Don't Use Selfies Girls, Instead Use The Sarah Palin Method of Photography (Part 2)

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He said the two-tone monster was this big, but he lies.

Wow, part 1 was as they say quite a bitch to accomplish. I am continuing to have problems with blogger.
 - Don’t wear your real hair, instead buy wigs to don when you go out in public.

- Wear falsies because nothing says look at me more than a woman with fake che ches.


Anonymous said...

You forgot the fake preggers pictures. Nothing says real mother like shoving a pillow in your pants then showing up at work three weeks later with a three day old DS child with heart issues.

Anonymous said...

Interesting considering pictures of her in a bathing suit show the same size breasts. Certain tops DO make breasts appear larger. I show my male boss a pic from Belmont. Actually I said to him, "hey Sarah Palin got a boob job." He was like , "REALLY let me see"

He was disappointed upon glancing at the picture and said definitely the shirt.

Oh and a result of circumcision can be penises that are different shades. It is really not THAT uncommon.

Ive watched a lot of porn in my day (my friends and I find it fascinating) and i CAN tell you it really isn't uncommon.

And 6'' , what Shay emailed me and said in chat, is average

Celia Harrison said...

Anonymous January 25, 2014 at 4:00 PM, There are several posts to this series, don't worry pictures of the faked pregnancy will be included.

Celia Harrison said...

Anonymous January 25, 2014 at 4:41 PM, I am very familiar with penis appearance as a retired nurse. The two tone thing does happen. There are pictures of SP with a flat chest that are recent. That was a joke about penis length, I though it was obvious.

Anonymous said...

Oh I know. I just think it's a little weird that you'd risk insulting MILLIONS to attack one. Kind of out of character. Especially given the commonality.