these are examples of Alaska health care "professionals" and I have more, lots more. Then when I saw the psychiatrist he said I had PTSD and I have seen at least four others who say the same thing. It is so obvious a sea slug could figure it out.

When I received the FOIA request I realized the Homer Police or the women's shelter, Haven House must have contacted the mental health clinic to make sure they had preconceived ideas about me, they planted negative information. Yes there is bullying at the women's shelters on the Kenai Peninsula, it's really awful. The public defenders were excusing their issues by telling the governor's office and Quinlan Steiner I was "paranoid" in emails. That may have started with the bullies at Norton Sound Health Corporation. Robin Hume was telling people I was "crazy" because I told him I had PTSD and he was trying to cover his crimes. Crazy, paranoid and other terms are often used by bullies such as in Nome when a bullied nurse or other staff would suddenly leave, "I'm glad she is gone, she was crazy." Then I would say, "She was not crazy when she got here, something happened to her here." She still was not crazy, she had a psychological trauma inflicted on her by bullies. The same thing happens in domestic violence cases and police will listen to the husband who says this about his wife to cover what he did. The same thing happens to inmates or so called enemy combatants, which in some cases is done for the purpose of causing mental health issues as a form of intentional torture. 

Who thinks I did not mention the cat story?

Of all the glaring omissions of what I said to these cops, the most obvious missing part of the story is about my cat. There is no way in hell I did not mention her, just ask the lawyer who was the public defender who helped set up my wrongful arrest who is now the magistrate in Nome, Brooke Browning Alowa who sent an email saying she was tired of hearing about my "frickin' cat" to her boss. Should a lawyer who harms clients be a magistrate? Apparently that is one of the requirements in Alaska for lawyers. The bullies believe people they intentionally harm are not even allowed to complain in Alaska. Try and stop me.

I went over the major parts of the story with those cops including what had gone on at the lodge. They would like people to believe I was mentally ill and delusional, but no. The most important components of my speech to them were meth being cooked at the lodge, a trooper leaving a child with a man high on meth who clearly was involved in cooking it, being tortured in the prison system, troopers not responding when I called about a missing woman who was a prostitute, a story about some altercation between her and Robin Hume, the completely manufactured story with a false police report to have me wrongfully arrested, Robin trading stays at the lodge for prostitution services, Robin saw teenage prostitutes in Anchorage spending all the money for utilities at the lodge, how Robin Hume told people I would be in prison for six months (who told him that?), how I was threatened to be beaten by Steve Hume who said he would hire someone, how they bullied me and tried to block me from going in my room, how I had to booby trap my room because I was afraid of the psychopaths living there, troopers not responding for threats to myself or theft and vandalism, troopers not responding to underage drinking and drug use, Robin and Steve Hume not being charged for the crimes against myself and animal cruelty. 

Then there was the granddaughter of Robin Hume who was with him a lot and being taught to be a grifter. Two guys were stealing things from the lodge and I made quite a bit of effort to tell the troopers who did nothing because it was "not my property". Robin and Steve Hume pulled an insurance scam which I have discussed with the insurance agent who had been trying to locate me as a witness (Robin and Steve Hume refused to give him my phone number) along with reporting it to the insurance commission who apparently acted like an Alaska agency and did nothing. I am sure I also told the Nome Homer Police I took pictures of what was going on and emailed them to the owner of the lodge and a trooper thinking it would be stopped. No, the trooper used one of the emails against me which did not even make logical sense. Robin and Steve Hume wanted the place trashed to help facilitate the insurance scam.

Of course they would like people to think I was imagining the whole thing, but I was not. These events and much much more had traumatized me causing severe PTSD with the suicide ideation so common with it and making the ME severe which caused neurological issues, but I did not have a psychosis nor was I out of touch with reality. I was used to being around people who understood what PTSD was and also did not use a mental health issue to bully or gaslight someone. I am also very open, something that is dangerous around psychopaths. At that time I did not know bullying is routine in Alaska and was very confused by this sick behavior. Cops usually know something about PTSD because it is a frequent consequence of their jobs and the people they are supposed to be serving who are traumatized by violence, accidents, etc., but here they cause it and then use it against people.
The cat Robin Hume starved and tortured, the state of Alaska allowed it..

I also told part of this story at a meeting of the Kenai Peninsula Borough, but they only allow citizens to speak for three minutes. I mentioned my "frickin' cat".  

Either these cops were out of touch with what went on around them or they were covering up to protect themselves and others. The evidence that they were possibly covering up is the lack of information in this police report and the reaction of anger by one cop and the look on the face of another when I discussed the prostitution at the lodge. Why were the Humes not charged with crimes, why did troopers destroy evidence and lie, why did the cops write this report the way they did without much of what I said and then make a psychological judgment against me to taint what I had reported to them?

From 2009, about my going to the Homer Police Department to give them information in 2007 :

When I told some in law enforcement about the advertising for prostitution on Craigslist they were actually quite nasty to me thinking I was making it up. They wanted to know how I knew about it and how I knew it was Robin Hume. It does not appear to be difficult to figure this out for law enforcement or anyone else, so why all the reluctance and skepticism on their part? 

Who the hell did not know about prostitution on Craigslist?

See this blog post for evidence which any law enforcement agency can contact Craigslist to verify. 
During the conversation they were also quite skeptical about my telling them meth was being cooked at the lodge. A trooper told me Jeremy Watson was high on meth when I called several times one night. They would not come for theft from a resident, spraying of CO2 fire extinguishers all over his room and property, threats to harm me, underage girls drinking and drugging with adult males, nope, but they came for loud music. Welcome to law enforcement in Alaska. Later after this conversation I lived in another place where meth was clearly being cooked and many of the same issues were occurring. Those are just the places where it was being cooked, lol. The Homer Police were very unresponsive, abusive, said idiotic things to me and the police chief was always out of town when I called to make an appointment to discuss what had gone on with his cops. Clearly he was not receiving information.  

They had information about the drugs for years, I gave it to them, they gaslighted me and spread information that I was just crazy. Why? I believe it is because they are corrupt and either customers of prostitutes or protecting someone who is pimping. Perhaps they are protecting some prostitution ring that has a connection to Anchorage. It is clear they also allowed meth cooking without any intervention until it became a huge problem as I told them about that too more than once and got abuse. Read the horrendous story here. I have to wonder about protection for drug dealing. The second report below is also missing some information. 

From 2011, about incidents that happened years earlier:

In Homer I was bullied by some of the right wing bullies there when I held an Obama sign across from the poling place. I asked the staff at the poling place where I should stand and even called the police to ask them to clarify it. I knew they would cause trouble. The police in many of the small towns in Alaska only react to those with power, money or influence so they did not respond to my call. They only came when the right wingers in the poling place decided to change the door they measure picketing distance from in the middle of an election after years of using another door. They called the police to move me three times that day while right wing wack jobs drove up and down the street honking and flipping me off.

The report only shows the police coming one time, that way it does not look like the harassment that it was. While I held up the sign the main person who drove up and down the street flipping me off and honking her horn was the slumlord of an apartment building full of drugs and other issues that I reported to the police (who did nothing). Check out the link to the above quote to read about other incidents of community bullying.
My name was indeed given and I was not protesting, I was holding up an Obama for president sign. In Alaska that is dangerous because only the second amendment counts here. The other person was not harassed by the slumlord. 




crystalwolflady said...

Wow! " I believe it is because they are corrupt and either customers of prostitutes or protecting someone who is pimping. Perhaps they are protecting some prostitution ring that has a connection to Anchorage"
Yes, and the meth lab also,too! Wasn't there a meth lab by Sarah's house in Wasilla at one time? Interesting.
OMG! about your poor kitty! You should sue the state for that? Poor baby...Contact Humane society for the the United states, tell them.
And isn't that a HIPAA violation for them to put "mental health" on your police report in stead of like 5150?
Bastards! I wish you could get the hell out of that hellhole!
RIP your beautiful kitty. Sue them Celia!

Celia Harrison said...

Crystalwolflady, I am sure there was a meth lab close to Sarah Palin's house at some time because in the rural areas of not just Alaska, but many other states they are all over and meth can be made in small containers with small amounts of chemicals now such as a large soda bottle. It is strange though for law enforcement to not be interested in finding one when they know about it. HIPPA only applies to medical staff and this was not medical information, it was an opinion of a cop. Police reports are public information, so any reporter I contacted who FOIA-ed any info would be discouraged to believe my story and I am sure that happened.Cops should be identifying those with mental health issues to prevent problems and get people to the appropriate place to be evaluated. In my case the thing that was wrong was I had been psychologically tortured and not being believed added to the problem. I had been traumatized severely after having already been severely traumatized multiple times over a long period of time until I had severe PTSD. The ME brain problems were also severe and I was very ill. For about a year I had tried to get an appointment with mental health and they would not even call back. That clinic turned out to be worse than no counseling, just like medical doctors turn out to be worse than no doctors here. The psychiatrists are however able to make a diagnosis due to required education. Then the brain problems from ME/CFS along with the PTSD caused neurological issues which made the PTSD look a bit different than normal. For a long time I would tell a symptom to medical staff in AK and then say, "but I have ME/CFS' because I thought they understood the basics about it, they haven't got clue one and then give me a crazy diagnosis. More trauma, more wasted energy and more medical bullying. If I had understood they were clueless and I should stay away from health care providers here which I clearly understand now it would have saved me a lot of stress, but some of the stories about them are funny now that some time has passed. They should have been concerned about me and should have realized I needed help from them to investigate what I told them about. Justice is therapeutic. They should have been very alarmed about all of it, instead they were mainly irritated with me. The other thing about the mental health clinic is the gossip may have come from the women's shelter rather than the police, but it may have been both or the cops may have called the women's shelter. That shelter was full of bullies starting with the director. There were two women who were not bullies that worked there and they of course lost their jobs. The thing that makes me think the cops were the ones who contacted the clinic is the social worker who did the intake interview was focused on the story and had preconceived ideas about it with anger before I got there. Even if the story was a delusion why the hell would a mental health "professional" be angry about it. That was so f-ing strange to me since I was a supervisor in an acute adult psych unit and had worked as a HA(psych tech) while going to college. The whole story as delusional as it sounds is true and there are witnesses and documentation of much of it.